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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Man of the House”

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The one thing that really bothered me in last night’s House, M.D. episode “Man of the House,” was the all-too-easy resolution of House’s marital dilemma. Admittedly, we do get those neat little wrap ups every once in awhile in a House episode, but there’s usually a clear, logical reason for it.

There were so many places the writers might have gone with the story. Why is House helping his faux wife Dominika in the first place? Is it really the $30,000 she has promised him? I doubt it; I do believe that it’s House’s latent nobility, refusing to ignobly place Dominika in the deportation queue to save his own skin. And I would have liked to see a bit more of that in action. Instead, we got situation comedy and a cop-out ending tied up neatly—just like a situation comedy.

Wilson is a sap to play into House’s madness by agreeing to lie for House to the immigration people (but with a terrible, but very funny, fake British accent). I’m actually glad he’s outed by House’s genuine (and genuinely pissed off) neighbor. But the dilemma into which this puts House and Dominika is serious. “Be in my office at 10 a.m.,” says the immigration officer threateningly.

But for all the bluster, the episode ends with the official letting House and Dominika off the hook way too easily, allowing her to stay—and keeping House out of jail. This is after both continue to lie to the guy. And I said Wilson’s a sap? Sheesh!

The immigration official has no reason to be so lenient—especially given the pair continue to lie throughout their meeting with immigration, and the official knows it. So it makes no sense to me. All that buildup and—nothing. I would have liked to see the implications of House’s green-card marriage played out a little more seriously.

That said, I did like the interactions between House and Dominika, and I also liked House trying to do the noble thing and protect her from deportation. There’s actually some dramatic red meat there, left untouched, sadly. Hopefully the writers will pick it up at some point between now and May.

And Wilson, for all his initial resistance to House’s plans, gives in and helps House present an air of domestic bliss. After all, he’s been married three times, albeit unsuccessfully, so he is experienced at it. But, like I said, Wilson is a complete sap. Funny as hell, but a sap, in a sitcom-ish sort of way.

The patient of the week is a Phil Donohue (Google him!) wannabe, with a wife (played by Rena Sofer) looking much like Donohue’s wife Marlo Thomas (That Girl). He’s a real ‘70s guy with a knack for the sort of sensitivity training needed by men of that era. Except he hadn’t always been that way, starting out as a macho sexist pig. Why the change? Is it a symptom? Of course it is!

Initially, the symptoms, which include incontinence suggest multiple sclerosis, but the team rules it out when the patient starts having double vision. Now, interestingly enough, double vision is actually a symptom of MS. I’d probably wouldn’t have given it much thought, except I’d recently seen a 1995 film called Go Now (which you should all see; it features some stunning performances), which deals with a the sudden onset of MS and its effect on a loving relationship. Anyway, double vision was one of the first symptoms exhibited by the film’s central character. So, it bugged me that the team gave up on the MS diagnosis so quickly.

And while I’m venting, I have to say that House’s decision to foment conflict amongst the team, given the context of Chase’s stabbing just a couple of weeks ago really disappointed me. I get that he’s probably trying to “get back to normal,” but I was hoping the lessons of that episode would have lingered a bit longer.

On the brighter side, however, I am very much looking forward to next week’s episode, which features the return of House’s mom Blythe. I can’t wait for that encounter!

House airs Monday nights at 8:00 ET on Fox.

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  • housefan

    Elizabeth 83 – well stated

  • housefan

    Dominika and House have not slept together, yet.

  • housefan

    Dominika is not a hooker!

  • I thought the episode was good and, given the two previous episodes of pretty intense drama, I didn’t mend the change of tone. I thought Wilson doing an English accent was hilarious. Being English myself I think made it even funnier. I agree that Dominika and House got off far too easily but, for me, what was on the episode’s side was the humour actually worked. A lot of the time it doesn’t on House, but I felt it landed more than missed (unlike, for example, the weird subplot with Taub and House in “Chase.” That was probably something that should have stayed in the writing room!)

  • housefriend

    A great episode all around,And why does Wilson do anything for House? Because as 8 seasons have built up to he loves him,And why no mention of the “I dont sleep with married men” interaction .Played wonderfully and SERIOUSLY by RSL and HL. People who only see the surface in this brilliantly written show ignore these amazing scenes, The relationship between House and Wilson is what drives this show, And its the most important one in the character of House. Wilson is the only one he truely cannot live without,

  • I Support It

    I do know a little something about the 1st Amendment and any attempt to abrogate or control speech (including the written word) is considered censorship, not only by the government but by any “public forum.” TWOP is a public forum and has a reputation for being arbitrary and subjective. Clearly they are not what I would consider a fine example of our 1st Amendment RIGHTS. Barbara Bennett and several of her followers may not always agree with some of her posters remarks, but, to my knowledge, they only practice censureship, not censorship. The former is their guaranteed 1st Amendment right; the second is not. And to answer your question, yes, there are legitimate sites and forums that do not practice censorship: you are posting on one on them. So tuck your “bicho” back into your pants and pay attention.

  • Aside from the anonymous commentor revealing they don’t know anything about the 1st Amendment, is there a legitimate website that doesn’t practice censorship?

  • Dr. D: It’s just a request, not censorship.

  • Isn’t asking people to boycott a website because of alleged censorship… a form of censorship?

    Just wondering.



  • sara2

    House was a brilliant show just in season 1-3. The end.

  • BrokenLeg


    First of all, how’s your knee-cap doing? Second, I avoid, and maybe hate, disagreeing with you, so thanks for not extending your previous post.

    About GH driving his Repsol Honda with his deep injury in his right thigh: there is no problem driving fast and powerful motorcycles with an injured thigh once you have started to run and you are on your way. I do not know where this bike has the rear brake, but probably on the right pedal, so to GH may be hard or painful to brake (rear brake is the preference one, although it has also the front wheel brake on one hand, and due to the powerful motorcycle you must use always both of them). The left foot makes the gear and change velocities along with the other hand. The problem is before starting or when you stop at an intersection or a red traffic light and must balance the bike while seated on it. I’ve observed that GH uses to put his left leg on the asphalt, and carries his cane at his right side, but this motorcycle is also a heavy one, and if something fails, you’ll need a good other leg to help. That’s the problem. I wasn’t able to drive mine until two months after I feel my muscle strong enough. Probably my problem was then more in my brain than in my leg.

    GH driving this fast and powerful motorcycle has more to do with his past risky behavior and his personal need to avoid bad situations (after all he bought it after that little girl with a terminal cancer). Age should never be a problem. Simply you’ll adapt to circumstances and change your motorcycle for another more peaceful one. And self surgery has happened more than a year ago. Time enough.

    And yes, I remember how he lied and forced Adams to paid the fix of his car ( btw, why not to buy a new one? Maybe as a remembering of something that never should have happened?

  • Maria-Eleni

    • 80 – spitza
    You make my point for me.
    The “good solid” episodes do not generate controversial comments (and so there is less comments) even though the “serious” themes presented give a lot more food for thought and “meaningful controversy”.
    Instead we become passionate and prolific commentators for the more superficial episodes.
    So we are not worthy of the more serious episodes and should stop complaining for the sparsity of them.
    To criticize in GOOD FAITH you have to praise good quality as much as complain about bad quality.
    After all what is good is a lot more deserving of comment, (even if it is just “great article Barbara, thanks”, “good work, TPTB” for the hundredth time) than critising what is of lesser quality. EXCELLENCE MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED TO GENERATE MORE OF IT.

  • Maria-Eleni

    @ 84 Hollice
    You are right about the bus.
    @ 82 Broken Leg.
    H. had his car fixed (Adams paid for it, remember?) so I suppose he has a licence to drive.

    I also miss the motorcycle and the biker jacket! Last times we saw it was in “Help me” and then “Unplanned Fatherhood”.
    Broken Leg, I think I remember a much older comment of yours where , as a motorcyclist yourself, you were wondering how it was possible for H. with such an injury to his thigh to be able to control the motorcycle (a “terrifyingly quick” Repsol Honda, not just any machine)
    Is it possible that age and the self-operation make it difficult of for H. to ride the motorcycle anymore?

