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TV Review: Rock Star Supernova – Pike Peaks Out

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Rock Star: Supernova threw the contestants a curve ball this week by setting up faux interviews to challenge and test their behavior. All passed without mishap with the exception of Dilana. Apparently, she felt it her position to provide critiques on her fellow rockers, pointing out whatever flaws she perceived they possessed making them not right for Supernova. Major trust damage was inflicted among her fellow mansion-mates, her standing with fans was rattled by her crass behavior. This episode smacked of Big Brother, or Survivor. Fortunately for Dilana, this unveiling of her double-dealing appeared in the elimination show, so she remains out of the bottom three. We'll see how this all wraps to affect her standings next week.

Controversy aside, Toby Rand picked this week to come out of his box and give cred to his title, "Thunder from Down Under". He rocked; he rolled all over his previous performances and emerged a contender for the hot spot. Toby scored the Supernova song, but still had to contend for a spot on the show in the elimination rounds. Magni roiled with angst and passion Tuesday night, but also hit bottom three. His elimination number was on fire; he needs to ignite that match next time. It was Patrice's time to go this week. She played one of her original songs, looked and sounded the best yet in the show, but the voters spoke and she goes home to Texas.

Magni the Magni-ficient! Tuesday night he performed Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with passion, intensity, and power. The audience went wild. He's no poser; this man comes across as authentic. How he ended in the bottom three this week is completely beyond my comprehension. He performed Jimi Hendrix's "Fire" during the elimination round with his guitar and blew the roof off the studio. The Iceman was so hot, he may have made an impact on global warming. His performance stands as one of the very best in the show so far this season. There was no way he would go home after that display; he did not just play rhythm guitar, he played lick for lick with the house band guitarist, for one of the best parts of the song. His vocals are always amazing, the best in this show. I put him at number one and not just for the Tuesday night Nirvana tune; I'm including the Hendrix tune in the total package. The only thing holding him back is himself; he needs to deliver the fire he put into Wednesday night's "Fire". My advice to Magni: let that power unleash.

Ryan "Dark Horse" Star was able to do one of his original picks, thanks to Magni, who stood up for him. He did "Back of Your Car" with passion; Star also plays guitar passably well. He's definitely trying hard to win the lead singer spot. His songwriting skills aren't bad as his song was well received by Supernova and the studio audience. One criticism regarding his act: his throwing the guitar. Previously, during Magni's review by Supernova and Navarro, Tommy Lee expressed his thought that Magni should have done the song with guitar and pulled a Cobain (you, know smash the thing). Dave chimed in with a remark to the effect he wants to see something broken before the show was over. (Yeah, that's real excitement, Dave, smashing your Les Paul truly makes you a rawk star.) So to comply, when Ryan was at a particularly energetic point in the song, he slid the guitar away from him. Yes, slid. No breakage there, and probably not a lot of damage to the guitar. But hey, they wanted to see a guitar fly so Ryan had to make it happen for them. Advice to Ryan: don't become their puppet or performing monkey, it will become obvious and hurt you in the long haul.

Toby Rand gave credibility to his moniker, "Thunder from Down Under", he brought it loud and proud this week. He performed Eric Clapton's famous song, "Layla," and gave it a modernized twist that worked. An absolutely brilliant delivery, he took a well-known classic that could have been a disaster and made it his own in style and tone. I'd like to hear Mr. Rand record that one. My only critique was for the Chippendale-esque portion of the performance – somebody needed to tuck a bill in the top of his pants. He scored the Supernova song of the week with the band and made me completely forget Dilana's act with the boys last week. Toby's "Wow" factor is way up now, he's turning it on when it really counts. More of this and we won't see him in the bottom three again.

Storm took the song nobody wanted again. This week, it was Steve Tyler's "Crying". I thought she performed the song well; it is most likely one of the more difficult songs offered to the contestants so far. Dave commented this performance was one thousand times better than last week's and I agree. She is truly a talented singer but her performances come across as a choreographed display, not a real passionate, heartfelt delivery of a song.

Lukas Rossi did Lukas Rossi. Let me explain. His delivery of the Killers' "All These Things That I Have Done" was energetic – he left no inch uncovered on the stage: swirling, twirling and shaking it while singing. He paused briefly to check his hair in the mirror-finished guitar, really funny. Gilby Clark doesn't seem as enamored of Lukas' antics and called him on not facing or delivering the song toward them. Lukas plays to the audience and to and with the house band. I don't think he should have to spaz dance over in front of Clark and the guys and sing like a performing monkey begging for their attention. Downside, if he alienates one or more of the band, he will not stand a chance as their front man. I think Lukas has too much of an independent nature, too much pride to suck up to Gilby for the job as lead singer. I find the trait admirable but it could cost him. I think he needs to change it up for next week. Even though he has a huge fan base, the other contestants are upping the ante.

