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TV Review: Meerkat Manor – A Guilty Pleasure On Animal Planet

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It starts out the usual way; you’re bored out of your mind and so you go channel surfing. That’s how I found The Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet and The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic. At first, Meerkat Manor was just one of those shows I would flip to when commercials were on whatever else I was watching and then, without realizing it, I got hooked.

I think what’s refreshing about this show is that it’s absolutely real, unvarnished, and unstaged. There are no humans (except for unseen narrator Sean "Rudy" Astin), no human interference or contact and no script. By using dozens of automated cameras, including fiber-optic ones in the underground dens, Cambridge University has been able to follow the lives of a “mob” of meerkats for over ten years. Animal Planet has managed to present the drama/comedy of the lives of this mob of about forty critters called "the Whiskers" clan and keep it equally as genuine as it is entertaining.

Not an easy feat on TV these days.

A meerkat is a member of the mongoose family and stands only about twelve inches tall and weighs maybe two pounds – if that. They set up a territory with several well-placed underground burrows where they sleep and raise their young, wandering from den to den as the mood or necessity strikes them.

A mob is ruled by a dominant female, much like in a beehive, but a meerkat female is a true hands-on leader, guiding foraging expeditions and personally fronting fights to keep control of her ground from rival mobs.

In this case, the leader is a tough woman named Flower, who despite her name, rules her domain with an iron hand. The dominant female is the only one allowed to mate and produce pups. That doesn’t mean her husband Zaphod is exactly a wimp. As on a chessboard, the queen has all the power, but the king, in the end, is just as important to the outcome. A tracking collar around Flower’s neck monitors her movements in the game.

I will warn you, though, that as ridiculous as this sounds to those who haven’t seen this program yet, their story is incredibly addictive. Because of the way they stand up while on guard and look around, it’s nearly impossible not to give them human emotions. Meerkats have a fascinating society where all the members look out for each other. They fight, they love, they nurture, and their story is nakedly presented, with all the sex, violence, deaths, births, and conflicts presented for us to see.

On daily trips looking for food, guards stand balanced on their hind legs and tail tripod-fashion watching out for predators on the ground and especially in the air so the others can eat in peace. When Flower leads her gang out, others dutifully and unselfishly stay behind to guard her pups back at the burrow against predators.

They are incredibly dedicated to each other’s safety, to the point of risking (and, in some cases, giving) their lives for the others' survival. Family dedication even extends to the other females lactating so that Flower’s pups will be fed by multiple sources.

Meerkats don’t do well on their own because their very survival depends on lookouts being constantly vigilant while the others dig deep into the ground for their meals of worms, lizards, and the occasional fat millipede. Desert storms wreak havoc; birds of prey are a constant threat to the pups and occasionally to the adult meerkats themselves. Their health also depends on constant grooming by their fellow family members to guard against ticks and other parasites (which conveniently make for tasty treats).

Keeping control of about three square miles of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa is not an easy task. When food is scarce during droughts, rival gangs (in this case, the Lazulis and the Commandos), can be downright deadly. In one recent episode, Flower’s spotters glimpsed a bird of prey while they were foraging near a Lazuli border and they all scrambled into the nearest scattered collection of holes for cover.

Flower, her pups, and six of her family thought they were safe after the bird gave up and left. As they all climbed out into daylight, the Lazuli returned to what turns out to be their den. As Flower and the others retreat back into the hole, the rival gang pounces in overwhelming numbers to reclaim it. We are left wondering if she and her young pups (on their first feeding trip) will survive as the Lazuli began feverishly digging her out in clouds of flying sand.

Then there’s the soap opera side of the story, including kidnappings by rival gangs, fights over food, births, deaths, and dangerous weather.

Flower’s dominant male is Zaphod. Her ex is his brother Youssarian, who still lives semi-peacefully with the mob. The adolescent males will leave the group on occasion to find a roving or ejected female from another mob to start their own family, or just to mate with and return home the next day.

Other characters include Casanova Carlos, a roving male from the Lazuli whose sole purpose in life seems to be to mate with as many females as he can find, regardless of affiliation, and then heartlessly leave them.

Flower’s daughter Mozart was one of Carlos' victims and recently went against Flower's rules for the second time and got pregnant. As before, she was kicked out of the family. In the freezing desert night, with no family to huddle with for warmth or to scavenge for food, her health deteriorated fast and she lost her litter of pups. She has currently been trying to find a way back into her mother’s good graces in order to rejoin her family, but knows if she doesn’t choose her time just right, she could receive a vicious beating and permanent banishment.

One of my favorites of the group, Shakespeare, was guarding the pups back at the den when the Lazuli attacked. Though having been bitten by a puff adder weeks before, and all alone to guard them, he faced down overwhelming odds.

The season cliffhanger proved a disappointment for us Shakespeare fans because the first episode of the current season showed that the pups survived, but Shakespeare was never heard from again, and no mention or explanation has yet been made as to what happened to him.

While I love this program and make it a point to watch it every Friday on Animal Planet (8PM eastern), I do have one problem with it. It’s presented in two back-to-back half-hour episodes. A lot of time is wasted at the beginning of each and every program repeatedly explaining how Cambridge University has been studying them. At the end of that episode, previews are given for the following one to air in only a few minutes, and the second episode wastes more time again on the CU commercial, needlessly recapping the episode we saw just moments before.

I think they would be better off following The Dog Whisperer’s lead and changing to an hour-long format instead of two half hour programs.

I will warn you again that if you watch even one episode, you will become addicted.

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  • Good article–you have me vicariously hooked. I’ll have make a point of seeking this out. I love the names of the individual meekcats, too.

  • Congratulations! This article has been selected for placement on Advance.net

  • Thanks Gordon, I mean it, and on no unceartain terms, you will get addicted… I promise

    Thanks again

  • Thanks Joan, I’ve often wondered what the criteria was for getting on Advanced net! I still don’t know, but I’m glad I finally succeeded!


  • Thank you Stark, especialy when Mozart lost her pups, but it’s cruel justice because she broke the rules, I’m rooting for her to get back in though, and now that Flower has had her litter, maybe she’ll be more pliable, that is if Flower survives being dug out by the Lazuli tonight!

    Thanks for contributing…

  • This program appears on Animal Planet tonight at 8PM and 8:30-Don’t miss it!

  • Hey Jet…it IS an addicting show but I agree with you about the timing on it. That’s why I’ve become addicted to our DVR too…lets you skim thru all that other stuff you’ve seen way too many times already!!

    GREAT review!!!

  • Thanks Tink!

  • JustOneMan

    See…I knew you would find your calling! Stick to reviewing shows on Animal Planet and The Food Network your work is much better and more rational.

    Good show and I have to admit good article and well written!

  • Sorry JOM I don’t watch the food network and never have.

  • This week’s update.

    Flower and her family survived the Commando’s raid intacts. She led the mob in a battle for territory against the Lazuli for rights to the watering hole and won, but nearly lost Zaphod in the process.

    By the end of the hour she’d gotten trapped in a Lazuli hole this time in a revenge attempt against them.

    The rains came and with the new plant growth and cover a viper tried to attack the group and wouldn’t back down. The stand off was settled when an aireal snake hunter appeared scarring them both off.

  • Jewels

    I admit, I have watched enough to know the players and the ‘stars’ of this show. It can be addicting.

    Great article, well written and very fun. I love to read your articles whatever they are about, and especially enjoyed this one.

  • Thanks for the encouragement Jewels. I’ve written an even funnier one published only today. go check it out.

    Thanks again

  • Here’s their Increased broadcast schdule of this excellent show for the coming week, it looks like they’ll be reshowing this season’s opener. All times are Eastern. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recomment it.

    • Meerkat Manor – “United We Stand”
    ANIMAL, Fri Oct 27 07:00pm EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Enemy Within”
    ANIMAL, Fri Oct 27 07:30pm EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Art of Leadership”
    ANIMAL, Fri Oct 27 08:00pm EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “Balance of Power”
    ANIMAL, Fri Oct 27 08:30pm EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Art of Leadership”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 12:00am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “Balance of Power”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 12:30am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Art of Leadership”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 03:00am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “Balance of Power”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 03:30am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Art of Leadership”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 11:00am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “Balance of Power”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 11:30am EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “The Art of Leadership”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 03:00pm EDT

    • Meerkat Manor – “Balance of Power”
    ANIMAL, Sat Oct 28 03:30pm EDT

  • for those of you who missed the 2nd season opener and its follow up episode, they’ll be rebroadcast this friday at 7 and 7:30 and two new episodes will follow immediately afterward.

  • Don’t forget they’re reshowing 4 episodes from the beginning of the season starting at 7PM tonight!

  • Update, after Flower dicovers that the Lazuli have set up shop too close to the den with her new pups, she starts a turf war and raids their den nearby..

    Her family of forty strong get separated during the fighting and after discovering her mob only has 12 members instead of over 40, she beats a hasty retreat.

    When no one else returns, she has no choice but to uproot her family and move further away from the Lazuli because they’re no longer numerous enough to defend themselves.

    Mozart returns to the family only to get pregnant again-an extreem sin. She thinks she can stave off Flower evicting her if she treats all of her siblings roughly in front of Flower.

    The family matriarch has been watching, and things don’t look good for Mozart.

    In the end while out foraging, the rest of the Whiskers finally find Flower and they’re 40-strong once again!

  • Brianna

    I love meerkat manor. my favorite is Mitch because he’s just Shakespeare was. meerkat manor is my favorite show because I love animals. It’s sad that Blossom died.Blossom was so adventurous,But thats what killed her.I see it every time I can.

  • Thanks Briana, Mitch is one of my favorites too. I’m a little miffed that the fate of Shakespear was never explained.

    It was kind of sad that on of the pups got killed last friday, but that’s the law of nature. That’s why I like the show so much it’s real.

    Thanks for contributing

  • The season finale shows how cruel nature can be.
    Flower has her litter of pups and of course the whole gang is there to take care of them. But Mozart has been bullying her sisters trying to gain a dominant hand in the family.

    Everyone thought Flower didn’t notice, but when her pups were old enough to go out foraiging with the family, Flower led them out, leaving Mozart alone in the den to give birth her pups…

    … and they never came back.

    Flower moved the “Whiskers” to another burrow a mile away, knowing that Mozart couldn’t take care of her pups and also foraige for food too, After three days, starving Mozart set out to find food to produce milk for her pups.

    while she was gone rivial gang the Commandos discovered her burrow, dug her newborns out and killed Mozart’s new pups.

    We’re left until next season with Flower pinned under thick scrub brush hiding from a gauze hawk hunting them.

