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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Perils of Paranoia”

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Of course it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. I had to say that, given the episode title for tonight’s House, M.D. episode “Perils of Paranoia.” This week’s patient is a nice-guy lawyer who appears to be poisoned, but by whom? And why?

Searching his home, Park (Charlyne Yi) and Adams (Annable Odette) discover a secret room—a bunker really, fully stocked with enough firearms to stock a small revolution. Is he paranoid, or does he have a point? The answer is “yes,” the guy is seriously paranoid, but the gun stockpile provides a pivot point for a playful game of wits between House and Wilson, which then inadvertently circles back to the diagnosis, helping House arrive at his inevitable epiphany.

Spouting off about firearm ownership and his patient, House vows that he doesn’t possess a gun, something that would assuredly land him back in prison, at least according to Wilson. Of course, Wilson doesn’t believe him, and the game is suddenly afoot. Wilson searches House’s house for evidence of said firearms, and House does his best to thwart the search, all the while insisting he doesn’t own any.

But that’s not quite true, as Wilson discovers, unearthing a handgun, which House insists is an inoperable trick weapon used in a magic show. But House is lying. Why? Is he just screwing with Wilson, or is there some other explanation?

To me, the best thing about “Perils of Paranoia” is the intriguing ending to House (Hugh Laurie) and Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) little cat and mouse game. We do discover why House might lie about the gun, but only in the end, and the answer is worth the short wait.

As House almost lovingly replaces the gun in an elaborately inlaid box at the top of his hall closet, it finally becomes clearer. House doesn’t want Wilson to know anything about this particular gun; it’s a very personal, private secret. And sitting next to the gun box is a beautiful sword in a scabbard—it’s his father’s. Clearly, both weapons belonged to John House, who has been dead since early season five (“Birthmarks”).

I can think of a couple reasons why House would keep the real nature of the gun from Wilson. Part of it may be fear, of course—fear that Wilson will force House to give it up or give it away. I also think that House would not welcome the series of probing questions with which Wilson would undoubtedly hound him.

What unresolved issues does House carry with him regarding John—and his biological father? I think we all know the answer to that, of course. But perhaps House doesn’t want to be pushed and probed about his parental issues, at least not by Wilson and not just now. Does he think that Wilson will harangue him about it? Very possibly.

So where are the writers going with this? Cleary, it will be a major story arc to propel the narrative forward once the series returns in January. Will House embrace the fact of John’s parenting, keep the good (as revealed in season six) and forgive (or at least let go of) the horrible?

Will he seek out his biological father, with whom he’s already anonymously corresponded? And will he at long last confront his mother, whose infidelity (and passivity) has caused the greatest harm to Gregory House, bearing the brunt of John’s wrath, and forcing him further outside the circle than his intelligence and personality already made him?

“Perils of Paranoia” leaves us with only a very small, titillating taste of episodes to come after the hiatus. A surprising finish to a fairly standard stand-alone episode, it presents a hundred questions without a word of dialogue, and in the series’ best tradition.

The season thus far has been solid, with a very strong echo of seasons one and two, but season one and two stand-alones. Since the great season premiere, none of the episodes have really packed an emotional wallop, something I really live for in my House obsession. The final moments of “Perils” suggest the slimmest hint of the sort of emotional resonance I believe the post-hiatus episodes may bring.

The best thing about House (both the character and the series), to me anyway, has been his journey. Granted, he’s recovering from serious prison time, but I’d like to see that internal struggle and the compelling journey he’s been on for seven years back in high gear.  I’m looking forward to the resumption of new House episodes in a couple of months, when I strongly believe we’ll be back on that path.

So? Where do you think the series is headed post-hiatus?

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  • RobF

    This is my favourite episode of the season so far. So many good quotes — I want to go back and write them all down.

    Park was really good; best team member in years. Chase is still making me laugh with his new-found slacker confidence. Finally Foreman had a couple of moments of character development (even unpleasant traits are a good thing for a character who has had no personality for too long). Wilson was a bit too much of the wacky neighbour character (e.g. Kramer), but he pulled it off well.

    Adams continues to be a potted hibiscus. She brightens up the room, but isn’t particularly interesting.

    Also, now I want a secret room in my house. I don’t know what would be in it — not guns. You can be paranoid even if they are actually out to get you…

  • Percy’s Gadzooks

    I did really enjoy the episode, as I have the entire season.

    Although, with House at the end with the sword, it reminded me most of “Now What?” from Season 7, as if he was also reminiscing about that time as well. I could see the reasoning going either way.

  • MusicandHouse

    I loved the ending and this is actually the second reference to House’s parantage that has been made in the last few episodes. I hope that you are right and this is a hint that will lead to an arc of House dealing with his father/biological father situation, but somehow I have a feeling it won’t. The House writers are champs at leaving stories that never really go anywhere, then again this will probably be the last season so its a story they would want to give a conclusive ending to. I guess time will tell!

