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TV Review: Nip/Tuck – “Faith Wolper, PhD”

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Nip/Tuck always proves to have interesting subplots. This week, we see Christian fantasizing about being on a romantic weekend getaway with Sean, complete with tiny bathing suits and oiled up male volleyball players. While his dream is heavy on the gay factor, there is still no male-to-male kissing, which is interesting given how much sexual contact Nip/Tuck features between the opposite sexes. The possibility of loving Sean is obviously rooted deep within Christian and isn’t something he is comfortable with, at least not yet. Another interesting note is Christian seems really concerned about Sean and wants to save him – that’s quite a lot more emotion dedicated to a “love interest” than he normally shows.

Christian yelled to the entire operating room about his feelings for Michelle when her husband showed up. But instead of showing up with a loaded gun, he comes for help to remove a penis pump. Apparently it works with a nice, hopefully long-lasting erection he takes to Michelle’s office.

A compulsive sex addict turns up in Christian’s office, she just happens to be a therapist – Christian’s therapist. Turns out she has a tramp stamp declaring her “Property of Marco” in permanent ink she wants him to remove. During the procedure, Christian tells his therapist about his gay dream and makes sure to include there was a female in the dream. A woman Dr. Wolper was hoping to be herself when she suggested Christian tell the fantasy woman about his feelings.

Instead, Christian calls it off with Michelle. Then her husband, Burt, calls both Michelle and Christian to his home where he gives them matching robes to wear the next time they have sex. Strangely enough, when Christian says their relationship is over, Burt suggests they stay together and let him watch. More like he threatens them to do it due to the urging of a therapist. Yep, he happens to be in the grasp of a conniving therapist with her sights set on Christian – Dr. Wolper.

It seems Monica, the nanny Sean slept with, doesn’t plan on leaving Sean alone. I knew that’s how things would turn out, as it would be too easy for him to stop screwing her and she'd just disappear. Turns out the little nanny, Marlow, is sick, so Monica is filling in for a week or two. But seriously, what sort of doctor doesn’t discourage a girl from piercing her own bellybutton? Then again, what sort of woman sleeps with a married man then nurses his baby with her own breast milk?

Listen up, men. Let this psycho nanny-mistress be a huge warning to you if you are even considering cheating on your wife without her consent. Even if she meets a gruesome fate with a city bus.

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