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TV Review: Over There

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The new FX network show Over There bursts out of the screen like an insurgent-fired RPG. This is “the” most realistic and intense war drama ever. Forget Hogan’s Heroes, forget M*A*S*H, forget China Beach, this is the one to remember.

The show has 7 main characters. First up, Sergeant Scream is a badass with a heart of gold. Next, Dimm is a college smart guy. Then there’s Smoke, he’s a smack talking mac daddy screw-up. Angel is another one; you could call him the angel of death because he is such an awesome soldier. Tariq is an American Arab from Detroit who is smart as a whip. Bo is a small town all-American football-playing type of guy; that is until half his leg is blown off. Then there are 2 ladies; Mrs. B and Doublewide. Doublewide is a sweet full figured lady who can kick some terrorist ass. Mrs. B is a hottie straight out of the trailer.

The show starts off with Sergeant Scream screaming to his newbie recruits that he was supposed to go home yesterday, but they’re making him stay longer. They are being shot at by a bunch of terrorists, but are told not to shoot back because Aljazeera is in there with them. This really brings home the point that, just like in Nam, our soldiers are being killed for political considerations. This is in fact true. In the Sader City shoot out, our boys were ordered not to shoot at the Mosques even though they knew the enemy was hiding in there.

Later this idiot officer called Madcow tells them they have to move up 50 meters at night. So the gang starts to move up only 25 meters because there is no cover past that. Madcow says “too bad, move 25 more.” They move up and have to dig holes while they are being shot at. Finally Sergeant Scream says the hell with this and they return fire. The next morning Madcow tries to write them up for protecting themselves, but a higher officer sides with Sergeant Scream. That evening they are given the ok to take the terrorists out. The battle scenes are absolutely amazing. There is one scene where a terrorist gets shot with some kind of cannon and his legs keep walking after the upper half of his body is blown off.

Back at the base, Smoke talks Bo and Dimm into going on a beer run. On the way, the driver notices some guy planting something in the road. They decide to pull over. Just as they are stopping, they hit a landmine. Bo get his part of his leg blown off, and it’s shown in full gory detail.

Regardless of your stand on the war, this is one powerful show that is sure to move anybody.

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