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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Selfish” in Depth

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“Selfish,” the second episode in House, M.D.’s new season brings us back to basics in the House-verse after last week’s off-formula and wonderful “Now What?” But House (Hugh Laurie) and Cuddy’s (Lisa Edelstein) relationship plays a prominent role as they try to figure out just how it’s all going to work—at work. We get a great medical case with an interesting ethical dilemma—and a perfect return to those “clinic beats” we all crave.

As I said in my preview, I think (if The Powers That Be continue
along this path) we have little about which to be concerned. I see no sharks preparing to jump. In fact, quite the opposite. I believe that this romance—relationship—has the ability to once again recharge and reinvigorate the show, taking House’s journey (which is, after all, the core of the narrative) in a new direction with fresh challenges, obstacles and angst to deal with. It’s going to be quite a ride, I’m sure.

This week’s patient is Della (Alyson Stoner), a skateboarding teenager; her brother Hugo (Tony Saintgenue) has “severe congenital muscular dystrophy,” a disease that will shorten his life expectancy to 25 years. During a fundraiser for the disease, Della collapses while pushing her brother through the skateboard track, presenting to House and the team with an intermittent heart arrhythmia. 

House is waiting for Cuddy when she arrives at work. Taking her hand, he is ready to conquer the world (and tell everyone) with Cuddy at his side. But Cuddy wants this all above-board and by the book; that means reporting it to Human Resources and signing a “love agreement.” 

And true to form, although he promises Cuddy that he will not tell anyone about their relationship until they’ve been in to see HR to discuss, House’s excitement cannot be contained for even a moment, as he tells his shocked fellows (and a highly skeptical Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard) that he and Cuddy are involved.

Taub (Peter Jacobson) isn’t so sure this all is a good idea “yanking on the chain of command.” Foreman (Omar Epps) actually thinks the romance is a good thing, and Chase (Jesse Spencer) chooses to ignore it entirely, preferring to focus on the case at hand. Wilson’s disbelief is a carry-over from last week’s episode when he was certain that either House was hallucinating or yanking his chain. But Cuddy’s ultimate proof is brash, bold and undeniable. 

As much as this entire journey will be for House a greater emotional risk—a far greater emotional risk, since it has been so long since he’s been involved. I hear in my head, Wilson’s admonition to Cameron back in “Love Hurts” about the potential fallout if things don’t work out. 

On the other hand, it is six years later and House’s psyche (“therafied,” drug free and anti-depressed as it has been for a year) may be able to better withstand the rocky shoals of a real relationship than he has been in years. For Cuddy, the risks are different but just as great. As dean—and House’s boss—she needs to prove both to herself and the hospital staff that she can rein in the village maverick. But she also needs to prove to House that she really can control him. He is so good at finding the weak spots, that if she doesn’t show him right off that he can’t get away with more than he had before, chaos will reign.  

Interestingly House has no interest in testing Cuddy’s authority nor the bounds of her position as his boss). House is solicitous to a degree not seen since the end of season four. Astute fans (and my readers are among the most astute on the planet) should recall another time when House has been so destructively deferential (and against his better judgment). That, of course, was in “Wilson’s Heart,” at the end of season four.

Back then, House was concerned about Wilson. Over and over in that episode, House backs off the riskier (and perhaps more effective) choices to resist making waves with Wilson (and perhaps risking their relationship). 

Cuddy is taken a bit taken aback at House’s compliance. You would think she would appreciate this new and more malleable House, but she seems unsettled by it. And this forms the core conflict of their first week as lovers as they grapple with how their relationship can possibly, and at all, work while keeping the hospital standing and the relationship secure. “I just don’t want our relationship affecting our jobs—or the other way around.” 

When Della requires a lung transplant and her body rejects the donor lung, the 14-year old and her parents are faced with an impossible choice. Della’s brother is a match, but a donating such a significant organ may cut his lifespan even further, perhaps in half. Do the parents ask this of themselves and their son—or risk losing both of them: Della immediately and her brother within a few short years? 

Although Della is willing to be martyr for her brother, saving the few years he has left in a selfless sacrifice of her own. But what effect would her death have on Hugo? Far from being a selfless act, dying would leave Hugo without a sister—someone to live life in a way he cannot—through whom he can live a vicarious and exciting life.  

This is the type of ethical choice House (and House) is especially good at, but his new relationship with Cuddy at stake, is House willing to “do what needs to be done, rules be damned” if that mean creating conflict in the fledgling romance? Throughout the episode, House tries so hard not to step on Cuddy’s toes, Taub observes the short leash Cuddy has lassoed around his neck. House realizes that he is being overly deferential; he knows the relationship is affecting his medical decisions, but can’t help himself. He wants so desperately for the relationship to work, he’s second guessing himself and tiptoeing around choices that might upset her.

Deferring to Cuddy—refusing to engage her in debate, arguing his cause or going around her back frustrates the team—and eventually even frustrates Cuddy, because it gets them nowhere either with each other or with the patient. And if it keeps up the entire relationship will implode. 

In a pivotal scene, House wants to do a risky procedure on Della, Cuddy approves the procedure, but House senses that she opposes it. Pulling his punches, House goes with a less risky procedure. It works, but as Taub insists, it might not the next time. Second guessing himself to please Cuddy is not the way to run his practice. But how to make it work—and make things with Cuddy not contentious?

And although they seem to be selfless, each afraid to make a move to oppose the other, House and Cuddy are also being selfish. As they guard their relationship, just beginning to blossom, they nearly blow apart the case. House, afraid to do what has to be done, rules be damned for fear of ticking off Cuddy, feeling compelled to defer to her, and Cuddy afraid to rein in her reckless-prone doc finally come to their senses and act as if they had no intimate relationship at all, perhaps the riskiest—and most selfless act possible. 

Precipitated by the parent’s decision not to allow a lung transplant from Hugo, House blows up (finally), pointing out as only House can, the idiocy (and bad math) of their decision. But the decision is removed from them when Hugo overhears the blow up and insists against his parents’ wishes (and Della’s) to donate part of his lung: a selfish/selfless act. The resolution is incredibly satisfying when Cuddy and House start arguing the ethics of the situation and blow up at each other. As Cuddy says, it’s the most honest they’d been with each other all day. It clears the air between them, and gives each (and their relationship) room to breathe. 

Another thread of the “selfish/selfless” theme emerges when House is plopped into a family conflict when an elderly man brings his even more elderly father into the clinic. The son wants House to insist that Dad be placed in an assisted living arrangement. He’s tired after all these years of being parent to his father. For once, he wants to be “selfish.” 

