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TV Review: Steven Seagal Lawman – “Too Young to Die”

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This week’s episode of Lawman picks up from where last week’s episode left off — with Seagal’s bionic eye. Once again our Mojo Priest is using his bionic eye to spot criminal behavior. In the words of Seagal himself, “Years on the force and years in martial arts training keeps me aware of anything going on out there.”

Before Seagal can spy another criminal doing bad things, his team is called to the scene of a minor accident. Apparently a small child ran out into the street and was bumped by a car. After investigating the incident his team concludes that it was all an accident. Luckily for the child the injuries appear to be minor so this event becomes uneventful.

Call this chance or call it clever editing? Whatever you call it, the accident becomes a reason for Seagal and his team to visit a local children’s hospital. Here we learn that for 25 years Steven Seagal has been visiting children’s hospitals and bringing sick kids toys — you know, sort of like a violent Zen Santa with sunglasses. Kidding aside, Seagal and the other officers do spend time with the kids, pose for photos, and even deliver gifts. So I’ll declare this part of the show charity in an effort to get us back to what Steven Seagal thinks he does best: fight crime!

Back on the street one of his team members spots a suspect dropping something suspicious. A quick check determines it was drugs and Seagal’s team rolls into action. Three suspects are apprehended and for once Seagal does not stay in the background. This time he searches one of the suspects and actually finds a concealed weapon. One suspect is booked on weapons charges while the other two are released to their parents.

After a hard day’s night we get to see the Mojo Priest at rehearsal with his blues band. Yes, true Seagal fans probably already know that besides once having been a secret agent for the CIA, Steven is also a long-time blues player. Better still, we learn that his earlier visit to the hospital has inspired Seagal to perform a benefit concert on behalf of the sick kids. As kind as that sentiment is, viewers are also forced to listen to Seagal sing as he prepares for the concert. This leads me to conclude that charity comes at a very high price.

Thankfully the band practice footage is mercifully short and soon Seagal is back on the streets fighting crime. This time his team spots a suspicious looking van. At first it looks as if the van is going to flee but it eventually pulls over. A quick check of the suspect reveals that he is wanted for juvenile non-support. Seagal’s team has the man arrested without much fanfare and this part of the episode is over.

The ending of Lawman concludes with the children’s hospital charity concert. My cats and I would personally like to thank the producers of Lawman for sparing us the pain of having to hear Seagal sing for very long. I would also have to say that this episode is the least in the series so far. Yes, Seagal did do a few good deeds. However, if A&E wants to maintain its high rating the network will have to do much better next week. Let’s face it — most people are not watching this show to hear Seagal sing the velvet blues. What they want to see is Seagal thinking that he is the cop that he really isn’t. Hopefully next week’s Lawman will return to that tried and true formula!

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  • Ds

    I find it funny that you speak negatively of Seagal. You don’t know what kind of cop the man is, we haven’t got to see anything big from him yet. But real police duty is not all gun fights, murders, or hand to hand combat. You’re seeing the man do solid police work.

    You saw him shooting while training the other deputy right? Obviously the man knows a little bit about his profession.

    On a side note seagals music is not B.B. King gold, but still it’s Steven Seagal playing guitar and singing, give the guy a break, he’s still multi-talented and his voice sounds much better than Chuck Norris singing the theme from Walker Texas Ranger.

  • Tammy R. Knight

    No harsh words should ever be spoken about this wonderful man. Not only has he entertained us for years, he has protected us too. He has many talents, and I would love to meet him one day and shake his hand. Thank You, Mr. Seagal for being you.

  • Thanks for reading the review. It is one person’s opinion and it’s true that I could be wrong. Regardless, I personally believe that anything Seagal does should be taken with a grain of salt.

    It’s great if he’s truly “turning over a new leaf”. Only time will tell.

    Bob Patterson

  • ann

    I have only seen a few of his movies but still like him .I don’t get the criticism of the show i you ever have seen the Cops reality show you see some cops wear vests and some don’t ,he obiviously knows how to search a suspect the other officers seem to treat him the same as any other cop so i don’t understand why people are dissing him and no offense but he knows how to shoot a gun and when the captain has him show him how to shoot i believe he is a real cop he takes notes just like all of the other officers and carries everything too like them so don’t go dissing him .if actors can be real firefighters and politicians why is there such a question about someones other job .There is a actor that serves on the NY fire dept. and lost many of his fellow firefighters in his station on 9/11. So please don’t be so simple minded to think that every actor is just an actor being a cop is a very hard job forwhat they endure they should get paid what baseball players and basketball star get paid.

  • Michael Gonzalez

    Wel i grew up watching seagal, and he also inspired me to do my martial arts. i have trainned with many intructors and wish to tain with him one day and shake his hand. i know i will never meet the martial art legend of Bruce Lee, maybe i can meet Steven. i love the art and culture of what he does. Your a great multi-talented person.

  • mmc

    I have always been a fan of Steven Seagal and the fact that he is a true Master of martial arts. He’s the real deal and has lived in Japan since he was 17.He was a striking figure due to the fact that he was so handsome and watching him was like watching a beautiful dance.Also he does a lot of charity work, much of it for children .Now he is a lawman and he teaches his police men and women some martial arts to protect themselves and others.I love him and you have to read about him to really appreciate him.Love you Steven .

  • Brandon

    seagal has accomplished alot more than your silly journalism or if you call this journalism. Steven has done alot more for people and his community and the negative review that you wrote about him is not only inncorrect but he is trying to help the community and the world and this whole review is just about how stupid Seagal is the matter of the fact is he has accomplished way more than any of us on here (even the Journalist) and you shouldnt take anything away from what the mans done.

  • zoo

    this is just a show that seagal plays as a cop who has been in the force in the past 20 years. this show is hilarious in the scene where he teaches and shows some aikido martial art moves on the defenseless non-martial-art practitioners. can an aikido master stands up to a real fighter? even JCVD would kick seagal’s a$$ badly. Seagal’s fast bitch slaps not likely to work on JCVD. i doubt that JCVD would open up hands and let seagal twists it like he did on demo guys. what would an aikido master do best is demonstrating the moves, shoot and put it on youtube. Demo guys are dummies who dance and run towards aikido master and then do some flipping or get their wrists twisted.

    by the way, the Q-Tip shooting lesson is funny as hell too.

  • Mark1

    Are you guys for real?? Steven Segal is a tool the only thing true about what you guys are saying is he is an Akido Black Belt. He hasn’t been a cop for 20 years he only went to a police school here in California in the late 90’s. As for him becoming ing a Deputy Sheriff 20 years ago it was an honorary title he was given. He was never even in the CIA, look for your self. You should look at his real background of cheating, multiple marriages and sexual harrassment along with exagerrated claims of what he’s done, just saying if you’re gonna talk the talk know what you’re talking about.