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TV Review: Knight Rider 2008 – Zero to Mediocre in Two Hours

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Was anyone clamoring for a new Knight Rider series? I surely wasn't. After catching five promo clips of the premiere on the Internet, I expected the new Knight Rider to be a horrific disaster. More on my reaction later. Right now, let's talk about the New Knight Rider, the new driver, and the new K.I.T.T.

The story begins at at the home of Charles Graiman (Bruce Davidson), a brilliant inventor who has something of value in his home. Four men with a dubious agenda pay him a visit, and leave him for dead. Before they can get what they've come for, though, a car speeds off into the night from Graiman's home. These bad guys are looking for "Prometheus," whatever that may be.

The only one who is alive who may hold the key to this Prometheus and Charles Graiman's work is his estranged daughter, Sarah (Deanna Russo). Sarah, it turns out, just happens to know our protaganist, Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening). Mike Traceur is a fun-loving bachelor who has no problem getting women, but he does have his own set of problems. Mike owes some leg-breaking thugs a lot of cash, and his friend will be killed if the money isn't paid in full.

Don't hate the HoffIn between the set-up to K.I.T.T. and Mike finally meeting, we're introduced to another character, an FBI agent named Carrie Rivai (Sydney Tamiia Portier). She also happens to be a lesbian, which is refreshing to see, although I do have my suspicions that a lesbian angle was employed more for titillation than for the sake of diversity. Carrie also happens to know Charles Greyman. These three people (and K.I.T.T.) intersect when the plot takes a couple of twists. It's up to Mike and K.I.T.T. to save the day, giving birth to a new Knight Rider.

The Knight Rider two-hour movie is like most made for television movies. By that, I mean that it's extremely mediocre and basically worthless. The writing is vanilla, the acting from the male and female leads is also poor, and there is nothing new that can be taken from what will be a new show on NBC. I do like the car, though.

A smart car like K.I.T.T. is getting closer to becoming a reality than it was in the 1980s. It has GPS, it has a brain that can Google and compile information, much like your home PC can. What it can also do is change its outward appearance, much like the Viper TV show from 1994, which was itself a take on the original Knight Rider; it's sort of like first cousins getting married.

K.I.T.T. is voiced by the most random of actors, Val Kilmer. Originally it was to be Will Arnett, who has a deeper, more fitting voice; but his ties to General Motors, for whom he does commercial voice-overs, made his involvement with Knight Rider a bit awkward, since GM is a Ford competitor, and the new K.I.T.T. happens to be a Ford Mustang.

Here's your new Knight RiderWho voices the car isn't all that important. What's important is that NBC stop having these brilliant ideas to bring old ideas like Knight Rider and American Gladiators back from the dead, along with a Double Dare clone called My Dad's Better Than Your Dad. If they are going to be as unoriginal as to resurrect dead shows, at least hire a more charismatic actor as your protagonist and promise us more than episodic television that dusts off tired cliches and takes them for yet another spin. We already know that artificial intelligence does not grasp human emotion and it's "funny" when AI decides to use common human phrases. I'm already watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so why do I have to watch this show?

If this two-hour premiere is any indication, the new Knight Rider series is going to be a stinkfest. I thought that it would be horribly bad, but it's just plain bad. Not that the original TV series was a masterpiece, but I like David Hasselhoff a lot more than I do Justin Bruening. Also on my stink list is Deanna Russo, who would be perfect for any generic action movie as a generic love interest. However, she isn't fit for any sort of television program in need of actual actors who can do their jobs well. I would blame her bad acting on the horrific script she was handed to memorize, but she can't even get talking to a car right.

Unless you have a fetish for talking cars or you happen to LOVE the new American Gladiators, do not watch this two-hour movie, or the TV show that is to follow. Avoid it, and try to look for something else to watch, something worth your precious time. Hardcore Knight Rider fans, be happy that this does not take place after Michael Knight has died and it takes place parallel to Michael Knight's story, so maybe we'll see the old K.I.T.T. and its driver again.

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  • Chen Lee

    The new Knight rider went beyond suck, it is a complete waste of my time for two hours, that is two hours of my time that i will never get back. I feel like taking a hammer to my head just to ease the pain of watching my childhood TV show destoryed by a bunch no talent actors and a horribly written script…

    Black river private security firm as the bad guys, can’t they get any more original? some one please shoot me.!!