  • Maria-Eleni

    @ 79 – Djesus

    “…. I think prison was good for him, he seems happier and in peace(ok in surface)….”
    And probably not only in surface.
    Prison must have been a horrific experience for H. Apart from the physical pain and the isolation from his intellectual equals, as an individualistic and anarchic person, he must have suffered mostly from the restrictions on his privacy and freedom.
    I believe the hardships of prison made H. realise that in comparison his life, for all the pain and movement restrictions due to his leg, is actually not so bad. When he found himself back at PPTH surrounded with all the familiar and by now dear persons, he might even have accepted what his father told him: “ You just don’t know how lucky you are.”
    But however beneficial the results of prison, H. naturally dreads the idea of going back there even though, true to himself, he will risk it to “save a life”. Both times when he is in real danger of ending back in prison (Dead & Buried, Nobody’s Fault) he does not hide his anxiety even in front of others.
    So I suspect that this dread is more than obvious to Wilson to whom he might have also revealed some of his prison experiences.

    I do agree with you that Wilson is plutôt inutile. It could be because House after surviving the imprisonement without Wilson is not so emotionally dependent on him anymore. H. is also more open and connected to the other persons of his entourage (Thirteen, Chase, Foreman, even Taub) which might diminish even more his need of Wilson as “his connection to humanity”.
    So if Wilson’s importance to H. lessens so will his impact to us the audience, as what we perceive in [H]ouse is through Greg House .
    If it is so, it’s a pity, as I always found the H/W friendship the most inspiring relationship in this show, or any other show for that matter. So I do hope that Wilson will regain his importance through “an amazing drama” as you put it!

    By the way, are you French? (inutile, serie finale)

  • Hollice


    Didnt Wilson deduce House came to work on the bus because his leg hurt too much to drive after Stacey left? Or maybe I just imagined that.

    Given his car would have probably been a write off after Moving On, the bike would be his only remaining means of personal transport. Losing the licence was one reason I could think of for them no longer needing the bike either.

    But I do agree with you – will miss House and his bike, But fingers crossed to see the piano make a return before the series ends.

  • Elisabeth

    @Nate 61 – Very well put – I agree with this:

    “Prison caused him to crawl inside of himself. He hates what he did with Cuddy, shown at the end of “Chase”. He knows that the act of crashing his car through her house has changed the way Wilson looks at him too. So, he is trying to cover up the shame with silly games. He’s not just House being House. He’s a man aimlessly wandering, back in a world that he knows sees him differently than before. I honestly believe even the medical isn’t enough for him anymore.”

    I think the writers need to show this more clearly – show us scenes of House alone, perhaps reflecting (through flashbacks?) and struggling with what he did and how others view him now. It’s this self-loathing side that makes him more of a sympathetic character and less of an ass.

  • BrokenLeg

    Thank you a lot! Sad not seeing GH with bikes again. And HL is right: his Repsol Honda is terrifyingly quick ( was Official Honda Team one on MotoGP) compared with his usual Triumph Boneville replica.
    About losing his driving license after “Moving On” car crash: ¿How is he now going from home to the hospital?

  • Hollice

    #32 Broken Leg

    Very late but re: House’s Motorbike.

    I recall an iv with Hugh last year and he now has House’s motor bike (he described it as terrifyingly quick).

    If they have let him have/buy the bike, I assume we will not see it again. Would not House have lost his licence after the events of Moving On?

  • spitza

    #71 – maria-eleni

    “So why complain about the lightness and the themes of a middling episode like “Man of the House” when it evidently interests a lot more people than the so much more serious and thought provoking previous ones?”

    I really don’t think that the reason for more comments is that it was more interesting for people, just more controversial. It didn’t make sense to more people. More people didn’t like it or agree with it.

    The previous two episodes were solid good episodes. They made sense. Barbara wrote great reviews for them. I think that the reason there were less responses is that just saying “I totally agree with you Barbara, thank you for your great review (the last part is always the case anyway)” is less compelling than saying “What the heck are they doing and why” and find out if you are the only one having these kind of feelings.

  • Djesus

    78 – maria-eleni
    “Wilson is the one who sees more than anybody else how prison has affected House.”

    Oh no I think prison was good for him, he seems happier and in peace (ok in surface), he controls his addiction, his leg doesn’t hurt him anymore. Of course now it would be better for him not go back to jail.
    About wilson, I find him inutile this season, I think he’ll die in the end of this season, this could be an amazing drama for the serie finale, and quite interesting to see how House will react.

  • maria-eleni

    @ Barbara Barnett
    This is one of the few times that I feel let down by your article as I get the impression that for you did not try to look beneath the surface.
    The neat wrap up of a resolution of H.’s marital imbroglio is us you say hardly uncommon in this show. But it is actually rational. The officer, although not believing, is reluctant and lazy to get into legal bothers and has probably a liking for Domenica and maybe H. who can be charming when he wishes. He also does not give them what they want; in fact he puts them in a difficult and awkward situation to cover his back.
    What I found rationalisations and fast cop outs without substance (my major dissatisfaction with the show) were more serious built-ups that were resolved in a fast patched up way.
    The Tritter affair: Cuddy perjures herself by saying the pills House stole were placebos, unknown to him. But House’s criminal action was still on the table, he did steal them with the intent of getting drugs. So why absolve him on a technicality? It felt so flat. After so much angst and suffering House is saved because he was duped by Cuddy!
    Mayfield: Nolan considers House capable of resuming his medical just because of a love affair and not going back to previous behaviour when Lydia left. All in one night without any further monitoring of House. That was fast for a two hour episode.
    Cuddy dumps House for just A vicodin taken in strenuous circumstances. Again no elaboration.
    Inevitably this last time I found the neat wrap up expected and in balance as green card Domenica is a sub-plot. More importantly there are practical consequences and House in a strange situation both domestically and emotionally. He is puzzled and touched by Domenica’s “fake” declaration unable to react to the immigration officer and, in the last scene returning home to a dancing wife, clearly sad and doubtful. In fact I do not forsee a House/Domenica rosy future.

    Wilson is not a sap. Disagreeing with a friend’s course of action does not mean you do not help him and have to let him hang. Wilson is the one who sees more than anybody else how prison has affected House. He does not want him to end up there again. He is repeatedly trying to avoid this.: Pleading with Foreman to be lenient, being happy when Foreman took House to the boxing, trying to find out if House has an incriminating gun.
    We should not forget either that House willing sacrificed his mind and life, knowing it would be futile, for Wilson’s need to not let Amber go. They can both be mean to each other but they love and care for each other; they are true friends not saps and the most stable relationship on the show.

    As for House reintroducing conflict in his team, it is my belief that he did not disavow this method of his. For House it is proven. Saying sorry to Chase is not an admission of a bad methodology. It is commiseration and also taking responsibility for the consequences as a leader. And probably accepting the blame, as a leader for not monitoring more closely the expected psychotic break of the patient and issuing precautions. His laxity is at fault not the competition spirit of the team. In my book instigating competition for team leader is one of those two-birds-one-stone House schemes. H e has them in a competition that will result in choosing a second in command thus achieving more structure in the team.

    @ Broken Leg
    Back again to having completely different views. So i shall desist to expand.

  • merkof

    73 – hwl40
    Problems for one or two days only so I would suppose whoever was interested in commenting could do it later. Numbers however do not lie. Day one: “Nobody’s Fault” 31, “Man of the House” 42!

    74 – Djesus
    Back to normal is just the surface. [H] has many layers and few things are immediately obvious.
    Looking back through the seasons, although H.’s basic character remains unchanged, his outlook and reactions are changed through people that have touched him or the events that shook him.
    The little girl with terminal cancer made him buy a motorcycle and go out in the open spaces. What happened in Season 4 & 5 made him lose his mind. After Mayfield he tries to connect with people and ends up with Cuddy. The failure of that relation pushes him to physical violence, a reaction from H. we had not seen before. After prison he seems both weaker and more insouciant.

    “Nobody’s fault” investigation was interpreted by many as bringing H. to doubt his method because he said he was sorry to Chase and so disappointment resulted when he started his pranks again with Taub as a sible and regenerating discordance within his team by searching for no 2.
    Yet H., all through the proceedings, defended his treatment of the team, and even at the end reiterated to Coffield that “Good things usually happen; bad things sometimes happen.” So, yes, he stays as he always is, and in “Man of the House” seeing the team all politeness and agreement he is displeased and immediately hatches a scheme to bring them back to competition mode.

    So was the “I am sorry” to Chase pointless? I believe it was sincere but springing form a different re-evaluation by H.
    I noticed that there was one observation of Coffield “Can you dispute the possibility that, had you visited the patient sooner, maybe talked to the wife, been directed to one of the students, that this case might have ended differently?” that left H. for once without retort and with a thoughtful expression.
    H. does not visit patients so as to stay clear minded because meeting them face to face, witnessing their pain would stress him and make him loose his objectivity. But this is a weakness in H. as his rational self is actually weaker than his emotional. He hides.
    Coffield and the stabbing of Chase brought him face to face to face with this weakness of his and obliged him to re-evaluate this aspect of his methods. After all in several cases he solved the puzzle by meeting with the patient and/or the family.

