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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Love is Blind”

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I’ve always watched House, M.D. to follow the journey of its central character, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie). Of course, I’ve been moved by a patient of the week plot (especially when House becomes involved, which has happened less and less frequently over the past couple of years) or by the story of one of the other regular characters. I’ve enjoyed Chase’s growth, been moved by Amber’s arc, particularly as it intersected with Wilson, and Kutner’s tragedy. But fundamentally, the series is House’s story and since season one, I’ve been pulled along through the seasons as he’s moved a step or two forwards and then fallen back—only to pull himself up again. And again.

To me, House has always been a wounded healer, a man so emotionally and physically damaged that his only healing comes vicariously, as he saves the lives of those that would otherwise be forfeit. He desires happiness, but can’t find it; he values friendship while he pushes it away, often preferring the safety of loneliness. As we move closer and closer to the series finale (May 21), I want to focus these last nine episode commentaries on the final journey of House, the man—House, the doctor—one of the most interesting characters created for the small screen. So, forgive me if I ignore the patients (if I do).

This week’s episode (which originally was supposed to air two weeks ago, but was pre-empted) is called “Love is Blind.” I was thrilled to see House’s mom Blythe (Diane Baker) pay a visit; we’ve not seen her since early in season five (“Birthmarks”) at John House’s funeral.

We know that House has believed since the age of 12 that John is not his father. His biological father is a man who looks like Sean Connery, and a friend of the family—a colleague of John’s. House had proven his theory to himself in “Birthmarks,” performing a DNA paternity test on a sample taken from John’s ear. Since that time, House has read the writings of the man he’s believed to be his biological father, a minister who’s written a self-help book, something Wilson notes this week House has read several times.

So Blythe pays a visit to her son to introduce him to the new man in her life—the very man House believes is his biological father Thomas Bell (Billy Connolly).

We also learn that House’s mother isn’t quite the passive military wife he’d always thought, never liking to make waves, standing idly by as House was brutalized by the tough Marine who raised him. While John was flying missions (presumably in Vietnam), Blythe and Bell, a Navy Chaplain vigorously protested the war, lived by another ‘60s credo: sex, drugs (LSD) and (perhaps) a little rock and roll.

This time it is Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) who crosses the lines of legality and plucks a DNA sample from Bell’s fork. His test results show House that Bell is not his biological father after all. Hmm.

Now, very interestingly, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s medical professor was Dr. Joseph Bell, and Conan Doyle largely based Sherlock Holmes on him. Like House, Bell is tall, and like Hugh Laurie, Connolly is of Scottish descent for whatever that’s worth. There is a strong resemblance between the two men, including a couple of birthmarks—one in a unique place. Personally, I think Bell is House’s father—the surname Bell is a dead giveaway to me. So, I would suggest, dear readers, that Wilson has falsified a certain DNA test!

But why would Wilson lie? Thanks for playing! Wilson would have several reasons to lie to House. Blythe is happy, married to an old friend with whom she has shared a lot, going back 50 years. Although House hates John for his brutality as a father, as he says, he does respect the man. Bell, argues House, could not possibly have respected his supposedly close friend John while at the same time cuckolding him. This bothers House a lot. He can have no relationship with a man who would do that to his father, no matter how much House hates him. Wilson also cares a lot for Blythe—and presumably her happiness; having her son and her husband at such odds would only be destructive to all three of them.

So, Wilson concocts a false test, which, while not disproving House’s DNA analysis, does suggest that his mother had been involved with yet another man back in the day—not Thomas, nor John, but a third guy. The lie, if House buys it, would go a long way to soften his attitude towards his mother’s relationship with Bell—and perhaps make House open to forging a relationship with the kinder, gentler father he’d never known. That completely fits Wilson’s usual manipulative M.O.

It appears to have worked. The thought that Mom was a lot hipper than he’d thought  impresses House; maybe mom’s not so passively boring as he’d thought. And it does open the door for a relationship with Thomas.

House’s own marital situation has become more interesting since the immigration folks are keeping watch on the House household. I like Dominika (please don’t throw virtual tomatoes at me); I think she loves House, and she not only makes a great playmate for him, but she’s straightforward, smart and attentive. Maybe that’s just what House has needed all along. I’m looking forward to seeing what part she’ll play in the weeks ahead.

Random Notes: Loved tripped out Park (Charlyne Yi)! I loved even more the way that Bell and Blythe know exactly how to deal with a bad LSD trip and how much that surprises House. And what is it about Scottish actors? I seem to just gravitate towards them for some reason (my first screen crushes were Sean Connery and David McCallum, and my current TV boyfriends are Hugh, who, although English, is of Scottish parentage, and Once Upon a Time‘s Robert Carlyle). Case in point: Billy Connolly, who completely charmed me playing Thomas Bell. Playing him broadly, Connolly inserting so much warmth and charm. It’s easy to see Blythe fall in love with him after the dour, militaristic John House!

House returns in April and then proceeds to the series finale without interruption. I have some exciting plans for the final five episodes, and I will also host a series finale live chat extravaganza, which will immediately follow the East Coast airing on May 21. More details as we get closer!

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  • Maria-Eleni

    75 – The Other Barnett

    Thanks! It is such a great feeling to be appreciated.

    A comment on the lightness of the episode:
    I repeat this more or less in “Gut Check”.
    I find that in this season serious matters are mostly touched in a light manner but I sense an undercurrent of melancholy acceptance of the inevitability of life’s tragedies. And that contrasts with the earlier seasons that were more dramatic but with a constant undercurrent of comedic lightness and the hope of changing to better circumstances.
    In the early episodes of Se 8 we both remarked on the puckishness of H. as a result of his getting out of jail and resuming his life.
    As the season advanced, H. lost most of this lightheartedness and, though no way shown as introspective as in the earliest seasons, he seems more serious and thoughtful than ever. Of course, he loses no opportunity to snark but now it seems almost unconscious, a reflex.
    In addition, I get the feeling that he is tying up loose ends. More than ever he is imparting “life lessons” in a compulsive and more verbal than ever manner.
    On the other hand he is less compulsively engaged in the “puzzle” and leaves a lot more initiative to his fellows but sometimes is more engaged in the future of his patients.
    I wonder if this is on purpose and tied to the eventual conclusion of the [H].

  • ValentineBaby

    Where is Barbara and her reviews for the last House episode (April 5th)?????

  • The Other Barnett

    LadyBelle Fiske

    Thanks for referencing the end of West Wing. The fans of that show were kicking in convulsions over how it was ending. they wanted more Josh, more Jed, more Toby, more Leo (even after he had passed away), more Donna, etc. They hated the religious nature of Santos. They hated the Republicans and wanted them to be more vilainous in presentation. Many of them quit watching and even avoided the finale! Meanwhile, I sat in and watched what I thought was a season that was unlike any previous WW season, but nonetheless incredibly well developed and presented. So far, with few exceptions, I see this happening with House, too.

