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TV Review: Lost – “Every Man For Himself”

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I swear I'm getting just a tad more lost each week watching Lost, aren't you? Perhaps I was doing better when I knew a bit less — the days of pushing the button, a strange French woman, and mysterious hatches. I really can't figure the Others out at all. They keep claiming they're not evil and the show has shown us evil in the "good" people stranded on the island.

I can't help but think of Benjamin Linus (who I used to think of as Henry Gale) as being almost the persona of evil. Michael Emerson, who plays the role, is perfect for the part and he can creep me out with a single glance. How can he be on the side of Good? I just don't see it. Benjamin - Evil, I say!

Tonight's episode had no polar bears running amok and didn't really answer any of our past questions, per se. Did it bring up a few new questions? Well, of course. It's Lost, after all.

The show opened up on the camp where Desmond's character is getting even a bit more quirky. He told Claire she should move the baby down the beach as he needed to fix her shelter roof. Charlie, jealous and jumpy dude that he is, balked and Desmond seemed to give up on the idea. But, he didn't give up.

Instead, he asked the still-not-officially-introduced character Paulo for a golf club. He rigged it to a wooden pole and thus, he saved the world as easily as pushing a button. Okay, it actually acted as a lightning rod and took a blow that supposedly would haveDesmond struck Claire's shelter. How did he know a storm would hit so suddenly? And, more importantly, how did he know lightning would strike right there? I haven't a clue. I said he's growing quirkier.

The majority of the show focused on the captives — Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. In flashback sequences this week, Sawyer's past was expanded upon. Again, the flashback sequences were interspersed with the "now" and they both tied together in theme. I'm separating them here so I don't get dizzy jumping back and forth from past to present.

Sawyer in Flashbacks
The flashbacks focused on Sawyer's prison days. He was a tough guy (of course) and had problems with the prison warden. Or, so he claimed to a new prisoner, who seemed to be abused by the inmates and receiving special privileges from the warden. That guy stole ten million dollars, yet said he didn't do it. The warden and other prisoners were sure he did it and had hidden the money.

In one sequence, both Sawyer and the other prisoner (Munson?) were visited by women. Munson's woman was blackmailing him and Sawyer's woman was the girlfriend whom he swindled and the reason he was in jail. She showed him a baby picture and claimed it was his daughter, Clementine. That explains why he's sung the song before. He denied being the father.

He grew closer with Munson after the visit and, dang, the con man conned the other con man. Munson told him where the ten million dollars was hidden and asked him to relocate it for him.

It turns out it was all a Get Out of Jail Free Card played by Sawyer. He was working for the Feds and the prison warden in a deal to get a hefty commission and leave a free man. He asked that his take, er… commission be put in a fund for Clementine with no way she could find out who gave her the money.
The "Now" on the Island
They've occupied Jack with cartoons, but that just isn't doing the trick. The Others continue to keep Jack separate in the dolphin cage while Sawyer and Kate are in the bear cages, as well as working together on the chain gang. Jack tried to stir up a problem with Juliet by accusing her of being Benjamin's pawn. She denied that Benjamin was the leader.

It was all interrupted by Benjamin himself bursting in. He needed Juliet to attend to Danny's girl (as Sawyer called her), Coleen — the one who was shot by Sun in the episode before last. Juliet is their only doctor. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate see Cole being carried on the stretcher. Sawyer chalks it up to a point for their side and says it's a ticket out of there. I don't really understand his reasoning, but that's okay. I'm lost, of course.

Sawyer came up with a plan to use the food/water/music button in his cage to create a puddle of water and electrocute the next Other who came to the cage. Well, that happened to be Benjamin, who beat Sawyer's butt. Sawyer previously said none of the men really knew how to fight. But tonight he found that Benjamin can wipe the floor with him without raising a sweat.

For his attempt against Ben, Sawyer was taken by the Others and awakened strapped to a table, then knocked out with a huge needle of something. When he awakened after his surgery of some sort, Ben went bananas, shaking a rabbit in a cage until it supposedly died. He told Sawyer he had implanted pacemakers in both the rabbit and him. If the heart beat goes over a certain rate, the pacemaker would explode and kill him as it did the rabbit. EEK! He gave Sawyer a watch-like heart monitor. As his allowed excited rate is 140 beats per minute, a warning alarm triggers at 125 and he'd need to rest. It was to keep him from attacking others or escaping and he wasn't to tell Kate. Okay.