  • Don Chappell Jr

    First, Vichus smith…I have yet to see the show from begin to end …your comments have given me the added interest in watching it. You as well as many others seem to have a problem with the wrong things. This IS a REmake of an old show. Yes the show was a little rough – IF you compair it to todays shows. I may eat crow, becuase I haven’t seen the new show yet. BUT, I will watch it with and open mind. As far as the show plot…. I would hope that it is like the old show. I would not what to see M Knights son as a Alaskan fisherman or KITT as a school bus. You follow me? I personally am sick of the so called reality shows and others like “Earl”. I understand your need to review and your oppion. You my say things like; “I would never watch this again” but this is America and I have the right to my oppion too. I pearsonally would like to see more shows like on the History and Discovery channels. I know that this will never happen in a dumbed down world of sheeple. (See “Earl” for I.Q. lose)

    And – Chen Lee …. use a BIG hammer. You should have woken up and turned the channel. You must like “Earl”.

  • http://draven99.blogspot.com Chris Beaumont

    Hey Chen, how exactly was your childhood tv show destroyed? Last I checked, it still existed, safe and sound.

  • http://www.maskedmoviesnobs.com El Bicho

    Chen, what childhood TV show are you talking about because Knight Rider sucked in the ’80s? Does it really take a lot of “talent” to put on a mustache and play your evil twin.

  • Voodoo

    It was better than I expected. I hope the series is approved. All the haters out there, just shut your hole, you don’t have to watch it!!! hahahaha

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Very good article, and I agree completely. When KR first came out, I loved it so much just for the camp and that Pontiac. So much so that I I actually bought an early VCR so I could record and save every episode. Later I bought all the VHSs and then the DVDs.

    Considering that you didn’t even meet the main character in any kind of depth until after half the show was over, and the abysmal first half was devoted to her whining in the passenger seat the whole time, I spent that first hours yelling shut-up damn it and get to some kind of story.

    Hasselhof looked like a badly preserved funeral home cadaver.

    To be fair I watched the whole thing all the way through to “Give it a Chance”. I won’t be watching the series.

    The point of KRI was to drool for the black TRANS AM that could leap over trains and semis in a single bound. According to several websites the Mustang KITT doesn’t even turbo-boost! They didn’t even keep the watch communicator/scanner.

    What’s worse is that kids who saw this before seeing the original will think the mustang is better… groan

  • mike storm

    this movie was ok but to pick things up they are going to have to bring michael and the old kitt in some times and the show will have to move faster like the old show did 25years ago. but as for turbo boost and some outher stuff glen larson mite hold some artstick writes to that stuff all& all not a bad movie but it is just a start.

  • Noel

    I loved KnightRider of the 80’s, not because it was some kind of artistic masterpiece but because it was an hour of pure escapism and isn’t that what we all want in our lives these days.

    Alas, I too felt I had to give this new Incarnation of KR a go but lordy was I dissapointed, it wasn’t even escapism! I felt the minutes ticking away and willed the ending along.

    It was half way through the Movie before we met Mike and he was no great addition to the show and they spent so long droning on and on about the intricate way in which all the lead characters lives were entwined that I started to glaze over!

    What surprised me the most was the lack of effects, no Turbo Boost, hell I don’t even think the car left the ground and Please!! The car runs on Gas, what sort of Retro Fit is that?? KITT from the 80’s never needed Gas!! So much was missing from the show and it seemed that they just filled the minutes with pointless and futile reminiscing from the lead characters.

    I’d be hard pushed to watch a new series of KR if this is all we have to go on!!

  • http://blogcritics.org/ Phillip Winn

    It took me two nights to get all the way through this. I think that the problem is that the original Knight Rider appealed to me as a young teenager, and I’m no longer a young teenager. If I were 13, I bet I’d like the new Knight Rider just fine.

    As for me, I’ll pass.

  • Jeff Mueller

    Wow what’s with all the negativity? They are continuing the series!! Was the acting lame? Sure it was! Was the storyline weak? Sure it was! But it’s a pilot!! Do you remember watching the pilot for the original series? It was lame too! It then went on to become the greatest action/adventure series of the 80’s! This show has the potential to bring out the imaginations of little kids and in my case, little adults all around the world. KITT is still the coolest car by far on television and regardless of cheeze I got the same butterfly feeling I once had as kid. David Hasselhoff was compelling. The comment about him looking old… um he’s in his 50’s, what do you expect?!

