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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Last Temptation”

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I really loved Monday night’s House, M.D. episode “Last Temptation.” That is, until the final moments when “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played over the departure of newly minted doctor, Martha M. Masters (Amber Tamblyn). That’s House’s (Hugh Laurie) musical avatar, and even though he never hears it, we do, and it usually signals a moment of harsh realization in his life. He will (almost) never get what he wants (happiness, freedom from pain, lack of misery—take your pick)—but he usually gets what he needs. I believe that the song is such an important metaphor in House’s world, I devoted an entire section to it in Chasing Zebras

The Rolling Stones’ classic has been used since Season 1; since the very first episode when House quotes the “philosopher Jagger,” telling Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) that he’s not going to do clinic duty. “You can’t always get what you want,” he tells her. But Cuddy’s no slouch herself when it comes to the Stones, and later comes right back at House, telling him that she’s “looked up that philosopher Jagger.” Sending House to the clinic to make up for years of missed clinic duty, she reminds him that according to the song “you just might get what you need.” Touché.

Fragments and themes from the song find their way into other musical moments in the series as well. So, how could the show’s musical mavens (who are usually flawless in their use of things musical in House) use that song to play over Masters’ departure? Sacrilege, I say. I know why the writers did it; And I understand; I’m just not sure I agree with the decision. Writers/co-executive producers Dr. David Foster and Liz Friedman discuss it in the episode’s V-Log.

That said, I thought that “Last Temptation” was a good “farewell to Masters” episode. At first blush, the placement of this episode seems odd, right in the middle of 13’s return as House still deals with the turmoil of his breakup. In a way, it takes the energy from story threads without furthering them. But where else to put her departure? There are four more episodes to Season 7, and those final four will likely form an intense trajectory toward the season finale. So in many ways, “Last Temptation” is transitional. Masters and her big transition; Hadley (Olivia Wilde) transitioning back into her medical career, and House transitioning back to the hospital and his new reality.

But where else would they have put Masters’ departure episode? Place it later, and it interferes with the build to the finale; put it earlier, it’s in conflict with the immediate fallout from the House-Cuddy breakup. So here it sits.

I enjoyed seeing the end of Masters’ tenure as a medical student and the choices she has to make—life altering choices—as she embarks on her career in medicine. The other players on House’s team came to him board certified—specialists in their own rights. They are not interns or residents when they come onto House’s service. But now House opens up a internship position, and the thrust of the episode is experience the interplay between House, who is trying to lure the young doctor into the position (presumably created for her anyway) and Masters who wonders whether she is interested in House’s method of play, no matter how fascinating and challenging. It’s a tempting proposition, but at what sacrifice does she take him up on the offer?

This week’s patient, a young, teenage sailing expert (Michelle DeFraites) is also at a crossroads. With an eventually-confirmed diagnosis of sarcoma (a type of bone cancer) in her arm, she faces amputation, something potentially career ending, but at the very least will, if performed immediately will quash her chances at a breaking a world sailing record. Refusing to consent until after she has her chance to do this one thing, Masters tries to convince her that her life is more important. But the patient argues that it’s not breaking records as it is about who she is and what makes her exceptional. 

Drawing a parallel between herself and Masters (and reflecting House at the same time), the young woman explains her exceptionalism: it’s not just that she’s good; it’s that she is so in tune with the wind, the dynamics of the boat, the rhythm of the race that it’s what keeps her going. It’s her “one thing” (which has me recalling John Henry Giles, House’s patient in Season 1’s “DNR”).

We can see Masters internalize this argument as she struggles with whether to stay on House’s team or do something more ordinary, like joining Dr. Simpson’s surgical team, where she can be a fine doctor, just not exceptional. Like the patient, and like House, Masters doesn’t think so much as feels; where others have to do the math and show their work, people like House, Masters and the patient arrive at the answer sometimes without even knowing how they know—they just do.

But Masters is frustrated and bewildered that the patient is refusing something that will save her life. She is stunned when she realizes that House isn’t committed to doing whatever has to be done to get the girl into surgery. “I have my diagnosis.” If the patient refuses, there’s nothing else to do. Is House really satisfied? Or is he badgering Masters, pushing her to the brink, and then over it?

Certainly, House badgers patients (and lies to them) to do procedures to get to the diagnosis. However, once they are there, he is usually fine with letting the patient decide. 

Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) explains it in terms of House’s own experience, when surgery on his leg was performed without his consent and against his will (“Three Stories,” Season 1). House has always been conflicted about whether Stacy did the right thing or whether she destroyed him. She broke the rules and “did the right thing” in her own estimation. But was it?

“She did the right thing,” Masters declares to Wilson of Stacy’s actions. “Depends on who you ask,” Wilson relates. Indeed.

House tells Masters that if she wants to do what she believes is the “right thing,” the only way to do it is by breaking the rules. It’s a quandary, and one with no straighforward answer after all she’s learned from House.

Following “House” rules, Masters creatively changes the girl’s meds to simulate an emergency. Finally able to obtain the consent of the parents to perform the amputation, she has done “the right thing.” And now both she and House know the answer to whether Masters is cut out for the sort of exceptionalism that has made House a legend. 

What’s the cost of following House? Pointing out that “doing the right thing” is not designed to make you happy and get a good night’s sleep,” Masters is disappointed that she doesn’t feel better about her decision. And in the end, she decides that she’s just made for House’s style of medical practice. 

So Masters compromises, deciding to turn to something else—probably something less exciting, less challenging, more “normal.” She gets to keep her ideals, and sleep better—but for now won’t take House up on the opportunity to be “exceptional.” And House doesn’t argue with her; she has the diagnosis; she has the complete picture. It’s her decision. 

Although she leaves to pursue another specialty (or perhaps another PhD), Masters is changed by her experience with House. “Nothing will ever again be simple,” is House’s fare-thee-well to her. And he’s right. She will always wonder which is the greater good: breaking the rules to “do the right thing” or remaining honest and forthright with patients, whether or not it results in a worse medical outcome. Can this exceptional young doctor be conventional knowing what she now knows and having been left with House’s imprint? It’s a great send off. I liked Martha Masters and I’ll miss her. She added a unique perspective to House’s team. I think House will miss her too.

The entire story plays against the backdrop of a bizarre bet between House and Wilson: who can keep a chicken at the hospital longer before being caught by security? Okay, so what’s that about? Here’s my take.

House needs a distraction. Continuing to process his breakup with Cuddy, House needs something to divert his attention from brooding self-destructive behavior. So, as Wilson often does when House is especially troubled, he concocts games for House to play. The chicken bet is prime, Grade A Wilson friendship.

Note that it was Wilson who initiated the next bet: “ferrets next week!” House probably realizes what Wilson is doing, is, in his own way grateful for the distraction, and Wilson’s gentle manipulation of House’s mood is much more constructive than lecturing him. (And I wonder if even Cuddy is aware and privately sanctioning the shenanigans.) Besides, how much fun was it to watch Wilson’s discomfort trying to talk to Masters while a chicken pecked at his shoes? And how much fun was it to watch House play fetch the chicken with that gorgeous Golden Retriever?

House is off next week, but then returns for four consecutive weeks to finish off Season 7. Negotiations between Fox and Universal are ongoing (despite passage of last Friday’s deadline). The real deadline, of course is May 16, when Fox is scheduled to formally announce its Fall 2011 schedule.

I have a couple of new interviews in the works for over the next few weeks as well, so stay tuned!

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  • Lucas

    I always think that Thirteen didn’t like Masters, and Masters didn’t like Thirteen. I felt it the first time they shook hands. It’s weird.

  • Jacquie ARNP

    Barbara: I love your writing on House episodes, but Masters’ actions are so blatently unethical,I was repelled. Faking a crisis to con the parents into signing away their daughter’s arm against the daughter’s explicit wishes is offensive. I can understand how it plays in House-world, but this was WAY over the line.

  • Susan
  • Susan

    Barbara, I hope this link works to the NYTimes article. The graph that shows House with an additional 33% viewers after the original broadcast, is in a window in the article. (I hope I read the graph right!)

  • susan–Thats interesting. House has usually had a 25% gain, that it’s 33% suggests that there are other reasons than disinterest at play.

    Almiroty–wow, so you’ve been unhappy with House since the beginning season three (the 8 mile remark is a giveaway). I disagree with you on the Chase comment.

  • almiroty

    to 98: one question: what relationship with cuddy?

    to 102: chase has been a cut out all season. they could just replace him with a live size picture and save the money.mind you, i am in no way judging the actor’s abilities, only the lack of quality in the writing.

    i just saw the preview pictures for the new episode: house boxing!!
    i remember a couple of weeks ago there was a posting on filming outside a gym. now we are going to see the prowess of medical science: a cripple, who can hardly walk without a cane, who could run 8 miles when not in pain, now boxes!! bravo to the writers zzzzz

  • The Other Barnett


    The positive to continuing to have Masters would be the potential of having a hybrid of Cameron (only with a House-ian brilliance) on the team. 13 is a great character, but Masters actually affects the team more by her presence. Taub is more pissy, Chase is more paternal, Foreman is ……Foreman….so not everyone is affected…but I think I make my point; even 13 takes on something of a guidance role, too.

    If my dreams were followed as orders, I’d keep the whole cast, but cut back all their screen time, except for House. I’d make it into something of a “Law and Order CI”. Lets say that Chase goes back to Surgery, Foreman goes to Neurology, 13 to the ER, Taub to Plastics because PPH is having some tough economic times – but House can pull selected ‘liasons’ from the departments when the POTW shows up. Of course Masters would be the intern. This would allow for another two or three other individuals to be brought in.

