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TV Review: Judging the TV Judges – Part 1

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Who judges the judges? Well, I do. Of course, I’m talking about the television show judges. There’s a plethora of judge shows on American television these days, but the genre started out with Judge Joseph Wapner and the original The People’s Court which had its debut in 1981. I feel the show was the inspiration for the Court TV network today.

Judge Wapner had retired from the California bench and the entire concept was new and fresh in daytime television. He retired from the show in 1993 to be eventually succeeded by several judges including the ex-Mayor of New York City, Ed Koch. Now, I was a Wapner purist when Koch came aboard. I wanted Wapner’s ways. I didn’t want “How am I doing?” Koch. He wasn’t doing well on the show and never clicked with it at all, in my opinion. He was followed by Judge Jerry Sheindlin (husband of Judge Judy) and in that time, I found the show even more lackluster.

As a matter of fact, the genre itself was in a slump until Judge Judy revived it with a more brash approach to the bench in 1997. Her personality took the genre in a new direction and breathed new life into things. I don’t know how her approach worked in the actual municipal courthouse, but it was good television. Alas, it opened the door for numerous judge shows as the networks sought another cash cow courtroom. So, where do we stand today on the judge scene? Here are my quick thoughts…

Right now, I have to list Judge Judy Sheindlin as the epitome of the successful television court judge. She’s quick-witted, clever, brash, sometimes rude, usually acid-tongued, but always entertaining and well, quite judicial. She’s become a successful author, as well as a household name even for those who really don’t watch daytime courtroom fiascos. Um…cases, not fiascos, of course! Hands down, she’s had the most effect on the genre since its inception with Wapner. She took the genre a new direction, said things we’d like to say but are often too polite to do so. She’s the Simon Cowell of the television courtroom genre.

My vote for second in line to the Judge Throne at this time would be Marilyn Milian, the current judge on The People’s Court. I enjoy her sense of humor and she’s almost as quick to retort as Judy. Not quite, but almost there. She’s definitely opinionated, as are just about all of the television judges of today. I find her entertaining, animated and generally agree with her decisions. I suppose, in some ways, she’s a bit of a Judge Judy type of personality. But I find she offers her own flair to her show. She’s not as acidic as Judy and often draws on her Cuban roots for a new aspect to what can be a tired format. I find her lively and even a bit perky (not necessarily in a cheerleader kind of way, though). She is the first People’s Court judge to attract my attention since Judge Wapner. She’s doing something right, for sure!

Oh, what can I say about good old Judge Joe Brown? I like this guy, but his shtick is that he’s a successful black man who came up from the streets to be a judge. Judge Greg Mathis uses the same shtick. Both are very quick to judge litigants on the basis of “being a man” about things. I’ve noticed that recently Brown is polling the audience, and using those results to rule on the cases. I’m not sure I like that approach. I can only guess that they might have wanted to update things a bit to enhance the show before it jumps the shark. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Judge Joe Brown. He seems like a decent man, a smart man. But I fear the wave of newer and younger judges may be hinting that his days on the bench are numbered. Wapner didn’t have those issues – he was older when he started and there was no competition out there for many years.

As for Mathis, I enjoyed the start of his show some years back, but I feel these days there’s “no there there.” There’s nothing new on the show; several of the cases seem to be treading paths trodden before. I’m finding him neither lively, nor entertaining. Are his days numbered? Is it just me? I can’t help but thinking “same old” every time I watch the show as of late. Oh…and I’m tired of hearing his juvenile record at the beginning of each show, as well as his promise to his deceased Mom. Call me heartless, but after so many years, it’s become almost trite. The man must be 50 years old or so. Obviously, what crimes he committed as a juvenile were nothing which gave him a permanent record or he wouldn’t have been allowed to be a judge. Enough already with that, Mathis!

It’s laudable that both Mathis and Brown both overcame many obstacles in their paths and set an example for young folks, but enough is enough. There’s more to each of them than “raised in the ghetto.” I want to see a fresh approach now that each of them has been on television for so long. They’ve both been more years in the success story era rather than their childhoods. What’s happening now in their lives? In a way, although it’s great both Brown and Mathis are good role models, it’s reminding me of “when I was young, I walked to school 10 miles uphill through blinding snow” as I watch each of these shows’ opening sequences. It’s a different world now compared to when they were coming up. While some values remain the same, the world itself has changed.

Stay tuned right here as I look at more of the television judges. After all, I said there was a plethora out there these days. I can’t do justice to the justices in just one article!

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  • I think Judge Milian is actually better than Judge Judy because Marilyn can be sharp tongued but she shows a level of compassion from the bench you don’t see with Judy.