    Mozart is on her own again. Alone, she’ll never make it…

  • Vincent


    I also love this “show”, it’s a really special and entertaining activity to watch it. 🙂
    I have a question, and if somebody could answer it, i’d be very happy 🙂
    What is that music played in the commercial (or whatever it’s called, when the played show isn’t the Meerkak Manors, but they’re shown between two parts of the actual programme)?
    I love it, and would be very happy to have it too 🙂

  • Vincent, after some research I believe that it’s just studio musicians. Season one is on DVD coming out this month, and it might be in the credits on the box, but I haven’t been able to find them


    for purchase information on season one click the Meerkat Manor link in the first paragraph of the story


    And thanks for writing.

  • Vincent

    Thank you for this quick answer and your help, i’ll take a look at that page 🙂


  • Big Matt

    Hi, i am trying to remember the name of the band in one of the commercials on the animal planet, all i can remember about it is a trype of tree monkey on the end of a branch bouncing it up and down, the song has a funcky bass line to it, they sound liek the time. (might be the time but i need to knwo the name of the song/band)

    please let me know if you know 😀 thanks guys

  • Dear Matt, see comment 23. I’ve researched nearly everywhere I can think my friend, and I can only say that all networks have “house” bands/orchestras that crank out custom music.

    The only thing I can suggest is that you try finding Season One DVD on line or in a store, and the musicians may be credited, though I can’t promise anything. Season one came out this month, but I haven’t seen a box yet.

    Thanks for writing, I’m glad you’re a fan.

    By the way Animal Planet has been re-running it in marathons and may have resumed their schedule on Friday nights.

    My eyes are going bad so I can’t read the end credits when they shove them on the side of the screen to make room for a commercial.

    If I ever find an answer, I’ll post it here

    Thanks again fellow fan

  • nick

    Hey All,

    Man I really wish I could find that commercial on the internet. (The same one that Big Matt is looking for.) P.S. The song really sound like that one with they line “You drop a bomb on me” but it also sounds a little like the one “You really turn me on,” which could be the same song, I really dont know. 🙂 P.S.S. all hope is not lost though, because I was able to find a different song that they used in one of their commercials called Major Tom, the version they used was by a fairly unknown band Dealership.

  • Nick, I’m still looking, and have made a rather unusual discovery. On one site I found, it’s said that when lothario Carlos appears they always play vintage porn music.

    Believe it or not vintage porn music is actually material that’s produced for various studio artists for a flat fee that the user doesn’t have to pay royalties on. If that’s the case and the show is produced on a shoestring (remember it’s on Animal Planet) it’s possible you may never trace the artists.

    I’m going to make a point of watching the end credits for “music by”. I’ve tried a couple of times already and haven’t seen it, but If I find anything I’ll post it here.

    Thanks for your interest and your comments

  • sr

    Dear Mr Incredible Hulk. Nuke the unborn gay meerkats. JUST KIDDING. I also watch it. Excellent show. Have a great weekend green man. Hope your are doing well. sr.

  • Sr what the hell took you so long, I wrote this two months ago and I’ve been waiting for your unique seal of approval.

    I was beginning to think you didn’t care!


  • The Monkey Man

    Guys, the name of the song is “You Dropped A Bomb On Me” and it’s by The Gap.

  • Hey! Thanks very much. I was going nuts trying to figure that out! They’ve begun running last season’s leading up to the just finished current season toward’s next season, so anyone who hasn’t caught up can figure out why everyone’s so pissed about why the didn’t show what happened to Shakespear and why we all loved him so much.

    Thanks again

  • My God..you have saved my life #31

    you are my friend.

    take care and keep up teh work you guys.

    -Big Matt

  • Big Matt and Monkey, what’s your opinion on what happened to Shakespear?

  • There are two great episodes of this show on tonight at 8PM eastern on the animal plannet channel

  • Daniel

    I hope shakespeare is ok

  • Daniel, If you’ve been watching the program on Animal Planet on Fridays, they’ve been showing the last two seasons and are about to start up the current season.

    We are at the point where the Lazurli are about to invade the Whisker’s territory and are in the process of digging out Shakespear who’s trying to protect Flower’s latest litter underground.

    If you can figure it out, you’re better than me.

    In the episodes to come, her babies are rescued but Shakespear is nowhere to be found and after a while they stop mentioning him.

    The only thing I can figure out is that he was killed, but since it’s a show geared toward familys and children, they didn’t want to show that part. However they’ve shown when babies have been killed before by predators so I can’t figure it out. Unless it has to do with Shakespear being so beloved, especially after he nearly died from the snake bite, your guess is as good as mine.

    Stay tuned and give me your opinion as to what happened.

    I loved that little guy

    Thanks for your comment

  • Ally

    Maybe Shakespear has simply gone off to start his own group. I mean when Tosca dissapeared they said that she probably died. They haven’t said anything like that about Shakespear

  • Dear Ally, Sadly, they said he hadn’t been seen in 2 months. That and Flower changed dens that very day, which tells me that she didn’t want her group in a den with a dead animal in it. She also does that after she has a litter.

    I’m pretty much convinced he gave his life defending the four pups.

    I think they didn’t come right out and say it because Shakespeare was such a beloved character that they didn’t want to upset the little kids who were watching and are devoted fans.

    His little brother Mitch has taken his place as the new hero.

    Thanks for writing

  • meerkat lover

    good article i really love shakes i dont beleive he died at all because i watched the tape of the attack over and over. i noticed that it was a unknown female who was babysitting NO SHAKES!

  • Much as I’d love to agree with you ML, and I loved him too, he’s been replaced by his little brother Mitch in the opening credits and we haven’t seen him or heard anything from him for an entire season.

    Flower’s moved her den dozens of times and he’s never mentioned either.

    I wish with all my heart it wasn’t true too…


  • meerkat lover

    thanks jet columbus

    it says that flower dies on outher sites. because she was bitten by a posiness( my spellin is crap) snake. poor zaphod he’s just lost his mate. who do you think is going to be head gal?
    whos gunna be dominant female of the group with zaphod on her side?

  • meerkat lover

    what happens to tosca??? does she start a new group with carlos? WHAT HAPPENS I NEED TO HER?

  • Having already seen this season ML I can tell you that Flower DOES NOT die and whomever told you she did is lying to you.

    However if she did, Mozart would probably take over. Yousarian was the original dominant male and was deposed by Zaphod. As they are the fathers of the entire gang, neither could take Mozart as a mate, so an outside female would have to be brought in. Tosca would be a good choice, if it weren’t for the fact that Zaphod is her father and Yousarian is her uncle.

    The episodes coming up this Friday will be very powerful so don’t miss them!

    Yosarian will be put on baby sitting duty again and will irresponsibly get bored and leave Flower’s new litter as he’s done in the past and endanger their lives. Yosarian got one of the Yasuli females pregnant and goes to visit her leaving Flower’s pups undefended. When the Lasuli den is attacked, he has to decide whether to defend his pups or just stand idly by and watch.

    Meanwhile Mozart is pregnant again and has her own pups. Flower’s litter is now just barely old enough to go out with the adults. Flower pretends to accept Mozart’s new litter, but takes everyone including her new kids out on a scavenging trip… and never comes back, moving everyone to a new den a mile away and leaving Mozart to make a painful choice-She needs the rest of the family to raise her pups while she gets enough to eat to produce milk for her litter.

    She can’t do that if she has to stay and tend them, because they’ll die in the first few days without round-the-clock attention.

    Flower has forced her to abandon her pups to die in order to rejoin the family. If she stays with her litter to tend to them, she and they will all starve to death. Mozart has been evicted repeatedly for getting pregnant, and she never learns her lesson. This time there may be no turning back.

    Such is the cruel life in the calihari dessert.

    Trust me here, Flower does not die.

  • Ann

    Flower is dead! Sorry to tell you the truth. But she has passed. I work at a zoo and know this for a FACT!

  • Ann (if that is indeed your name) At the end of the last season, there was only peace and harmony on meerkat manor. There is on mention of Flower’s death except from you, nor is there any mention on Animal Planet’s home page.

    For those of you uninitiated with this great series, the show goes into repeats this friday night March 30th with the very first episode and goes through to the end of this just-ending season.

    Yes, beloved Shakespear dies defending Flower’s pups. but Flower is definately still alive…

    It is the ultimate if irresponsibility to spread unsubstatantiated rumors on a site where young readers read about the show like this one Ann.

    I hope your proud of yourself…

  • Ann

    I am sure if you already allow your child to watch the show then you will teach your child to understand Nature! If and when the producers of the show decide to let the viewers know what truly happened then that’s up to them if you allow your child to watch the show with blinders on that Flower is untouchable then you are a hypocrite! AND yes my name is ANN!

  • Unless your a vet with Cambridge university down in Africa-I’ll take Animal Planet’s word over yours

  • Ann

    For your information the “GAINES GROUP” the people who run the show told us themselves! They have been at my zoo and informed my coworkers and the visitors (families) on our meerkat day! So I am sure you will see soon this is true. She has passed within 2 months and show are about a year behind!

  • Ann

    No heart feelings, I hope. I love what you have done here and my kids were sick over it too but this is nature and we have to respect it.

  • Ann

    Very sad news. Flower is no longer with us.
    Statement posted on Animal Planet’s Meerkat Manor fan site at 04:34 PM ET on 2-22-07:

    Fan Site Statement from Mick Kaczorowski

    Here it the latest update from the Kalahari. The crews have been very busy. It’s very hot in the desert filming the members of the Whiskers family for season 3, which you will see this summer. There’s lots of action and intrigue and a new group of meerkats called the Starkies are playing a bigger role in the Whiskers lives. I can’t tell you too much more about them, but just like the Lazuli they are becoming more of a threat, as the Whiskers are forced to search outside their territory to find food for themselves and their family. We also continue to film Meerkat Manor: Queen of the Kalahari, the feature film based on the Meerkat Manor television series. I wanted to let you, our most loyal fans, know some sad news about Flower. Like her brave son Shakespeare, Flower was bitten by a poisonous snake and succumbed to her injuries. She was simply not strong enough to live through the attack. Flower’s life and reign were longer than most and she will always be one of my favorite meerkats. I know she will be missed by everyone. All of this will unfold in the next season, and we will see who becomes the next leader of the Whiskers as life continues in the Kalahari.

    Note: Mick Kaczorowski is Executive Producer of “Meerkat Manor”, has many Discovery Channel wildlife documentaries to his credit, including Senior Producer of the 1997 “A Meerkat Family Saga

  • Ann

    Dear Flower. She is gone.

    This brave, assertive, loving, caring little meerkat and her family have been the catalyst for many people to learn to care about animals.

    Flower was a giant. How many humans have accomplished as much for their family and their world as has Flower?

