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TV Review: South Park – “You’re Getting Old”

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Last night’s mid-season finale of Comedy Central’s South Park is a potential game changer. The episode begins as Stan (Trey Parker) turns ten. Soon after, he starts to see the things he likes as crappy. Literally. But a strange thing happens when, instead of his tastes maturing, Stan finds everything crappy. This drives away his friends, who get tired to his diagnosed cynicism. Stan’s father, Randy (also Parker), resisting getting old, pretends he likes the things the young kids do, even though they sound crappy to him. His wife, Sharon (April Stewart), says she isn’t happy with Randy, and hasn’t been in some time. He agrees. They divorce and sell their house. As of the end of the episode, Stan moves into an apartment with his mother, and Kyle (Matt Stone), Stan’s life-long closest pal, is now best friends with Cartman (Parker).

Will South Park continue on from the events of “You’re Getting Older,” or go back to its standard formula when season fifteen resumes in the fall? Tongue in cheek references to Randy and Sharon being tired of reverting every week after big fights may point to a dramatic switch up. It is not new for South Park to experiment with change. Examples include promoting the main cast from third grade to fourth grade in season four, leaving Kenny (Stone) dead for awhile, letting Mr. Garrison (Parker) have a sex change, only to eventually switch back years later, and permanently killing off major characters. But this may be the biggest shift yet, with Stan’s personality taking a dark turn, and a married couple dissolving their union.

The fact that Randy and Sharon are done is not all that surprising. Randy gets more plot than any other adult on the series, and he frequently acts ridiculous, often to seem cool to the kids. They are rarely a satisfied couple, and it is about time they split up. While this is very sad for Stan, and likely a major cause of his cynicism, as he feels things falling apart between his parents, divorce is a part of life, and not one given attention on South Park before.

What may be more confounding is Kyle and Cartman growing closer. Except, it’s not all that unrealistic. They share the same social circle. Two episodes prior to “You’re Getting Old,” in “Crack Baby Athletic Association,” Kyle allows Cartman to involve him one of his immoral schemes. Stan does little to talk Kyle out of it, though Kyle feels judged and guilty. Yet, this plants the seeds for a shift in the main group dynamic. Cartman does not like Kyle for many years, often making him the butt of Jewish slurs. But near the end of the finale episode, as the two smile at each other and play video games, there’s a clear connection there. Cartman needs a friend, and is likely  jealous of Stan and Kyle’s bond. Now it’s his turn. How this may change Cartman is anyone’s guess. Or Kyle, for that matter.

It is worth applauding South Park for the bold move, fifteen years into the series. Should they stick with it, and chances are good they will, it will reinvigorate once more an aging show.

South Park will return in the fall to Comedy Central.

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  • Beau Sylvester

    This isn’t the first time the show has approached divorce. In fact, Randy and Sharon have gotten divorced once before in “Clubhouses”, which I believe was in season four. This however, seems much more serious, and I would like to see Matt & Trey go through with this plot change.

  • Jumpdog

    If they stuck with this plot change, it would completely ruin the show. This episode was incredibly depressing and, though okay to do a couple times, should not turn the whole season into something like this. People watch the show for its obnoxious humor and satirical writing, so I’m not the only one who would stop watching. It’s reassuring though that a point the writer chose was serious changes have happened before, only to change back later (like Mr. Garrison to Mrs., back to Mr). I would like to see their next episode with everything back to normal, and an explanation behind it all.

  • Kurtis.

    Still dont know what to make of this episode. I kept waiting for some crazy explanation and a good laugh once the end of the episode came about, not the totally sad note that it left us on…

  • Smokey

    I’ve been watching South Park a long time and why? Because it was funny. I don’t need complicated story lines, i just want to watch it for 30 minutes and turn off the TV with a smile on my face. This episode didn’t do that.

  • Acrimony

    I think that’s it though Smokey. South Park has taken a lot of crap this season for being shitty (notice the correlation with the episode’s only humor point?). The whole speech at the end between Randy and Sharon is basically “Randy” (Matt and Trey) talking to “Sharon” (the fans) about why their relationship is going south. They seem tired of making some big point every week, only for people to, as you say, smile, turn off the TV and not really think of it or do anything (and restart next week looking for a laugh and nothing else). They seem to only be reinforcing certain liberal view points in the fans who already share those view points but take no action or do anything. They’ve been doing this for 10 years since the shows format changed drastically (from anal probes to social criticisms) and they don’t seem to get anywhere. Then the one time they get writers block and have a shitty season, everyone bails because they were only there for a laugh. It’s gotta be frustrating. Then they make this episode explaining their view point and everyone blasts them for making a serious episode.

    Maybe I’m over analyzing, but I know Trey and Matt are smart. There is no way this episode(like, only semi-serious episode ever) does not have a much deeper meaning behind it.