  • Deby Zimmerman

    Very interesting reading but I was wondering if you had any info regarding the Judge from “Texas Justice”? He got really aggrivating when he would let the litigants get into their shout fests and just watched. Can’t say that he’s missed, only wondering who got smart enough to pull the plug on him. There are a couple more new court shows on that seem to be trying to compete…the MOST rediculous being EYE for an EYE with the loser Kato Kaylin as the “host”….and a judge with a bat “Extreem Akeem”….REALLY STUPID show, about on the level of soaps… Then there’s another judge, male who is also of (I think, and apologize if wrong) Puerto Rican descent. He “once was a cop, then a lawyer and now a judge” is used as his opening credits…

    It seems like Judge Judy is getting harsher in her criticizism of people and MUCH harsher with her comments and name calling. She HAS the years of experience but sometimes seems to not see people for people. I am not excusing the reasons for being there only that there have been times when her harshness seemed more than too much in a case. Then there are times where Judge Hatchett seems to be too easy on some. Her “intervention” themes for some of the juviniles seems to only white-wash a problem…I mean, they co-operate for the sake of the show but very little success stories have come out of these moments. Most of the hot-headded kids who don’t respect anyone don’t really seem all that changed when they come back to court…it’s in the eyes. They are only playing the game.

    What ever happened to Mills Lane? He is another that just dropped out of sight one day.

    Course for as silly or unbelievable as some of these may seem, I would rather sit and watch one or two of them than the “reality” crap on the t.v. today.

    It was interesting to find your site and good reading…thank’s for listening.

  • Andy

    I agree with everything you wrote. I think Judge Millian makes it look as if she is playing up to for the people too obvious. I mean, of course they are all playing up for the people but Judge Judy looks more natural when she is acidic tongue. Marilyn doesn’t look as natural and really looks like she wants those TV ratings. I just love it when Judge Judy doesn’t allow folks to forcrudate or interrupt her. Those to things really irritate me.

    forcrudate (verb) : An effort to throw another off their subject matter by responding on an entirely different subject matter or responding in such a way that is inconsistent with the statements of the other

    Marry’s constant forcrudating indicated that she rarely ever listened to what other people had to say to her. I wish you’d stop forcrudating and give me some adequate feedback. I had to forcrudate Billy as nothing he was telling me was very important.

    interrupt to break the continuity of another’s sentences by breaking in with an utterance

  • Kelly

    None of the judge’s allow anyone to forcrudate or interrupt as they will say shut up. But I can agree with the whole Marilyn Millian appearing to obvious. She needs to be replaced like that new Judge on FOX 6. These guys just look like they are playing up too much. Judge Judy is just a natural. And then what is with all the dissing on the black judge’s. Ok, granted Brown might have theee most awkward laughable country bumpkin voice and mannerism I have ever seen but Mathis is cool and rather handsome if you ask me

  • Kelly

    Yea dude, stop attacking the black judge’s especially mathis. that guy is funny and cool. Are you racist because Second of all, you didn’t even mention probably the most sweetest, caring judge out of all of the judge’s. Judge Hatchet. She is so sweet and caring, and says the darndest things. she wants said I will walk off this bench and kick your ass. She is so funny, but she reminds me of Oprah as she really gets involved in the cases and cares about people. Judge Millian smiles a lot and stuff which is cool but she doesn’t look very convincing. Anyway, speaking of forcrudating, Can Someone Tell Me How To Create My Own Website? 🙂

  • Kavya Lee

    Please update this blog to include remarks about Judge Maria Lopez – I have to wonder what the network was thinking hiring someone so lacklustre as Lopez. She seems to have very little concern for justice according to the law, rules with her heart and her heart is irrational as is some of her behavior on the bench. Her raspy voice is grating and you know she’s just gotta be a chain smoker off camera. She pretends to be shocked and amazed at imbecilic stories, laughs at inappropriate behavior and does not really seem to have absolute control over her domain.

  • Cathy

    What is there to really say about Maria Lopez? She’ll be cancelled after this season, her first season, and nobody will remember her so why should we waste are breath? Yea, the network made an idiotic decision. The season premier of this episode should have been it’s series finale. It seems like they’ll alow any bum on the bench nowadays.

  • Cathy


    Wow! I just started watching this show this week, and I stopped watching it this week too. Her porblem is she looks slow and confused. Not to be mean. But, she really looks like she doesn’t know what is going on and because of it, looks scared to talk. She’s irrational because she is so confused and doesn’t really understand anything. I think the network might have chosen her because they thought she was different which is true. But she is different in a really bad way. She’s probably the worst court show out right now. I remember when she says, “WELL, WHY AREN’T YOU SUING FOR MORE IF IT COSTS THIS MUCH. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE!” Litigant : “Uuuh! That’s the maximum amount of money your court will give it’s litigants!” Maria Lopez : “I see!” I mean, come on. Cancel the show.

    Judge Christine (Also New Court Show) She is basically Judeg Hatchet. There is already a kind compassionate Judge. She needs to go too. Judge Hatchet has more personality than her anyway. Judge Christine is nice and sweet, but she’s just so boring and lacks personality. She doesn’t look as confused as Maria Lopez but this show needs to go too. I get so bored watching her.

