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TV Review: Stargate Universe – “The Hunt”

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Last week I devoted a little time to pondering over if it was just cruel to attack a show that’s already been cancelled. This week’s episode of Stargate Universe “The Hunt” probably makes it okay.

When you only have a few episodes to go may I suggest that filler episodes that do not go to resolving the series in any way are not a good idea. In fact if we’re going to give them the benefit of the doubt and suggest that the makers of SGU didn’t know they were cancelled I’d like to extend the suggestion to point out that in today’s television landscape it’s probably not a good idea to do that many filler episodes or face the possibility of cancellation.

Greer senses a nothing storylineThe Hunt starts off with the promise of many a Stargate SG1 and Atlantis episode to come before it. The team are on a potentially hostile planet and will come across a problem to overcome that is enjoyable to watch and interesting to talk about. The promise is soon broken as the story devolves into a confused mix of facing one’s demons, learning to trust and that alien predators aren’t always unintelligent.

All interesting concepts but all lost in a display of throwing ideas at a wall and hoping that the audience may latch on to at least one of them.

I would have but there was very little to latch on to and I’m pretty certain the alien that continues to evade and attack their camp has been done before in this series and much more effectively.

In the episode the away team (Is that what they’re called in Stargate Universe? I know that’s the term in Star Trek? Let me know in the comments.) visits a lush planet, considers butchering some local animal wildlife and have two of the crew abducted by what eventually turns out to be a semi intelligent predator. That’s the A story in “The Hunt”; the B story involves once again exploring the ship (something that doesn’t go on enough), an out of the blue infatuation/romance story and Rush being a jerk again.

Maybe it is that I know the show’s not continuing that the tension is removed from pretty much all of this episode. I don’t think the Doctor is going to die. I’m never even vaguely concerned for her welfare, the same with Brody being stuck in the stasis pod. In fact the whole discovery of the stasis pods have little affect apart from introducing them for a probable finale storyline, I’d rather see the giant robot that they found again.

I’m a little confused over the Greer storyline and I’m not sure what journey it is that his character has taken.

In the end the people who matter are rescued, the red shirts are buried, Rush is a sneaky jerk, Varro is set free, and no one loves Volker. To top it off they’ve slaughtered an alien deer that they know nothing about and are roasting its carcass in the mess.

The irony is that technically those characters are going to feel pretty crook the next day as anyone who has ever abstained from meat for a decent amount of time will know, let alone alien meat and what effect it may have on the human digestive system. Hopefully they feel as bad as I did having watched this waste of an hour.

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  • AccidentalVisitor

    You are the second blogger to come up with this type of idiotic criticism. The ep doesn’t provide any new large developments for the overall plot and therefore guys like you call it “filler”. And even though series from the beginning of time have relied on such episodes, you are criticizing SGU because you feel it should not waste time on these types of stories. Your reason for this is becaue SGU is coming to an end.

    Well, dude, SGU writers planned out their season way in adavance. When SyFy was airing first run of eps of the 2nd half of season one, season two of SGU had already started filming. That’s how far in advance SGU season two had started production. The final eps of season two were being filmed just as the first eps of season two were initially airing on SyFy. Understand? Excuse TPTB of SGU for not being pessimistic enough to think a Stargate show was to be cancelled only after two years, afterall the bad ratings hadn’t been an issue when they were writing these scripts all those months ago. They weren’t planning on having to wrap up the storylines. So why don’t you try judging “The Hunt” on its success or failure as an indivual episode rather than whine that it doesn’t focus on the more major arcs.

  • Hi AccidentalVisitor!

    First off thanks for leaving a comment, I am going to disagree a little with your assessment of… well… my assessment of the show though.

    As I acknowledged in the second paragraph TPTB probably didn’t know they had been cancelled so yes I “understand” (sheesh rude much, no need to be cranky) and I do excuse them for not knowing. I do however, having watched every episode of the live action Stargate series (and some of the animated) take issue with what I describe as filler episodes across the board. As I mentioned in the post, I personally believe that a show cannot afford to do filler episodes especially one’s that aren’t really good in today’s television climate.

    That’s my opinion and I feel that I’m welcome to it and welcome to share it. Just as you are welcome to disagree! But you’ve assumed that I am picking on this episode purely because the show has been cancelled and this is not the case at all.

    The Hunt is in my opinion not a good episode in general for the reasons I put in the post, I think that they have tried to throw too many concepts into the mix and none of them are well developed, I don’t feel any of the themes or journeys of the characters are resolved by the episode end. A more clearly defined episode might have made this an excellent standalone story but the fact remains that in and out of context this episode fails.

    Now in fairness you may not believe this to be true and it’s great that you enjoyed it and feel that it’s of the same caliber of the best of SGU. I’m actually happy for you, I don’t discount anyone’s enjoyment of anything I can only speak of my own experience and thoughts and for me it doesn’t work and just hope that next week’s episode inspires me because we have so few left!

    Cheers again 🙂

  • Can’t say I agree with everything you bring up about this episode, but I completely see how you got to your conclusion. I was a bit dissatisfied with the episode myself – though not to the extent you were. I liked the premise and the end point, but I had a problem with a lot of stuff in the middle. Greer … I think the writers like his character too much. He’s starting to feel like SGU’s Worf character.

    I had the same thought about the meat at the end. Plus, where are they getting the barbecue sauce from? 🙂 Surely they’re not going without the sauce…

    I also agree that the episode felt a little fragmented.

    I did, however, like the stasis pods and Rush’s behavior. This episode actually made me like Rush more than most of the entire series to this point. I really think he did that to teach them a lesson (in a good way) so they don’t get hurt later. And it shows that he really does care about them.

  • I largely agree with Lee. Even if you argue that they’ve recorded things before the ratings started dropping they should know because they know what happened to SGA when it ‘filled up with fillers’. Even with a bit of a filler episode it’s not impossible to include something to the bigger storyline.

    As far as Rush’s behaviour, well I hated Rush before and it was a nasty reminder and as far as I know Rush, it has nothing to do with teaching them a lesson in a good way since he’s shown time and again that he’s extremely selfish in these kind of things.

    I snorted in thís week’s (4/19) episode when they mentioned the country of people who expected Rush to come and save them.