    I also agree with how someone (Yaitanes, Shore, Park, Adams, Taub,. Foreman, etc.) is being vilified by many on this blog just becaue House is not what they want him to be. It reminds me of a friend in college who told his roommate (after he gave up alcohol for lent) the week before easter- “bud, you’re still a great guy, but we gotta get some f_____ing vodka in you to fun you up a bit.”

    Either that or we are seeing the stages of grieving acted out on this blog.

  • The Other Barnett

    Maria-Eleni #35

    My dear, your thoughts are lovely! Especially your thoughts on House near the end of your post.
    Lovely, just lovely!

  • The Other Barnett

    Its been too long, but finally got to respond to Barb’s great post.

    * Not sure if Wilson would hide who House’ father is, would seem too cruel.

    * The choice of Billy Connolly certainly brought warmth to what could have been a difficult situation. Connolly is charming in this role and it seems obvious what drew Blythe to this man.

    *The fact House deals with the potential paternity in the way he did is a bit light and loose, but if you see how directly he handled his life situation with them it has the whole “I’m screwed up and your shannanigans could have a role in this”, which seems Housian. I’d have thought Blythe would have been more dramatic in responding, though.

    * Park’s acid trip was not the most original, but it certainly was a fun spot in the show.

    *Dominika being used as a supplement may get somewhat tired, but it might be possible that the notion of a brilliant doctor of diagnostic medicine who pops vicodin like tic-tacs, deals with his team members as chess pieces, treats patients roughly, and happens to have a maid that is his wife for green-card reasons may be relatively consistent with what we started with 8 years ago.

    * The “lightness” of the episode was noticeable. It is not in the tradition of episodes like “One Room”, but does it necessarily have to be?

    * Won’t comment on the most recent episode, but, so far, the final shows of House seems to be about a closure of the series, not a grand finale. Not certain how I feel about that, yet.

  • housefriend

    This episode again confirms the real “marriage ” is House and Wilson.Even Wilsons mom seems to ackowledge that,Wilson absolutely took on the role of the spouse here, His devotion and concern for House was obvious, It reminded me of the talks I had with my mother-in-law,She asked me how her son was Is he happy(he had been in a bad marriage prior to ours) She and I were close and she always came to me as a go between ,

  • BrokenLeg

    I add myself to @68,69,70,and 71 posts.

  • Susan

    I ditto #68, 69 and 70.
    We’re all waiting for incredible episodes to finally explain House and his psyche, and we get nothing. “Love is Blind” has been, in the minds of many of us, in the making for many years and it was a disappointment, to say the least.

    And may I repeat again, get rid of Domenica. (A still, small voice inside me is whispering, “Where is Cuddy?……..)

  • lobentti

    @ 68ann uk and 69smk46
    That´s what I´m trying to say since last season (7th). No consistency, to story line, just pieces nicely played, mainly by he ‘old’ team; not a jigsaw puzzle with a big picture, just random pictures.That makes me sad, very sad, but … I´ll stay till the very end – fortunately, it will be soon. It also made me remember “Alice Tenner” and her last book – no mistery solved.

  • smk46

    sorry to say, i am in complete agreement with ann uk. this has been a hollow season and house seems a hollow man.

  • ann uk

    I was deeply disappointed in “Love is Blind”. When you consider how fundamental House’s childhood experiences are to his character, this episode was an opportunity to reach the emotional depths that we know “House” can plumb. This is the woman who failed to protect him from his bullying father and has lied to him all his life and gone on lying to him after his father’s death. This is the man he believes to be his real father, whose soppy sermons so disappointed him. Somehow they are unconvincingly transformed into the wise, loving parents that House never had.

    We get a glimpse of what this encounter might mean to him when he think she may be dying but then it descends into the crude comicality that has dogged this series, even down to the supposed position of the tell tale birthmark. Even the patient’s story slipped into a sentimentality that earlier scripts would never tolerate.

    I begin to sense a lack of conviction even in Hugh Laurie’s performance as his character’s behaviour becomes so inconsistent.
    I can only hope that the remaining episodes will produce an ending worthy of this extraordinary drama.

  • tahina

    How can people here say House isnt pinning for Cuddy, one thing is he isnt, other is that they(DS, etal) decided not mentioning her like she never existed on the show..very selective.

  • HouseObssessedAgain

    I loved the Love is Blind episode. I have been rewatching it whenever I can. Wilson, and House/Wilson, Park, Blythe and Thomas were awesome in this episode. I never thought Wilson may have tricked House into believing Thomas Bell was not his father. That’s an interesting idea.

  • Djesus

    “I’ve chosen to go with what the writers are showing us, let the chips fall where they may.”

    Agree but the show will end on a sour note because of this very bad season 7 finale.
    I hoped to have a conversation between House and Wilson about Cuddy, but everything is superficial since the beginning of the season, even the return of his mother and House’s possible bio dad, I’m disappointed.

  • Djesus

    and a last word : bring the drama now mister Shore!

  • Djesus

    come on Barbara, House with Dominika? ok she’s nice (and very young) but if they’ll do this, it will be cheap and soapy, some talk about a pregnancy, OMG the nightmare.
    I’d like a character as Stacy with House, not a young girl coming out of an aerobics class.

  • Paulac54

    Liked the House/family aspects of the Ep although found the POW boring, but often do and not the reason for watching – for me it’s House (HL) all the way. Found his mother’s deceits, particularly making Wilson think she had cancer to get her son to see her, distasteful – to scare your son whom you purport to love, like that! Also, what supposedly loving mother admits to knowing her son was actually in jail, and not ever tried to make contact with him, or married a man two months after becoming a widow, and not telling him! No wonder House grew up with a coldness – if this episode showed anything, it is that quite a few of House’ ways can be attributed to her! The abusive non father was the icing and cherry on the cake! I don’t want to think of Wilson falsifying the DNA test – even if he thought this would be best for his friend. Of course there is the matching ‘double’ birthmarks, which makes the negative DNA test questionable, but House would know that. Also it would be very easy for House to find a way to double check and do his own test, proving Wilson had lied. Would Wilson risk the friendship (again) like that over something that doesn’t affect him? I prefer to think not. I hope they don’t have this as a completely dropped plotline, like so many others, and do resolve the questionI so hope they resolve and get rid of Domenika off the scene soon. I see her as using House so selfishly, she is more selfish than him and doesn’t have his charisma to pull it off. rewatched Man of the House the other day, and was particularly struck with the look on House’ face when he walked into his apartment, and realised just how much she had changed it, his usual place for dumping his bag moved, look on his face said ‘what have I done/got myself into! I so don’t want my beloved show to end and am so dreading 21 May and after, and have all these thoughts running around in my head of how I don’t want the ending to be (but I won’t share them).
    P.S. BB ignore the unkind comments by a poster above. I am a
    latecomer to your blog, but it is well written, insightful and provokes deep thought and comment.