    The Chase episode highlighted this aspect when H. thought Chase objective enough and so capable of operating on a person for whom he had feelings. In this way he concedes superiority to Chase.
    Furthermore this re-evaluation comes to light in the latest episode. Very early in the proceedings H., instead of ordering tests to find the levels of testosterone of the patient, surprisingly, visits him with Chase and Adams and does some playacting to judge for himself the situation. It seems to me that Coffield’s words touched him but of course it remains to be seen if I interpreted the situation correctly.

  • BrokenLeg


    Well. With all due respect, with your last post we both may continue disagreeing forever
    About “wifely” jobs. If you believe that @Nate and me have a misunderstood feminism that lead us to jump to assumptions that miss the point, and only speaking for myself, I personally prefer to continue with my so called “misunderstood feminism”. To me, there are not, and never will be, “wifely jobs”, maybe because I was raised and educated believing that men and women have the same rights and obligations, outside and inside home, publicly and privately, even in “this imperfect world”. Maybe then we can make it a little bit less imperfect. So, for me, there are no “services” that a real wife brings to marriage. I’m married for many years with a man that is and likes to be in all my equal, and who brings to marriage the same that I try bring to it, and who shares with me the same rights and obligations along with a project of life together.
    Sadly, we women are in the most part guilty of perpetuating the old clichés. It depends if in our daily life we act with men, professionally, personally, intimately, always as equals at the same level or not, and if we educate our boys same way as done with our girls. Is just that, so easy and so difficult.
    So, excuse me for my “so called” misunderstood feminism. I will not give it up.
    About “business” agreements. I can assure you that every day, due to my work, I do business agreements, and no one include sex paid, or not (!). Calling the affaire GH-D a “business agreement” is a little bit too much.
    Apart from that, how do you call a girl that deals a treatment that includes, between other possible services, sex paid in return? Even if she really is an aesthetician, cooker, housekeeper, lawyer, student, architect, doctor, nurse, farmer or bus driver? Looking in the dictionary there are whore, slut, hooker, prostitute etc..And I assume that no one do it and have chosen doing it for pleasure, but chosen it by some kind of need. In this case a green card marriage. And the fact that D is a sympathetic character, doesn’t change things.
    BTW, I do know two real green card marriages. Two marriages everyone of it of an immigrant and native, that lasted the necessary time to get the residence for the foreign immigrant. In one case the immigrant was a woman married with a native man, in the other a man married with a native woman. In no one of the cases were sex included. Although I do not approve it as a method of getting the residence in any country.
    I hope you understand my point although you do not share it.

  • merkof

    @ Nate & Broken Leg
    Mispunderstood feminism makes you jump to assumptions and miss the point.
    House and Domenica made a deal. He marries her so she can get a green cards, she will provide in return services that a “real” wife usually brings to a marriage in our so imperfect world. In this case sex is valued as much as cooking, cleaning etc. So the assumption that she is a hooker is negated and more so since House refutes it to Cuddy. He was always flaunting his connections with hookers so there is no reason to become suddenly coy.
    @ Nate
    For someone so little invested in Domenica you sure wrote a lot more than what Lobentti and I did, quotes included!

    @ Broken Leg
    Aren’t you going too far calling her a slut?
    She has a “business” agreement with House. When he is in jail what part of her agreement can be executed, well, apart from visiting him to have sex? And House had already refused to have sex with her.
    If her disappearing while House is in jail (a fake wife who knew him for how long, a month or two?) that makes her a slut then how would you call all the others, friends or colleagues for years, who never communicated with him while in jail?
    Yet from all the people around him she is the only one to ask him how he fared in jail.

  • Djesus

    71 – maria-eleni
    Nobody’s Fault and Chase were ok (but I didn’t like Chase ep so much) but we all knew how it would end, back to normal for all of them. It was not very surprising.

  • hwl40

    maria-eleni @71, just a reminder that there were problems with the site after “Chase”. I know I and others had their comments blocked so don’t worry too much about it. There are so many thoughtful comments on this sight, usually springing from Barbara’s wonderful analysis, that have added immeasuraby to my enjoyment of the show and I feel sure these great folks will be following through for us till series end.

  • maria-eleni

    @ HouseDailyDose
    This is a great opportunity to thank you for your excellent site. Definitely a daily dose for my addiction to [H].

    It also affords me great personal satisfaction to find myself so much in agreement with your views. To the point that I do not find anything to add.

  • maria-eleni

    I am sooo disappointed!
    Not by this episode. It was not one of great ones but it was quiet enjoyable, something that this show does a lot: after the “heavy episodes” follow lighter ones.
    What leaves me disheartened is how two excellent episodes, with a lot of insights in H.’s thoughts and methods and how his fellows and colleagues view him and his work, had so few responses: 51 for “Nobody’s Fault’ and only 33 for “Chase” and those were from only about 10 posters.
    So why complain about the lightness and the themes of a middling episode like “Man of the House” when it evidently interests a lot more people than the so much more serious and thought provoking previous ones?
    Most of us are missing “introspective House”. Well when he reappeared few commented on the ramifications of that. But when a possible “love interest” for House appeared, oh what a storm of pro and anti opinions! Well, the much vilified TPTB treated Domenica in a mostly fun way and that shows how much importance she has. Serious themes were presented in a different and more elaborate manner as fitting. Still the audience found so much more to analyse in a fun situation so maybe TPTB are right in serving us with those and we should stop complaining.
    Or maybe expressing criticism is so much easier and satisfying than showing appreciation.

  • BrokenLeg

    Then I get the point of your previous @53 post: House can be his father. And a relationship between a man and a girl that could be his daughter’s age is also an old cliché.
    A so intelligent person as GH is, even if he is socially half broken,or an immature one, needs at his side more or less an equal of his same intelligence to try or have a lasting relatonship ( Stacy, and the on-off one with Cuddy).The other stuff can be funny sex ( that if it’s the only reason can’t sustain a lasting relationship).
    And to me, GH has his normal routines disrupted with his girl. He can’t have with her a clever talk at the end of the day, even as friends, about daily problems when she’s dancing all around a music that it’s clearly not GH’s one. As 26@HouseDailyDose wisely noted, there were not joy in GH’s eyes in past episode’s last scene

  • Djesus

    67 – BrokenLeg
    She’s young, she just wants to have fun!
    but I would have preferred a stronger character, more mature, than a “Alvie bis”, the kind of person with whom House has interesting discussions every night when he’s coming home. But maybe it will be the case!

  • BrokenLeg

    Excuse me. I want to say “do house jobs along with sex job” I’ve typed it wrong preiously

  • BrokenLeg

    You’re welcome!

    Your words: “Basically H. gives Domenica a typical “wifely” job description”. Oh! I’ve thought always that being a wife was sharing a project of life together with a husband,not “having a job”, not even in a Housian world. All the other”job” must be shared by husband and wife, we’re in the XXI century, people!!

    60@AreKay & 66@housecomelately
    Although the storyline of the bio father isn’t one that calls me ( after all when you’re over 50’s as [H] is, you must have learned to live with all the pain done inside and overcome it, or , if not there are no remedy to it at that age) it would be a good story to recover drama in [H].
    But I fear, viewing sneak peaks, that it will be more a comedic episode ….again.


    Maybe you’re right. Maybe GH is covering his shame with silly games. But if it’s as you commented surely we’d seen the introspective GH , at least from time to time. A thing that has not happened in one episode.

