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TV Review: Reno 911! Season Five Premiere

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The premiere episodes of Reno 911! are declarations to the fans. This show will not jump the shark! It can't jump the shark! It is full of characters so inept that the show couldn't jump the shark even if it tried. And it tries.

Season five of Comedy Central's Cops parody opens with Lt. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon) jumping a small leopard shark for autism, only to crash into the glass aquarium. He bleeds after that.

The hijinks and heroics of the Reno Sheriff's Department, an endearing group of law enforcing misfits, continue seamlessly into the new season. We are supposed to see Dangle complete his nuptials to his same sex partner and find out the identity of Deputy Trudy Weigel's (Kerri Kenney) baby's daddy. Neither happens, possibly due to a lack of trying. Still, Reno's finest dive right into taking on criminals who are actually stupider than they are.

Episode one (airing January 16) mostly deals with Weigel's attempt to sell her shiny, white baby to whoever will buy it. Unless, of course, they are Asian-Pacific-Islander or Black. But will we find out who the father is?

The first episode of season five is classic Reno 911!, full of humor that should offend most God-fearing people. Luckily, I like a little offensiveness. When they discuss putting a gerbil in a garbage disposal, I am wholly amused.

Episode two (airing January 23) features The Drew Carey Show's Diedrich Bader as bounty hunter Tommy Hawk. Hawk is joins the show because he's chasing down a pair of criminals also hunted by the Reno Sheriff's Department. The deputies and Lt. Dangle discover in this process that second takes could make them look better on TV, not unlike Tommy Hawk. Hawk, however, is a dick off camera, while the Reno gang simply remain a bunch of lovable buffoons.

Season five of Reno 911! premieres Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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    this is soooooooooo HARSH to duane chapman he IS NOT RACIST and i no that that part SHOULD be TAKEN OUT

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    I agree. This is a cheap shot at Duane Chapman and should be removed. I am sick of this type race card being used and I am sick of all the lies in print and on TV to disparage people with the race card, it is sicko!