    I am a better person for having learned to care about Flower. Now she
    is gone. What can I do to repay her? — Gene Gaines Meerkats Rule

  • Ann

    By the way Gene Gaines is the President of “Gaines Group” the people who gave us the great show. So tell me is he to making up this story? Once again I am sorry to be the one to break it to you all. But this is the truth!

  • Good, you can explain why Animal Planet, nor it’s parent company hasn’t released this news. Just as when Steve Irwin died, you’d think it’d be released so the show’s ratings would zoom?

    I’ll believe it when I see it announced on either the Discovery Channel or the Animal Planet’s website and not before.

  • Ann
  • Ann

    By the way it will be in season 3 from what I understand. Then you will believe it good luck to you! Again Sorry for the reality check.

  • Ann

    Sorry for the spelling “Their site not There” . Working on informing you has made me not concentrate.

  • …and some people wonder why I’m gay!

  • Ann

    LOL nothing wrong with being gay! Love life and smile.

  • Ann, as I was not able to find the mentioned statement, I have sent an e-mail to my sources at Animal Planet regarding this issue, and will post their reply here.

    I’d like to see a link to that producers statement if you will, as I can’t located it anywhere on Animal Planet’s website…


  • Ann

    Gene Gaines is the President of “Gaines Group” He told me himself in person at my zoo. Email him he will answer you.

    Try these links Producer’s Statement: – Topic Powered by eve community

    Meerkats Rule Hope these helps.

    I have to say I think it’s great that you have fought to keep out the BS and tell the truth.:-)

  • From Tom Flower, Field Project Manager of the Kalahari Meerkat Project

    REGARDING SHAKESPEAR’S FATE, and made up storylines…

    In answer to your questions, I can reassure you that the makers of ‘Meerkat Manor’ haven’t been mocking up their story lines, in fact i personally have a great deal of respect for the sincere effort they make to incorporate factually accurate story lines into the series. It is not a case of them writing a few ideas down, coming out to the Kalahari and hoping to pick up enough shots to make up what they want. In fact the ‘Meerkat Manor’ production has committed huge amounts of time to just being out in the wilderness with the Whiskers group recording the true stories that occur in their lives. To be honest the meerkats may even do a better job of making the script than any writer could.

    We the Kalahari Meerkat Project, have been here for 13 years and are fully aware of the fascinating little soap opera that is played out in the population of meerkats we study. The ‘Meerkat Manor’ producers have taken on ex-meerkat project research staff to correctly inform them about everything they are seeing and have thus far not included any factually inaccurate stories. In fact, they more than any other film production have illustrated the startling conflict within and between meerkat groups as well as their amazing cooperative behaviour. As a scientist i am not so keen on the anthropomorphism involved in creating and developing the characters in the series, scientists tend to avoid assuming animals feel in exactly the same way as humans, we just don’t know, however, the events are accurate.

    With regards to Shakespeare’s story, he was bitten by a snake and did fully recover to become one of the best helpers in the group, in fact it was more spectacular than was conveyed in ‘Meerkat Manor’. But we just do not know what his ultimate fate was, meerkats are often killed defending pup’s, Shakespeare was a babysitter the day before and Lazuli were in the area. However it is equally possible that he was killed by a predator, dispersed to another group, or was killed by another group whilst trying to join them, we just weren’t there on that particular day. This is unfortunate, but we cant know everything about each meerkat. The film producers were stuck and probably drew inspiration from an incident at two other groups in the population of over 250 meerkats, where a meerkat was killed defending pups successfully.

    What i can inform you off, is that just as much has happened since and will continue to happen in the future, there are still many frankly amazing events that occur in a meerkats life that have not been covered. I am delighted that you have been able to draw as much entertainment out of the meerkats lives as we do when studying them. I my self have spent over 4000 hours observing meerkats, that’s an awfully long time and they need charisma and entertainment to keep you here that long.”

    Also, knowing that Shakespeare wasn’t babysitting that day, look at the DVD(if you have it) and you’ll see it was a female babysitter that day. Since they didn’t find a body, the babysitter probably survived the attack. The most likely thing that happened is Shakespeare left the mob to start a group of his own. Note: None of us know what really happened, I don’t know if this is true, and we’ll probably never know what happened. But remember, we probably won’t find out by aimlessly starting topics like “I SAW SHAKES IN MY TOAST!”.

    I hope this helps for some people..

  • Ann


    I loved reading that PLEASE never stop with the updates. Looking forward to what you can uncover.

  • There will be a MEERKAT MANOR marathon on Animal Planet tonight beginning at 7PM Eastern… Enjoy!

  • The 3rd season of Meerkat kicks off tonight at 8:30PM on Animal Planet!

  • Mak

    I saw somewhere that Flower dies and some Meerkat named Rocket takes the lead of her clan.Please someone tell me that’s not true.

  • As of the just aired episode, that hasn’t happened, however the unthinkable has… the Commandos joined with the Lazuli and have evicted the Whiskers from their territory/mannor and the clan has to start up their whole life all over again.

    Many rumors have come hot and heavy about Flower dying, but so far she hasn’t yet, though Mitch and her new litter are in grave danger…

    Thanks for contributing

  • Sue

    Flower was bitten by a cape cobra and died this past February 2007. Her daughter Rocket Dog has assumed dominate female. RIP beloved Flower:(

  • Sue

    PS-her death is shown on 9-28-07 show in the US.

  • WRONG-the meerkat that was bitten was the dominant female from the Zappa-Frank’s wife.


    Next time pay attention to the episode you’re watching instead of spreading disinformation.

    Because of a lack of resources, Flower was forced a few weeks ago to split the 40 strong Whisker’s gang in two, so they’d have a better chance of survival.

    Rocket Dog took over the splinter group, and lost both of Flower’s pups due to deglect and inexperience.


    “Punk” the Zappa older sister has taken over as dominant female and after a daliance with the Whisker’s splinter group, Houdini went back to the Zappa and assumed the role of Dominant Male deposing and running off his brother Frank.


    Don’t believe me? Watch the repeat of the episode this friday at 8PM before the new episode at 8:30…

    and pay attention this time.

  • From Animal Planet episode guide-see comment directly above…

    The Tale of Len and Squiggy
    After Flower mysteriously disappears, her daughter, Rocket Dog, is put in charge of the group. With the burden of leadership and Flower’s pups to consider, she is having a hard time. Things go from bad to worse when roving Zappa males plague the group, and the pups fall victim to the desert.

    Premieres Friday, Sept. 14, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. Sibling Rivalry
    The Zappa gang wake up to find that their dominant female, Lola, is missing. When she returns, her sister, Punk, seizes power and sets about turning the Zappas into a formidable force capable of taking on the Whiskers.

  • Alswords

    I’ve been away for awhile, and after reading this thread I don’t know what to think. I’m watching MManor right now and can see that Flower is not in charge.

    Life goes on, but I’d like to know what happened to her.

  • Shortly after the end of the last season, the Whiskers were evicted from their home manor when the Lazuli and Commandos joined forces against them.

    The location of their exile was so bad, that Flower barely found enough resources to feed her huge 40-strong family, so she made the decision to break the Whiskers clan in two. She took her companion Yousarian and most of the adults, and left Rocket Dog with the other half.

    Rocket Dog is not a very good leader, and the story has leaned heavily on how the “Zappa” have been taking advantage of “rocket’s” inexperience and preyed on the females, getting them pregnant. Zappa’s Houdini got Rocket Dog pregnant and was set to take over as Whisker’s splinter group’s dominant male, when he returned home to find “Punk” willing to make him the leader of his own clan instead, so he abandonded the Whisker’s splinter group.

    Sue above-obviously wasn’t paying attention when she watched last week’s episode, easily confirmed by watching it (repeated this friday at 8PM) on Animal Planet.

    Lola-dominant female of the Zappa, was the one bitten by the puff adder-now Flower. In her weakened state her younger sister Punk took over as Dominant female. Lola eventually recovered but now serves her sister. Lola’s husband Frank was run off by Houdini and so the Zappa has all new leadership.

    Flower is still very much alive, it’s just that the storyline has been following the splintergroup Whiskers.

    All confirmed by watching at 8PM Friday night…

  • jenni

    I’m a Meerkat watcher in England and have watched the episode in which Flower died. She and the Kats had come across this snake and thought they had scared it away, but as they returned to their burrow they could smell it down the hole. Flower went down to search for the babies and baby sitters and that’s when the snake attacked her.

    Our Lady of the Desert has died.

    Totally Gutted!!

  • Claire

    Indeed, the Queen of the Kalahari is no more.

    On the Animal Planet website there is an update from the production team stating she died earlier in the year, Obviously we are now watching what they filmed then.

    There are differences in the timing of the shows in the UK and the US, that I think is where the confusion is coming from.

    RIP beautiful Flower

  • The new season of Meerkat Manor kicks off controversy as to whether leader Flower was killed over the break or not. so far she’s still alive and kicking, though several who aren’t paying attention, got a false cue when the Zappa dominant female “Lola” was bitten by a viper, and they over-enthusiastically rushed to announce Flower was dead by mistake… She may well still die yet, such is nature, but as of this posting, she’s still alive. See it at 8:30PM EST Friday nights. See your local Animal Planet listings, if you missed last weeks episode, it airs at 8PM the following week before the new one.


  • Christien

    Okay Jet,
    I understand that you don’t want Flower to die and I admit, i was horrified when I saw it as well. And mind you, I did pay attention and I saw the episode twice (they repeat it more often in the Netherlands). Flower did die (and I am not at all enthusiastic about announcing this, on the contrary…). While heroically defending her pups, as described by Jenni above, she was bitten in the head by a cobra. There was footage of her with a bloated head, and then she died.

    I have seen the succeeding episodes as well (we are apparantly ahead here in Europe) and Rocket Dog is now the dominant female of the entire, 47 meerkat strong Whisker group. Zaphod hung around for awhile helping out his daughter, but has now left to become a roving male once again.

    Oh, and in the episode in which Flower dies, there’s also a very cute adoption story…. So it’s not all bad and the episode is still quite enjoyable, though emotional..

  • Even if you’re right, and everything I’ve seen so far says you’re not, why are you taking such joy in repeatedly rubbing in the American Public’s noses?

    In the most recent episode, Flower is very much allive and has reunited her family, making Rocket Dog a willing subordinate instead of evicting her.

    What you’re doing here is equal to intentionally giving away the ending to a very good movie or TV show “cliffhanger” rather than letting viewers enjoy it themselves… like some insensitive clod who announces what’s going to happen next in the silence of a packed movie theater.

    This behavior is tatamount to a childish little brat singing I know something you don’t know… nah nah nah {:^)~~~~~~~~~~~`”

    Maybe there’s an American version that’s different from the European version? In any case the only dominant female that was bitten by a snake so far was Lola-AND SHE DIDN’T DIE!

