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TV Review: Human Target – “Salvage and Reclamation”

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Human Target is on the air! After the break so as not to compete with Olympic coverage, it's nice to see Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) and company doing what they do best — helping people in trouble get out of sticky situations. This time takes Chance to South America to get Doug (Kris Marshall), an archeologist, out of hostile territory. Maria, an old flame, thinks he is perfect for the job. Easy, right? Not exactly. Doug has a link to riches of gold, which Bertram (Kim Coates), a bounty hunter, would love to get his hands on.

Removing Doug from the military base where he is being kept is simple. The plane which should take them both home, though, runs into a few issues. For starters, Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) must find a new pilot after their old one is arrested. The language miscommunication is laugh out loud hilarious. Haley, as usual, gets a nice line to sum up the situation. A rather poignant moment comes as Guerrero realizes they could die while flying through an area called the Devil's Mouth. Winston effectively holds off any talk of Guerrero's past misdeeds until another day. Still, it's not hard to understand that a lengthy list could be involved.

As effective as Valley is at playing the tough, ex-military security dude, he can make the more introspective moments work too. He shows off a vulnerable side when he has to explain why he left a woman he so obviously cares about. People get burned one way or another, which leads right back into why Chance took his present position in the first place. Could this be part, if not all, of the reason Katherine died ("Sanctuary")? Maybe. This episode takes a break from the running storyline to make a standalone story, but the biggest mystery of all will not sit on the sidelines for long without being mentioned sooner or later.

Next week is the return of Emanuelle Vaugier to the show as FBI Agent Emma Barnes. She will make a great recurring character, but it remains to be seen just how many times Vaugier might appear over the course of the season. Considering this all started in January, the total count of episodes might be lower than typical, especially for a first season run. In a separate storyline, Guerrero is supposedly trying to recruit a familiar face. This could be either a well known actor, or a character seen before. Those who are considering the latter option should keep in mind that dead is probably definite. This is not science fiction.

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