    Divorce Court (New Judge) I once enjoyed Divorce Court. Judge Mablean had me cracking up with her eccentric, funny voice and funny jokes and reactions. However, yet another dumb decision. The FOX network got rid of her because they had a disagreement over the way her hair looked. Ridiculous! What is even worse, is they tried to get someone with a funny voice, and like Judge Maria Lopez, it’s just a lady with an obnoxious voice and an annoying personality.

    People’s Court – Judge Marilyn Milian is cool. She is hilarious. I love her. Why doesn’t she have a courtroom named after her. It’s ridiculous that this Lopez and christina get there names, but not Judge Marilyn. Oh well

    Judge Judy – I like her. However, basically the most of the show is her yelling since whenever the litigant tries to say anything, she goes “om speaking!” It gets tiresome after awhile hearing all the yelling and no response from the litigants. But she has been the longest running judge. And come up with some new sayings, woman. How many times do we have to hear “I’m speaking” and “listen to me”!

    Judge Alex – He doesn’t play up to the camera like the rest of them do. He is funny and fair, but not better than Judge Marilyn. He deserves a show though unlike all the new court shows.

    Judge Mathis – This guy cracks me up. I like him!

    Eye for an Eye – wtf

    Judge Trudy – she was da bomb, and had angry lobsters on her show on Nickelodian.

  • Craig

    Judge Maria Lopez s – u – c – k – s

  • Jean Williams

    Judge Mathis is the MAN. Judge Joe Brown is too COOL.. and the BEST is Judge Mablean. I wish some other network would give her a show. FOX really missed the boat on her firing. She WAS Divorce Court and the new lady has a horrible voice and is not at all charismatic. I dont watch Divorce Court anymore.

  • Myron

    WTF WHY DID THEY GET RID OF JUDGE MABLEAN? I just watched it today after hearing it from here. I’m going to complain to FOX about this. Man, I hate that new Judge that replaxed Judge Mablean. Her voice bugs the **** out of me. I listened to fingernails scratching a chalkboard in order to listen to something better. Divorce Court will be canceled now!

  • Myron

    also, yea, I agree with everyone else. I hate that Judge Maria Lopez too. I don’t watch that type of junk. I don’t like that kind of stuff. Judge’s who don’t have any charisma like Lopez sucks.

  • Marcus

    WHEN ARE G – A – Y people going to have equal rights? Quit all this bullshit about religions and christianity

  • Rachelle

    I cannot stand Judge Maria Lopez. She gets on every last nerve of mine. Please take her off the air.




  • Pat

    Judge Marie Lopez should find a new saying. I’m tired of OK and YOU KNOW WHAT? I counted the sayings and she said them 5 times in her verdict. Tell her to learn the English language and use it.

  • Bob Giffin

    Judge Judy, Brown, Mathis, are all pretty good. Judge Christine, Judge Millianno, and Judge Lopez I don’t care for, because they sometimes supercede the law with thier feelings, and they tend to Rattle something in Spanish, then ask the Litigants, “You know what that means?”…Duh, no, judge, I don’t speak Spanish, say it in English, and I would probably know what it means. This is America, I would hope all legal matters, especially in court would be conducted in English..Judge Hatchett is a Racsist, I have watched her over the years, and she will always side with a Black in a case involving a White and a Black. You don’t see her to often trying such cases anymore…at least I haven’t…

  • Lynn

    Judge Maria Lopez’s show 9/13/07, first presenter, the younger woman that took ($1,000)and advantage of the the elderly lady-needs to be reported to the office to protective services for “harm” to the elderly. Please follow up.

  • TV Judges are SO VERY interesting as they fill up an afternoon of BOOB tube entertainment.

    What is much fun is the ability to see these Judges and their very separate personas almost back to back.

    You can very clearly choose your favorites easily by using their communication skills , fairness and their actual outcomes to a menagerie of different cases. Some cases and Judge genre closely resembles that talk show host Jerry Springer. The Judge that comes to mind is Terry Hatcher and her paternity DNA cases.

    My number one favorite is Judge Greg Mathis. I love his court acumen and the way he really rates the person’s character by their testimony. If they falter in their story line, WATCH OUT! He is absolutely flawless in this approach and I find it exciting and entertaining.

    My next two that are so much fun to watch are long time award winning Judge Judy Sheindlin and the very sexy Cuban Judge Marilyn Milian. I love her Red four Inch high heels. I wonder if they are court issue. Judge Milian is fair and articulate and just a blast to watch.

    Finally that EWWW FOX network has Cristina’s Court with Judge Christina Perez is so much fun to watch as well. She looks like a chipmunk to me, cute and cuddly but very tough. Don’t underestimate her. I also think she has a great higher moral standard that appears to hold very strong in her decisions. I like that.

    All the Judges I have mentioned are smart and have an independent character which I find very pleasing and fun to watch. Just fun to see how real folks have issues that sometimes have to be solved in a court of law…

  • Chris

    Milian, Sheindlin and Lopez all suck! Period. They’re load, brash, annoying women!