    To all: D was presented past season as an arrangement to do house jobs alone with sex job , getting paid with a green card marriage that finally must end getting her US residence. GH himself explained then the price: $ 33.000 he expected to stole. She was not only a personal assistant. In “the pack” was paid sex too ( read 59 @ Merkoff quotting “Fall from Grace”). She was still present in “After Hours” ( getting to the hospital bed Cuddy’s items in a box, remember?) Then , with GH in prison , she disappeared with her boyfriend…until needing GH again .
    To that I call a slut. A sympathetic one, maybe, but a whore at least. A cliché one, and with so, an insult to women, most immigrant ones, the most the brave Slavic women that became stereotyped beyond any political incorrectness ( once so brilliant and attaching in this show)

  • housecomelately

    From the extended preview I saw for next week’s ep, it looks like the cancer thing is a just a ruse to get House to come running; also the ep looks very light-hearted rather than dramatic as people here seem to hope…after all Billy Connolly is in it! 😉

  • lobentti

    Dear HouseofLane,
    I was just adding an information; I didn´t see the episode yet, so I´m not defending anything; an about Cuddy, House (not me) always said she was a narcisistic pain in the ass controler; so these are statements in the show, not an opinion. I want to see the episode first, to make my opinion. Up to now I immagine that, without Lisa Edelstein, whatever was the way the story was planed, they had to change it, so I can´t see what Dominika is doint in the show; if she´s a hooker, an aesthetician, a cooker …what´s the point? I wanted to introduce one information that was inside de show, not an opinion, defence or judgment.

  • Djesus

    60 – AreKay
    Yeah I’m worried about this storyline too, so much emotional potential, I just hope they won’t turn this one into comedy, blythe and bell’s son has been abused by a man, they should not be too proud and happpy in front of their son, his unhappy childhood has certainly contributed to make him what he is now. A serious discussion is needed.
    I don’t think Dominika could help House now, on the contrary she could destroy him even more.

  • HouseOfLame

    NATE: loved your post & your insight.

    Dear Merkof & Lobentti:

    I by no means take any issue with Dominika being pretty or Eastern European. WUWT? Are you implying that American women are ugly? Or, were you implying that anyone other than Eastern Europen women are ugly with a complex? I happen to be quite pretty myself and don’t care for the caddy-like tone/attack on my opinion/post.

    As you posted in your quote above, Cuddy thought she was some type of mail-order bride/prostitute as well as his team, Wilson & so, me too. It’s just an opinion on a new character we know hardly anything about. Also, being that this show has become a hooker-fest-kaboom-laughter-riot, my calling Dominika a hooker was not meant to offend any culture or woman as your response to my post was.

    Furthermore, there’s no true history as to how & where House met her but, it is a given on [H] that he pays for the company of women, whether he sleeps with them or not. And, since he did go on a hooker-fest; others, like myself, are entitled to have an opinion that it was implied. Maybe she’s an aesthetician or maybe House was defending her to Cuddy to hurt Cuddy and be a sarcastic ass (b/c that would be so odd?).

    She’s a tv character that’s barely been on the show long enough for me to be that vested in her. Yet, somehow attacking me is more acceptable than just agreeing to disagree and waiting to see how the story predictably unfolds? Whatever happened to not attacking posters on this forum?

    Don’t fret, oh great defenders of the mighty D and her honor! TPTB will make it clear to us all in the remaining 9 episodes just how awesome and full of virtue she is. She’ll be the answer to all of House’s issues/pain and they’ll ride off into the sunset together (if they don’t decide to kill him, which I really hope they don’t, BTW).

    Wow! I never thought that my opinion of Dominika being a hooker would warrant such a response. It’s not like I drove my car into her house w/ her in it or something.

  • lobentti

    Thanks, Broken Leg, you did get my point.
    Thanks, Merkof, for the quotations, I should have done it myself.

  • Nate

    I am going to defend this amazing show once again. And I will continue to defend it. David Shore has said that the story of House is like a Greek tragedy, with a character destined to remain miserable no matter how hard he tries to change. He has promised no significant change since the very beginning of the show, and now you’re mad at him because he did what he said? The House we met in season one couldn’t hold a relationship; the House in season 8 can’t hold a relationship. We have watched him try and fail, over and over again. Isn’t the real journey watching him try to be a better person, despite all of his problems? House is a tragic character, who –unless he gets to the bottom of his problems– will never change. The Mrs. House story is going to be incredible, because this is where I believe his problems began. And this is the only story that could bring change to him.

    Prison caused him to crawl inside of himself. He hates what he did with Cuddy, shown at the end of “Chase”. He knows that the act of crashing his car through her house has changed the way Wilson looks at him too. So, he is trying to cover up the shame with silly games. He’s not just House being House. He’s a man aimlessly wandering, back in a world that he knows sees him differently than before. I honestly believe even the medical isn’t enough for him anymore.

    People have said that House has become a puppy dog. I disagree completely. Instead, he has shut himself away completely. What Dominika said hurt him. Maybe for a moment her speech in that office was entirely what he wanted to hear. You could see on his face that it threw him. And then she negated it with a statement that I saw to be more playful, as if he would smile and agree. And maybe an earlier season House would have. But, this House has been broken.

  • AreKay

    The “Blythe House/House’s biological father” story has such terrific potential…I’m wondering how (not if) they’re going to screw it up.

  • Merkof

    @ 56 – lobentti

    It is as you say:
    “Moving on”:
    Cuddy: No, all you’ve done is pull pranks or have temper tantrums with Wilson, never me, marry mail-order prostitutes, make me go to your wedding—
    House: Dominika is a licensed aesthetician.

    @ 57 – HouseofLame

    “Fall from Grace”
    House to Wilson: (opening the folder) Have you seen me practice medicine? You know how much it costs to have a live-in maid, personal assistant, cook, massage therapist, whore? I do. She’s willing to work four days a week for free. It’s gonna save me about $33,000.

    Basically H. gives Domenica a typical “wifely” job description. She could be a “professional” any of those. Later H. clarifies she is an aesthetician.
    So why persist in calling her a hooker, just because of having sex with her husband? Why not call her a cook, or a secretary, or a housekeeper?
    Just because she is pretty?
    Is this not prejudice and an insult to pretty women and particularly to eastern europeans?
    After all there was nothing in her behaviour or clothes for that matter to jump to such an assumption.
    Or should one consider giving a foot massage to Foreman “whorish”?

  • BrokenLeg

    55@The Other Barnett

    I think you’ve misunderstood @lobentti beautiful words that I’ve repeated in my post.
    The sense of them to me are :
    “Now that the patient is terminal ( the [H] series is coming to an announced end) all I want is to sit by his side ( ergo continue watching it), hold his hand (sharing its points of view as much as I could), stay together till the end (being faithful until the end, whatever it could be)“.

    I think is an attitude that has nothing in common with “the divorce” attitude you’ve felt. On the contrary, it’s the most generous and faithful one, still caring even if not receiving what was expected on return.And a way to humbly return the eight years of plasure it[H] ad HL talents had given to me.

    BTW, about what you say “a show evolve, characters evolve”, wait, the mantra wasn’t “people don’t change”?

  • HouseofLame


    actually it was House himself explaining to wilson why he was getting married. He went into details about how much money he’d be saving on prostitutes. He had a business plan that explained how he was going to have free sex with this Dominka hooker, get massages and his household chores done, instead of having many different hookers and paying more money

  • lobentti

    Hey, dear people, let´s put it as it is: House clearly explained to Cuddy that his maid/wife (or wife/maid, not sure) was a certified aestheticist. The ‘hooker’ thing was an assumption of his team, firts, than accepted as true by Wilson and Cuddy.That´s not a deffence, just an statement.

  • The Other Barnett

    Reading some of the comments about this show….”sitting at the bed holding of a comatosed show”, etc.

    My goodness! This kind of gives me the insight to the attitude of so many who get divorces because they have no romance in their marriage. A show evolves, the characters evolve, things get frustrating…..but the key question is “do they (the PTB) get the show back on track?”

    This season the show has gotten back on track. Maybe the house-crash was a bit too much; but the writers (I think) have salvaged it pretty well by showing some of the change in House from his prison stay. Maybe Cuddy isn’t there, but the writers now are freed of the storyline discomfort that existed with House and Cuddy (as well as the rest of the show direction) almost from the time they slept together last season (ie less drama-soapy stuff). Maybe Park and Adams are not Cameron, but each of them are slowly evolving into quality team members and making their own spaces in the show. Maybe House is not the broody type that we all get so swoony over, but the curious brilliance is still there and we are seeing him actually take on a modicum of responsible leadership (in his own dysfunctional way) for the team; besides, how long in real life could we handle a dark tormented genius before we’d walk away? Maybe Wilson has not been given the opportunity to be the charming sidekick that he has been in the past, but we are also seeing a wonderful evolution in Chase -which has to balance it out a bit. Maybe Foreman is not the Dean we want, but he is fitting in the space that is needed – a useful road-bump for House and his wacky decisions. Dominika is definitely not what I’d want for House in a romantic (or sexual) vein, but this could merely be a detour – its too early to know. Even though there are only 9 episodes left, one has to assume the storylines will focus a bit and that the writers (and Shore) will know a way to close the chapter of HouseMD in a manner that not only satisfies them, but also will leave the audience either satisfied or (at least) merely understanding.

