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TV Review: Lost – “Something Nice Back Home”

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Things get personal with episode 10, entitled "Something Nice Back Home", a Jack-centric episode.

After a highly eventful and action-centric episode last time, this one concentrates more on the characters and how events affect them more than the actual events themselves. It wasn't quite the information-heavy episode that we got last week either. However we did find out a few things: that people on the Island aren't immune to getting sick, that Jack gets together with Kate after they leave the Island, taking care of Aaron as well. We found out that Sawyer decided to stay on the Island, Jack is still having hallucinations of his father, and that Jin is willing to harm others to save Sun. This episode things certainly got personal.

What I Liked

Jack collapsesThe biggest positive aspect about this episode for me was the fact that we have gotten another personal, more character-centric story as opposed to the eventful ones we have seen predominantly in season four so far. The writers seem to yo-yo between two kinds of episodes all throughout Lost, since the beginning come to think of it, and I personally love it when this type decides to rear its head.

The episode opens with the Lost trademark of the opening eye, this time around Jack's eye and we soon find out, as seen briefly in episode 9, that something's wrong with him. This leads me to something else I really loved about this episode. Since episode 1 of the show Jack has been the one who has helped everyone, comforted them mentally and emotionally and physically, and helped them when they were sick. Now it was the other survivors' turn as Jack, we find out before long, needs his appendix removed. And rightly so, the rest of the group he's with is there to help; this time everyone is pulling their weight to save the man who has so many times looked after them and saved their lives. There was a general sense of everyone pulling together to save the one man – let's face it – they absolutely need.

In his flashforwards, Jack is revealed to be with Kate, living with her and helping her take care of Aaron. I thought the woman he was with in the bathroom was going to end up being Juliette, both because of how things are going on, as we see it, on the Island, and when the woman spoke it kind of sounded like Juliette, too. But of course it wasn't Juliette; Kate steps out of the shower and she and Jack kiss. Cut to Lost. This was the first sign that this week was going to be much more personal than a lot of the other episodes we have had in the last few weeks as we usually see something event-centric that's shocking right before we cut to the Lost intro. Just by seeing this little encounter between arguably the show's two most important characters it opens up a whole can of worms. Where's Juliette? How long after the court case where Kate got set free is this taking place? Why is Jack fine with seeing Aaron when last time we heard he didn't want to be with Kate because of him? It's the amazing talent of the writers of the show that can get so many thoughts and questions raised by a few seconds of footage.

I think the flashforwards take place a good few months after we saw Jack visiting Hurley at the mental hospital, in the basketball court. Hurley now seems crazier than ever and his imagining of Charlie, amongst other things, affects Jack after he visits him again. We see Jack starting to lose control, having visions of his dead father and being extremely paranoid over Kate and who she spends time with when she goes out. It is revealed, after Jack questions Kate about where she's been (after a suspicious phone call), that she was out doing something for "him". This "him" turns out to be Sawyer, whose fate is finally revealed as still being on the Island, voluntarily it seems. Which again raises more questions; Why did Sawyer choose to stay on the Island letting Kate leave? Who was Kate with? What "thing" was Kate doing for Sawyer, especially if he's still on the Island?

It also seems that Jack knows that Aaron is his nephew, evidenced by him telling Kate that she's not even related to him, which in turn implies that he knows that he's related to him. So is it because he didn't want to bring up a child as his own who he knows is actually his nephew? Or is it because Claire has died and he doesn't want to be reminded of her death every day? I think it's more than likely the former, as he would most likely be able to get used to the latter after some time to think it over.

Claire before she wanders off into the jungleJin started show some of his past and true colours by threatening Charlotte and demanding that when the rescue helicopter comes to pick up her and Daniel that Sun be on it too when it leaves again. Jin clearly knows how to intimidate and threaten people, knowing exactly which buttons to push. Instead of threatening Charlotte personally he threatens to break Daniel's fingers (and of course implying a lot worse afterwards) and this then makes Charlotte pay attention. This little incident also showed that Charlotte has a lot more to her than one would think; she knows how to speak Korean, for one thing. Perhaps I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, have been underestimating her.