    I know they are writing a comedy show so they should provide laughs, but I think they were trying to aim higher then just a comedy show, and seem to have failed. Their motivation was never just money, they are like the only show creators ever who have stated publicly that you are allowed to pirate their episodes anyway you like and re-distribute them.

    It’s a personal message to you and everyone else who’s enjoyed their show over the years.

    This episode makes me very sad, but it’s got nothing to do with a divorce or moving out of south park. We, the viewers, are getting older. We think the shows creators are getting crappier. They think the fans are being pretty crappy too. We had a great relationship for a while, but time goes on and it looks like it’s coming to an end. Every time they lampoon a group, it’s through comedy for us the fans. When they want to talk to the fans, they put the comedy away so we know they are serious. In this respect, I think it’s an awesome episode.

  • uk

    They’ve been doing this for 10 years since the format changed dramatically shows (anal probe social criticism) and do not seem to get anywhere.

  • Harley

    Acrimony, you’re on the right track, but I’m sorry to say you’re still kind of overlooking the point. I say “sad” to say, because this episode’s real intentions are far more depressing than anyone’s hit on so far.

    Yes, the conversation between randy and sharon is a meta, but it’s about the creator’s relationship with the /show/ than with it’s fans.

    To understand the episode’s true subtext, you have to look at outside events: Matt and Trey have been at work on this show for a long time, with South Park as their flagship project and primary creative outlet. However, that has changed DRAMATICALLY in recent times since the unveiling of their smash-hit broadway musical and its continual success. They’ve said before in interviews that what they’ve always /really/ wanted to do was a musical, and it appears they’ve done so with all the perfect precision and scathing talent that South Park ever showcased!

    I knew this season would suffer in quality, if only because of new demands on their time, which MUST be significant. But I had to brace myself for the fearful scenario wherein this new found creative fulfillment would cause them to lose interest in their OLD vehicle, South Park, altogether…

    But can you really blame them? Two such immensely creative, immensely talented individuals are bound to want to challenge themselves in new ways when they feel there are no more challenges to be met with an “old” project…

    And so what they’re trying want us, the fans, is that THEY are ready to move on. That it is THEY who are unhappy with “South Park”- that in having lost the sense of creative fulfillment from doing the show, they have truly lost the inspiration to continue on with the show.

    They want the fans to understand this, accept it and be happy for their having found new, more fulfilling creative opportunities….but giving the tremendous hole the loss of this Bastion of TV will create…should we be?? o.O

  • Roy


  • Love reading all the debate here. I agree, I think it is commentary on them getting burnt out. They did have less time this run because of the musical. But the show has lagged before and came back again. There are some real gems even in the last year or two. Not every episode can be brilliant. I like the conceit of this one, though I could have done without the grossness.

  • Tarik

    This was a very weird episode, I was waiting for some explanation at the end but was sadly left with a lot of questions.
    I see how sharon and randy might have explained the sudden ending of this episode in their last conversation. I hope that this is not the end of south park, I would really like to see a season 16 and more.

  • This was only the first half of season 15, so we get at least another 7 episodes in the fall.

  • Derek Jones

    I think the cynicism implied is more like realizing how the standard of almost everything now a days has been greatly reduced, then dressed up to just look the higher quality, not truly be it though. Those who are new to it all (older generations) may see the change for what it is, yet not even truly understanding it. Then those who to which today may be all they know (a younger generation), know nothing more than that itself, believing it’s the best like media will always now tell us (because of greed/$$$),and viewing the older world likewise. Stan’s outlook was only the truth though, yet very dark, because the truth is dark and life is dark. He is very lucky to realize it though, because as the episode showed, nobody is interested in the truth or negativity, and the masses refuse to accept it. People like cynical Stan exist, and they I think are extremely rare and intelligent. If I had to guess what his life would be like from now on, I’d say he would refuse to lie to himself no matter what, seem like a depressing person to be around, and will live a strong Introvert, which would be a result of something called the hedgehog dilemma.

  • Roy

    Okay sorry that Hi was weird. Just wanted to see if I could comment on here without creating some kind of account. Acrimony and Harley, you both have real strong points and I think its a mixture of both.

    Matt and Trey have put their internal struggles with getting older out there for everyone to see. I have been watching south park since I was in the 7th grade, I was only 13 years old. I loved watching it because they cursed and for cartmans punch lines (pie and punch anyone? haha) after re-watching older episodes I realized that south park has always been way more then that, so Acrimony in that sense I feel your wrong. There is a very early episode where cartmans Mom wants to have an abortion. She then reveals the child she wants to abort is 8 years old. This is humorous but it also leaves people to question pro choice vs right to life for themselves. They’re are countless examples.