    I loved the very end when the Knight Rider music starts playing and Mike is preparing to go off on his first mission, reversing out of the KR command centre which is now a plane. Super cool. Not sure how they’ll land that on a highway… lol but still.

    This series can only get better with age. Sure there were a few things if I was the writer I would have changed. The KITT voice… somewhat weak. Plus the obvious Ford ad placements demonstrating the amazing breaks and power of their other vehicles… equally weak. But that’s business! Appreciate the fact that this show is coming back to television. There is not one show on tv right now that gets me as excited as Knight Rider and I can’t wait for this series to continue in the fall.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus%20Smith Vichus Smith

    One thing that really doesn’t need to be argued is the coolnes of the car and its numerous gadgets and tricks.

    I know this could all be changed an/or tweaked by the time the show comes on, but I reviewed it mostly as a stand-alone. By itself, it sucked.

    If they get rid of the dead weight (the bad lead actor, his awful love interest, dull script) then I’d totally be up for it. I watched EVERY Knight Rider Spin-off, and they were either cheesy or just bad.

    Speaking about the hardcore nostalgia geeks, I think that nothing short of the original show with the original cast would help them cope with a new series. Whatever remake of a TV show you can name has their irrational detractors.

    I would just like one remake that takes the concept and uses it in a way that blows everyone away. Well, I mean, besides Battlestar Galactica. That’s the definition of a good remake.

  • Chen Lee

    El Bicho, that is a good one!

    I did not expect a oscar winning TV movie, but at least there was a lot they could do to make the show better.

    Adding a lesbian FBI agent was just a stroke of bad taste, nothing against the life style, but seem like they want to add that in just to show how forward thinking and ain’t just cool that we have a lesbian detective…

    changing the name from Blackwater to Black river for the bad guy is also another bad move, seem like the private security firm are the current whipping boy in the film industry.

    and not to speak of the bad acting… and acting was horrible, there was not one good actor in that show, even the . at least the old Knight rider has some decent acting, or what I could remember…:)

    I guess they did not destory the show, they just destoryed my memory of a cool car TV show from my childhood… LOL!!

  • Chen Lee

    El Bicho, that is a good one!

    I did not expect a oscar winning TV movie, but at least there was a lot they could do to make the show better.

    Adding a lesbian FBI agent was just a stroke of bad taste, nothing against the life style, but seem like they want to add that in just to show how forward thinking and ain’t just cool that we have a lesbian detective…

    changing the name from Blackwater to Black river for the bad guy is also another bad move, seem like the private security firm are the current whipping boy in the film industry.

    and not to speak of the bad acting… and acting was horrible, there was not one good actor in that show, even the . at least the old Knight rider has some decent acting, or what I could remember…:)

    I guess they did not destory the show, they just destoryed my memory of a cool car TV show from my childhood… LOL!!

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Jeff, the original KR pilot flew circles around this one. It didn’t take forever before we knew Michael Knight and Devon and their motivations and then it was off on the first adventure. We got to know KITT right away too and the pacing didn’t drrrrrrrrraggggggg.

    In the new version we left the two hours hardly knowing anything about them, who was going to be running FLAG etc.

    In the original we got to know and like KITT and his personality, in the new version, he’s just a flashy car witn nearly no personality. It’s not that KITT’s not a Pontiac, it’s that we didn’t laugh at someone trying to steal him in the first time because it was funny, engaging, and made us care that Michael got him back.

    I actually watched it hoping it’d be an extension of the old adventure. It would’ve been better to see Mighael Knight driving the Mustang up front or have Michael in charge of FLAG and pass the torch to his son… then hand the keys over to Mike, instead of waiting until the last 10 minutes of the show, we really weren’t rewarded at all for having to sit through it, and as I said before, Hoff looked like a cadaver that didn’t know it was dead with died black hair…

    I googled the web and though it had a lot of viewers sunday night, it was doubtful that anyone will watch the series past the first few empisode without a MAJOR writing overhaul, because frankly, we weren’t left caring about the new characters at all, and you can’t say that about the original pilot of the first series.

    Then, Michael had been wounded again, they got the bad guys with witt and cleverness and you left watching it with the feeling of WOW!