Unbeknownst to him, Dad, too wants to be rid of his hovering son who “can’t let go” and also asks House “selfishly” to be recommended for the old folks’ home (a private suite with all the trimmin’s). Over the course of the series, House has been forced into these little family situations, where a little Housian honesty might go a long way to make everyone a little less miserable. This clinic beat is classic, appearing several times during the episode. 

Even the team exhibits selfishness in the their reactions to House and Cuddy’s news: Foreman thinks that  a happier House is a less harsh boss; Taub, who enjoys the excitement of their practice sees no good if it mean House will play it safe and let Cuddy keep him on a short leash. But is House right when he suggests Taub’s concern might be more selfish? Does Taub like the miserable company that House provides, and if that’s gone, is Taub sitting on that limb all by himself as House suggests?

Next week, Amy Irving guest stars as a children’s author in “Unwritten.” More about that, hopefully, later in the week. Stay tuned! 

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  • Grace

    I will be happy if the rest of season 7’s episodes are as good as, or better than, this episode. I like it the best of the 3 I’ve seen so far. (Except for Wilson scene in 1st ep.) LOVED all the one-liners and CLINIC DUTY!! YAY! I don’t want to get too deep, I’ll leave that to Barbara. I’ll just say that I am not a Huddy but if it keeps [H]OUSE on the air longer, than I can live with it. I do miss angst House and would rather see more of that sooner than later. I do NOT miss 13 and I do NOT like Taub. Just my opinion….milage may vary. 🙂 So far, not as bad as I expected, Thank God!

  • Great review as always! I truly enjoyed the episode, it was a strong episode. Interesting medical case, clinic duty, yay!! and I’m liking how the writers are handling the relationship, I truly liked when they yelled each other for a medical decision, pure honesty! Just like all times. It’s good, if they are honest with each other at home and at work, they can have a stability

  • Flo

    @DebbieJ (#66) House and Cyddy were at his apartment in the bed scene. I think @Janine (#64) wanted to imply that House went to Cuddy’s house to pick her up or something and he took this opportunity to give the nanny 40 box. Only then they both went to his apartment.
    That’s how I took her explanation. I could be wrong though.

    That being said, that’s probably what happened. Maybe he followed her after work with his own car or his motorcycle and gave the nanny 40 dollars while waiting Cuddy to be ready to go. She was probably leaving her working stuff like her attaché case at her home.

  • DebbieJ

    @Action Kate #63 – In the new issue of TV Guide (you know, the one with the drop dead gorgeous cover with Hugh and Lisa!), there’s a few photos inside accompanying the article. One of the phtotos show House and Cuddy sitting at her table and Rachel is between them in her high chair. So I’m to assume that Rachel will be an integral part of their relationship. I don’t think the writers will use her as a plot device, i.e. only when it’s convenient to move the story along. The writers are too smart for that.

    @Janine #64 – I thought they were at House’s apartment. He said he paid the nannny $40 to stay an extra hour or two. I could be wrong, but didn’t she say she had to get home? That would mean they were at House’s. The bed looked the same although they were lying on opposite sides from last week.

  • simona

    @flo – Chase is a cryptic guy :-)) I think that all those multiple appointments are a way of not addressing the problem …. for now.
    And I agree about Foreman, I like him from the end of Help me, I think he is really fond of House

  • Janine

    @Action Kate
    House said he slipped the nanny $40 so that implies he was at Cuddy’s house. He probably followed her home and waited while she fed bathed and put her child to bed or she went home and then House picked her up and payed the nanny then. Either way he was at Cuddy’s house which implied that Cuddy was at her house. Also, the episode took place over 2 or 3 days so I’m sure Cuddy was with Rachel those nights.

  • Action Kate

    The only thing which annoyed me about this episode (and technically the prior one) was Cuddy’s apparent lack of interest in her DAUGHTER. Why was she not repeatedly, or even once, checking in with the nanny? Talking to Rachel on the phone? She’s okay leaving her child with the nanny until TEN at night, so she doesn’t come home until her little girl is already in bed? Did she even see her daughter that day?

    “Now What” I can forgive, maybe “Selfish” if it had been some time, but Rachel is going to have to show up very soon or I’m going to start calling shenanigans.

  • Flo

    @Simona, very interesting comment about the freudian aspect of the show and the relationship. You perfectly nailed why this romance is a huge risk to both of them.

    I missed 13 too and her “smart-ass” point of view 🙂
    Is it just me or Chase seem to regret her departure too? He really seems not to be in a good place. The thing is, he formed a beneficial friendship with Thirteen near the end of last season. They got along very well and it seemed to be good for both of them. Now, she’s gone to wherever she went and I think that he may have taken this as an abandonment somehow. After cameron’s departure, Thirteen’s one with whom he bonded is a bit hard on him right now.

    Foreman keeps being caring with the epople around him. I like how he was supportive of House. Even if it is for selfich reasons as barbara said, “less jerky boss”, I also believe he was genuinely happy for House, espacially after being concerned for his boss after the end of “Help Me”.

  • simona

    I just want to add some thoughts on everything that has already been written and most of which I share and appreciate. I needed time to digest this episode that struck me deeply. I can say that I liked Selfish more than Now What. In Selfish there was something that I struggled to focus, perhaps because it spoke directly to my heart and my stomach even before my brain. That “something” was the POTW, the relationship between the two children (beautiful boy’s interpretation) that served as a “reading key” about the episode in its entirety. A first reflection took me back to an ethical rule that I remember (tanks to my Catholic Christian heritage although not practicing): love your neighbor as yourself. It’s a rule that, with the time’s passage, is provided to different meanings. My favorite meaning is related to the “as yourself”: to be able to love someone else you must first be able to love yourself. If we use this reading’s perspective it’s clear that what might appear as selfishness is actually the most complete form of altruism. The heartfelt final “cry for help” of the brother to his sister pointed out this meant in a very touching way. And it clearly served as a mirror to the Huddy’s dynamics. People who have a relationship, to remain united and to be consistent, do not have to give up their individuality and their own characteristics. A pair can be defined as healthy when each of the two components don’t feel the need to change the other or change themselves otherwise could fall the prerogatives of the prime options. I choose my partner because I like him/her in this way and, if we change, we need to change together, no sacrifices from anyone.
    A second thought. I was reported to Freud (and sorry if I trivializes): if the self-sacrifice is based on guilt this will lead to a benefactor’s loss of happiness and to a lack of help for the benefiting. And again according to Freud there may be a drive in each of us about “love is the center of all”, believing that we can get any satisfaction from love and being loved, and this drive is the one that best exposes every subject to suffering. And that’s the risk and challenge for House and Cuddy (clearly shown at the end of the episode): to be honest with each other, be true and never give up their identity, agreeing to take the risk to suffer immensely.

