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TV Review: Rock Star – “SuperNova”

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The title of the band should say it all: a Supernova is a stellar explosion that produces an extremely bright object made of plasma that declines to invisibility over weeks or months. Let's hope this reality TV talent show for rockers isn't doomed for the same fate when the band sets forth.

What we have on hand formulating this new band is Tommy Lee (ex-Mr. Pamela Sue Anderson) of Motley Crew, Jason Newsted, previously of Metallica, and Gilby Clarke of Guns and Roses, and producer Butch Walker. Returning to host this show from last season is Dave Navarro, and super hot, saucy hostess Brooke Burke. This evening, 15 hopefuls competed for the top rocker spot.

My very early predictions on this contest, while gazing into my Crystal Rocker Ball:

Lukas Rossi: My preliminary front-runner. The man's got "it" in Rocker Spades. What a fit for these guys and perchance they saw it — a touch of some emo, some fierce rocker, charisma, image, and possibly, a voice.

Dilana: British chick calling Texas home with multi-colored tie-dyed hair, multi-piercings, savage yet oh-so-beautiful eyes, great stage presence, good vocals. She is intense, dramatic, and over the top. Very, very cool.

Zayra Alvarez: She is from my hometown, Dallas, Texas. Zayra has good range, with interesting vocal chops. She's dramatic — Latina meets gothic meets Bjork — very cool. I'm hanging in the wings about how hard rock she can take it and remain believable.

Toby Rand: Hails from Melbourne, Australia. At first I thought, yeah, mate, so you want to be a rocker? — yawn. Then he started singing… performing Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door," and made it his own. Mr. Rand encompassed sound vocals and ultimate stage persona. Yeah, mates, he grew on me.

As far as tonight's run, these are my favorites. Playing prognosticator, keep in mind dear readers, I'm not a bona fide seer, but I think, as I gaze into my Crystal Rocker Ball, those who will remain to sing another week will be Storm Large, Ryan Star, Patrice Pike, Jenny Galt, and the dimunitive Jill Gioia.

The Rocker Ball tells me, though, who's not right for the band: Josh Logan, trying to pass as a "soulman" (I had to laugh about that); Matt Hoffer — way too "Goo Goo Dolls"; and the cute, pretty Dana Andrews from Georgia. who's just too much of a Southern Rocker chick.

To be the first to exit: Chris Pierson, who tried to perform 'his' rendition of "Roxanne" by the Police; Phil Ritchie, whose singing was dismal and reedy sounding on Living Color's "Trumped Up Personality"; and the bald dude from Iceland, Magni, who attempted the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" very unsatisfactorily.

Happy star gazing, and have a stellar good night.

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  • I guess this is not on the top of B/C Intellectual stimuli, but hey, this show is getting press so I wander forth.

    My Goo Goo Doll guy gets sent home tonight. Surprised, yes – only in that Phil and Chris Sucked so Much More. The band made their point though – the song choices that my “Goo Goo Doll” guy made only confirmed that he is not in this for the top spot – just for getting exposure – he is darn cute.

  • I watched this show for the first time and surprised myself at how entertained I was. American Idol without so much gloss.

    I so prefer rock with it’s passion to the glossy, souless “how many octaves can we cram into a single verse” nonsense that is so much of American Idol.

    My early pick to take it all is the Dilana gal…her take on Nirvana tonight oozed charisma in the early going and just outright rocked at the end.

    I’ll take the Lukas guy who reminds me of a more gothy, tortured Billie Joe from Green Day as my dark-horse runner up.

    Anybody taking odds?


  • The fact Dilana was asked to do an encore of Wednesday night’s song shows she is scoring high with the band. She’s fierce, colorful in more than one sense, radiates real passion and energy.

    Lukas is just such a freak he fascinates me, and his performance, if you missed Wednesday, was It! He certainly doesn’t have a confidence problem does he? He knows he rocked the stage Wednesday.

