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TV Review: On Death Row Coming to Investigation Discovery

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Beginning March 9, 2012 and continuing through March 30, 2012, Investigation Discovery will feature a four-part documentary series entitled On Death Row, by Academy Award nominated filmmaker Werner Herzog.

In this series, Herzog takes you up close and personal with four inmates in Texas and Florida who are on death row. We are given a closer look at each inmate and the crimes that they have committed. We also learn from them what a life behind bars with a death sentence awaiting you is like.

This series features:

  • James Barnes – Premiering March 9, 2012 at 10 PM
    Barnes was in jail for murdering his wife and then hiding her body in the closet. While in prison, Barnes converted to Islam and during the holy month of Ramadan he confessed to the murder of Patricia Miller in 1988 which landed him on death row.
  • Linda Anita Carty – Premiering March 16, 2012 at 10 PM
    Carty was convicted in 2002 for the murder of Joana Rodriguez, a 25-year-old mother to a four-day-old infant. Rodriguez was allegedly killed so that Carty could get the child. If executed, Carty would be the first black British woman to be executed in more than a century.
  • Joseph Garcia/George Rivas – Premiering March 23, 2012 at 10 PM
    Joseph Garcia was 19 years old when in a drunken rage he stabbed a man to death. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison. While behind bars he joined the “Teas Seven,” an infamous gang formed by George Rivas. When the gang escaped prison, a few escapees killed a police officer. When they were recaptured, this gave each escapee a death sentence.
  • Hank Skinner – Premiering March 30, 2012 at 10 PM
    Accused of the brutal killing of Twila Busby and her two sons, Skinner was sentenced to die of lethal injection in March 2010. However 45 minutes before he was to be executed, Skinner was given a stay of execution by the Supreme Court. He received the news 23 minutes before his scheduled execution. Skinner has always said that not all the items in evidence were DNA tested to prove his innocence.

I was given a glimpse into this series and reviewed the interview with James Barnes. I was amazed at his candidness as he relayed to Herzog the details of not only his childhood but the crimes he committed.

Werner Herzog takes us inside the minds of these inmates, their crimes, and a world behind bars. This documentary is as real as it gets. This is impressive from a filmmaker who as a child never saw a movie, never watched television or talked on a telephone.

This series is hauntingly vivid and pulls the viewer in. Disturbing and yet intriguing, it is yet another masterpiece featured by Investigation Discovery (ID). ID is available in more than 79 million households and has highlighted such shows as On the Case with Paul Zahn, Disappeared, Unusual Suspects and more. This is a must-see series that will bring you closer to the faces of these inmates than you may want to be, but will tell you stories that simply must be heard.

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