  • Action Kate

    @59: it means you’re not the only one who dreams TV episodes. I do too (House, Leverage, Eureka). Or maybe we both just need therapy. 🙂

  • The story is engaging with very unique depictions of typical human qualities and traits.

  • slouchy paul

    I had a weird dream about House. House walked out of the hospital. There was two groups of people was fighting with each other. House ignored the the fighting and walked up to Cuddy. Right when House was going to kiss Cuddy, a shot rang out. Cuddy was shot and House watched her die while crying. All of a sudden House was back at the doors of the hospital. He was able to stop Cuddy from getting shot. What do you think this dream means?

  • bigHousefan

    56 @Josie123

    “In “Daddy’s Boy”, House described his mother as someone who hates confrontation.”

    You’re right!

  • bigHousefan

    54 @housemaniac
    55 @Joan

    I wasn’t surprised. We’ve all commented at length as to the great stories never told while House dated Cuddy. We had episodes with Cuddy’s mother but not a mention that Blythe even knew House was dating Cuddy, a woman she knew! He also referred to his mother as ‘evil’ while on the phone with his team, but she was the one he called at one of his lowest points in Merry Little Christmas.

    It also didn’t make sense that NO ONE visited House in prison. I could maybe see that Wilson had had enough and eventually give in, but not 13 or Chase at least?

    We’ve been left hanging time and time again and it drives me crazy. I did enjoy the old photos and noticed that in the second photo of young House, he is posing with his dad’s dress sword. This is the second time we’ve seen it this season and I wonder if it’s significant.

  • Josie123

    In “Daddy’s Boy”, House described his mother as someone who hates confrontation. I thought it was interesting that it was revealed that she had attended protest rallies. She can be confrontational yet only hidden within a group. In the scene following the dinner, only Thomas made nice with House. Where was she? Did she send Thomas to bond with her son? Or was she avoiding House once again? By not visiting House in jail, she can alleviate some of his guilt for being such a disappointment.

  • Joan

    housemaniac 54 you are the only one to pick up on this – see my post at 14. She had no comment on any part of the incident and didn’t even visit him in jail? — this was inexplicable to me. I felt like this episode had great potential re his ‘dad’ and mom’s reaction and they just dropped it all.

  • housemaniac

    One thing I did not understand about this week’s episode that I forgot to mention in my earlier post: isn’t it a bit odd that House’s mother, knowing he was in prison, did not ever visit him while he was incarcerated??

  • BrokenLeg


    To your words:”Big hugs to Barbara and all of you who have made this unique space such a wonderful place to share our thoughts.”


  • bigHousefan


    I agree with you with regard to Dominika. She is not the same character as defined and described by Greg House last season when referring to his scheme and pie chart (maid, whore, etc…). Although when thinking only of her words and actions S7, she was not unlikeable. I still think House’s relationship with Cuddy could have been written in such a way as to work and be compelling, but it is not my story to tell.

    At the Immigration fraud hearing Wilson told House over the phone to save himself understanding that House ‘liked and had fun with Dominka’ but it wasn’t worth the risk of going back to prison. We didn’t know that House ‘liked and had fun’ with Dominika until that episode. He had been in prison for so long it seemed to me like the writers’ way of explaining something we should have been privy to before now. Dominka was thrust on us without explanation.

    I am surprised that I find myself interested and amused by House’s interactions with her because she is so unlike the other women he has been surrounded by. I don’t mind the change and actually like the idea (not the catalyst behind the arrangement). He’s been beaten up by others and himself long enough. Dominika’s interactions with House are without unpleasant history or regret, and its refreshing.

    And you’re right about the ‘punching’ in some of the posts. We’re all hurting with this great story about a character we love coming to an end.

    Big hugs to Barbara and all of you who have made this unique space such a wonderful place to share our thoughts.

  • BrokenLeg

    25@HouseDailyDose & others
    You’re right. Let return to the civility this forum has had always since today. Maybe the anger, pain and distress because the lost of this great series( although to me better in past seasons that is in this last one) make some part of the fandom punch the wrong ones. And this wrong ones are Barbara Barnett and some people posting here. The end is a lost to all of us, but better mourn it togheter.
    So, I’m on the side of all the post of 50@tipitinatoo, specially the last words: “Relax and savor it to the very last drop! It’ll never come this way again.”


    I’m with you. How can the always intelligent, witty, clever and puzzle’s fan as GH is,be not suspicious of test results provided by Wilson? Having same two specally located birthmarks? Too much ( or too bad) to be a simple writer’s license.

    And about Dominika: to me she is written now and is not the same character she was and was written past season seven.

  • tipitinatoo

    Gotta say: This is one the most stimulating, invigorating discussions of House since I’ve been reading this blog. So despite all the comments to the contrary, the show and it’s main character STILL inspires, irritates, delights, frustrates, and most of all, continues to intrigue us. C’mon guys: you know we all love it. That’s why were still writing. Relax and savor it to the very last drop! It’ll never come this way again.

  • bigHousefan

    I watched a second time and ‘here’s what I got’:

    House is surprised to learn that regardless of who his father is, he can connect with and has more in common with his mother! The details he learns of her past make her interesting and the screwed up way she dealt with his father issues makes her a little screwed up. Like Wilson, he finds it difficult to ‘bluff’ his mom because they are the only two people whose opinions of him matter.

    I loved Thomas’ reaction to the news he was House’s dad and the way Blythe defended him.

    The only bit I cannot reconcile is that House has the same two birthmarks in the same places as Thomas, and House is not suspicious of the test results provided by Wilson. House said, “People lie, birthmarks don’t.”

  • lobentti

    Patchworks can be pieces of art, can´t they? A TV show too !

  • Why is a woman who sleeps with more than one man a “slut” in this odd day and age?

  • I thought that Wilson was lying to House about the DNA test, too. How many people have the same birthmarks on head and penis as House, sleep with his mother for many years and so on?
    I don’t know if House was fooled, but I was glad that he expressed some appreciation and affection for his mother. He clearly loves her though she could have protected him from John House more than she did.
    So, does House know Wilson is or may be lying?
    Will we find out?
    I worry that they will just leave all these things hanging for lack of time and focus.

  • I like Dominika. She’s chipper. I wish we could have had Stacy reappear to help House in his legal difficulties, perhaps. But I think Dominika has been a plus in a show with too few women. I like Adams, too, underused, I think– the first episode with her was the best. Where is the “flirting” Park has seen between her and Chase? I hope they end up together, so at least some kind of happiness may occur. Nice to know Wilson has an 11 year old son. House dies? I hope it’s more inventive than that.