Meanwhile, Juliet, against the wishes of her Other buddies, wanted Jack to try to save the gunshot victim. They set off alarms to cover any voices, put a hood over his head, and led him by the cages with Kate and Sawyer. They to called him, they knew it was him. But he couldn't hear them over the alarms.

He also couldn't save Coleen. She died despite his efforts. So, Danny the Other, went out and beat Sawyer to a pulp just because. All the time he was beating him, Sawyer couldn't fight back because he didn't want the pacemaker to blow up. Also, Danny kept shouting to Kate, "Do you love him? Do you love him?" Finally, when she said she did, he stopped.

But, you must remember, they say they're the Good Guys.
Sawyer, with his macho man image, claimed Danny "hit like a girl." Kate realized she could fit through the bars at the top of her bear cage and wanted to escape. It worked. She got out and was stunned when Sawyer refused to go with her. He told her it's "every man for himself" and she should leave him behind. We know it's the pacemaker-bomb bit, but Kate didn't have a clue. She climbed back in her cage, probably figuring she now knows how to get out.

But, she won't escape because that Evil Benjamin was at his bank of monitors watching every moment of it!

Then I got more lost with the next set of events. Benjamin and his henchmen took Sawyer for a long walk up a hill, which triggered his monitor. Sawyer thought they were trying to kill him. So did I. Then Ben showed him the dead rabbit was still alive, said it was only sedated, and that neither Sawyer nor the rabbit had pacemakers. Conning the con man. Of course, that ties in with the flashback sequences. Benjamin says he's a better con man. I say he's just evil personified.

Then they walked to a cliff, which overlooked where the Oceanic 815 crash victims were. I just can't get the significance of that scene at all. To me, all it showed was that there are two separate islands in close proximity in an otherwise wide open sea. Did I miss something?

Back with the Others, Jack had noticed an x-ray of a man's spine as he attended to the gunshot victim. He grilled Juliet about, it saying a tumor on the spine is obvious and that person was in danger. That spine is Benjamin's.

Just one real question for me this week. Why was the rabbit labeled with an 8? It's one of the Lost recurring numbers, but…!

Oh, I'm still Lost. Will I ever be Found?

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  • cedre

    I feel like I am in the minority thinking that the two islands thing was a definate jump the shark move.
    If there were two islands, wouldn’t the crashers have noticed by now….wouldn’t at least Rousseau have known about it? Also, didn’t the crashers walk to the “others”? How could they do that if the “others” are on another island????

    And the obvious question is why didn’t Sayid, Jin and Sun notice there was another island…they were on a boat that circled the island that they crashed on…wouldn’t they have noticed: “oh look, here’s another island…I wonder what’s happening there”. I hope tomorrow’s episode explains the second island some more! Aparently they are going to kill someone important…My guess is Desmond.

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  • Some observations:

    Did the Ben shaking bunny scene remind you of the Will Smith shaking the Pug scene in Men In Black?

    Sawyer has left money for a miniature orange.

    Desmond will soon wear a white plastic bodysuit and be working for the pre-crime unit in 2054 D.C.

    Despite being a nice contrast to the heavy testosterone levels on the show, the ploy of showing Kate’s naked back is a tired gimmick.

    The spinal tumor is on Juliet and after Jack saves her, he will fall in love with his patient. And then make sweet love down in the dolphin tank.

    Like the double meaning for the last names Locke or Hume, the Island is the “security blanket” for having Ben’s last name be Linus. Good grief!

  • Ricky – Another mystery! Who in this day and age would name a kid Clementine? Why not Apple or Orange or Moon Unit?

    Actually, I didn’t get the feeling she was conning him. I got the feeling she still had some feelings for him, though. And, she definitely put him through a guilt trip.

  • Ricky Adams

    Everyone seems to like the con the con-artist “Sawyer.”

    Could Cassidy (The chick who claims he has a kid) be conning Sawyer as revenge?

    There has been some speculation that perhaps Cassidy’s real first name is Clementine, such that when he put money in an account with her name, it went to Cassidy, not the (supposedly) fictitious daughter.