  • MusicandHouse

    Oh! I had forgotten that he used the sword in Now What to open the champagne. I doubt that is what the writers wanted us to think of, but it probably would have been a secondary thought in House’s mind.

  • Ashton

    Did House make a Pokemon reference at the beginning? WTF.

    Anyway, I’m getting the suspicion that if this is the last season, it’ll end with House’s suicide.

  • buborek

    I did enjoy this episode. I like this season. Very season 1-like. I like the melancholy. I like the fact that it’s not spectacular like it was last seasons. I like this House. At the end of season 5, Wilson asked him if he wanted to be the man with Cuddy, or the man with the answers. He’s done with Cuddy, this cycle is finished.
    It’s the beginning of House trying to reconstruct himself by himself, with his own tools…
    I really like this season.

  • ElPared

    Yes I believe he did make a Pokémon reference at the beginning. Unless there’s some other godlike creature named “Arceus” out there.

  • Grace

    Although it’s not primary to the story, I’d like to know what you all thought about the way House was pitting Adams against Parks and why Chase and Parks are going for a drink? Also, why does Taub want Foreman to have a woman so badly? And WHY did Foreman pick a MARRIED woman? Also, I had no interest in the POTW. I want better POTW’s, like Cancer girl in AUTOPSY etc.
    I hope House gets to meet his bio dad.

  • hwo40

    I thought the sword in “Now What” came from the midieval fair? He confiscated that sword and played with it in his office. So this is a new one? Help someone!

  • dvbfan

    Hello Barbara . I want to know this .

  • dvbfan

    Dear Barbara , sorry for my comment . This is a question for me why House keeps his father sword and gun ? We know that House relation with his father was a disaster and his father hurt him , but what is the reason behind keeping his father sword and gun (maybe something else) and not throw them away ?

  • The sword had his father’s name on it. It might have been the same sword. The gun was in an inlaid box, also inscribed like the scabbard (except it said “House” not “John House”).

    Remember he’d used a gun back in season 2 to shoot a corpse. That gun had been bagged, and IIRC had a tag on it. It wasn’t House’s gun (at least not this one). I know some folks are thinking that the gun was the one he’d used back then, but I think (strongly) it’s a different gun. There would have been no other reason for House to treat that weapon so reverently when replacing it in the box.

  • Cristina

    So this is the arc that ppl were talking about.

    I think it’s good, I miss House’s personal dramas and if this is going to be the last season like we’re expecting and most of us are thinking about House’s death this is a way to start. Let’s see how that goes…

  • Kim in California

    The box wasn’t that elaborate…it was clearly NOT a box designed to house a gun or it would have been shaped inside to hold the gun to keep it from moving around. Plus, it had scotch tape on top with the name, ‘Louise’, on it. I’m not surprised that he has his father’s dress sword. Who else, besides his mother, would get it in the end? And besides, House would think it’s cool to own a beautiful sword like that.

    But I agree Barbara, there has been no emotional punch…it’s been House-lite lately. I also thought the whole Wilson capitulation at the end was forced and unnecessary. Still, let’s hope things improve in January.

    I’d like to know more about his fathers. I was also happy to see that you put some of the blame for the House’s childhood grief on his Mother…I have always screamed that if his father had been so abusive, where the hell was his mother? However, I’m not convinced that John House was the monster we were led to believe. If you review the outtake that never aired on Youtube, you see a John House that was good to little Gregory. I think things probably went downhill when House confronted his father with the truth about his parentage and left his father without the facade of being his real Dad. It had to be a real blow to a Marine. In addition, I can’t imagine an adolescent House was easy to live with…very few teens are. Mix a teen with a Marine father and you have a real battle of the wills. Mix a teen House with a Marine father and you have nuclear war.

  • Geo

    The sword is obviously his father’s engraved Marine officer’s dress saber. I believe this is the first time we have ever seen it. My assumption is that the pistol was his father’s as well since it’s a Colt 1911 .45 automatic – the standard officer’s sidearm for the era of the Marines when Greg’s dad served (and is what would have been his likely choice if it was a personal weapon). My guess is that they are both inherited/heirlooms.

  • Lia

    I too am very curious about Chase and Parks are going for a drink together. What an interesting twist if the geeky/quirky girl ends up with the hot guy!

  • BLueg

    i miss cuddy !

  • bigHousefan

    I, too, think that the writers are finally going to explore House’s relationship with John House and maybe also his biological father. The scene at the end seems to diliberately suggest that. I would love to see Diane Baker return as House’s mom.

    This season has been so enjoyable!

  • 20V

    I thought it was a well done episode that sets more things up than really delivered.

    I’d really like his depression to be addressed. Opening his shell up more. He’s seemed really stagnant and in place, no doubt because of the restricting ankle monitor.

    Park is turning out to be pretty likeable. She goes out and gets what she wants; no time to bitch!

    Not sure where Foreman’s story is heading, but it can’t end well. Wasn’t he the one giving Taub a talk last year about using and abusing women in the MRI room?