  • Yeah, I agree–Judge Judy is awful. She always insults the litigants, often claiming herself to be far more intelligent, far smarter than the litigants–but I see very little intelligence. And in fact, her behaviour to me seems mostly comprised of robotic, unsympathetic application of predefined rules that constitute her idea of so-called justice–and comprised also of an unhealthy quantity of arrogance, aggression and scorn.

    I guess the malice, contempt and condescending attitude of the judge are what sells the show. I guess people like to see others being belittled on the TV. The same principle applies to shows like American Idol where the judges berate many of the contestants. When will viewers grow up and cease their addiction to mean-spirited garbage?

  • Paula

    I am almost addicted to court shows. I even use court shows with my 8th grade Speech class in showing them how to prepare speeches, what to say and what not to say – how to get your point across. There is a plethora of examples provided in any one of these court cases. These are my favorites 1) Judge Judy 2) Judge Mathis 3) Judge Milian 4) Judge Joe Brown 5) Judge Toler and finally 6) Judge Hatchett. The rest of them on the books can be cancelled for all I care. Judge Christine, the other woman with the deep voice and glasses on her nose, and Judge Ferer are nothing in comparison. They waste time. One point I question is this – why is it that all the ‘white judges have black baliffs and all the black judges have white baliffs? Anyone see this as comical? What exactly do they do? ALso, did you all know that Judge Hatchett has a tongue ring??? Hmmmm I also don’t believe for one moment that every kid that Hatchett sends away to ‘see the light’ comes back completely changed and a “brand new boy”. Some of these issues demand more input. Sometimes I think that they think we are all stupid. The one thing I have to agree on with the court shows is that I have learned more about the legal system and laws than I ever knew before hand. I am grateful for the information I have learned becuase it really has helped me and helped others who I have come across.

  • In my opinion,thumbs down for Lopez,Cristina and Alex.Love Mathis,Judy,Milian and Toler.

  • I am addicted to Judge Brown and Judge Mathis. Don’t watch Judge Alex because he comes on when one of my soaps is on. Judge Lopez, forget her. Her voice is irritating. Watched her show twice. That was twice too much. Judge Judy hollering and name calling – oh no. One day someone will punch her out and we’ll see some real court action! People’s Court is okay. Never watched Judge Christina. I miss Judge Mablean. They need to bring her back

  • trash_tv_masher


    Has anyone ever noticed that one or both parties show an inexcusable (i.e. not due to foreign origin) command of English, barnyard manners, and/or no idea how to present his/her case in a bench trial?

    It seems the selling point of these programs is the arbitrator’s expression of disgust with one or both litigants for conduct that either led to the original lawsuit or, in a real courtroom, would’ve resulted in a contempt citation or bodily expulsion.

    I think the (as yet unexplained) success of “The Jerry Springer Show” convinced the TV people that the “Litigants Behaving Badly” format would bring in Nielsen ratings.

  • Carol Brown

    I, for one, am hooked on the judge shows, about the only thing I care to watch for the most part. So I’ve got my opinions.
    Judge Judy grows on you after a while.
    I really like People’s Court.
    I like Judge Joe Brown.
    As for Judge Christina Lopez, she needs to remember she’s not a therapist. She trys too much to fix things that maybe people don’t want fixed.
    Not crazy about Judge Hatchett, too much teenager stuff,etc.
    As for Divorce Court, I never could see what the purpose was. She never granted a divorce, so what was her job?
    I don’t like Judge Mathis, it seems to me he gets too carried away with any sexy, kinky things that come up.
    As for Texas Justice, he did the same thing Judge Mathis does. They let these people holler and scream at each other, because “they might hear something that could affect the case.” But I do find it annoying anyway.
    As for Judge Maria Lopez, she turned me off the first time she said “there’s only room for one diva in the courtroom, and that was her.”

  • Jim

    Judge Maria Lopez needs to get a mirror, or watch her own lousy show, so she can see how rediculous she looks wearing those oversized glasses on the bottom of her nose. She never even looks through them to read, so what are they hanging on her schnozz for?
    She needs to stop giving Spanish lessons. As a judge, she should be well aware that ENGLISH is the OFFICIAL language of this country.

  • Stephen

    My cousin was on the Judge Marie Lopez under the episode September 18, 2007 where a woman sues a construction worker for a shoddy deck. How can I get a copy?

  • Patt Stanek

    I frankly am tired of Judge Maria Lopez ramming her Hispanic Heritage down our throats. She doesn’t interpret for any other minority! Also notice if you are Hispanic you WIN no matter what. Wonder what she would do if I asked her to interpret my Cherokee language against a Hispanic. If she did only one side wouldn’t that be biased? She is supposed to be there to rule on American Law, not her heritage.

  • Sheri

    Am I the only one that can’t f’n stand Judge Joe Brown??

