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TV Review: Prison Break’s Fall Finale

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Watching Prison Break at its finest is like riding a roller coaster: there are so many twists, turns, and sudden drops, you don’t even care about plot holes the size of Texas.

To address the tamer aspects of the episode: Sucre made it to Mexico! He seemed to be the least likely convict to actually get out of the country, but he did it.

T-Bag found his earlier victim (who confronted him in prison). He only had to charm a postal worker to get her forwarding address first. What that postal worker (or any woman, for that matter) sees in him is a complete mystery; he has the type of looks that would send any real woman shrieking into the darkest woods around before she kissed him.

However, on to the great stuff in this episode, like Fox River’s new warden! Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into Bellick’s plans to get himself locked up where he could actually be protected. The saying “Karma is a b*tch“ is about to take on a new meaning for Bellick as he becomes one.

Michael, Linc, Mahone, and Kellermen provided the most thrills. No one could honestly believe Michael and Linc are headed back to prison mid-way through the second season, so when Mahone caught up with them, the most likely outcome was the brothers overpowering the FBI agent.

Instead, the border patrol intervened and actually apprehended Michael and Linc. Watching Mahone stew in the jail, unable to carry out his orders to execute them, would have been comical except for the looming question: How were they all going to get out of this mess?

Initially, the obviousness of the set-up for Michael and Linc’s escape (a truck blocking the road and the keys to their chains left on the seat) was disappointing for this show- until Michael pointed out how apparent it was. That was another twist.

Linc’s seemingly asinine decision to go ahead, take the bait, and escape was a twist that encouraged viewers to curse at the TV. They were running straight into Kellerman’s sniper range.

Which led to what appeared to be the fall finale cliffhanger: Michael and Linc caught between Kellerman and Mahone. Then… wait for it… another twist: Kellerman shoots Mahone. Turns out Kellerman finally tired of being the President’s patsy (only took him half a season and getting pressed like a starched shirt with a hot iron) and decided to take her down instead, leading the way to the brothers’ exoneration.

Yet it would only be Linc’s exoneration. Michael will still have committed bank robbery and enough felonies since his escape to lead to a lifelong imprisonment (according to Fox River’s new warden). Can’t forget about those plot holes.

And we won’t get to see how these plot holes are addressed until January 22, 2007.

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