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TV Review: Human Target – “Baptiste”

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Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) might not have always been in the protection business, but just what the security professional did before his current job is something of a mystery. While this week's episode attempts to answer a few of the questions, many others are left untouched. At least for now.

When an old associate, Baptiste (Lennie James, Jericho), comes to town, a problem exists. Why? Baptiste is a highly trained assassin who has no intention of going straight quite yet. Chance is concerned because once upon a time several years ago, he was the one who developed the skill set Baptiste uses to do his job. For the record, exactly how this skill set was developed is not exactly explained in full detail. Could they have been mercenaries? Maybe. The act of causing death is not terribly difficult. The military aspect of Chance's life is not hidden, but rather out in plain view for anyone who cares to see and the tattoo on Chance's right arm ("Pilot") is proof of that as is the planning involved in every job for a client. It's also possible Chance is an ex-cop. He could have met Winston (Chi McBride) by that route, but that's just a theory.

Emmanuelle Vaugier returns this week as FBI Agent Emma Barnes, who got left with the baggage after a coup at the Russian Embassy ("Embassy Row"). She has to help when Chance realizes Baptiste is planning to kill a diplomat. The takedown that occurs when Chance knocks at the door is a smile-worthy moment. Only Chance could interrupt her date With Roger (Giles Panton, V). That guy could be Sean Maher's twin, although the voice is clearly different.

Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) does his best this week training a new team member, Layla (Autumn Reeser), who got to see the group in action at a government weapons facility ("Lockdown"). Reeser and Haley make for a good time as they banter while trying to keep everyone alive to get the job done. There may or may not be a reveal about Guerrero during a phone conversation this week, but considering who was on the other end of the line, it might be a false herring.

There is, however, some more news about Katherine, the woman Chance is not letting go of. She's dead, but it turns out Chance tried to save her from that particular fate and couldn't. The true person behind her death is best explained by watching the episode. So is the reason for her death, but I will tell you that revenge plays a part.

It's possible Baptiste, Barnes, and Layla will return before the end of the season. Eight episodes have now aired and the season contains only 12. Chance's old boss just might be part of this last group of episodes, but maybe not. The storyline is laid out carefully and has been unfolding slowly so the big reveal could take a while. With danger getting closer and closer though, wouldn't it make sense to bring Sean Maher back as Aaron, the reporter whose brother Danny died for his covert intelligence work ("Embassy Row")?

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