  • dago

    If a comment annoys you because these commentors feel that the show doesn`t follow the path of how they think it should be and express their thoughts in an agressive,hurtful way then just skip that comment.I did that right after Cuddy dumpes House and it made reading this blog much easier.As someone just mentioned before your review,Barbara,and the comments of the followers complete each episode in a perfect way.I have been following you for three years now and I must tell you that I enjoy it very much.
    To my understanding each episode lives through hidden hints.42 Minutes isn`t long enough to process each topic word by word.To me it is more important to watch the episodes over and over again and to look for those details.It makes the story even after all those years absolutely intriguing.
    I also think that people get so invested into the show,which is shown by the mass of fanfiction around off the internet,that each has his own view of House in his mind and is dissatisfied with the way the authors develop the journey and feels the need to vent off in an inappropiate way.

  • I’m with you, House Daily Dose.
    There’s been a lot of ugliness around the demise of House, because everyone loves this show and in a lot of ways it makes no sense to cancel it. Isn’t it the “most watched” show in the world, they say?
    People have been cruel to Greg Yaitanes, too. We don’t know why Lisa E. really left the show as she did, and we don’t know that it is anyone’s fault (probably Fox’s for not wanting to pay her more), but a lot of people blamed Yaitanes. I thought this not at all correct.
    Now people are hassling Barbara. Why do this? What is the problem? She is not at fault for the loss of this fascinating show.
    It happens. I appreciate the attention she has given one of my favorite characters (I’m an old Sherlockian) and I like reading this column.
    Thanks, Barbara… We’ll miss reading “Welcome to the End of the Thought Process.”
    I’ll be with you all the way to the end of the story. (People were even worse when The West Wing ended, as I recall– a great loss.)

  • Dolores–you heard right. I don’t believe their relationship has been consumated. And I like that notion–a lot. Dominika and House are clearly friends, and growing to be closer friends, allies, whatever you might characterize with each episode we see them together. It’s different for House than it had been either with Stacy or Cuddy.

    I don’t believe that this is House’s choice so much as it is Dominika’s. It’s a classic marriage of convenience. I don’t know where it’s going, but it IS interesting.

    I didn’t like Dominika at first (and if you recall, in my review of that episode, which I intensely disliked and criticized as being well over the top), but I like her now. I didn’t like Chase at first either, but I like him a lot, same for 13–even Taub 🙂

    I’ve never liked Foreman particularly just because he’s such a rigid jerk, but even he’s finally maturing into someone I’m beginning to like.

    You’ve all be incredibly kind to me. Thanks so much. You make this column as much (if not more) than I do. Thank you all for stopping by here these four and a half years to argue, debate, commiserate–and even criticize. The House fans are passionate if anything. And the discussion as become heated and even vicious at times. Again–passion.

    In the end, House is a TV show. Its creators and stars will go on to other things. But the fans will keep talking, ruminating and observing. It is the nature of the beast. Heck, I still talk about Trek all these years later! I suspect I’ll still be talking House years from now.

  • lobentti

    Hey, everybody! As usual, I didn´t see the episode yet,but I want to make a point: this is not a book ‘with beginnings, middles and endings’ – as House said to Alice Tenner! It´s a tv show; and Kate Jacobs said more than once that they just take the characters and put them in some new situation to see what happens! I don´t like some of these things, but … it´s their show! I can find no coherence in many things, they seems to me some ‘patchwork’ which pieces of fabric ended and they’re using anything just to finishh the work :/. That´s only a point of view.
    I´m watching it and considering how the actors play; I Love Hugh Laurie and Robert S. Leonard, and Jesse Spencer is doing great, now. That´s enough to me.

  • hwl40

    What Diane said.

    Barbara, thank you. This is of course the personal journey of House the character, but, as you once said, he connects on an elemental level, and this has made it a personal journey for me (and perhaps others) when insights have been expanded and issues triggered by House. And you have been at least for me an anchor and delight on this amazing journey. Heartfelt thanks.

  • Dolores

    Did I miss understand a comment made by House? When Dominika told him he would have to sleep on the couch “tonight” and Wilson asked, “You’re sleeping together?” and House answered back, “Just in case the INS guy comes through the window”. I can’t imagine that the marriage hasn’t been consummated, but I could be wrong.

  • Dolores

    I agree with HouseDailyDose. The majority of these comments are vicious and hateful. I feel for your families because I would venture to say that this is a testament to your true personalities. Obviously no ones opinion but yours is allowed. This blog is written to encourage open discussions, not personal attacks.

    I always thought Cuddy was selfish and conceited. She duped House into loving her by her comments that she didn’t want him to change and that he was the most incredible man she had ever known. She used the knowledge that she had that House was always attracted to her and even loved her against him.

    I watch the show for House and especially Hugh Laurie. Anything that man is involved in is perfection. I can’t imagine the prospect of his not being in front of the camera ever again.

    Barbara I support you. You are an extremely insightful writer.

  • housemaniac

    Barbara et al., first, I agree that this is no place for personal and/or vicious attacks. I am sorry you had to read them and that others felt they had to write them.

    Having said this, I do find it rather suprising and, well, inexplicable that some people have an apparently radically different view of Dominka than they did in the past. I never liked her; the best I can say is that she is less annoying now a tiny wee bit more complex as a character.

    Still, I completely understand the “bimbo” characterization. What is the evidence? She giggles, she tilts her head to the side and tries to look cute; she raises her hand timidly in favor of dessert trying–and failing in my view–to look funny or innocent or adorable or something ridiculous. Yuck, yuck, yuck. What is this kind of behavior/character doing on *House*?

    Between the announcement that this is the last season of the show, the huge gaps of time between episodes, my own coming-to-terms with the show’s end weeks ago, I have to say my strongest reaction while watching this episode was that I as a viewer, the actors, the writers–we are all just going through the motions. I could not shake the feeling that the show had already ended. I am sure some of this is my own projection (I have moved on in my own head so the rest is rather meaningless no matter what appears on the screen) but I am wondering if anyone else had this reaction?

    As for the remainder of the season, to the extent I can acknowledge there is one, I remain skeptical. The episodes have mainly been stand-alones and there are no meaningful arcs in play. I am mildly amused watching House now, but no longer jolted, stunned, angry, sad, thrilled–all those emotions I used to feel. I know, I’m writing an elegy here and let me say again how glad I am that there is a here here. So THANK YOU Barbara for providing a space where most of the time people have offered simulating and challenging comments to go along with your thoughtful reviews. Really, I do appreciate it.

    I will leave neither this space nor the show until the end. I am nothing if not loyal. Let’s hope that PTPH are loyal too–to a fan base that has made this show interesting even when it wasn’t and who have always struggled to understand and find meaning in what was truly a great show. If there is still redemption for [H]ouse, I will be absolutely stunned. If it just fades away or stumbles along into a final episode of shock and awe, I will be ready. Sad, but ready.

  • 2 lightworker

    Dear Barbara,
    Although I have found your blog to be a place of civility, what seems to have transpired since a few of us expressed views that are not received well,
    is a defense of your site. You have done well, your book is well done, but I do not find the discourse helpful any longer.

    Your supporters are loyal, and I wish you well. I will not continue to post. I wish you well.