  • Jenn

    Nope. I hate Joe Brown …he sucks. He strikes me as a chauvinistic piglet.: (

  • Rachel in NYC

    I came to this site because I like Judge Lopez’s glasses, and I would like to find the same for myself… but since I am here with other Court show enthusiasts…

    My absolute favorite is Judge Mathis. I love it when ex-cons or cons try to start some caca and Mathis pegs them BOOM. Ya can’t fool him and ya can’t sing him a sob story for an excuse. And he’s funny.

    After him, Judge Alex. Same kind of deal, ex-cop who has been there and done that, and doesn’t let anyone get away with nonsense.

    Then Judge Milian. Also funny and with a broad experience. I think she has a background in auto repair as well that comes in handy. Love it when the litigants think that the judges don’t know something, and it turns out the judges know more than they do. Milian also doesn’t seem to over-do much.

    David Young cracks me up. He is a riot. Not sure why he uses so much Yiddish, but it is kinda funny watching him do that too.

    Judge Lopez is also up there and yes her Spanish stuff does got a little tedious but in general it’s pretty interesting and nice to see her pride – same like Judge Young’s pride as a gay man, and likewise the cop and con backgrounds of Alex and Mathis.

    I did notice what someone else said about the counterpoint staff, not only black judges with white staff ( and vice versa ) but also male to female, with Judge Young. I like that.

    And the judges seem to take certain cases, like Judge Hatchett often has those troubled kids. I like Judge Hatchett a lot but she was a little too touchy feely and I got tired of paternity tests… but now I hear she is going off the air so I am trying to catch her stuff.

    Lots of Spanish judges. Judge Christina was also too touchy feely for me, but she does get spunky and that’s fun.

    Judge Judy is moving too fast. She’s quick witted but she doesn’t give people enough time to talk enough to hang themselves, it feels like she already decided before she came on, she’s just setting them up so she can deliver a predetermined line… so it doesn’t feel like Justice.

    Joe Brown like Judy doesn’t give me the feeling that he heard what the litigants were saying and he seems kind of out of touch, old in the way of a closed mind, not of experience.

    I like it when they give you a little “after” whether its the litigants point of view or the judges- except David Young. His little sermons look far too staged- and it’s already said.

    One more thing… a friend was about to ask some neighbors to “watch” his Mom’s vacant house over the winter. Because of all the Judge shows I watched, I said- hey, you better have a written contract and who is going to be liable if something happens at the house? Better to get a professional, even though you and the neighbor have good intentions… stuff happens… My friend thanked me this morning. Much better than having to help him go to court later without a leg to stand on and a feud with a neighbor… 🙂
    Oh and I am still blown away by Judge Milian uncovering a bold faced liar last week- I believed him and she got him to confess totally.
    And yes, gotta LOVE Judge Milian’s spiky strappy heels…

  • SirScrotum

    Judge Lopez is also up there and yes her Spanish stuff does got a little tedious but in general it’s pretty interesting and nice to see her pride – same like Judge Young’s pride as a gay man, and likewise the cop and con backgrounds of Alex and Mathis.

    ^I am sorry Racheal but your logic is vastly flawed on this opinion. Have you ever seen the way she treats her litigants? HEr rulings have no basis on law, and only on her personal opinions. On one episode she berated a woman for reporting an illegal Alien to the INS that was threatening her (her roommates bf) and called her a prudish twit. On another episode, she thought that a man should be allowed a license to steal peoples cell phones pretty much for being biracial. On my episode that I was on, her editing staff edited out 90% of my evidence and purposefully had me recite my story to her so that I mentioned a crucial part of my case last.

    Well I had no idea that my case was going to take up less than 5 minutes and I would get all the facts out. Nope, she cut me off and did not allow me to mention the fact that the dealership that I was going to see a car show at, forgot to put out the fucking cones in there god damn parking spot.

    The video clip they showed on her show, was about 20 seconds, even though I had recorded 4 minutes that accurately explained what happened, and they only showed the spot with cones in it, so viewers would think that I was retarded enuff to park OVER the fucking cones, which could not be farther from the truth.

    SHe let off an admitted pedophile with 5 years probation, even though he held a screw driver to the throat of a 12 year old. DO you support pedophilia racheal? If you do, than this is your judge that you like.

    If not, than, like I said, your logic is vastly flawed on which judges you choose as your favorites.

    Oh and btw, shes predicted to be canceled by the end of this season, thank god.

    Maybe she will take a god damn hint for once in her life and realize she is a shitty judge and do everyone a favor and off herself.

  • steve

    you dont even give people a chance to finish speaking,then ask another question before they are done.YOU SUCK SO BAD,I CANT STAND YOU.YOU ARE NOT FAIR AT ALL.you should be FIRED BY TRUMP.