    I am not sure I buy it, but then again, the name is Clementine:

    Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine,


    Something to stew over

  • Ty – I have plenty of sources of material and Ray reads (and writes) just fine. You don’t seem to understand that folks can take the show a lot more lightly than yourself, though. Or even that people can joke about the show, for that matter.

    I’ll say it one more time. Perhaps “experts” such as yourself are not the target audience for the article. I’ve posted it elsewhere and folks are actually enjoying discussing it without someone insulting them.

  • I read, Ty–and I interpret. Jackie used “laypeople” once, in passing. You made it your thesis. Kinda like your evangelical zeal to the forum.

  • Ty

    Thank you Jackie for pointing out that Ray can’t read (or at least can’t read comment #22).

    I am not going to explain every theory, all I’ve ever suggested is reading


    Take it all in, and please, ENJOY THE RIDE.

  • I said “laypeople” first, but never claimed I was one. However, the article isn’t really intended for those who make the show their life’s mission. It’s written with humor, tongue-in-cheek comments and not as an in-depth study of the series for my dissertation, nor to invite those who enjoy calling others “thickheaded” for not thinking the same way they do or because they can’t understand humor or the more casual observers in the show.

    I’m waiting for Ty’s article explaining every theory. 🙂

  • Chris Penarcik

    Ray, Jackie was the first to use laypeople in message #22. She “opened the door” as Ty said, and Ty ran with it.

    Jackie was indeed the first to say it.

  • Ty

    Jackie said “There are laypeople out there watching the show as well as those who live and die by it.”

    in COMMENT #22, Ray Ellis.

    Maybe this lack of attention to detail is why you can’t fully get into Lost.

  • I would refer you back to comment #24, Ty. You have a faulty memory, for such a trove of expertise.

  • Ty

    Jackie said :”There are laypeople out there watching the show as well as those who live and die by it.”

    Don’t try to say that I opened the door to this laypeople talk. Jackie did.

  • Ty

    “Now we’re “laypeople,” eh?”

    Jackie’s words, not mine.

    “And if the numbers are dwindling among the “lay people,”, you can bet your ass they’ll yank the show in a heartbeat.”

    The numbers are not so down that the show will be canned, but viewership is down from the same point last season. The laypersons (JACKIE SAID THIS FIRST, not I) are starting to tune out. By the end of this season we will have a good idea if this show will last several more seasons, or only one more to wrap it for the hardcore fans.

  • Now we’re “laypeople,” eh? There’s this tiny little contingent of minds so infinitely hipper than the rest of us, and only they can fully understand the cosmic messages imparted by the Gospels of Lost?

    Guyana Punch, anyone?

    Do you even have any clue at all what the function of an “executive producer” is, Ty?
    They’re about the Benjamins, dude. And if the numbers are dwindling among the “lay people,”, you can bet your ass they’ll yank the show in a heartbeat.

    Then you’ll have plenty of time to stay in your basement and discuss the meanings of Lost that only you grasped.

  • Chris Penarcik

    Ty is kind of slimy, but give the guy a break.

    How do you expect him to get your tongue-in-cheek comments?

    Tongue-in-cheek does not translate well in text!

  • Ty – The problem is that EVERYONE is telling them. They’re tired of hearing it. And, just because someone doesn’t think like yourself doesn’t make them thickheaded. It’s a rude nasty comment to make.

    If the article isn’t up to your standards of Lost knowledge and you can’t understand a bit of humor, please write your own on the show. I’d be happy to read it.

  • Once again, if you “experts” don’t get tongue-in-cheek comments and a recap written for folks who may enjoy just watching the show, perhaps you should join Blogcritics and write your own articles about it.

    You don’t know what I know about the show and obviously don’t understand that some folks do happen to just watch the show and check on things.

    One of the problems with Lost forums is the attitudes displayed here. Folks tend to be reluctant to talk about the show because self-proclaimed experts come rushing in.

    I don’t believe you’re the audience for whom I’m writing the article. Amd, when I obviously post things like “I’m so lost” – it’s obviously tongue-in-cheek.


  • Ty

    Actually the number of laypeople watching the show is dwindling. Nobody ever told them that you need to be a part of the full Lost experience to get it.

    So they are thickheaded and now just watch Criminal Minds on CBS instead of Lost.

