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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Known Unknowns”

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“There are known unknowns. That is to say, things that we now know we don’t know."  — Donald Rumsfeld on Iraq, 2002

First, I cannot believe I’m quoting Donald Rumsfeld. The very thought makes me cringe. All I can say is Doris Egan and Matt Lewis made me do it. They wrote this week’s wonderful House, M.D. episode, “Known Unknowns.”

Taking steps into the unknown requires leaps of faith most of us try to avoid. It takes courage and belief that what you are doing is the right thing to do, consequences be damned. Forays into the unknown are risky, whether you’re going to war, giving a controversial speech, taking a bold step with your heart or attempting something life-changing. “Known Unknowns,” this week’s episode of House, M.D, did a good job of exploring courage: moral courage, simple courage, the courage to change, and the courage to understand that the status quo, no matter how comfortable, is no longer valid.

Egan is the queen of the House road trip. “Son of Coma Guy” (3×07), “Birthmarks” (5×04) — even that long, silent road trip to “Mayfield” that concluded last season (“Both Sides Now,” 5×24) — are all her writing. She also is noted for her special care of the House-Wilson dynamic. “Known Unknowns” did not disappoint.

Treating a teenager after a wild night leaves her appendages swollen, the team is baffled, but learns that the girl is lying about her “wild night.” Chase, Cameron, and Foreman try to wend their way through the girl’s tangle of lies to arrive at a truth that will save her life. And as the team works the case, Wilson, House, and Cuddy travel to a medical conference in the Adirondacks on pharmacology and public policy.

Since he’s come back to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, House has been living with his best friend Wilson, trying to put his life back together. In the last episode “Brave Heart,” House took a hesitant step towards Cuddy, telling how she makes him feel. This week he seems resolved to pursuing a relationship with her, something for which he lacked any sort of courage last season.

This is a brave step for House. He knows he can’t hope to win Cuddy by maintaining his heavily guarded façade, and perhaps his confidence is bolstered by his affair with Lydia while at Mayfield. His affair with Lydia ended with him getting hurt. But House is resolute to venture into the unknown, hoping, but not really knowing, where it all will lead. At first refusing to go to the conference, he changes his mind when he learns Cuddy will be there.

Wilson is attending the conference to give a controversial paper on euthanasia — one that could end his career. Hoping to bring the controversial subject out into the public sphere for much-needed discussion, he intends to talk about his own experience enabling terminal patients to die. House knows this paper will make Wilson an outcast in the medical establishment — and effectively render him unemployable. No hospital would risk hiring a doctor — a director — known to actively assist in patient suicide. Not to mention the potential he could be indicted for murder.

Chase, too, tangles with the unknown, his murder of the genocidal Dibala tearing him apart. It’s driving him away from Cameron, who is at a loss to explain Chase’s distance and mood. Chase has no idea how Cameron will react, given her usual moral stance. She would likely support him, but even then, if he were found out and Cameron is aware, she would risk being an accessory to murder. It's a heavy burden with which he would saddle her.

Cameron has her known unknowns as well. She knows something’s up, and assumes (not ureasonably) that Chase is having an affair, despite his reassurance. But the secrets and lies are toxic to the new marriage.

In a way, the moral courage required by Chase to assassinate Dibala and Wilson’s moral courage to do what he feels is right by exposing medicine’s secret are both at least partially attributable to House’s influence. As Wilson puts it as he and House argue, he has learned from House that sometimes you have to do what is right without regard to consequence. But, as House points out, it hasn't worked out all that well for him.

As House, Cuddy, and Wilson dig in at the conference, we're aware that Wilson and Cuddy are in uncharted waters with regard to House. Is it possible that House has begun to really get his life together? Can they trust him to begin to be more open after so many years of friendship played out as guerrilla warfare? As House asks Wilson, how can he expect Cuddy to believe he’s changed if even his best friend won’t? He’s asking Wilson to take a chance on him.

But House is House, even when he’s trying to change. Knowing that Wilson is about to self-destruct, House drugs him and saves him from himself. House gives the speech under an assumed name, getting Wilson’s words out there, but protecting his career while at the same time validating what Wilson is trying to do — validation sorely needed and well expressed in Wilson’s paper.

At first Wilson reacts through the prism of a “known known.” He is furious with House for subverting his delivery of the paper — taking his choice away and, well, being “House.” It’s a comfortable prism for Wilson. House is a wild child who screws with people simply to screw with them.