    The show has evolved drastically since those times and really has slightly become an animated daily show. The show is topical and is a conversation starter. And I do feel they are frustrated because this show is generally taken as just foul mouth potty humor, which is something they expressed in South Park Bigger longer and uncut. Yes south park is all those things and the creators have always said they have been heavily influenced by Monty Python, hence the Pip episode, Great expectations (which I loved) was kind of a dud, so many people hate that episode.

    But its true, I’m 26 years old now and I never thought I would still be watching this show every wednesday in the same time slot! I’m happy for all that its given me, South Park is apart of my life and I quote it constantly, I’ve seen all episodes multiple times (thank you south park studios). But at this age there are plenty of things that just dont seem the same anymore and really are just crappy. However I can still watch the first season of this show and love it, it brings back such good memories. I think its brilliant that people say the crap jokes were just too much in this episode. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT! The jokes are “getting old”. Everything Matt and Trey do is exactly on purpose. The people that only quote things like “my giny tickles” or just do bad impersonations of cartmans “screw you guys I’m going home”, are not true fans of this show. If your just turning this show on to giggle, please go watch family guy. Dont get me wrong, I like family guy and its a good show but it just is completely different from south park. If your turning this show off because it made you feel something more then laughter, then I feel bad for you because your really missing the entire point of this show and life too. Matt and Trey are trying to say okay say we stick with the format and just do one ridiculous mindless thing after another, guess what happens? You become the simpsons and then everyone hates your show and cant believe its still on air. South Park deserves more then this and I do feel the creators are enjoying the critical acclaim for their new hit broadway show, which I hear you cant even get tickets for right now. That medium is allowing them to be accepted more for what they really want to express, instead of people who just want to laugh at animated characters crapping everywhere.

    This reminds me of the family guy trilogy episode and how the show ended with jesus crapping all over the U.S. flag. There was a huge uproar from the christian community. Matt and Trey just said well apparently you dont have as much an impact as radical Islams do, seeing how its okay to show jesus crapping all over the U.S. flag but its not okay to show the muslim prophet mohammed drinking ice tea? But once again this was a point everyone failed to see and in the end nothing happened and everything was censored. People probably just laughed because it was jesus pooping on a flag.

    I kind of got carried away with this post but I had to get this out there. Smokey, even if the show goes back to just making you laugh, stop watching it because you really are missing the point.

    Also anyone noticed that my name is Roy? haha Will he be making a return? Did he ever get down from that tree? Glock! Glock! No more stepdad! Thanks for watching kids, see you next time eatin da puddin!

  • Roy – Well said. South Park is often brilliant satire, and that is my favorite part of the series.

  • =/

    “I just want to watch it for 30 minutes and turn off the TV with a smile on my face. This episode didn’t do that.”


  • Aaron

    This season has been very disappointing. Last season was terrible. The show has been going downhill for a number of years. And the reality is that Matt and Trey are probably only concerned with their musical anymore. SouthPark is just a paycheck. Its sad really.

    I think this is M&T signalling the end of the show, forever. Whether it be this season or next. but honestly I’ll be glad to see it end on their own terms than to progressively get more and more lackluster.

  • Monika

    I don’t know why, but this episode just looked like a bunch of crap to me.

  • Tip

    Does anyone get it? This could be or could not be a plot changer but if you didn’t see, south park has been doing the same “Shit” for 15 seasons now. There have been many episodes where the kids go through phases and Randy tries join in. Just like they said in the episode, we see something one day and next week it all gets reset and we see the same shit over again

  • Roy

    Once again, the show isn’t going downhill, this season is good! It’s been pretty much the same formula for awhile now, the ideas are the same brilliance as the ones everyone raved about in the past. But how many times can you make a point? Before certain people just get tired of hearing it. Derek said it best, nobody wants to face the truth or negativity, everything gets old and everything dies. Ghandi said that “whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it’s very important that you do it.” I dont think south park is just a paycheck as they have promoted before that they dont care if anyone pirates their material, all the episodes are available for anyones viewing on south park studios at anytime! Maybe they are tired of the process and the stress of having to put an episode together two days before they air, but I dont think its just a “job” to them. The real point is by using Randy and Sharon as vehicles for how everyone feels inside but just are afraid to admit the truth which is that I’m growing tired of you, or this way of life, of this show, your job, your friends, the place you live etc. etc. People just get comfortable doing one thing and block out the voices that tell them things could be different, things could be better. I myself sometimes do what I want but most of the time I do what I have to.

    If Matt and Trey want to keep this up, they have to change the show. It cant just reset, nobody likes change, nobody liked it when Bob Dylan went electric but he forged on with it anyways.