Dilana's ranking sinks like a stone this week for multiple reasons and I will most likely make many fans angry with what I have to say. First, her song this week, "Every Breath You Take", the overall delivery was just plain bad. The beginning with "Everybody breathe" was lame, she hit flats, she quavered, her dance moves more on the choreographed side, but not rehearsed enough. The kicker was she inserted her own name into the song. Like subliminal messaging, "Dilana, Dilana, Dilana, Dilana", she chanted in place of "I'll be watching you". She ended it with demonic lip licking, while gazing upward through three-inch long lashes. Trite. Remove the rose-colored glasses folks, Dilana, Dilana, Dilana, Dilana went down, down, down this week. I'll be watching to see how she constructs damage control back at the mansion. In faux interviews established to check how the contestants will handle the press, she failed miserably, dishing dirt on every one of her fellow housemates. Of course, this makes good TV, and ratings should be up next week at her expense.

Patrice picked "Original Song", and performed "Beautiful Thing". By far the best performance she's produced in the show. She was very comfortable with her guitar and she looked great. It was inevitable that she go this week after hitting bottom three four times now. Supernova seemed genuinely sad to see her go.

Josh Logan: Eliminated.

Jill Gioia: Eliminated.

Dana Andrews: Eliminated.

Phil Ritche: Eliminated.

Jenny Galt: Eliminated.

Chris Pierson: Eliminated.

Matt Hoffer: Eliminated.

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  • Rob

    I agree with your take on Dilana. She really hurt herself with her particularly harsh critique of Ryan’s performance, which in my opinion was excellent and the best of the evening. She basically gave the house band all of the credit for Ryan’s energetic performance. What a stupid thing to do. Her take on Ryan and criticism of her other housemates just lost Dilana the competition. I really thought it would be her and Lukas in the final 2, but she’s done. I’m not sure who to pick now. Ryan keeps getting better every week and Magni’s falling out of favour with the voters, so I’m confused. Lukas and Ryan? I think Lukas will win this thing.

  • Hi Ron, I don’t think Magni’s falling out of favor with voters at all. What I do see is there are fewer contestants to get the votes and so they are getting concentrated as other contestants drop off. Reports have surfaced that he was a mere 100 votes outside the limit to land in B3. Iceland doesn’t get the option to vote until 3:00 a.m. their time, hardly a convenient time slot. I think American fans have just thought he would be safe.

    Not to compare this show to American Idol, but I think the same thing happened to Chris Daughtry on that show. Maybe its the rocker mentality, the

      “oh, man, he’ll be cool; I don’t need to/have time to/ vote”

    If folks want to keep him they have to make their move soon. If it goes like last season I think that the voting for the public ceases soon and the rest of the decision is left in the hands of the band (judges).

    The event with Dilana made for some good TV and the websites are on fire about it; so ratings should rise next week. Speculation whether this was planned for this reason exist, but I think she just opened mouth and inserted boot. Producers also may be going with the adage, “give ’em enough rope…” Yep, she went swinging from the tree.

  • Rachelle Khaling

    I have a message for LUKAS ROSSI
    I have no idea whether this message gets to you or not but I am Rachelle Khaling mailing you all the way from a small country called Nepal, you might not even have heard of it but just wanna tell you that Nepal might be small but it does exist and I also do get to see all you wonderful rockers and meh have become your THE GREATEST FAN. I never never miss even a single episode. Its just because of you and i know that definetely know that you will win this competition cos I know that you have that something in you and above all my prayers are always with you cos I pray day and nite that you do win this thing. So dude ROCK ON.
    Love and regards

  • Me

    Toby rocks.

  • RockStar Fan

    I have watched from the very beginning as well. I think that the final two will be Toby and Magni. I at least hope so. I can’t see Lukas fronting this band at all, he always comes off as if he is better than everyone else. That has to hurt him in the voting process, the little looks he gives while others are performing is just terrible. Toby and Magni seem to be really genuine and aside from their talent, they seem to be ready to give Supernova whatever they have to. The others look like they are out to make a name for themselves only. Just my opinoin.

  • RockStar Fan check out this video if you haven’t seen it yet:CityWalk With or Without You. They seem like friends, sound good together too. This would be better w/o the audience but hell, they were having fun.

  • Wlll have results and talks tomorrow. The Rise and Fall of the faves. Check ya’ll ………

  • briana

    Toby you are the Hottie in the world. Lov Ya

  • Taylor

    I did not watch the show from the beggining, but I started at whatever week Lukas had the sparkly blue eye-shadow. Anyway, Lukas was my pick as soon as my mom told me how the show worked. He has an amazing voice that is hard to find in male singers. No offense to the male singers across the globe, though. Anyway, Lukas Rossi is a person who I really understand. I understand that it was hard for him growing up, and how he’s been on the streets since he was fifteen years old, and that.