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TV Review: Life Unexpected Ended Unexpectedly

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It seems like not that long ago (last April 13th, actually) when I wrote a fond farewell to what I was sure would be Life Unexpected‘s series finale. Thrilled that the CW gave the little show a second season this year, though it was renewed well after last spring’s finale, so we were left hanging for quite awhile, I find myself with mixed feelings that the show is gone for good. Ok, it’s not officially canceled, but it might as well be. Kudos to the network for allowing a second chance, but the ending, while plenty tear inducing, also left me frustrated, more for what it didn’t show than what it did. As such, I will be focusing this review on the final moments of the show, rather than the whole series, whole season, or even the whole episode.

The big news, of course: Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) ended up with Cate (Shiri Appleby). How could you not cry when Lux (Brittany Robertson) interrupted their make-out session to call them (for the first time seen on screen) Mom and Dad? Of course it was the dream of every child who grew up without parents, or parents being together. This was also the dream of many fans of the show, not counting myself among them. Yes, I longed for that in season one. But Baze was moving on in season two, and Ryan (Kerr Smith) was so well fleshed out as a likable character… It seemed more realistic that Cate would stay with Ryan.

I praised the show the first time around for doing the unexpected, ending with Cate marrying Ryan. Cate and Ryan were just so invested in each other, that even after their marital problems this year, I was not happy to see them broken up. It seriously tainted the moment. Had the show been given another two seasons, as the final few moments were set two years in the future, I could easily see Ryan having left Cate to raise his baby with Julia (Jamie Ray Newman, Drop Dead Diva, Eureka) in a more natural way. Plus, it would have helped their radio careers to have them fight a lot and eventually divorce, but stay on the show. Or even not fight too much, as they seemed to still care for each other, and Ryan stayed in Lux’s life, as he should have. But as Julia had barely been seen up to this point, it bothered me immensely. It was just too abrupt.

Baze, like Cate, also had another love interest, in the form of Emma (Emma Caulfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gigantic). It broke my heart when he ended things with her. I totally understand. I knew finding out that she had had a four year affair with Baze’s father, Jack (Robin Thomas), would end things between them. How could it not? As such, I blame the writers for ruining such a perfect pairing with that twist. On the other hand, the couple got really serious, really quickly, and had the show continued, I guess it would have been a bit boring for Baze to settle down with a woman so quickly. Not for me, but for most viewers, who like the on again-off again stories. Still, I missed Emma in that ending.

Another option for Baze, and the one I thought was happening at first, was having him end up with Alice (Erin Karpluk), who was almost absent from this season entirely, but managed to be in the end. When I saw a pregnant Alice sitting next to Baze, I assumed she was his happy ending. It made sense. She was sweet, pretty, and recently divorced before the jump forward. Sure, since she wasn’t with Baze, I am glad she was with Math (Austin Basis). Math is the epitome of a nice guy, and his unluckiness in love has been disheartening. I don’t wish to take away from his happy ending by complaining. I’m just very unsettled by the whole last minute Cate – Ryan split, and that has influenced my whole opinion of the end.

The other thing I had hoped for was the return of Eric (Shaun Sipos). As someone in the teaching world, I was disgusted by the Lux dating a teacher arc. But I also saw how they came together, completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong, and it hurt my heart a bit, too. Eric was good for Lux, and I had hoped he might return after she became legal age. Unlike the other relationship jumps, I’m fine with Lux ending up with Jones (Austin Butler), even though he had been dating Tasha (Ksenia Solo). Jones was the ultimate symbol of how Lux had been healed emotionally.

I also wish for another season so I could see Lux fall in and out of love with Sam (Landon Liboiron) before she settled on Jones, as that was clearly being set up before the finale. She had some more healing to do, and Sam would have helped that process along, being a good choice for the damaged Lux, but on the road to healing himself from his parents’ broken home, he could have taken her with him. Sam’s continued presence would have kept Emma around long enough for Baze to try to get past her past, if he ever could, which is doubtful, but how I hoped it would go.