  • sad but true… south park is saying goodbye

    i thought the message was pretty clear: parker and stone (or at least one of them) think the show is “getting old” and becoming kind of crappy. they tried to pretended for a while that everything was as great as ever, but they can’t ignore that their show has run its course (at least in their minds) and that to force it to continue would result in it becoming a crappy disgrace to its past.

    there are dozens of quotes that allude to this sentiment, and the characters of stan and kyle have often been used as proxies for trey and matt. the whole divorce thing and splitting of kyle and stan makes me think parker and stone have perhaps grown apart in a creative sense. at the very least, they’ve grown apart from the expectations of the fans (who i think randy is meant to vaguely portray in this episode).

    in all honesty, the show really has become sort of hit-or-miss in my mind, and the hits are becoming fewer and less spectacular. i thought the previous episode was one of the best in a while, because it used less topical and scat humor and went with more of a character-driven plot (and who doesn’t love the city wok guy?). comparatively, most of season 15 has been just spoofing current pop culture and obscenity for obscenity’s sake. those things get old quickly, and i’m guessing trey and matt are well aware of that fact but simply are running out of fresh ideas for the characters.

    if this is the case, i say good for them for acknowledging that they are getting tired of trying to force new ideas into an old show and are ready to move on to other projects (like “the book of mormon”). south park was never going to last forever, and it’s already had a pretty long run (especially if you consider how it all started with just a couple animated shorts in college).

    i’d be willing to bet money that either this will be the last season or they will finish whatever contractual obligations they have for production and quit it after that.

  • Ryan

    You hit it right on the head Roy.

    Matt and Trey could be the most brilliant artists of our generation. I remember sneaking out of my room to go to the basement and watch South Park as a kid, I was about 8 or 9. I turned it on just to laugh at the lewd humor. But as I got older and became more aware of the things in the world around me, I noticed that South Park was providing brilliant satire to the younger generation.

    They expose things for exactly what they are. The episode I always think of in this regard is the “Canada goes on strike” episode. Clearly at the time the big news story was the writers strike. Matt and Trey saw it for what it was, and shoved it in the writers faces. They said that if a group of writers wanted to be compensated for extra revenue brought to their employers by way of online media, then so should all of the youtube celebrities. Absolutely brilliant.

    Them choosing to use Randy, Sharon, and Stan to deliver a message to their audience was brilliant as well. I have said over and over again that Stan is the only “normal” kid in the show. That being said, I think it is Stan that most of the viewers relate to. Them saying that Stan sees everything as shit is akin to saying that their viewers see everything as shit. For the first time, Matt and Trey struck back at their audience. They say that their viewers are cynical assholes who can’t just be happy.

    The episode ends in a montage seeing Randy and Sharon divorce and Stan looking very unfulfilled living with his mom, seeing everything in life as shit. They have used Randy as a voice for themselves, Sharon as a voice of critics, and Stan as a voice of the audience. Randy said in the episode “I just want happy”, Sharon replied “People grow apart, it is part of life” and Stan was forced to sit through it, growing ever more cynical as the days went on.

    One last remark. I think it is noteworthy that the episode ended in a montage without Stan or Kyle standing up and making a speech with some sort of moral lesson to it. The montage ended and the credits rolled without the music that normally airs with the credits. This is a metaphor aimed towards audience. Being a cynical asshole has no moral upside, and it ends in peoples lives being forever changed. This in itself is the moral to be learned from the episode and it rang loud and clear.

    I hope they keep up with this and move forward with a somewhat heavier story line. Not too heavy, but something along the lines of Furturama.

  • Citizen D

    It’s the people like the one’s on here complaining about their favorite stupidity laden show catching a plot that ruined and even got Moral Orel cancelled, people don’t like to think anymore. Maybe Matt and Trey feel like it’s getting a little stale and they would like to move on to something bigger?

  • Jambilol

    Am I the only one who thinks this season has been pretty much the best and that this episode was fucking hilarious?

  • adsafdaf

    I agree jambilol, i laughed more in this episode then the others. The whole LA noire and adam sandler thing killed me. THen again im kinda a cynic.

  • Derek Jones

    Roy too is really on to something. People get too comfortable with mainstream media showing them how to live, and its even been that way many times in american culture’s past. No, but it IS americsn culture. Thats what SP has been about most of the time, at least in the these very late seasons–> american culture and how it’s citizens are bound literally to whats on television or whats “in”. america has proved to most definitely excel at one thing nobody can do better, ENTERTAINMENT. and so the general public remains influenced strongly by all kinds of latest technology, movies, games, television, radio, news. ad marketing, internet, and sports

  • Derek Jones

    (a VERY HUGE american investment). The real problem though is that we who make all this had ended up just selling ourselves short in the end, for $$$.We only pretend we did our best and everything is as authentic as it could be, when in fact all that we actually see is very much fake. Now this is what we got, “America, 2011”, and more to come.
    (…now possibly without a SP to dump on it all…)