  • Maria-Eleni

    Dash it, as Bertie Wooster would have said.
    I always plan to comment on BB’s article and then always find myself veering off subject, but there it is.

    @ 2 lightworker
    Yes, Sherlock\Watson ending would be a lot more in character at least of the show’s initial stages although House, for better or worse, has developed a lot more than Sherlock who has remained static.
    Somehow I do not see a House/Domenica conclusion. That would smack of too much “happy end” for Shore so my hopes are high on that matter.

    House indeed looked whipped by the end of MOTH but I think that was more because he was overwhelmed by having to co-habit with someone he did not choose to and so disrupt his modus vivendi (remember he hates change) and not because Domenica is a “whipper”.

    As for Domenica, she is not “a trophy younger wife” preying on the “vulnerability of an older and usually successful man”.
    House was quite open about this being a green card marriage and he was not parading Domenica around as a conquest. What’s more, he had no intention of continuing with the fraud until she paid him for it. In a twisted way he is the “trophy older and successful man”. On top of it the marriage is still unconsummated.

    Someone clearly said Domenica has no brains:
    “ She thinks House deserves (a) woman with (the) IQ of Dominica.” 16-Kim.

    Domenica was never Polish. In fact House speaks Russian to her in FFG; in a Russian forum there was a discussion about how bad HL’s accent was.
    In Ukraine almost half the population speaks Russian.
    You might have been confused by the fact that the actress Carolina Wydra is Polish.

    There is nothing derogative about being a manicurist, a masseuse or an aesthetician. In “Friends” Phoebe was a masseuse but nobody implied she was a hooker although her IQ is a matter for debate! I have met stupid doctors, architects, accountants, politicians etc as well as a highly intelligent hairdresser who from nothing has now a mini empire of salons in several cities. Well, she is not Alexandre or the Caritas sisters but it just highlights that a lot of successful people, financially and socially, have started from “low” professions. From nothing to riches stories are abundant.

    Not all women in [H] have been written as “ replaceable, useable, unreliable”. My only “ship” being House, I do not hesitate to remind you of Stacy (and the fact that he sustained a five years relationship with such a “challenging” woman), 13, Amber and Masters and mostly Cameron who after all were shown to have had plenty of backbone to abandon both husband and House to hold on to their own. A large number of female patients were strong, if not always likable, characters. As for Cuddy, we do not know if she would have been replaced, as LE left and the plotlines had to be changed.

    The “ brilliant, wounded man”, although irreplaceable as there would be no show, is certainly a much worse character than any female in [H] and has few qualities to emulate. After all that is the premise of the show. As for the other males, they are hardly better. Which leads me to say that the writer is not a misogynist but a misanthropist as is the character he created.
    House, as the main character, is fully developed to the detriment of the other characters (and admittedly more of the female ones as we “see” the world/show through him). That is possibly the weakness of the show; it has been built mainly around the protagonist/character and is heavily dependant upon the protagonist/actor to overcome the weaknesses of writing.

    Lastly but not least, “those who post seek a place where they can express good (!) feelings and also dismay”, should avoid to “scold” and, in my book, insult the host.

  • Diane

    Also, @bigHousefan – great observations!

  • Diane

    I also want to thank you, Barbara!! Although I don’t comment often, I always read your column. I also read your Once Upon A Time column. I would never have found that show without you. I have never loved a show as much as I love House. It is clever, surprising and so much fun to watch. I always look forward to Monday nights but what has made this experience so unique is my Tuesday night reading of this column. You have made this ‘House’ experience even better (and that is saying ALOT). I don’t think about House without thinking about you and this column. So, thank you. You provided a much enjoyed outlet for my obsession!!

    Also, I loved the episode. I was shocked at how Bell rejected House. I definitely did not see that coming. The writers always amaze me (I don’t knit pick every tiny detail). I did not realize that Wilson could be lying about the DNA test but I hope they leave it a mystery. I also love that the writers don’t over analyze everything. It was perfect that House’s mother was watching the police reports for news of her son. That is hysterical. His mother is exactly who House’s mother should be.

    I am really going to miss this show.

  • Jane E

    I love your thoughts about Wilson faking the test. I was really shocked when Wilson said it wasn’t House’s father. House is confrontational and never would let Bell off the hook for cheating with Blythe.

    I also loved how the episode showed that House’s mother is a manipulator just like her son and can stand right up to him without fear. I also loved her defending her son when Bell wigged out during dinner. By the way Billy C. was great. Perfect casting for this chracter.

    As for Dominkika, I disagree. She does not love House. Remember her speech to the officer, she stated she loved this man and afterwards when House confronted her, she stated it was a lie. I think House is amused by her,but I would have a hard time if House wound up with her. Ever since the pilot episode, I believed and still believe Cuddy and House belong together they are true soul mates with a complete understanding of each other.

  • tipitinatoo

    @BarbaraBarnett – Just want to add an “AMEN” to the comments of HouseDailyDose. I’ve been stunned at the harshness of the comments/accusations leveled at you over this episode. Seems the writers are taking out their frustrations over the end of “House” on you–the messenger, on whom they’ve depended for so long. My message to them: Get a Life!

    Now, re Dominika, I think she’s fun, a game player like House, and has a level of
    confidence we haven’t seen since the demise of Amber, alias, “Cutthroat Bitch,” and that was the quality House found most fascinating in Amber. Yes, House does need someone like Dominka, and I’ve seen “business” relationships like this one morph into romance with great success on quite a few occasions.
    Dominika’s my kind of woman, and I think the only kind of woman who can really hold House’s interest. We know he can’t abide “boring.” She’s a savvy dame for sure and
    I think he’s actually amused and mystified by her. She’s a challenge–for now, anyway– and like many of the men I know, he can’t resist a challenge, especially in a woman.
    Thanks again, Barbara, for all your well-written analyses. The series would never have been so interesting to me without being able to measure my take on this fascinating character against yours.

    Oh yes, re Wilson’s DNA “report,” I truly felt it somehow didn’t ring true, but just couldn’t figure out why Wilson would lie about it. Once again, your analysis helped clear it up for me.

  • bigHousefan

    Barbara, did you notice the following?

    Patient: ..most of the time she acted more like my mother than my girlfriend…

    Adams: So you were hurt so much you had to marry the first woman you met?

    Patient: …for the first time in my life I have someone who needs me instead of the other way around…

    Also, Wilson is the only one who could successfully lie to House. But, the same two birthmarks in the same places and House not be suspicious of the test results provided by Wilson? I’m still not sure.

    Barbara, please stick with us to the end. You’re very much appreciated!

  • Lora

    I love your Review Barbara, but the show has fallen down. And it’s not your fault. Hugh Laurie is tired, Sean Leonard, too. The show was supposed to finish sooner. But this is business, not art. So the show goes on.

  • Maria-Eleni

    @ HouseDailyDose
    Finally a voice of reason.