  • The Other Barnett

    Susan, good point about the DVR affect. Am I being too positive in suggesting that such a DVR following not only suggests a strong future for House w’ Fox, but also that it makes it clear that such support assures that House always has the potential of winning the night for Fox when that “special episode” IS a special episode?

  • Susan

    Today’s NY Times on DVR’s – “some shows are offered a lifeline so much so that network programmers now factor in ratings a full week after a show’s scheduled appearance. The process could change the calculations made as network executives decide the fate of shows on the ratings bubble. Networks are monitoring how shows do over a full week after they are broadcast to gauge the depth of audience interest and loyalty”.

    House came in third place among shows with the largest gains in numbers of viewers when DVR use was taken into account. There was a 33% increase in viewers who watched the show from 2-7 days after the initial broadcast.

    With these new statistics it seems like House should be renewed for next year.

  • ruthinor
  • Susan

    Exfan – I think it was Cuddy’s fault – she dumped him out of nowhere. All I saw in those 15 episodes was House trying to do everything Cuddy wanted. (Except showing up at her award dinner, and even then he hired the mariachi band). But agreed, he did go to the prostitutes too quickly. If I were Cuddy I would be turned off by all those women, and especially Domenica – but on the other hand, he’s been using prostitutes all these years, and the massagist/hooker, and Cuddy knew about it.
    I’m still upset too. And despite all his nonsense, and her whining and being miserable I still want them together. Call me a hopeless romantic.

  • Exfan

    113- I agree and disagree with you.
    Cuddy should be afraid of STDs and I do miss H & C together but I think H was too quick to jump into bed with all those prostitutes. If I were her I would be so turned off in disgust! I really doubt they will get back together, if they do I’d think C have lost all respect for herself. Couples break up and get back together all the time, is this what he will do every time? Even if C was to change her mind, how much time did he give her to think things through before hopping into bed with a prostitute to make himself feel good. Again, everything is about him.
    I’m still upset.

  • Susan

    To those of you keeping an eye on this column for therapy…..What do we do with a 3-4 month wait before Season 8 starts? And what are we going to do if there’s no Season 8? AND what do we do if House and Cuddy don’t get back together? I really miss them.

    Next question – many moons ago there was an episode where Cuddy substituted laxatives for House’s Vicodin. Then he said that he switched her birth control pills – and she looked shocked. But, from what we know of Cuddy’s sex life it was pretty non-existent before Lucas (besides the Jiffy Lube guy in “Insensitive” who didn’t stay over)so why would she need to be on birth control pills? And even with House – wouldn’t she be afraid of STD’s? I would think condoms would be the way for her to go?

  • RedTulip_Ana_breathing

    @110 – fatolady
    First, I think for some reason, most people keep coming back here to read and comment (it’s our therapy) … And second, yes, yes I have noticed a House more haggard in these last episodes … not only the image about you speak, I have noticed in the episodes. Since Bombshells, when he goes to hospital to see Cuddy … his image has been declining … drugs, vicodin, sex with prostitutes, alcohol …? We do not know … his new drug?

  • nitemar

    @110fatolady-yes, after the break-up,hooker/booze/vicodin fest-yes, he looks haggard, frail and unusually off..some of depression symptoms, Im afraid.

  • fatolady

    Hi, don,t know if anyone is still checking this thread or not but I thought I would give it a try. I don’t have a lot to say exactly…..just bored and I miss the interaction usually going on here.

    My observation has to do with the screen capture on the first page of Barbara’s review. Is it just me or does HOUSE look really bad. He looks more haggard and thin than usual. Dare I say even to the point of being unattractive. To me, in this pic he looks like he has been on a week long drunk and slept in his clothes all that time. Funny I didn’t really notice it during the show. Did anyone else and did you think it was strange?

  • ruthinor

    One other reminder that House cast members actually had other lives before the series, and will after the series. A different looking and much younger LE in the show she wrote and performs in…over 20 yrs ago and in the height of the AIDS crisis.

  • ruthinor

    For those who are missing RSL, here is a video with some scenes from “Born Yesterday”. I think it opens officially today. It’s been in previews for several weeks.

  • Susan

    Tonight there are 5 of the best House episodes in a row – Insensitive, Half-Wit, Top Secret, Airbourne and Fetal Position – the ones that show the House-Cuddy relationship really gaining steam. Cuddy is animated and happy, not the grouch that they made her in Season 7 (excepting the great Now What). Their dialogue is sparkling and the way they look at each other is the stuff that romance is made of. What happened to those writers and storylines?

  • Zaze

    And what’s going on vicodin? noone seems to care about House popping vicodin again, this is really weird. I don’t care about 13, Masters or House break-up now, I want dramas with House and his addiction because how couldn’t he have problems again (hallucinations, and with his medical licence). Even Wilson seems not to be worried, they’re all crazy!

  • EJ

    Hi Barbara, I enjoyed your review. As soon as I read the first part about “House’s musical avatar” I went back and considered the relevant scene.

    I think it more than meets all of the requirements you stated, except House isn’t in the scene. There was a moment early on when he uttered a hope Masters wouldn’t be like him, because then “neither of [them] would be exceptional.” I can’t recall ever hearing him disparage his own practice. And running with that statement throughout, I would argue he was hoping Masters would defy him. He’s brilliant, questionable, and almost always ends up being right, or justified. It comes at a price. All of his staff has been corrupted. Foreman couldn’t even work outside PP because other physicians say the “taint” of House.

    I can’t tell you whether House hoped Masters would defy him all the way, or whether he was hoping she’d have a taste of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons and walk away from it. You know, there’s following ethics because it’s precedent and there’s following ethics because you firmly believe it’s the right thing to do, even if you wouldn’t do it personally. Master’s probably wasn’t acting so ethically because she firmly believed it as she couldn’t face the idea of crossing the line. So I’d say she really couldn’t appreciate the ideals she was upholding. House took that away. I think it’s probably the best lesson she’ll ever receive as a physician, because things SHOULDN’T be “so simple.” Yet at the end she knew she couldn’t do it again, and I think she understood the stakes a lot better.

    So I’d argue House got something great. I think we got a real look at him we hadn’t received before, and we saw it through the eyes of someone House himslf hoped, and I think believed would be better than him. In a way, I bet it was curative.

    I’ve seen every episode. I’m one of those “all the best stuff was in the first three seasons” people. In that camp that doesn’t want to see this show jump the shark. But I have to admit this was a great episode, and Singer & Co still have it. I hope they’ll end this on a high note.

    Again great review. I hope my comments are well received and look forward to your next writeup.

  • Channel Surfer

    I think you people need to pull yourselves together and remember this: Even though Auseillo, Fox, GY, LE et. al. offer up these buzzwords, such as “devastating,” game-changing,” etc., the reality always, ALWAYS, turns out to be much less exciting than their hyperbolic hype. The most recent example was AT’s description of a scene between here an OW as “juicy.” What “juicy?” AT’s character did a lumbar puncture on OW’s character. Is cerebrospinal fluid the new K-Y Jelly? Dial back your enthusiasm ladies; its only a TV show and no longer a very good one at that.

  • Eileen

    Hey, is anyone out there? Susan?

  • Lin

    It bothers me that writers do not write better character chase

  • The Other Barnett

    I know, I am late at reacting…life has been busy:) But have read most of the responses during my lunch today and must reply to some things.

    * First, Barb, I think it is rather fair to say that House does want to save lives….it is just that he is still distancing himself from things like life and death since Cuddy. In the same way, Cuddy may have been distant with Masters because she did not want to insert herself into another situation which could end with her confronting House. Maybe this could be a set up for whatever happens in the season finale.

    * Second, I was a bit bothered by everyone taking so personally the use of the supposed “House Anthem” from the Rolling Stones for Masters’ exit. Maybe, in some way, Masters’ has the potential to be House if she just alters her view of life.

    *And a tie into the previous point, Zay may be right…House may see in Masters’ exit someone (who is the closest to truly reaching his potential of mastery of diagnostics) he has damaged and pushed away. This certainly was suggested by that far-away oops/ah-ha look in House’s face as Masters was leaving.

    * Did anyone really notice Chase’s hang-dog analysis to Masters? It was the moment that did give me some insight to the feelings of the whole team. 13 seems to be the only one who may view her place on this team as a good thing, with few negatives attached. Chase looked like someone who had accepted that he was being ‘institutionalized’ like a character form Shawshank Redemption.

    *I have no idea why so many people thought Masters did not deserve a show for her exit. It is not about the characters, it is probably about the actress. Amber Tamblyn has more acting cred. in the industry than the actors who play Taub or Chase. So, that may have been one reason for it….its not like such a show has not been done for Wilson and Cuddy…..its nice to refocus and take House off the front line for a bit.

    *I was bothered by the writing of the show when it came to how easily everyone accepted the cut limb and the lack of depth on the re-certification. Its as if some of these shows could use some after-the-show shows.

    *I’m completely ignoring blind spoilers – they only irritate me and make people get stupid.

    * And yet I’ll take a shot in the dark on the shocker sex scene – House gets so drunk he wakes up with Wilson naked thinking the two of them had sex….only to discover (through a dvd of their romp delivered to them by 13) that they engaged in a three-way with 13. Anyone? Anyone?

  • Grace

    Hi all, I haven’t been around for awhile mainly b/c I was getting upset by comments and the episodes. Still am, so I’ll be back, just don’t know when. 🙂

  • Susan

    Ruth33 – Thank you for the info. Now we wait and see (and worry).