  • Roy

    Thanks Ryan and Sad but true you’re right on the money as well. Stan has always been the protagnist of this saga. Scientology episode he was trying to save money to buy a bike and then realizes hes unhappy and didnt even know it. Stan has the big breakup with Wendy and learns an important lesson about loved lost and moving on, Butters makes him realize that happiness cannot exist with sadness and to literally stop being such a p**** about it. It is stan who has the disturbing dreams about christmas critters and he also doesnt have a facebook nor wants one. When the bus is hanging off the ledge it is Stan who is having the dream of the dream of cartman and even states “I must be going through some emotional problems” when he tells kyle the story over the phone. Although it is unclear if he has awakened seeing how he asks Kyle to go to the happy burger at the end of the episode. It is Stan in bigger longer and uncut that rallies the masses to stop the execution of terrance and phillip, once again taking a journey to discover self worth. Stan can’t even stand by Kenny when hes dying with cancer because he just cant face the reality that his friend is leaving. As I’m retracting all these memories I realize even more how amazing and deep this show really is. Stan and Kyle have had issues for a few seasons now (guitar hero anyone?).

    Everyone pretends and nobody wants to realize that its time to part ways and move on.

  • Roy

    Its funny you mention that Derek. There is the SP episode “behind the blow”. They even mention how a terrance and phillip episode aired as an aprils fools joke instead of the usual popular program. Being satirical they state how there were casualities and there was a riot outside the network. This is funny to us because it is US! If American idol suddenly cut off the first 5 minutes of the program and some new unheard of show aired instead, people would be OUTRAGED. Its like people take it as a personal attack, how dare they take away their favorite wednesday night programming?!?

  • Luc

    @ Ryan, I like what you said. I love the show and would like it to continue after wed. episode and knowing that Matt and Trey contract is up for renewed. I though it will be the end of South Park, but like you said, maybe this episode is to point a finger to everyone that are saying that the show is getting boring and not enjoying the humor in it.

  • Luke

    The ending just pissed me off, seems like trey and matt might be trying to tell us something? Have any of this current seasons episodes been remotely good to previous seasons? They’re all…crappy

  • RG

    “and permanently killing off major characters. But this may be the biggest shift yet, with Stan’s personality taking a dark turn, and a married couple dissolving their union” Huh? IMO killing off major characters is a way bigger deal than just making them split up….

  • Michael

    I thought it was great.

    When Stan was with the doctor and he played Bob Dylan…and all Stan could hear was shit noises…I almost choked to death I was laughing so hard.

    I am at 47 an older South Park Fan. I am in fact roughly the age of the “parents”. That is what was so funny about that scene.

    Bob Dylan IS shit…just as much as anything kids are listening to today. Yet for some reason this older 60’s shit is somehow “classical”…as though Dylan were Beethoven or something. Same thing with “The Police” and our “New Wave” shit.

    I thought this represented a wonderful satire of what the generations do to each other.

    The fact that Stan can hear all of the shit of pop culture, from the crap of pop music, to Adam Sandler comedies, to the psycho babble coming out of Kyle’s mouth, and identify as the shit it actually is represents much more than mere cynicism.

    Stan is a very gifted child.

    Now of course I was NOT laughing at the end.

    Instead I asked myself all of the same questiosn that have been addressed so well on this forum.

    What will become of Randy and Sharon’s marriage? Hopefully Randy will buy yet another sports car and chase girls half his age. I really don’t care enough about Sharon to speculate but perhaps her weight lifting machine is available again.

    The biggest mystery however is how they will follow up on the Stan Kyle Cartman Bromance triangle.

    Cartman is a master manipulator and would have little problem seducing Kyle into even more amoral adventures. Will he be able to drive a long term wedge between Stan and Kyle?

    Riveting TV in my opinion. If this is supposed to be “shitty” writing then perhaps the rest of TV should get just a bit shittier.

  • Rob

    All things must come to an end. The shitty thing about this is that Matt and Trey can go on creating a great show. It’s not us the fans who are letting it go, i.e. modern day Simpsons, it’s Matt and Trey. I almost cried.

  • Sam

    Look, if Matt and Trey are done with the show, they can just tell us. In real life. This episode was like breaking up with someone over facebook. And I don’t see the poignant aspects about it. Half the episode was things crapping all over the screen, followed by a really dull and quite frankly weird montage of depressing scenes.
    The creators made an awesome show, something that stood the test of time and rarely faltered. They’re not a couple of court jesters obligated to make us laugh. But at the same time that’s why the viewers tune in – to laugh. Don’t half ass it. It belittles the audience as well as all of the previous accomplishments of the show. I haven’t liked many of the episodes this season, but this is the fist time I’ve truly hated an episode.

  • This episode was amazing, im 30 years old, and I have been watching this show since the first season. This episode was amazing. I think of rap music and how shitty these new rappers are nowadayz, couldn’t compare to the old guys!! What about movies, ya they said Avatar was a breakthrough and going to change movies? Has it? No, no ones even trying, because they can sell shit to you and you have to buy it. America used to be about doing something different. “Wow that’s so different so cool” Now its “Oh I made this thing its just like this other thing” I was about to cry, maybe I feel just like Stan so it hit me harder. Keep watching!! I love it and I will!!!

