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TV Review – My Boys Begins New Season Tonight!

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Not only is this ensemble comedy returning to TBS, but My Boys is as strong as ever. And finally, the wait is almost over to find out who PJ brought to Italy. But first, let’s recap.

My Boys centers around PJ, an adorable tom-boy-ish sports writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. She’s got her share of girl friends, especially best friend Stephanie (Kellee Stewart), but she seems to hang mostly with an all-male posse. First, there’s her married brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan) who tried a valiant stint in the suburbs during the second half of Season One. But all that neighbor niceness proved too much for him, pregnant wife Meredith, and daughter Savannah; and they are city dwellers once again.

Another regular of the group is Kenny (Michael Bunin). This nice guy with the receding hair line owns a sports memorabilia store and although he has his share of dates (including a quite pregnant one); he tends to be not treated very well by the ladies. But he cares about his friends and is not afraid to show it. His new business partner Mike (Jamie Kaler) on the other hand, always loves to play the part of the Don Juan. Handsome but a bit dim, Mike joins PJ’s gang for poker every week.

Rounding out the group are Bobby (Kyle Howard), a fellow sports writer that works for the Chicago Tribune, who PJ has dated and now treats mostly as a buddy, and Brendan (Reid Scott), another former boyfriend, the DJ with the scruffy good looks.

But was one of these fine dudes lucky enough for the Italy invite? Oh but we cannot forget some other serious contenders: A cute but verboten Cubs player, Mitt (Travis Schuldt), the huge love interest from the past – Thorn (Jeremy Sisto) – who had recently resurfaced, or Evan(Michael Landes), a very appealing botanist.

And while PJ and Stephanie are hopefully indulging in amore with their dates (mystery or otherwise), back home there’s a palpable disturbance in the force – as the boys may have upset the “sacred” institution of nights at Crowley’s bar. Also, Brando (Brendan) is worried about potential changes at the radio station, and Andy is living large as he settles into a new job as a corporate lawyer.

You know, there are TV shows that we enjoy, no matter what is spoken onscreen, no matter who guest stars. Some we enjoy because maybe we are told to dig the show. Maybe it’s a hot topic at the water cooler and we don’t want to be left out. And then there are the shows that are simply – good. As in very good. As in tight writing, crisp direction, uncanny comic timing… shows like My Boys.

This show has all the prerequisites that helped the ensemble greats have such staying power. M*A*S*H, All in the Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cheers, Ed, Friends. I find myself wanting to see this gang more often on the cover of TV Guide, yet I’d hope it wouldn’t turn into a Sports Illustrated type curse. I’d hate to see Boys suffer from over-saturation (Although the TV Guide website is sporting a TBS/My Boys wallpaper today).

So, back to the big question – who did PJ bring to Italy? Sorry folks, out of decency and respect for TBS and the My Boys production team, I cannot say at this time. You’ll have to wait till tonight. I will say that – and maybe I’m not all that bright – but I didn’t see it coming.

My Boys is created by Betsy Thomas and is produced by Pariah and Two Out Rally Productions, Inc. Season Two debuts on TBS tonight; Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 9:30 PM ET.

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  • Aaron

    Have you guys ever seen America’s Got Talent? You should check it out Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC. How can you resist David Hasselhoff!???

  • Aaron, not my cup of tea so much. Not a huge fan of the whole ‘unscripted television’ thing.

    But you go ahead and enjoy!