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TV Review: Human Target – “Run”

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Believing that Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is a protector is not difficult. After all, one look at the man and the image of strength comes pouring out. The harder part is understanding why in the world someone would hire him as a personal bodyguard. Answer? Chance is not the police. He operates on a different level, and without worrying too much about legalities. No, he's not a hit man. Most jobs require him to prevent his clients from getting killed; anyone else ending up hurt or dead is another matter altogether.

People are held accountable for their actions, whether or not they ever land in court as a result. Allyson (Kristen Lehman, Drive) knows this all too well. She is a prosecutor who is about to try one of her biggest cases ever. Due to the sensitive nature of the persons involved and how big the trial is, she turns to Chance for help. You see, the confidential informant just happens to be Whitey Doyle, a syndicate crime boss. Plenty are out there who do not want to see justice prevail.

Whoever wrote this script made a wise move. Mark Valley portraying a lawyer to establish contact with Allyson is a smart nod to Boston Legal. It works.

Out of all the guest stars this week, the person playing Doyle is perhaps the biggest. While the actor could pretty much blend in anywhere, he's especially well known for a certain science fiction television series. To state the name outright would ruin the surprise. Fans of the show will not have any problem recognizing him, however.

A bit more is revealed about Chance, but it only leads to more speculation. Where did he get the training to do what he does? One solution is obvious. The tattoo on his right arm suggests a military background. Covert operations of some sort would be my guess. Two branches leap to mind — Army Green Berets or Navy SEALs. It's possible he left his life behind to keep those close to him safe. No wedding ring, but a previous marriage is not out of the question.

This, of course, offers up the possibility of Katherine, his first client, being his wife. If she's now dead, it could explain why a plan is underway to take revenge. Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) stopped the attempt ("Sanctuary"), but the plot is probably not over.

Speaking of Guerrero, the overly knowledgeable operative is up to his usual antics. Haley is quite adept at playing creepy. A certain knife scene proves my point. The writers have enough common sense to stop the action before things get out of hand, but you shiver for just a minute anyway.

Even more chilling is the final scene. It's not what happens, but which actors are sharing the space. An idea of vengeance is placed, which is reasonable when the story plays out. Justice, though, is thrown out completely.

With only a handful of episodes aired, Human Target is proving its value to its broadcasting network and to those who watch. I do wonder why in the world FOX chooses to put it before American Idol. Following the singing reality show would make much more sense. That way, those who are already tuned in just might stick around to watch HT

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