    If I knew what was going to happen to the “Whiskers” in advance, I sure’s hell wouldn’t reveal it to fans who haven’t seen it yet spoiling it for everyone else…

    So why are you?


  • Christien

    Sorry if i ruined it for anyone, but quite frankly I don’t think I have, since first of it’s already mentioned about 10 times in previous posts and secondly you don’t believe anyone anyway.

    The reason I wrote my previous post (my first one btw, so I’m not repeating anything) is because i read all previous posts here and got quite annoyed by them. You do not believe anyone, not even someone that heard it from the project’s leader. And you accuse quite a few people of not paying attention when watching the show. Those people were paying attention and I, and they as well i’m sure, CAN tell the difference between our beloved Flower and Lola. (BTW, i’ve seen the episodes where Lola and Shakespeare were bitten as well and do wish Flower had survived her snakebite as those two did).

    That is why i wrote my post, not to spoil anything for anyone (which I didn’t do, because again, the fact that Flower dies is already mentioned at least ten times on this page)

    Anyway,lets not fight over this fantastic show. And who knows maybe I am a babbling idiot and Flower does not die. I do hope that is the case…

  • Regardless of what I believe or not, the last episode of Meerkat Manor to air involved a very alive Flower reuniting her family.

    Regardless of what you’ve seen to the contrary, the American public and their children have advanced in the magnificent story of the Whiskers only that far…
    … and no farther

    For you to jump ahead and tell everyone what happens (if indeed it does in the U.S. version)) and ruining everyone else’s enjoyment of the show is irresponsible and downright heartless.

    No one in the U.S. has gotten past the part in the story where Flower leads her half of the family back and reunites them. For you to reveal what happens next is wrong.

  • Jim Rizzo

    I just viewd the ten minute special “Remembering Flower” and I can’t believe that at my age, 58, I actually cried watching this short. The still of her face at the end just broke me down. I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the show anymore. Flower Rules Forever. Your adoring friend Jim!!

  • JIm, what part of the world are you from. Here in the U.S. no such special has aired?

  • Claire

    Just a question – why would you think the US version would be any different the UK (and original) version. As far as I know, the only changes they make are to re-dub the narrative with an american voice.

    The only reason I posted originally was that you appeared to be attacking people as it they were daft to be making things up.
    As Christien states – the facts had already been mentioned.

  • The fact remains Claire that You and others seem bound and determined to ruin it for those of us in the U.S. who haven’T seen the events you describe for ourselves because your country broadcasts them ahead of us.

    A fact that you refuse to address in this forum.


    Those of us who equally enjoy the program would rather find out on our own, than to hear it from a few heartless jerks like you that insist on telling us what’s going to happen several episodes ahead of what we’ve seen.

    End of discussion…

  • Christien

    Claire, thank you for your support. I posted for the same reason you did, to support the other people who were dismissed as not paying attention.

    And since I did, I’ve already been called heartless, irresponsible, an insensitive clod and a childish little brat. I must say, I do take offense Jet. Especially since you accuse me of doing something I didn’t do. I wasn’t the first one to post here that Flower has died, so I wasn’t the one revealing anything. I would have put in a spoiler alert if I thought I was.

    And as for a different US version: not possible I think. \They can’t really keep Flower alive can they?

  • OK, Jet, point made now. By the way, this is an international site and all we non-Americans have to live with you lot going on about programmes we haven’t seen yet…

    How are you?

  • Christien

    I am not a heartless jerk out to ruin it for anyone and neither is Claire. We both stated WHAT HAD ALREADY BEEN POSTED BEFORE(and were thus not revealing anything) and both in response to you saying that these other people weren’t paying attention to the show and couldn’t tell the difference between Flower and Lola.

  • As of this moment, in the U.S. Fower is bery much alive and leading the Whiskers clan.

    …Sorry to disagree, but this is EXACTLY like knowing who shot J.R. on Dallas and plastering it all over this website for all to see, before all of you in Europe had the chance to find out for yourselves.

    As for Lola, you announced that Flower had died due to a snake bite COINCODENTLY at the moment that Lola was bitten and deposed by her sister, so of course I thought you weren’t paying attention, not nknowing how much farther you were in the story line.

  • Chris, it was revealed to me today by the visiting nurse that I had a heart attack, not just a Conjestive Heart Faliure.

    I guess they didn’t want me to give up hope, so they kept that part from me…

  • Liz

    wow…I came on this site to see if I could find out about Flowers well being. Instead I found international bashing and childish behavior from fellow americans and europeans alike. Regardless of this behavior, lets settle this by saying that I live in the states. I have “on demand” cable and watched a special intitled “Remembering Flower”, in which they paid her their respects, stating the desert has lost it’s favorite rose. As much as we may not like it, nor want to hear it, this info is available in the states for anyone who cares to really pay attention. RIP our sweet Flower…

  • Again????

    Not many people have “on-demand” myself included.

    To reveal what’s going to happen on a favorite TV show before it’s actually broadcast is not fair the the rest of us…..

  • To be broadcast Sep 28, 8:30 pm

    (30 minutes)
    Remind Me Meerkat Manor
    Journey’s End

    In a contest over land the Whiskers see off rival gang, the Zappa, but when one little trooper gets left behind the Whiskers are left with a tough decision. And it’s the end of an era when tragedy strikes and the Kalahari loses its favorite rose.

    I will miss her, and had a lot of respect for her, but her death did NOT need to be revealed so long ago as to ruin it for everyone that doesn’t have the ultimate cable package.

  • Liz

    Not so much again as this was my first time here, posting etc. Guess I just wanted to help educate as to prevent further public embarrassment. Flower is no more alive in the states than she is in the manor, nor was she last week when it was stated, over and over again that she was. The info has been available here, in the states, for weeks, so no one ruined it for anyone really, it’s just nature. (and on demand is nothing more really than basic cable:))

  • Upon request, I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen for the rest of this season, but do you really want to know in advance?

    Yes this information is available, but why ruin it for everyone who’d like to find out for themselves.

  • Liz

    No, I do not care to know what happens for the rest of this season, but would continue to watch either way. I came to this site to find out how Flower died, not if. In all actuality, if not for all the international banter on this site, would not have found out all the details of her death.

  • What’s that expression?

    oh heah

    “Damned if I do and damned if I don’t”


  • jenni

    Well, I’m amazed. Just read all what’s been written since last week. Jet in Columbus (Sad dude) All I will say is Flower died end of February 2007 – 7 months ago. From what I could see when searching the web is that people already knew. Your not telling anyone anything if its been out there for 7 months. If you don’t want to know what happening don’t visit Meerkat sites which I’m so glad I did not.

    We’ve finished watching the last episode of the current series tonight in England and all I will after Flower died last week it does get worse!!
    Get the hankies out!


  • Christien

    Without revealing anything…

    You’re right Jenni. I’m in the Netherlands and saw the last two episodes yesterday (taped it). I cried my eyes out.. those episodes were like an emotional rollercoaster to me. This season a lot happened/happens (depending on where you are).
    Who thought a couple of years ago that so many would cry their eyes out over some Meerkats in the Kalahari? I think Animal Planet did a great job with this series and I’m hoping for many more great seasons.

    And to Jet: we both love the meerkats and this show, can’t we just make up? I’m sure Flower would want us to, seeing as she loved a big family…

  • Done…

  • Being in the U.S. I’ll be seeing Flower’s death for the first time tonight at 8:30 PM…

  • jenni


    We’ll be here for you after the show.

  • Dana

    I caught only the last three minutes of the show tonight (in the U.S.) and had no idea Flower had died. I can hardly stop crying! What a loss. I am a born animal lover, but even a non-animal lover can’t help but respect her. The vision of poor Flower hanging her swollen head…I almost wish I hadn’t seen it, it’s so emotionally overpowering…

  • Stephanie

    I agree Dana. My heart broke watching the very end seeing Flowers condintion. Almost wish i didn’t see that part. This show was very emotional and still get teary eyed thinking about the vision i have of Flower in the end.

  • Dana

    Cafepress.com has “I Heart Flower” products, in case anyone else has felt the urge to display their honor for Flower like I have. 🙂

  • jenni


    Have you reached the end of series 3? Is it this week or next week when you do?

  • I believe it’s the First week of November…

  • Since it no longer appear to be a great crime to reveal the future…

    Friday, Oct. 12, at 8:30 p.m.

    Farewell My Lovely
    The imminent change in season has forced Zaphod to finally leave the Whiskers and return to the lonely life of a roving male. Having found a potential mate within the Zappa tribe, Zaphod finds his efforts hampered by Houdini, the Zappa’s dominant male. Despite the hardships, Zaphod is determined to make a go of living alone.

    Friday, Oct. 19, at 8:30 p.m.

    Three Degrees of Separation
    The wide-eyed Whisker pups are taken on a foraging trip to learn about life in the Kalahari. At the Starsky household, sisters Mozart, Kinkajou and De la Soul have fallen on hard times. In an effort to turn their luck around, the girls bravely go in search of a solution. However, they end up looking in all the wrong places!

    Friday, Oct. 26, at 8:30 p.m.

    The Graduate
    A new roving male is learning the ropes at Meerkat Manor. While Wilson from the Commandoes introduces himself to a certain Whisker lady, someone else makes a surprise return to the family. And, at last, there’s hope for lone female Mozart when a dashing young male turns his attention to her. But how long will his interest last?

    Friday, Nov. 2, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

    A Family at War
    In the season finale, the Whisker family has expanded to a burrow-bursting 50 members! Rocket Dog, the new matriarch, is finding it tough to keep on top of everything, and her competitive sister, Maybelline, isn’t making the situation any easier. Unhappy with her subordinate status, Maybelline is ready to take matters into her own paws, but will she succeed in her quest for leadership? Will Rocket Dog’s power be checked? As this season of Meerkat Manor comes to a close, it’s obvious that nothing in the Whisker family will ever be the same!

  • Otis B. Driftwood

    darn you, Jet. why did you have to publish these synopses. you’ve ruined the show for me

  • Oh, okay, it was all right with all of you that all these people revealed that Flower died months ago, because the European version is running 6 months ahead of us??? And since everyone over there knew about it ahead of us, it was okay to publish such a revelation in the comments of my article here, ruining it for us who didn’t know yet… but it’s not okay for me to reveal the “Future” myself, even though you all know it from watching it over there?.

    It’s okay for them to do it, but not me-Damned if I do, Damned if I don’t. Just look back at the hell I took for refusing to acknowledge Flower’s death LAST YEAR, even though it wasn’t revealed to the American audience week before last?

    Not only is that being a little hypocritical of you, but it’s damned unfair…

    And people wonder why I stopped writing on this forum!

    Now it turns out I’m not even allowed to publish a new article about it on my own blog, unless I publish it here first because of some bullshit rule from Google.?????