    However the episode has been also so funny and sometimes so irresistible (not counting the return of my beloved dynamic Huddy) but somehow I got much more than the dramatic episode. So I must congratulate the writers that after seven years haven’t lost their magic touch, as regards Hugh Laurie I can’t find anymore the right words to describe the immensity of his talent that can highlight any kind of House’s nuance (from the more comic than dramatic, not to mention all the feelings in the space between these two extremes); Lisa Edelstein is also entirely in keeping with her character and she is playing it in an ever more brilliant way; Robert Sean Leonard, as usual, expresses his great talent, he also knows how to play with facial expressions and I’ve seen all the other actors (the House’s team) play in great harmony with their characters. Well I get the impression that each of them is playing with great passion and they are all intact and perfectly in the hand, almost as if it were their second skin (I missed 13 because during last season she played a very important role proving in great harmony with the emotions of House. I hope she’ll come back soon).

    Finally. When I was a child I had a game that enchanted me (and still fascinates me): a kaleidoscope. I could stay for a long time looking at those colors that, thanks to a small movement of my hand, turned on themselves forming new figures ever. It was a magical game. House MD is proving more and more equal to a kaleidoscope and I never get tired of looking for, because just through a small movement (in this case the choice of any reading key or different perspective) we’d be able to find ever new and surprising meanings. And each of you, from the always valuable and focused Barbara’s reviews, contribute with your comments to form this suggestive kaleidoscope.

    I’ve read the review on Fancast, a very silly way to watch House.
    I appreciate just the emotional intelligence and thinking people.

  • Flo

    Okay, I’ve seen this episode twice (finally, I’m super late!!) and I must admit that i was a bit disappointed.

    I liked the fact that it dealt with House & Cuddy’s difficulty at work, I like the clinic patient and the moral ethic the PotW brought was okay but, at the same time, I found this episode not that well paced and really anti-climatic.

    I think this episode didn’t do really well in recycling old ideas and theme. I agree with the person (forgive me I don’t remember who that is, arf!) who said that “Family” was better.
    The last scene between brother and sister was flat.

    I didn’t like the bed scene. I would have prefer if the episode had stayed at the hospital. That scene came a bit out of the blue, cutting the patient’s storyline for almost nothing. I understand that it was supposed to show that Cuddy accepted to spend less time with her daughter to spend it with House but still, I don’t think it belonged to that episode. I really wondered what the scene was doing there in the middle of the episode. We were at the hospital, seeing Cuddy & House struggling, the team diagnosing and House dealing with old people and, suddenly, we’re at his apartment seeing the two cuddling. Didn’t make any sense at all since the whole stories where taking place at the hospital. That scene belonged to another episode IMO.

    I’m not so surprised though since the episode was written by Eli Attie, who is not a bad writer but not that great, especially lately (he was responsible for “Teamwork”).
    Daniel Attias’ direction didn’t help.
    The fight between House & Cuddy was a good moment though.

    All in all, not a bad episode but not good paced and anti-climatic one. Interesting theme though.

    I’m waiting for the third episode. Should be interesting.

  • Dominique

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, sadly, but I’m as excited as ever reading all of this. There’s been a lot of confusion around the fandom about what this show is “about”, which I find astonishing considering the clue’s in the name.
    7 seasons in, we’re still watching House MD the man… and I find it remarkable that the writers haven’t shied away from growth like so many shows do. They’ve proved that it’s not about House being miserable, it’s simply about him and his life, and the notion that a real “life” is just a series of things going wrong or a series of things going right is something I’ve seen on many shows, which makes them hard to relate to.

    I don’t know why I’m writing this. I guess I’m sort of moved by House being so “real” to me. I mean, he has been for a long time, but I’ve never been happy for him like this. It completes it for me. I don’t know how to voice that. It’s an awkward thing.

  • SeraG–you are quite right. Working on an article now about the left turns made by the show over the last 6 years

    All of the changes in circumstance followed in a progression, creating the show’s narrative. This is House’s journey and all the obstacles and victories (big, small and fleeting) are part of it. I would not be surprised to see some fairly big potholes in front of him to encounter and cause him to falter, fall (and get back up again). He’s a resilient character (of necessity) and it’s fascinating watching his the journey unfold.

  • Sera G

    This is going to ramble and be a bit off topic, but…I listen to an oldies radio station. Driving home from work yesterday, they played, “Both Sides Now” followed by “Under My Skin.” I thought it was very humorous, but then it got me musing:
    I am so enjoying the journey that House and Cuddy are on together. It was a long 6 years to get here, but well worth the angst and frustration. Whether the writers intended it from the beginning or not, it all seems to fit like perfect puzzle pieces. They two of them might never have made it to this point if the relationship had not suffered so much first. I know that sounds convoluted and much against what I have been writing for two years but…if House and Cuddy had merely given in to lust back in season 1, it would have been doomed after a few ‘dates.’ If she had asked him to be a donor for her baby…”or whatever” as Barbara wrote in the book, he was not secure enough or far enough removed from Stacy’s return. In season 3, when things were moving more in the right direction, the jealousy moments helped solidify House’s interest in Cuddy, but may have been dismissed as “someone else is playing with your toy and you want it back”. At last in season 4, after the misery and loss with Amber and Wilson, House finally could admit that he wanted, needed and was ready to “not be miserable”. House had to suffer his breakdown in season 5 so that he could start to ‘heal’. By that, I mean regain his sense of self worth beyond being a medical genius. The therapy with Dr. Nolan was long overdue and even if House is reluctant to admit it, much needed. House on vicodin could not play out much longer. It was career suicide, physically dangerous and agony to watch that beautiful man self-distruct. Even the horrible times with Lucas, (sorry Michael Weston, think you are cute, hate what the character became) was necessary to bring Cuddy to the point of realizing what she truly needs and wants.
    This is my way of processing 6 amazing years of an amazing show and relationship. I am trying not to worry too much about what is ahead. Right now, I think they are doing a fabulous job showing another facet of an “incredible man.” To me, the tender moments, insecurity and giddiness , really ring true for me, as what a couple in love feel, especially in the first few weeks.
    Anyway, when you have a long commute, there is a lot of time to think.
    Sorry to ramble on, but who else is going to understand? My family is patient, my two House buddies enjoy the show but don’t over analyze and obsess the way that I do. So, thanks for reading, or scrolling past. 🙂

  • Susan

    As Robin Williams said as “Alladin”, “Boy do I feel sheepish”.
    Thanks for the explanation.