  • steve

    NO—you stop talking-im not finished,if i was in your stupid court, i would roll my eyes-were a hat-cross my arms-take a shit on the floor–yell-rip farts-CORRECT YOU ,AND JUST SAY IM NOT PAYING ANY FINE THAT YOU INFLICT ,you are the worst next to that CUNT JUDY,this is not a personal attack,this is for the PEOPLE.YOU ARE NOT GOD–YOU ARE A BITCH WITH TOO MUCH POWER.I TRULY HATE YOUR GUTS.

  • Tom

    I have watched Judge Mathis for about three years and have noticed a great deal of change in his demeanor lately. He calls people liars too quickly if they make a mistake and he dismisses cases too quickly without good reason. Several of my family have noticed this also and I no longer like to watch the show like I used to.

  • Ariel Carter

    I just watched a Joe Brown show and he was terrible. He called a lady’s sister a Tackhead and put her occupation down because she cleaned houses. He was very disrespectful to her and would not even check out her evidence. He felt that she had deceived a man who gave her a TV. He said that she ‘knew what he wanted’ in essence and it seemed that Joe Brown was on the man’s side rather than applying the law. He will enconter something like that in his life so he can know how it feels to be put down on national TV. It was wrong and it hurt my heart to see the lady basically unable to tell her side of the situation. Like Dr Phil says regardless of how flat the pancake is, it still has TWO SIDES. How can a judge just listen to one side and have his ‘mind’ made up before hearing all the evidence. Is this a game? What goes around, comes around. Putting people down sucks!!!

  • Robert McIntyre

    What is wrong with Joe BROWN? iS HE ON MEDICATION?

  • noyb

    Judge Cristina Perez stinks. The Naked Cowboy, Eddie Munster/Butch Patrick, people from the Bunny Ranch, the Iranian woman and her spoiled daughter who blew $7k in Vegas – she has had all of these pathetic losers on at least 5 times. She “takes the law into her own heart” yeah well how about getting something else to do because clearly Christina has too much time on her hands.

  • noyb

    Judge Cristina Perez stinks. The Naked Cowboy, Eddie Munster/Butch Patrick, people from the Bunny Ranch, the Iranian woman and her spoiled daughter who blew $7k in Vegas – she has had all of these pathetic losers on at least 5 times. She “takes the law into her own heart” yeah well how about getting something else to do because clearly Christina has too much time on her hands.

  • tv elf

    Judge Marilyn Milian is a shrieking shrew who is more concerned about her ten pounds of makeup and fake whitened teeth than she is about the law. She is a screaming menopausal hen.

  • oooohhhh

    Judge Alex is sooooooo handsome. And he is a great judge, too. 🙂

  • luvscats

    I agree that Judge Christina is a crashing bore. I have her on as background while doing chores. Yes, I’ve seen that tacky Naked Cowboy several times. He needs a bar of soap and a reality check. But I think the most ridiculous has been “former Miss Alabama”. This woman was at least in her mid 40s and looked like the average woman you see at the grocery store. She was being used because her son damages someone’s car. The announcer introduced her as “former Miss Alabama” and Judge Christina said “I understand we are in the presence of royalty” then she showed a photo of the woman wearing a tacky crown. The former beauty queen grinned. I bet she bores people to death with her pageant stories. Christina said “this will have no bearing on the case”. Well, yeah, and what the hell does that have to do with anything. Obviously The woman was hanging onto her “fame” which such as is was came and went over 20 yrs ago. How freaking pathetic!

  • what a freakshow

    Judge Christina Perez’s show is sleazy and corny and so is the promo (“she takes the law into her own heart”). Pffft. As far as that Naked Cowboy freak, they gave him an entire hour (2 segments). He’s an over the hill piece of trash, a fast talker blathering on about freedom of expression. He needs to get a job and pay some bills instead of walking around in his skivvies strumming on a guitar. This a-hole can’t even sing, and Christina had the nerve to give him and floor to perform. How the show got a Daytime Emmy recently is anyone’s guess. Guess people like to see adult film stars and lap dancers suing each other.

    Another scummy court show is Divorce Court. I kind of like Judge Lynn Toler but the show is full of the lowest class losers one can imagine. Then she had Gary Coleman on, a new low.

  • addicted to court shows

    My gripe is when they don’t let the litigants give their opinions at the end of the show.

    I can’t remember which court show has stopped showing that.

  • luvscats

    correction – in earlier post I said “former” Miss Alabama was being used, I meant to say “sued” – typo

  • courtshow addict

    I love Judge Alex Ferrer. YUM YUM 🙂

  • Mark

    The original People’s Court with Judge Joseph Waper was by far the most professional and ethical of any authentic courtroom series. Sadly, that level of professionalism has been replaced with way too much sensationalism. Most of us realize how dumbed down television has become. Sensationalism, I guess, works for getting ratings. Rather than have an unsuccessful court program that has a rational judge on the bench who’s courteous, fair and generally likable, people would rather watch an unethical, insulting, vindictive, arrogant judge (Judge Judy is the spittin’ image here) that exhibits exactly what a judge shouldn’t be. Well, it’s TV. TV is far from reality in sooooo many ways. So Judge Judy’s bitchy demeanor has granted her a following of (sadly) loyal viewers. That’s all that matters in TV land–RATINGS! If people are willing to watch crap and tolerate the crap that fills 99% of what is on network and cable TV nowadays then there’s no hope for any quality programming, EVER!