    I join in you in thanking BB for her continuous work in analyzing this show (and others) and thus giving us the opportunity to go deeper not only by reading her articles but also by subsequently exchanging views with people from all over the world.

    @ Barbara Barnett

    Please, please do not end your column.
    If you got back your interest in writing through House, I got back mine through this site.
    Just ignore the attacks. It is a backlash against the show; I suppose HL fear of the piano falling on his head has finally come true!
    But there is lots of us, maybe less vociferous (though not me) who still love this show and your articles and like you have trust in the showrunners to bring [H] to a fitting end.

  • Thank you HDD!

    I have never censored, lectured or demeaned anyone’s opinions here. We all have them, and some of us may disagree at one time or another. It doesn’t mean that opinions, even if they adapt or evolve are invalid, hypocritical or self-serving. I have nothing to gain from advocating one opinion or another. The people at FOX don’t give one whit about me or the column and that’s as it should be. I’ve been given access because I write a popular column about House. Full Stop. I’ve had access whether I’ve been happy or unhappy with TPTB.

    Many immigrants come to this country with nothing. Doctors end up being taxi drivers or masseuses. Physicists work a the grocery store bagging.

    The nanny I had for my kids when they were little was a physician who could get no work as a doctor without an American license. She happens to be a Ukrainian Jew. She worked hard, but never got her medical license here; she did start a business and was very successful.

    That’s all I’m saying. I know a lot of families from that part of the world (my neighborhood has an enclave of FSU immigrants, many of whom have similar stories.

    So, I find Dominika’s story plausible, given my understanding. I’m not lecturing. But I’m entitled to air my opinion just as you are yours. If the rest of the season will mean attack after attack, I might as well end my column here and now. I don’t want to do that, but I will.

    What I have gotten out of House is a renewed interest in writing. I’ve spent half my career as a professional journalist and writer. I detoured about 18 years ago into a completely different direction and career. House and writing about it has restored my passion for writing and helped me take it to a new level and different direction. I owe nothing to the show, its writers or actors except to be delighted they’ve allowed me in.

  • Lora

    Season 8 can hardly be called a continuation of the famous TV series House. Partly this sitcom, sometimes blatant vulgarity. All my friends have stopped watching this show, I stayed last. But I no longer wait for Mondays. I see a cardboard unreal House (which does not concern the guilt, because he spent time in jail and that’s enough?)
    I see Wilson, who has all the emotions expressed in the raising and lowering his eyebrows. I see a corny joke, and not witty dialogue. This House is not worthy of either Stacy or Cuddy, he is worthy of Dominica,
    fake wife, fake House, a fake show

  • I just want to say something here and I apologize in advance because it’s not about this episode. Rather, it pertains to those people who feel a need to put their thoughts in such a way as to diminish others thoughts- including the author.

    For giving us years and years of analysis which brought forth comment, comraderie, new ideas and people from all over the world, I think that this blog and its author deserve better.

    I really don’t care to change anyone’s mind about anything because I’ve learned that in H fandom…this is a difficult if not impossible thing to accomplish. I just ask those of you who disagree with anything said, to feel some sense of appreciation for what someone has done here.

    They have faithfully reported and tried their best to bring all of us years of reviews and interviews. Don’t you think that’s worth anything? Aren’t there other words you might choose to show your displeasure with a comment so that you do not demean and insult?

    BB doesn’t deserve this. In fact, no one does unless they are filled with hate, bitterness and toxicity…words that do not apply here.

    There’s always been room for polite dissent here. Always and I thank BB publicly for this forum which has allowed this to continue for all these years.

    Oh yes…and I owe nothing to anyone and I gain nothing by saying these words. I just hope that some understand that I do admire those who have stayed the course all these years and tried their best to invite liviely discussion on all levels.

    Thanks for letting me speak my mind.


  • kim

    “I understand why she did it, but how she did it after assuring him that it was OK to dip his toe in the water of romantic entanglement was a terrible–and destructive.”

    If TPTB were consistent, they would never have done it. They would never have made ??from House a coward who is not able to be with the woman he loved in a difficult moment for her.
    And they would never have made ??from him a cowardly spineless man, who shows his pain, to evoke pity for the woman, who left him.
    Cuddy did what she did. It was after the surgery. She survived the shock. But instead of winning her back, he made ??a ridiculous escapade, culminating in an ugly and horrible act(car crach).
    I remember you wrote in the 7th season, with the hope that maybe in the final House and Cuddy will reunite. “Boys win the girls back”. These were your words.
    Then the character Cuddy was not destructive in your opinion?
    I do not want to offend you, but unfortunately, today I was very disappointed by your review.

  • 2 lightworker

    @22-Barbara Barnett

    Barbara, I don’t see anyone saying Dominika or the concept of trophy wife means no brains. Usually it means shrewdness and playing on the vulnerability of an older and usually successful man.

    The contract House outlined before the faux marriage was for paid services including sex, as well as a reference to an ironclad “prenup.” The nuances of relationship were dropped fast after “Fall from Grace,” and remain elusive, unless playing video games, which is one of House’s ways of avoiding emotional pain, as he did when he feared Cuddy was seriously ill, or House’s betraying his grandfather to Dominika and consequently her speaking rudely to House’s mother about her father ‘s dishonesty, are clues that this relationship is not in House’s best interest, even if it fills the need he used for a prostitute – “a distraction.” I agree with Josie123 that he seemed whipped at the end of “Man of the House,” an ironic title? There are clues all over the place, perhaps most amusingly in the expression on Blythe’s face when House introduced his “wife.”

    Kim is right that Dominika was a manicurist and masseuse. She was ALSO Polish, and now she’s the “old ball and Ukraine?” Perhaps there were interventions from the Polish community to complain? It is not at all unusual for a European to come to another country and have business skills. I saw that in hotels all over Ireland on my last visit, when people from Poland had managerial posts in hotels, with the intention of going home with their earnings. The capacity to have the instinct to recognize a need that a business could fill is not notable in that context.

    The problem I have with the relationship area is the way women are written. The show presents a brilliant, wounded man and then women who are replaceable, useable, unreliable. That reflects a view on the part of the writer that someone referred to as “a high-functioning mysogynist.” There was only one woman with whom I saw House have an in depth relationship and that was deeply saddening when it could not continue. It wasn’t Cuddy, but I will not say more because of the “ship” aspects.

    I wouldn’t have continued following this show to the end if it weren’t for Hugh Laurie.

    Perhaps it would be helpful to recognize that this is a time when many are letting go of an investment in a character, and those who post seek a place where they can express good feelings and also dismay, without being scolded and lectured.

  • Kim, Your comments come awfully close to personal attack.

    when I’ve been unhappy with the show, I’ve said it. i’ve never EVER claimed to be a “Huddy.” I’ve taken a lot of flack over the years for advocating that position because that’s where the series took us (and where House’s heart led us).