  • Janine

    it was “i had that expresstion for the first 48 hours. I had a different expression too, but only for 15 seconds at a time” meaning when he and Cuddy were *um* finished having sex

  • ruthinor

    @Susan..the quote was “except for 15 seconds at a time”

  • ruthinor

    @Susan, I could be very wrong, but I took it to mean his orgasms. Perhaps someone has a better explanation? I wish I could remember the exact words he used.

  • Susan

    House sees Wilson smiling by the clinic and says “I looked like that for 48 hours , except for 15 seconds”.(or something like that) What did that mean?

  • Janine

    The show you’re thinking of is called “lie to me”. I can’t believe after all those commercials Lone star got cancelled
    Thats histerical! I guess now we have proof that House is the most intelligent show on TV

  • ClinicPatient

    The MacArthur genius grants were just announced. Among the winners is historian Annette Gordon-Reed, who was interviewed on NPR the other day. And what was she doing when she received the phone call announcing her grant? Watching an episode of “House”. Here is the link.

  • Well i completely eat my words. I didn’t think they would be able to pull off a House being in love, and be still watchable but they did! All hats off to the writers and to HL. Someone said he is adorable when he is in love and golly he is…i was expecting to cringe but HL brings such a genuine and honest touch to this aspect of House that it was compelling to watch. Going to watch it again for the third time:)

  • maineac

    A neat little bookend, subtley done: the episode started with a handhold that turned into an ass grab; and ended with an ass grab that turned into a handhold.

    Love this show!!!

  • ruthinor

    Re the Tavis Smiley interview, I think HL said he hated hearing himself even more than seeing himself. Apparently they’ve cancelled Lone Star and it’s being replaced with that show with Tim Roth that has “lies” in the title (following House it should be called “everybody lies). I’m sure someone here remembers the entire title. I really like that show. I’m also the oddball that likes Glee. I really like most of the musical numbers even though the lip-syncing is so obvious.

  • I can totally relate to HL’s befuddlment about why he became a performer. My “day” job has me in front of hundreds of people singing. I get terrible stage fright (and I’m also quite shy), yet there I am. Something compels, and I think HL is right when he talks about in terms of some sort of need that is “just there.” It can’t be ignored.

  • Michele1L

    Susan #37 – After reading PH’s comment about the kissing, I slowed down the bedroom scene and he does actually open his mouth while kissing her. That sounds crazy obsessive, but he does at the start of the kiss.

    I don’t think anything but a cute friendship exists between Hugh and Lisa — but they actually look like a married couple when they’re in interviews together.

    Hugh is such a paradox because he talks about certain things being uncomfortable, but then he will do most anything for a laugh, not to mention be all-but-nude in front of the camera. I’ve seen him do this several times in his career. On Tavis Smiley, they showed a clip from “House” and he insisted that the monitor be turned away so he wouldn’t have to watch himself, yet he is in a profession where everyone at some point is watching him, and he could not provide a clear explanation as to why someone like him would become an entertainer, which was cute.

  • Janine

    there have been times when I’ve seen reruns of House airing simultaniously on two or more channels! Not that thats a bad thing for us, but for the ratings it is doing some harm. People clain that the ratings went down in season 5 because the show got worse, bue that year was the one where USA and Sleuth started reruning the show like it was going out of style. In fact, every wednesday on Sleuth network is “house day” House episodes all day (about 10 each week that run on a loop and are in series order)

  • Michele1L

    Janine – I don’t get the “Glee” thing either. — And, boy is cable saturated with “House”. It must air in syndication 800 times a week!

  • Michele1L

    Jem -, Just wanted to chime in on your concern about the ratings. This week’s ratings are barely lower than last week. We’ll know better once we’ve seen the October 4th ratings whether that’s going to be a trend. This slight dip may be indicative of the fact that the season premiere departed from the show’s normally fast-paced formula and primarily focused on House and Cuddy exposing their souls (and bodies) like open wounds. Some viewers didn’t like that and may have the expectation that the remainder of the season is to be like this and declined to watch this week. Perhaps a bit of word-of-mouth from those that did watch this week will bring them back next week. — You never know. If you put “House M.D. Episodes” in a search and look for the link to that free encylopedia (starts with a “w”, I can’t spell it offhand, it lists all of the House episodes from the very beginning, and you’ll see that from week to week they can go up and down — sometimes by millions of viewers, other times by just a few thousand. Nine to ten million viewers a week still keep the show around number 25 in overall ratings, which is not usually a recipe for cancelation. — Now, if the ratings were to drop by half that number, then we definitely should be concerned. I actually believed the scheduling of season 6 had a lot to do with the drop in the ratings from the beginning of the season to the end — and, on top of that, House was transitioning in ways that were uncomfortabe to watch at times, and some viewers felt he was “going soft”, so to speak. — But those people are no the “diehard” fans, those people are the ones who watch “House” just to see how big of a jerk he’s going to be and what smart-“arse” remark is going to come from his mouth next. They are not interested in what lies beneath the borish behavior. I think at this point in the life of this show, we are probably down to it’s core audience, and, hopefully, we’ll stay at nine-to-ten million viewers or above.

  • Janine

    6 years of spanish and I didn’t catch that! its not the first time they’ve made a “jump the shark” reference (the first time was in “here Kitty”)
    I agree about Flo, thats all I saw her as and had a hard time taking her seriously even thought she was sctually quite good.

  • andreec–not sure about an entire book on Happy House (I fear it would be quite short). But maybe an article during the December/January hiatus.

    House is naturally going to be not quite sure of his footing–even more so than Cuddy, hence his concerned looks when he thinks no one is looking.

  • andreec

    Just a few thoughts:

    To PH – double yup on the tight lipped kisses between HL and LE in the bed scene. These two “lovers” on screen seemed a bit uncomfortable. Gonna have to work to sell it a bit more since the killer premiere where the love scenes rocked. Liked how Cuddy caressed House’s arm while he was on the phone. Very sweet and adorable.

    To Janine – yes, I recognized the mom as the progressive lady and felt the same way. Her career may be done for just because of her recognizability. Bugged me too much to give the mom role any real credibility in this episode. Casting could have been better even tho the actress was fine in the role.

    Last note, did anyone else notice the tidy round up of the episode? It started with House and Cuddy holding hands until she pulls out of it before entering the elevator in the parking garage. The ending then brings about a nice parallel where Cuddy takes hold of House’s hand (albeit off of her bottom) at the elevator and leads him into it while holding hands. Loved the happier look on Cuddy’s face in the final elevator scene contrasted with the first elevator scene. House still maintains a similar look, curiously concerned. Loved the direction the show is going this season.