  • Blacktop

    After last week’s uptick, this episode was a disappointment to me. The POTW was dull and the finale diagnosis was anti- climactic. The Park-Adams spat seemed forced and poorly executed. I’m not interested in see Foreman pursue the affair and I don’t care to see Chase date Park either.

    I remain puzzled by the incongruous flippancy of this season. The prolonged jolly tone is grating and not engaging in the least, I find.

    I liked the final reveal of the secret stash of sword and gun. Could there be any items with more macho aura attached than these two classic symbols of male potency? I thought immediately of the swashbuckling way that House decapitated that Champagne bottle for Cuddy with the sword in “Now What.” The connection to that happier lost time made the scene particularly poignant and meaningful to me.

    I’m mildly hopeful that future episodes will examine House’s closely guarded feelings about the loss of Cuddy and his relationships with his two fathers. If the show avoids these core topics it will be such a disappointing ending.

  • tipitinatoo

    Seems this episode was a bit of a patchwork–Foreman’s potential new woman, the real or imagined competition for House’s attention by the Drs. Adams & Park, and some of the old “Hilson” and Daddy House stuff thrown in for good measure. Not sure where it’s going; maybe each of these were ‘teasers’ to be fleshed out over the duration of the season. If not, what was the point? And I do agree: the POTW here had almost zero relevance. This guy was totally eclipsed by everyone in the cast, leaving the viewers totally disinterested in him or his illness. BTW, does anyone think Stacy’s husband will die from a recurrence of his medical problems, leaving her free to return to her true love,House, now that in the Season 6 finale he was finally able to reveal aloud that his refusal to allow his leg amputation changed him, made him “…a harder person, a worse person.” I absolutely reject an ending with House as a suicide. Among other reasons, this is inconsistent with David Shore’s statement that he wanted “House” to go out with a bang, not a whimper. Your thoughts, anyone??

  • Ashton

    Ending with a bang doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a happy or even a hopeful ending. A bang can be a shocker so tremendous that it’ll stick in people’s minds – House killing himself, and the associated fallout among the characters, can be very… bang… ful.

  • Mauricio Arce

    I’m really liking this season, I feel it’s a nice combeback from the poor ending of season seven (I was disappointed at least). I think these two revealed items and the time House took to look at them both is telling us that he’s been cooking something inside his head for a while.

    I’m gonna take a long shot here, but I think that now that he was in prison, that he’s finally had some real punishment (not the worst, but real anyway), he might have come to the point where he needs to make peace with the faults of his parents in order to forgive himself (stuff that everyone needs to do, sooner or later). I think this is headed towards he wanting to accept himself and chose his “father” to start. Makes sense. I’m not saying he’ll become all I-need-to-love-myself-in-order-to-love-others, but there have been other signs such as the Adams baseball bat scene, where he’s helping her let go of her anger and carry on, something I think he wants for himself too.

    Now, about the suicide, maybe he’ll be tempted to do it in a moment (again, it makes sense), but I expect and hope he’ll regret it before it’s too late.

  • KMC

    I agree with others that the PotW was a cipher, there only to provoke the other stories. Foreman: Why a married woman? Possibly setting himself up to fail “See, I tried but it didn’t work” I won’t even discuss the Park plot.

    House and Wilson: Sadly, once again Wilson proved just how poorly he reads House..you can’t tell me he didn’t see the sabre while he was searching for the pistol…that should have set off all sorts of bells and whistles for him. The fact that House would keep (and obviously cherish) the two items most closely associated with the part of his dad that he despised most…THAT begs to be explored. And I can’t see Wilson finding those and not wanting to search out their meaning.

    But…they shouldn’t have been there to see…after House’s escapade at Cuddy’s, the police would have searched his flat if for no other reason than to find some indication of where he took off to. They should have found the items in their search and confiscated them…I doubt House has a pistol permit. A felony weapons charge would have added considerably to the other charges he was facing, and they might not have been willing to plead it down, considering what else he did. He certainly wouldn’t have gotten the gun back.

    Still, I would love to see that whole issue(dad,gun,mom,memories) explored.

  • housemaniac

    I agree with those who were disappointed with this episode. More fun and games and no character development or dramatic tension. Sometimes it feels like an entirely different show from the previous seven years. As for a suicide, since House has not demonstrated any suicidal tendencies, this would seem to me to be out-of-character. Depressed? Yes! Cranky? Absolutely! Morose? You bet! But suicidal? I just don’t see it….

  • Elisabeth

    David Shore, in a recent interview, admitted that they were going to delve more deeply into House’s parental issues and hinted that we may meet his biological father. LOTS of great possibilities to think about and explore – I can’t wait!

  • Beefy

    Disappointed that Wilson has turned into a cartoon character lately. RSL can pull off the goofy moments convincingly, but we’re losing a lot of the nuance that makes Wilson’s character so compelling. I hope the writers give him more to do in the next part of the season.

  • Celia

    All meringue and no filling. What a waste of talent. DS needs to find his mojo again.