  • Ruth33


    Susan 94 & 95!

    1. Ausiello put out a blind item that two characters on a popular show would have sex and it would be shocking who they would be revealed to be blah blah, he also said it was a show that had already been renewed House hasn’t so NO it is not Wilson and Cuddy.

    2. Read the actual text of those vague episode synopsis’.

    “House deals with devastating information” It says he ‘deals’ not he receives it and pushes it aside. This could easily be about the POTW.

    “A situation prompts House to do something very unexpected, a move that could change his relationship with Cuddy and Wilson permanently”

    ‘A situation’ this could mean many things and not all in a bad way, also focus on the word ‘could’!

    These are superficial spoilers that hardly give anything away because they are designed to encourage speculation from fans that’s all, they are in no way giving away the true plot line.

  • RedTulip_Ana_Worried

    Yes, you´re right! This has no sense! And, this blind is from Auseillo. Actually, I never belive him…I don´t know why even I commented two minutes ago this…PLEASE IF IT POSSIBLE ERASE MY @93. COMMENT…Sometimes, my words are more fast than my mind…so I have a bad process!

  • RedTulip_Ana_Worried

    @92 – Jacquelyn
    Sorry, again, but now for my last post…it´s seem the blind is about a just renewed show! So…if HouseMD is not renewed yet…I AM WRONG…so @90 – fatOlady…YOU ARE WRONG…and we can sleep (by now) well!

  • Susan

    To continue – why are these spoilers put out a month ahead and say things are devastating and permanent? Who watches a show when they know every little thing beforehand? I hate the internet.

  • Susan

    What’s a “blind item” and why is it making me upset?

  • RedTulip_Ana_Worried

    Good night everybody! From what I see, the world House is a little worse than this morning…

    @91 – fatOlady
    WOW…If you will referring to the same blind from Ausiello that I have read…REALLY I WANT TO BE WRONG…If what I think will happen (which I thought yesterday when I read the word “devastating”)…I don´t hate the characters involved…I’ll hate forever TPTB…and HouseMD will be the most disappointing show of my life…and there will be no salvation in my mind for this it!

    @92 – Jacquelyn
    Sorry, but…about this blind…Auseillo doesn´t say nothing about just renewed show…so it´s really really possible…it´s about HouseMD (also link perfect with “devasting”, “move” and “change permanently”)

  • Jacquelyn

    @fatOlady: If the blind item you’re referring to is the one I’m thinking of, I don’t think it’s possible. Ausiello says it’s for a show that has definitely been renewed. House hasn’t yet been renewed. So, probably not. At least I hope so!

  • fatOlady

    Possible VERY BIG SPOILER alert!

    Ausiello released a new blind item earlier today. If you read it “and” add it to the sweeps synopsis for the last 4 episodes of House, it fits WAY to good for my liking and it could sure NEGATIVELY affect some of the characters we love so dearly.

    I am sure I am blowing this WAY out of proportion because I could be wrong. OF COURSE I COULD BE WRONG! I hope to GOD I’m wrong, I really, really, really hope I’m wrong. I know I’m being secretive and evasive… I just can’t bring myself to “say” what it is I am thinking.

    Okay, you very smart people, please read it and tell me I’m wrong.

    I have to go pick up grandson and get home from work, but I WILL BE BACK to talk in an hour or so.


  • Ricardo

    @ “The Real Pieces”

    The next time you see your little brother, make sure to smack his behind with a cane for those comments he made. Better still, have him tied up and gagged until after the season finale airs.

  • Thanks “The Real Pieces” It sounded pretty troll-ish, so I took with a large basket of salt. I doubt the finale’s sucker punch (if there is one) will be known by anyone before it airs. Remember last season? The Powers That Be left off the final four or five minutes even on the press screener. They are very good secret keepers!

    I do not know what’s in store. I’m speculating just like everyone else, I’m just guessing based on my knowledge of the characters and the way the stories seem to work.

    If I did know, I wouldn’t be at liberty to say in any event. And I’m also a good secret keeper. I’ve discovered that I’m far better off avoiding spoilers until I actually see the episode (even if it’s a week before it’s aired). I find myself more into the story and less looking for something specific that may or may not be there.

    The May teasers intrigue me. Can’t wait.

  • The Real Pieces

    To Barbara and the rest of the House fandom:

    Please ignore the post from the clod who’s taken the name “Pieces.” That’s actually my screen name from another site which my asshat little brother stole just to mind-frak the House fans. Everything that he wrote was a complete fabrication. I just feel horrible about this whole situation. I never, never in a million years wanted anything like this to happen. I apologize deeply for the hurt and confusion that has been caused for so many by the insensitive actions of my brother.

  • fatOlady

    For those of you who know him better than I do, does Ausiello always tell the exact truth? Or might he say that a particular “blind item” was about a show that had been renewed when it could actually be about a show like our dear HOUSE that “technically” had not been renewed?

  • housemaniac

    #71 Barbara Barnett wrote:

    “House has never been a happy show. Its main character is about as melancholy as they come.” It’s odd how hard this is to read, despite its obvious truth. But the context in which you wrote it did make me wonder, Barbara: do you know, more or less, what is going to happen in the next four episodes, and do not want to spoil it for your readers? Or are you just guessing like the rest of us?

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Eileen and FOL: “What’s done is done.” “It is…what it is!”

    THIS IS WHAT I’M AFRAID OF!!! I think about this show WAY too much. I come here, read comments, study Barbara’s thoughts…just hoping I can reboot my love of the show.

    #84 Susan. I confess I thought up the alias from another fan, on a different House site, years ago. Hot, very hot.

  • Susan

    Eileen – last week you were feeling positive….you see what this show does to us. We’re all becoming bipolar.

    Sneaky Microbe – love your name – I’ve mentioned it a few times but I’ll repeat it – that scene was one of my favorites – definitely top five.

    FOL – how’s the corn in Oklahoma? and has anyone heard from SeraG? I think she got out while the getting was good. (But if you’re there Sera – hello)

  • fatOlady

    My dear Eileen you are correct – It is…..what it is!

  • Eileen

    @Sneaky Microbe #81 – MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!

    But what we say here doesn’t matter anymore. The finale is done, the story for this season is over — we just haven’t seen it yet. Ranting here or anywhere else is pointless. TPTB don’t care that WE CARE. They don’t care about “the torment and heartache in the fan community” as fOl #80 so aptly wrote. What’s done is done.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I think most of us would agree that we like dramatic television because it IS a “roller coaster” with ups and downs, resulting in those addictive adrenaline rushes. I agree with @80 FOL: House the show has been on a slow, cumulative “up” for the past few years (with lots of “downs” thrown in), with the consummation of a relationship with Cuddy as the “top,” allowing us to enjoy a happy House for a change. But “Bombshells” brought us crashing down, and the season seems to be ending very down and off-the-tracks.

    Why? Why must TPTB bring us such misery with this fiction? I don’t want to see it, plain and simple, and it very much sounds like I’m not alone. I enjoyed watching House’s PROGRESS. Just when I thought “Bombshells” and the poor PR following were bad enough, they’ve got us fearing the worst for the finale. I want to like this show, not fear each episode. Elements of “The Last Temptation” made me CRINGE. Amputating a body part to force a patient to live does NOT define an “exceptional doctor.” That act destroyed my respect for Masters’ intelligence and resolve. They even pulled this character “down” with the storyline, IMHO. Are we supposed to feel better about her departing little smile in the end, as she trips over a chicken (more animal cruelty), though she has just committed a heinous, criminal act??? I need some “ups” on this drama, because the downer ride is getting really boring, really fast.

  • fatOlady

    #52 – Flo – My problem with what you said is that press releases are “supposed” to tease you into ‘WANTING” to watch a show, not hide in a corner and hoping it will go away. The massive PR machine at Fox knows about the torment and heartach in the fan community, so why spin things so much gloomier? The only conclusion I can come up with is…..because it is “gloomier”.

    Barbara thank you for the review, as always I enjoyed your point of view. I love being here with you and all the devoted HOUSE fans. As they say misery loves company.

    I have a question / observation. Before HOUSE married Dominika, she was “ever present” with HOUSE at the hospital. Now barely a mention in 2 episodes. What do you make of that?

  • RedTulip_Ana_Worried

    Well, here is another day, the sun is shinning and the House´s world is the same that yesterday.
    I agree with Barbara, Susan and specially with MHM about the comments of this “trolls” (good word)… I think, people who comment here express our true thoughts and with the same name (generally), and this is the unique way that this “analysis room” can work. If someone throw “devasting” comments (wow, this word in the spoillers killed me) and later disappear it isn´t a well way, IMHO, to learn nothing.
    About these spoilers. I am really worried. This season finale could be very hard for longer fans (like me)…
    @71 – barbara barnett: House has never been a happy show. Its main character is about as melancholy as they come
    I know it, and I´m trying to asume it from the beginning of the show. But words like “devasting” and “permanently”…are hitting my mind and my heart…
    I hope this “Roller coster” ends in the top (even in the middle) but never in the down. Because, Something “unexpected” by House could be something “exceptional” and good. And this “permanent change” could be for good and not for bad…(a girl can dream)

  • Maka

    Glad to see Masters gone. If she had avoided being broken and stayed true to her convictions while staying on the team she’s be like a more Mary Sueish Cameron-lite. Thirteen’s always been a more interesting character. At least she has a sense of humor.

    According to Ausiello, there aren’t supposed to be any major deaths in the House season finale.