    Barbara, you’ve got to get started on book 2: House gets his Happy On!

  • ruthinor

    Susan, the new issue doesn’t come out until Thursday in stores. I just got mine in the mail. Liked everything but the cover which was obviously retouched. They should have let them just be themselves.

    Re HL and LE having something going on..I kind of doubt it (although HL did get caught cheating on his wife in Australia some time ago, and if he did it once….) Hugh and Lisa are not House and Lisa! TV Guide asked them what they did for their summer vacations and HL said he made a movie (with LM from Gossip Girls..he played her older lover). LE said she went to Europe, broke up with a boyfriend, saw a volcano erupt, enjoyed the trip. LE strikes me as way too sensible to get into that kind of situation. Of course, who really knows??

  • susan

    My neighbor just told me she watched last night’s episode this afternoon on Fox.com. and when I tape House my husband watches it a few days later. So does this affect the ratings if people don’t watch it on Monday at 8? And why did Erin say everyone says the relationship won’t last?

    Another question – Cuddy tells the human resources guy that she and House have a sexual relationship. Couldn’t she have phrased it a little better and said they are dating or even love each other. To say it’s just sexual makes it sound like they met on Craig’s List.

    As to my favorite parts of a very satisfying episode:
    -the two old men in the clinic
    -House’s happy face throughout the whole show (and he is gorgeous when he’s happy!)
    -House and Cuddy holding hands in the garage and elevator
    -Wilson’s expression and comments while House tries to prove he’s dating Cuddy
    -the Love Scene and House’s sexy neck wound
    (As PH pointed out he did kiss her with his lips pressed together! On the other hand I’ve seen many interviews where he said how uncomfortable he is in love scenes even with the other person, not to mention the whole crew). And he did seem much more at ease this week – last week he looked like a zombie.

    Does anyone think he and Lisa Edelstein have something going on? They are electric on screen and off.

    I’m scouring the neighborhood for TV Guide -so far nothing but I’ve enlisted friends to look too.

    And last but not least @Ruthinor -I went to Brooklyn College, my son goes to B.C. and my mother went there too.

  • RobF

    This stage in the relationship was handled just as I had hoped it would be, though much more quickly than I had imagined. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, since they took only one week to get House through his stay at the psychiatric hospital.

    I like that the writers are taking the risk of jumping the shark, hoping to pull off something new and great instead of falling back on formula. And it is cute that they throw in shark references when they are worried about it — did anyone catch the “tiburon swab” comment from House? (Tiburon is Spanish for shark.)

    I am a little disappointed they didn’t work in more comments about Thirteen. They’re obviously saving it until next week, but you’d expect the team to be talking about it more.

    Chase’s comment about why he doesn’t care was telling, if a bit cryptic. He’s obviously unhappy, and nobody other than Thirteen had picked up on it. Now she’s gone. I wonder what “one-fourth” of Taub’s deduction was correct.

  • Janine

    i noticed the letter thing too, how he folded up and unfolded it when House left, and they took special care to make sure the camera stayed on Wilson long enough to make sure we saw Wilson unfold the paper. Perhaps it has something to do with 13?

  • It was back to basics in the sense that the old “forumla” was back in play. There has always been character drama–sometimes it has completely driven the episode (often, in fact).

    Yes, I think the show has changed–in some ways. but hey, it’s in its 7th season!

  • Leodie

    Random thoughts :

    Is it just me or was Wilson trying to hide the letter he was reading when House entered his office at 17:13 and 18:22 ? He could have put it in front of him instead of “hiding” it under his elbow.

    I don’t get why Cuddy and just about everyone get their respective panties in a bunch about the scare test. If the patient is not that sick, it will do no harm, if it does harm her it means that her condition was serious enough to justify a harsh test to get a diagnostic as fast as possible. Besides House has gone out on way shakier limbs, and run much more “out there” tests before.

    I can’t help but notice how the “sacrifice one sibling in order to save the other or risk losing them both” conundrum has already been presented to parents in the 21st episode of season 3 : “family” (a family with 2 boys, one with leukemia the other bound to become his bone marrow donor until the second boy becomes himself so sick that his life is at stake) . I will have to use this example to respectfully disagree with you Barbara on the “back to basics” nature of the episode. The patient storyline was in my opinion more compelling in “family” because it was the episode’s back bone and character’s personal issues, like in this case Foreman struggling not to turn into House, were in the background. In “selfish”, the new Huddy development is driving the show. The POTW doesn’t get enough focus and screen time to be much more than an illustration for the “issue of the week”. It’s been quite a while since I last saw a really compelling potw. I’m not saying it was better then (although marginally so imho) but the nature of the show has changed, so it is not back to basics.

    Oh well why do I even bother, I loved the epi anyway. At least they are doing a great job with that character development.

  • Janine

    it sounds so much better when you phrase the schedule that way, sonds like less time between episodes
    I wouldn’t worry about the ratings. It was about the same as last week by 8:30. I think one of the problems with ratings is that the show reruns too often (among other things of course). Everyone I know loves this show, but only about four of them watch live. The others either watch something else or don’t make and effort to be home by 8pm because they know they can always catch the episode a week later on USA or about 100 times after that in addition to the internet. House is still the Number 1 drama of the night and for fox (number 2 show overall for fox behind Glee (which I have yet to understand the appeal of but i digress) andDavid Shore has promised at least one more season.

  • Jem

    Great review, Barbara!

    I don’t know, if it’s OK for me to ask this here but can you comment on this episode’s ratings? It scored lower than last week’s. Do you think this trend will continue and, most importantly, would that signal the end of the show? I would hate to think that.

  • The schedule according to Greg Yataines is three episodes in October, three in November then nothing until second week of January.

  • ruthinor

    Janine and Susan: I was born and raised in NYC and went to Brooklyn College, so give my regards to broadway! I live in the Pacific NW now (and love it here), but, as Janine says, wait ’til Thursday and go to local supermarkets or other stores that sell magazines. Out here I think supermarkets sell them. Pharmacies are also a possibility. I’m a subscriber so I should get mine today. Mail is mid-PM here.

  • Janine

    you can usually just walk into a store and buy it. This magazine is not on shelves until later this week. it gets shipped to subscribers first, at least as far as i know and I also live in NY and I usually see the tv guides in the supermarket.

