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TV Review: Nikita – “Covenants”

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Note to readers: This is a followup to a more complete article about Nikita published yesterday. This article only examines the twists at the end of “Covenants.” Please click on my screenname above to find the longer article discussing the season so far. As such, this article contains many spoilers, so if you have not yet viewed the episode “Covenants,” please do so before reading this. My previous article is safe to read before watching.

Were you shocked? What a twist! If there is anything that will make Michael (Shane West) betray Percy (Xander Berkely), it is that their whole relationship is a lie. Kasim (Haaz Sleiman) only killed Michael’s family on Percy’s orders. So Division is the big bad behind all of Michael’s troubles, too. Is it any wonder he will now be joining Nikita (Maggie Q) on her revenge quest?

But will they be joining each other in more than a professional way? That seems to be the indication as the episode ends. What about Nikita’s thing with Ryan (Noah Bean), though? Will Nikita just sleep with any guy that has come over to her cause? OK, that is a little harsh. She has real feelings for both men. But she has such history with Michael! And I think the only reason she took up with Ryan is because she didn’t think Michael would come around to helping her. Will she break things off with Ryan now? I hope so!

I love that Michael is finally fully on the right side. Better yet, he seems to still have Percy’s complete trust, and Percy is grooming Michael to go deeper with Division. Could there possibly be a better set up for a take down? This episode marks the turning point where the advantage in the war shifts from Division to Nikita.

Be sure to keep watching Nikita to see what happens next; it airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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  • Meko – When Kasim said Michael was the target, I assumed he meant Michael was supposed to have been killed. Obviously, I was wrong. Of course I figured Percy was playing Michael, but didn’t realize it had been going on for so long.

    I can see your comfort reasoning. Yet, I still felt like this was something the show was going to pursue. Always with the love triangles, on any series.

    You are very right about the thinking ahead bit. Look at Iraq. The U.S. army took out a brutal dictator, but without a replacement plan in leadership, things have been a mess for almost a decade. I can see the same thing happening after Division goes down.

    Thanks for your wonderful insight!

  • Meko

    I wasn’t shocked: 1) Kasim told Michael in “One Way” that he was the target so I was waiting for more information on that 2) Percy’s actions throughout the season but especially in “One Way” told me that he was playing Michael on more levels than Michael was aware of. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love the episode; I did.

    When it comes to Ryan, Nikita kissed him once and he kissed her once… and both times I didn’t get any real attraction between them. It seemed more for comfort.

    As for Michael being on the right side, I think that Division definitely fills a function, and even if Percy cruelly toys with and sacrifices innocent people he sees the world in infinitely more shades of grey than Nikita does. I’m not saying I don’t want Michael to get his revenge, it’s more that Nikita isn’t thinking ahead far enough, which incidentally is what Michael told her a few episodes back in “Alexandra”. So, after they get all the boxes and kill Percy (if that pans out), they’ll probably take over Division in some way. Which, I mean, I’m game, but I’m just not sure it’s as easy as pie. Of course, the creators are most probably counting on that. 😉