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TV Review: Justice League Unlimited

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The second episode has come and went, and I am pleased to say that it was a good episode, but there are a few things that I wish were different. I will also mention up front that I think the voice of Superman is different than in previous series, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it seemed different, a little less bass. Anyway, this episode featured three of our beloved Justice League members, three of the originals, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

The episode is titled “For the Man Who has Everything.” and it is primarily a Superman tale. It follows Batman and Wonder Woman as they go to visit Superman at the Fortress of Solitude, only to find him immobilized with a strange plant attached to his chest, and bad guy Mongul roaming the halls. Before the battle gets going, we cut to Superman, or more precisely Cal-El, waking up, He is back on Krypton, with a wife and son, working as a farmer. Back to the Fortress, we learn that the plant puts you into a coma like trance wand feeds you images of what it is that your heart truly desires. The reason for this is Mongul needs him out of the way to continue his plans for conquering the Earth. Of course, Batman and Wonder Woman will have nothing of it. While Wonder Woman battles Mongul, Batman works on removing the plant, inadvertently transferring it to himself. Needless to say, Mongul gets what’s coming to him and the heroes save the day.

Apparently this was a translation from a storyline from the comics, I am unfamiliar with that story, but from what I have read it is very highly regarded. It actually reminded me of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I forget the name of the episode but it finds Captain Jean-Luc Picard trapped by a probe, and while trapped he lives out an entire life on some planet, where he is married and has children, before being freed and returned to the Enterprise. It is a device used many times, but is always effective in showing the audience other sides of these characters. In this instance we get to see what Superman would be like if he never left his home planet and there was no Superman. We also see a rather aggressive side of our hero, once freed from the plant, he unleashes a large dose of aggression on Mongul for forcing him to live that dream and having to give it all up, reminding him of the loss of his parents.

The think I didn’t like about the episode is that this is no longer Justice League, it’s Justice League Unlimited. Being only the second episode, it should have included one of the myriad new characters just glimpsed in the first episode. Outside of that, there isn’t a lot to complain about. The story was good, characterization was good. It was interesting to see these other aspects and emotions of Superman.

Not a bad start to the show, hopefully we will get more of the other characters on the scene in the next episode. I also think that this series screams out for 60 minute episodes.

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  • MG

    why is Hawkgirl no longer part of the Justice League unlimited team? I can’t find the answer anywhere.


  • I haven’t seen it, but in Starcrossed, it came out that Hawkgirl was a double agent which led to an invasion from her homeworld and she had to choose her allegiance. I think this is what led to more heroes joining and the start of the JLU series.

  • Vic

    It’s still a bummer that Hawkgirl is gone, and another of my favorites has yet to be seen beyond a cameo in the season premiere: The Flash.


  • SS

    I think its very disappointing that hawkgirl is no longer part of the team. She gave the whole cast an extra Umph. More of a female touch aswell.

  • Vic

    Flash hasn’t been seen this season either, expect for a brief cameo in the first episode.


  • But we did get Green Lantern! uhhh, make that Booster Gold!

  • cbears

    Hawkgirl decided to leave after the fiasco with the invasion in the season finale. They wrote flash out because the voice actor is busy being Lex Luthor for Smallville.

  • Adolfo Castanon Mari

    I am watching an episode of the Justice league right now and i have three words for you: I hate it. It sucks. There is a robot called Ivo’s android, he defeated all the League with a single beam. These are not my comic book heroes. Superman is weak, vulnerable and does not breath in space. This series is garbage and I really hate Bruce Timm for messing my heroes in this crappy way.

  • There’s just way too much going on in this series, the reason why heroes are super to begin with is because of the fact that they’re supposed to be so few of them. When you have a hundred lame super heroes like “booster gold” running around it starts to get cheesy and cluttered. Besides that the story lines are just bad.

  • Boo

    Justice leage sucks, I used to like it, but it started getting all gay and stupid, so I stopped watching it.
    I mean superheroes are dumb, specially Superman, he puts his underwear over his pants, WHAT AN IDIOT!!!

  • Well, I continue to enjoy it. I never liked SUperman being so all powerful, didn’t make for dramatic reading or viewing. You know, Superman could not fly originally, he just jumped really high/far.

    Anyway, I loved that episode with Booster Gold doing crowd control.

  • D-Boy

    Hawkgirl makes an appearance at the end of the ivo-android episode. As well, she’ll be back in a later episode when Soloman Grundy comes back from the dead.

  • edgar

    I like jlu ispite of the changes.well tlak about changes,i just found outt hat Booster Gold is the coolest hero ive ever seen…he should have his own website.i mean the guy is just so funny and that episode about crowd control only proves he should another break…


  • Justin

    Does anyone know if any Box Sets for JLA or JLU are in the process of being put together? I would love to buy a box set instead of some individual DVDs with three episodes on them. Also they don’t even have all the episodes from season one available yet. Any rumors that there is a box set coming soon?