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TV Review: Human Target – “Tanarak”

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Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) makes his living as the world's best security expert. Therefore, when he is hired to snatch a doctor off of a remote island, things seem simple enough. The mission, anyway. The details need a little bit of working out kinkwise. Like the secret identity and a way to leave the island. Between Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) and Winston (Chi McBride), though, the plans are going to be just fine.

Jessica (Moon Bloodgood), the doctor who requires assistance, may have traveled all over the world doing humanitarian work, but she tends to keep in touch. This last job is no different, up until the day Jessica stops communicating, and mom cannot get in touch with her either. The place is in Tanarak, Alaska, so a foreign country snafu is not the problem. Getting in the place, however, is seriously tricky. For one thing, outsiders get noticed, and fast. Good thing Guerrero finds a Land Management guy who is away from the office. Chance can use that to work his way in, it's just a matter of being waved past. The title does help, since this is a mining operation. A BLM staffer is to be expected.

Staying ahead of a ruthless operations boss (Ty Olsson, Eureka) won't be easy. Chance and Jessica must get to an airstrip to fly home, while exposing a deadly secret at the same time. It seems Jessica stumbled onto a cover-up after a mining person in a leadership role died. The problem lies in the cause. Let's just say the head honchos will stop at nothing to keep Jessica from getting the truth out.

This week is one of those episodes which does not really tie into the underlying story theme. Nobody is trying to track Chance down, and Katherine is never brought up. While a suggestion is made regarding money, there is no hint of whether it returns or not. Could the former boss be bought off? Probably not, for the way most likely to not have Christopher Chance et al is competition is via extermination. I'm not talking being fired, but rather death. Of course, these two people are the best at what they do. The showdown should be well worth the wait and an amazing episode.

How many are left? A mere handful. I highly doubt this will go up to twenty two episodes since it is the premiere season. Sometime next month just might be the finale. There has not been word of a renewal, but this show has not been cancelled either. Everything is fine for now. With 24 being cancelled for sure, Human Target should stick around just for the suspense factor.

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