It seems a little strange to me that Sawyer has all of a sudden become really protective of Claire and her baby. Ever since the incident with the explosion last week Sawyer has done everything he can to guard Claire and Aaron and keep them both safe. Even after Miles has somewhat proved his "loyalty" to the survivors, even coming out and saying that Keamy and his men are not his buddies, Sawyer is reluctant to even let Miles go near Claire. We saw Frank running out of the jungle and warning Sawyer, Claire, and Miles of the fact that if Keamy finds them he will kill them. This shows that these men are also not Frank's buddies, and that both him and Miles (and presumably Daniel and Charlotte) did not sign up for what has happened. I love the fact that we have got some new allies and also some new enemies. We were then left with a cliffhanger ending when we see Aaron in the jungle next to a tree, with no sign of Claire. Has she been kidnapped? And if so, by whom?

What I Didn't Like

It bothered me a little last week but now the annoyance level has risen significantly. Although I know the primary trademark of the show is the mystery that surrounds it all, I just couldn't help but want to see what has happened on the freighter. We didn't even get a whiff of someone even asking about it, never mind us being shown anything. We still don't know how the doctor ended up dead, why the freighter people think he's not, and why they can't get in contact with them anymore. Are Daniel and Charlotte lying, do they know more than they are telling? Or are they genuinely as in the dark as the survivors? I think it's probably a combination of both. I think they do know more than they are letting on, but at the same time I still don't think they know exactly what happened; how could they?

I am sure we will get a big helping of information from the freighter point of view next week and I look forward to it thoroughly. I am also predicting an episode which is more event and action-centric next week, expecting to see a kind of retelling of the past few days' events from the freighter's point of view with perhaps a "three days ago" mentality to it. Huh, we haven't had one of those in a while.

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  • i love lost

    soo u no how at the end, jack takes the pills, and starts drinking. well in the seeson finale of seeson three, i think that is after that. actually i know. because something nice back home was the begining of teh dreful fall of jack. him and kate need to work things out, they need to get better. i am a total jack and kate fan, and lost isl ike my life, if they dont i dont even want to think about it. i nthe seeson finale of seeson three, it showed jack and kate fell apart, and he kept calling kate, who wouldnt answer. he finally sees her at night and she says “he’ll be wondering where i am” referring to aaron, and she leeves. it is so sad. i need to see another kate episode to no what happens after. i nthe last kate episode that took place before “something nice back home.” so this is what happened. when they get off the island, jack doesnt want anythign to do with kate. after kates trial, she getss of and he does. he wants to see her, not aaron tho. eventually he decides to see aaron and he lives with kate happily. he proposes to her. she says yes. everything is going good. but then jack starts hallucinating, seeing his father. he starts taking sleeping medication, and gets hooked on them. he starts drinking a lot. kate says he is a danger to aaron. he moves out. he becomes pathetic. he grows a berd, and is hooked on alcohol and sleeping meds. he wants to commit suicide. he wants to go back to the island. he wants to see kate. but none of this will happen. and there, thats it. i hope he pulls his act together and gets with kate again. :). thx for reeding.

  • mistie

    It’s funny because I thought for a moment when Kate came back and Jack asked her where she was, I realy thought that she was with Jack, a different Jack, in a differrent time.

    I agree that all the flashforwards ain’t neccessarily following one another chronologically, so maybe Jack gets hooked to drugs (like at the end of season 3) after what happens in this episode. What do you think???

  • I think it’s not directly after/as a result of the incident with Kate not telling him where she’s been etc but I think it’s the start of his downward spiral. I think from then on out things will get worse and just start to pile on top of one another until it leads up to the “we have to go back!” scene.