    If you are layperson watching the show, and fed up, then stop watching. Obviously you aren’t compelled anymore. You seemingly have no interest to listen to podcasts FROM THE EXEC PRODUCERS THEMSELVES, and you don’t go to any Lost forums to discuss the show.

    If you can’t take it, stop watching. A few years later, pick up the DVD’s and then you won’t get annoyed because you don’t have to wait like you do now.

  • Eddie Mosier

    Wow Jackie, way to go off, I guess.

    I think the point everyone is trying to make is that Lost is a show that you cannot appreciate unless you are involved in the full experience.

    Yes “lay people” watch it, but they don’t blog about it. Or if they do, they come off as “thickheaded” as you do (not my words, not the words I would choose to use, but you shouldn’t be writing about Lost if you are a casual viewer who does not even pay attention to the simple things, let alone the complex thing discusses ad nauseum in the forums)

  • Skootch over on the couch, Ray. I’ll sit with you.

    Trust me. I’m not “thickheaded.” Nor would I insult people such as I’ve been insulted. And, yes, it is an insult.

    If the level of discourse in the article isn’t up to your Lost standards, by all means, write your own. A lot is written tongue-in-cheek in the article and not all people have the time to make Lost their life’s mission. There are laypeople out there watching the show as well as those who live and die by it.

    As for the two islands, a lot doesn’t make sense about it. But then, a lot doesn’t make sense about the whole show. But, as I said, if you don’t care for the level of my show knowledge, don’t “get” comments made tongue-in-cheek, don’t see where others just may not be as involved in all the forums and theories as yourself… hey, join Blogcritics and write about it!

  • Chris Penarcik

    A key part of LOST is discussing the show with other people, not forming firm opinions, especially if you are not watching the show carefully.

    LOST is the Blair Witch Project of TV. If you are not on the forums, listening the executive producer PODCASTS, and not watching the show with an open mind which is not trying to constantly figure out everything during every second of the show, then you probably shouldn’t watch the show. You are missing out on the Lost experience.

    LOST is not the kind of show you can just watch, perhaps write a blog review about, and that’s that. You need to invest more into it, and then you’ll get more out of it.

  • Rick

    We all know you know about 2 islands, but I agree with Ty: You are thickheaded for not seeing any significance to it.

  • Ty

    My take on LOST is this:

    Ever see those movies where you are clueless for most of it, get a big reveal/twist at the end, and then need to watch the movie again to fully understand appreciate it?

    I think LOST is a TV version of that. Imagine LOST being a HUGE movie of 200-300 hours, we watch one hour snippets but are clueless until the end of the 200-300 hours.

    Then once the series is over, you’ll need to rewatch the series to fully understand and appreciate it.

    If you can’t handle this, maybe Lost isn’t for you.

  • Ty

    There may not be two islands. This could also be a trick.

    The pacemaker could have been a short con, while the island thing is a “long con.”

  • Thanks, Ty. I rest my case.

  • So there’s two islands. Remember the scene with the Others in their suburban setting, doing the book club thing, and then the disintergrating plane flies overhead? I was under the impression that the plan crashed on the same island as the Others’s neighborhood.

    Seems bizarre that none of the survivors noticed this other island.

    Honestly, I didn’t care for this episode as much as the previous ones.

  • Ty

    All I am saying is that LOST is fun when you watch the episode and then discuss in the message boards. Sure those board people discuss some crap things, but you may also get things you might have missed (because people there watch and re-watch each episode several times).

    Your problem with LOST is you seem to be spending every second that you watch it trying to “figure it out.”

    Just sit back, enjoy the episode, TAKE EVERYTHING IN, then go to forums to discuss.

    LOST is popular because of the internet: blogs, podcasts (like those with th EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS), and forums.

    Anyone who is JUST watching lost and ranting in their blog (and nothing more), is not taking in the full experience.

    “nternet forums are not privy to what the producers intend to do with the program–they can only make wish-lists in their discussions and hope and pray.

    They all listen to the podcasts put on by the executive producers. DO any of you?????

  • Unlike Jackie, I have no problem whatsoever with being “rude to others,” particularly when those others take on an air of clicquish superiority.

    Truth of the matter is, Lost jumped the shark some time back.The producers are running the bases with this arc, knowing the only chance this series has for survival is for the Lost-philes to keep generating a buzz about the whole mess it’s become.