Happy endings were also given to Jack, who was at the graduation sitting behind Baze, presumably with their relationship once again on the mend, and Jamie (Reggie Austin), who had almost disappeared from the show in season two. I felt like Kelly (Amy Price-Francis), similar to Sam, lost a good ending because of the pressures of wrapping up the show. Paige (Arielle Kebbel) was even more cheated, as she had been worked fairly prominently into this second season, just to go missing in the final couple of episodes.

Life Unexpected wasn’t always consistently top notch, often (especially in its sophomore year) falling to cheese or what seemed like too much drama. However, it was also often heart warming, and I will miss it.

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  • rhi

    THE ENDING HAS PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH! cate and ryan belonged together and that girl with the kid, omg, I cannot stress enough how annoyed I am

  • K

    I mean its like I invested so much time into this program and it wasn’t even that good and I know it wasn’t even that good but I kept watching it anyway.. and then it got to the end and everything suddenly changed and I just ended up sitting on my bedroom floor shouting at my laptop and crying into my knees. I never expected to get so attached to the characters. it wasn’t even a good program anyway so why are my eyes literally still watering?!
    I need answers…

  • melissa

    I hated the ending HATED it. Why couldnt ryan and cate stay together and cate and ryan just pay someone to carry their child? Ugh. I loved the show was soooo addicted to it. Just wish it didnt end so abruptly or like that. I hate that chick for sleeping with ryan and then finding out she was pregnant and two years later ryan and her together?!?!?! Seriously. I am so upset. Lol sorry but I am glad someone agrees

  • Kelsey Engman

    Life Unexpected i Found It On Netflix and I Watched It And Loved It. You Should BriNg It Back And Do It With Lux In ColLege and Falling In Love To Get Married.

  • Steambath

    I just found this on Netflix and em hear broken its over!! Any way to get the show back?? I love this show!

  • Myason

    For some reason I feel cheated by how this show ended. I just found it on Netflix and watched all 26 episodes over the weekend and was really enjoying it only to have it end the way it did. I found that it left a lot of things unanswered and even though they ended it with it being 2 years forward, I would love to have seen what became of Paige, Eric and how Baze got back on his feet with the bar; oh, and WOW, to know exactly what happened after Cate let Ryan know about Julia and the baby. Like I said, it left too many unanswered questions.

  • Hodgens

    I agree with the fact that some characters got cheated. Sam for example I mean we never find out what happened to him. If he and Lux ever became friends. Its like he just left seeing as he missed out on the last couple of episodes. This just annoys me. I dont think they should have made it 2 years forward because there were too many things we wanted know and see. And seeing what happened after 2 years wasnt the best idea. Because i would’ve liked to see what had happened to everyone.

  • doobie

    What I don’t get though is LUX being the valedictorian. Wasn’t she failing her sophomore year?

  • Tbf

    I didnt know this show was on CW other wise i would have watched it. Me and my friend found in on netflix and just in love with it. I wish they did a 3rd serious it just ended so fast.

  • busymom

    I just found this show on next flix and was very sad when I found out it was the last episode. I really enjoyed the show watched the whole 2 seasons in 3 days around my busy schedule of working and taking care of 4 kids wish the series was longer.

  • Carly

    i hope they make more season then justb to i was put in forther careand i just love this show soo much

    • Steambath

      I want another season!! Any way to get it back??

  • John


  • Leah

    Wow Jack you are 100 percent right with this one. I felt that the build up of Eric’s love for her was enticing and the fact that they just switched courses and made him out to be an antagonist really annoyed me as a viewer. He was one of my favourite characters BECAUSE of the way THEY portrayed him throughout the second season, not just because I pick favourites. How they just ended that really disappointed me!