    Here’s an article about Phil Ritchie of the reedy chops, Phil Ritchie has sacrificed a lot for his music.

  • I have to make a correction to the article; Dilana is not British, she’d kill me for getting this wrong – she’s from S. Africa. There’s not a lot of information on the web about her currently – her website bio is not on-line, being revised or something.

  • Stevie B

    Well I can cut it down to six performers already.I`m thinking Toby,Lucas,Patrice,Storm,Dilana,and Jill could front this band or any other for that matter!The guy`s this time around are quite awful except the two I mentioned.They definetly aren`t the best in the world as Chris would have you believe.The song choices were kind of pathetic at best for most of them.If you want to be hungry like the wolf singing duran duran surely won`t save your ass!!!This time it could be a female that wins, and rightfully so perhaps.Although Lucas could be just what they want.However Patrice or the other ladies I`ve mentioned can rock it like a rock n roll gal(s)should!!!

  • Semi-Nude tatooed pic of Storm Large; yes that’s her real name. Rocker from Portland, Oregon with a resume’ of performing and recording already under her – or in the case of this pic – non-existant belt. She’s going to be an interesting one to watch.

  • Stragedy worked tonight in this episode of Rock Star. Following Tuesday night’s acts I was convinced that Jill Gioia and Zayra had sealed their fate. Both gals seemingly shot themselves in their manicured toes by placing high heels in their large mouths, making assinine statements to the band. Early voting had Jill, Zayra and Chris in the bottom three.

    I had concerns about Zayra; but am relieved she is staying. I admire a gal with brass balls the size she exhibited in tonight’s show. She hails originally from Puerto Rico, but has resided in Dallas, Texas for some time. The combination can not do her any harm in the personality department.

    Magni redeemed himself tonight; Chris indeed said adios.

  • Oh and by the way, it is “Cult of Personality” by Living Colour- where the other title came from in the article…typo freak wierdness obviously…. just noticed it now and correcting. Where are editors when they are needed? Editing…. Anyone? Hello?

  • duane

    Jewels, you’re the only one commenting on your post. What gives? You would think that more people would be interested in astronomy, but, you know, in this day and age, it seems like everyone just wants some escapist entertainment. Like those shows where some hack nightclub singer wants to become rich and famous, and I guess people get some kind of vicarious thrill out of watching. Now if your post was on astrology, I bet a lot more people would comment. What’s your sign anyway?

  • duane, you sweet man, I am a Libra. What’s your sign? My real website actually carries a live NASA feed. I actually have a real interest in stars – of all kinds. It is relatively new, Jewels Richardson is my new site and still in development. It is dificult for me to be very personal; I’m private but love to research into stars of all kinds.

    There is a bit more to me than reality TV but then, I like to remain largely incognito. You’d understand if you knew why…

  • duane

    Just razzin’ you a little there, Jewelsy.

    A live NASA feed? Well, good for you. It does my heart good to know that people are interested in their environment beyond the city limits. I have a passing interest in stars, too.

    If you want to support more research on stars, let your congressman know that NASA is screwing up by cutting several major space missions in order to support his silly “vision” of landing people on Mars. Like they say, most of the Universe is outside our solar system.

    Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.

  • duane, how I love it when you call me Jewelsy. Where is my lacy neglige? My point being I love stars of all kinds… You?

    You asked my sign, I gave. Quid pro quo. What is yours?

  • Lukas is crazy talented. Check out ‘Bored & Gorgeous’ at this link. This guy is going to win – hands-down. I think SN are waiting to unleash this guy.


  • jayburger, thanks for that link! Awesome! Adding it to one of my blogspots at jewelsrichardson. First time he performed I said he’s the one. We’ll see.

    Dilana’s pretty cool, and something about Dana caught my eye this week. Jill made a good move last night too. They’re giving Toby some props too, but all in all Lukas is just such a great fit.

