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TV Review: Losing It With Jillian – “The Franklin Family”

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Jillian spent a week with Todd and Amy Franklin in Detroit, Michigan. The couple have two young daughters who worried about their parents’ health. Todd had sleep apnea and Amy was heavy again after losing weight with gastric bypass surgery. When Amy’s business failed she gained weight and started smoking again.

I always wondered about gastric bypass surgery. It’s changing how your body functions and we don’t even know the long-term effects. Seeing how people can put weight back on worries me, it’s such a drastic surgery. I think doctors do it more often than they should. I don’t believe all other options have been tried for every person they operate on. Too bad everyone can’t give Jillian a shot before going under the knife. I think she could help anyone.

Jillian startled the family by being in their house when they got home. The greeting really seemed to scare the youngest child. I don’t know that I would do that kind of welcome again in a home with kids. Jillian immediately took the family to a gym for a workout. It’s during the initial workouts that Jillian seems to get an idea of the family dynamic and what isn’t working.

Amy was the most willing participant even though it was her husband who asked Jillian to come. He appeared to want to pick a fight with Jillian and she wasn’t going to have it. Instead, she let Amy address his lack of effort and what it was doing to their marriage. This enabled the couple to express feelings they have kept hidden from each other.

The couple’s daughters asked Jillian for help in getting their mom to quit smoking. Amy promised she’d quit and buried her last cigarette in the front yard. Amy said she loves to smoke but Jillian pointed out that she loves her daughters more. Jillian said Amy had to find motivation to quit, she wouldn’t just quit because she told her to stop.

I think Jillian could have her own smoking cessation program. Maybe she doesn’t really understand her power. She scares people into massive weight loss and that same technique could be used to stop people from smoking. I quit smoking about a year ago. My motivation was the cost of cigarettes. But I do believe people would quit to avoid Jillian screaming at them. Maybe that could be another area she can look into. She can record messages and randomly send them to people who signed up to quit smoking. They’d press “one” to get a “good job” or “two” to get yelled at for smoking. Just a thought.

Jillian held an intervention of sorts with Todd’s friends and family. He seemed to like all the attention he got for not being healthy. Everyone was always telling him how much they loved him and wanted him around. Jillian felt he liked the attention and didn’t want to give it up by getting healthy. After dinner they went around the table telling Todd how much they loved him. They told him they didn’t want him to die young because of his weight-related health issues. They told him how he was hurting them by not taking care of himself. This was a very emotional scene and even brought Jillian to tears. Todd finally understood and promised to try harder.

The couple promised to work on getting healthier. Jillian returned after six weeks and the couple made some wonderful changes. Todd lost 33 pounds and no longer suffered from sleep apnea. Amy successfully quit smoking and lost 17 pounds. Jillian said the best change was within their relationship. They both conquered two very hard things, smoking and poor eating habits. Jillian gave the family money for the girls’ college funds. Just like last week, she didn’t say how much she gave them.

This was one of the better episodes, though I did miss Jillian screaming. The fans not only tune in to see a softer side of Jillian but we also like her scary side. I think she can cry and scream in the same episode, tough yet tender works. She didn’t scream in this episode because she refused to fight with Todd who was baiting her. I would have loved to see her confront him but I don’t get to make those decisions.

They billed this show as a softer side of the tough trainer from The Biggest Loser. She hasn’t been any more emotional than on the other show, plus she yelled less. I really enjoy this show but it’s like Jillian was talking about a whole different program during her promotional interviews. She didn’t cry more than the families. Some fans were looking for that compassion — it was there but not at the levels Jillian described. I would have liked more yelling, scary Jillian is entertaining. There is only one episode left this season, I can’t wait to hear it’s been renewed.

As I mentioned last week Jillian has been having contests to give away her weight loss products. She’s given away books and DVDs leading up to a cabin on her workout cruise. This week’s winner will get a lifetime membership to her website. I love that she is having these contests, she’s giving those who can’t afford the items a chance to get healthy too. Bravo, Jillian!

Next week is the season finale so be sure to tune in! Losing It With Jillian airs Tuesdays on NBC at 9pm EST.

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  • Ruthie

    Jamie is correct the time is wrong in the article…I misunderstood what she was saying…8pmEST Tuesday night. 7central

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Jill…They do have a team of professionals working with Jillian..Dr. Herle is shown at that start of the show.
    Thanks for posting.

  • JILL T.

    I know I need to tune in to the show! But I’m hoping they have a host of therapist on hand for Jillian to consult with! Seems like Jillian does try and get to the real issues— hopefully the people (who have the weight problem)continue to or are incourage by Jillian and staff to maintan weight therapy of some sort-after Ms. JM walks out the door!! Good Article Ruthie!

  • Ruthie

    Hi Jaime…thanks for posting..the time listed above is for EST not central time. 9pm EST but as you stated 8pm central.

  • jaime

    Hi all. I saw there was a mistake with the shows tune in time above. It’s on at 8/7 central. Not on at 9.

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Marie..glad you had a chance to see the whole show…next week is the season finale…I hope we hear soon the show has been picked up for another season. Thanks for your supportive comment!

  • Marie

    I actually got to sit and watch the whole show and I really enjoyed it. I love your articles Ruthie they help lots when I don’t get to see the show. 🙂