  • tipitinatoo

    I sure hope the writers are reading this blog for new & interesting ideas. Might make for a much better 2nd half and series finale. Perhaps they need to get a bit of distance on House and see him (and it) with fresh eyes.

  • The Other Barnett

    I liked this episode alot! Love…not exactly, but (as has been the case the last few episodes) the last 10 minutes make it so much better than where I thought it would go.

    I’d like to see House confront his biological father…..and I think Brian Blessed (british actor who is on many movies) would be a good pick. Who knows, maybe it would be a way to either help heal further…or plunge House into the moody/dark nature that so many on here seem to be rooting for.

    I’d like to see the mom return, too….but more so to allow House to string her up emotionally. I always thought that, if the father was emotionally or physically abusive to House, then House should be holding his mother somewhat responsible. If the abuse angle is not good, then House should confront her about the affair.

    Finally, I want to see Park and Chase to enter into a light, naughty, off-center sexual tryst. Imagine the fun for House! It would also positively affect both Chase and Park in their own way.

  • The Other Barnett

    Why does House have to explore the complicated nature of House’s feelings with his dad? Barb made a comment about how Wilson was trying (at least earlier in the season) to just be a friend, and not the whisperer/advocate ; why are we asking for Wilson to get out of this role?

    Mauricio – #23:

    I’m happy to see someone who enjoyed the episode and is enjoying where House is. I agree that I think something happened in prison that changed him. I wonder if he may have seen that he feeds off of dysfunction as much as he does a puzzle. Maybe him trying to help Park and Adams is a way to decrease the dysfunction swirling around him.

    Interesting idea about Stacy. I’m am curious how that would work (with Sela Ward busy on CSI), but I’m certain it would make a good close – it does not have to be a downer when we see House ride off into the sunset.

    HOWEVER, people! Why are we talking about this as the last season, I’ve hear no mention of this as the end. Like I said a few weeks ago, this is a re-energized show, I think. I could see this going another couple more healthy years.

  • where-is-house

    Last season. Will something happen again in this show? season 7 was not good but we had House with doubts about his couple, this year = nothing. I don’t care about the team for the last season. Foreman and a married woman, wow what a great storyline.

  • Susan

    I have to admit that I didn’t read all the comments here but did anyone else feel annoyed at the Jeep commercial plug in? How low can they go by incorporating a car commercial into the script?

  • Susan

    Just to say that Susan #33 is not me, Susan from Brooklyn.

  • Jules

    22 – Ashton – House killing himself would absolutely be a shocker but that is just too predictable for the complex character that he is and i don’t believe the show would cop out and go there. That scenario has been predicted since season 1 and in each season the show has garnered another season.

    If they actually do go with the scenario of House dying then it would have to be him willing to die to prove himself right, i don’t see that coming either but who knows really?

  • ann uk

    Puzzling over the significance of the sword and the gun,I thought of the label, “House” on the box – a mark of ownership and identification. Our hero , too, is labelled ” House”, but it is a false identity. One which he rejected when he was still a boy.
    So, if he is not “House”, who is he ?Perhaps this unanswered question partly explains his fractured personality.
    Will the succeeding episodes follow his struggle to reintegrate his true identity ?

    That said , I love his obstinate determination to be himself at whatever cost and would hate a ” happy ending ” that reduced him to normality.

    PS I was startled by the reference to the London riots-how up to date is that ?!
    These were shocking and shaming, but they were merely outbreaks of opportunistic criminality. They would have been much worse if the police, the beleaguered shopkeepers or the rioters had had access to an arsenal like the patient’s. That would have turned them into a massacre.
    What I remember is the great restraint and dignity of a muslim father whose son was one of the few casualties.That was the mark of a truly civilised man.

  • RobRow

    Actually the London riot’s weren’t isolated. They spread to other cities across England (but not Wales and Scotland!). I don’t think they could be used as simple evidence to support Chase’s point in the argument. It was topical, but seemed rather flippant of the writers. Also, how do we know House was lying when he said the gun was only a stage prop? He seemed genuine when he half-demonstrated it to Wilson. Also, the box seemed to support this: it wasn’t something specifically designed to hold a gun. But the sword is another matter: that name spoke volumes about his troubled relationship with his de facto father. I do want this further explored. It was an interesting rather than a gripping episode. And it did make me curious about the next one.

  • Jules

    37 – RobRow

    I think the obvious lie in the end was that Wilson got the wrong “House” when he discovered the gun and didn’t realize it.

    The gun belonged to House’s father as well as the sword and House kept them and held each before carefully returning them to their place in his “CLOSET”. Brilliant metaphor and reveal at the same time?

  • hwo40

    The pencil went all the way in the gun barrel after Wilson left. Sneaky ole House!

  • Jules

    39 – hwo40

    “The pencil went all the way in the gun barrel after Wilson left. Sneaky ole House!”

    You are right it did and it was a real gun, which belonged to his father, but i think the reveal is more associated with House and his daddy issues rather than him owning a real gun and causing danger to himself or others? That is too easy for this show IMHO.