  • Jessica

    Life Unexpected was the only show on CW that was relatable and a feel good family show that contained a unique plot. It is very disappointing the CW couldn’t keep this show because I got way to into it, it felt like reading an excellent book but missing the last five chapters. I hope by some miracle it returns to any channel because it is by far my favourite show and there was only 26 episodes. I feel the way they wrapped it up was to quick and didn’t settle the relationships properly (between Lux and Eric OR Base and kate etc.) PLEASE BRING IT BACK IT WAS AMAZING.

  • Debby

    i loved this show it seem real to me i had a life some what like hers and i would have like to see another season

  • Sydney

    Well, first off i think the show was already running on borrowed time from the beginning the fact the show never got a full season wasn’t a good sign. Also i felt at times the show didn’t have a direction of where it was going and i agree a lot of the ending didn’t seem to make sense because were not sure how they got their or how these characters even knew each other. I also thought the writting was compleling enough to keep the audience interested which is why the ratings were so bad.
    I always thought cate and baz were the end game but it was confusing since in season two both baz and cate to to have no interest in each other. If i was to guess this had to have happened after ryan returned to juliet i think if the writers let us see that conversation between cate and ryan about julia and her baby then maybe we could have seen his reaction and how it lead to this. The way it has been played is the both settled for each other then being wih the person they wanted.
    Julia and ryan since we never really saw julia or heard much it is hard to know anything here.
    lux and jones this was the only one that made sense and that one small scene they had on the basketball court made them ending up together make sense. She didn’t feel worthy of someone like him which is why she rejected but this wasn’t that unexpected during season one jones said to her that at some point they would be together even if it wasn’t today. All and all i think the writing was that great and it never reallly developed a lot of the characters or allowed the audience to connect with the show so i am not that suprised it ended.

  • Michelle

    Oh and having Lux call Baze and Cate Mom & Dad was a really great moment, without a doubt. I think what bothered me most about the ending was that throughout the show they seemed to support the idea of unconventional families and yet in the end they went all out conventional with everyone. As if everything had to be so need and tidy. If I and ended the show it would have been Lux single, Jones and Tasha still together, Cate and Ryan together but he maintained a relationship with the child he fathered with Julia and them all being amicable. Baze with Alice. Math with Lux’s Social Worker because I think they share similar values at their core and both obviously want to make the difference in the life of a child. Bases other friend/roommate I have no idea but its not as if you need to pair up everyone. And I think it would have been fun to set Paige up with another woman, a fun little twist with a character who was far from conventional.

    • parker

      I completely agree. Well Math should have been with someone the viewers dont know to make it more realistic. But everything else especially cate with ryan I agree with. Also lux should have been single so she could meet someone new in college or maybe end up later with erick since they built up his and lux’s relationship and just threw it away in the last 2 episodes.

  • Michelle

    I discovered this series n Netflx and found out part way through watching the first season that it was only 2 seasons. I went back and forth wanting Cate with Baze apor Ryan but in the end I felt Ryan made more sense and I really liked his character, no more or less than Baze. I always suspected Julia was lying to him and that she really was pregnant so I saw that coming right away. But as things were coming to an end I thought he would stay with Cate and still have a relationship with the child he fathered with Julia. When I saw Cate sitting between Baze and Ryan but Baze affectionately touch Alice’s belly I thought they had ended up together and I thought they seemed like a good fit. I liked Jones more as a best guy friend for Lux than a love interest, I love him but I feel like in someways a guy who is just your friend can invaluable and so rare, and it made it feel like Tasha was nothing more than a consolation prize and she deserved more than that. So in a lot of respects I was disappointed but I was often pulled in different directions with this show and the ending was no different. Everyone looked happy, truly happy and grounded, no longer a twisted mess, so I was happy for the happy ending they deserved. I also would have liked a shot of Eric in the distance smiling on seeing Lux happy and at peace. So I will just assume he was there and they just didn’t reveal it. ;). At times I was very pissed off with the never ending crises and the characters never learning from their mistakes, which I guess is another way of saying the writing sometimes pissed me off. :). That being said, I watched both seasons over the course of less than one week so I guess you can say they hooked me from beginning to end.

