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TV Review: Losing It With Jillian Michaels

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We know Jillian Micheals as a trainer from NBC's popular weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. Now she has her own show, Losing It with Jillian Michaels. No longer on a weight loss campus, she now moves in with families in crisis.

Jillian is loud and at times in-your-face scary but she gets the job done. She helps people take control of their weight and their lives. She guides them in making the necessary dietary changes and at times cries with them as they face the emotional pain keeping them from reaching their goals.

It is important to note there is a doctor that works with the family as well, to make sure they can exercise safely and understand what their health problems and risks are when the challenge begins. Anyone starting a weight loss program should talk to their doctor first.

This isn't the Jillian we are used to seeing. She still yells and calls people out. But she also seems to invest a lot of herself emotionally. We are used to the tough side (which we still see in her new show) but we also get glimpses of a more tender side of Jillian. She cried with the family as they spoke about the death of one of their children, something they hadn't been able to speak about since his death several years earlier.

At the end of the week each family member sets a weight loss goal, then Jillian says a tearful goodbye. She returns six weeks later to see how everyone did. With this debut episode the family succeeded and in some cases exceeded their set goals. I hope this show is on for many season to come. With the obesity rate in our country we need this show. I think it will help others take a closer look at their own lives and make the necessary changes for a healthier future. It is so much easier to relate to this show than any other weight loss focused series. Seeing regular families in their own homes reaching weight loss goals makes it all seem more attainable for the average person.

The only time I felt uncomfortable came when Jillian did a little self-promotion for her website. Her website provided a honeymoon for one of the family members, a generous thing to do. But it felt a little too self-serving; it's not free to join her site. It would have been better to just put the sponsor info on the credits or just say the gift was from her and not her website. This is the only time I cringed — it felt like they took a beautiful moment and turned it into an infomercial.

Overall, I love this new show. I'm not as afraid of Jillian now. She is someone I would want as a friend. She still scares me but think I could handle it. I predict great success for this show and a newfound popularity for Jillian Michaels.

Losing It With Jillian Michaels airs on NBC Tuesday nights at 8pm.

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  • Ruthie

    Jillian posted on Twitter that it looks like NBC wants to keep the show at 10pm instead of 8pm…keep an eye on your local listings so you don’t miss it.

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Connie…I hope TPTB are hearing us and keep this series going for several seasons.

  • Connie

    Great review! I agree right down the line. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Found some inspiration and ideas to apply to my own weight loss efforts. Jillian is a gem!

  • Ruthie

    Thanks Marie and J.T
    I like the Jillian toughness when it comes to weightloss. I think this show will make those who are on the fence about her come around to her side now that they get to see more about her other than just the yelling.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts 🙂

  • Ruthie

    Michelle, I think the drama is what makes the show different from say Biggest Loser..we get to know more about the people how they live and what makes them tick on this show and more about Jillian. More diet and exercise would make it just another Biggest Loser home edition…But thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • J.T.

    I really enjoy reading your reviews! Keep them coming!

  • Marie

    Great review. Jillian needs to lighten up a bit but overall a good show.

  • michelle

    overall good show but a little too much drama & crying & not enough diet & exercise information

  • Ruthie

    Rachel, for instructions on how to be considered for Jillian’s show. Good luck!

  • rachel

    jilian i need your help