  • Nickel

    I just want to remind everyone that the music on this series is the biggest tell. Listen to the song playing during the scene with House looking at the Sabor. This song is speaking of following footprints to find your heart, an anchor under the water pulling on your heart….this does not sound like thoughts House would be having about his father (John). This show could possibly send House on an Online journey looking for Cuddy, but I truly hope NOT. As far as the ownership of the gun and sword, too bad Wilson still hasn’t learned to stay out of HOUSE’S CLOSETS…..every time Wilson pokes a stick into House’s closet he ends up doing serious damage…….

  • spitza

    41 Nickel

    And the lyrics go:
    There’s an anchor that’s pulling on my heart
    And it’s deep in the water but it can’t take me down
    Tracin’ faces with fingers and we’re just the same as we were
    Just our eyes never found what I see now
    That my feet are on the ground

    ‘Cause I’m not lost, just looking for footprints
    I’m taking it, one step at a time and I’m getting by
    By the way, it’s you on my mind
    It’s you on my mind

    And here comes the night
    Pulling puppet strings on my heart again
    Shows me all of this time I’ve been blind to this waking life
    Now I see it everywhere
    ‘Cause I’m not lost, just looking for footprints, yeah
    And I’m takin’ it, one day at a time and I’m gettin’ by
    By the way, you’re still on my mind
    You’re still on my mind

    I can’t see you but I know you’re here
    I know you’re here
    I know you’re here

    I’m not lost, just looking for footprints
    I’m taking it, one step at a time and I’m getting by.
    By the way

    I’m not lost, just looking for footprints
    And I’m takin’ it, one step at a time and I’m gettin’ by

    And you’ll still on my
    Oh, you’re still on my mind
    You’re still on my mind
    Oh, you’re still on my mind
    Oh, you’re still on my mind

  • Cole

    Stacy Warner is the anchor, he’ll go back to her

  • BrokenLeg

    It seems to me that Lisa Cuddy was his anchor, and maybe he remembers the opening of the champagne bottle in “Now What?” and feels the void around him as the song said:’you’re still on my mind’….

  • Susan (from Brooklyn)

    Broken Leg – I agree with you.
    And what do you, and Barbara and everyone else, think are the chances of Cuddy making an appearance? (LE doesn’t seem to be doing much else…..)

  • tahina

    @Susan(from Brooklyn) I wouldn’t be surprised if LE did make an appearance, not because she’s nt doing anything,(Im pretty sure she will eventually) but because it will make sense as she is to me the last ingridient to close that still pending chapter would this be the last season.

  • Susan (from Brooklyn)

    @tahina – We definitely need her to close the show (hopefully with a happy ending). I only meant that with LE not having any obvious other obligations there is no reason not to write her back into the show. David Shore just has to call her up.

  • Jules

    @BrokenLeg, @Susan (from Brooklyn), @tahina

    Everything’s open to interpretation but don’t you think Y’all are sugar coating him and the show a bit too much?

  • Jules

    44 – BrokenLeg – He did come to rely on Cuddy and trusted her until she decided to try and control him in season 7, metaphor to say he needed to sort “himself” out without relying on her and others. The actress leaving was good timing and i think her story is finished? House did jail time to absolve his guilt for driving into her House and that is the price paud in his eyes IMHO.

  • BrokenLeg

    48 and 49 Jules
    No, I do not think nor @Susan(from Boooklyn),nor @tahina, nor me are coating the show nor House “a bit too much”.
    In this episode, GH first ordered the gun in its box, and when was putting it on the shelf, he took the sabre, yes, marked “John House”, but the same used in happier times in “Now What”. And I think the same as @41 Nickel, the song lyrics always means a lot in [H] series, and as is said in Nickel’s post “…this does not sound like thoughts House would be having about his father (John)”

    And, seriously Jules, do you think that GH time in jail really can absolve his inner feeling of guilt?Or maybe precisely we are viewing a light and “softer” GH, that avoid every comment about of Cuddy’s departure in this season 8 because of the guilt he feels inside?

    About endings: I’m quite sure that important loose ends like Cuddy’s departure will be accurately treated before the series end. And in recent interviews, same HL speaks of a “happy ending” to GH journey ( altough I’m sure it will be, if so, a happy “housian” one…)

  • spitza

    50 BrokenLeg
    I am not sure about “guilt”, but I am pretty sure GH has some regrets. After all he is not good with changes and Cuddy was an important part of his life for more than 20 years. Now that she is gone I can’t imagine him feeling nothing whatsoever.

    As for endings… Cuddy’s departure will probably be treated somehow, but I am not sure it will involve LE coming back, probably just some dialogs between GH and whoever is still there. Though it would be great if LE did come back if even only for one episode. Otherwise I will always have a feeling that the ending was written the way it was because LE left the show and not because David Shore wanted it like this. You know, I would be OK with pretty much any ending as long as I knew that this is what David Shore really wanted (not something he was forced into by circumstances). After all it’s his creation, and Cuddy – House relationship is one of the longest arcs. It was there for a reason, he definitely thought it was important. It would be a pity to see him not following through just because LE had to leave.

