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TV Review: Roseanne’s Nuts

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Roseanne Barr, American actress, comedian, Emmy and Golden Globe winner, talk show host, and (who can forget?) controversial “’Star Spangled Banner’-off-key-singer,” has an unscripted reality show called “Roseanne’s Nuts” that airs on the Lifetime channel. The offbeat reality show is different from all the others as it shares her new life on her Hawaiian farm and her quest to save the world as well as her soul.

This afternoon, I happened to land on the Roseanne’s Nuts marathon and I quickly learned what I’ve been missing all season long. Whether you’re a fan of Roseanne Barr or a nay-sayer, you can’t help but be entertained by the unscripted banter between Roseanne and her musician boyfriend Johnny.

The cast of characters add spice to the wacky plot and (unless you’re missing a funny bone) you can’t help but laugh, chuckle or just shake your head in amusement by her natural wit and the zany dialogue.

Take for example, the episode where Roseanne’s son Jake and Johnny discuss with Roseanne her temper. Johnny complains that it can go from zero to sixty in a minute. Her son describes her as being a “possessed woman” spending the afternoon cutting down trees in her tractor. Roseanne doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he again reminds her “You were driving and cussing out the trees!”

Roseanne defends her actions. She believes she has a curse and needs to see Kathy, the island “voo-doo- energy-healer-curse-master.” Johnny senses a whiff of BS about it and tells Roseanne as much but Roseanne is convinced. “I’m getting my curse removed.”

The hilarity continues when we see Roseanne in Kathy’s voo-doo den receiving the “treatment” she has been hoping for. With eyes closed, Roseanne takes deep breaths as Kathy burps and speaks her curse-removal- jargon.

When Roseanne returns home, her boyfriend and son want to prove that it is all one big hoax. They enlist her friend Greg, the local hippie living off the land…well…it’s a tent in the woods…to help them “piss off” their Rosy.

Greg, the hippie, is reluctant at first but decides to help Jake because he wants to prove to Jake Roseanne is truly in control of her temper now.

Their plan: Greg is to join the two men in exchanging anti-feminist comments about “a women’s place” to get Roseanne’s goat.

At first, Roseanne resists the bait, but eventually she grows so perturbed that she throws out the whole filming crew telling them “I’m serious. I’m done. Get out…See you Monday.”

This is as real as it gets!

Then, there is the episode where Roseanne comes home with a food truck telling Johnny and Jake that she wants to feed the hungry with her home-grown vegetables. Again, Johnny and Jake scoff at her idea but Roseanne tells them to go out and pick vegetables on her farm. As she drives off to visit her pal Archie (who will “pimp-out” her food truck) Johnny shares with Jake, “Her hearts in the right place but…her brain is a little south of logical.”

Roseanne comes back with the truck she has named “Roseanne’s Kokua Wagon” (kokua means giving in Hawaiian). They fill the food truck with her garden delights and the three characters (Roseanne, Jake and Johnny) drive off aimlessly in search of hungry island people.

Jake becomes bored and tells his mother, “Wake me up when we find hungry people.” Johnny, who is driving the truck, senses Roseanne is becoming discouraged. She wants to save the world and her own soul by doing it and is becoming disheartened. “Where are all the hungry people?” she asks.
He reassures his companion, “We can’t give up now.” She looks at him and says, “You are right!…let’s give it five or ten more minutes.”

Roseanne then takes out a blow horn and calls “Are you hungry? Free veggie give away. Step up to the vehicle if you want vegetables for free.”

Eventually, the three come to a park where the locals actually approach the food truck and Roseanne is able to feed strangers. At the end of the day, both men apologize for their cynicism and Roseanne is vindicated.

In a serious moment, Roseanne shares with the camera, “I like to help people. It makes me feel real good.” Her philosophy: Everyone can “do what you can do” to solve the world’s big problems. As she chokes up, she turns to Johnny and asks, “Now that I’ve fed the hungry, do you think I won’t go straight to hell?”

Yep…the lady is nuts…and her cursing might make a hardened marine sergeant  blush, but surprisingly, there is a warm fuzziness about her …although when she senses that it’s being revealed, she’s quick to throw out the sarcastic one-line punches.

I highly recommend tuning in. No team of writers could come up with such original and quirky plot. The banter and funny dialogue is sure to tickle your funny bone. It’s an enjoyable ride when Roseanne takes the wheel.

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    I Love your show you are hilarious!!!!