    • parker

      It annoyed me how often the characters lied. They lied in every single episode and then they would blow it up in their own faces and act surprised and blame another person. But I did like the show, I liked the plot of the show and the characters even with its flaws. Most if the time I will admit I did not like cate.

  • CB

    I *just* found this series on Netflix, and am so sad it was cancelled before its time! Few shows hook me from the get go like this one did. Loved the characters, loved the love triangles, loved the acting and the actors. Kris Polaha could sweet talk a stone, he’s so smooth, and Britt Robertson could not be more magnetic if she tried (or more beautiful – I will miss those adorable dimples). This show had everything going for it, including that magical quality that makes you wonder how in the world it didn’t make it when so much pure rubbish does.

  • Yo Mama


  • guilou0875

    That Lux is getting on my nerves, lies …and more lies, drama, depressing, I want less of her in the show!!!!!!!

  • Nour

    Thank you for the great review! I completely agree with the Kate and Ryan situation. It hurt to see that after a season full of effort to be together, they’re not together in the last minutes of the season finale. In reality, a group of people with that much history could have never taken a group photo without any tension. I find that the ending was exaggerated a little. The show could make sense out of those two last minutes if right after the photo we could see some tension between them, for example the Tasha Jones Lux triangle, the Baze Kate Ryan triangle and the Julia Ryan Kate triangle. The show made out the characters to appear complex over the past two seasons, how could they suddenly be at peace with each other? A third season is definitely needed for more explanation!

  • tausha

    GOSH I AM SOOOO SAD THAT THIS SHOW IS OVER< I WANTED IT TO GO ONE FOREVER...I love this show so much more then any of the others.. it felt like real life stuff you know... i just wish they would give it another chance... i think now that baze and cate ended up togeather like i knoe everyone really wanted , the show will pick up... Gosh i am sooo mad that they got me liking this show and they just take it away like that....its crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING LIFE UNEXPECTED BACK

  • Kerri

    My problem with the ending was that Ryan fought so hard in the last episode to get Cate back on the air (and their relationship), only to run back to Julia. It just didn’t feel right and that was the only part of the finale that left a bad taste in my mouth…. I really liked this show (after seeing it air on E4 in the UK) and sad that its been cancelled.

  • Katy

    I agree, i hate all the crap ott humor shows they put on the t.v nowerdays. I’ve forgotten the catory name but like doing stupid actions and crap surpossibly storylines. Like a really bad friends, friends was realistic nowerdays its all lets jump on a car a scream with stupid faces….? All we have in england as t.v shows are, casualty, holby city, eastenders, corry, the bill (stopped)hollyoaks and neighbours and doctor who. Only two of those shows are good, rest shit!

    E4- One Tree Hill, Life Unexspected, House and friends! WOOT! Amercian shows are just better and now there not showing any of that instead we have, when i met your mother, scrubs???? they good for 10 mins you get annoyed you flick….

    Keep life unexspected on for us!!! We need amercian shows like it or we might just not have any t.v life whatsoever!

  • bob g.

    I was a great fan of life unexpected. I thought the pilot was nearly perfect, and showed great potential. The writers made the show so negative, i often cringed. The writers ruined what could have been a great show. I stopped watching after the camping episode, when most of the shaparones treated the event like a date, and lux continued her romance with her teacher.