    Think of Seinfeld….the final episode sucked, but it made sense. It does not take away from the fact that I’d still watch it when its on sometimes. The worst case scenario for this show is not as dramatically disaffecting as some of these posts are suggesting.

  • BrokenLeg

    52 &53 @Djesus
    I like you agree with me as I agree with your two posts, with one exception: maybe D is “ a little bit” a hooker ( remember her offering to sleep and have sex with GH their wedding night: the price ,and was generously paid, was the same green card marriage). So, what do you call having paid sex? Maybe now , writers have softened her character a bit, and appears , at least, as a too much “easy-enjoying-life” girl ( and I hope you can understand what I want to express, because in English is really difficult to me to express it properly). Making up her character a bit to make it more acceptable, but still remaining inside the cliché.
    And so, three hurrah and a bravo to 6@Kaliera again.
    I agree that nor [H] nor GH needs a new love story now. But D is here to stay, at least six months, so after the show finale. Therefore if not, continuing the cliché, she is not connected with mafias of any kind ( Atlantic city, game, Eastern ones,..) from where she get the 30.000 $, that involves involuntarily GH, and the thing explodes before final episode, or make of it the final great KaBoom ( I hope not).
    If the rest of the season continue as this episode, and no as “Chase” or “Dead and Buried” , or even “Nobody’s Fault”, I’ll think that the series jumped the sharks at the end of last season. Sad. I’ll be faithful to the end, but I will have the impression that [H] had not been faithful to me.
    So, maybe the last remaining pleasure is enjoying great, enormous HL acting talents…and his beautiful blue eyes that can express so much with no words.
    At least, you live in France ( I’m OK?) and can attend his next summer european tour. Sadly my Barcelona left aside. I envy you.

  • Djesus

    51 – HouseOfLame
    I don’t see Dominika as a hooker, but you’re right about him looking like a dirty old man, I never like relationships between an old man and a young girl, she could be his daughter, but maybe we’re totally wrong and they’ll be just friends.
    House needs more friends around him.
    After the huddy fiasco, I think a new love story for the last season will be another mistake.

  • Djesus

    49 – BrokenLeg
    “And that a weak , too much comedic-easy last season, get the feeling of eight years been worthless.”

    Yes! I was hoping for a darker and more intense season, and wilson is so transparent.
    There is no further development with House, we no longer speak of his addiction, his emotional problems, his pain…
    There are still 9 eps to launch good dramas but I’m disappointed.

  • HouseOfLame

    Wow! What low expectations for House! A hooker who used him for a green card then ran off w/ her boyfriend. A few days b4 her INS interview she shows up & all is wonderful in Houseland. WTF happened to this once great show?!

    Movies: Green Card….seen it. Pretty Woman…seen that too.

    Are we to believe he wasn’t the marrying type b/c he never seemed to haved wanted to marry Stacy, Cameron, Lydia or Cuddy but this Happy-hooker is so worthy to live in “his space” & be Mrs. House? What a send-off for the fans! Thanks 4 nothing. I love HL and he’s in a class beyond words as an actor but this story-line makes him look like a dirty old man. Yuck.

  • Action Kate

    I’m just delighted that the writers, having found out it’s the last season, have gone for broke and are allowing the House/Wilson subtext to become plain ol’ text. “You have got to get laid… if I have to plow that furrow myself, so be it.” And then this week’s “Nag and shag/I don’t sleep with married men” exchange — I fell off the couch laughing.

    I think the show as a whole kind of jumped the shark with the car crashing into Cuddy’s house, so this season is a no-expectations bonus for me. If there are moments to cherish and laugh at, great; if it’s starting to crumble with the green card wife, I’m less invested, and I just don’t sweat it.

    My only real hope is that Hugh doesn’t give up acting altogether for music or something when House wraps up. Well, I did love his novel, so if he decides to write, that’s great, but I’d miss him terribly on screen.

  • BrokenLeg


    How true, how sadly true you are.
    I’ll stay watching until the end too. It remains only NINE episodes. I just hope not finally to regret it. And that a weak , too much comedic-easy last season, get the feeling of eight years been worthless.

    As , beautifully, @lobentti has said in other thread of this blog, “Now that the patient is terminal, all I want is to sit by his side, hold his hand, stay together till the end“.

    In this last episode, anyone noticed as it appears to me, the subliminal propaganda HL made of next 2012 Olympic Games that will take place in his city of residence, London, UK, next summer? While lighting the torch and giving the inaugural English and French speech, in the competition between his three ducklings?

  • blacktop

    I found this episode perfectly dreadful in every way. The POTW was uninteresting, the contest among the team was absurd and unfunny, and the Green Card Bride story line was insulting to the intelligence of the loyal audience.

    The vapid Bride reminded me of the silly vegetarian played by Piper Parabo whom House flirted with in an earlier, more innocent and hopeful season.

    I have decided to stick with House until the end, but I pray that the coming episodes do not make me regret that commitment.

    The days are dwindling down to a precious few and I wish that the House team would make the most of what remains. This episode suggests strongly that they are completely out of gas, coasting on vapors only.

  • Djesus

    I found House quite useless in this episode, it worries me, it almost seems that the team can work without him now.

  • The Other Barnett

    Just a thought #9 –
    Amen on all counts!

    hazel eyes – #11 –
    Loved your post. I see references of the trivialization or ill-handling of women by the writers, and then I see ultra-catty remarks about Dominika and plaintive cries for Cuddy. Its like Nikki Minaj wanting to be called an artist.

    Shane #14 –
    I had not even thought about the emasculation argument, but I see where you are going. I am not sure if House will go as far as last year….he loved Cuddy, I think he views Dominika in some kind of partner way.

    Josie #24 –
    Agree with you on all counts.

    Dolores #27/28 –
    Amen on the INS comments

    Patricia #30 –
    Do you have a scratching post in your home, because that was some really catty comments!

    rjw #39 –
    I like he characterization that House may just be happy to have someone to come home to. But, I wonder if the writers would ever try to do some kind of low-rent version of the movie Venus with Peter O’Toole. In the end he is being manipulated by this young woman, abused by her boyfriend, and slowly disengages from the world…..would hate if it went that way as a storyline, but would be an interesting way to hurt House (broken spirit).

    By the way, I loved the mocking of Every Heartbeat by Amy Grant. Its such a sugary song and (even though I like Amy Grant) it is annoying. Park was fun in this episode, too. And, nice use of the feminine wiles by Adams.

  • The Other Barnett

    As I always do, my two cents then I’ll reply to everyone else….

    I completely agree with Barb on the ease with which the subject of Dominika’s deportation issue was resolved. I was thinking that this had some real potential. After all, the buildup was somewhat entertaining as a secondary story. House and Dominika did seem to hit it off and play off each other well. Wilson’s caving in to this is ….just Wilson. The fact the INS guy caves….well, it is probably not as far from reality as one would think. The last 5-10 years this country has been so focused upon the borders that it is very likely that this gruff government worker is, after all, just a bureaucrat in his hollow heart. As he said in response to Dominika’s performing her ‘not him, take me’…”I don’t buy it, but a judge might.” Why more paperwork than needed, right? I am curious how Dominika figures in the next few episodes.

    I like the competition, as Barb referenced, as a way to get back to normal.

    The POTW may be the best the show has had this season. It is a bit of a call-back on previous seasons, but oh well. The actor was great in this. I’ve liked him (do not remember his name) since I first watched him on Medium. I was annoyed that the other doctors were not as invested in the couple as they were trying to solve the case…but this is where House may have actually been doing the competition as a way to help the doctors to disconnect from the human element of the case…..maybe?

    SO, the mom is dying? And I’ve been looking forward to House unloading on Blythe…guess that is out of play. But I hear Billy Connolly is going to be playing Blythe’s boyfriend…..I like the comedic possibilities.

  • Barbara — I so hope you are right! (You probably are, too!)

  • lobentti

    Well, in “Two stories” Dr. House says to the kids “The audience is always right”. But this is not what happens in real life …

  • suzmum

    I thought that this was a really dreadful episode. Everything about it was silly: the medical story was basically boring, the interaction between the team was painful, and the relationship between House and Dominika is totally implausible. Last week’s episode was so wonderful; what happened this week? I really, really hope that next week will be better…and that Dominika will be sent on her way.