    People change in 7 years–even House. Even Cuddy. I don’t negate what she did for House. But if you read me through the seasons, you also know I’ve called Cuddy on some unfairness towards House, just as I’ve called out Wilson for the same.

    Cuddy was House savior at the end of season 5 and 6. And I think she went into her relationship with House with the intention of loving him ’til the end of time. But it didn’t work out that way. That sometimes happens. Disappointment happens. We may not like it, but life goes on.

    House nearly killed himself after Cuddy’s cruelty towards him in the way she dumped him. I understand why she did it, but how she did it after assuring him that it was OK to dip his toe in the water of romantic entanglement was a terrible–and destructive. Sorry. That’s the way I see it. YMMV.

  • kim

    “Since we first met her, she’s established herself as an astute businesswoman with a successful knish business”

    Since we first met her she was doing a manicure and masseuse,but yes she in certain evolution:)
    “But Lisa E is no longer with the show”
    yes and this is tragedy of this show and not just uncomfortable thing.
    And I guess, when you realize that LE does not come back, you have decided that the character of Cuddy is no longer a savior, but it turns out she is the woman who destroyed him. You realize it only now? Seven seasons, you wrote the opposite. Maybe it was a different show?

    Very flexible position. So much that in principle it is impossible to call this position.
    Your motto: “I am interested in House only and what is good for him will be good for me.”
    But really, what’s good for Shore is good for you. If tomorrow, the authors make from House a murderer or a pedophile , you too will find this a reasonable explanation?

  • BrokenLeg

    15@ 2lightworker

    Why to write a post myself if you put my thoughts in words in yours? Almost as always…

    On an unrelated note: Welcome on board again!

  • Why do some of you believe that Dominika is a trophy wife without a brain in her head? I would venture that she approached House with her Green card scheme. Since we first met her, she’s established herself as an astute businesswoman with a successful knish business. Good for her. She’s ambitious, smart and savvy as far as I’ve seen.

    I get that she’s not Cuddy or Cameron or Stacy. But right now, I’m pretty satisfied that House isn’t pining away for Cuddy. I want the angst back, of course, but Lisa E is no longer with the show. And either I live with that or not. I’ve chosen to go with what the writers are showing us, let the chips fall where they may.

  • Josie123

    I know Dominika is not the main topic of this episode, but I really enjoyed how House had regained his footing with her. In “Man of the House”, he seemed whipped by the episode’s end. However, in yesterday’s episode, she had to go along with his antics (staying out of the apartment and having dinner with his mother).

  • bigHousefan

    House has discovered that he’s more like his mom than he thought! Like House she can minipulate as demonstrated by her leading Wilson to believe she was sick with Cancer. Like House she’s has a rebellious streak and has experimented with drugs.

    Just like the last episode, I’m really enjoying Dominka. Whatever their relationship is, it’s honest and straightforward. She lights up his man cave for sure! It’s refreshing and it works for me. I really HATED their wedding, Cuddy being there, the team going along with it etc. but that was House’s doing – and I HATED that, too. But, I like the idea of House having someone like her around him for a change.

    Thanks to everyone for not posting SPOILERS! I won’t even watch previews. I’m sad this is the end of the road but really enjoying the ride!

  • kim

    “But to have her be the “right” person for House because he is so immature or troubled emotionally that he cannot sustain a relationship with a woman who is his peer, is just too pathetic. It’s not that Dominika is stupid or lacks some variety of “cuteness,” but that she would be some version of “the trophy younger wife” for a man who could not sustain one with a woman who would be a challenge.”

    Bravo to lightworker
    But apparently Barbara has another point of view about House now:)
    She thinks House deserves woman with IQ of Dominica. Sad.

  • 2 lightworker

    Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your thoughts. Your conjecture that Wilson faked the test is fascinating- never occurred to me.

    Unfortunately, I am now chronically skeptical of where the House epic is going, so although I enjoyed much in this episode,it is more difficult to analyze or imagine whither the character goes. I am not hypercritical, but neither am I one who says “I trust the writers.”

    Perhaps you saw the article in last Sunday’s NYTimes Television section about the emergence of a much more intense television fandom because of the many social networking opportunities to express opinion. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/18/magazine/veena-sud-the-killing-comeback.html?_r=1&ref=television
    Surely that is a factor in the waves of reaction about what is finally, a fictional story.

    I think in the early seasons, I could balance House’s misery and mystery with occasional signs of hope or at least deep sensitivity. Now I feel an unremitting underlying darkness that lurks as we move toward the finale, perhaps made more so by the attempts at comic deflection.

    I used to feel positive when Hugh said he hoped House would find some measure of contentment by the end. But for a passionate man, both actor and character, I realize that’s quite bland.

    I don’t want to revisit all his lost hopes of love, although I had hoped the relationship with Cuddy would have been developed with more nuance and less caricature, even if it ended, but that’s the way it was.

    As to Dominika, the introduction of the character and the issues of immigration in “Fall from Grace” was at such a sad time of abandonment for House, that I could not relate positively to any of it. (I really liked Mr. Bell’s response about immigration in “Love is Blind,” but rather too little too late.)

    I was also relieved when the marriage was not consummated because the whole painful scenario with Cuddy’s dumping him was still very present to me.

    As Dominika has been presented now (and I do recall an interview in which Mr. Shore said she would not be back), I do find her attitudes and behavior to be based on survival, for which I do not fault her.

    But to have her be the “right” person for House because he is so immature or troubled emotionally that he cannot sustain a relationship with a woman who is his peer, is just too pathetic. It’s not that Dominika is stupid or lacks some variety of “cuteness,” but that she would be some version of “the trophy younger wife” for a man who could not sustain one with a woman who would be a challenge.

    I hope they don’t go there, but as I said, I am now skeptical about the intentions and philosophy of this epic story.

    I hope Mr. Shore goes back to his commitment to the Sherlock saga, as a brilliant and socially introverted loner, with one male friend who “gets” him, and creates a brilliant conclusion that actually leaves open a possibility of a still existing House – for whatever that may mean in future work for him and Hugh – and for the comfort of a fandom that has a multiplicity of desires for the fate of such an incredibly amazing iconic character.

  • Joan

    Barbara I appreciate your clever speculation that Wilson faked the test – that is at least better than the letdown I felt when it was simply, so the guy who matches 2 birthmarks, who House studied the writings of, etc. is NOT his father?? So what is the point of all that then – it just lands like a lead balloon. On the other hand, Bell as his father makes for interesting relations because he is so kind and gentle — the opposite of John and House — as Wilson said initially ‘there’s no way this man is related to you!’ That HE is his father brings out the whole nature v. nurture debate, but the writers dropped it and honestly the way they leave things hanging I don’t see the truth ever coming out or the relationship being addressed much. So, no closure re dad, nothing really was learned this episode except that House’s mother was not so boring and conventional as he thought. Not exactly surprising given her son and not really telling us much about House.