  • Exfan

    64 & 65
    “From what I have heard more from a crew member, The season 7 finale will highlight the end of House and Cuddy’s relationship permanently…it will be bittersweet.”
    When i read this, Cuddy dying is the first thing that came to mind.
    I hope I’m wrong!

  • Fear and Trepidation

    Oh god, please not another season finale involving hallucinations, near-death experiences, mental breakdowns, sudden character deaths, or anything else like that! There’s only so many times TPTB can reuse and recycle the same plot material just to grab the audience’s attention. As strange as this may sound, I’m actually hoping that we’re dealing with two sick punks that have nothing better to do than harass the [H]ouse fandom. If that’s not the case, however, then I salute you, Barbara, for having a far better constitution than I ever will.

  • Susan

    Barbara – gefilte fish.

  • MHM

    Have accepted that the show now is not the show I loved for six seasons. Still follow news on the finale because of sheer curiosity, as there is a possibility (however slight) that it will be a series finale. Have very low expectations, but want to see how it ends for House. The show already really ended for me a while ago, but it will be interesting to see a parallelism of sorts.

    Deep Throat and Pieces, I’m beginning to wonder if the “info” you guys are spreading (if you are two different people) isn’t some form of twisted PR for the show. By saying that it will be something the fans can’t handle, injecting a sense of dread, of trepidation, trying to rile up the fans to watch so that they can either confirm or conquer their fears?

    I understand that this is the internet and anonymity rules, but I get a sense of sincerity in most of the posts on this sight. Whether they be rants or calm reflections, I think that people are honest about their thoughts here. If you have something to say, then please say it honestly, sincerely, and to the point because the whole masquerading as a secret agent trying to warn of impending doom/something else is not convincing and childish. If, on the other hand, you really are in possession of secret information, then, why do you post about it when it’s supposed to be secret and you seem to want to hold on to that secrecy?

  • Susan–absolutely we have. And there’s no indication we won’t see House’s tenderness (we certainly did at the end of the The DIg). Unfortunately I can’t ban people from the site. It’s not really a forum so much as a comment thread to an article. Sometimes people have an axe to grind, and I can’t ban them either.

    I can read any comments from any date. I get a lot of comments, so I can’t directly respond to them all, but are you referring to anything in particular?

  • Susan

    Barbara, he’s melancholy but we’ve also seen him happy and tender.
    Can you ban the spoiler people from this column? The whole “Roller Coaster Ride” of House is taking place directly in my stomach.

    Barbara, on another note….if I write something on a blog from a few days ago do you see it?

  • Susan–no one knows who (and if anyone) is going to die. On the other hand House has never been a happy show. Its main character is about as melancholy as they come.

  • Susan

    I haven’t seen this week’s episode yet but I thought I’d scroll through the comments without reading. Of course the ones I read were Eileen and Sneaky Microbe saying that someone is going to die and if it’s Cuddy………..

    Who needs this? The writers are sadists for doing this to us and we’re masochists for watching it. Give me some good news.

  • See, this is the problem with trolls. They come in and drop little hints that can mean anything and nothing. The intention is to provoke and make people angry with dire warnings and speculations dressed up as authoritative information.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    The only way it’s permanent is . . . someone dies. And that will be the last episode of House I ever watch. TPTB will have simply gone way too far. WAY TOO FAR.

  • Eileen

    If in this season’s finale, it is shown that House and Cuddy are over permanently, then David Shore et al have completely looked a gift horse in the mouth.

  • All I can say Pieces and Deep Throat–If what you’ve said is true…

    Bring it on.

    But I will also ask that you not spread spoilers here based on hearsay. If you are a source from the show (really) please at least reveal it to me privately. Speculation is one thing. Do not report what cannot be proven.

  • Pieces

    I agree with Deep throat…take the advice

    From what I have heard more from a crew member, The season 7 finale will highlight the end of House and Cuddy’s relationship permanently…it will be bittersweet.

    Good luck with watching it everyone, because it will be a rollar coaster ride that I do not think you fans are ready for!

  • Deep Throat

    “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” | Morpheus (“The Matrix”)

    It’s up to you whether or not you want to believe the following spoilers about this season’s finale. All I can say is that they’re from a very reliable source that has been right in the past. Either way, believe what you will and what works for you.


    All that I’m allowed to say about the Season 7 finale is that it has plot elements similar to those of the Season 2 and 4 finales as well as an emotional impact (in terms of audience reaction) far greater than what occurred in the Season 5 finale.


  • Dmckoy

    Thx Barbara, great review! I’ll keep my comments short. I thought this ep was pretty decent, even if it did feel a little Greys Anatomy at times (was it just me?)… I’ll miss 3M, as she was a breath of fresh air. Was pleased to hear our favorite House anthem toward the end. A little more Cuddy was needed in my opinion, but so was a little more House for that matter.. Really looking forward to the final 4!

  • DM

    Oh poor Masters…I was heartsick to see that character go! The show NEEDS a naive person to see what House is doing. It doesn’t need 13 to come back – her character was played out and has nothing to add (like Foreman, Chase and Taub). Pretty much all the interesting stuff is being sucked out of the show.

  • Ruthinor–I’m going to do a May sweeps preview as my next article. It should go live toward the end of the week.

  • hazel eyes

    I really enjoyed the House and Wilson antics and if that is how they “play together”when they are both single, no wonder House gets jealous when Wilson is dating and doesn’t have time to “play” any more.

    Also Masters out and 13 in REALLY??? I am and never have been a fan of 13 and I doubt I ever will be but to replace Masters with 13 is not good IMO.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I really enjoyed that thread you set up for “bitching, moaning and speculations” (or at least that’s what it turned out to be!). Would it be possible to set up such a thread in which you post the synopses of the last 4 episodes and label it spoilers/speculations or something like that and folks could just speculate away about what it all might mean?

  • bluehue

    Thank you for the as always interesting, summary review.
    Two..or three cents:
    Philosophically speaking, “Last Temptation” playing the Stone’s tune, only confirms the songs premise. Also, I didn’t mind the overlap of the song onto Master’s turf, bc House didn’t get what he wanted either..his new intern. In a way, it was a nod of the head, or a special tribute for her surviving House.

    My extremely biased favorite part of epi, the (yes gorgeous!) golden retriever. The “good boy” stole the show…at least from the chickens. Ha, that fake cooing chicken in the blanketed box really made me laugh out loud. Absurd! I’ve had to “suspend disbelief” often this season. In this case, I needed the distraction to handle the horrendous amputation part of the story, quite brutal really. The necessary themed Master’s send off leaves me “happy” to think fondly of a matured, seasoned unique individual moving forward. Folding her origami birds, leaving House’s brittle nest & flying away to her future. I don’t see it as being ordinary at all.

  • Jesuit Man

    “Where can one find this May sweeps press release?”

  • housemaniac

    Barbara#46 and Sneaky Microbe: Where can one find this May sweeps press release? Thanks.

  • Jesuit Man

    I want to bring to attention another incident of intellectual infringement on this site, a rather worrisome development that seems to be escalating with greater frequency as of late. It seems apparent that an unknown individual cannibalized one of my posts (which, incidentally, actually dealt with House’s behavior in “The Dig”) from the PPTH forum and posted their version here (message #30) under another member’s stolen avatar (“Lee”). The real “Lee” already touched upon this situation in message #48 preceding this one.

    Imitation may be considered the sincerest form of flattery, but there is little consolation to the individual whose original ideas are sold as another’s. This puerile behavior is not amusing in the slightest.

  • gg

    i only hope the shocker is not house losin’ his famous toupee during his regular visit to bagnio. methinks it would be too much burden to bear for regular viewers if that happens

  • Flo

    Housemaniac #27 and Michele1L #51 You both make very good points about the details. I didn’t see this interview but yeah it is a strange timing to air it after this episode and it does seems that the writing this season have been sloppier than in the past.

    Again it is not a rare occurence in Tv land after 7 seasons. A lot of other shows began to go gradually downhill past 6/7 seasons (The X-Files to name just one). That’s why a lot of good tv shows are stopped at this point or even earlier (The West Wing).

  • Flo

    We shouldn’t forget that press realeases can be as misleading as the Fox promos.

    Basically those press realeases don’t give us anything that we can base any certainty on. It is not the role of a press realease. They just tease us.
    The little infos we have can be interpreted in millions different ways. We still don’t know what they meant.

    It’s just wait and see now. 4 episodes before the end of the ride.

  • Michele1L

    I liked elements of this episode, and, while I know it was a send-off for Masters, I agree with some of the other posters that it was too “Masters heavy”. I’m the type who will go down with a sinking ship in the hopes that it can be righted in the eleventh hour, but I completely understand why some less devoted viewers are jumping ship. There just appears to be no real consistency with storylines, the actions of the characters, etc. I’m accustomed to the tight, consistent narratives of the past. You felt a flow, a progression from episode to episode. Currently, for me, the series just seems to be aimlessly and barely treading water. Characters acting out of character; significant subjects/situations raised and then dropped, as if never before mentioned/occured; characters appear out of nowhere, Cuddy’s inability to sleep in “Bombshells” came out of nowhere. We saw her many times in bed with House without issues, so clearly the sleeping pills were used solely as a plot device to connect her use of pills with House’s taking Vicodin in that episode — nothing more. I guess this just stood out to me because I’m not accustomed to this.