  • hwl40

    Amen, HouseDailyDose. And many thanks to you and to Barbara for the great sites you have established which have added so much for the fans of this incredible show.

  • Jane E

    I was also disappointed in last night’s episode. The previous episodes were so powerful and this turns out to be a giant let down. As for Dominka, get real! Can’t stand it. He only married her to spite Cuddy and it is just ridiculous to bring her back. Yes, at the end we saw she can manipulate just like House, but she is no replacement for Cuddy in his life.

    Can’t wait for his mom next week. I think that already makes for good television.

  • rjw

    This probably won’t rate as a “great” episode,but I actually liked it.Found the low-testosterone story interesting.Liked how Taub wouldn’t participate in the games to determine a new senior fellow. Actually like Domanika (even if she’s a little over the top).House “married” her last season in an attempt to get back at Cuddy,but has found it’s a little harder to just walk away from (even w/o the $30,000 incentive).I also think he may just like the idea of coming home to someone.Who knows where this story line is headed(if anywhere),but I liked it.

  • tipitinatoo

    I do agree with many of the comments on “Man of the House”, but for me the entire storyline became clear in the moment House asked Dominika if she really meant what she said about being in love with him and she gave him that chilling response. That look on his face of sheer devastation spoke more eloquently than all the spoken dialogue of the episode. My interpretation of that is that House is still desperately in search of someone who will offer him the undying, forever-and- ever love that has always eluded him, and that he may, at last, have decided he’s willing to give up some of his perceived “freedom” in return. As for the show itself, HL is still the consummate actor, and he has always been my reason for watching. It’s like attending a Master Class on acting, such that in several episodes, the story plots were secondary to the brilliance and depth of his acting, which I have to believe inspired the superb acting of the rest of the cast. However, I must say I too am eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode dealing with his mother.

  • BrokenLeg

    About POW, Barbara you’re so right! Ruling out MS precisely when the patient start having double vision is a medical failure. Actually, double vision is the first MS symptom . I’m married with a doctor, who not being a neurologist sadly but easily suspected MS on our 23-years-old godson while only having that symptom. His illness soon after was confirmed by a MR and other tests by a neurologist.
    So, it bugged me that the team gave up on the MS diagnosis so quickly too.

  • Djesus

    33 – BrokenLeg
    “Seriously, anyone really think D is what GH needs, and is the only one able to get??The bad news: Karolyna Wydra,- so Dominika-, appears on FOX credits of next [H] episodes…”

    House surely met young and funny girls before her. I don’t know what to think about this storyline, just wait and see.

  • Djesus

    “My biggest gripe about this season–and some may find this odd–is that House’s broody depression seems entirely absent. How could that be? He’s still in pain, both physical and emotional; he’s still lonely; and he’s still filled with self-hatred. Besides, people don’t change. (Which I don’t believe, but if you want me to believe it then please, please keep the main character more consistent!)”

    BRAVO! it’s a shame to wait around ep 20 to have again the tortured guy we so loved in previous seasons, and I’m getting tired of happy endings at the end of each episode, it’s a drama for god sake.
    Bring some stormy confrontations that would not be resolved in just one episode…

  • BrokenLeg


    Your words: “…this episode seems to suggest that Dominika is here to stay…. , I just don’t think it is worthy of this great show. I even find it a bit creepy!

    My biggest gripe about this season–and some may find this odd–is that House’s broody depression seems entirely absent. How could that be? He’s still in pain, both physical and emotional; he’s still lonely; and he’s still filled with self-hatred. Besides, people don’t change. (Which I don’t believe, but if you want me to believe it then please, please keep the main character more consistent!)”

    Yes, sadly yes my friend.

  • BrokenLeg


    Bravo and three hurrahs for your post!! It remembers me (but yours it’s much better) something I wrote in this blog past year: “..I feel the Dominika affair as simply an insulting one to all women… Pure sexism… Means also that the way writers deal with immigration is a bad taste one.” And now I can add it’s unrealistic too. I ask myself if the writers really know how to write a real XXI century female character. As someone before my post has written , are they men that hate women and women that hate men? So, a second time: Bravo, Bravíssimo!!!

    7@Harry & 14@Shane & 17@Still love HL
    I share totally your posts

    I thank your irony and sarcasm…:((

    I’m with you, specially about the money. How stupid and weak argument!!

    I fully agree with your point 2 . There were no joy in GH eyes. (BTW, your website is fantastic!)

    I believe, together with 20@LadyBelle Fiske, that: “I begin to fear that we are not going to see a neatly plotted, intelligent, wrapped-up use of all the characters and situations we would all like to see before the end. I feel this week’s episode was mostly a waste of time..”

    And about that “Bomshellish” phrase “Honey, I’m home”: simply Dominika is disrupting GH routines. A sacrilege . It’ll explode more early than late. As 24@Josie123 say: “..Something is going to blow and she may get caught up in it!”, on the other hand, something I’ll not be sorry about

    Seriously, anyone really think D is what GH needs, and is the only one able to get??The bad news: Karolyna Wydra,- so Dominika-, appears on FOX credits of next [H] episodes…

    I saw all the episode as a weak remake of the Gerard Depardieu-Andy MacDowell comedy. Please, bring my old GH and the once superb [H] series back as soon as possible…we’re so near to the end!!

    And again Barbara Barnett, thank you for this speaking corner you bring to us. This time, I share entirely tour analysis of the episode.

    And a final question: As a motorcycle rider myself, where is this season GH’s one?

  • housemaniac

    I wish I could join the chorus of positive reactions to this episode, but I have to agree with Barbara, emmy4hugh and some others here: meh. Too much hammy commedy, not enough conflict. Even though both HL and RSL are brilliant comedic actors, many of their interactions just felt off. In fact, a lot of things felt off. Why is House having his team do sutures for a leadership contest? What do good sewing skills have to do with anything but surgery? Even if the contest was a joke–which I’m not at all sure it was–I just don’t see the three of them actually falling for that particular test. I also agree with Barbara about missed opportunities.

    I was recently reading about another show where one of the producers emphasized the necessity of actually showing consequences of the characters’ actions. Fiction can always take some license, of course, but I felt this episode asked for too much suspension of disbelief. I think in the past, the stabbing of Chase would have led to a longer and more complex, not to say darker, arc. And the immigration troubles as well. I hope this doesn’t bode ill for the rest of the season! (I also hope that the writers and producers wrote these last episodes with the idea that the show was going to end this season, even if they didn’t know for sure. But this one sure didn’t seem like a going-out-with-a-bang effort.)

    On a slightly more upbeat note, the scenes with Dominika were not as bad as I would have thought. However, I agree with emmy4hugh that–unless the writers ignore consequences once again–this episode seems to suggest that Dominika is here to stay. While there is something mildly interesting about H and D’s dynamic, I just don’t think it is worthy of this great show. I even find it a bit creepy!

    My biggest gripe about this season–and some may find this odd–is that House’s broody depression seems entirely absent. How could that be? He’s still in pain, both physical and emotional; he’s still lonely; and he’s still filled with self-hatred. Besides, people don’t change. (Which I don’t believe, but if you want me to believe it then please, please keep the main character more consistent!)

  • emmy4hugh

    Thanks to all for helping me process why this episode bothered me. Just having seen “Nobody’s Fault” and “Chase,” my hopes were raised for a worthy close to this brilliant series. Now I’m worried. Things really felt off in this episode. (1)The game for #2 was just a silly echo of the season that ended in HH/WH. (2)The preliminary diagnoses of the POTW seemed to show lazy writing. Your point about MS and how many times has Celiac been suggested since the 1 episode where it was the correct diagnosis? (3) The ineptitude of the INS guy. (4) The Big One–Dominika. While some like her character, I felt her very appearance just brought back all that I hated about season 7. And she apparently will be hanging around as a painful reminder of how the writers destroyed Huddy. Under different circumstances, I might have enjoyed her character but I’m haunted by how she came into the picture. My only hope is that the writers will use her presence as a catalyst to bring some real closure to Huddy, because, until that happens, until House at least opens up to Wilson about what happened with Cuddy, I will not be diverted by Dominika’s charm.

  • Patricia

    I hated Dominika and tbh i really liked her last year. She is just a manipulative bitch who thinks too much of herself. I hope House doesn´t end up with this piece of crap. If that happens, i´ll be mad at Shore forever. I´d rather House alone than with this hooker.

  • Dolores, do you actually know any government employees? Since the goverment sector is so bloated, you must have a few friends who work for them.