  • Jules

    And so goes the saying of a doubled edge sword or a double meaning sabre where this is concerned depending on what you look to get out of the show. I am not saying they will not have him feel guilt for what he did to her because he feels guilt for every wrong he has ever done “successes last until………failures last forever” but what would her coming back solve? Or absolve in him? He did it and has to live with it, as is life.

    The lyrics again have a double edged meaning, they didn’t use the full song and we don’t know everything about him and his father yet, in season 2 and 5 he hated him but on reflection in season 6 he admitted he had been focussing on the wrong things and that there had been some good times?

    What recent interviews has HL spoke about a “happy ending”?

  • spitza

    52 Jules
    “what would her coming back solve? Or absolve in him? He did it and has to live with it, as is life”.

    I agree with you. But I didn’t mean “happily ever after”. I don’t think it’s possible at this point (I don’t think it ever was for that matter). I saw in one of the interviews that David Shore was upset that LE left the show (we won’t ever know if he was sincere about it though). All I meant is that if he had something in mind I would rather see it. It’s like a painting that turned out absolutely different just because the artist ran out of green paint or something. It can still turn out OK or even better (not usually the case) but it’s not what the artist had in mind to begin with. Of course now we will never see the painting as it was supposed to be because even if the green paint is available again the artist already did part of the painting without it. My point is that I would prefer if LE were not in the show because David Shore thought her storyline ended, not for any other reasons. But we have to “live with it, as is life”.

    As to “doubled edge sword” I don’t see why it couldn’t be both. He could be thinking about both Cuddy and his father. Both were important parts of his life, both relationships failed and it could be that his relationship with Cuddy failed because of what his relationship with his father did to him. Also I am pretty sure that he has regrets in regard of both of them and could be contemplating it.

  • Jules

    Sorry spitza my reply was to brokenleg’s comments and not directed at you personally but I agree with some of your comments as you do mine.

    Happy is not in House’s nature, he tried to be happy in his relationship with Cuddy but his “one true thing” always wins in the end because he would have to change and the show wouldn’t be the same otherwise? Being a fan of House in Sherlock mode is what addicted me to the show and IMHO how they should have stayed? DS decided to do a modern version of Sherlock and interpreted his own take on the character brilliantly in seasons 1-4 but once they started delving into his emotional side in season 5 the show became harder to watch because he was all over the place and so were we. Sherlock was only ever interested in his rational thinking and solving his puzzle, Watson was his sidekick and friend and the narrator for most of the series but he interpreted what he thought Sherlock’s motives were or what he thought he was thinking a large amount of the time. This has been Wilson’s job throughout also and I think this has been mostly consistent with the story and I am enjoying season 8 because they are very much back in these roles.

    I understand what you mean with the paint metaphor and DS saying he wanted her back in the show but it is still hard to see what they would have done with Cuddy, had she returned?

    I agree also that it could be ‘both’ with regards to the sword as I tried to explain in my “Double edged sabre”. This show has always brilliantly played two, three and four meanings of this sort hence why almost nothing can be declared as fact?

  • BrokenLeg

    52 Jules

    About HL speaking of possible [H] endings:French TV Magazine, Dec, 9th, 2011:”Je veux que la fin de Dr. House soit belle”, and in the interview speaks about judge life and carrer of GH, knowing that although he’s rude, etc.. he had saved so many lifes, so in some way maybe must be judged and ended with compassion.

  • Jules

    55 – BrokenLeg

    So in a French TV magazine only?

    The show is broadcast worldwide!! and he has done recent English interviews whilst promoting his album and the show and done others in Germany doing the same and yet he hasn’t declared the same fact? Strange!!?

    I am however a believer that House will gain some satisfaction and become more content with who he is come the end of the show? As Wilson once said “Dying’s easy living is hard”.

  • Maria-Eleni

    56 – Jules
    Do not underestimate French TV magazines. House is a still one of the top shows in France and has comparatively a lot more viewers than in the US.
    HL has done a lot of promotion for his album in Germany as well but that was in spring and no way does it compare with the promotion he did in France; he was everywhere. And now he is there again doing almost as many interviews as in England for the 2nd edition.
    I believe he has a soft spot for France and the French ( I am not one by BTW). He is a lot more animated and revealing than in the American talk shows and magazines. I also noticed, from previous interviews as well, that he talks more about House, and more freely, to the French.
    However @55–BrokenLeg you should have put ‘Dr House’ in quotes. ‘la belle fin’ refers to the show and not the character – «..que la fin soit belle, qu’elle fasse honneur à ces brillantes huits dernières années. »
    HL wishes an ending “worthy” of House , « il est tres important pour moi que mon personage ait une fin digne de lui » not necessarily a ‘happy’ ending.

    And yes! I have nothing better to do as I broke my broken kneecap again…..

