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TV Review: Prison Break – “The Killing Box”

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It’s the season finale of Prison Break, boys and girls, and if you think that it all gets wrapped up in a neat little bow, you obviously haven’t been paying attention. Hold on for the ride of your life!

The Burrows/Scofield brothers are about to get gunned down by Agent Mahone when the border patrol shows up. This saves the brothers, but now they’re in it worse than ever. Agent Kellerman convinces the Asian gentleman who has been the bane of his existence for the entire second season that he is still a good soldier and has devised a plan to whack the brothers for good. Agent Mahone is along for the ride, but unbeknownst to Kellerman, orders have been given for Mahone to shoot Kellerman.

Sara cuts her hair and keeps moving down the road. T-Bag at his slimiest seduces a postal worker and gets the address of the woman that put him behind bars. If you remember from an earlier episode, she had moved and T-Bag is still looking for some well deserved (in his mind) revenge. Anyway, the postal worker lady realizes who she is dealing with and T-bag whacks her.

In the finale the trap is sprung and the brothers find themselves between Kellerman and Mahone. And then Kellerman finally shows a set of balls and shoots Mahone. Of course we all know that Mahone is a paranoid little weasel and is probably wearing some form of body armor so, he ain’t dead, but it was still cool to see.

Oh, and Sucre made it to Mexico.

As far as episodes go, this one seemed to drag a little in the middle. My wife has been telling me for weeks that she hoped that Kellerman would turn out to be a good guy. My household had to withstand the barrage of grins and looks that just said, "Told you so!" but that was okay. I have to credit the show with managing to keep a certain level of tension throughout the season and making me want to watch every week as opposed to just waiting for the DVD set to come out.

Now, I have to bear the torture of waiting until January 22 for a new episode. I know that they do it because no one wants to compete with holiday programming, but it’s a loooooong time to wait. Hopefully, my wife won’t have her "I told you so!" grin on the entire time.


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