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TV Review: Prison Break – “Interference”

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Well, we’re right up against what is sure to be a thrilling and treacherous escape from Sona by Michael and his pals. Excited? Not so much? Are you confused? Because if you are, sadly this isn’t necessarily the place to go for help unraveling this convoluted mess. With Sarah having lost her head (nice joke from the seemingly less concerned Susan B), I’m finding it hard to find the gumption to figure out what exactly is going on.

I curiously hit the rewind button a number of times this week, an action that sadly revealed … absolutely nothing.


Maybe, I misunderstood the whole idea behind this place. I was under the impression that it was too much of a mess for the government to attempt to retake. This notion was quickly disproved after a guard mistook Michael’s stolen un-ocular for a rifle sight. Apparently, the Panamanians can retake Sona about as easily as a kindergarten class.


The guards at Sona can apparently shoot really well. Michael’s new little friend got to enjoy his chocolate for about a second before being blown to bits. Let’s do some Prison Break symbolism reading. Rat + New Guy + a Bellick offer of cheese = New Guy is a rat! Got it?


He’s losing it. The men outside aren’t paying for his prostitutes. The guards treat him as an afterthought. Michael is stealing his things left and right as he sleeps. About the only thing he has going for him is a really hot chick, who visits him in kinky nun regalia.


Not nearly enough of him. I have no idea what he’s up to. It’s fun to see how creepy he becomes when cuddled up next to a hot woman in distress, but frankly I want more, a lot more.


There’s much more to him than meets the eye. Do we care?


He’s now obsessed with coffee cups.


Still wearing something from the Richard Simmons workout collection.


With his cell now locked, he has to remake his entire plan in less than 24 hours. Why make it easy on him?


Still incredibly stupid, he’s now someone else’s pawn. Get the cash up front, papi!


Burying something in a cooler that he refers to as their “getaway vehicle,” God please don’t tell me he expects to float away on Sarah’s head. In other Lincoln news, Dominic Purcell is single, having split amicably from his wife. How come you never hear about couples who split hating the very sight of their former flame?


Confused and bored. After a week off for baseball, and another week off before the two hour escape episode, the next appearance of Prison Break had better be a barn burner because I’m losing interest fast!

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