  • I assume you’re British, or from another country that orders a series of shows at a time. Sadly, that’s not how it works in America. Shows are given another season, almost always before the previous one ends, or they’re canceled permanently, with a few exceptions like Family Guy and Futurama that were resurrected years later. This one has been canceled, so no more. Sorry. 🙁

  • mike


  • Mya

    I will MISS this show! It honestly hurt inside when i found out it’s over! i love cate! and ryan! and baze! and lux! and tasha and everyoneelse! it was such a great storyline and the actors were SO DAMN GOOD!!! i was gonna write especially cate..and lux..and ryan and i realized ALL of the actors were awesome!!! i can’t believe it ended. it does hurt 🙁

  • Niki

    This was the best show how can you take it off the air please put it back on

  • LOL at the hawk / mice thing. I very much enjoyed reading your comments and agree with what you are saying. It didn’t make sense based on the story lines they were currently playing out. I think, knowing the series was about to end, the writers may have jumped to the ending they were planning on moving towards. Problem is, there was a whole lot of steps to get there that we never saw.

    As far making Eric a bag guy, I can totally see why Baze and Cate thought of him that way. I wish there had been time to redeem his name, and I do wish we had seen some scene of Eric after being threatened. But were I in Baze or Cate’s shoes, seeing and knowing only what they know, I can’t say I would have handled it differently.

  • Jack

    To clarify, this isn’t about me “liking” Eric, and wanting Eric and Lux to be together, or me “liking” Ryan and Kate more than Kate and Baze. This isn’t one of those Brooke or Peyton, who do I want Luke to be with, where there’s an argument to be made for each of them because romances with each have been well developed over multiple seasons. This was more like, if you had to pick only one of the following to get happy endings in One Tree Hill, would you pick Luke or Dan? What I’m saying is this isn’t about picking between two options who are likable, who the viewer was always meant to like. It’s not like Eric was supposed to be a bad guy, but he just ended up seeming like a good guy on accident, because the actor did a bad job and did the opposite of what the creator intended. Eric was the good guy on purpose, because that’s what the creative forces behind the show chose. I didn’t want Eric and Lux to have a better ending just because I chose to like Eric, subjectively, like someone picking Brooke over Peyton. This isn’t like that. He is the ONLY one they developed with Lux all season. They made me like him. They wanted me to like him, that was their intention. They painted him that way on purpose. So this isn’t about, you know, they developed two romances with likable people with each character, and it’s up to the audience to decide which one they like more. This isn’t like that at all. Throughout season two, it was Eric and Lux, and that was it. That was who they chose for her. That was the relationship they developed, that they let the viewer gets emotionally invested it. Jones was barely in season two, and when he was, he was with Tasha! It’s not like they developed a relationship with Jones, and they developed one with Eric, equally, and it was up for us to decide. They wanted us to like Eric, to root for him. They got us invested in him. And then they pulled the rug out. They went in one direction the whole season, and then in the finale, they went the opposite direction. They told us he was a good guy, they painted him in a positive light, and then at the very end, even if they didn’t say he’s a terrible person, they pretty much said what he did was way wrong, and he’s toxic to Lux, and he deserves to at least be exiled, if not put in jail.

    And the same goes for Baze vs Ryan. It’s a little bit closer to the audience choosing here at least, because they did develop Kate and Baze in season one, but even so, for the ENTIRETY of season two, Baze was with Emma, and Ryan and Kate were married, and working on their relationship the whole time. For all of season two, the direction they were going was Kate and Ryan, all the up until there were about 10 minutes left in the show, where Kate and Ryan were professing their love for each other on the radio show. Then, out of nowhere, the exact opposite of Kate and Ryan, it’s Kate and Baze now. We’re going to tell you Eric is a good guy for 11 episodes, but in the 12th episode he’s a bad guy. We’re going to develop Kate and Ryan for 11 episodes, but in the 12th it’s going to be Kate and Baze. Kate and Ryan have been talking about pregnancy for ages, and Kate finally got pregnant halfway through this season and we’ve been developing that ever since, but now in the last episode, she’s going to have a miscarriage.