  • Janine

    This is kind of unrelated, but I remember comming across a discussion about the are date schedule this season and GY just released this there will be a two week break (that is two houseless weeks with a new episode on the third) between october 18 and november 8 and then there will be like a month and a half break between november 22 and january tenth when it returns from winter break (this is normal for all shows, but I am sad that are going on break in NOvember again bacause I would have liked to see House and Cuddy handel the holidays, especially with the kid. Oh well, maybe we’ll get to see there Thanksgiving, kind of a parallel to last season??)

  • susan


    How do I get the “House” TV Guide if I’m not a subscriber? I called some pharmacies and supermarkets and they don’t carry it. I live in Brooklyn……

  • Val S

    Hello Barbara and fellow commenters!

    Barbara: enjoyed another great in-depth look at ‘Selfish’ and my two great viewings of this episode. Yes, Attie does pull some great stories and this was no exception. It is so great how Laurie and Edelstein are both spot-on their characters; they must both have a great feel and understanding of them. We’ve had glimpses of how honest and open House can be in the past; it’s great to see a follow through. Not out of character at all. The bedroom scene was my favorite of the evening with the blow-up a close second…I didn’t realize just how much I missed them last season. Right before House’s rant, he seemed to almost have an epiphany that he HAD to do it; to go with his gut even if (and maybe hoping) it would get Cuddy to react.

    I am throughly enjoying all the comments and insights brought to the discussion of last weeks episode that went on for a good part of the week! I want to add to those who paralleled H and C to potentially be similar to Furillo and Davenport on the 80s classic Hill Street Blues: after reading the comments I had to go back and Hulu a few episodes and–wow! I couldn’t agree more. It is interesting to me that their relationship had been established since the pilot (definitely different than H/C and not something seen a lot today unless the couple is married), but it appeared the an episode (at least those that I’ve seen so far) ended with them, in one form or another discussing and supporting each other. I could completely envision such interactions btwn House and Cuddy…perhaps even more since she is more connected to him at work than Furillo was to Davenport…had to put my two cents in on that 🙂

    Michele1L #23: I missed 13 too!…and a female perspective. Particularly since 13 seems to have a keen insight and/or perspective on House that none of the other fellows do. Remember that she was the one to note that House favored romanticism or steady relationships (one of the two; maybe both). Since the beginning, I’ve always loved her one-line insights into House(almost like she was confirming our thoughts, or helping us and others understand him)and it is missed. But, I do like AT…thought she was great in Joan of Arcadia and even remember her on General Hospital…one of House’s favorite early soaps, if I recall correctly 🙂

    Two episodes in…great season. Now I know why I trust the House powers so faithfully…haven’t let me down yet.

  • Janine

    I agree the Lone Star commercials were annoying as hell, I counted 7 in the span of the episode. I’m guessing that on USA they will just cut some of hte add time at least for the first airing. After that they might cut scenes (thats what they did with Last Resort in reruns)

  • Michele1L

    Loved it loved it loved it! I’m loving the way these great writers are handling this relationship so far. As long as House and Cuddy are still House and Cuddy, I foresee nothing but a great ride — no matter where it ends (although, if they remain who they are, I don’t see it ending.) The return of the banter, arguing in the workplace and their playfulness with one-another. — And this love scene was appropriately more relaxed than those in the first episode. — Perfect. — And I loved the clinic story with the elderly gentlemen. The loveliest part of it for me was that House actually returned their money.

    DebbieJ- What a keen analogy about the different reactions from House’s team about Huddy. The writers probably did that deliberately. (They don’t seem to do anything on this show without careful consideration.) How smart that was to have each of House’s team members represent a different position on the Huddy relationship!

    PH – Those kisses look pretty convincing to me.

    SeraG #4- Totally agree with you about Robert Sean Leonard. One of his funniest reactions for me was when he heard House speak Hindi for the first time. (The episode where House gave himself a migrane.) — I howled with laughter.

    Janine#17 – Yep! I noticed Flo straight away. I’ve seen her in other comic roles before, but this is the first time I saw her in a dramatic role. She was quite good.

    Zay#8 – Not the first time House has seen Cuddy’s bod. They slept together many years before when she was an undergrad. (Backstory, of course).

    The one thing I did miss in this episode was the female perspective on the team. I look forward to the eventual return of thirteen — in the meanwhile, it will be interesting to see Amber Tamblin join the cast soon as a temporary replacement.

  • genagirl–I will respectfully disagree. Yes, this was not House being House, but that was completely acknowledged by both House and Cuddy at the end–and that was the whole point. House was NOT being House and they both know it can’t work that way.

  • genagirl

    But it was boring. I like House being House, not this version of him. I had to fast forward through all the Cuddy scenes. I did, however, pause on the Wilson scenes. RSL can do not wrong. He’s the only saving grace on the show any more. If House doesn’t “snap out of it” I’m going to have to watch Dancing with the Stars.

  • ruthinor

    Enjoyed the review very much. Loved the episode. The only problem I had was with my DVR (I don’t think Tivo has the same problems). I thought I was safe because I also chose to program my DVR for Lone Star, so I would see all of House. It didn’t work. Several minutes at the end of House were chopped off, including the most crucial scenes. I was watching live, so I didn’t miss those scenes, but I can’t see them again. If others had this same problem, this episode will be replayed on USA in a week or so (w/o the annoying Lone Star ads), and hopefully fit into an hour. This episode seemed to have so many long breaks for ads, more than usual. BTW, I did watch Lone Star last week and it wasn’t bad. Just didn’t see it as the incredible show the critics loved.

    I will be so disappointed if these two flame out. They are so good together. And I don’t think the series loses by having them together, trying to work things out amid a very intense work situation. I hope we see them go to House’s therapist together (I just love Andre Braugher…and what happened to that terrific series with him and Ray Romano??). Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  • Erin Koch

    I loved the review Barbra! I am a big fan! I was so happy that the show ended on somewhat of a happy note and not a sad one. In your personal opinion do you think the House and Cuddy relationship will work out in the long term? because everybody is saying including LE and Hugh that the relationship is doomed to fail! So, I was just curious about what your take was on the longtivity of the relationship.

  • Ellen

    Barbara: As usual, you nailed it! This was classic House. So many great scenes it would take forever to disseminate them all! Next week looks just as great.