But after further consideration, Wilson better understands the gesture. One made, despite House’s assurances to the contrary, with some professional risk of its own. And Wilson, in the end, appreciates it for what it is, and understands that House, if not completely changed, is allowing his better angels more freedom to fly a bit more out in the open.

For House, every step towards being more social and more outgoing is a step into the unknown. He is slowly beginning to trust, beginning with his innermost circle of friends, where he thinks the risks are mitigated by history and friendship. He unexpectedly charms Cuddy at an '80s party, eschewing the conventional (did we really dress like that?) garb and going for the something a bit more traditional — say 1780s traditional. Looking like an extra from HBO’s John Adams miniseries, he appears courtly — fitting for the courtship upon which he’s about to embark.

First he saves Cuddy from a lounge lizard by asking her to dance. House is obviously uncomfortable, and he brushes aside Cuddy’s concern about his leg. But his discomfort turns in another direction as the music switches to something slow. The conversation turns personal as they recall the first time they danced more than 20 years earlier back at medical school.

It’s an echo of their “morning after” conversation in “Under My Skin,” except this time it’s not a fantasy or delusion. But House discloses he never considered a med school one-night stand to be just for one night. But only circumstance — an unexpected call from the dean expelling him from the university — prevented him from pursuing anything more with her.

Suddenly Cuddy is the uncomfortable one. House’s deeply personal disclosure catches her off guard and she runs away. House is confused by Cuddy’s reaction, expecting something different. But as she tells Wilson, she needs a more family-friendly suitor now that she's a mother. House doesn't qualify.

House would know that Cuddy wouldn’t wait forever, and his timing is substantially off. He could not have foreseen Cuddy becoming involved with his connivingly genial friend, private investigator Lucas Douglas (whom you might recall from early last season). Known unknowns. But House has risked being open with Cuddy, and his reaction to Lucas is surprisingly gracious. Perhaps House has known that being with Cuddy is a pipe dream.

Equally surprising, shocking actually, is Lucas’ stupidity at breakfast the next day as they sit in the resort restaurant. House is speechless and Cuddy cringes as Lucas openly discusses House’s institutionalization and his delusional sex with Cuddy. House is stunned and hurt at both the unnecessary invasion of his privacy and Cuddy’s concern about his fragility. Although we don’t know that Cuddy told Lucas (who is a very resourceful man), House’s reaction — hurt, not anger — as he looks disbelievingly into Cuddy’s eyes, is unexpectedly passive.

House is resigned to Lucas being in Cuddy’s life. He’s too late and too much has gone on between them for Cuddy to take him seriously as a real partner. How House deals with the news is another known unknown.

And then there is Chase. Killing Dibala in “The Tyrant,” he could not have foreseen the impact it has had on him and his relationship with Cameron. But he has finally told her, and they, too venture into unknown territory and an uncertain future.

Although the patient story wasn’t nearly as compelling as the drama surrounding the regular characters, it did lend an opportunity for a little bit of meta commentary on fantasy, the fandoms surrounding television series, and the Twitter world. It’s a particularly amusing commentary given that over the last several weeks, House director Greg Yaitanes and actor Omar Epps (Foreman) have been tweeting to the fans almost daily, as have several of the writers, including Ms. Egan.

Timeline quibble: When we first meet House in season one, he states that he's been practicing medicine for 20 years. He is 45 at the time, and would have gotten his M.D. at 25, which is pretty standard. But we now learn House was expelled from two medical schools: first Michigan and then Johns Hopkins (both prestigious schools). How is it possible for House to have finished medical school in four years having been booted out of at least two schools, unless he is Doogie House-er's evil twin and started college very, very young.

Personal note: I'm doing a survey of the fandom over on my personal site, and would appreciate your participation. It's for a project down the line, and the response thus far has been great.

