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TV Review: Rock Star – Supernova Week 9, A Night of Shooting Stars

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This week's Rock Star: Supernova began loaded with drama and ended with a display of shooting stars the likes of which I haven't seen since the Leonid meteor shower of 2003. Behind the scenes footage played like a bad made-for-TV movie thanks to the machinations of Mark Burnett Productions (Survivor). Focus zeroed in on Dilana's meltdown following her tell-all performance during last week's faux press interview. Topping all this off, she hurled a glass, which upon shattering, nicked Magni's face. It made good TV for MBP and garnered uncountable online debates.

Rock Star had a theme this week, with fan's selecting the songs to be sung by the contestants in online voting. Song selections that worked well: Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" for Toby Rand – the song was perfect for him; Magni's "I Alone"; "Lithium" for Lukas Rossi; but in the case of Storm Large, the Evanescence song, "Bring Me to Life", not so much.

Voting this week made a Rock Star record with the highest number of votes ever cast in the history of this show. Magni was served magni-ficent redemption with having the honor of not hitting the bottom three this week, stunning since he had fallen into the bottom three two weeks in a row. I think for the most part, Magni's fans had been previously quiet but now are rallying, sending their message of appreciation for his talent, saving him to sing another week.

Bottom three this week, and an apparent shocker for Supernova; Dilana, Storm Large, and Ryan Star. Lukas and Toby were made to stand, indicating at one point during the voting process they had fallen into the bottom three. The biggest shooting Star of the night, Ryan Star, axed by The Tommyhawk.

Toby Rand gets my number one pick this week. Thunder from Down Under brought a rollicking, fun, spot-on performance with a song that seemed written with him in mind. He was ingenious in delivery and in performance, bringing up some very excited gals from the audience to dance with him. I loved how he worked the audience, he's a natural with them and good with camera interaction, possessing an endearing cheekiness. Storm had him on back-up in her performance and he did a great job. Not surprisingly Toby scored the encore slot, with "Rebel Yell" – he made great TV Tuesday night. He's grown on me tremendously the past few weeks.

Magni, beautiful, magnificient Magni gets the number two spot but delivered a number one caliber performance. He sang Live's "I Alone," a perfect choice for him. This man has one of the best voices I have ever heard anywhere, and did an outstanding job. He was solid, cool, smooth and charismatic, changing it up by venturing into the audience and singing to Supernova. Another performance like this and I see top two a viable option for him. Perhaps Dave Navarro needs to read the definition of "Dark Horse." Magni is the standing definition of the phrase. Rock on, Iceman.

Lukas Rossi gave a unique treatment to "Lithium" (Nirvava) that worked, almost better than the original. He looked and sounded great, spaz dancing, and opening his voice in a display of tone and power. Tommy Lee phrased it well by saying a performer should let the music do the talking, and "that was talking." Rossi demonstrated why he's a front-runner on this show, "Theatrics" is his middle name. Even though this week he had to stand as being in the bottom three briefly, Rossi is in no danger of going anywhere. Rossi ranked the Supernova song performance, and it worked.

Storm Large had to perform "Bring It to Life." This lovely gal has a huge voice, but she demonstrated its limits in her attempt to deliver it. I give her an "A" for her efforts, and loved her selflessness by bringing Toby up to back her. I have a great deal of admiration for this lady and appreciate her talent, but think her tenure on this show will be reaching termination very soon.

Dilana. Wow, what a difference a week can make. Beginning with reprimands received last week for her lack of judgement during the faux press test, proceeding to the caught on-camera drama, of the glass hurling and Magni's minor injury, spiralling to her manic performance Tuesday night of "Mother, Mother." Watching Dilana, I couldn't stop myself from thinking about a certain resemblance to the creature in the movie Predator, with rainbow extensions. Finishing up what must have been a horrible week, she delivered the worst performance of the season with a rendition of "Psycho Killer." It was shrieky, surreal in its very awfulness – she lost her place in it, faltered, and looked frantic. Camera shots at Newsted had him grimacing like he had just bit into a lemon; Tommy Lee and Gilby looked like they couldn't believe it. I could only stare. It was a psycho killer train wreck.