  • I went back and watched it again, you remember the first where Stan was getting presents and everytime he got a present Cartman got one? Thats like in real life now, hard workers of america are working hard and people in this country are getting the same benefits (in some cases more) than them. Always a deeper meaning. : )

  • Jim

    Great speculation here, I agree with the user who said Matt and Trey just want to focus on other projects now, namely their musical. If they do end South Park soon, I’ll support them. I’d rather them cancel it while it’s still good, instead of crashing it into the ground.

    Also, it’s depressing that some people here think cynical Stan sees the truth in the world and everything truly is shitty. I have a few friends like that and they are huge bummers to be around because they nitpick EVERYTHING. It’s true there’s a lot of shit “entertainment” but to literally hate everything is no way to live your life. Life is way too short to nitpick things to death and I feel very sad for the cynical Stan’s out there.

  • Jim
    I do to, even know I’m one of them I do have alot of stuff I like and I get very excited about though. You have to keep searching harder and harder you will find stuff you like. Those people you talk about Jim may just give up to easy. I don’t think they could crash it into the ground, theres always something to talk about and always a good way for them to make points of view!!!

  • Andy

    I trust them to make the right changes, and I hope that this was not a hint about ending the series.

  • yoyomahhh

    I do not know why some people say this show is going down hill. Id say the contrary; they just keep getting better and better. This season has been hilarious. I cannot fathom what direction the creators are going with the plot twist but perhaps that is their plan all along; leave people wondering. I have to say, i am intrigued.

  • Matthew

    This episode was amazing and was genuinely emotionally moving. The last 5 five seasons have been amazing, I dont think the concept of this episode is too wacky considering the constant evolution of the show… And hey, the next episode’s gonna a Randy episode which cant be bad

  • fabio moruzzi

    I absaloutley love south park, i would like to be selfish and say keep the show running however i can only thank what they have done and they need to do what keeps them happy.

  • Bruno

    I don’t understand why anyone would think this show has been going downhill. I thought last season was incredibly bad, and they are on the right path again. The whole point of this episode was to make you think. Think about how much of a cynical asshole anyone can be because they believe everything from their “time” is better than the older or newer times. Even some of you still don’t get it, citing this episode as the creators talking about how everything is shitty nowadays.

    I think you’re looking way too much into it. I think the creators are trying to tell us changes will happen, if you want SP to keep going. This show has been running for a long time, I ran into it while trying to download some music online via Limewire and downloaded the south park movie. I was like, 12 years old? Now I’m 17 and I get a lot more now. This show is suppose to make you laugh, yes. But it’s also suppose to make you think. This episode did that, it made you think.

  • Michael

    Jim Wrote

    “Also, it’s depressing that some people here think cynical Stan sees the truth in the world and everything truly is shitty. I have a few friends like that and they are huge bummers to be around because they nitpick EVERYTHING. It’s true there’s a lot of shit “entertainment” but to literally hate everything is no way to live your life. Life is way too short to nitpick things to death and I feel very sad for the cynical Stan’s out there”

    I for one do not think that everything is crap.

    What I do believe is that the vast majority of pop culture is crap, including the stuff I like for nostalgic or base reasons.

    What isn’t crap?

    Western European Music, Art and Literature…the Pyramids of Egypt, great philosophy….the love a devoted dog…

    There are plenty of things that make life more than worthwhile.

    Stan however was finding that just about everything in his world was no longer to his liking.

    He wants to grow, to discover what rests beyond his current world.

    Getting it back to Matt and Trey’s use of Bob Dylan, the Police and Adam Sandler as examples of overrated crap:

    Is this not true?

    I am not saying that you can’t like an out of tune over hyped folk singer if your tastes in music are that base, or that you can’t giggle at the infantile antics of a Jerrry Lewis rip off artistic if that brings you joy…that is fine.

    But at LEAST have the honesty to admit to the over all artistic quality of the material.

    The very idea that comedians such as Sandler are called geniuses…or that Bob Dylan is considered a major artist of the 1960s, or that the Police are some sort of Gold Standard for superior craftmanship in music….c’mon…get out of your own ass.

    I go as far as to call the much sanctified music of the Beatles crap. Fun crap, memorable crap…but crap nevertheless.

    There are better things out there. Good for South Park in pointing that out.

    You know…I love the Carl Jrs Dollar Fried Chicken sandwich…I KNOW that it is pure crap…but I love it. So I guess I love the crap that I love.

    IF I can love that then some granola eating hippie douch has the right to love Bob Dylan…but ….it’s crap. Don’t try to call it anything other than that.

  • Kali

    Hale ya michael!!! Ifeverything is crap then do somethin about it!!’ dont be mad at life because everything is crap, find somethin you love!!’

