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TV Review: Human Target – “Victoria”

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SPOILER ALERT: hints about the season finale are included. If you don’t want to know, stop reading just before the final paragraph.

When one requires a helping hand, there are more than a few ways that help can be provided. However, some situations need a different kind of assistance. These include threats to one’s life, for example. Getting help there could be a tricky conundrum for anyone.

Members of a ruling family are not the average threat assessment. Someone who is next in line for the throne is wise to call in Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), perhaps the world’s best on the subject of security matters.

Victoria (Christina Cole, Hex) is the Princess of Wales. Since her mother is the Queen, the stakes are much higher than what Chance normally takes on in an assignment. Victoria is married, but her heart has been stolen by another man. Hubby is less than pleased, so a fixer, or “problem solver,” is sent to handle the mess. Templeton (Mackenzie Gray)’s solution? Kill the cheating spouse! Good thing Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) are on board to cover all bases.

This episode is a bit unique in terms of the international coming stateside. I have to question one small aspect, though. Is there a shortage of Brits to act out character parts? Out of every actor playing the Royal Family, fixer, and fixer minions, only two are actually from across the pond. Yes, I fully realize Hugh Laurie and Linus Roache are on other weekly shows. Somehow, I have a hard time imagining them in drag, but television can make for some marvelous effects. One of those two might have actually enjoyed playing the Queen.

Guerrero is quite the talent! He knows the exact right way to deal with a sniper. A bit of his background is revealed, as we learn he lived in New York for an extensive period. A native, or so he says, which tells me he was be born and raised there. The conversation between Haley and McBride while trying to carry out their part of the plan is sharp but amusing. While I’m on the subject, Haley probably should never ever be put in drag on this show. Height isn’t an issue, but the mustache might look a bit odd.

Once again, viewers are reminded that Chance lost someone close to him. Katherine died some years ago, and so the final scene this week is especially touching. Here’s a hint — it has something to do with timing. The scene before it, with Guerrero and Winston gives a huge clue, if one pays close enough attention.

Next week is the season finale. While there is no word yet on a renewal, there also isn’t anything out on cancellation. I’m thinking that with 24 on its last legs Human Target really needs to stay around to cover the adrenaline factor. Yes, the former got cancelled, this is its final season.

As for what’s up for Chance and crew, the finale is supposed to answer questions about who the characters truly are and how they became a team. It is also rumored to be a cliffhanger, so there will be a few unanswered questions. This indicates cast and crew are hoping to return for a second chapter down the road at some point.

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  • BJ

    Great article and right on point. I have to admit that I’m “hooked” on this show, to a degree. It definitely keeps my interest but at some point they need to incorporate the “wow factor” like 24 used to do and like Southland now does. Human Target is entertaining but it needs to drop the unexpected on the viewer from time to time to really make it interesting. Perhaps the finale will do just that.

  • Or not. If someone watched the entire season, clues have been popping up. Still, this should get interesting. Glad you liked my writing.