  • BrokenLeg

    57 @ Maria-Eleni

    Thanks for your answer. I think in the context “belle” can be also translated as “good-almost-happy”, but all is able to be understood.

    And I’m very, very sorry about your re-broken kneecap. From one who perfectly understand what means that,and how hard is the way you must go through, only my best wishes of a quick recovering,my friend!!!

  • Oversimplified

    @ 54 Jules
    I do see what you mean about the Holmes/House/Watson/Wilson link along with the cases being central initially, but I’m also glad they delved into the emotional side of House’s psyche, not least because it gave Hugh the opportunity to flex his acting muscles. To be honest I think it’s been there from the start, and if I remember correctly Shore’s said on more than one occasion that the medical cases are a way into House the man, as much as House the diagnostician. There was a shift from around season 5, but I think that stemmed from the fact that by that time they’d already started to exhaust the number of rare diseases and/or distinctly different patients. This just happens when the number of eps a shows already produced hits triple figures, but I think it’s especially the case for medical procedurals which don’t have the same potential scope as crime procedurals. Besides as the showrunners said at the time, what happened there was a culmination of House’s drug addiction catching up with him, and I was totally on board with that because it was good to see them finally showing real consequences for a habit that is so self-destructive, not just in relation to his personal relationships, but also with regards to his professional life. (It’s another reason why Season 7’s main purpose, which seems to have been to hit the reset button and get him back on the Vicodin is so baffling and unsatisfying; it seemed to discount so much of what had gone on in Seasons 5 and 6.) In fact season 5 is probably my favourite season. For me, the real problems started in season 6 and were consolidated by Season 7 when they went into overdrive with scratching the surface on some really meaty issues and then just dropped them again for the next sensationalist storyline. This seems to have gotten worse with Season 8 where, for the moment at least, they’re pretty much ignoring this massive elephant in the room in attempt to put the cat back in the bag after the crash. I’ll never like what they did with a lot of season 7 and especially the very end, but why they didn’t really work with it into the start of Season 8 is beyond me. People do change, not in the sense that they become a different person, but in that the experiences they have at the very least colour their worldview and therefore affect their behaviour. Excuse the rubbish metaphor but people’s personalities are a bit like houses, i.e. the basic structure might always stay the same, but how they’re inhabited changes all the time and the same should go for dramatic characters. There’s nothing wrong with allowing your protagonist and therefore your show to evolve and it is possible to do so without making them unrecognisable. This is why I have a problem with this whole ‘back to basics’ theme, which is effectively trying to close the lid on Pandora’s box. It all feels so forced to me, but that’s just my opinion.

    As other people have suggested I think when House took the sword out of his closet he was thinking about both his father and Cuddy, and there’s no reason why the two couldn’t overlap. One of my first thoughts after the crash was that he was replicating his Dad’s abusive behaviour and it’s possible he’s considered the same thing, which should/would bother him. That him going to prison would salve all of his guilt seems unrealistic because he knows better than anybody how damaging in the long-term abuse can be. His speech about not deserving to be around ‘happy people’ in ‘Twenty Vicodin’ seems overly simplistic, both in relation to Cuddy who I’ve never seen as a ‘normal, happy’ character and in light of the fact that at that point he didn’t know she’d packed up her things and left her job and her home. In my opinion both his ‘Daddy issues’ and what happened with Cuddy needs to be addressed before the end of the series. I get the impression that we’re definetely heading that way with the former and that his biological father might make an appearance at some point this season, which could strike up an interesting nature vs nurture debate regarding who House is.

    As for Cuddy, even if LE doesn’t return, I would like to see them address the crash and find a way for him to apologise to her even if he’s just seen to write her a letter or make a phonecall. Prison was about him making himself feel better and would have done little for her really. If they do manage get Lisa back I think there’s a hell of a lot of dramatic potential if they were to maybe encounter each other accidently. The dynamic between them is in a place it’s never been before. There’s no personal or professional relationship to jeopardise now if they are brutally honest with each other, which they’ve hardly ever been, and therefore there’s a lot room to write something incredibly raw.

    As for the end of the series I certainly don’t anticipate a happy ending, which I’m fine with if it’s done well. Killing him off would be too easy though in my opinion, and although him having another infarction and being forced to lose his leg would bring things round full circle it might be too predictable an ending. I can however see him developing signs of a degenerative disease and things being left ambiguous. I just hope it leans towards bittersweet rather than unrelentingly depressing.

  • Jules

    59 – Oversimplified

    I agree we did see moments where it could be interpreted that he was showing his softer side especially where he was alone with a patient but these could most often be interpreted as him just doing what he has to do to solve his puzzle also. Take Andy the little girl from “Autopsy” and the beautifully emotional scene where he is empathising with her about the procedure and it only giving her another year of the quality of life she had been suffering in already, for example. I tear up almost every time I watch it because of HL’s facial expressions and the brilliant acting from the little girl but the outcome was he was just testing her bravery because he believed it was a symptom? It could be argued that he was laying out the facts of the dangerous procedure and him giving her the choice to not have to suffer just to appease her mother but it was Wilson who mocked him about believing bravery was a symptom in the end so I believe the former to be true?.