    Or – let me guess – your friends are the exception…

  • Dolores

    One more comment. The INS guy is like most government employees; too lazy to do the work.

  • Dolores

    Are you people really that naive? Do you think the INS situation was impossible? Where have you all been living? I can’t believe that you all think the INS is on the up-and-up. It’s like every other government agency; it has it’s own crooks.

  • “Honey, I’m home”.

    Words we heard echoed from the now “infamous” “Bombshell’s” episode with totally a totally different meaning and perception now.

    While I agree with much of what is being said here, I know that there are those who noticed:
    1.House’s TOTAL SILENCE’ during the immigration interview. NEVER have we seen something like this before. Has he “learned” to keep his mouth shut? Interesting.

    2. The “look” of sadness, loneliness that came over House as he entered his apartment in the final scene, has much to do with what the character is feeling and the changes we can now see more clearly.There was no joy on his face. He forced himself to seem happy it seemed to me. He is LOST and the amazing Mr. Laurie showed once again what HE can do to express multiple emotions almost simultaneously.

    It’s easy to comment on how silly certain things were but as we have been saying for Eight Seasons…this is just the SURFACE of the story- peel off another layer.

    Many people I think see but they don’t always observe. We can’t always get what we want, and neither can House. There were many things to LIKE about this episode. Is it what we would have written? Probably not. Is every storyline we’ve wanted to see closure on going to occur? Probably not.

    Where the writers of this show are concerned (new, old) I never shortchanged them because over the years, they have shown that they can make Magic..time and time again.

    I will remain optimistic to the end. We will all see won’t we?

    Thank you Barbara. For all you’ve done over all the years and everything your insight has meant to us all. Helping us all to see things we didn’t. I know you will write more on House and on other shows but just wanted to thank you here. 🙂

  • Nataly

    Kaliera Bravo to your post #6!
    And good bye “House” brilliant show Hi “House”- cheap sitcom!
    I don’t believe that they describe Ukrainian woman as such a slut! So stereotypy.I am from USSR,and russian woman smarter and better than this hooker.

  • Josie123

    #22–Dominika is a manipulative person, as is Gregory House, so I don’t see her as evil, just selfish. However, she is now living with a deeply troubled man. A man who drove his car through his ex-lover’s house. She’s very naive to think that he’s so down that he can be willingly henpecked for long. Something is going to blow and she may get caught up in it!

  • I would disagree with those who think we’re in for a slow disintegration of the show between now and May. I think the writers will give us a lot to chew on.

    Every season there are episodes that I don’t especially care for. This is one of them.

    House’s Head was written by Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend from Doris’ story idea.

  • Eve K

    As I said last season, I really like Dominika and House, and their interactions. Finally somethings happen there. (Haaaated the Amy Grant “disco-music” though! That would have been a deal breaker for me) I can also see that this could be something serious. And she has something that Cuddy didn’t have all that much of (lets face it) – the playfulness and a sense of humor. Something House has a lot of.

    I only hate that he is going to try to break Dominika down, because thats what he do.

  • Scarlett

    hwl40 – I really liked this ep too. I totally agree with this:

    “Oh, well, I guess I have no discrimination but I liked it. He hurts, he cares and has given up on himself. The feeling of a shell of a man (and of a show) is I believe an accurate depiction of the effect of the traumas he has suffered. His games with the team are half hearted and no one seems to be taking them that seriously, almost indulging him.”

    I think the team all knows who he is at this point, and the fun and games keep House from being totally broken/depressive… so in a way they are very much indulging him. It even shows they care about their boss and don’t want to see him go over the edge again.

    I think the path they’ve taken for House is a very natural one, given all the events and trauma’s he’s experienced during and pre-show. Especially from HH/WH onward.

    Yeah, outwardly this episode had a lot of comedy, but it was in those moments between w/ House’s looks at Dominika (which I believe are important and telling) and the moment in the ICE office where House is so lost and downright scared of going back to prison that he’s speechless… those bits are the meat of the episode that I think will carry of forward. The contrast between showing the comedy vs the glimpses into his true feelings on the state of his life actually made this episode quite sad in tone despite the hijinks, IMO.

    I also don’t see House as any less of a man or him being emasculated – he has *always* had problems on a personal level and with relationships. He has plenty of self worth on the work front, but none for himself on a personal level and I don’t see that as having changed at all from season 1. Heck, this was a guy who said goodbye to Stacy because he didn’t believe he was good enough – didn’t even try a second time with her even though she was ready to leave Mark. The only difference now is he has tried (with Cuddy), and failed. Of course that only reinforces his belief that he can’t make a woman happy or give them what they want. That hasn’t changed.

    I also agree with those who said Dominika might be exactly what he needs right now. He’s obviously lonely, and they seem to get on well enough that she’d make a good companion. His look at the end held lots of different emotions. Some companionship from someone who doesn’t really seem to judge might be exactly what he needs right now even if living with her is a bit of an annoyance to him.

    I don’t even mind the ICE officer letting them off because 1) House & Dominika now have to live together which won’t be easy for either of them & I enjoy their interaction 2) Don’t really care about seeing another trial or “House goes back to prison arc” at this point and 3) It keeps Dominika around, who I enjoy.

    Anyhow, I found this episode fun, but also very enlightening in some ways on House’s current frame of mind. Also really looking forward to next week, with the return of Blythe!

    Still not boring! 😀

  • I begin to fear that we are not going to see a neatly plotted, intelligent, wrapped-up use of all the characters and situations we would all like to see before the end. I feel this week’s episode was mostly a waste of time– though there is something nice about Dominika– and by the way, who won the spot of team leader? Did anyone?
    I was glad to see Wilson in it at all. He seems to be used less and less and to be drawing away from the whole scene– surely an actor of RSL’s caliber should be able to give us an ending that has no hint of “an ending” written across the faces of the characters. House and Wilson just do not seem close this season, all that much. I hope it will change.
    I do very much look forward to seeing Mrs. House back again, and hope some of those who’s your daddy and why issues will be resolved, or at least, discussed! I hope we see some emotion involved in Houses relations with his mother. I think he really likes her and it would be nice to see that. I suppose Dominika will be involved, so I hope things are interesting between her and Blythe.
    I wonder if they brought Dominika back because she had a certain amount of time left on her contract or something? There are many other ways this could have been resolved. Yet, there are some nice interrelatios between House and Mrs. House.
    I think we should all petition ABC to allow Jennifer Morrison to be used in the finale– she wants to be there and we want her to be there– and I’m sure she can handle it having two shows to finish up at sweeps time.
    And of course I do hope we will see Lisa Edelstein return, even if only for a brief scene. What’s the big deal? She hasn’t got another show on, so can’t they hire her for one brief shining moment? I like the idea of her showing up with a baby clearly House’s.
    Let’s see some real drama (and comedy)!

  • Josie123

    I thought the scenes between House and Dominika were well done. Despite himself, House enjoyed spending time with her as they prepared for the Immigration interview at the apartment. My heart dropped as she told him that she would never be stupid enough to fall in love with him. Despite everything, House still wants to be loved and since he is not willing to seek out help to “fix” himself, he was always be in his loveless emotional prison cell.

    This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. I think at this point I’m getting tired of watching such a depressing show. It was more interesting in season 6 when House was trying to fix himself. Also, the patient’s story was so sad. The patient may think by not taking hormone replacements he will save his marriage, but I feel now that the wife knew his true personality, their marriage was over. Plus she probably would want him to be as healthy as he could be, including sexually active. Or we can interpret it as another marriage that will continue based on deception where neither party will ever be truly happy. Also, Taub as second in command seems like a soon to be disaster.

  • hwl40

    Oh, well, I guess I have no discrimination but I liked it. He hurts, he cares and has given up on himself. The feeling of a shell of a man (and of a show) is I believe an accurate depiction of the effect of the traumas he has suffered. His games with the team are half hearted and no one seems to be taking them that seriously, almost indulging him. Taub seems to have developed a more solid sense of himself and I believe that we will see that the others are on the way to that point.

    I see House as on a downward spiral (ok, again) and showing it. He has let go managing his direction and just following his life on out. I thought it was a really strong and very sad episode.

  • Still Love HL

    It is of particular importance that Shane mentioned that House is who he is now because he is written that way. The same can be said for Cuddy & it seems now for Wilson also. What can possibly be the impetus for rewriting characters we have loved? Why spend all these seasons setting up canon & showing us who/what characters are & then negating it all with a few outrageous actions? From the outside looking in, it must be hilarious. From the inside looking out, it’s heartbreaking.
    I guess everybody does lie because apparently people DO change.

