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TV Review: My Cat From Hell Season Premiere

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The second season of My Cat from Hell premieres at 8 PM Saturday, January 7 on Animal Planet, with six all-new, one-hour episodes. Jackson Galaxy, cat behaviorist extraordinaire, helps “cat guardians” deal with their unruly kitties.

Galaxy, who looks like he just walked out of a rehearsal with his rock band, shows up on his clients’ doorstep, armed with a large, black guitar case — which actually contains his arsenal of cat toys and other tools, including a black-light cat pee detector. His rock ‘n’ roll image belies the softie underneath, who knows just what to say to calm both the felines and humans who need his help.

In the first episode of the second season he works with Larry (who is actually a she) and her guardians Tara and Josh. Larry is quite the violent kitty, using both her claws and teeth on Tara, Josh, and anyone else who might come near her. The couple are engaged and planning to marry, but Josh is getting second thoughts about going ahead with the wedding — thanks to Larry. Can Jackson cat whisper Larry and her guardians to a more peaceful coexistence?

A second couple, newlyweds Heather and Alan, are also featured in the episode with their cat Ruby, who has significant control issues. She is a sweetheart with Alan, but attacks Heather, who works as a Pilates instructor from their home. Her behavior is so out of control that she is starting to not just drive Heather crazy (and mark her up with scratches), but also drive away her clients. Jackson must find a way for Heather to interact more successfully with Ruby, and for Ruby to not feel like she can strike out whenever she feels threatened.

Jackson helps his clients use some seemingly simple techniques (restructuring the physical environment, getting the cat fixed) to help deal with emotional and territorial issues for the felines in question. He also has a lot of patience and stamina to work with cats that have been labeled “crazy,” but he is always convinced that they can be helped.

We’ve probably all come across difficult cats in our lives, and watching this episode made me wish I had known some of his techniques years ago when dealing with a particularly difficult roommate’s cat. Even if you don’t have your own “cat from hell,” both segments offered some interesting ideas for cat lovers to try in their own homes to form better relationships and make better environments for their cats.

Galaxy has been a professional cat whisperer since 2002. He works as a consultant, teaches classes, and has co-created a holistic flower essence remedy product line, Spirit Essences. He has such a great rapport with both Larry and Ruby and their humans in My Cat From Hell, I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with the difficult cats (and people) in the next episode.

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  • Chris

    Always thought a “Cat Whisperer” was more needed than a “Dog Whisperer.” Hope this series lasts many years!

  • Sherry Kelly

    Okay. I just watched the segment about Mad Max and am concerned. I taught parent education for many years and worked with parents of newborns. I would never encourage a parent to put a cat in the crib with a baby. It was a great idea to get Max used to the scent of a baby, but not by placing the cat in the crib with the doll. I would caution any parent to never leave their baby unattended with any kind of pet. It is an “old wives tale” that cats will suck the breath from a baby, but cats have been known to accidentally sufficate newborns. Some cats are attracted to the warmth of a baby and will snuggle up too close where the baby cannot breathe. For this same reason pillows and blankets should not be in the crib. I love this show and I love animals, but when it comes to the safety of babies and children, just don’t take chances!

    Author of: Your New Baby’s Instruction Book (Google it!)

  • Et

    Ruby and Larry are beautiful cats

  • Mar

    I saw the vid about the cat needing eye drops. I would recommend Rescue Remedy about 20 minutes before the drops. Helped my cat turn sub-cutaneous infusion from a fight to a purr session. Of course check with your vet first. It was a miracle for us!

  • Bec

    Larry’s owner, Josh, is an idiot and the reason his cat was lashin out. Hit an animal and you expect loyalty and trust back?! And brilliant idea to not spay her…people like that should not own animals.