    I don’t recall this series being this “sloppy” — ever. Is it the new blood/producers?
    I’m really disappointed. I don’t know if the last four episodes will be able to save the show because it and the ratings are in decline. (I actually hate talking about ratings but the loss in viewership IS significant at this point). If it’s the goal of those involved in the making of this show to allow it to fall into decline, it’s sad because a show as great as “House” has been should bow on a high, not a low. There is still so much that can be eplored about this great character. I’m praying things will improve before it’s too late or a decision is made to just end it this season. I’d rather have it just end now than to continue on its current path through an 8th season. At present, for me, it can’t get much worse.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    @49 – Sneaky Microbe
    I am now in shock too. I wish I am wrong, but my feels now are very pesimistic, as I think…it will be not possible…I have to go to sleep and wake up again tomorrow when the sun shine in the sky.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    The May sweeps press release has caused my heart to stop. This show is very bad for my health and well being.

  • Lee

    bigHousefan at 36:

    Just wanted to let you know that those comments are mine from a different forum and someone (AGAIN) has copied and posted my words on this site without my permission and using screen names of members of that same other forum. The first post by Lee is not mine, however the posts using the screen names of Habitusa and JoMad are mine (Lee). This is highly disturbing and simply pathetic. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed my comments.

    Borealis @39. Sorry, I think Hank and House are both likeable characters. I wouldn’t have watched House for so long if I didn’t love him. To each his/her own.

  • ruthinor

    #44: The show RSL is currently in is ending at the end of July. It’s a limited run. Of course, in the best of all possible worlds for RSL, he would prefer to stay on the east coast and perform in plays. The money he makes on House allows him to do that when the occasion arises.

  • DVBfan–He used something at the episode’s start, and there is suggestion from the May sweeps press release that whatever is going on may be significant.

  • dvbfan

    Dear Barbara,like always it is enjoyable reading your beautiful articles.

    I have enjoyed watching this episode.But something was interesting for me that in the last 2 episodes of House MD , we have not seen House using vicodin.what does it mean ?

  • Morphine, a violin, a friend and a mystery

    ChannelSurfer, have you never visited a tv show fanpage?

    I thought the ep was excellent for what it was. And I loved masters the character and I will miss her.

    Didn’t like the use of “you can’t” with masters, but was that the first time it had been used with a character other than house? I don’t know.

    Excited that well get back to the rest of the cast. But possibly no Wilson (or very little) next season? Somebody please close down broadway!!! It would be so disappointing to me for him not to stay with the show until the end. Aside from house he’s the one character that has to be there IMO. But I think Watson took some time away from Holmes, or maybe he just moved out. He got married and started a medical practice I think. Maybe they will make a parallel. But seriously, Wilson is so important… This possibility of him leaving has really caught me off guard.

    Btw, great article Barbara. This is a wonderful forum. Thank you so much for doing this!

  • In retrospect I actually liked the way the story played out for Masters. House is an excellent teacher even if his methods of teaching aren’t always ethical or orthodox, he always manages to get his point across to his students. He’s been trying to teach the moral Masters all along that medicine isn’t about black and white, it’s a wide, expansive, vast gray area. Since her arrival Masters has been playing by the book even going to so far as to sacrifice her career by outing House and Cuddy in Family Practice. But finally, when faced with a life or death decision on her last day on his team, she finally gets it…that sometimes you have to break the rules to do the right thing. For House it’s about solving the puzzles (although we’ve seen in the past he does actually care for his patients–at least some of them) but for Masters it was always about “doing the right thing” and as she learned, sometimes you can’t do both. I don’t think House really wanted her to do an internship with him, I think he wanted her to learn the “lesson” and then spread her wings and move on, which now, thanks to him, she can do!

    When Masters walked away from House at the very end she had this look of sadness on her face. But when she nearly tripped over the chicken, she got that sudden smile and you could tell everything was going to be ok. I think the chicken reminded her that not everything can be perfect, just the way you want it, sometimes there are obstacles in the way and you just have to overcome them. When she looked back and House was not there, I though it was symbolic of the fact that she’d finally gotten the lesson he’d been trying to teach her and they both knew she no longer needed him. She will forever be a changed doctor and person because of him.

    It’s been drilled into us over and over again that House is a destructive person and hurts everyone he comes into contact with. We know that’s not true. We know that other people around him are in some ways as broken as he is maybe not to his extent. Masters is a strange person, she’s an anomaly, and she’s even kind of like House in some weird ways. But…he did not destroy her. He did not ruin her. In fact, House helped Masters become a better doctor, he helped her see things “as they really are” and in the end, it’ll make her a better person.

    TPTB have tried to imply that House doesn’t care, but he does. He has a heart, we’ve seen it (too late to close the barn door now oh dear powers-that-be!) We might even say he’s passed a little of himself on not just to Masters, but with ALL of his team both past and present. That’s his gift to them, teaching them in these wild unusual unethical unorthodox ways, hoping that in some way they get the lesson and it makes them better doctors and yes, even better people too.

    As to the House-Wilson interaction, I can only say to TPTB “THANK YOU!” because I have missed the antics between these two for so long. Every now and then I watch old eps on DVD to remember what it was like between these two. They crack me up, and we have desperately missed them this season and even last season.

    The chicken thing was pure genius. Anytime we get a chance to see House and Wilson playing games, you know it’s going to be a great episode. Not to mention I’ve sort of gotten used to Wilson having to climb out of windows. The scene of him locked in House’s office was perfect. And towards the end when we find out that the bet is a measly $20 I was laughing hysterically. I mean, who else would go through so much over $20? Yep, that’s our House and Wilson. Hell, the props they needed to carry out their crazy game probably cost way more than $20 but that doesn’t matter, it’s about the game and the distraction for these two. I’m with Barbara about Cuddy’s approval of the “shenanigans” as on the outside she might let it show she disapproves but on the inside, it probably makes her laugh! I loved the part when Wilson said to House, “next week…ferrets?”

    While it was nice seeing House and Wilson interact, I have to say I am still missing quality House and Cuddy. Twenty years or more of friendship and they got fifteen episodes of trying at a relationship—we were robbed. We never had the chance to watch these two REALLY work at a relationship and grow from it. And frankly I miss them–the way they used to banter, fight, and carry on.

    Finally, I noticed last week House didn’t take any Vicodin. Perhaps the distraction of looking for Thirteen combined with a desire to fight the addiction? This week, he took something in the beginning of the ep, but he put the bottle which we didn’t see, back on his desk so really we don’t know what it was. (If you are thinking he was taking something while training the dog, those were not pills, he was eating whatever he was giving the dog). Now normally the old House on Vicodin popped and popped frequently and he always kept his stash on him. So here’s what I think is happening. I think after House’s bad behavior after the breakup, and his realization that he made one stupid mistake in marrying that green card chick, he’s trying to get himself together. So with the help of Wilson and distractions and perhaps his own desire to be stronger he and others thinks he is, he’s actually NOT on the Vicodin, or at least he’s not addicted to it like he used to be. I’d like to have faith that TPTB haven’t ruined our favorite doctor completely, that maybe they have given him a chance to fight and fix himself and become stronger. Yeah he’ll still be a pain in the ass, but we like him, we want to see him come out ok. I think given all the guy has been through in his life, he deserves it.

    As always, the portrayal of our favorite main characters was flawless. They NEVER disappoint. I pray the writers don’t let us down either as we move into the last four eps of the season.

  • rbrown205

    One thing about Masters’ manipulation is that the parents do have the right to make decisions about the health care of their minor children. The patient’s choice to go on a dangerous sailing trip when she has metastatic cancer in her bone is not very mature.

    The parents knew that, and sincerely wanted to do what would keep her from choosing to die just because she wants to be in a boat race.

    Nevertheless, the issue of self determination is pretty complicated, and patients should expect that their doctors will not fool them into doing a procedure that they don’t want, especially if a medical procedure keeps a person from doing what they consider to be their “one true thing.” Interestingly, the POTW in DNR, who first used that phrase, felt that trumpet playing was his one true thing, but he resolved himself to living without it, and living.

    That was what this patient’s father was no doubt expressing when she said “I hate you” and he said “Ok.” and then kissed her.

    As to whether this episode is a horrible and out of character one, I respectfully disagree. It is very Houseian, and the use of the song of the venerable Philosopher could just be seen as Masters leaving with a bit of House, in the form of what she learned from her experience as a member of his team.

  • gg

    the key point is house himself has become boring and unreliable as a character so does it really matter what story arcs is audience being served now or will be in the future?

  • Channel Surfer

    Good God, people. If the writers spent as much time as you people do, writing back stories and assigning motivation, emotion and ideation every time Hugh Laurie pouts in the name of “art”, they’d never get any work done and we’d be down to half a dozen episodes a year.

    I think Borealis is correct: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Borealis

    @ JoMad: The difference is that Hank Moody is a LIKABLE douche bag; House is not.

    @ BB: I think the expression on “House’s” face was really that of Hugh Laurie, who’s heart HAS to be breaking over this lousy season and the loss of 30% of his viewing audience.

    Think “horses,” not “zebras.”

  • 60 plus

    I do not post on Twitter, but I do like to see what others are saying about House. Today, one of your posts said this about this week’s episode: “So much going on that calls us back to House and who he is and what he does.”

    I didn’t find that concept stated as directly in your review (which was great, as usual) and I would enjoy having you give a few details about that observation.

    Over the past seven seasons, there have been many times when I was uncomfortable with something on the show–anything from a major arc to a character to lines in a script. I have found that most of the time it helps tremendously to simply remind myself that the show is about one man’s journey, the way people and events affect him, and the way he and his actions affect others. Although that is somewhat different from your Twitter post, I think they are definitely in the same ballpark!

