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TV Review: Lost – “There’s No Place Like Home” (Finale, Part One)

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Anticipated events start to unfold with episode 12 (part one of the season finale), entitled "There's No Place Like Home", a multiple character-centric episode.

We finally get to see (partly) how the Oceanic 6 get off the island, that the the world is indeed still out there, and that their families are waiting for them. How we got to that point couldn't be harder to see happening.

What I Liked

Back when they introduced the whole flash-forward mentality to the show in last season's finale I didn't like it. I thought it would effectively ruin the mystery of the show. But the writers have really proven me wrong as the way they've presented the whole idea of the flash-forward is pure genius. How they manage to show us the Oceanic 6 off the Island, safe and living their lives, and yet still manage to make us care that the people from the freighter are coming to kill them all is just amazing to me. I think it comes down to the fact we've come to know and care about these characters so much over the last four seasons that any danger they face, no matter if we know the ultimate outcome or not, we still fear for them.

After Frank threw the beach group a satellite phone, the stubbornness in Jack decides, even after he's just had surgery, to go after the helicopter. When Jack and Kate come across Sawyer, Miles, and baby Aaron in the jungle, Jack again – stubborn guy that he is – decides to go after the helicopter even after Sawyer has informed him that they tried to kill everyone at the barracks. I liked the fact that Sawyer then decides to go with Jack; I kind of miss seeing them work as a team fighting the enemy.

Once at the helicopter Jack and Sawyer find Frank handcuffed to it and he soon informs them that Keamy and his team are in fact going to kill everyone on the Island. Frank says that he'll fly them to the freighter, but before that can happen Sawyer remembers that Hurley is with Ben and Locke. This brings up a good point that I have noticed in Lost as of late – Sawyer has become a far more caring person than he was in episode one. He has become the leader of sorts, and he has come to care very much about his fellow survivors, and recently it's been especially Hurley, Claire, and baby Aaron. I think it goes not against the person he is but goes to great lengths to better him, to make him a more rounded and human character. Lost finale style, there is a general sense of the characters truly caring for one another, certainly in their actions anyway.

Daniel offers to help Sayid ferry people to the freighter.

There's something on the freighter prohibiting the radar from working and we are back where we were when the engines were broken, and we soon find out it's a heck of a lot of C4 explosives. Who put them there? Why would someone want to blow up the thing that is seemingly the only way home? If I had to make a guess I'd say Keamy has done it, as insurance so that not only won't the freighter leave without him and his men but that everyone else won't get rescued if they manage to get off the Island to the freighter. Keamy is a great villain, one of the true "bad guys" we get to hate in the way one should be and he has been the cause of a lot of the events in the short time he's been on the show. No doubt he will be gotten the better of sooner or later.

At the Orchid station Ben, Locke, and Hurley find that Keamy's team are already there and already Ben has a plan. He gives Locke some very specific instructions which leads him to "the real Orchid station". What is the Orchid? Is it the reason Mr Widmore wants the Island so much? I am going to go out on a limb and say that it has something to do with why Richard doesn't seem to age. I think the secret to the Island's true power is contained within the Orchid station.

Ben gives himself upBen's plan to distract Keamy and his men is to just give himself up. He simply walks out into where the men are patrolling, with his hands up, and says, "My name is Benjamin Linus. I believe you're looking for me." I absolutely love how Ben has become much more of a good guy, certainly not the evil one we once took him for. It was the sense, as it was with all of The Others, that we didn't know anything about him that made him so seemingly evil but now that we know his back story and what he's prepared to do to help people, he has become a very likeable character, with both good and bad qualities that the rest of the characters have. He might actually be the one who ultimately saves the survivors.

The flash-forwards in this episode are a mix of all of the Oceanic 6 and it was very interesting to see them together off the Island, in particular at Hurley's birthday. Even though you know that things don't turn out so well for Hurley, Nadia, or Sayid it still brought a smile to my face seeing them together somewhere other than the jungle or the beach.

The lie which was revealed in the episode of Kate's trial is explained in fuller detail in this episode. At the press conference after the Oceanic 6 arrived home, there are questions asked and questions answered, and we all know it's all a lie. We find out that they are pretending that Aaron is really Kate's baby and that she gave birth to him on the Island, that they are pretending that Jin died when the plane hit the water (along with most of the passengers) and even down to a detail like it took them a day to even reach the shore of the Island. We now know basically where everyone stands, minus some details of course, and what we know in relation to the false truths that the public know. But one of the biggest things revealed in this episode is that Jack does in fact know that Claire is his sister and that Aaron is his nephew. Claire's mother is at the memorial service held for Jack's Dad and once told, Jack has to pretend to her he didn't even know Claire. This is the beginning of the point where Jack doesn't want to see the baby after Kate's trial. As I always say, I love how they bring up something quite minor in one episode and then plausibly explain it episodes and episodes later.

What I Didn't Like

Like last week, I really have no complaints with this episode. It again answers some questions we all had and raises some more (although not as much as we're used to from Lost), the much anticipated event of the Oceanic 6 getting rescued is starting to come together, and I can't wait to find out how we go from them scattered across at different locations on-and-off the Island to those specific people getting rescued on a plane by Oceanic Airlines. The concluding two parts to season four are going to satisfy all the Lost fans out there and leave them begging to flash-forward to the start of season five.

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