    I groaned at the end of this movie…

  • Mike Jones

    I don’t know what all you guys watched, but I thought the movies was GREAT! You are all talking about the horrible acting (have any of you even seen the old knight rider, that was some horrible acting) and how Mike was not even driving the car. This was just a pilot, a show that will lead into a series. Did you want them to just throw somebody in a car and start chasing bad guys. And remember the show is primarily about the car and I thought they did a great job with it. With all the other horrible shows on TV you guys sit here and rip this one. You all need to get a sense of entertainment.

  • Sam

    The new KR isn’t worth watching. The car is the only thing that holds the show together. But even there, the car’s “personality” isn’t as engaging as the old KITT. I think it would have been much better if they kept the old KITT computer and “transplant” it into the new one. Since this is a new car, it should have been given a new name. KITT was the original name for the Trans AM. The new KITT is the long lost good brother after evil KARR was destroyed. It should be called KITT Jr. Which would fit the new Shelby Cobra than the old Trans AM. Wonder if KITT has any more missing relatives lurking out there.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sort187 sort187

    I don’t know what was worse, trying to get interested in the show, or just barely getting into it, only to be interrupted by the FLOOD of commercials EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!….is it me, or was most of the 2 hour time slot eaten up by all the advertisements….I can understand the Ford placements…but EVERYTHING ELSE??!!?? I mean, DAMN! Just when I thought I could settle in for a few minutes (which was all we got between commercials) it was time to watch another Metamucil ad, Energizer Bunny, or whatever…I’ll bet if you split it up, the end result would have been 1 hour and 10 minutes of commercials, and 50 minutes of actual movie….if I wanted to watch so much product placement, I would have tuned into QVC….I know this should be my opinion of the Knight Rider pilot, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get into it long enough without being bombarded by ads for KFC and Cialis. I hope that nobody trying to watch the show had A.D.D.—

  • Paul Lapensee

    I didn’t find that bad. The writers strike may have limited there choices in scripts.

    Compaired to all the crap on TV now it was nice to see Knight Rider return.

    It will never be like the original and I don’t think that was there intention.

    Like all new show it takes time to find its footing.

    We may yet see turbo boost. They don’t have as many cars to crash in this series like the first one. So it would all have to be computer generated.

    You can bash Knight Rider all you like. But with our limit choices on good TV shows lets give it a chance and see how it turns out.

  • superss90

    i hope they cancel this for good…

    leave the classic alone please…

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus%20Smith Vichus Smith

    Alright, Mike Jones. Fess up to the fact that you’re trying to be funny. This was not great. If you really think it was, then NBC must be loving you. I however, can find entertainment in better places.

    I think that the writer’s strike had no effect on this script. Professional writers or, not, this looks like it was always a lame attempt at pimping an old franchise for new cash.

  • Andrew

    I watched it with several buddies and we enjoyed it! Everyone’s always a critic nowdays. I guess thats what our airbrushed society has become.

  • http://www.marksaleski.com Mark Saleski

    good writing? you were expecting good writing? this is freaking knight rider, not masterpiece theatre!

    i kind of enjoyed it.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    Enjoying something and it being, you know, good, are two different things.

    I enjoy pizza, but I would never tell someone it’s healthy to eat nothing but it.

    Who said the thing had to be magnificent. There’s a lot between suck and shine. All I wanted was for it to be something that at least tried a bit. It’s been at least 20 years. I wanted to imagine that Hollywood learned some sort of lesson.

  • http://www.marksaleski.com Mark Saleski

    i know what you’re saying. in my mind, i was comparing it to what went on in the past and, let’s face it, there was a ton of cheese back then…so i thought it held up pretty well.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    Maybe I’m going too far to say this, but I do think that in addition to the cheese of Knight Rider, David Hasselhoff has a charisma, a quality that makes you appeal to him. This new guy felt like he wasn’t giving it a good shot, and he wasn’t an interesting character, even though his story is interesting.

  • http://www.marksaleski.com Mark Saleski

    true enough. what i can’t honestly remember is if the hoff had that charisma from day one.

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    No Mark, just a lot of hair. I was the original KITT that held it together… barely.

    Like I said on the other thread, would Dukes of Hazzard accept a new Mustang in place of the General Lee?

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Let’s see if…
    The Flag private LeerJet is replaced with using his frequent flyer miles on Delta Airlines

    KITT turns out to be s souped up Apple computer

    If Michael only wears fashons from the Martha Stewart collection.

    If KITT gets many closeup showing his raised white lettered Goodyears

    Flag headquarters is now located in a overly shown Holiday Inn.

    coming soon to a TV near you

    A remake of Smokey and the Bandit using a Mustang instead of the trans am

    Gone in Sixty Seconds-using a Ford Priux instead of a mustang for the “Elenore” car.