    One of the delights of the show is that the other characters are not puppets. The writers bring them to life in exquisite detail, and each of us reacts to them from our own perspective. I like some more than others, and I am drawn to some relationships more than others. But when push comes to shove, I firmly believe that I can only truly experience the show if I go back to bedrock–David Shore’s vision that this is House’s story. Not Masters’. Not Wilson’s. Not Cuddy’s. And not Huddy’s 🙂

    And so, for me, although the episode was centered on Masters’ leaving, it was all about House as teacher, mentor and friend. Just as “5 to 9” showed Cuddy’s dependence on House and his being supportive, even with Lucas in the picture. And “Wilson” gave us the memorable line: “Because then I’d be alone.”

    I can’t say that getting into the mindset that asks “What does this say about House?” works 100 percent of the time. I still have some issues! But just asking the question prompts me to go deeper than just reacting to what appears on the surface.

  • Barbara 35

    …he was reacting to her rejection of joining him up there on the highwire of the outliers…

    Exactly right. 3M’s roommate noted that Master’s was weird, and House liked her weirdness. He identifies with her and was sad to be rejected again for being himself.

  • HabitUSA 32 and JoMad 33

    Wow, I really enjoyed your comments!

    Regarding the chickens representing cowardice, I can see fears in Chase, 13, and Taub, but Master’s courageously takes what she learned from House and what she learned about herself and forges her own path. I do not see House as a coward, he constantly challenges them and encourages them to take necessary (as he sees them) risks. It reminds me of the episode where House lectures Foreman on the difference between him and Foreman’s old boss in DNR and applauding 13 in Dying Changes Everything for ‘taking a shot’.

  • ripzu

    Re the RS ” You can’t always get what you want”- I did feel it was a bit forced at first but also understood how it related to House losing Masters shortly after the Cuddy break-up. Seems like AT is a super star in the eyes of TPTB. I thought her acting was tight and lit up the episode.

  • The expression on House’s face at the end was profoundly sad. Perhaps (as someone said earlier) he was reacting to her rejection of joining him up there on the highwire of the outliers. Or the rejection of what he stands for.

  • Celia

    Usual survival rate where metastasis has already occurred to the lymph nodes depends on a number of mitigating factors not covered on the show, but usually 2 years.
    I don’t object to Masters urging the surgical option and the patient would most likely have determined pretty quickly that she was unable to man a boat by herself….I doubt she could have cast away from the dock… BUT she had a right to determine that for herself.

  • JoMad

    My reaction to the use of the RS song was likely colored by the fact that another show that I like (Californication) used it for the last song of this season. Hank (main character) is similar to House in a number of ways and the song suits him well. Hearing it again a few weeks later when I was already inclined to want to hear it used for House alone (as opposed to for Masters and by extension, House), bummed me out a little bit. I also expected that when that song would be used again it would be to signify some milestone in House’s journey but I haven’t yet figured out what that milestone is.

    Was he glad that she walked away because he didn’t want her to have the same fate as him? Is that a sign of hope for his character? Was it that he met someone so much like him that he wanted to keep her around so he can feel more normal? So House wants to be normal? Or is the milestone that he’s playing with chickens and dogs and doing ok working things out on his own after the break-up with the help of Wilson and his personal assistant green-card wife Dominica? Is it that House thought Masters did the right thing and that means that he has absolved Cuddy for her role in his surgery? (I thought they did that already in Help Me when he said he should have listened to the doctors that told him he to amputate, Cuddy being one of them or the only one.) Like I said, I’m still trying to figure this one out.

    Was I the only one who was bothered by Foreman and Chase? They were especially dour and automaton like. It kind of pissed me off that they were blaming House for everything that has happened to them in their lives and that’s just wrong. He’s seriously screwed up, but they joined his team to learn and he taught them well. They all could have walked away like Masters did and they didn’t. Someone mentioned somewhere that the chickens might have represented cowardice and I think they may be on to something. So is the message that House and everyone around him are cowards and that it’s his fault that they are cowards? Or are they all on the cusp of growing up (just baby steps of course!), moving on, and trying to find some peace when nothing is simple anymore.

    Also, House took something that looked like a few pills only once, right? So has House got his Vicodin use under control or is he even using? Is that the milestone?

  • Habitusa

    I’m confused about House’s motivations. I can’t tell whether he was playing 11 dimensional chess and setting her up to make that specific decision or he was just pushing her to betray her principles just for the fun of it and see what happened. The added references to his own experience made me think they wanted us to believe that he did think it was the right decision and it was the one he was hoping she’d have to make. I suppose he could have wanted to put her in Cuddy’s shoes during his infarction (he did see Cuddy’s office in her future) to help her decide if she wanted to be a “real” doctor or if she knew herself well enough to know that she would “be better” at something else while still challenging her brilliant mind (he and apparently Arlene both like to “poke” Cuddy on that particular regret/weakness). So was he just being the benevolent puppet master or circus ringmaster and was glad that she chose to walk? According to him, did she “do the right thing” according to her and that was the lesson he wanted her to learn? Or did she do the right thing according to HIM and that’s all that really mattered in the end?

    He seemed to genuinely enjoy teaching Masters and wanted her on the team, possibly because he wanted to be around someone who could keep up with his brain, and definitely b/c he could benefit personally from her exceptionalism. She has after all, picked up the slack for him while he has been distracted from the medicine this season. While he’s been like this for a while now (since the breakdown really), her genius helped him solve a lot of cases and it has afforded him certain perqs (vicodin, monster truck, chickens in the hospital, and pull with the medical board that recently re-certified him. I guess Cuddy didn’t report his relapse–ever the enabler!). I hope they give us some idea in the next few episodes of the affect that Masters had on HIM since the focus here was primarily on House’s effect on her. I think the fact that it was Cuddy who pushed him to give Masters a fair shake and that she ended up being right was also something they could have played off of in this episode to inch the two of them closer to having a real conversation. I just didn’t feel like I learned anything new about House when I am just itching for them to throw me just a morsel.

  • Lee

    At various times in life, everyone feels an insufficiency of sorts (e.g., misplaced priorities, frustrated ambitions, squandered opportunities, etc.) and longs for something genuinely novel, though often that longing is not fully cognizant. What that something else might truly represent is generally unspecified and unconstrained, and what they find is by no means what they always assumed they were looking for. As can be expected, forward motion in life is not always linear; people cannot accurately understand themselves as completely or reductively as they sometimes claim. Though one may think of progress as occurring in incremental, cohesive patterns, movement in any individual’s existence is commonly characterized by long periods of stasis followed by what appear to be profound leaps, abrupt discontinuities, new beginnings, and eventual denouements that seem unconnected with anything that precedes them. So it is with the frequently unpredictable changes -– and sacrifices -– that accompany profound commitments and conversions that they consequently lay bare the uniqueness of personal evolution as much more than a systematic unfolding of mere faculties of association and affinity predetermined by those biological and/or contextual milestones in one’s history. Similarly, the gathering act of nostalgia often condenses one’s current emotional state in the living memory of a former present, and the pain which prevails from losing one’s innocence is not necessarily the same as either the reproach of the conscience or the call for repentance. But it is in the search for hard truths amongst the banalities of conventional existence that one comes to realize a deeper and renewed meaning to the hidden (or at least partially obscured) complexities of life.

  • Leesa

    House is seen taking something at the very beginning of the episode. When the team members are greating 13.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    And answer me this: Did House pop a Vicodin or doggy treat???

  • housemaniac

    I find it ironic how many details the writers apparently got wrong or overlooked in this episode considering that over at Fox All Access Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein can be heard telling fans that it is not the relationships or major plotlines that make or break the show, but rather, as HL puts it, “the details”. By details, he explains that he means a particular look, or a word, or a double or triple meaning, etc. I can only think that Fox put them up to this interview after the wave of reaction to the end of the House-Cuddy romance. It is strange timing, though, to be told at this moment that what makes House special are the details. I think there is a lot of truth to this, and the show is at its best when the details are at their best. But it is precisely the details that have been off for much of this season (along with some bizarre creative decisions).

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Back in the day when there was meaningful character development and House seemed to have a chance at love, contentment, and staying off Vicodin, I could more easily waive the unrealistic, medical nonsense. Now, every storyline seems to exist in a fog of immaturity and/or poor writing. Perhaps this is a sign that it is the end of the series.

  • ruthinor

    Sorry, don’t want to monopolize, but here is a reference on osteosarcoma. It says that if cancer has not spread to lung, prognosis is good. BUT, patient should have chemo first to shrink the tumor before any surgery.

  • ruthinor

    # 23: “House is a diagnostician and does crazy things to get his diagnosis but once he is there he has always maintains that it is up to the patient to decide what they want to do”

    I think that’s true for adults, but not for kids and their, what House considers to be, “stupid parents”. Remember the parents and kids earlier this year in Selfish? House yelled at the parents for not allowing the dying brother to donate a lung.

  • ruthinor

    Oops, sorry, one more thing. As Polite Dissent points out, the medicine this week was particularly bad. On the show they called the tumor a lymphoid sarcoma which the doc who runs the site thought was extremely weird, and he assumed, as Celia did, that it was an osteosarcoma. I don’t know anything about prognoses and whether all osteosarcomas are equal. But I can’t recall anyone saying that the surgery would only give her a slim chance of recovery.

    Also, do you know how long it takes to sail around the world? This was another Houseland venture into the unrealistic..it takes months. How could she ever survive that?

  • UrdyGurdy

    Thanks for the great review as always Barbara

    I liked this episode even though i wasn’t aware it would be so focused on Masters and didn’t think the character deserved to be be put on a pedestal as the worthy Wilson and Cuddy were.

