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TV Review: Losing It With Jillian – The Northern Family

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This week Jillian rolled into Goodlettsville, Tennessee to help the Northern family — father Patrick, mom Kim, and 12-year-old twins Ameer and Ameera. Patrick lost his job and his passion for life, leaving everything to Kim, which has been taking a toll on her. Both parents are overweight and the kids fear they will die and leave them all alone.

Jillian was watching the family eat lunch from a camera in her car. She was angered by what she saw and called them out on it. She met the family to work them out and yelled at them about knowing the food they were eating was bad for them but eating it anyway. After the initial workout she went home with them and threw out the leftovers.

As the workouts started, piles of emotional baggage started to fall away. Kim fell apart feeling like she was alone since Patrick lost his job and distanced himself from the family. Patrick felt like he let his family down by losing his job. The couple came together and promised to support each other through this difficult time and help each other get healthy. With our current unemployment rate I think this episode probably hit home for a lot of viewers. Feelings of loss and disappointment do often lead to emotional eating and inevitably weight gain.

Jillian set the family up on her website so they will get meal plans and daily exercises designed just for them. It looks like it would be awesome to be a member. They are currently running a free month trial membership. You do have to provide a credit card which is charged automatically if you don't cancel your membership after the trial period is up. I'd forget to cancel it. Even if people can't afford to continue after the trial, I think it will probably help them get on the right path; this is Jillian we're talking about!

Jillian asked the family to set weight loss goals. Kim said she would lose 20 pounds but Jillian changed it to 40. Patrick said he's lose 60 pounds. Jillian said that was a big goal but Patrick said he could do it. Eight weeks later Jillian went back to check on the family. Kim reached her goal plus one as did Patrick. They both looked wonderful and the kids were so happy; they no longer feared losing their parents because of poor health. Patrick found a job during this time and the family was back on track.

Jillian's site gave the family $50,000. I can't complain about that this week since they are also giving everyone a free month trial too. If people pay attention and keep good records for those free weeks it could very well get them on the path to health. Again, I say I wish those who can't afford it could get real memberships but this is a start. So I'll keep my complaints down to a low growl.

I don't have my usual passion this week due to a death of one my dogs and the arrival of an abused puppy — I'm exhausted. I do love this show and think Jillian is amazing (she is also an animal advocate). You can tell she really becomes involved with the families and cares about each one of them. Be sure to tune in every Tuesday night on NBC at 8pm EST.

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