    A remake of “Bullet” using a Chrysler Sebring instead of the Mustang

    The next Starsky & Hutch using a sponsor’s Volkswagon instead of the red Torino

    What about Magnum P.I. driving a Mustang instead of his Ferrari?

    Need I go on?

  • Ministry of FAIL

    Well that was one half hearted attempt at a remake/pilot etc. If that’s all the effort they can afford to put into this movie, I’ll not be investing any time in watching a series that’ll likely be prematurely dropped anyway.

    As echoed by others, nothing new or remarkable, lacking any decent action, basically one long car commercial peppered with cliches and average CG effects explained away with references to nanotechnology. Even years and years later, the orignal pilot easily puts this new version in the shade.

  • Ian

    I watched the old knight rider as a kid and loved it; loved airwolf too. First of all, changing the car to a ford mustang was the BIGGEST mistake, almost a blasphemy, and on top of that it looks horrible, too “normal” looking. 2nd thing is the old kitt ran off hydrogen fuel, this latest one gasoline? that is a complete joke seriously. No turboboost? thats like taking away batman’s utility belt. The original intro music wasnt broken so please dont fix it. There is NOTHING about this new knight rider that resembles anything of the old series that we loved so much except for pathetic showing of the hoff.

  • http://www.dudewheresmysite.com Captkidd

    I enjoyed it. Looks like it’s gonna be good, if a little cheesy, which is what I expected anyway. Give it a chance, too many negative critics can kill a show off and that’s not really necessary as it’s up to you what you do with that time the show is aired… you don’t have to watch it.

    Perfectly watchable, and looking forward to more.

    Long Live Knight Rider.

    Oh yeah… and the Mustang looks a damn sight better than the latest Trans Am! Fine choice.

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    The latest Trans Am??????????

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    You guys seem to not realize that the KR franchise fell flat on its face twice before, when the tried to turn KITT into a gaudy red thing and again as a ’57 Chevy.

    Much as I love ’57 chevys, it wasn’t KITT, just as the mustang just doesn’t make it either.

    As I’ve repeatedly said, could you accept the General Lee as a Mustang?

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    You’d better not let NBC hear you say that! Who knows, an orange and blue ford mustang is going to be in their next 2 hour pilot movie.

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Since I’m from Columbus (duh) I’ll say that it looked like a Graduate of Michigan wrote it…

  • http://www.charleskreed.com Chuck

    We turned the TV off as soon as they showed an immoral lesbian one-night stand. Disgusting!!!!

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Chuck, was there a reason why you shared that with us, other than to be selfrighteous?

  • SurgeFilter

    Well I actually liked the new Knight Rider in the sense that it “has potential”. I’d like to see a few tweaks for the series in the Fall if it’s picked up — 1) give K.I.T.T. something to do (i.e. the original Turbo-Boosted and jumped over things, did side-wheelies and had lots of toys 2) get rid of half the unnecessary characters – have 4 main character – Traceur, Graiman and his daughter and the FBI girlie; the rest are superfluous. The best shows had just four main characters 3) FFS bring the original theme tune back in its entirety and not that bland rocked-up shit that sounds like everything else on TV 4) Give the Hoff stuff to do 5) bring the old modernized adversaries back — i.e. K.A.R.R., Goliath etc.
    But you know, it’s great to see all these old shows return to the Retro scene nowadays and for a new generation to find them; Airwolf being one of my favorites in particular. Did you know that they’ve even just released the official soundtrack for the show, called ‘Airwolf Themes’ via brand new, digitally remastered downloads. I got mine on Apple iTunes but it’s available on other sites including their official website, http://www.airwolfthemes.com too.

  • A Peek In Time

    The opening theme is something they’ll really need to address if the show gets picked up for a run – what they’ve done to it is pretty awful. The original tune is a classic that should have been left alone, but instead it felt more like Poochie’s introduction to Itchy & Scratchy.

    Cheers for the recommendation of http://www.airwolfthemes.com SurgeFilter! The main Airwolf theme is another classic that I hope gets left alone should the (long rumoured) Airwolf movie get the nod.

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    We turned the TV off as soon as they showed an immoral lesbian one-night stand. Disgusting!!!!

    Chuck, if you turned the TV off, how do you know it was a one-night stand?