    I found it entertaining that they showed us House’s crazy world through her perspective and that those who have been sucked into his vortex now find it almost normal.

    Foreman finally had a funny line in Master’s asking why they have chickens and him saying “the place they went to only had one pig”

    Talking of chickens i completely loved those scenes with House and Wilson and was glad to see Wilson win for a change, as Barbara stated though there is more to this than the superficial “just for fun” element. Wilson is worried about House and is playing the same kind of game he did in SAVIORS in season 5 to distract him and to help him get over his loss. How much longer can he do this before House gets bored?

    I did not like at all that Masters did a Stacy in the end. House is a diagnostician and does crazy things to get his diagnosis but once he is there he has always maintains that it is up to the patient to decide what they want to do so i was surprised that he told her she did the right thing? We are over his leg and him accepting he was wrong so what was the point in him telling her she was right about going against the patients wishes?

    I have come to conclude that he was teaching her to go beyond coloring within the lines (which she did) but also to find her vocation and him knowing that she would never have really fitted in within his world but has exited it with an understanding of how the world works, i find this a great departing gift to her.

    This was a transitional episode and I now expect more angst in the race to the finale.

  • Reality Check

    Nice book plug, there, Barbara.

    You are so immersed in the fantasy, you absolutely will not see a lousy episode when it is literally staring you in the face. I think Fox could air Hugh Laurie passing gas and you’d still hear Mozart.

    Lousy medicine (where is the great David Foster M.D., or did he get his license revoked?), asinine chicken antics and a boring swan song for M3.

    Why, oh why, will TPTB not allow House to grow up and be a man?

  • ruthinor

    Celia: Perhaps I misinterpreted what I saw last night, but I never got the feeling, from what Masters said, that the patient was likely to die even once they did the surgery. My assumption was that the surgery was life-saving. If it wasn’t, that certainly wasn’t made a point of last night.

    Also, what chance did this girl have of fulfilling her dream when you need lots of strength in both arms to sail?

  • Celia

    Yeah, I know him…or ‘knew him’ , and I totally accept that this isn’t a reality based medical show. BUT. The thinking underlying House’s previous medical decisions were always defensible on some level, but last evening’s simply wasn’t. To ‘trick’ someone into having a limb amputated is ….beyond the pale. House wouldn’t even do that to the Crane Collapse victim in the S6 Finale. Osteosarcoma has a very high mortality rate by the time it is diagnosed. To take this young woman’s ‘one true thing’ from her….sailing in a race agaisnt the elements…. in order to extend her time spent in misery was sheer cruelty, not ‘exceptional’ doctoring. It was shocking to see it presented as such.

  • ruthinor

    Ricardo: In Houseland, not only do you break ethics laws, but physical ones as well! Since House lost his watch, time has become an ever-changing construct.

  • Ricardo

    In “office Politics,” Cuddy tells House the following about Masters when she was trying to convince him to give her Thirteen’s spot on the team:

    “She’s a third-year med student. She graduated high school when she was 15. She filled out the time before med school getting PhDs in both applied math and art history.”

    However, in this episode, the writers stated not only that Masters was a college freshman at age 13, but that she’s transitioning from the end of her 3rd year as a med student to the start of her internship/residency.

    My question is twofold: a) At what age did she really start her undergraduate studies? b) What exactly happened to her fourth year?

  • ruthinor

    I thought the episode was OK. Amber Tamblyn gets ups from me ahead of time because I really liked Joan of Arcadia and she was also good in a short-lived cop show whose name I’ve forgotten.

    #9 Celia: There is one big difference between the patient in Autopsy and the patient in this episode…the young girl in Autopsy was going to die no matter what. House gave her a choice of HOW she wanted to die. That’s a million times different than giving a young patient a choice between life and death. Even “old House” would NOT let this patient and her family make such a stupid decision.

    Houseland is NOT the real world, medically or otherwise…not even close. In the real world House, Cuddy and the team would be behind bars, or at least out of jobs. There is no point bewailing the lack of medical ethics when it’s never been there to begin with. You either accept this premise of the show or you don’t. Have you accepted the fact that House and his team have ALWAYS illegally broken into patients’ houses? I just will never understand why so many viewers of this program continue to be upset by what House and his team are willing to do to solve the puzzle and cure the patient. To paraphrase House himself: “Do you know him?”

  • Regarding the ‘chicken game’ my immediate reaction was that Wilson arranged this as a sort of distraction – and a signal that he’s very mindful of House’s fragile emotional state. It almost made me think of how one might cajole a child; take the focus away – for a time – from something they are not equip to deal with. Silliness, laughing, distractions are very much needed wherever possible when one is depressed as I suspect House is now.

    I agree with RobF that maybe not a mutiny, but there seems to be a message of ‘what is the cost’ for allowing oneself to be sucked into House’s weird vortex?

    My adult daughter and I watch together and we both enjoyed the lightness of the episode given the last several. That is NOT to say however that as RedTulip_Ana sarcastically noted we’re ok with the lack of breakup discussion between House and Cuddy after the abrupt end to their relationship. I do hope it’s a major part of the last episodes of this season.

    I also felt that the choice of the ‘Sacred House Song’ here was not appropriate and left me with a ‘oh, don’t use that here’ feeling! sacrilege INDEED!

  • not_thepope

    Ohterwise, really nice episode!

  • not_thepope

    Ha! Exactly what I thought regarding the Rolling Stones song. Hated it that they used it for Masters. That’s House’s song, darn it!

  • RobF

    I like Masters a lot, and will really miss her. She was the first fresh perspective we’ve seen on the team in a long time.

    The episode was pretty good. I am starting to dislike how the patient of the week is so often nothing more than an obvious parallel to (or sometimes a reflection of) the major story. In this case, a brilliant young girl is willing to give up anything (even her life) to be exceptional. In the end, she has to give up her arm and accept being normal — when she refuses to do so, Doctor Masters makes the choice for her. After that, Masters had to make the same choice for herself, deciding against the too-great sacrifice required to be exceptional.

    The chicken sub plot was a good way to show the contrast between the sane world and House’s bizarre universe. As Masters left, she tripped over a chicken and looked back, realising just how messed-up House’s world seems when you’re not seeing it through his eyes (something he forces everyone around him to do).

    It was interesting to see how the other members of the team were urging her to escape House while she still could. Perhaps a mutiny is on the way?

  • housemaniac

    Celia #9: I guess we were writing some of the same things at the same time. But now having read your post, I have a question for you. Is one of your complaints that it is not realistic to insist on immediate surgery on a patient with an osteosarcoma?

  • housemaniac

    “The placement of this episode seems odd,” you wrote, Barbara, in another insightful review. Indeed! It was like a commercial break, but within a season, instead of an episode. Virtually all the plotlines developed of late were dropped and we had to have an entire show devoted to Masters leaving. We didn’t even get that for the Huddy break up! As far as I can tell, this episode was pure promotion for AT’s new show on Fox. More frustration! I still like the show, but I sure don’t love it, as I used to. Too much carelesssness and self-consciousness by the writers. Instead of worrying about letting the character of House be House, they should let the show “House” be “House.”

  • Celia

    Oh Poppycock ! I’m getting totally fed-up to here (indicates top of head) with Hollywood’s idea of what constitutes an ‘exceptional’ Doctor. I’ve spent 33 years in the medical profession; I’ve dealt with young patients with osteosarcoma and the ‘exceptional’ decision making in this episode was so egregious as to be beyond offensive. Co-writer David Foster had better return to a real hospital soon in order to get his knowledge pack refitted.
    House kept pushing Masters to ‘color outside the lines’ and ‘think outside the box’ so as to get the patient into surgery (even though that was NOT the patient’s wish) and then happily offers her the internship once she has :
    (1) ignore the expressed wishes of the patient who is in full possession of her faculties
    (2) medicated the patient so as to induce a cardiac arrest
    (3) lied to the patient’s parents in order to get an uninformed consent based on the cardiac arrest
    (4) proceed with an limb amputation because Masters thinks that’s the ‘right’ choice even if the patient & parents don’t.
    If ‘Life’ was always the ‘right’ choice that House better stop championing euthanasia.

    OMG !

    In ‘Autopsy’ House went out of his way to ensure the expressed wishes of the 12 year old Minor with cancer were followed. He would not have proceeded with the life saving surgery unless he heard the patient say “Yes”. Last evening the rather older Minor say ” No” and was then tricked into the OR & on that basis House offers an internship to this…….excuse for a Doctor. This is Hollywood think. Shallow, dramatic and so unlike the early Seasons of [H]ouse that I just wanted to cry. And then they went and played ‘The House Song’ to make it even worse. We’ve had two iconic moments hijacked for want of better ideas this year : Two Stories vs Three Stories and now The Song. It’s just a painful reminder what a shell of it’s former self this once thoughtful show has become.
    This episode was IMO # 23 the ‘extra’ episode ordered by the Network this year, clearly to highlight Amber Tamblyn for her own new show with Katie Jacobs. At best Masters’ departure should have been the B storyline. The one thing I learned watching last evening was what the extra episode was actually for. It was a 44 minute Promo for FOX’s new series’ lead, Ms. Amber Tamblyn.
    David Foster MD and Liz Friedman should hang their heads in shame.

  • RedTulip_Ana

    Goodnight to all! Dear Barbara, thank you very much for your review (a big surprise because I thought we would have it tomorrow).

    Always I like your reviews and in this case especially, for giving me a new perspective on the subject of the chicken. I never saw it as a distraction for House. I like your idea that the chicken is an idea from Wilson to distract House (and even Cuddy agrees).
    Anyway, I share the idea of @Flo, I think it was a silly and absurd game. For me, the game with chickens and dog wasn´t funny. To me it isn´t credible that Cuddy didn´t prohibited this game: Chickens and dogs in her hospital? I can´t buy this idea as funny, sorry.