    So it’s not about my subjective preferences not being met, or anything like that. It’s about the fact that everything they developed, that they CHOSE to develop of their own accord for the ENTIRE season, they went back on ALL of it at the end. They chose to go one direction all season, and they got us invested in those directions for each character, but instead of paying us out on our investment, instead of putting a bow on everything they’d been developing, that we’d become involved with, and calling it a show, they decided to change the whole story of every character and every relationship with 5 minutes left. You can’t write a 500 page book about how interesting mice are, and make a great argument for that thesis, and get everyone believing that mie really are super cool, but then on page 499 say, “actually, mice are really, really stupid, but you know what’s cool? Hawks! You know what’s the coolest thing about them? They eat all those little mice I’ve just spent the last 498 pages writing about and convincing you how cool and sweet they are, and getting you to fall in love with them! They swoop down and bite their little heads off, causing those stupid mice incredible pain! Isn’t that great? Aren’t you glad you read my book now?”

    You can’t do that! That should be obvious, which is why I don’t understand why they did. Do any of you?

    • SassyNexieakins Olufunto

      I literally fell in love with this comment

  • Jack

    Spoiler warning.

    I didn’t want to see LUX cancelled either, but it’s too late now that they completely ruined the show with that abomination of a finale, where they took everything ambiguous and interesting and daring and oversimplified all of it with cliché after cliché. The whole finale had studio fingerprints all over it. Everything the show had been building up over its first two seasons, they blew up completely. Every single prevailing relationship was blown up in the finale. I was lost for words when I watched it. If, in the finale of the The O.C, “two years later” flashed across the black screen, and when it disappeared we were informed that Ryan was now getting married to Summer, and Seth was instead marrying Julie Cooper, I think that would have been the equivalent to what happened in the Life Unexpected finale. It was equal parts disappointing and just flat out ridiculous. Lux kissing Jones while Tasha sat there and smiled? Julie, Ryan, and Kate, and Julie’s baby, all one big happy family? What??? I mean, they spent the first two seasons mostly developing Kate and Ryan, and they blew that up in the last 10 minutes of the show with no warning. They spent the entire second season developing Lux and Eric’s relationship, and painting him as the good guy who genuinely loved her, the antithesis of the typical evil older man taking advantage of younger girl scenario; but not only did they end up blowing that up too, they also vilified him, compared him to the actual rapist–Lux’s stepdad, who raped a young teen girl, and made him leave town. We didn’t even get to see the Lux and Eric say goodbye to each other. The last we see of Eric is him being threatened by Baze and Kate that if he doesn’t leave town, they’re going to call the police. And then there’s Baze and Emma, Emma being Baze’s only romance of the second season; they blew that up too. Even Kate’s pregnancy, they went inside her womb and blew that up too.

    Is there anyone out there who can explain to me what the fuck happened with this show in the last two episodes? As you can see, it seems like absolutely everything the show was about, that the show’s creators had been developing the whole time, they completely went against in the finale. In particular Lux and Eric. The whole season, they didn’t paint him as a predator. They took painstaking care to make sure everyone thought of him as a good guy, who only started dating Lux because he didn’t even know she was a student, or even underage, who genuinely loved Lux and she loved him back, so they decided that love should conquer all, and that they shouldn’t let society’s preconceptions, a society which knew nothing about their relationship on a specific, personal basis, get in the way of their relationship when they know it is true, and real, and good, and more full of love than most relationships involving two adults or two minors. That is how they developed the relationship. That is how they painted him, and the relationship. He was the good guy, and was always supposed to me. Yet, in the finale, he gets compared to a real rapist, threatened with incarceration, and exiled, and everyone tells Lux how wrong the whole thing was, even Eric; he says whatever punishment he gets, “I deserve it;” basically, every character on the show, from Baze and Kate initially, to Eric, to just the way it all gets painted, all end up telling the viewer how wrong it all was. It all just seemed so at odds with absolutely everything that came before, like the people who wrote and directed all the previous episodes were replaced by completely different writers and directors with completely opposing viewpoints right before the finale, and those new people didn’t understand any of the characters, or what the previous people were trying to create. I mean did something like that happen? Did the studio step in and tell the creative forces behind the show that they had to paint Eric as the bad guy in the end, that they couldn’t just end the show with him and Lux together without causing unwanted controversy? What exactly happened here to completely implode every aspect of the show during the finale and steer it all in the opposite direction of where it had been going the whole time before? I don’t understand it. Someone with more inside knowledge of the situation than I please explain it to me, if you can. Thank you.

