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TV Review: Prison Break, Season Two Premiere

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There’s no more fitting place than a network called Fox for someone as sly
as Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) to reside. After all, who in all of TV
land can boast a feat like successfully orchestrating not only his escape, but
also the escape of over a handful of prisoners as well?

Only in fiction can such a crazy attempt work, and so well. The mad genius
plot does get brought down to reality when the part about Schofield and his
team flying off into the sunset doesn’t exactly go as planned. 

In this first outstanding Season Two episode of Prison Break,
the escapees are really desperate, and Scofield, as always, is keeping his
cool. It’s not as easy for T-Bag (Robert Knepper) to keep his cool, him having
lost his arm and all. Lots of Prison Break fans were probably expecting
a harsher punishment for a character who’s just so incredibly creepy and
malicious through and through.

T-Bag’s got life in him yet, and a special place in his twisted heart for
crime boss Abruzzi (Peter Stormare). T-Bag goes off on his own way, and the
five remaining are in deeper shit than he is. 

Enter a familiar face: William Fichtner, one of the survivors of the sadly
botched Invasion. Now let’s play a round of “Oh, I know that
guy!” If you’ve ever seen this creepy character actor before, you’ve
probably caught a movie or two.

If you have Fichtner’s all too familiar voice ringing in your ear,
you’ve probably played a couple of Grand Theft Auto video games or
you’ve watched Brangelina’s Mr. and Mrs Smith. He’s been “that
guy” for a while, and while he failed to become a household name through Invasion,
he makes a big impression as the quick-witted FBI agent out to catch Scofield
& Pals.

Fichtner’s FBI man is the brains while guard Bellick (Wade Williams) is almost
all brawn. Bellick gets to play outside now, but who can expect this man to
catch anyone? Remember all the times in season one when he almost had
Schofield? Michael has left a lot of breadcrumbs, but this is a man who has
been talking in riddles for many an episode. Any clues to what move he makes
next won’t be found that easily.

While the nation’s attention has been alerted to the escape of Lincoln
Burrows (Dominic Purcell), alleged murder of the VP’s brother, the woman who
has been working so hard on the outside to clear the name of Burrows gets
caught up in a horrible situation. This leads to a shocking, shocking ending.
You, the viewer, may expect it, but you’ll see it coming a bit too late.

Lastly, look out for a dirty little product placement when the escapees
discuss clothing. Michael Schofield may be sly, but any idiot can recognize an
in-show advertisement when they hear one. P.S.: You may be tempted to watch Vanished
after Prison Break, but why waste your time? Look at the commercials.

This is Nic Cage’s National Treasure meets the mystery of The Da
Vinci Code
and Lost, creating a silly, pretentious mess that isn’t going
to make it past Season Two. Trust me on this.

Prison Break makes its escape every Tuesday on Fox

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About VichusSmith

  • cat

    As far as I know, the shows creators have planned to tell the story in only forty-four episodes (exactly two seasons). Personally, I had my suspention of disbelief stretched to its breaking point last season and have decided not to waste my time this year.

  • V. Smith

    I don’t think that Prison Break is as unbelievable as 24. At least it’s not completely nuts. If they’re going to finish this show in 2 seasons, I am damn Happy. Follow the BBC model of telling a story. If a Prison Break lasted 6 seasons, I would be pissed.

    BTW, I don’t believe you’re going to be totally abandoning this show. You’ll be sneaking an episode here and there. I’ve done it with 24. Unbeleivable or not, Prison Break is good TV>

  • timothy

    I was hooked from show one! i hope the seasons go on and on…….

  • timothy

    i missed episode one of season two. how can i see it? do i have to wait until season two comes out on dvd? is there a way to re-watch it? thanks.

  • Like most people will tell you lately, get a tivo. Better yet, get a vcr. You actually missed it not once, but twice. You’ll have to wait until they take a break and start replaying episodes.

  • gail

    hi there, great review. (What product placement?)
    And i hate the new invasion guy, he downgrades the whole show. Talk about embodiment of a cliche! The season should have ended with the plane episode, they’re stretching it way too thinly now. Let’s hope it does NOT extend beyond a second season.

  • No worries, because I think that this is the end of the series this season.

    I’m sorry, but I love Fichner. It’s good to have a counter to Scofield. I just love his natural creepiness. And you don’t think Bellick is a cliche? The nasty guard who hates the prisoners he watches over?

