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TV Review: Nurse Jackie: “Have You Met Ms. Jones?”

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One thing we’ve learned about Jackie Peyton over the past three seasons is that she is nothing if not resourceful; whatever it takes to get what she needs, she will do. Legal, illegal, politically correct or not, it doesn’t matter. What counts is how the end result benefits her. Now that her supplier Bill has been put out of commission permanently by a speeding truck, Jackie must come up with another way to keep herself on an even keel. Her solution? Amass a wealth of over-the-counter medications and scarf them down throughout the day. It works to some degree. Still she can do nothing about the sweats and clamminess and knowledge that this is only a stopgap. She’s going to have to find a better solution and soon.

Eddie discovers that ten out of the thirty Fentanyl patches he gave to Slater to deliver to oncology have gone missing. Slater doesn’t remember who he handed the package off to, which is fortunate for Jackie, since she is the culprit. Slater does what’s right and confesses his mistake to HR. Will it all come back to bite Jackie on the leg somewhere down the line? The chances are very good it will.

Coop, meanwhile, decides he must move on with his life, get married and start a family. The woman he has chosen is an old girlfriend he hasn’t seen in years. She has no idea of his intentions when he connects with her on Facebook. It remains to be seen what this poor woman will do when she learns of Coop’s plans.

After accidentally stabbing his finger with an epi pen, Lenny needs to be put on a heart monitor for the day. This allows Zoey to use the monitor as an ersatz lie detector to see how Lenny really feels about her. The idea is a good one and these Lenny/Zoey scenes are some the brightest, most entertaining on the show. The characters are sweet and good together, yet still so insecure about this relationship they’re forging. Their moments add a touch of innocence to a show that would otherwise have none.

Jackie has made it through the day without a full-on high. But her need for it is still so strong, she becomes reckless in her quest to ease her cravings. It is doubtful she considers the danger she’s putting herself in as she walks through the middle of city traffic at rush hour. It the most efficient way she knows to get the rush she sorely misses. It is also an excellent example of her unadulterated desperation.

It seems the clock is ticking down for this character. It’s difficult to imagine Jackie maintaining her shaky equilibrium much longer. And with only three episodes left until the season’s end, many other aspects of the story need to be addressed. There is Tunie’s flirtation with Eddie, Eddie’s friendship with O’Hara (could it possibly turn in to something more?). What about Coop’s attempt to move on? Will he be disappointed again? And what’s going to happen to Jackie’s home life if Kevin discovers she has not been rehabilitated? Lies have a way of building until they topple and crush everything one holds dear. It remains to be seen if Jackie will eventually find a way to befriend herself and not get trapped beneath the rubble.

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