  • Janine

    BTW did anyone else notice that the mom was Flo the progressive lady?? That distracted me for a good portion of the episode

  • Janine

    loved this episode and can’t wait to watch it again. My only complaint 9and its not eve really a bad thing) is that the episode ran three minutes over just so it would be a stronger lead in for Lone Star and I missed the begining of my show at nine. But at least there were three extra minutes of House ( when i saw teh clock say 8:59 I thought oh god, one minute left, this is gonna have a bad ending, but I got a pleasant surprise)

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Oh, Barbara, that last line of yours sounds like it’s come out of my mouth. Adding “tactile” and “romantic, possessive and pretty darn devoted” to House’s previous list of attributes takes me to an even further level in my adoration for him. The sky is the limit…

  • Blackberry

    I agree with much of what has been said. Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein are great actors who can bring so much nuance to the roles. The supporting cast provide so much as well and together the ensemble is excellent. Add into that the high quality writing and the result is a totally watchable new series. I’m not going to miss it.

  • The moments between House and Cuddy were, of course, great. I loved the scene of H and C in bed (and the knowledge that he slipped the nanny and extra $40 to stay another hour). He’s very tactile and I had always figured that once in love House would be romantic, possessive, and pretty darn devoted. We’ve had so many clues in the past into his heart. It’s a lot of fun having all that validated!

  • Colin

    PH ,you are absolutely right, the episode meshed great and was hilarious,I found myself laughing the most at Wilson’s expression when he realized the salad wasn’t house’s …epic expression haha. Love reading your comments by the way, short and to the point 🙂

  • Delia_Beatrice

    PS: Barbara, i hope it’s OK to say this here: for everybody who is a fan of the Hugh-Lisa / House-Cuddy chemistry, it will probably please you to take a look at the new TV Guide interview they gave. Apart from the stunning photos, the interview simply burns the page with their extraordinary chemistry, playfulness and humor.

  • Eileen

    “Overall, it’s definitely an episode to watch again. Dunno how anyone can keep complaining about Huddy now. I really think they are going to make this season shine.”

    I couldn’t agree more! Great episode, fabulous review, and, as always, very insightful comments.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Dear Barbara and fellow “House” lobers,

    I couldn’t be happier with this episode. It was a perfect sequel to last week’s emotion-loaded premiere, and it reveals the beginning of a new “House”-era, which, just as Barbara beautifully pointed out, will be a marvelous ride for viewers.

    I applaud the return of clinic duty, and with such a classic-“House” case. I applaud it with my hands AND feet – to many, many returns this season!

    To pick up on the selfish/selfless dichotomy that Barbara talks about, i would say that i agree: House and Cuddy, just like everybody else, were being both selfless and selfish. If nothing else, it brings back the echo of something that House states very often: that any selfless act is ultimately a selfish act too, if only for the satisfaction it provides to the person doing it, and also because it is usually deeply motivated by fear.

    In this case, in regard to House and Cuddy, i would say that the selfless part emerges from the abandon they both allowed themselves to give into. So much in love and finally free to explore and indulge the feeling, they are both overwhelmed with their joy and emotions, and as true lovers do, they lose themselves in one another. The personal boundaries wiped out, the professional identities blurry, they are lost in each other and in their feelings and find it very hard to pull themselves out of the wonderful abandon and regain hold of who they are – other then each other’s lover.

    The selfish part, as Barbara pointed out, comes from their fear not to shake things up in their new (and still fragile) relationship. We all know how much is at stake here. House has entered this with all his heart and hopes for a less miserable existence, and for him, this is his one grand chance on so many levels, it feels only natural that he is terrified of making any wrong moves.
    For Cuddy, apart from the professional stakes that Barbara points out, there are also the personal ones. Cuddy herself has undergone a long, long journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, and she has tried several recipes for happiness, that failed her to different extents, until she finally had the courage and maturity to admit that nobody but House can ever fill the void in her life. So her stakes in it are huge too – perhaps the failure of Huddy would not leave Cuddy as devastated and broken as House, but still – he is the one for her, the one that nobody else can ever replace, without whom her life is far from being complete.

    On Taub: yes, i believe House was right. Taub is aware of the mess in his own personal life and i think he did enjoy having House’s company – and it must be incredibly haunting for him to see that even House, the pathetic misanthrope, has a better chance at happiness than he does.

    The episode was indeed lighter in many ways – and highly enjoyable. A few moments that were delightful to the extreme:

    – the smile in the lobby, after the classic “mom!!!!!” – and the look on House’s face as he says he can wait until lunch to make their relationship public – such pride and joy and excitement on his face: Barbara, congrats for using the most appropriate expression to describe it: “ready to conquer the world with Cuddy at his side”!

    – House’s reaction to Cuddy’s crotch grab – HILARIOUS: that naughty smile and the “she didn’t even ask me to cough” and “i think you straightened my limp”…

    – their smiles and eye contact after the “she does go south” comment in the HR office – so naughty, so satisfied, accomplices in love:)

    – House’s repeated, apologetic “i said well-formed”, as the ultimate defense to the “bureaucratic ass” line. It cracked me up, it was so typically masculine and incredibly funny

    – House fully aware of her facial microexpressions and what they mean: the way he kept going about her “head tilt” and “half raised eyebrow”, in classic House style: how well he knows her, how passionately he observes her

    – the bed scene: the way he rolled all over her and took her with him as he reached for the phone (so sexy, because it showed just how tiny and powerless she is in his arms), the kiss on the forehead, how he kept his right arm under her all the time, her caressing his arm, the very sexy way in which he mocked her “really”, and their natural and happy smiles

    – Lisa’s soft look of abandon when she says “i should probably be more mad at you”: summing up the whole episode, their impossibility to draw any boundaries and regain control over their professional selves, because of how overwhelmed with love they are at this point

    – the way she took his hand from her bottom as they enter the elevator – in the now classic Huddy hand clasp

    – in the final scene in the elevator, Cuddy is looking forward with a beautiful smile on her face, while House is looking at her, watching her reaction, just watching her.

    Also, Barbara, i fully agree that we are privileged to assist at the reenactments of many famous House-Cuddy scenes from the past. Many moments have and will be replayed, like the ones from “Let Them Eat Cake”, thus offering a long-awaited healing for our frustration and disappointment over the years, at all their missed opportunities and wrong timings and mistakes and misunderstandings.

    Lovely episode and what great hopes for what is to come!

  • Zay

    “I mean, open those lips Hugh, like you did for the Cameron kiss and live a little.”
    — Well, Hugh is married and he’s worked with Lisa Edelstein for years now. And he’s expected to make out with her in front of the whole crew as well as the audience. I can understand if he’s a little awkward about taking out every single stop. Besides, the love scenes looked great anyway, so I don’t think it’s a problem.

    For me, it was a very strong epi – as everyone else is saying, vintage House, cursing the commercial breaks, laughing (RSL steals every one of his scenes, even the one where Cuddy groped House’s package) and just all around thinking, trying to reason out the ethical dilemma. I also loved the performance by Della’s brother. He was excellent.