    Concerning this episode, I can´t say I didn´t like it. Well, it was a transitory episode (bland)…Actually, I expected much more from it. I had imagined another Masters´s final, something more spectacular, something more “housian”…but there has been a typical end: “I act like House, I don´t like and I’m leaving” Do not remember you like when Foreman decided to leave? Of course, Masters and Foreman, departed from very different scales of values??, but the final idea was the same.

    About the final song. Sorry, but definitely, I didn´t like the use of that song at that moment (I can say that it hurt to me.) For me it wasn´t the appropriate moment.

    Another thoughts (and doubts) about this episode are:

    1. Masters said she lived alone (EP08). Masters said he had no social life (ep14). But Masters has a roommate and a friend (ep19). When all this happened? On other sites, people say, that since Masters began with House has been a long time and it has evolved, and now she is more sociable and no longer live alone. For me, this is still a weak point in the story of Masters. I think that the writers have not shown us his personal evolution (if it has been this evolution.)

    2. Masters don´t know what to do and asked advice to Cuddy. Cuddy spent a long time to convince House to hire Masters (ep06). But now, just lets her decide for herself … At this point, I missed a conversation (longer) between Cuddy and Masters even a conversation between House and Masters, or a conversation between Cuddy, House and Masters . For me, this point also weakens. It is true that Cuddy was very kind with Masters (because she is always friendly and Lisa Edelstein is amazing), but for me, there were missing words.

    3. A really important point. Finally, Masters decided to leave House. He told to her: “I need you to protect Cuddy to do something that she could regret” (EP11). So now what? Masters was very good for House´s team. Masters offered him a point of view than any before (even Cameron) reached to impose to him. Remember that conversation between House and Masters in Cuddy’s office (Masters did not succumb to threats to House). Now, we have a problem. We return to the first step: Only Cuddy is able to control House. But right now, Cuddy is in a state of absolute absence. I don´t know if it is because a sense of guilt or regret … I do not really know it because the famous break up has not been “studied” yet (sarcasm). So now what?

  • tahina

    Oh I really dont know how to express this one. House is/has been one of my favorite shows, but it has now dropped from the very top that had been since many great episodes ago to almost the last one out of 8, after this last episode it will remain in the bottom…I knoiw many liked Masters snd off–but my god, the whole episode to Masters! Where was House? I would have preferred watching the cicken game rather than the whole boring episode last night. Bottom line-glad Masters is gone. Barbara I wished I had your same vision on this episode, unfortunately I dont.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    As always, thanks for your review, Barbara.

    I found the episode to be boring and frustrating. The patient has the legal and ethical right to chose what is done to him/her. Masters staging an emergency so they could perform the amputation was utterly ridiculous. That was SO unethical that it went beyond what I would expect House to do. It screamed “plot gimmick.” Let’s scare people into thinking that doctors are going to play games and cut off their limbs without their authorization! And give them dangerous meds!

    The chicken thing was mildly entertaining, but stupid. Another immature stunt in a long line of stunts we’ve now had shoved down our throats for three episodes. And I did NOT need to see the dog attack an innocent chicken (though they did clarify later that the chicken was just psychologically messed up). Sorry. Animal cruelty of any type shouldn’t be a form of entertainment.

    I see the next four episodes as the last House episodes. They’ve really, really ruined it for me, and I’m very angry. I loved the show, but now I just want it to end. I’ve liked Masters but I hated this send-off for her.

  • Flo

    Hi Barbara, thank you for the review. Hi everyone. I thought it was an okay episode, not more.

    I don’t understand all the fuss about the Rolling Stones song. I get your point but I disagree. The end of the episode with the “You can’t always get what you want” was also for House after all. If you think about it, it was as much for him (who wanted Masters in his team but lost her) as it was for Masters herself. It was also a way to remain coherent with the whole show. As you said Barbara, this is an anthem but as long as it is mostly about House, I always felt it could be apply to all the other characters given their trajectories.
    Here I thought it was appropriate since House just “okayed” Masters departure, which he didn’t wanted. He was feeling the “you can’t always get what you want” like her and he was allowing her the “get what you need”.

    I agree that Masters offered a unique perspective on House world of medicine but she was too one-dimensional for far too long for me to be really interested in her character. In a sense it is too bad that she has to leave when she finally became fully layered but I think it her time to go and as unique as she was I don’t think I’m gonna miss her that much (But i’m willing to be proven wrong :-))

    On another review, I read about Masters being half Cuddy/half House (with a bit of Cameron). The comparison was interesting. What’s the cost of being an over-achiever who fights with House on rational & being an exceptional doctor who can get to the answer just by “feeling”? Interesting question.

    Still, the story wasn’t as compelling as it could have been for me but the character wasn’t developped properly enough for that IMO.

    I didn’t like the Chicken antics. I thought they were silly and totally unfunny. Barbara, you may be right about the whole reason this plot existed but 1st: it didn’t fit well into the episode (both H & W looked like retards in front of Masters) and 2nd: H&W playing dumb games without Cuddy interfering is not credible after all what happened. Here it was like nothing of the past episodes had happened. It was like it was okay for House to be back on Vicodin and nobody cares and Wilson just played with him like old times. If this is just a way for Wilson to distract House then it would have been good to have just one line suggesting so. Otherwise we just guessing here and it begs the question: where have the past few episodes and even past few years gone?????
    Plus I didn’t think it was even funny as I’m sure it was supposed to.

    All in all, all this was made for an okay episode but not that good IMO.

  • MusicandHouse

    I liked the episode, but I found myself wanting a little more House involved. But it was a good sendoff for Masters.
    I actually liked hearing You Cant Always Get What You Want, even though it wasn’t played over House because in a way it was about him. He took this girl and changed her, possibly for the worst. She wanted to be honest and stay true to her moral, but she needed to grow up and face the real world and House forced her to do that. I prefer the song to be played over a scene with House but this worked for me (although I may have just been so happy because we haven’t heard the song since season 5. As soon as House said the line to her, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the song to play)

  • exfan

    I didn’t think too much of this episode. House MD was must watch tv for me, now i can take it or leave it and it gets worse with each passing episode (no, out of the chute must be my all time worst).
    This one was boring and confusing.
    What i think people are upset with is not the scheduling of Masters’ episode, yes if there had to be one it couldn’t be earlier or later, but it is the fact that she got one in the first place. It took years for cuddy and wilson to get one. cameron never got one neither has anyone else, i think. What is upsetting is that Masters just shows up , has less than a season and gets one entire episode following her POV. it seems a little unfair and not enough interest in her character of only less than a season’s viewing.

    So many questions unanswered…..
    1. How did 13 get her license back? where was the discussion that should have taken place between her and cuddy or house and cuddy or house, 13, and cuddy? She was in jail one day practicing medicine the next.

    2. So is House back on vicodine or not? He’s been seen popping pills after bs, none in last epi. the dig, now he’s back, but part time, cause he didn’t take as many?

    3. And who were those new characters (master’s room mate and other friend)? where did they come from? They work in the same hospital, evidently they have their lockers very close to master’s and the other members of house team’s, yet we have never seen them before… never been introduced, i felt like i was in lala land.
    didn’t know what i was watching at times.

    I also think they shouldn’t have played House’s song at the end for Master’s character.

    There are just too many things wrong with all these episodes, i can go on and on…… in frustration!!

  • Zay

    Great article, Barbara. No episode of House is ever complete without you and you, of course, didn’t disappoint.

    I enjoyed the episode, but I found myself a little lukewarm. It was a bit too House-lite for my taste. Yes, it was a good way of saying good-bye to Masters – and House’s storyline with Wilson was hilarious – but I watch House for House and he’s in a weird place right now. I wanted to see the show explore that a little bit more. Hopefully the end of the season won’t disappoint in that regard.

    I also hope we get more Wilson soon, because I miss that lovely man. Watching RSL last night, doing his thing, with those priceless facial expressions – it was just awesome. I know RSL has some other acting gigs right now, but we need him! Holmes needs his Watson!

    Not just because Watson’s epic, but also because at this point, I feel like House might see Masters, after her departure, as another person he’s driven away, another person who’s realized that he’s too extreme and too crazy for them. He’s at the top of his game – but the top of the game is a lonely place to be, and to have someone so smart – not an ordinary mortal but a genius, like him – choose to step down, may really flare up some of the wounds Cuddy left behind.

    And when House gets like that, I mean, we’re going to need Wilson on hand, playing over-concerned mother and trying to save his best friend from himself. Wilson has to see what’s going on, and has to know that House cannot possibly deal with this on his own. House may want his privacy – but that’s not what he needs right now. Here’s to hoping we get some more of those reactions.

    TPTB have quite a situation on their hands…I hope they handle it correctly…

  • rjw

    I think I get in the first comment! Anyway,I enjoyed the episode.I was glad to have 13 back in the fold (I like her character).To see someone struggle to determine if her view of the world can be changed/compromised by her boss (which has been Masters’ dilemma since the beginning).Ultimately,she couldn’t conform to House’s view of medicine.I got a kick out of the chicken sub-plot.Didn’t really have anything to do with the story,but served as a great diversion for House (Robert Sean Leonard gave a hilarious interview about this).The ending was kind of weird,with the “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” song,until Masters trips over the chicken.Like how that played out.It will be interesting to see what happens when Arlene makes an appearance in the next new episode.