    • SassyNexieakins Olufunto

      I don’t think they were expecting the network to cancel the show….and when, they cancelled it; they gave us the idea of how the show ended…. I kinda like the closure they gave us. There are shows that we’re cancelled but leaves us “hey, what finally happened”… As Dirty,sexy,money.

  • Mark

    Is it just about advertising dollars that makes a network pull the plug on a series?

  • I’m thrilled to see this series had so many fans. Shame the network didn’t think so.

  • Mark

    I came to the series late…a couple of weeks ago infact…I was shopping around at ITunes and found the pilot in the free category and downloaded it…I watched it and immediately downloaded seasons 1 and 2 and spent last saturday watching all of the episodes….AGAIN….I’m not much of a TV watcher but this series, even with it’s flaws, was still original and the writing was good…The abruptness of the ending was a bit disturbing, and a little too convenient and pat…I think because the back nine were not picked up the writers had to tie everything up with a big bow…it seemed as though the ending was an afterthought, that said, the characters were very endearing (with the exception of the pedophile stepdad) it seemed as though they tried to deal with realistic problems. By the way, great reference by Emma at the music festival about the “doe eyed girl from Roswell” nice touch. Nice refreshing series…they will be missed.

  • Mary

    Oh I hate it when the powers that be do this. Too bad about this one as my daughters and I watched it together.

  • Sheena


  • L

    Loved the show but the ending was weird. Yeah sick too of getting invested in shows to find them off the air.

  • great episode, I really wish this wasn’t the end…kinda bummed actually about the fast forward of 2 years at the end, maybe without that there was a chance another network could pick up the show and continue it?

    Anyway the rest of the ending was great. I especially loved that scene where Sam calls Lux out about sleeping with a teacher, and she turns it on him letting him know that his mom is going to move in with Baze…also loved the song they used, I had to search to find out it’s “Anything Goes” by Charlie Calleja. FYI you can watch that scene at http://vimeo.com/19149804

  • rkmyna

    i loved the show, and this review!i totally agree i was hoping sam would be with lux and eventually end up with tasha just how jones was with tasha then ends up with lux,if it isnt cancelled(we can hope ryt?)then i think a season to fill in blanks would be gr8, it has been 2 years after all!

  • rv

    I loved this show and am extremely sad it ended. I completely agree that Ryan and Cate should have stayed together! Thanks for the great review.

  • Kay – You’re welcome. I admit, I had tears streaming down my face quite freely almost the entire ‘Two Years Later’ scene. Glad I wasn’t alone.

  • Kay

    Some part of me died when this show died. I remember in the first season I wasn’t quite into it. But the second season didn’t disapoint me. Honestly the ending made me cry, Lux’s speech made me cry. I am very happy how things turned out – though I almost wish Cate and Ryan kept together. But oh well, what can you do? I was holding my breath on that last part, half expected it to say TO BE CONTINUED. Half hoped.

    I will miss this show dearly and THANK YOU SO MUCH for such an awesome review!!!

    – Kay

  • Lauren – Absolutely not. But they never said she valedictorian. Perhaps she was chosen to speak as someone who overcame a lot to get where she was. Of course, the whole move the tassel and announce the class is graduated thing doesn’t make sense then, but it was cheesy and I chose to ignore it anyway.