  • BUMP

    I loved Judge Mathis for years. However for the past year I find it hard to stomach him. He is constantly throwing cases toward the guilty party by tossing the innocent party for “CONTEMPT” usually by claiming they Rolled Their Eyes at him (How thin skinned can you get?) Or claiming the litigant said one thing then contradicted themself yet when I roll the tape back often that was not the case! The judge had already predetermined that he didn’t like the litigants personality so waits for the slightest ‘wrongdoing’ to end the case for them.(Usually a White woman suing a Black man) What a baby he has become. Geez he made his career by saying foolish things to the litigants and then pretending he misheard or understood them….”Oh you said you wear boots with those pants, I thought you said that you poop your pants.” Yuk yuk yuk. If his ego really felt so insecure he could do like Joe Brown and fine the person $100. but let justice prevail and don’t let the guilty party go scot free. I understand that he is not a very bright individual but he was entertaining enough to last the first 9 years without resorting to these shenanigans. I rarely watch him anymore and when I do I just can’t enjoy him as I use too.

  • I like Judge Pirro because she actually uses case law and knows her stuff. She’s very bright not to mention attractive without looking like a drag queen like some of the others. Today I watched her rule on a case where a young man’s partner was said to be a sexual offender, it had nothing to do with the case and she ruled on it appropriately. She is also the only one who doesn’t act as if she just crawled from under a rock….it other words she knows the system. We should by now ALL know that in the Family court, which allows so much hearsay that everything that is said about a person is not true. In other words everyone who is labeled a child abuser or a sexual offender is not necessarily true. Parents are falsely accused of child abuse in this country daily so that the state can make money off of these cases. The fostercare system shouldn’t be over populated like it is…that many children are not truly being abused by their parents. What about the ones abused in foster care and other placements by the state for money? Pirro is refreshing.

  • Mary L. Adison

    I love Judge David. He is very fair and professional. I have a successful Gay son who I love dearly,and he is my hero, and compare him to judge Young. I love judge Karen and Judge Pirro. I like the new judges, but I’ved watched the oder ones for so many years, i watch them sporadically now. I also love Judge Alex and watched him from day one.

  • toomuchtv

    Judge Pirro is one of the better ones. I like Judge Milian, she has a sense of humor, but is fair and impartial. I wonder about David Young needing a lie detector for his cases. What judge would rely on a machine not admissible in court to
    rule? He should be able to judge cases on the evidence, that’s what he makes the big bucks for. I agree with Bump about Judge Mathis, he is ridiculous with some of his judgements and a lot of his comments are so sexist. Judge Joe is also guilty of that, but not quite so often. I don’t like Judge Karen, she doesn’t issue verdicts on fact or law but on her personal feelings. Judge Judy is just rude. Her “jokes” are recycled over and over and weren’t funny the 1st time around. She needs new writers. And a big dose of humanity.

  • cristina perez sucks

    This idiot has an emmy? REALLY!?!?!? For What? Being ignorant? I wonder who she sucked off for that one. She must have done one hell of a job, considering she’s a hack of a judge. I’ve also got to wonder who at UCLA was fellated by this stupid, ugly ass, hook nosed tramp to get her bachelor’s degree. This dumb bitch makes me sick. Get her off tv, and keep her out of ANY courtroom on the planet.

  • Shanelle

    Judge Judy is a bitch especially towards woman. She never takes the time to hear out the cases she gets and she has a smart ass mouth. Just because your a judge doesnt mean you can disrespect the people that come into your court room. If I ever had to go to court for anything I would choose to go to her court just so I can cuss her ass out.

  • juana

    Whatever happened to judge karen. Tou did not give her a chance

  • Bill

    Judy is not a judge anymore, she is not in a court room, that is a stage, and it is a show. The woman has a chemical problem, either she takes to many prescriptions, or she is lacking in the right chemicals. She doesn’t like men at all, and will run them down at every chance. I don’t think she has judged everyday people before, just criminals. She has no compassion, no humor, no concerns, doesn’t like any male, and has lost her reasoning, and logic.
    She needs to retire, and go get laid.
    You know the bottom line, the only things you take with you when you die are your memories and your emotions, everything else remains. Mankind remembers all the bad things they did, and bad things that have happened to them, this is nature, agree? If you don’t agree, tell me five good things you remember happening, and see how many bad things you can remember. I say why not create the good, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We all like goods things happening to us. You do good, and it returns, from others and when you retain your memories and emotions they will all be good, going to what ever is next after life. Good doesn’t linger, bad stays forever.