  • http://absent-mind.blogspot.com/ Jet in Columbus

    Doc, surely you know that an upright American has the right to object to anything whether they saw it or not…

    I know, don’t call you Shirley (:^pbpbpbpbp

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Methinks Charles doth protest too much, Jet…

    Airplane fan, huh?

    “This man needs a hospital!”
    “A hospital, doctor? What is it?”
    “It’s a big building with patients. But that’s not important right now.”

    Classic stuff…

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    I’m thinking that Chuck was kidding.


  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Then he won’t be bothered by that tugging sensation on his leg.

  • http://canadiancinephile.com/ Jordan Richardson

    Did somebody say “lesbian?”

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    Yes, they did, Jordan. Unfortunately they didn’t provide any YouTube links.

    Thoughtless sods!

  • Help! I’m being restrained by passive lasers!

    Didn’t get the whole lesbian thing. Probably because it was so irrelevant it never actually registered. I thought it was about some law related matter. LOL

    I hope there is a new series. But it will obviously need MORE work to get away from the advert it is at the moment.
    “Ford Rider, a shadowy flight into the not so dangerous world of a man…who drives a Ford.
    Mike Tracer/Traceur/Ray-traced/Tracie, a young Ford driver on a crusade to champion the cause of Ford, in a world of drivers who don’t currently drive… a Ford.”

  • Hellbinder

    How is it a good thing to show a lesbian relationship on a show kids will watch?

    How is it a good thing to show a one night stand barroom lesbian tryst on a show kids will watch?

    How is it a good thing to show the star in bed with 2 girls in a show kids may watch?

    Do any of you including the reviewer have anything resembling moral standards or a conscience left in you?

    Oh i know your answer, there is nothing wrong with any sexual relationship of any kind as long as its “consenting adults”.

    There is nothing wrong with broken families, broken people, singe parent homes, abandoned children and abortion en masse.

    Everything is fair game for the Altar of self gratification right? And anyone who suggests any of this is perverted no THEY are the ones who are evil and ruining society.

  • http://www.marksaleski.com Mark Saleski

    hey, you forgot “how is it a good thing to show somebody being shot and killed on a show kids will watch?”.

    funny, that never seems to bother the morality parade people.

  • http://www.buyingone.com Christopher Rose

    Now don’t go being sensible, Mark, it only over-stimulates these people.

    Oh, how is it a good thing to use the word “over-stimulates” in a comment kids might read?

  • http://www.marksaleski.com Mark Saleski

    omg, you said “over-stimulate”…i must go out and commit rape now!

  • http://drdreadful.blogspot.com Dr Dreadful

    How is it a good thing to show a lesbian relationship on a show kids will watch?

    How is it a good thing to show a one night stand barroom lesbian tryst on a show kids will watch?

    How is it a good thing to show the star in bed with 2 girls in a show kids may watch?

    If you even need to ask those questions, there’s not much point trying to explain to you.

    Do any of you including the reviewer have anything resembling moral standards or a conscience left in you?

    Who are you talking to? And who made you the commissioner of the Moral Police?

    Oh i know your answer

    Now there’s a surprise.

    there is nothing wrong with any sexual relationship of any kind as long as its “consenting adults”.

    Quoted for truth. :-)

    There is nothing wrong with broken families, broken people, singe parent homes, abandoned children and abortion en masse.

    What does any of that have to do with sex between consenting adults?

    Everything is fair game for the Altar of self gratification right?

    You know the world’s gone crazy when a TV show about a talking car has somehow become ‘the altar of self gratification’.

    And anyone who suggests any of this is perverted no THEY are the ones who are evil and ruining society.

    Now you’re projecting. No-one suggested anything of the kind.

    You’re just misguided.

    You know, if you’re concerned about what your kids watch, you might want to have a quick glance at your remote. There’s a wonderful magic button on it which, if you press it, turns the TV off.

  • http://www.maskedmoviesnobs.com El Bicho

    How is it a good thing that kids are passively watching television instead of actively using their imagination or playing sports?

    What’s really perverted, hellbinder, is that you use the television as a babysitter. Did you not see that it came with an off button?

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    Listen, Hellbinder. Reviewer here. If your children can’t handle implied lesbianism, then you should give your kids up for adoption. They’re broken. There isn’t even sex between lesbians in Knight Rider.It’s one woman getting dressed while another is on the bed. For all we know, they could just be really close roommates.

