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TV Review: NOGGIN’s Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends

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Every preschooler who has had the chance to watch NOGGIN thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Or, at least they have a favorite show on the channel that they ask for on a regular basis. My kids are no exception and when the new episode of premiered they were ecstatic.

My five-year-old couldn’t contain her excitement as she told me all about the newest Sunny Patch adventure. Let’s see if I can share the details with as much enthusiasm as my daughter. In this new episode, Pansy is spending the night at her grandmother’s house. She becomes homesick, so Grandma Betty lets her sleep with her mom’s old toy. Pansy promises to take good care of the toy, but loses her in the meadow. She searches everywhere, but can’t find the doll and so she decides to make a new doll for her mom.

In the meantime, Spiderus, a not-so-friendly spider that lives nearby, finds the toy and takes it home for Ivy, not realizing that it belongs to Grandma Betty. I won’t spoil the how-to, but rest assured that in the end the doll is returned to Pansy and her family and all is well.

If your child loves Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends, this episode will be no different. The episode teaches an important lesson about taking care of items that belong to others. My kids learn from each episode of Sunny Patch and I appreciate shows like this one that have good values and family-friendly themes.

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  • It’s nice to see this show get some positive feedback, because it doesn’t get nearly enough attention. This particular story (“A Plushy Parable”) was indeed a nice one. In fact, all of the new episodes they’ve been airing this week have been an absolute delight. I hope Noggin brings in more episodes soon — there are many more that have aired on Canada’s Treehouse TV that haven’t yet been aired on Noggin in the United States.