  • By the way, no one put a gun to your head and made you read them Otis, now did they?

  • Jet, Otis was making a joke.

    As to the Google thing, you’re confused. You can publish whatever you want on your own blog, it just means we won’t then publish it here.

    You could of course write two different articles…

  • RIDO

    In the YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE IT files…

    Maxim just named Rocket Dog it’s Girl of the Day!!


  • Thanks for the post Rido

  • jenni

    The current series is NOT six months ahead of the USA. They showed the entire series in September, M-F, every week till it finished. Think that was two and a half weeks in total. Having seen the entire series, Jet, you ain’t really telling anyone anything in those synopsis that you’ve written, stop being a sore loser, ‘be nice’ please!

    This side of the Atlantic we know what really goes down. See, I’ve said that without telling you a thing.

  • Jenni Jenni Jenni….


    …and people still wonder why I’m gay!

  • jenni

    Yep! Gay and very amusing!

  • cj

    this is like world war 3 it is actually pretty funny I was really just surfing the web trying to find rateings for the show but this blog is now my faveorite sitcom

  • CJ it’s been a long time since I’ve had such high praise. Are you going to share what you”re smoking?

  • cj

    really I think this blog is one of the funniest things I have read in a while so yeah this is better than a sitcom it’s interactive

  • So tell me, do you at least watch the show?

  • cj

    yeah I do every time it’s on i love it that is why I was trying to look up the rateings if a show like this doesent soar it sinks sadly

  • cj

    excuse the spelling

  • The problem with rating a show like Meerkat’s is that it’s shown multiple times a week and is also repeated the very next week prior to a new episode.

    The ratings will naturally be low because different people watch it at different times on a regular basis. I guess they have to take the ratings on a cumulative basis…

  • In addition, since the mob is studied by Cambridge university, apparently The U.K. and Europe sees it 6 months before the American market.

    That’s what caused all the bru-ha-ha above, because I thought they were reacting to Lola getting bitten by the snake, when actually they were way ahead of us and had witnessed Flower getting killed at the same time.

    Now that it’s straightened out,…..

  • cj

    for now that is lol

  • jenni


    We’re Not six months ahead of you.

    You started watching the Kats before us in the UK. We, (lucky folk) starting watching after you but on a Mon-Fri basis for two and a half weeks til it finished. You’re watching it on a weekly basis, that the only difference.

    We’re also on our third(?) re-run of the new series.

    Yesterday Flower died again!

  • jenni

    Tell me what you think of the Graduate episode?

  • jenni

    Unless your having a good cry, I’m waiting for you to write it. I know you’ve seen the episode.

  • “for now that is lol”

    Well I certainly glad you found something to laugh about?

  • Well Jenni, that certainly explains the confusion over what you watched and why we hadn’t seen it yet….

  • “Tell me what you think of the Graduate episode?

    I mourn Mozart’s passing almost as much as I miss Flower. Mozart fought her whole life, and while it’s true that by her breaking the rules it was justified the way Flower treated her, after she left, I felt really bad for her ordeal with the Starsky clan.

    I also had hopes of Wilson becoming dominant male at the Whisker’s, but I still would like to see that go to the rescued Axel… Flower saving his life as a pup sort of was like her selecting him to be the next leader.

    I don’t think Mozart would have been happy with the Commando’s.

  • “Unless your having a good cry, I’m waiting for you to write it. I know you’ve seen the episode.”

    While I feel bad, I’m not crying. Thank the producers for that. So much of the story has vered away from the Whiskers, and the clan has all become strangers to me.

    I’m more pissed at how the Commandos chased off the Whiskers again. At 50 strong, I’m appalled that Rocket dog allowed that to happen.

  • jenni

    I Concur!!

  • Dear God!!! don’t do that, I have a heart condition!!!

  • jenni

    Wait until you see the last episode A Family at War. I’m not going to divulge or go into details of what happens in that episode except that a New Era Starts.

    But we know that anyway!

  • Much appreciated…

  • cj

    even if the commandoes are a tough group how do you lose when you have them so greatly out numbered, and as of Motzart’s passing one would have to expect it especiall after her sisters died, did she even eat after that

  • All true CJ, but Mozart overcame so many other obstacles, you just kept holding out hope.

    Mozart went her whole life defying rules and finding that she couldn’t get away with it without consequences. I suspect wanderer Carlos probably brought what ever disease took them in with him.

    As for the Commandos, I’ve had a chance to review it and I think it was said that a “Splinter group” led by Rocket attacked the Commandos, so there’s a good chance it wasn’t all 50 in attendance.

    It bothers me that they didn’t mention casualties from the conflict. I guess we’ll find out next week…

    If I had to fantasize a good end to this story, I’d like to see Zaphod find another wife, bring her back and they became the dominants of the Whiskers over his kids, but somehow I doubt that’ll happen.

    A trap that we’ve all fallen into here is putting human emotions onto the actions of wild animals who are acting on instinct. I’m sure they’re intelligent, but we could be making more of this than there is…
    Thanks for the contribution to the conversation

  • cj

    true but I think putting emotions to the chacters is really the fun part of watching this show it would be kind of dull if it was just a bunch of meerkats waring and eating without emotion I don’t think it would be half as interesting as it is with them

  • Okay…
    Your probably right, I’m just in one of my “grey” days

  • cj

    have you noticed that every time something goes right for the Kats something terible happens

  • CH I could tell you stories that’d curl your hair my friend.

  • cj

    how do you think they get close enough to get that footage

  • They are wild, but they have no fear of humans, because the cameras and people have been around them filming them since they were born.

  • cj

    yeah that’s probally right

  • …or left, depending on your persuasion 🙂

  • With the birth of the Aztecs, the Whiskers appear to have less and less for a fan to cheer about.

    Mitch seems to have disappeared, like his unkle Shakespear before him, as have his father Zaphod and Uncle Yysarian. Mozart is dead, and the survivors all seem to be strangers.

    While I’m sure I’ll return to next season’s premier (if there is one) something drastic will need to happen to get the fans back, and another Flower is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps Wilson will become dominate male with Maybeline of the Aztecs…


  • cj

    this saddened me to, but the producer and camera staff’s job is not to be entertaing so much as to be informative, and as of the wiskers they will find a way to battel back into this thing, weakened, but not forgotten

  • Let’s hope so…………

  • jenni

    Glad the US has FINALLY caught up with the rest of the world.


    If they (Cambridge Uni) have been studing the Kats for Ten Years, where is the footage? We’ve seen the last 3 years so what about the other severn years.

  • cj

    when does the new season begin

  • Jenni, I’ve wondered about the absence of the usual Cambridge U commercial at the beginning of each episode. It’s possible that they’ve stopped studying.

    I suspect that they’ve only been filming for the last three years, otherwise a lot of attention would’ve been placed on how Flower came into power…

  • CJ, I don’t know if there will be another season.
    The usual stars are all gone, except for Zaphod and possible Mitch.

    Unless theres a real fanatic who could tell the difference, I’d bring back another meerkat and say it was Shakespear with a new mate to take over the dominant position at the Whiskers, or even Mitch or Zaphod. Then film enough action to manipulate it to look at though they fought a great battle to recapture the pups, and reunite the Whiskers at full strength, once taking over their lost territory from the Zappa.


  • cj

    I could be wrong, but seeing as there is no set star I think the crew is going to start focusing on the aztecs, Mabelin is showing that she can think like flower, unlike rocket dog that has led the wiskers into near obliteration. Mabey this show is going to change pace and stop focusing on the wiskers, thats ok with me they are starting to get depressing

  • Good point CJ, however everyone needs a “Home Team” to root for, and this show seems to have lost that.


  • cj

    ya never know, my point is hope for the best, expect the worst, and stay loyal to the show until you know it’s all over

  • Oh… well that was a given… after all I’m the one that wrote this article!

  • cj

    yeah i know just sayin

  • Snowgoer

    i can’t go one day without talking about the Meerkats. My husband laughs at me. i watch it alone and yes cry alone. This season has been sad.

  • Snowgoer

    i feel the music thats played influences my emotions.

  • Ditto….

  • cj


  • snowgoer

    I don’t recall right now but the other day i was on a site that listed many of the Meerkats birth days. Strange but it says Axel was born in 2006. Also not that his looks give him away but hannibal is quite old, i recall born in 98′ so he probably won’t be around to much longer.

  • jenni

    He’s older than Flower. She was 7.

  • snowgoer

    i saw this documentary on meerkats. the guy doing all the filming eventually got close enough to them that when the pups came out of their den for the first time,two babysitters. he was able to slowly crawl down by them and the pups were cuddling his hand and the pups are no bigger than your index finger.they are definitely tiny but so cute. i wish i could have one.feel free to jump in anytime and get the ball rolling here. i guess since the seasons over we won’t be chatting much. i really really hope there will be a new season. i hope that the two seperate groups of the whiskas don’t meet up and then want to battle. that would be hard to see.

  • Otis B. Driftwood

    When I was down in the outskirts of Peru, they served meerkats with fava beans and a nice chianti

  • #163-Don’t forget that we’ve got at least a 6-month delay or more in the U.S.. That’s how our European friends knew what was happening long before we did.

    Yeah, Axel’s probably two years old by now. I don’t know what’s happening, and don’t want to in advance…

  • Hannibal grosses me out when I see him, because he’s lost one of his eyes, and when one of his gang groom him, it’s like they make a point to clean out the empty socket.


  • Showgoer 165.
    Remember that the reason even related meerkats kill each other’s pups (as is what happened to Mozart on several occasions) is because of the limited resources that the desert can provide.

    That also goes for rival gangs competing for the same resources. Groups of meerkats don’t fight each other because of their rival gangs getting into a “my balls are bigger than your’s” turf wars, their trying to just eek out a living in the desert.

    That’s the danger of putting human emotions on wild animals, we sometimes feed more meaning on to their actions than are actually there. A meerkat dominant female won’t allow any of her daughers or sisters to have pups, so that her own have the best chance of survival, instead of competing for the same food.

    If the two sections of the Whiskers meet, they’re going to fight. I get the impression that they won’t be reuniting, because up until now they’ve been referred to as the other half of the Whiskers, but now they’ve been given a name (The Aztecs) so I think there’s some turf wars coming soon, if there’s another season.

    The anymosity between Rocket and Maybeline probably guarantees that, if only because Maybeline wandered off with some of her pups….

  • cj

    I know their teeth dig in like an inch to groom it

  • cj

    if you think about it animals are a lot smarter than humans, we get into wars and kill each other just to do it, when an animal does it they absolutely have no other choice it is a matter of survival

  • snowgoer

    I’m not 100% sure but I really don’t think the Europeans are 6 months ahead of us. I think it may be a couple weeks. they did not see the passing of Flower episode until September so how could they actually be 6 monts ahead of us?