    I didn’t check the rating on this show, but I’m pretty sure children shouldn’t be watching this KNight Rider show. I believe it’s at least geared towards teenagers, and by then most teenagers know what gay people are all about.

    So Hellbinder, please take your thinly veiled anti-gay agenda and stuff it. Knight Rider’s not for kids, especially yours. In fact, I think that through my reviews some parents learned a bit about the content, so I’ve given you the heads up. Let me pat myself on the back! :)

  • Morals

    What’s sad is to see all you programmed tools of the immoral mass culture being the defensive apologists of immorality on television, and on prime time of all times. Your defense of immorality and promiscuity on tv are just carbon copy of liberal media propaganda. Sure, tv should not be a “babysitter” and rarely anyone uses it as such, but you people do not understand that the media creates culture and whether or not kids are watching this or that they will most likely be exposed to the most immoral of garbage in indirect means (peer groups, ads in malls, on buses, etc, school and so on). People don’t realize the power and influence of peer pressure on kids. What you will see on tv is the gratuitouse sex, objectification, soft core (so far) porn but never will you have the repercussions of such actions, like broken homes, unplanned pregnancies, stds, AIDS. No wonder we have girls not even in their teens getting the HPV vaccine and why fifth graders are being given condoms dressed like lollipops by groups like Planned Parenthood. Nothing wrong with sexual relations between consenting adults? That’s just a simplistic, immoral view as such actions can and often do have dire consequences. But you people are simpletons who will just spew industry propaganda and think it’s “cute” when your preteen daughter dresses and acts like the latest female musician that resembles a prostitute.

  • Morals

    Hellbinder, see how these duped masses react to even the most remote questioning of their perversions? This is common among the masses. They don’t want moral people to question the immoral mass culture so they attack you personally and polemically and many even tell you straight out to “shut up.” Hellbinder, people like you and me must be right if we garner such vicious attacks. We must be encouraging intellectual rather than sexual stimulation, and the former is what the mass duped audiences what nothing to do with.

  • http://blogcritics.org/writer.php?name=Vichus20Smith Vichus Smith

    I’m back again.
    :) :)

    Morals, we are all “programmed;” from you to me to everyone else who is living presently, we all basically follow one drummer or another. You talk as if what you’re saying is something new and revolutionary.

    It seems like every line you’re spouting is available for purchase in a vending machine, because there are so many people who babble the same lines, in the same condescending tone, as if your life came with a halo and protection from all life’s troubles.

    I would respect moralists more if they just took care of their own house and used their life as an example, instead of being a deaf preacher; someone who will only tell you how it should be, but will not listen to one word you have to say in response.

    All you have to do for me to see it your way is to turn off your TV, banish all temptations from your life and raise ivy league kids. Then my eyes will see the truth and my ears will perk up.

    Your talking down to people who have seen your type before is useless.

  • Wes

    I don’t like the new Knight Rider. To me, they brought everything back in bigger measure except the reason the show existed: “To champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless”.

    I don’t like the opening theme, I don’t like the excessive focus on action, and I don’t like them recycling the names Michael Knight and KITT (use some creativity to come up with something new).

    I also don’t like how new KITT sounds like Microsoft Sam, and I don’t like new KITT transforming into a truck and a van. IMO, that’s just stupid. New KITT already looks retro, why do they need to disguise it at all?

    If KR2008 was as good as the original, it wouldn’t be over already. I for one am glad it’s gone where it belongs, so the REAL Knight Rider can live on.

    If they want to bring back what made Knight Rider great in the first place (focus on helping people), then I would probably watch.

    They seem to have forgotten that the original K.A.R.R. was version 1.0, and that K.I.T.T. was version 2.0. Not the other way around.

    In my opinion, NBC took everything that was good about Knight Rider and destroyed it with this crap.

  • http://geeksyndicate.co.uk VichusSmith

    Well, you must love that it was canceled. I was thrilled, and I hope that future generations will learn a lesson in Knight Ridering.

  • Me

    Shame it stopped, was an awesome show :(

    Acting was fine, the series storie was easy to follow, no deep nonsense, just plain entertainment.

    Loved the new KITT, it actually looks like a decent car, cast is good, as it should be.

    Get over yourself wanting to have some sort of shakespeare novel, go read books.

  • Christian Swindler

    The Knight Rider 2008 series was a great TV show, It has about 6 – 12 million people that enjoy the television show including me.