    As Sera G said, it was nice to see them “play” a little this week. Last week was playful, but there were layers there, kind of like an unreality – they romped around last week just to get used to the idea. This week, it was comfortable and the great banter we’ve loved so much came back. Now that House has actually seen the body he is always mocking, it gives his remarks an extra edge – and all the groping was both sweet, invasive and hilarious. There were so many Houseisms this week too!

    Overall, it’s definitely an episode to watch again. Dunno how anyone can keep complaining about Huddy now. I really think they are going to make this season shine.

  • PH

    Oops, forgot one thing.
    Is anyone else finding the kissing scenes a bit too closed-mouth?
    I mean, open those lips Hugh, like you did for the Cameron kiss and live a little.

  • PH

    An excellent episode. House has his groove back!

    I felt Hugh’s influence on 2 of the most hilarious scenes. The “I think you straightened out my limp a little”, and his “cause let me tell you, she actually does go south” scenes just reeked of HL’s humor.

    The entire episode (first two drawn-out minutes excluded), meshed well together. The clinic, the POTW, the cottages’ interactions and House’s smart ass quips, rang like the House of old. Bravo to the writers and crew!

    Glad to see Taub get some meaty dialogue also. Peter Jacobsen is quite adept at delivering his kidney punches. I was quite surprised that Foreman wasn’t throwing it back in House’s face concerning his relationship with a co-worker. But I’ve noticed he’s been rather supportive of House ever since their karaoke date. 🙂

    My fave part was Cuddy storming into House’s office to challenge his “she sits around on her bureaucratic ass” remark.
    HL performed his crawl-under-a-rock lines to perfection!! Seeing a ‘whipped’ House, albeit short term, was the equivalent of getting a cheesecake on my birthday… with ice cream… oh, and a little fudge.

  • Did anyone notice House’s comment to Della’s brother, “damage has a way of spreading to everyone around you.” What do you think we should make of that?

  • Sera G

    Dear Barbara,
    As usual, a wonderful recap/review of “Selfish.” I, too, enjoyed this episode very much, maybe more for what it avoided. They could have written that he was going to show the team that he was his own man, not on Cuddy’s leash, and act out just because that is what he might have done in the past. I don’t want to see House be an a** just to be an a**. That is far too shallow for this character. The writers were very shrewd to show House detemined not to screw things up and therefore, almost doing so because he wasn’t being true to himself. It reminded me of the scene in “Softer Side” when he agrees to the parents’ request for a test he knows their son doesn’t need because he feels good and is not in pain.
    Cuddy, too is determined not to ruin things. What they almost forgot is that what makes them such a great team professionally; the brutal honesty between them. As we have said, she gives him boundries and trusts that he knows what he is doing. I was about ready to shout at them both. The scene where they let loose; once again, not seeing anyone but each other and getting lost in the intensity of their exchange was a relief, exhilarating and dare I say it, a bit erotic.
    A few more things that caught my attention on the first (of many viewings);
    The love scene was delightful. It was light, more comfortable and funny. I loved last week, but the love scenes had such undertone. I want to see these two play. You know it will be fantastic. I am thrilled to see how physically demonstrative House is to Cuddy, stroking her skin, many kisses. As we have said before, he is not a toucher. Cuddy was touching House more, too. I noticed she didn’t do too much of that last week. Perhaps holding back, letting him take the lead. As you have said, he pulls back when others move forward before he is ready.
    Robert Sean Leonard can reduce me to out loud laughter with a look, a raised eyebrow. He is a marvelous foil for House.
    How do they manage to film a scene?
    The father/son team were a hoot. Those guys were great. Their family dynamic was the perfect mirror for being so unselfish that you end up hurting the one you love (not to mention yourself).
    The family story was very touching.
    All in all, a really strong second episode.
    BTW, can’t wait to see Amy Irving. I loved her in Yentyl. Candice Bergin as Cuddy’s mother will be sheer delight. I want to see mother/daughter interaction; not to mention how Mrs. Cuddy and House get along. She might just appreciate him as much as her daughter does.
    Again, thanks, Barbara. You are the best!
    Sorry, that went on longer than I intended!

  • DebbieJ

    I thought tonight’s development of their relationship was handled well. We got an obligatory bedroom shot, which I’m not complaining about 😉 and loved when he kissed her forehead. He actually smiled and I have to admit that did me in. But at the hospital, it was handled how I expected it would. At first I was a little concerned that he would be too compliant (so OCC), but there was a nice mix of compliance and rule bending on his part. Then loved how they threw a total House/Wilson moment in the cafeteria with the salad/french fries!

    What I noticed about how the fellows reacted to the news – It was as if the writers chose each of them to react just how the fandom is split, Huddy shippers (Foreman), Huddy haters (Taub) and those who are indifferent (Chase).

    The sorely-missed clinic story was absolutely priceless tonight! How very funny! House’s one liners about the patient’s age just killed me! And, did you notice he pocketed $20 out of the deal? 😉

  • Orange450

    Thank you Barbara! Great review of a wonderful episode.

    I just loved it. Solid, well-rounded, well-balanced. All the plotlines beautifully interwoven. In fact, I had a mental picture of all the storyballs – skillfully set into motion by master-juggler Eli Attie – describing graceful arcs as they swooped thought the air, until he gently caught each one as the final credits rolled 🙂

    I thought the PoTW story was unusually gripping. In fact, I actually thought that the difficult decision and resolution experienced by the family trumped the impact of House and Cuddy’s air-clearing argument – although that was very powerful, and satisfying, as well. Both of them are staying very much in character, which doesn’t surprise me, but is fun to watch.

    For the record, I’d like to comment that House was wearing a PINK SHIRT. As I’ve observed in previous seasons, he reliably wears his pink shirt when he’s happy. I was very glad to see it. I also noticed his elegant silver-tipped cane right away – another indication of celebration on his part.

    All in all, I agree that the season is off to a terrific start.

  • Kristin

    As usual BB, I totally agree with your thoughts on the show. It is nothing less than I expected from some of the best writers in Hollywood today. I knew they could handle this relationship well and within the world of House. I am amazed at how brilliant they have done.
    The storyline was touching and fast paced. House and Cuddy are honestly the most accurately portayed couple out there on tv today. They are middle aged, realistic and touching.
    I look forward to the next episode and until you mentioned it, I didn’t even realize it was Amy Irving. WOW! I haven’t seen her in a while. Still love the movie, “Crossing Delancey”.