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TV Review: Lost, Episode 6

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Like Locke last season, I’m having a crisis of faith after seeing Lost’s cliffhanger episode (since the next new episode won’t air until February 7, 2007). To briefly re-cap: Ben needed Jack to operate on a tumor on his spine, Kate continued to try to save Sawyer, Sawyer continued to lay around like a wounded puppy, and some of the free survivors buried Eko. It was a Kate-centric flashback about Kate getting married (what?) but being unable to stay in a stable but boring life of taco nights.

For a character-driven show, it is not necessarily good to find the characters unrelatable, but that’s exactly what happened for me with Lost. I mean, I get some of their reactions. Kate has always cared for Sawyer, so of course she wants him to stay alive. Good enough reason to comply with the Others’ “request” to put a bag over her head and plead with Jack on their behalf.

Otherwise, Kate’s actions made no sense. She’s feisty enough to burn her father and spend her life on the run, but she remains trapped in a cage despite being able to climb out? Kate actually found a loving man and married the guy but then called the U.S. Marshal who’s hunting her down?

Sawyer gives up all hope of escape – after discovering that his heart wouldn’t explode or whatever Ben told him would happen if his heart rate became too elevated – just because he thinks he’s on a different island? He’s been living in the wilderness of one island for some 40-50 days — why not live in the wilderness of this new island rather than remain a prisoner who eats dog treats?

Only Jack did not disappoint; his actions remained consistent with his character. I’ll give the writers that.

It would be unfair, however, not to recognize the strong points of this episode. Kate’s flashback was poignant throughout. When the minister repeated her husband’s words about Kate’s honesty and forthrightness, I winced- especially when he called Kate by a fake name. Seeing how badly Kate wanted a stable life and loving relationship with her husband was painful, particularly when she realized that a stable life wasn’t for her. Kate’s fear would always keep her running, just as it led to her emotional collapse in captivity.

Lost’s strength has always been the flashbacks (i.e. character drama), but the plot (i.e. what occurs on the island) needs to become clearer to keep me watching. I know it’s a constant struggle to figure out how much information to give viewers while still keeping enough mystery to maintain suspense, but Lost is pushing its luck with me in season three. Get the plot moving already! I’ll be watching in February; hopefully I won't be disappointed.

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  • Was A Fan

    If ABC and the writers do not deliver a better series with season 4 they are going to lose a lot of fans.

    If the show fails to deliver next season, I will be one of the fans that they “LOST”.

  • I understand how you feel; let’s hope the show will improve in February!


  • This is the first season that I’ve watched on tv, so what’s up with the show in February? What am I missing about the significance of February?

  • Lost will not air any new episodes until February 7, 2007. This is to avoid repeats, which many fans criticized last season.

    Since Lost is a serialized show (i.e., there’s an ongoing plotline with cliffhangers each week, instead of each episode being self-contained, like CSI or Law & Order), repeats tend to frustrate viewers.

    ABC will air a new series, Day Break, in the interim.

  • Okay, thanks E.D.

    I agree that Sawyer should have split and hid out on the island. He doesn’t know how big it is or whether or not it’s really the island they crashed on. Ben could be lying.

  • 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

  • E.D. Jones

    Those numbers are a sore point for me! I thought they were one of the fascinating aspects of Lost until the producers said in an interview that they had no idea how to explain the numbers and probably never would. That was the beginning of my waning enthusiam…


  • I thought it was kinda explained … those numbers won the lottery for one of the characters, and this exact combination of numbers must be entered into the computer at the Swan station to prevent an “event” …

    The numbers also add up to 108, which is a sacred number for Hindus. The DHARMA Initiative created the various stations on the island, and “Dharma” is a term with an important meaning for Hindus.

    I mean, it’s not entirely explained, but there are certainly some clues there…

  • E.D. Jones

    I guess so… if you are giving “answers” a generous definition 😉

    I’m actually just going on what the executive producers told an interviewer in an interview.