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TV Review: Prison Break

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After the latest episode of Prison Break, I am only one more scene of silliness away from quitting the show all together. The show was once interesting, but now it’s spiraled down into cliffhangerpalooza. The show used to grab me with its suspense, now it makes me role my eyes in exasperation. The show used to be clever, now it’s just a series of unlikely action snippets.

If you simply touch your eyes with the tip of your finger, it’s going to get irritated for a while. So how the hell does someone who just got bug spray put in his eyes simply get up and continue the chase? He’d be in agony, desperately seeking a sink and a faucet, even a toilet bowl, anything to wash his eyes out. Nope, our baddy just got up and ran after the pretty doctor.

Speaking of our pretty doctor…she couldn’t figure out a hit had been put out on her, but yet she was able to put together the papers and decipher the cryptic message faster than a computer could? Yeah, right.

T-Bag pulled a switch on four guys in a garage using only one hand and no one saw anything? With Scofield being such a genius, you’d think he would have learned by now to keep his eyes on T-Bag at all times. Yet the redneck keeps getting the upper hand (no pun intended) and this time drove off with the bag of cash which he left open so he could play with the wads of dough while driving.

The hospital was teaming with FBI agents and yet Lincoln was capable of sneaking in and out with his son after paying a drifter to smack his boy around as a distraction. Oh and he even preemptively packed ice knowing his son’s bruises would need some.

Scofield and Sucre conveniently found a neat tree trunk that fell over a stream to serve as a bridge, which, this being a cliffhangerpalooza, broke in the middle of a male bonding session. Of course, Sucre got stuck and despite their best efforts, all seemed lost. Then out of nowhere, the dam alarm went off announcing that water was going to be released and the water level would rise. This gave Sucre hope since it was possible the log could simply float off his leg. They still kept attempting to lift the log, and finally Scofield worked his magic. He got a rope that was just hanging around, used another tree as a pulley and tied it to the motorcycle which he lifted onto its wheels easier than a 10 speed bike, tied the rope to the bike and drove off the cliff, using its massive weight to dislodge the tree trunk and Sucre is saved. Yay!

This all stretched the show's credibility beyond my maximum suspension of disbelief. This show went from smart and innovative in concept to being puerile serials. It’s lost its way and will certainly lose this viewer. They could have evolved the prison break into something so much more, but instead they went for non-stop action and endless series of near misses and close calls.

Time to break from Prison Break.

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  • Logan

    Well I admit that they’re streching way too much, but come on why should you stop watching.I Mean it’s only once a week anyways ..

  • Yeah Doc, closure is the only thing that will keep me watching, but they are seriously stretching it.

  • Doc

    Yeah, I hear you.. season 2 is definitely ‘looser’/less well-crafted than season 1… but I’ll still keep watching! I need closure!

  • Bliffle, that makes it even worse.

  • Bliffle

    And then they plagiarized the scene from Ken Keseys “Sometimes a Great Notion” where Richard Jaeckel is pinned under a log while the tide comes in.