    Haley – The seeds for a Lux / Jones coupling were laid when Cate told Lux to talk to someone in the last episode, and she went to Jones. I think they could easily have done it in a non-betrayal way, given time. Like Cate and Baze, it just felt awkward because of the abrupt time jump.

    Bill, Rose – I LOVE The Office!

    Everyone else – Thank you for your great comments. Glad I’m not the only one who will miss the show.

  • Lauren

    Lux could have NEVER graduated as valedictorian!

  • Haley

    I had thought that Eric would be in the auditorium after Lux’s speech. It was weird for me to see Lux with Jones because it seemed like too much of a betrayal to Tasha. Would have rather Lux be single and have Tasha & Jones together. Lux should be able to find her way in life on her own.

  • Mark Fajardo

    I’m sad to think that this was the last show. Just like Everwood, CW has ended a great family show. Yes there is drama that took place in both shows, but that is what happens in a family and it’s real. Its not this fake crap that the reality shows offer. I too am tired of networks hooking you on a show and then pulling the plug. I only watch about 3 1/2 to 4 hours of prim time TV per week and Life unexpected was an hour of that. I wish the network would concider leaving quality programing in place of the junk that they replace it with.

  • Sam

    I completely agree with all of your points. I liked Cate and Ryan together and felt cheated that they ended their relationship abruptly (atleast to the viewers). I also agree that while the ending felt rushed it was an emotional moment nonetheless.

  • Bill, Rose

    what wasn’t so unexpected was the cw pulling a great series and settling for a whats the point loser series like I don’t know ,The office, or Hellcats? Sure gonna miss the cast,

  • Carlie in CT

    I loved this show and am very sad to see it end. It was definitely one of the better shows on the CW. Now what will I do on Tuesdays before the good wife??

    P.S. I’d love to know who to write to to get a third season

  • ljt

    I loved the ending, even if it made me cry. Unexpected, just like the title. I am hoping for another season as it is my favorite TV show.

    One thing that I would change though, is the beginning of every show. There is no need to have all of the beginning repeated.

  • ClemPro

    After this end, it is sure that there will be no 3rd season. I am sad that this great TV Show ends , and lets us with superficial TV shows as 90210 and Gossip Girl, which do not deal at all with real problems, but talk only about sex, fashion, cheating, manipulation, and are closer to soap opera than a good show, as there was in the past.
    I totally agree with you: it does not seem natural that Baze and Cate end up together, after what happened in Season 2 and that Ryan end up with Julia, just after seeing the scene at the radio between Ryan and Cate and what they said to each other. And I think Sam was a good character and it is a pity that he did not get the chance to be in a third season. A love story between Sam and Lux would have been nice. Jones is great, and in the 1rst season, I wished they will be together, but after he dated Tasha, it is quite weird to see him with Lux. And I think it does not make sense to see suddenly characters coming back after a total absence for the last 20 min of the series… Life and TV show are indeed unexpected.

  • Sadly, it’s not just the CW.

  • Michigan Viewer

    It was a great show, I and was sad to see it end so abruptly, too. There was so much more to be explored in this series. I’m done with the CW. They’ve pulled this one too many times. Get you interested and vested in the show, and then pull the plug.

  • Tee

    I stopped watching it after the first episode or two of the second season, but my interest was waning fast before the first season ended. I found all the drama and mini-crises just far too exhausting. Too much of that and not enough subtle character development.

    But still, I was curious to see how it all wrapped up, so appreciate the great summary.

  • *bag, not bad

  • If a miracle happens and they do pull a third season out of the bad (season two was a near-miracle, so it could happen), they should spend most of the season covering the two years leading up to graduation, and do at least two hours post-graduation.

  • Jess

    Loved your review. Cheesy or too dramatic… I’ll miss it too, and I agree with the Cate and Ryan solution. I loved them as a couple but when I saw Cate and Baze kissing at the end…what can I say, I didn’t care about Ryan or them being rushed, or that this season sucked…I just felt like a S3