    If House the show was portrayed solely as Sherlock Holmes disguised as a doctor then it wouldn’t have lasted a season IMHO. Shore had to give him a human side and HL has played him out of the park again IMHO.
    House’s puzzle is his patient’s cases and human behaviour in general but the audiences puzzle is (supposed to be?) House himself because of Shore’s interpretation of reading between the lines of Sherlock/House the man and putting him in different/difficult situations to see how he will cope?

    All the secondary characters apart from Wilson are there to tell House’s story also because the show wouldn’t have worked as just House and Wilson in a hospital?

    Foreman’s job role has changed now but he was the “Neurologist” who fed House’s mind with neurologic diagnoses and is one dimensional because House used him for his brain in a battle with his own to prove himself right. I am interested to know where they are taking Foreman when the show returns because he was cheating with a married woman and lying to the patient in the last episode before the hiatus.

    Park has took on the role of the
    neurologist on House’s team and House apparently thinks he has figured her all out already since she is not scared to say what she thinks and he respects that but I think there is more to be revealed about her?

    Chase is the ‘intensivist’ whom House uses for critical care and is only really needed in situations where the patients illness has become life or death, hence why he is mostly always calm because House usually solves it before it gets to that stage?

    Taub is the ‘ex-plastic surgeon’ trying to fix the superficial hence why House ridicules him?

    Cameron was an ‘immunologist’ portrayed in her job title and her personal life but House became immune to her ways of trying to fix him?

    13 was the ‘internist’ who mostly dealt with adult illnesses and whom always delivered the facts to House bluntly.

    Adam’s I do not care for, she is just another Cameron in my perspective and I don’t think House needs that, but that is another way for the show to portray his bad boy image ?

    Cuddy was supposed to be there as his authority figure (or his Irene Adler) but as was often shown he won with getting permission to do his out of the box procedures or did them anyway and got punished with clinic duty which he claims he hated because of the simplicity and human factor?

    I loved the Cuddy character but still don’t think she is needed to answer any more questions with regards to House.

    I portrayed the ending metaphorically in that House was destroying her control over him and him finally accepting control over his own self?.

    We haven’t really seen any angst yet but it is inevitable and I do agree his father will feature at some point.

  • ann uk

    If we are going to read the destruction of Cuddy,s House as a metaphore ( and ” House ” is very good at metaphores), might it not be that it he is violently rejecting his search for happiness? I think he may be angrily admitting
    the truth that depending on someone else for your happiness is building on sand.

    I never thought that Cuddy was his proper match. Both because she was too damaged herself, but also because she could never accept him for what he was. You can’t truly love someone if you are always consciously making allowances for major aspects of their character and therefor are always trying to change them.

    Stacy and he were obviously happy for five years and she clearly understood him and accepted him as he was and I think that Lydia did so too.

  • spitza

    61-ann uk
    I think that Stacy and House had been happy together before House had his leg surgery. He wasn’t in constant pain then. And soon after the surgery Stacy left him for the exact same reason Cuddy left him – Stacy said that being with him she felt alone. Cuddy’s relationship with House was also even more complicated because she was in boss-employee relationship with him as well.

    As for Lydia I don’t think she actually knew him enough. Who knows what would happen if they actually tried to live together.

    I am not saying that Cuddy was his proper match, I am just saying that you can’t compare these relationships. The circumstances were very different.

  • Jules

    61 – ann uk

    In “Broken” he did state that he was fed up of being miserable and Nolan asked if he wanted to be happy to which he agreed but Nolan didn’t teach him that happiness has to come from within?

    After all that has happened between then and now I think he has accepted that happiness is beyond his reach so is searching for answers to accept that he is who he is and him realize that he cannot change that fact?

  • The Other Barnett

    61-ann uk
    I’m with you, Stacy was with a much more functional House than Cuddy. If House is more functional (which I believe he seems to be), then he is better off without Cuddy and better served if Stacy ever returned. BUT…..

    62 – spitza
    …I think Lydia would be the healthy next step (should she be divorced) for House, if Stacy is out of the picture for good. Maybe it would not be a permanent relationship, but the ending would not precipitate a breakdown, either. Lydia does not impress me as adrama-personified, which Cuddy definitely was.

    63 – Jules
    I was wondering why Nolan would not nudge House further on to the next logical step (happiness within), but I blame Shore for this….curmudgeon that he is.

    Look at some of the actions House has taken this season. he is repairing. he is trying to help (in his own way) others. Maybe he is operating on some karma-driven motivation that giving to others will bring him rewards….the next question to be considered by the writers would be whether House understands that rewards may not always be tangible….thus taking us back to the happiness within.

    Merry Christmas all you House fans. May we have a joyful, peaceful and blessed season!

  • BrokenLeg

    Merry Christmas Season to everybody in the [H]ouse world!!!!