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  • bakerstreet blues

    You can look at this a million different ways and can only come up with the same answer. Cuddy had time last episode (Braveheart) to tell House about Lucas, but instead when House told her that she made him feel “funny” she looked PLEASED. Now, any self respecting human being would NOT have allowed House into that room to find Lucas…any woman with any kind of heart knowing what she now knows would have graciously stepped out into the hall and been a big enough person to speak to House alone. I have NEVER been a Cuddy fan (Pilot with her snotty remark about House having nothing to go home to..and then finding out that she was basically the cause of that), but I can say that this episode really made me hate her. House was completely right the only 2 times he ever “evaluated” her. Humpty Dumpty-you see the world as it is and as it could be, but don’t see the gaping chasm in between. Makes you a good boss, but you will never be happy. No more Mr. Nice Guy…what you want you run away from, what you need you haven’t a clue, what you’ve accomplished makes you proud, but you’re still miserable. DEAD ON both times. Is Cuddy settling? OH YEAH. She has NEVER treated House as a friend, and this episode completely proved that she doesn’t really think of him as such….otherwise she would not have betrayed his trust in her. Not to mention, House told Lucas in season 5 that Lucas’ kind of woman is “much stupider” than the girl that he was following. House can see that this will never work for Cuddy or Lucas…they are a match made in BASKIN ROBBINS. I did like the fact that Wilson might just have learned a thing or two about who House really is…finally.

  • Guest

    Joe, monday nights was “Teamwork”

  • Joe

    This episode was called “Brave Heart.”
    Last night’s was “Known Unknowns”

  • ann uk

    One can understand Cuddy opting for the safety of Lucas just as Stacy did for Mark. House is difficult and dangerous and does’t offer any of the conventional “happy ever after ” satisfactions, but he offers a more profound relationship. Both Stacy and Cuddy are exceptional women and they both respond to House. I never thought Stacy’s relationship with Mark would satisfyr her for long and I can’t see Lucas satisfying Cuddy either. But who knows, the writers may have decided to end the House/Cuddy game!

  • ann uk

    I am writing this before watching the episode for the second time so may be getting things wrong, but it seems to me that here House declares his love for both Wilson and Cuddy and it shocks both of them by revealing the House we watchers have known from private scenes but they have not.

    In the scene in the cafe ,although Lucas does all the talking House and Cuddy are hardly listening, they are gazing at each other. I think Cuddy knows that though Lucas might be a more convenient partner he is second best to House.What links them together is more powerful and more strange.

    I dont think House is accepting the situation graciously, I think he is deeply hurt and shocked by Lucas’s revelations but, as usual masking his feelings.

    At least Wilson understands at last that House ,as Hugh Laurie says, may not be an angel but he is on the side of the angels.

  • “Looking like an extra from HBO’s John Adams miniseries”

    Nope, looking like the Prince Regent. How could a Laurie fan miss that?!

    I specifically made that comment fully aware of HL’s prince regent days 🙂 I didn’t miss it, but his costume was very much Colonial American. The colors, the wig. I didn’t see it as Regency. (I loved the HBO miniseries John Adams–and HL would have made a nice Jefferson, tho Stephen Dillane was sublime, But I digress).

    I think in the back of his mind, House did think maybe it was a dream. Not overtly. Because he had the confidence to court her, but somewhere in the back of his mind–and that has to do with his trust issues. And the not deserving to be happy issues he still has and has still to deal with more. So that’s what I (think) I meant.

    Sorry for my absence. Been down with the flu and bronchitis this last week. Thanks to everyone who participated in my survey over on my personal site. Tonight should be a good episode as well (they’ve all been great this season).

  • JustinGreen

    Hello all! Nobody will probably read this now but this episode aired in the UK tonight and I just thought I would add my thoughts. I have read through most of yours and really enjoyed doing so.

    Barbara! I love reading your reviews and the majority of the intelligent feedback from all afterwards.

    I really enjoyed this episode especially the House and Wilson scenes, I so love how the writers are developing and strengthening their relationship and believe theirs is the only true and constant relationship on this show (not in a gay way).

    From Wilson stating House has to go to the conference as he told his therapist he would be there for him and House deflecting saying he was going to the state pillow fighting contest
    WILSON: “It’s been on your calendar for weeks.
    HOUSE: So has Ramadan (hilarious)

    To House discovering what Wilson’s speech was based on, drugging him to protect and prevent him from ruining his career but by airing Wilson’s words himself via a pseudonym and ignoring the Q&A session afterwards because he knew the interest the taboo (not taboo) subject would bring.

    I am in total agreement that Doctor’s euphonise (spelling?) patients on a daily basis (in the real world) but there is only a small iota of Doctor’s who give a damn like Wilson (as a character) seemingly does and I am worried about him seen as he has been in this profession for years? and only now the inevitability of his patients dying is getting to him.

    Wilson realizing what House had actually done for him and telling him he is a true friend with the utmost sincerity and seeming a little choked in doing so. What a beautiful moment between them, I felt crying that Wilson has finally realized that House is not a heartless egotistical so and so.