    I also find it very unappealing when Hannibals eye is being groomed. Very Nasty

    I think your’e right as far as there being two groups. It might be better this way. 50 meerkats are a lot to keep in control at least for Rocket Dog.

  • jenni

    Please!! We are not six months ahead of you.

    As I wrote before “Jet”, the USA started watching the new series before UK. The only diff. is that you saw it on a weekly basis – Friday’s. And continued to do so until it finished. We (UK)saw it Monday – Friday for two and a half weeks until it finished. We saw it all before you’d seen your fifth/sixth episode.

  • jenni

    Snowgoer, think I saw the same Documentary as you.

    Believe the guys name is Simon King, from the UK. Wildlife photographer.

    Has been doing various animal/creepy crawly documentaries for the past 20+ yrs

  • snowgoer

    Hi Jenni, your’e right. His name was Simon. Strange thing is I wasn’t even attached to those Meerkats but when the male died from a snake bite I cried. Have you seen the video on CNN about the slaughter of over 23,000 Dolphins in Japan. I cried seeing it twice. You can see it here on the internet. I made a donation to the cause. Are we like numb to hearing about the deaths of so many people everyday. I’m sure i am not alone when I say that yes it makes me feel bad but i don’t shed any tears. If i am watching animal planet and see animals attacking others for a kill so they can eat, I don’t cry. I almost talked myself into refraining from watching Meerkat manor but I know it’s nature and I enjoy the show very much. my husband jokingly said ” I am going to put a parental lock on that show because it causes you to cry almost every episode”. He’s a sweetie and said he would watch season 1,2 which I have and 3 when it becomes available on a cold snowy weekend this winter. Thats as long as we are not up north snowmobiling. I may not be doing much of it due to I am going in for my 69th surgery. I became an above knee amputee 11 years ago after to catastrophic MVA’S. Spent over 1400 days in the hospital, had 23 broken bones. Okay maybe that was not appropiate being were here to talk about Meerkats.Glad I found this site but I think animal planet also has one and possibly hundreds of members. Does anyone here ever chat any where else on the Whiskars? Hop you all have a great day. Take time to dream and enjoy.

  • snowgoer

    Jet in Columbus. I have to say you are built and have an awesome physique. Does it come natural or does it take a great amount of weight lifting? I’m also into working out.

  • Thank you Showgoer, that photo’s about 15 years old. It’s from my glory days long past, that I wish I could recapture…

  • snowgoer

    This is an article I just came accross. Is it ok to do this?

    November 7, 2007, 6:00 pm; posted by Connie
    Filed under Articles, Connie, Featured | 11 Comments

    I’ve avoided writing articles thus far, partly because I was convinced no one here is interested in the same things I am. But Steve’s rankings and a rant last weekend have loosened my tongue, so you’re in for a treat — or not. If the stats are right, and nearly 2000 folks are traipsing through our backyard each week, someone’ll care about my musings. If not, I’ll just go find a Meerkat Manor latte bar to drown my sorrows, for yes, today’s article is about the popular Animal Planet show.

    I started watching the Manor last summer (season 2) and caught up quite quickly. It features a family of meerkats (the Whiskers) in the Kalahari Desert who have been studied for years now. There are dozens of mounted cameras everywhere, even in their burrows, and their whole lives are edited and spliced together for our amusement.

    Let me assign the show’s roles to Bweinh!tributors so you can better relate, then I’ll share a little about what’s bothering me this year.

    The leader of the clan is Flower. In Meerkat society, females rule the roost, but for today, we’ll call her Steve. Steve is a good leader and takes good care of her group, but life is tough out in the desert, and the rest of the family doesn’t always do what they’re supposed to do. For example, poll answers don’t come in on time and she has to email reminders two or three times — not easy with those claws — or clashes are assigned, but only one side comes in. Heavy is the head…poor Flower/Steve.

    Some of the other adult females vying for the crown in our drama are Flower’s daughters Mozart (Djere), Daisy (Tom), and Kinkajou (MC-B). She also has a mate Zaphod (Chloe), his brother Youssarian (Josh), and sons Shakespeare (Mike) and Mitch (Hoss). There are also neighbors, with whom turf wars spring up regularly, named Frank Zappa (David), Lola (Erin), Hannibal (Dave), his son Wilson (Karen) — and Houdini, a roving rogue male who travels around scoring with the ladies (here’s where we put Job, though I mean no disrespect on his upstanding character). I am narrator Sean Austin.

    Last year the shows were exciting. Life was precarious, and death always imminent, but somehow the Whiskers were always able to fight back the odds. When Mike was bitten by a snake, we followed his every move for a week, as he slowly recovered his strength and rejoined the Bweinh! staff to Clash again. When the clan got separated, and the newborn pups were about to get eaten by David and Erin’s gang, back came the rest of the Whiskers just in time! Josh J. even tried to move newborn pups, nearly resulting in their demise — but did they die? No! Was there ever any doubt? No! Not until this year.

    This season, Steve, protecting her pups, went down into the burrow to confront a cobra, and the next thing we saw was a 30-second shot of her horribly swollen, snakebitten face, as a voice over by Sean described her imminent death. EXCUSE ME??? FLOWER CAN’T DIE! SHAKESPEARE DIDN’T! Where’s all the footage of the action? What happened to the pups? Where did the snake go? Did the other meerkats die too? Why the cover-up???


    To make matters worse, on the next show, they chose a new dominant named Rocketdog. ROCKETDOG??? WHO THE HECK IS ROCKETDOG??? It’s like loading up Bweinh! one day and finding a new guy in charge, everyone just pretending like he’s always been here. “Oh yeah,” they say, “That’s, um, Bob-Hamster. Don’t you know him?” SHUT UP! There is no Rocketdog! But there she is, with the stupid collar on her neck. I never saw her before this season, but we’re supposed to believe she belongs…

    How much worse could it get with only two shows left? Two weeks after Steve is killed, they follow with a tender love story with Djere and Karen — and after this, we all needed it. Poor Djere was expelled from the group by Steve for arguing over issues of dominance, and had to find a new place to live; his mate died, he and sister MC-B were chased away, then MC-B died, leaving Djere all alone. As Karen and Djere get together, Sean announces that Djere’s problems are possibly all behind him. But wait! A sudden storm starts a lightning fire and leaves our couple homeless.

    Karen takes Djere home to meet the folks (Erin and Dave). Unfortunately, when they get there, they find them in a giant battle with BobHamster, Chloe and Tom. Karen, being her father’s son, joins in, and Djere is forced to retire to the sidelines and wait it out until morning. Karen cannot sleep, Sean assures us, as all he can think of is Djere, and as soon as the dawn arrives, he sets out in search of his love. Sean then describes the harsh conditions once again, which should have given us fair warning, but enough is enough, right? Nope.

    Djere’s lifeless little body is the next shot. Our reward for the loyalty we’ve given this show is that in two weeks, we lost Steve, Djere and MC-B — and gained some idiot named Bob-Hamster who we don’t care about. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bail.

    Hey, thanks for listening. Barkeep? I’ll have another Decaf Caramel Turtle please.

    Actually, just keep ‘em coming…

  • snowgoer

    Ah”” I goofed and did not read this story all the way through before I posted it. Um!!Sorry to have wasted your time. I really do not understand her point at all. If you do please elaborate. Thanks

  • Snowie, I’ll let this one stay but in general the comments space is for you to tell us what you think, not paste in other people’s words.

    It is ok to include brief quotes, with properly formatted links back to the original source, provided that you put the quote in context to your own opinion.


    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • Thanks Chris,
    I leave it to you, delete at will… I’d prefer if just a link had been posted to the article, rather than reprint the whole thing…


  • snowgoer

    I really am so sorry and it was innapropiate to say the least. I am very new to this and hooe you won’t kick me out. I promise to behave. Forgive me, will you?

  • snowgoer

    Please please please by all means delete that post. I would appreciate it as it is causing me embarrasement. Thank you

  • cj

    august 10 is the new season of meer cat manor

  • cj

    so I hear from my scorces

  • Somehow I can’t see people waiting a whole year for more episodes…

  • cj

    I dident say they were realiable

  • One of the tough parts of this show CJ, is the break between seasons. For instance we didn’t witness the birth or raising of Rocket Dog, nor Mabeline.

    Because they were total strangers who just seemed to appear out of nowhere on the scene, that makes it harder to warm to them.

    For instance how I feel about Shakespeare or especially Mitch. I’d say a lot of the general rejection of Rocket Dog has to do with the fact that we never witnessed her ascent to power, nor the process that led Flower to put her there. If she could actually join with Axel, we might accept her more, as Flower saved is life, and we’d take that as a reason to accept her fate…

  • snowgoer

    It’s also extremely difficult when a meerkat like Flower dies months before we see the program. Then with rumors or the truth floating around,it often impacts our emotions a bit when really seeing it ourselves for the first time. It would be hard to keep Flower’s death a secret for7-8 months. I recall she died in Feb, 2007?

    I am happy to hear they will have another season. Seems so far off.

    Question? WHat would you prefer? Watching a new episode of Meerkat Manor once a week or viewing a new episode evry night? Although I can hardly wait week to week. I think we should all have it set up this way. It puts some excitement there wondering what the —See Next Time on Meerkat Manor might mean. Ya know. The previews for the last episode said something like this. “The army is forming. the lines are drawn,the stakes have never been higher. This time the enemy is us”. I have to say I thought that either meant we the humans were the enemy or we were gonna see the whiskars go at between each other. I know that I could watch a rerun of Flower’s death right now and although I know exactly what will happen I will be drenched in tears once again. Why do you think this is? Anyone else effected like this also. I know we are not suppose to put emotions attched to them. But who says? anyway take care everyone.

  • Showgoer, the difference is that the show is narrated in such a way that you begin to think that his words are the meerkat’s thoughts, and their actions are colored by human words.

    I’m sure that the show is edited to fit the narations.

    I know enough about meerkats, that I’d never want to have one as a pet, because they’d be miserable in captivity, and I certainly couldn’t provide an adequate three square mile protected piece of ground for them to live in.

    alas we’ll keep thinking of them as our pets though.

    I love the show, despite the turn of events.

    Perhaps someone reading this could do a special on the birth of Rocket Dog. It seems odd that a female from Flower’s most recent litter would be chosen, rather than one with more experience.


  • cj

    i think It has a lot to do with randomness

  • cj

    but I am probally wrong

  • Join the club!

  • cj

    Stupid question, what season were we on?

  • cj

    what season were we on

  • We just finished Season 3

  • cj


  • Seems like more than that doesn’t it?

  • cj

    yeah it does.