    I’m still watching this season, and breakign out of prison isn’t nearly as preposterous as escaping from the law time after time. However, when I’ve watched america’s most wanted, criminals have been able to run across the nation and go to mexico before being aprehended, so I’m still into this manhunt story. The only thing more unbelievable than this season of Prison Break is just about any season of 24, which I have enjoyed as well.

  • ace101

    hey you want free prison break episodes? the go to prisonbreakscene.com and sign up now! then after you sign up go to the video and audio section to get your downloads!

  • Babywise

    I am in new zealand, and we are so behind with TV. HAs season 2 finished? or is it out on dvd yet?

  • Vichus Smith

    Don’t worry, kiwi (is that the right term? what do I know) As I write this, i’m listening to a commercial for the latest episode, and it appears to be a doozy. I love this show, probably because it’s so impossible a situation.

  • becca

    prison breakm is sweet! it is the best show ever!

  • Elyssa

    does anyone know when Season 2 will be out on DVD???

  • I_am_name

    I am also waiting anxiously for season 2 to be released on dvd. I hate watching an episode per week, then having to wait another week, because I find the show addictive B-)

    As far as realism goes, yes it’s pretty far fetched, but that’s entertaining t.v. for you. Besides, I don’t think it’s the level of realism that makes prison break a great show, I think it’s the characters and how the audience immediately feels sorry for the brothers(admit it, you want them to escape safely). Also, I find the fact that some of the convicts that can’t stand each other have to work together very interesting, but that might be just me.

    I was worried that the second season would not be as good, because there was no prison setting, but it was then that I realised that it was the characters that made the show, and not the setting.

    I’m not saying they should all get emmy awards, I’m just saying that this particular show has a unique blend of different talents.

    Cheers from South Africa

  • Chris

    I think Prison Break is beginning to be stretched wayyyy too far. I admit its the best TV show I’ve ever seen but at what point does it end? Stretching it pass season 3 will do the show no justice. Personally I think they are trying to keep up with 24 and make more money off of it. But its becoming to lenghty and predictable. Season 1 was Phenominal. I can’t say anything bad about Season two had its great episodes but some episodes were so pointless and predictable.

    Let’s pray it ends at season 3.

    And does anyone know season 2 will be released?????

  • aliez

    prison break is the most daring series ever its just incredibly addictive to everyone who watches and understands it scofield is a genius and so is officer mahon i hope it doesnt end in season 2 but rather season 9 or 20

  • As much as I love watching prison break, I do not think that it can or should last beyond 3 or 4 seasons- and 4 is pushing it a lot.

    There is no way, even in fiction, that this drama would make sense if wanted criminals were running from the law for years upon years. It just could not sustain the suspense.

  • Amanda

    August 21ST is the release date for season 2 of Prison Break. I just thought you would appreciate that. I’ve seen a lot of you wanting to know, but no ones seemed to answer. There ya go! Too bad it’s not coming out sooner. I hate waiting!

  • Tracy

    I don’t care how long Prison Break continues! honestly its an amazing show and if u were surprised they have made it so good this season i am sure the next will be just as amazing as the past 2 have been. Im am so happy to say that prison break is one of the best shows on television. It makes you excited for mondays. Hey i even count down the hours! I LOVE PRISON BREAK!

  • Jero

    If u wan´t to see old episodes you can watch it straight from the internet.
    Sites like

    dailymotion.com or peekvid.com

  • jessica

    i totally love prison break can anyone tell me what date season 2 part 1 is coming out iam totally going crazy not knowing

  • jessica

    if you know the date of when season 2 part 1 of prison break is coming out in the uk, please email me at cutekidd at ( symbol)hotmail co uk i will be sooooooooooo thankful

  • Janice

    Does anyone know when prison break season 2 will be aired in Ireland and when it will be out on DVD

  • prison break is the best thing channel 5 have ever done ! its mint ! but guess what everyone there’s gonna be a season 3!!! cant wait for that !! the storys gonna be completly different though X

  • anyone who thinks prison break is not all that should think again and whoever said every thing on TV should be reality!!! Coz they might as well start doing series on human feeding habits…. Its reality after all…..oooh how YUCK that would be

  • Sherry Rivera

    When is season 2 of prison break going to be released on DVD to rent????

  • The release date may be in early August, but an official release date has not been given.

  • scorfield

    you motherfucker this tv show is off the fucking hook if u dont wanna watch it off your fucking tv

  • Way to absolutely preach to the choir for no good reason.

  • dk

    i think Prison Break series 3 is starting on 27th August 2007

  • hey,
    Pbreak is one of the best stories ever told