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Thank you Shane for wrapping up the reality of this once magnificent show! It makes me very sad 🙁

  • Djesus

    Shane, after reading your post I understand now the titel of the ep : the man of the house, emasculated House. Puppy dog is back.
    Good point!
    I’d like to know how Dominika has found 30000$. This story is fishy.

  • Shane

    First she calls him a coward to challenge him to take on government (emasculation House just as POTW). She manipulated and called it negotiation, the she resorted to bribery with $30,000 that is sure to have more of a back story that knitches. Then she slapped him with “I’m too smart to ever fall in love with you,” insulting him and the intelligence of anyone who ever loved him (including the audience). Then she demands an extra space in his man cave, after she’s already decorated it for HER scheme to get what SHE wanted. The fans who are romanticizing this are really missing the point here.

    Here is the meek, weak, emasculated House again – the flip side of his jerk – that the writers painted last season. They continue to bury and forget the House of earlier seasons, the House of strength, dignity, nobility and truth only hidden beneath a veil of rude and crass behavior. Our truth seeker is caught in another prison, just like the POTW and Taub, paying the price for bad choices in life through emasculation in unrelated situations.

    Where was the snark for the INS agent, the sarcasm regarding Parks self-proclaimed superiority, the bite with Wilson that makes their friendship? Fear of jail has left him mute and lacking in creativity and manipulations of his own? He can’t even lie well anymore?

    “Honey, I’m home.” Right, there’s domestication to be found here…in a too young and energetic female Alvie who is fascinating to him, but not one for longevity. How does his coffee, booze and handicap work with her “high is exercise” and Christian Music apparently? She has already disrupted his life, and contrary to the superficial “fun” of this epi, it is not in a good way. He is like the patient of the week, no balls, but chained to that existence by need and a misguided desire.

    House is still in a jail of his own making, just as the theme of the season and the promo posters indicated. For those fans who were spouting the excitement of that violent cathartic moment being such a breakthrough: it’s time to wake up. House is in chains, not because of Cuddy or Huddy or whatever other excuses are out there. House is in an even worse kind of bondage.

    I preferred the House before the allegedly explored Huddy because that House was a man. The House they continue to write is a shell of the man he once was, not as a result of the situations in the scripts, but because they write him this way. That creative team must be a really screwed up group, emasculated men who hate women, and bitter women who hate men.

  • lobentti

    Or… we can consider the five stages of death acceptance …or we really get only what we get, not what we need, or want, or deserve…

  • lobentti

    Hey! I´d not seen this episode yet, but as I wrote else-where, I believe they (writers, producers, etc) are helping us to let the show go making it from bad to worst, so we don´t suffer too much … (this is sarcasm, ok?)

  • hazel eyes

    I am loving season 8 and I love the way House looks at his wife. He had the same expression on his face he had when he looked at Cuddy when she was his girlfriend. Wilson is not a sap he just doing what he has done for the last 7 seasons, protecting House. I am not really surprised at how harsh your reviews are sounding now since Cuddy left given you were a card carrying Huddy fan

  • ChrisBalto

    Loved it. I thought taub was awesome and I love park. This was a fun episode. I saw house have feelings for his wife and I think it was cause she is a good liar fun clever and has a good heart like him. I am gonba miss this show so much. I love these characters. The show is so funny! Just like my loci gone too soon!

  • Just a thought…

    I wouldn’t call House losing his personal space for six months, getting a new kind of “ankle monitor” and clearly being conflicted about that a “neat little wrap”. I would call a lot of House’s latent nobility latent *guilt*, though. Just like I would call Wilson’s ‘being a sap’ fear of losing his friend AGAIN.

  • Djesus

    Kaliera, House’s head is my favourite ep of this show! Doris Egan wrote it (she also wrote “now what”, not a good one).
    We’ll never find again the quality that we had in the past (dialogues were witty), but I just hope now some highlights of emotion (and not stupid kaboom) in the next eps.
    In France we broadcast now the seventh season, everyone agrees that it’s no longer what it was.
    But it’s a review for most of tv shows after five seasons.

  • Harry

    I agree with Kaliera!
    How anyone can enjoy this storyline in regard to what it was used for last season making it ‘OK’ in passing and insulting strong women is offensive!
    I thought this reviewer and this board was made with smart women, not with the kind of thoughts expressed by Orange above.
    So this young cute girl comes in and swoops him off his feet.
    She has not earned that importance in the show and in a relationship with him.
    But let’s forget that Cuddy, Stacy were dumb enough to fall for a felon/criminal who only seems to need abuse, hookers, car crashes and modern slavery to make it through life.
    I am utterly disappointed in the medias condoning what we’re being fed and fans for not being appalled!
    This show’s legacy is a joke!

  • Kaliera

    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that some people think that what House needs is the cliched street-smart, broken-english, Hooker with a Heart of Gold who cares about him so much she’s willing to continue a charade that could put him back in prison. I know I’m always saying that what men who drive their cars through houses in a fit of pique REALLY need is for their age-appropriate, complex, career-women who purger themselves to give their love interest a shot at rehab and expect them to grow up to just disappear so that they can instead find potential true love with a woman less than half their age with the draining job of dancing around the house and making those tough emotional demands like a 2nd shower shelf (vs, you know, being there when they might be dying – that bitch!).

    Thank god immigration officials all just love the movie “green card” and know nothing says “meet cute” like the older balding ex con and the slutty hot Russian – and judges are stupid anyway. That’s how they got to be judges.

    My roommate sent me a text when this was over that said “did they just make last year’s completely offensive storyline even MORE offensive to regular women? Are the writers Rick Sanatorum fans?”

    House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart repeated the other day on USA – and I swear to God I hung my head and sighed at the loss of THAT writing. Cant. End. Soon. Enough.

    (Still love Hugh Laurie though!)


    P.S. – I believe I called the two episodes time frame before all events from “Nobody’s Fault” were completely forgotten. Is there a reward for anticipating sloppy writing?

  • Djesus

    Barbara, I totally agree with you review, Wilson is used in a weird way this season, and I also agree about the sitcom style, too much comedy, nothing is really discussed, no one questioned Dominika about what House has done to his ex girlfriend when she was already married to him, and how the immigration service can be as lenient toward this couple just because a woman is crying? absurd and totally unrealistic.
    I think it’s really really time to refocus on House and his pain, his addiction, and his emotional issues, it’s the last season and nothing is happening.
    As you I can’t wait now for Blythe’s return, fingers crossed for some substance in the storyline! it’s time!

  • bigHousefan


    I kept thinking, finally, we’re going to learn the how and why these two met and came to the marriage agreement. I get the attempt to really hurt Cuddy but it was totally outrageous even for him.

    That said, I really like Dominika and I can’t believe I’m saying that. I agree with Orange450 that she’s a surprising fit for all the reasons cited. And yes, I heard “you can’t always get what you want…” in my head and smiled. I loved their scenes together and I still can’t believe I’m saying that.

    I just wish there would have been a meaty backstory discovery about these two so it would make more sense.

    As for Wilson -Wilson loves House, House loves Wilson, I love them both in any scene they play together so there you have it – I’m a sap.

    I can’t wait until next Monday night!

  • Orange450

    Judging from the expressions on House’s face at several points, I think the interaction has a potential to be played for something more than comedy. He doesn’t have a handle on her, and it’s refreshing to see him unsettled, occasionally.

    But we’ve been led down rabbit holes before, so I’ll just retreat back in to mine, and patiently watch the last of it play out 🙂

  • Hey Orange! I did like their interactions, but would really like to see it played for something other than comedy. Their interactions were the absolutely best part of the episode. It’s rare for me not to like a House episode, but even in this one (which I didn’t care for) I did like that aspect very much.

  • Orange450

    Was I the only one who heard the old familiar theme playing in my head? You know – “you can’t always get what you want, but sometimes – you get what you need…”

    I really, really liked the interactions between House and Dominika. It’s a long time since we’ve seen him respect a woman, and he clearly respects her. She is smart, resilient, courageous and independent. All good things in his book. And very nice, to boot. And – she can play him at his own game (and he knows it) – her speech at the immigration office and her quick comeback to House afterwards reminded me totally of the way he played Cameron with the “I love you” speech.

    In a crazy way, I think she’s exactly what he needs right now, even if she isn’t who he wanted. I definitely see the potential for some interesting developments, in the small amount of time we have left.