    The other bit that really really annoyed me about this episode was the continuing avoidance (that must be deliberate) of anything touching on what House did to Cuddy and the consequences in anything but a casual mention or joke about jail (Nods to Chase ep one-liner)This to me is like the elephant in the room that nobody will ever discuss. And no, I don’t expect every ep to be a commentary about Cuddy, but there has been so little to understand why he did it or how he now feels about it, about forcing Cuddy out of the hospital, etc. it is odd to ignore it. The writers really have tried to make this season tabla rasa andd that just doesn’t cut it, especially for a last season. But I digress.

    At dinner, House thinks he’s revealing something by telling mom he was in jail and she out-smarts him saying oh I always check the police records and knew it all along. House is amazed and surprised. End of discussion. What??!! His mother who adores him knows he’s been in jail, and presumably for what, and she has nothing to say or ask him about it. Its just another moment showing she is one clever lady? And if she has nothing to comment or hear from her son about it, then what it actually says about her is pretty disturbing – namely, that for many years she has simply been expecting her brilliant successful adored son (whom she defended to her new husband) to do something so anti-social it would put him in jail. UGH.UGH. UGH.

  • hazel eyes

    I loved this episode and I like how Dominika and House are written. If Mr Bell is not House’s Father and that Wilson was not lying to House, I am confused as to why House would have 2 birthmarks the same as Mr Bell’s if they were not father and Son.

  • Natali

    Sorry, but I do not believe in the sincerity of what you write about relationships and the House of Dominica, you are too smart woman to think so, it all looks like a real fake. I’m embarrassed for you

  • Josie123

    I didn’t think that Wilson fudged the DNA test. He would be taking a risk that House would take him on his word that the test was correct. House could have accused Wilson of trying to protect him and planned to get another DNA sample at dinner that night with Thomas and Blythe. I think Blythe is a slut, but House is okay with that. She is a rebel and he is just satisfied to know that he has a connection with someone.

    I also disagree that Dominika has any romantic leanings towards House but I love her character! I would really like it if House and she became a couple, but I don’t see that happening.

  • Eloise

    I really enjoyed this one, totally loved House’s kids nightmare come true, finding your parents ‘doing it’ so funny.
    Didn’t think of Wilson doing that but I like it!
    I really like Dominika, she is fun and straightforward and she likes House for who he is. (Or at least seems to).
    I would be quite happy if they ended happy ever after, I doubt it will happen but I would not mind.
    Loved that House was surprised by the revelations about his Mum.
    Avidly looking forward to the last episodes, but in another way not because I don’t want it to end :((

  • Action Kate–exactly!

    I’ve always watched for House. I loved House and Cuddy together, but during season 7, I saw in her as they neared Bombshells a strong ambivalence in her that completely validated House’s deepest fears. Yes, she loved him, but ultimately her love, which was not unconditional, but highly conditional, was damaging.

    All love is conditional. That is House’s fall back position on everything to do with relationships. Interestingly, his relationship with Dominika is pragmatic and based on simple and definable expectations. I think House could find much happiness in that, at least for awhile.

    So why not?

  • emmy4hugh

    Thoughts on House’s parents… Blythe appears to have had more spunk than previously shown. So why didn’t she use it to protect her son when he was being abused? If Bell is indeed House’s father, I wish his reaction to the idea hadn’t been to trash House’s character since we know that House’s dearest wish is for his father to affirm that he has done “the right thing.” Still quite a distance to travel in these relationships in the few remaining episodes.

    Regarding Dominika, maybe House is starting to get what he needs, even if it’s not what he (or I) wanted for him. I still want as a viewer some closure, some perspective on what happened with Cuddy.

  • Action Kate

    GoneInOne: There’s a significant element of the House fandom which wouldn’t have a problem with what you’re suggesting. 🙂

    Barbara, I have to say you caught me flat-footed. I would not have imagined that Wilson would have faked that test, although now that you’ve posited it, that makes total sense. But how is House going to explain the matching birthmarks? Is he going to suggest that his mother posted a personal ad looking for men with, uh, palomino equipment? Calico accoutrements?

    Clever, crafty, forthright Dominika is certainly more appealing than “random green card bimbo” Dominika. She is by no means House’s Ms. Right, but she’s perfectly fine for a Ms. Right Now, and what’s wrong with that? House is often depressed, and so often the job of cheering him up has fallen to Wilson. Having a bit of human sunshine forcibly inserted into his life isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Also, let’s consider this: Dominika is genuinely not interested in changing House; she doesn’t care. She’s got her own business and her own life. She’s not intimidated by him. She isn’t stupid by any means. Aren’t those many of the qualities which House loved in Stacy and Cuddy? Brash, bright, independent, and ballsy? I’m not suggesting they have an actual marriage, or that they will by the end of the show, but honestly, House could do worse for an enforced roommate.

  • Alisia

    Cuddy was a complex, self-centered woman. She had her flaws. But she loved House and he knew it. They were comrades in arms, people who understand each other without words. Cuddy knew that he was too smart to be happy. She knew exactly what he feels and what are his demons. And she was always there with him in difficult times.
    Dominica is simply an adventuress, who lied to the government in order to obtain citizenship. She is absolutely not ingenuous. She is arrogant and cunning. And she will be close to House as much as it would be beneficial. At what point did you get to see her love?
    When they were playing video games? Or when she lied during the interview, sending fake tears?

    As for your conscience, I will not quote your reviews, where you wrote that Cuddy and Wilson is House’s guardian angels, et cetera.
    I will not tell how from year to year, you sang the praises to love between House and Cuddy. And for two series of Dominica you understand that this is the woman that he needs?
    I understand that you can not spoil relations with the authors of the series. And you will protect any storyline even this storyline will be stupid. But honestly, it’s not kosher.

  • GoneInOne

    The radical progressives on this show love their interracial sex.

    Next the gay boys will have an episode about how great anal sex is

  • Thanks MusicandHouse. Fork it is 🙂

  • MusicandHouse

    I agree that Wilson falsified the DNA test for House’s sake but I’m really curious to see if this comes up again before the finale.
    I also like Dominika. She’s comic relief and I think she is good for House. Granted, I don’t want to see the series end with them living happily ever after, but I think they work in some strange way.
    BTW I think House said he saw Wilson take the fork for DNA, not the water glass.

  • Alisia–Sometimes the things we want can be destructive to us. Maybe he can find some peace with her. I hope so 🙂

    Why wouldn’t I be at peace with my conscience? What did I do???

  • Alisia

    “I like Dominika (please don’t throw virtual tomatoes at me); I think she loves House, and she not only makes a great playmate for him, but she’s straightforward, smart and attentive. Maybe that’s just what House has needed all along. I’m looking forward to seeing what part she’ll play in the weeks ahead.”

    this what we called totally disappointing:)
    So now Dominika is what House need,and Cuddy was persone who he wants! Poor House so law level: Dominica instead of amazing brilliant woman. May be we all deserve this bad writing? And Barbara are you at peace with your conscience? Really?