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TV Review: How I Met Your Mother – “Disaster Averted”

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Yet again, How I Met Your Mother never ceases to amaze fans, delivering another side-splitting episode. 

So far this season, the writers for How I Met Your Mother seem to be hitting the mark. Last season, many fans of the show were disappointed by the lack of regular humor and the fact that Ted (Josh Radnor) started dating Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), the leader of the group opposed to the demolition of the historic Arcadian building.  However, the great thing about How I Met Your Mother is that the writers seem to listen to the viewers, and usually get rid of characters of which the viewers are not fond. 

How I Met Your Mother, now in its seventh season, is much like the TV show Friends, but with a cool twist. The show focuses on five friends living in New York, but each episode is tied into a story that a future Ted is telling to his kids about how he met their mother.

So far in the series, Ted has never actually met the mother yet. Instead, the series shows Ted trying to find his soul mate.  At the same time, viewers are treated to a look at the crazy adventures that he has with his friends. 

The show has a dynamic cast of characters including loveable playboy Barney (Neil Patrick Harris), the quirky Canadian Robin (Cobie Smulders), and the great couple Marshall (Jason Siegel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan). The wonderful mix of charcters creates a fresh comedic series, that mixes real life issues with exaggerated situtaions. 

In the latest episode, which aired Monday night on CBS (11/7), Barney is desperately trying to get rid of the duckie tie. Barney was forced to wear the tacky tie after losing a bet to Marshall a few episodes ago. 

Meanwhile, Ted recounts to Robin’s boyfriend (played by Kal Penn) why their favorite pub has a sign outside that says: “No Boogie Boarding.” Ted tells an amusing tale of how he and his friends got stuck at Barney’s apartment during a hurricane over the summer. Barney, on the other hand, keeps trying to interrupt the story and make Marshall mad so that Marshall will let Barney take off the duckie tie. 

The whole episode was a delight to watch. The best part occurs at the end with the true return of Marshall and Barney’s slap bet. It was great to see that the writers are bring back some of the humor from past episodes. 

What happens at the very end of the episode is a shock, however. One wonders what fans will think of the surprise — whether they’ll approve of the potential changes or not.

So, “suit up” and start watching some TV. 

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