  • Metaphors

    The fact that many of you missed the metaphor says a lot about South Park viewers.
    Read #21-Ryan if you haven’t.

    Matt and Trey have given us 15 years of brilliant television. They made an episode to tell us that they haven’t been happy in years, and your response is “BORING!”

    “I think you’re kinda shitty too.”

  • Michael

    Kali writes

    “Hale ya michael!!! Ifeverything is crap then do somethin about it!!’ dont be mad at life because everything is crap, find somethin you love!!'”

    Yet I wrote

    “What isn’t crap?

    Western European Music, Art and Literature…the Pyramids of Egypt, great philosophy….the love a devoted dog…”

    thus showing what I actually love and do NOT find to be crap.

    Not sure that you caught this

    I do however find most pop culture to be crap.

    I enjoy some of it even though I recognize it as crap.

    So please before you tell me to get love read my comments carefully enough to see that I already named a bunch of things that I love and do not think are crap.

    BTW: I love the last half season of South Park and do NOT think that it was crap.

  • Joe 12-pack

    This is intriguing. I don’t know if I can wait until October. I found it interesting that the four main boys were not in in Episode 6 “City Sushi”. It was all Butters and the City Wok Guy.
    I think Stan goes back to being a Goth.

  • Kali

    No micheal i was agreeing with you!! Just like you said if you find stuff crappy go find something you love!!

  • Kali

    I didnt like that sushi wolk episode (i dont like whenthe boys arent in south park i miss em like there old friends) but i loved all the rest specially the last episode and crack baby episode.

  • Michael

    Kali wrote

    “No micheal i was agreeing with you!! Just like you said if you find stuff crappy go find something you love!!”

    My mistake and apologies Kali

    Yeah I think my least favorite was also the Sushi episode because it was particularly dark…but it still had a few good moments.

    Crack Baby Basketball was my favorite, with this last one being my second choice… I also liked the thing with the Canadian Royal wedding

    “…A fine day for Ganada, and..therefore the world.”

    My wife and I are Europhiles and we watched the real royal wedding about 5 times…an example of crap that I admit loving : – )

    Nevertheless that thing with the ridiculous wedding ceremonies…”Now the Princess is spreading the pudding onto the Prince’s arm…as is tradition…” was really funny…

    Just like the coverage of the real wedding

  • rex

    I think that they should do what they did with Mr. Garrison and Kenny and have this plot line go on for a season or so and then have the marshes reunite, it will also be interesting to see how they develop Kyle and Cartman

  • fatbatkid

    derek jones hit the nail on the head

  • Jermzy

    I really want them to follow through with the divorce as an at least semi-permanent thing for at least a season. Stan’s cynicism however has to go in the next episode- while it sets up Kyle and Cartman coming together nicely it doesn’t leave Stan with anywhere left to go.

    It’s surprising how it takes a game changing episode to show me how bored I was with the premise of the show- well done Matt and Trey. Let’s only hope you’re ballsy enough to live up to your promises.

  • Resolent

    When the credits rolled I just sat there and thought, wow.

  • Butts Wagner

    This episode wasn’t about the typical laughs that South Park can generate. This episode was about re-thinking why you like this show and re-examining the message of the series. South Park was about more than the funny lines in the first 20 minutes of each episode. Stan’s and Kyle’s speeches in the last minute of each episode meant something. If you want to get crazy, each episode is about 22.5 minutes long. The end speeches come in the last minute or so. This is season 15, and at an average of 15 episodes/season, that’s 225 episodes. The last minute of the series is the last 10 episodes or so. We are in the last minute of the series. This is the final speech.

  • Alex

    I watched this episode and thought it was a riot. Then I watched it again. All I can think of now is my 5 year old son coming of age like Stan and losing his child-like joy and perspective. Then I think about the fact that there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Then I remember myself as a child and wonder when I changed as well. Needless to say, I am a sobbing mess right now. Damn you South Park!

  • iandme

    I just saw this episode. There’s definitely a message here. And I think #7 Harley nailed it. Honestly it seems like they lost interest in the show a couple of seasons ago.

  • James Van Der Meme

    South Park coming to an end? Now that sounds like a sticky situation..

  • This is NOT the series finale. There will be at least 7 more episodes in the fall. It doesn’t seem like Trey and Matt are ready to stop, but rather, ready to evolve the series somewhat. Which is fine. Not every animated show needs to be like The Simpsons and stay static for decade after decade.