  • missing mozart

    i miss mozart & flower soooo much!though RD is a good leader for the job. she’s so sweet.I’m glad maybelline is O.U.T.! she was mean and hateful.

  • Well Missing, I agree with that, however being mean is sometimes part of the job description.

    While the producers haven’t given us much to cheer in either of them, I still lean towards Rocket, since she was Flower’s hand-picked successor. I’m sure Flower had her tribulations when she took over.


  • cj

    I really dont know, but I think maybelin is looking a lot more like flower than rocket dog ever could

  • CJ, here’s two scenarios to explain the situation.

    A. Rocket Dog was assigned a leadership role by Flower to lead half of the Whiskers. When things stopped going her way, she didn’t give up, she kept trying, and when Flower came back to help her put the pieces back together after some bad decisions, RD did everything in her power to help flower.

    B. Maybelline was in competition with R.D. for the leadership role after Flower’s death. Rocket Dog won out, but Maybelline refused to accept that fact and wouldn’t give her loyalty to RD.
    …At her first opertunity, she led a mutiny and walked off with the pups and some of RD’s key people.

    Would you rather have a family of Rocket Dogs that try their best, and when they fail to cut it, give their loyalty to the established leader, or a bunch of Maybeline’s that you can’t trust to not mutiny against you at the slightest defeat?

  • cj

    the mutiny is bad i’m not saying it is not but I havent seen any proof that rocket dog is a good leader ( a good leader being someone who makes as little mistakes as possible), at the end of the season finale, after the mutiny, maybelin impressed me, she seems better, I’d have to see more to convince me otherwise

  • cj

    and there is no such thing as a slight defeat in the kalahari

    ( sorry if I spelled that wrong)

  • missing mozart

    I just hate maybelline! People say she looks just like Flower well there completly wrong. I will always love RD and I’l always hate Maybelline.

  • A lot of times it’s the hated leader who comes out on top… We’ll have to see won’t we?

  • missing mozart

    well if your so smart than how did flower, the most loved leader, come out to be the world’s first meerkat star besides the timon in the lion king.

  • As a leader, Flower was ruthless, sometimes heartless, and the most intelligent chess player on the kalahari.

    When you’re talking about your family, in the wild animal kingdom, that’s what it takes, and that’s why we all loved Flower… and why many hated her for the way she treated Mozart.

    but that’s the rule of the jungle… or in this case the desert.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Rocket Dog too, because R.D. was the one that Flower hand picked to be her successor not once, but twice.

    But Mabeline seems to be showing her monther’s ruthless side and stumbled into an opportunity and took advantage of it, along with half of Flower’s family.

    Like it or not…

  • missing mozart who is now forever flower

    Ok you so rong!!!!!!!! Flower is so not heartless because she was only do what she does best… leading! She threw out mozart to tell her that she can’t follow rules you can just get OUT!!!

    Maybelline is just a big wimp! She couldn’t take being a subordinate female so she was a big idiot and left with half the group!!!!!!!!!

    I’m 11 fricken years oldc so back off and stay off my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF?

  • forever flower

    Oh yea you can curse all you want but you just like all idiots can’t take an 11 year olds words so you curse to get an upper hand. So for you I’d say WTF yourself!

  • WTF is because basically I’ve agreed with what you said about Flower.

    If you think I believe you are an 11 year old, you’re sadly mistaken. I hope you don’t kiss your mother with that filthy mouth!

  • By the way, I used WTF, because I thought I actually was dealing with an 11 year old. If not I’d have spelled it out, which I haven’t


  • forever flower

    Oh I am 11 years old. Maybe I used it too much though. You don’t scare me at all and ya might as well want to come threw the screen of your peace of crap computer and make me shut my filthy mouth. You can go on meerkat manor mournful mozart and see what I’m talkin bout, but maybe that’s a little difficult for you to understand and i totally don’t care. see ya soon and hope ya get lost.

  • I’m laughing at the fact that you think you’re fooling anyone but yourself. Apparently that’s all you care about since my article here isn’t about you.


  • forever flower

    oh yea I’m boohooing so much i can’t see. gay-wad. Your so stuck up that you can’t agree that flower died. Yes I’m 11, whats it going to take to drill threw your head to get to your imaginary mind! I only said those three letters to make you back off. My name’s Hayden McKone and i live in Tennessee!!!! gosh ya know what I’m going to stop posting here then you’ll have no one to talk to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good buy loser.

  • cj

    I dont speak for anyone but myself but I have no idea how anyone could miss you, your a filthy speaker and you dont want anyone to talk about anyone but you

  • Good, I figured the child would eventually get bored. It’s no fun if no one wants to play with you…

  • Thanks CJ, but I’ve fount that the more you ignore them the harder they try. It’s people like that that spoil it for all of us.

  • You are lucky I didn’t ban you outright, cj; pretending to be several people is not acceptable here on Blogcritics.

  • It’s not nice to fool with Father Nature! (sound of thunder as you are pelted with margarine…)

  • Mr. Rose, as do others, possess the ability to trace the origins of comments back to their source, therefore I’d apologize to our “Father Nature” before attempting to act Innocent there “C.J.”.

    I’ve learned that our MR. Rose has a limited amount of patience… (sound of thunder as we all cringe in fear)

  • From out of nowhere a cackle of maniacle laughter was heard, as we all stared upward in horror…

  • That’s maniacal, Earthling!

  • If I didn’t spell it right, does that make me an atheeis, an atheits, uh one of them guys?

  • STM

    Geez, there’s bit of near-banning action on the Merrkat manor thread. It’s nearly as good as the politics section.

  • THAT’S MEERKAT EARTHLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Dear God, we’ve been invaded by maniacle atheists that can’t spell!!! whatever shall we do?


  • STM

    OK, Jet, calm down old boy.

    Just a typo!!

  • Captain Kirk: Lt. Uhura, has it tried to communicate?

    Lt. Uhura: Well, not intelligently sir.

    Kirk: Spock; what do you make of it?

    Puzzled, Spock studies his readings and replies: Captain, according to my readins it’s a Monitor creature from one of the stars in the Ursela Major star system!

    Kirk: Sulu charge the phasers, there’s a “Childish Jerk off the starboard bow!

  • cj

    I’m not sure who has been doing it and I dont think I want to know, but someone has been talking in my name, cj, and need less to say I wont be going by the name of cj anymore, not sure what my new name is yet but I’ll let you know as soon as I think of one

    ( it was probally just my friend chuck that was on here, he does things like that a lot)

  • forever flower


  • 4ever flower

    really sorry

  • 4ever flower

    dang here did every body go?

  • cj

    does anyone know when the new season of Meer cat manor is going to start

  • 4ever flower

    in feb and hey who canculed my post! I was just sayen is cj mad at me 4 posten under his name which i really sory.

  • “Kitsy Kat” is also “forever flower”, so I’m deleting their comments until they learn to stick to one username…

  • Any and all reponses TO THE ARTICLE are welcome and gladly responded to. Attempts at being childish, or attempts at just getting attention will be pretty much ignored or deleted.

    as even a child of 12 should be able to see…

  • Kitsy Kat

    Your right, I am Forever Flower. You can even go on Meekat Manor Mournful Mozart and see, though you’ve never wanted to go there before.

    I want to say sorry for what I did back there. Can you guys forgive me……and talk to me? LOL!

    Guess what…..I’m making a story called “The Life of a Meerkat”

    This story doesn’t have any names in it that are owned by the meerkats on meerkat manor. It has names like….. Hope, Jack, Zoe, Petunia, Robert and my very own carlos named JJ. :^)

  • Quote: My name’s Hayden McKone and i live in Tennessee!!!! gosh ya know what I’m going to stop posting here then you’ll have no one to talk to !

    I knew it was too much to hope for… fool that I am

  • Kitsy Kat

    What the heck did I do!!! I said sorry for what I did! I you life in the past them theirs no way of knowing what you just said!

  • Your right, I am Forever Flower-Note comment 217

  • Kitsy Kat

    I said I was sorry! I didn’t mean what I said back then. It’s just sometimes I get mad when people argue with me and then I go haywire. Again I’m sorry Jet. If you want me to leave….then I’ll leave, but I really didn’t mean what I said.

  • Kitsy Kat

    Man it is quite as a stinken mouse!

  • Quite?

  • Kitsy Kat

    Yea! Hardly anyone posts now.

  • If you think you’ve succeeded in anything you’re wrong… you’re just being ignored, and for good reason

  • Kitsy Kat

    Well than why are you talking to me anyhow?
    PS jet I just came here to tell u that I put you on my FRIENDS list but I’m now thinking of taking you of!

  • cj

    I think the reason that it is takeing so long for a new episode of meear cat manor, is that they need to study the new families and find new stars

  • cj

    just a recomendation if your looking for someting to watch lemur kingdom is a good show

  • Dianne Rakowski

    In answer to post #236, according to post #184, the new season begins on August 10. That’s still so far away. I’m totally confused. I can’t decide if I want to watch the show anymore. There was so much heartbreak last season. I think I cried for two weeks after Flower died, then we lost Mozart. That, too, was a heartbreaker. We so needed good news. Oh, well………………..Touche1000

  • cj

    nature is cruel, but in the heart of the cruelty it is grooming the creatures for a happier healither future

  • cj

    I read on animale planet that someone was planning to do a Mearkat manor movie by the end of the year ,its going to be about the life of flower including her rise to power

  • I have a feeling Duane that they’re waiting an extra long time to allow us to simmer down over Flower’s death, then when it comes back it’ll be about completely different clans that we’ll get to know and love as much as we did Flower’s. It’s about the only sane and acceptable way that it can be done.

    Those critters don’t have that large of a life span, so it’s probable that Zaphod and everyone who were old enough to be leadears the last time we saw the show are probably dead (both good and evil) by now.

    I expect we’ll be hesitant at first, but then we’ll start watching it again with the same enthusiasm.

  • cj

    just like the first time

    (and I dont care who it is about just so long as it is back on the air)

  • (groan)

  • …Don’t give me no lines and keep your hands to yo self…

  • cj

    I dont understand what that means

  • Imagine my surprise

  • no.1.mozart fan

    hi jet. im new at this one but have been to many blogs. you should go to meerkat manor blog mournful mozart. i would love to see you there. i have been there for awile. hope to see you there!

  • i know kitsy kat from many blogs too.

  • Just another fan gone wild I suppose, it’s so rewarding

  • Kitsy Kat

    I don’t care if you delete me. I’ve got other blogs that a LOT of people join everyday. Mournful mozart. Beet that jet [personal attack deleted]!

  • hey whats [personl attack deleted]! ?

  • Read the comments policy, Kitsy Kat.