  • Uloveme

    lol I too agree with BUMP i have noticed that lately about Judge Mathis. Noone cant even look at him wrong without him saying “contempt” or even better he has been dismissing cases claiming they have “perjured” themseleves also lol. I think sometimes people may come on there nervous and if they slip up once then thats it for them lol. They have automatically purjured themselves and he dimisses the case. But I still love the show!

  • Carol

    Since when does a Judge sit on the bench and call a person a brat? That is terrible. Judge Judy has gotten so mean and critical. What gives her the right?

  • janerunaway

    Judge judy is fair to men and women. I believe that she is annoyed by women who allow men to use them and then portray themselves as victims. I also believe that she is annoyed by men who use women and take advantage of women who allow them to take advantage of them.

    Judge Mathis is an affirmative action judge who speaks like he hasn’t had proper English Education. He does not listen to the cases as he should. He puts words in the peoples mouths on both sides and he thinks he’s a comedian. Not to mention the black hair dye. I can’t stand him! He could take a lesson from Judge Judy. She Rocks and ya’ll know it.

  • jwcrossley

    Judge Judy has to go! She’s obviously becomming senile, too biased with most of her decisions, ignorant to present day issues and terminology, and errogant beyond comprehension. It may have worked 20 years ago for entertainment purposes but now she goes over the line of reason and justice. She thinks she’s sharp but her outspoken and unprofessional demeanor says different. I’d love to go in front of her! Win or loose,I’ll put her in her in place! I feel so bad for her husband Jerry!

  • jwcrossley

    I also have to comment on what Bill said. She needs an ungodly pubic pounding! A grudge fuck! Slam her with a hammer! Maybe, just maybe it will relieve some tension. And poor Jerry can’t do it! He’s been so emasculated and tired of wearing the dress in the family, he can never gain an erection again! Poor fella’! Get him a wild prostitute and get her a cattle prod! She would drive any normal man to commit murder.

  • MsDot

    Judge Judy is my favorite Judge on tv.

  • Robert Wolfe

    Judge Judy,
    No judge in the world would ever treat anyone the way she does. There is a judge here that is in trouble for far less. She is the smartest, best mind reader,most crude person on tv. She suffers from little person sydrome. She has gotten worse. This is no longer entertaining as tv should be. She is nothing more than a abusive Jewish Princes. I and many of my friends will no longer watch. Why not replace her with Judge Pirro. Pull off the air.

  • TexasBlonde

    I really enjoy Judge Alex, Judge Pirro, and People’s Court. I am getting to where I cannot stand Judge Judy because she is biased before the case begins in many cases. Plus, she will let adult children off who have bled their parents dry because she feels that is what a parent is supposed to do even though the parent made the child sign a promissory note. She enables derelict partners who co-habitate instead of habitating with a marriage license. I find myself getting digusted with her more and more often because she is prejudiced rather than dealing with actual law in many cases.

  • RICK


  • Jane Abbene

    Today, 11/26/11, saw Judge Milian,Peoples Court,decide on a case of a 20 year old giving away over $500 of her food stamps to an acquaintance. Judge called it no winner but never blasted this young immature mother that taxpayers are footing this bill and if you’re so in need of public assistance, how does this person choose to Give Away this money to anyone. She should have been reported or reprimanded for such action. Judge Judy would have eaten her up alive. Judge Judy RULES.!!!

  • Liz

    When are the men in white coats coming to take Judge Judy away. Used to be entertainment, now assault, slander etc., …if she spoke to someone in the street that way she would regret it!

  • HistoryTeacher

    The Judge Ross show is fake. The litigants are bad actors similar to a Jerry Springer show. I would like all the court shows to be real and the loser actually pay the judgment. I wonder if such a show would survive?

    It is no less real because the litigants agree to accept arbitration but I want the litigants to be real and the judgment to be real. Divorce Court has become Sex Court and is just an excuse to be verbally explicit. I don’t mind the new judge but I dislike what the producers want for this show–which is soft porn. I skip it now.

    I agree with most of the well-written article but I want People’s Court to retain its original name even though Judge Milian and Judge Judy are among my favorites. These two women control the courtroom and perhaps control their producers so they can run the show. That makes them head and shoulders above the others.

  • Bulgar

    Like others it seems – I am becoming increasingly appalled at the Judge Judy’s demeanor. It was an older episode perhaps where she supported an LA cop who was sueing a father who was upset that this overzealous plod had searched his 17 year old son when he had no just cause to do so. It surprises me that in the “land of the free” that such injustices occur. Perhaps freedom is only reserved for those who can pay for it?

  • Elizabeth

    Judge Mathis is a bigot; Judge Joe Brown is senile. I love Judge Judy and Judge Alex. They stick to the law, while Joe and Mathis are all about themselves. I wonder what happens to the suit when these self-centered judges judge wrongly?

  • Elizabeth

    To wit–today Judge Joe ruled against 2 (white) men without viewing the evidence against a (black) woman. He babbled on and on about how she could have helped wounded service men–WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE EVIDENCE AGAINST HER! I would have liked to have seen the evidence. Law should be color blind and babble-blind!