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TV Review: Ruby

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Style Network’s latest reality offering is Ruby, the story of a woman weighing nearly 500 pounds and her quest to lose the weight. I have been lucky enough to see the first two episodes of this show and have to say it’s quite good. You might not think it would be worth it to watch an overweight woman struggling to get healthy, but Ruby proves otherwise.

The key to the show’s success is Ruby herself. She is so charming and likable that the moment you see her and hear her speak you instantly want to take this journey with her. I felt almost privileged to be able to get to know this woman as she begins this long, hard road to get healthy and lose weight.

It is Ruby that makes this show as special as it is. I don’t think it could be made with anyone else. There is something about her that takes the show to another level than the standard reality fare.

In the premiere episode (aired on November 9), we meet Ruby and her friends. We follow her to doctors and nutritionists, to gyms and water aerobics. She makes us laugh when she says the small chairs in a pool locker room are “prejudice” and makes us cry when she reveals she does not recall vast portions of her childhood. Through it all we are right with her. This kind of reality show is truly reality. Ruby is a human being who is faced with challenges every day and has vowed to overcome them all. It’s a great episode that introduces us to a genuine wonderful person.

Episode two airs next Sunday, November 16, and sees a man from Ruby’s past returning and providing a bit of a distraction from her goals. Ruby’s friends are worried this man will cause Ruby to falter but she actually learns something from his visit. It’s another touching episode in a hopefully long line of them.

Ruby is a refreshing show. It’s not the usual tepid garbage reality show of the type that networks spew so frequently. Ruby belongs in the company of shows like Little People, Big World or John and Kate Plus 8. It’s a show about real people facing real issues. It’s one of those shows that allows you to see how another person lives, how they hear the insults and see the stares. In Ruby’s case, it just shows how strong a person she is to be able to take that kind of treatment and use it to give herself the courage and strength to do what she is trying to do.

I highly recommend watching this show. You’ll fall for Ruby’s charms and get hooked on her journey. It’s so heartwarming and touching, funny and sweet.

Maybe Ruby will inspire a lot of other people to start to get healthy. I know she is doing it for me.

Ruby airs on Sundays on The Style Network.

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