    I’m particularly astounded at Ty’s insistence “the forum” will make it all clear to neophytes and sages alike. Internet forums are not privy to what the producers intend to do with the program–they can only make wish-lists in their discussions and hope and pray.

    I say “hats off” to Jackie for not pandering, and for having the honesty to say what we all know in our heart of hearts. Lost is drowning in in its own seriousness.

  • Ty – Did you ever stop to think that perhaps I write things like that for effect? This is a basic blog entry about the show and to get folks discussing it. That’s all.

  • Ty

    Jackie: Just please follow this advice I gave in my post here:

    “Will I ever be Found?”

    Yes, if you THOROUGHLY read through the forums at

    Part of the fun is the discussion afterwards.

  • Ty – Trust me. I know what I’m doing. I’m not rude to others (hint). I blog about what happened on the show, don’t claim to be an expert and raise questions for folks to discuss. That’s what I’m doing. If you don’t care for the standard of my questions or knowledge, you can feel free to bring up your own questions and/or facts in the comments or even write your own articles about the show.

    And, obviously I realize there are two islands. I’m indeed not “thickheaded.”

  • Ty

    Jackie I don’t mean to be harsh, but you cnanot properly think about the big questions (like whether the Others are good or “evil”) unless you understand the simple stuff.

    The fact that you didn’t get that Ben was showing Sawyer TWO islands (when we’ve been led to believe there is only one island) AND the point about Desmond seeing the future means you need to watch the show and take in the obvious first, then think about the abstract later.

    Otherwise, you’ll miss out on a lot and be as lost as you claim you are.

  • Jay

    As Ty said, it was already shown to us that Desmond has the power of foresight in last week’s episode.
    If you’re a TV addict, then why don’t you get your dealer to sell you a starter bag of some more Lost because you’re not jacking up ENOUGH.

    Great episode, and GREAT flashbacks. I can’t wait to see next week.

  • Desmond is the new Locke.

    I predict Locke will die.

  • Ty

    “And, more importantly, how did he know lightning would strike right there? I haven’t a clue. I said he’s growing more quirky.

    Again, are you not watching the episodes closely? It has been made clear to us the viewers (And Hurley) that Desmond now sees the future. We don’t know why or how, but he does.

    Please spend significant time reading through the forum link I gave above. It will educate you if you read the right posts.

  • Ty

    I believe it was Locke’s x-ray.

    Locke is confined to a wheelchair, and might have spinal problems.

    And Ben told Locke that Ben was coming to the Losties camp to bring Locke with him, perhaps to get rid of the tumor?

  • buzmeg

    I don’t believe the tumor (x-ray) is Benry’s. If you watch the preview of 03X05 it appears that Jack is telling Benry about the tumor. This is the usual “promo-ploy” to make you think it’s Benry’s. I’d be willing to wager that it’s definitely not Benry.

  • Semi-random observation about minor detail from the episode: wonder if the 8 on the rabbit’s back is supposed to be an 8 or an infinity symbol? Duh-nuh! (Cue suspense music)

  • Nice synopsis.

    Just one correction:

    It’s Ben Linus not Limus.


  • Ty

    “Then they walked to a cliff which overlooked where the Oceanic 815 crash victims were. I just can’t get the significance of that scene at all. To me, all it showed was that there are two separate islands in close proximity in an otherwise wide open sea. Did I miss something?”

    Sorry, but are you that thickheaded?

    It’s clear that there are either TWO islands or this is a trick to make Sawyer believe there are two islands.

    Before this, have you ever heard anything about two islands? From Desmond? From anyone who has been around “The Island”? THAT is the significance (personally I am not sure there is another island, but that is a different story)

    It is pretty obvious that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer are being subject to psychological experiments: the pacemaker con is an experiment.

    So is having a cage that Kate can escape out of (but Sawyer can’t).

    So is the Dolphin cage crap (Especially the speaker that Jack hears stuff out of, although Juliet quickly claims it doesn’t work).

    “That spine is Benjamin’s.”
    Perhaps, but how are you so sure? It could be another other…or Locke.

    “Will I ever be Found?”

    Yes, if you THOROUGHLY read through the forums at

    Part of the fun is the discussion afterwards.