  • Thanks Doc. I doubt if it’ll happen, but thanks anyway…

  • Animal Planet will be running an ongoing special on the Meerkats beginning at 8PM May 25th

  • Good suggestion, you should take your own advice as you have no allies here… especially after the comments you posted recently that had to be deleted.

    Come back when you go up…

  • Kitsy Kat

    When I go up? You mean GROW up? Don’t tell me to grow up if you don’t even know how to spell a very simple word!

  • Kitsy Kat

    Jet, I’ve been waiting for you to make a nasty comment. I didn’t know you’d never come back after I said that.

  • ok guys. i know you hate eachother just stop fighting.

  • The new U.S. Season of Meerkat Manor begins this friday night June 6! on Animal Planet-check local listings for your area…

  • Just a reminder that the new season of Meerkat Manor begins tonight at 8PM on Animal Planet…

  • Well… I guess slapping the label “Next Generation” helps a little, especially when you smile and think poor “Rocket Dog” needs to find a “Captain Picard”. The adventure is still as good as are the problems, but since the beginning I’ve never had that much confidence in Rocket.

    I’d like to see her hook up with Axel, the one unrelated male in the Whiskers that wouldn’t be driven off, and he has the distinct advantages of being beloved by his adopted family, and singled out by Flower by adopting him just before she died.

    I was very disappointed that Sean didn’t come back as narrator, and a fleeting but dashed hope that Whoopi had taken over for him, but alas.

    So that’s what a mongoose looks like.

    I think all in all it got off to a good start, but it’s better to have them going through rough times in the beginning, than to have it all roses only to have Rocket lose it.

    Kind of poetic justice that half of Mabeline’s clan left her, only to have Zaphod and the older males leave Rocket.

  • Well… Meerkat Manor is on in less than 6 hours and kitsyKat hasn’t chastized me for being mean to his/her/its imaginary friend yet…

    I’m beginning to worry…

  • Meerkat Manor has lost yet another beloved leader, before she even had a chance to be beloved.

    In late april, Rocket Dog was hit by a car and killed…

    Rocket Dog, leader of the whiskers after the death of Flower, she led the Whiskers…

    damn it……

  • It seems you don’t have any1 to talk to but yourself. This is the last post to you from anyone that isn’t you.

    – you better leave this up bc it’s the only thing to comment to. But if you delete it then you’ll have know one to talk to.

    Good bye :*)

  • cj

    I like these new episodes, even if they are sad


    Dang, kitsy’s been everywhere. She quit all blogs (I think) because everyone was tearing her up because of her new name when it actually represented her life and I fell sorry for her/him.

  • I believe it was his/her/its attitude and demeanor that caused many of KK’s comments to be deleted here… and deservedly so.

    KKs problem is that this article is about Meerkat Manor and not Her/Him/it.


    She’s back with another name and a person named Mary keeps bashing her but It’s kinda funny. KK’s just ignoring her and when she does speak she said stuff like “You’re just throwing words at me and nothing else.”

  • As I’ve stated before this article is about Meerkat manor not some spoiled brat with no manners. Should you decide to discuss THE SHOW, I’ll be happy to reply, otherwise…


    OK….I thought that Seacrest would be DM of the Commandos but it seems Nikita is really picky with her men. Also, I hope RD will step up and become a real leader and not let her brother be the next Zaphod. Though I love Zaphod to death he just has to know that he can’t mate with his daughter so why run males off. Now that he’s gone Zorro’s stepped up to be just like his daddy.-.-

    PS-Did you ever notice that there will always be a shakespeare? I mean first it was Shakespeare himself, then fearless Mitch, and now it’s the little but mighty Axle.

  • Fair enough.

    The issue of Rocket Dog is moot, as I stated a few comments back, she was hit by a car last March, we just haven’t caught up to the event yet.

    I’d like to see good ol’ Wilson finally succeed at something and become a leader, but since Axel is an unrelated-but adopted (by Flower) male within the Whisker’s clan, I feel he deserves to become dominant male. Unfortunately we’re talking about wild animals that we’re giving more intellect than they are capable of, therefore I believe that all female Whiskers think of Axel as a brother and won’t mate with him.

    Zaphod has had only one role in the Whiskers and that’s dominate male, he doesn’t know anything else and chasing off other unrelated males is hardwired into his brain. He can’t stop what he does instinctively.



    I still love Zaphod. He and maybe Daisy are the only ones I think that are still with us from season 1. I mean a lot of them didn’t make it threw season 3. I miss Flower the most.

    No offence for mozart fans but I never really liked Mozart more then Flower. She was always getting into trouble. People say she had a hard, but I keep saying it’s her fault. If she didn’t get pregnant 24/7 maybe she wouldn’t be out in the cold. I still cried when she died but not near as much as when Flower died.


    sorry, I meant she had a hard life.

  • I love Zaphod too, just as I love Win98 SE. I’s love to see him find another female, and we could follow his new family around.

    I’ve often wondered what happened to Yousarian-his “wayward” brother.

    As for Mozart. There’s no way you couldn’t love her tanacity. The problem was she never seemed to learn from her mistakes. The number of pups she had over her lifetime could have producted a family to rival the “Whiskers”, and she may have been a great leader with Wilson at her side, but she had to keep abandoning them, leaving them to die.

    All she had to do was follow the rules set down by Flower, just once and eventually she’d have left the mob on her own at the right time and lived a great life.

    The problem with no one really being attached to Rocket Dog, is that she was born to Flower during an off season. None of us saw her grow up until she suddenly appeared on the scene. If she’d developed from a pup like a “Mitch” or a “Shakespeare” we could’ve rooted her on, but no one knew her.

    By the same token, by only seeing her mistakes that costed the mob lives and territory, it’s hard to root for her.

    It was sad when Carlos died… you couldn’t help but root for him, because he was so obviously miserable being a dominant instad of a “Casanova of the dessert”… just like wilson.

    … poor Wilson. Can you imagine him having to repeat his experience with Mozart over and over again? He meets someone he loves and brings her home to meet the folks… who turn out the be the Commandos.

    I’m rooting for Wilson, he’ll make it someday, but he’s got to leave his mob behind for good if he’s going to do it.


    I heard youssarian died. Plus Mozart’s pups all died except two, Sophie and spud. I always luved Carlos. Him and Tosca made a great couple. Reble and rover are good but mozart-caring and rover are not so good. RD is a really good leader inside but she has to teach her clan to respect her not Zorro.

    This is more fun than taking about shadaze’s name.


    Uh, where did you go?

    Hey Jet you know Punk and Hannibal? People are bashing them because MM said they were bullies. That is so stupid. They are all meerkats, people. None are more special than the other. Some might be more strong that others but you shouldn’t love one more than the another


    It’s funny because right now I’m trying to post and sing at the same time.

    Uh oh here it comes, *If I could fall into the sky, do you think time could pass me by? Cause you’d know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you, tonight* I luv that song but when you’re singing it it’s kinda hard to type, lol.

  • cj

    I missed this weeks new episode what did I miss

  • That episode will be aired half an hour before next Friday’s new one… you should know that.


    Hey, a friend told me that Houdini from the Zappa died. BTW where did the lazuli, Zappa, and the others gone? It seems MM can only have 2-3 groups at a time.

  • The Zappa were shown in last week’s episode, Houdini died from the mysterious disease that wiped out Mozart’s former clan last season.

    It’s possible that the Commandos may take over as the stars of “The next generation”… You’ll note that they’re mentioned first in the opening credits.


    Aw pore Punk. I really liked Punk. She took over because Lola was to weak and Punk had that well punkyness in her. Have you noticed that there are tons of roving males but no dominate ones? Weird.


    Does anyone post here anymore? I hope they show the zappa more often.

  • Tonight’s episode: Lazuli reappears on the Manor, forcing Maybelline and her Aztecs to fight their way out of trouble; Nikita’s new brood causes trouble.


    Really? I wish Nikita got her girls back. I don’t think she took her pills that morning. lol.

  • I hate that they have a new narrator. I miss the old one, Sean. I hate it now because of her voice, ugh!!

  • For a brief moment I thought they’d brought back Whoopi Goldberg after the great job she did on the movie of Flower’s life.

    This new woman has too whiney of a voice, and I can’t stand it either.

    I agree, I liked Sean a lot.

    Did you catch him starring in the movie “Rudy”?


    I LOVE the new voice. She’s really great. I think you don’t like her because you got to attached to Sean. He’s doing a movie so he can’t narrate this season. He’ll be back next season or season 6. You won’t have to put up with her for long.

  • Jet

    Aug 22, 8:30 pm
    The Rovers Return
    Roving male Wilson, along with his roving buddy Phillippe, go off on a mission to meet the ladies and just maybe, find a group they can join – a burrow to call home. But will it bring Wilson any closer to finding a group he can settle at?

    Aug 22, 9:00 pm
    Home Alone
    With family size dwindling, the Whiskers are the weakest they have been for a long time. Rocket Dog’s second litter of pups couldn’t come at better time. But when danger can come from any direction, the pups survival is far from certain.

    Aug 22, 9:30 pm
    The Darkest Day

    Note: I find it rather ominous that they refer to this episode as the series finale instead of the season finale. I believe this is the episode where they reveal that Rocket Dog was run over by a car last March…

    In the series finale, it’s all out war at the Commandos when dominant male Zorro goes missing in action. And family history repeats itself when tragedy strikes at the Whiskers burrow.


    Hey do you like Maybelline, Mozart, and Sophie? I don’t and I’ll tell you why.

    Maybelline: A selfish brat who didn’t think about anyone else but herself.

    Mozart: Always stealing the spotlight from everyone. She never had a tough life and even if she did it was all her fault. She new if she got pregnant than she would get kicked out but yet she did it anyway.

    Sophie: The one who led the pups away from the safety of the burrow and then left them again to get her family. What would have happened if another gang came across those pups? You do the math.

  • Jet

    See comment 303-there are three new episodes tonight, starting at 8:30 Eastern. This may be the end of the series, and I think Rocket Dog gets run over by a car…




    Is anyone here?

  • Jet

    Only if you have something meaningful to contribute to the conversation, otherwise no


    Well aren’t you in a good mood! I was just checking in to see if anyone new when MM season 5 airs. Someone said it got delayed, and I wanted to know if anyone got any info that you or someone else could share on this blog

  • Jet

    For those of you not “addicted” to this show…yet, Animal Planet will begin airing Meerkat Manor every weekday from the beginning episode, starting Monday March 30th at 3PM eastern, showing two episodes at a time.


  • Jet

    Today’s the day Meerkat fans! Animal Planet will begin showing the series from the beginning two episodes at a time on weekdays beginning at 3pm Eastern U.S.

    If you’ve missed this great series; now’s your chance!


  • I don’t think I’ve ever met a body-piercing meerkat spammer before