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TV Review: Nurse Jackie

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Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is an American comedy TV-Show, first premiered on the premium TV-Network Showtime in 2009. It follows the life of a nurse, named Jacky Peyton, who works at the fictional New York City All Saints’ hospital.

Edie Falco (remember “The Sopranos“?) as Nurse Jackie seems to be just perfect for her part. She can be funny, but also serious and sometimes even pull off both emotions at the same time. It’s really no surprise to me, she won the Primetime Emmy Award in 2010.

However, Edie Falco is not the only well-cast actor on Nurse Jackie. We’ve also got Anna Deavere Smith as the hospital administrator “Mrs. Gloria Akalitus,” Eve Best as “Dr. Eleanor O’Hara” (one of Jackie’s best on and off work friends), Paul Schulze as “Eddie the pharmacist,” Dominic Fumusa as “Jackie’s husband” and last but not least Peter Facinelli as “Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper.” 

These characters are mainly responsible for the show’s dynamics, which very often result in funny, weird, but also serious situations. One good example would be the very well portrayed narcism of “Dr. Cooper.” Despite the fact, that he’s fresh out of med school, he never misses out on a chance to rub his social status into the face of nurses and other staff members, which he believes to be worth less than him.

Now Nurse Jackie is definitely not your average hospital TV show. It can not be compared to any of the other series out there, that have a similar health care related background story. Given the fact, that this show airs on Showtime, you can also expect some rough language every now and then (speaking of dropping the “F-Bomb”). Combined with some implied and non-nude sexual interactions between characters, Nurse Jackie does not qualify as a family show. Its target audience is definitely adult.

Apart from being a busy nurse at day/night (depending on her shift), the character of Jackie Peyton has to deal with her very unusual life style. Among other (not so important) story lines, the show primarily focuses on her addiction to pain killers and the love affair with her colleague Eddie the Pharmacist.” She keeps her “dark sides” mainly to herself. Only her best friend Dr. O’Hara knows about the latter. Her husband of course does not have the slightest clue about what’s going on and Eddie the Pharmacist is pretty much left in the dark as well. However, given the fact, that he keeps track of Jackie’s beloved drugs, he’s occasionally responsible for hooking her up with some “goodies.” She makes him believe that they are for her back pain, and because he’s a good guy, blindsided by love, his judgement becomes automatically clouded and biased.

Already in its third season, Jackie has been through quite a lot. I do not want to spoil you too much, because finding out for yourself and enjoying the story as it unfolds, is definitely something I want you to look forward to.

If you’re not sure, whether you might like this show or not, I suggest you rent the pilot from a digital download service of your choice and just give it a shot. However, if you enjoy it, you should definitely get the available DVD or Blu-ray boxes and prepare for hours of good fun and entertainment. The advantage to getting the series on disc is to have access to the special features only availble in the box sets. I rate Nurse Jackie 5/5; I’m sure you’ll get addicted to this show in no time.

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