    I’ve done a review on the show, but not up yet here at b/c…I have one at a realitytvsite that’s getting some great comments especially about Lukas.

  • Jewels, I am glad to spred the joy. Here is another link of Lukas’ stuff. It is him on acoustic guitar. His voice is SO GOOD!!! How is it that this guy guy never got signed to a major deal?!? Well, I guess Navarro said that already.

  • jayburger, thanks for the video on Lukas, keep them coming, folks need to see what he can do – good stuff.

  • Hey – gotta recap coming tomorrow night July 19th peeps!!! Give FeedBack now and I’ll include – will be cool! Brief:

    Dilana – rocked
    Lukas – rocked
    Zayra – Chica!!!! You so Rocked!!!! Unexpectedly very and completely, Seriously made su hermana muy feliz. Si Chica – what you needed to do to stay in the top tier! I know a winner when I see one, and I see potencial.
    Phil – You sly and slippery guy/girl. Tonight you looked much more guy than chick. Must have read my scathing article (not here but there) on “you’re a girly man”. I retract. I apologize and the deer in the headlights of a semi-tractor trailer comments; maybe I will take them back next week – ’cause you will stay.

    The rest is yet to come ….

    manana (tomorrow to all ya’ll anglos)

  • Terry

    Lucas Rossi is the bomb. I got ahold of his pre universal records stuff from my brother who knew members of his band here in Toronto. His old band was “Cleavage”. They rocked! I listened to Lucas’ demo for about a year strait everyday! Lucas can do things with his voice that he hasn’t even hinted at yet. He is phenominal! By the way, he has had vocal training, my brother goes to his vocal inst.

  • dyalight-dancer

    Lukas, Dilana= awesome.

    Josh = Gavin DeGraw wannabe, but good.

    Toby= shows ya what them Aussies are capable of.

    Magni impressed with his version of ‘Plush’

    Jenny, Dana, Zayra= GO HOME.

    Zayara sounds like Bjork. I hate Bjork.

    Phil.. don’t even get me started.

    Chris= complex. Loved his version of if You Could Only See.

    Patrice = Has some Powerful lungs, as does Jill.

  • 2High2Fly

    Lucas can’t sing to save his fucking life!

    Clearly your “look will get you further than
    your “talent”

  • Look, we are talking Tommy Lee here, OK. That has to be considered. It’s a short term deal anyway and well; it looks like the use of the name is too.

  • J.A.L.

    I am so disappointed in the outcome of the show. I would’ve picked any of the final four but Lukas. Toby was an obvious crowd pleaser and seemed like a crazy fun guy.Dilana is an awsome talent, but the fact she is a female I’m sure had something to do with it. I wasted my whole summer watching that dumb show! I’m not even looking forward to hearing there music now!

  • J.A.L.

    I know I spelled their wrong! I’m just too upset. LOL!

  • Zanadu

    I can’t say that I have ever been a rock fan, however since the second season headlining SuperNova I’ve acquired an ear for rock, mainly because of people like Lucas Rossi which I find a complete package, as well as Dilana & Toby. But I have pulled for Lucas from day one, he is a tremendous talent, something you don’t see everyday, he is something special, the boy can move on stage like I have not seen in any other rock star. I can’t think of any other rock group that I would pay money to see, I would pay to see him perform in a minute without second thoughts. I wish he was coming to the DC area, looking at the listings the closest place SuperNova will be is in New Jersey & I’ll be there.

  • Dude, Lucas is the BOMB whether u like it or Not, if your sad cause Toby the Megaphone Kangaroo or Dilana the screeching springbok didnt win then you need your ears and eyes checked. Some are saying Lucas over does his make-up, but NAH its just punk rock. Everyone loves Lucas!!!!!!!DUH

  • Mo

    Hey, que. for Terry: which vocal inst. did Lucas study at? Was it Royans School of Music in North York? Cuz I’m looking into attending & wanted to confirm it’s worth the big outlay of bucks. Thanks!