  • Vinboy

    I with you too kertis I thought it was like a crazy dream i mean Stan is to me the main charecter and it wouldnt be right to kick him off the show but if they have another new show then hopefully it will give a good explaination

  • Mark B

    Stan has just become the most developed character in SP, why? Because he’s growing up now and there’s no going back, if Trey and Matt can work out a way to make them the four loveable, foul mouthed kids again then I will be amazed. I don’t see Trey and Matt re-signing their contract in 2013 and weirdly….I’m fine with that! Every TV show reaches a point where it needs to end and I think South Park is almost there, we’ve had an AMAZING time over the years with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman and we will continue to do so because it’s not like the previous series’ are going to disappear, it will always be there when we need cheering up.

  • If you watch Try & Matt on The Daily Show this past Wednesday, it appears they are nowhere near ready to stop, and are confused at people taking the episode that way. They don’t yet know where they are going with the story, but they are still enjoying the series.

  • bob

    i know they are getting tired of making new episode of south park, but come on i find that if they end the episode they are being selfish. they have millions of loyal fans and they are just going to quit on all of them just because they are tired of the show. I find that if they were going to quit on us like this then they shouldnt have even started it. If they quit they should at least sign over the right to make more episodes to comedy central.

  • itsbouttime

    In short the shows gone to sh!t.Please may matt or trey if you’re reading this put the dying,limping rabies riddled dog the show has become since season 12 out of its misery.Its time to put her down.

  • Kees

    The episode is called “you’re getting old” , I think that’s what Matt and Trey are saying to South Park as a show. “south park is getting old” and it’s the same formula every week, like sharon and randy say: it’s some weird shit that doesn’t make any sense every week.

    Also, I feel that Stan is more the personification of Matt and Trey: They both have changed, grew older, and don’t have the same idea’s for the show, or humor as Kyle, Cartman and Kenny (the fans)

    Altough it would be super hilarious if everyone is obsessing about this epi and it just turns out they wanted to spook us.

    Unfortunatly, I guess they had enough. And to be completely honest, I didn’t enjoy SP that much anymore. I mean, I love the satirical part and I really think it’s great how they adress certain issues… but it’s also bashing some celebs, and since Im from amsterdam, I don’t even know half of them, and really couldn’t care less about the other half. I’d rather watch Mr Garrison or Randy get involved in something, and what ever happened to Jimbo and ned? Big gay al? All those classic characters?

    No, I don’t want to just laugh for 30 mins, and adressing political issues can be good and funny at the same time. But making entire episodes about the BP oil spill, or Obama and Tiger Woods? Not really why I watch south park. Just really couldn’t care less about those people, just doesn’t interest me, if I want to read up about it I’ll google. And I know that those episodes also have a political statement or something, but there are plenty of other ways to express it.

    Still, I watched South Park from the very first episode and I’d hate for it to stop! They just need to get back to a point where they felt passionate, or reinvent the show to get back to that place.

  • Sam

    lol guys they’re going on through SP 17 at the very least. It’s hardly the first time they’ve ripped on SP itself.

  • itsbouttime

    it isn’t renewed past season 15 and for the love of god don’t encourage them or anyone else that 2 more season would be a good idea.

  • Tom

    Did you know that only 8% of the world population is thinking like the most of you guys here and have a good healthy discussion. The other 92% just couldn’t care or think about it. I use it almost every week: ”People are just f*cking stupid!”

  • Paul

    This show wasnt all that fun for all the south park moments were going to be forgoten as the show will most likely have it completely turned around. this episode did make me want to cry a bit lol and the original dumbass show they use to play should still go on

  • gezza

    OMFG people wait and see what happens if you havent noticed something happens MAJOR every 5 seasons and although it may take a couple of seasons randy and sharon will eventually make up as it will be a big SHOCK at the time because they have been broken up for so long

  • gezza

    also stan= emotional topics kyle= discriminitory topics cartman = war topics kenny = controversial topics

  • lm

    Well, they’re renewing the Show through 2013, so I guess that whole bit about them wanting to “move on” is an interpolation.

    I love it when people read too deeply into stuff. Didn’t they warn the audience of this with Scrotie McBooger Balls?

  • Sonny

    South park is my favorite show of all time. No one else has the ability to make me smile when i’m down. I love every episode and to me they they have never made a bad one. It does not always have to be haha funny. i like their messages they try to get across. Even this last episode was good and i get their point that they have been doing this forever and things start to look shitty. I hope this is just a phase because i live for south park and i think they will miss it if they stop.

  • Brendansmiller

    That’s full of shit if you actually watched the show u would know they said an inter rue that southpark needed a change and it’s not endin til another 3 years

  • Respect My Authority

    I watched this episode recently, and I have to disagree with comments that the show has lost creativity or any other comments like this one. To me the episode was real it seemed like a breath of fresh air. The fact is you have to understand South Park has been on for a long time now, and if frastic changes don’t take place after a while, then you loose the wow factor. To me personally South Park will never become stale or loose is edge, because its the characters in itself you watch not what goes on. So that said, everything could change, plot, circumstances, divorces, whatumacallums, but regardless, what happens in South Park will always be something you will want to watch.