Ryan Star had "Clocks" by Coldplay as his song selection. Star once again brought out the piano, this time it was not just an instrument to create music with – it became an object to enact with. Pulling a Tom Cruise on Oprah, he jumped the piano, and then lolled and slithered across it. He screamed, groaned, and grunted the lyrics. During his elimination performance of "Baba O'Riley," I witnessed another meltdown for the week: Star's. It was just not good. He had no tone to his voice to begin with and, in this performance, his gimmick was spouting a champagne bottle, the act of which did not go smoothly. He commenced to run in a frenzy, shouting the lyrics, swinging the mic cord, then clumsily climbed a speaker. It was embarrassing. Gilby Clark, watching from the band's position, shook his head sadly. Ryan intoned the audience to sing, no one joined in, and, in a strange move, asked everyone to "jump." Tommy Lee, Gilby, Dave, and Newsted sat in their chairs looking completely unimpressed. Most of the contestants, when eliminated, thanked the band for their time and consideration. Not Mr. Star – he stood vaingloriously proclaiming he would be bigger than they, and, without him, they stood no chance. Well, good luck, Mr. Star.

Patrice Pike: Eliminated.

Zayra Alvarez: Eliminated.

Josh Logan: Eliminated.

Jill Gioia: Eliminated.

Dana Andrews: Eliminated.

Phil Ritchie: Eliminated.

Jenny Galt: Eliminated.

Chris Pierson: Eliminated.

Matt Hoffer: Eliminated.

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  • Jimbo

    Supernova, SuperEgo, SuperNoGo, Frankenfool or Pedophilia. This band, by any name, is sauteed in wrong sauce. Toby Hicks is the obvious choice to front these rock relics. He’s as superficial and unremarkable as they are. Lukas Rossi is ascending. This guy is GOOD. A tip of my hat to Magni. Let’s hear lots more from these two guys. A year from now Supernova will be booking weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  • Review to be posted in the morning. Week 10 and Magni still standing.


  • No one is claiming this band will exemplify much in the way of ‘good taste’ (exception, Newsted) either. Ryan was voted off based on the week’s performances, and they were bad. He wanted this gig and tried too hard. His performances this week were painful to listen to and watch. All that jumping the piano, lolling about on it, he screamed and yelled, no tone to his voice. A few weeks back he did “Losing My Religion”, and he was very good on it. That said who really should have gone home this week based on this week’s performance without referencing past performances and giving her ‘past credits’ – Dilana. Wow, what a shrieking freaking mess both of her acts were with the elimination round, Talking Heads tune being beyond the ken of imagination, just awfafa fa fafafa fa ful.

  • Jeff

    Magni certainly has a much better set of pipes than Lukas (but nobody said the band was going to pick the best singer). Lukas scores points on stage charisma. Even though Ryan fizzled last week there is *no way* he should have been voted off before Storm. She doesn’t have a chance and she obviously knows it. And what the heck does Supernova see in Dilana? They seem to love her even though her last couple of performances have been terrible. Her attitude and comments during the “interview” should be reason alone to can her.

  • Rob

    I think Magni would be the perfect fit with the house band, who are just amazing musicians. Magni interacts with them better then Lukas, or at least it looks that way on TV. They might steal the show if they’re opening for Supernova!

  • Hi Rob, yeah, WOW! Talk about psycho killer melt down. tsk tsk. But on a high note, how ’bout that Magni! From zero to hero in one week, as it should be. Toby gets top spot on scoreboard because of his total attitude this week, he looks like a great guy to have a Foster’s with and hang, and he performed that song great. He’s really opened up since the beginning when he was being dubbed a “Ken doll”.

    Lukas was great with Supernova, made them sound better than they have in the previous weeks. I couldn’t understand much of what he sang but, hey the emotion and feelings were definitely communicated. That boy knows how to rock out, and I love his spaz dancing.

    I would love to see top two Lukas and Magni. (I figured Lukas to take this show from the first time I heard him.) I love Magni’s voice, obviously, and I’m a fan. Magni needs to be top two; rumor has it, House Band may tour and open for Supernova, and runner up to front them. Magni interacts so well with this talented band.

    Next to go, Storm Large, unless Dilana pulls another week like this one. Storm has the smallest fanbase of this group, but she is a talented lady. I’ll be listening and following her after the show. Toby has a large fanbase on-line, so he should make it another week.

    That said, have a Magni-ficient day! 😉

  • Rob

    Finally someone agrees with me, Dilana’s rattled. Mother Mother was not that great and Psycho Killer was horrible. She forgot a bunch of lyrics that left her, the band and everyone else looking confused. She needs to return to form for the next show or I really think she’s done. Ryan, well I didn’t think he was the right fit for the band. I thought his parting comments were a little crappy. He did gain a lot of exposure for himself and for that alone he should have been more thankful. For me, Lukas is the front runner right now. I thought he was great performing with Supernova and I really appreciate the way he’s making every song he performs his. He’s also a little on the eccentric side, which is what every great rock band needs. I think this will come down to either Lukas or Magni now.

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