    Regarding Wilson giving House advice on what to do with his Cuddy situation I think Wilson has just had enough of their backwards and forwards dance and just wants House to be a man and do what he thinks is right but with little nudges in the right direction of what he thinks Cuddy wants (if that makes sense)

    Sorry if I have rambled on about these two but I just love them.

    Cuddy looked nervy when House said he was going to the conference, I think she was going to tell Wilson about her and Lucas and for him to break the news to House (though apparently as stated in Epic Fail she has lunch with Wilson every Tuesday so for her to leave it until the conference I don‘t know).

    I totally understand that Cuddy would have been terrified when she witnessed House’s mental breakdown at the end of season 5 and decided that she needs stability in her life so has decided to move on to pastures new and get a life of her own.
    Now he is back she doesn‘t seem to know what approach to take with him. She is not used to his newly developed emotional skills and has been tip toeing around him since the start of this season to try and establish their ground and has cleverly concealed that she was worried about him because she knows he hates being pitied.

    I truly though cannot understand why she gave the full details of what she knew of House’s breakdown to Lucas, Cuddy has always protected House through thick and thin and knows he is such a private person, so for her to reveal in fine detail of what he has gone through I am shocked. Lucas cannot lie as stated in season 5 so just blabbered on making the situation more awkward but I think him revealing that Cuddy was/is worried about House’s state of mind makes her seem weaker as a boss and I think House will play on this in further episodes.

  • Flo

    Interesting thoughts Sera G. I also think that House somewhat took Cuddy for granted. The realization that their night wasn’t supposed to be a one night stand for him, it sure is huge for her.

    P, I know why your confused, and it is good to read Doris Egan coment on the House/Cuddy relationship.
    On the other hand, in “One Day, One Room” House did say he went to COLLEGE at Hopkins, so….still a little confuse about that.

    Barbara I hope it is not to late to answer to your fandom survey. Took me a few days to answer the questions.

  • Celia

    Yes, I was incorrect (Thank God). It won the Monday time slot, but came in number 4 in a repeat on Friday (likely against new episodes of the other shows). I didn’t spot the date until after I commented and realized the 13th was Friday. Actually #4 isn’t bad for a repeat. I am sooo relieved.

  • Epiphany

    House didn’t lose in the ratings Celia – not sure where you got that from. It led the 18-49 age group for Monday night. Dancing With The Stars won total viewers.

  • Celia

    Although this was a sad episode in many ways: House finding out Cuddy was in a relationship; House finding out what Cuddy knew and had shared of his breakdown and Wilson’s torment. It was also a positive episode in that House received two key validations: that Cuddy was attracted to him first long before he was the ‘ hospitals biggest asset” and from Wilson who so often only suspects House’s hidden good deeds that even with all it’s craziness House was ” a good friend”. The fact that both were said directly to House by the pivotal people in his life was so affirming to his mental health. I love how this show mixes pathos and constructive affirmation.I realize House will slip at some point but I think the writers will help him back up again. People don’t ‘change’ but they are capable of growth.
    I am conncerned thast House lost in the ratings with the 18-49 age group for this episode against pretty dismal competition. I can’t fathom why.

  • Ines

    Hello all, I’m reacting here to this quote of Barbara’s article: “Although the patient story wasn’t nearly as compelling as the drama surrounding the regular characters, it did lend an opportunity for a little bit of meta commentary on fantasy, the fandoms surrounding television series, and the Twitter world.”
    Yes, and not only that IMO. It is also a meta comment about the show’s own fanbase. We do imagine things behind what the screen shows us, what the characters feel, about their past … We dream on what can go through their heads or what they could do in a future episode … expressing it loud sometimes, hoping the writers might take it into account … and sometimes the fictional truth (the one the writers chose) is way beneath the things we imagined. The team thought the girl had come into her idol’s room, she probably believed it herself for a while – like House hallucinating his night with Cuddy – but reality was much more plain and disappointing: she didn’t dare knocking, as much as she wished it. Watching this episode, I couldn’t help imagining the writers leaning over the fan’s shoulders, especially the Huddy fans, serving them the main course they expected (the beginning of the Huddy story) and a bitter dessert (Lucas). I felt a bit like the girls in the queue when I watched the 80s party, then realized it was House and not a teenie show and prepared myself to a disillusionment to come. So no, the story wasn’t moving or absorbing, but I think it drew an interesting parallel with the way the fans interfere – or not – with the show.

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara. Another thoughtful review.
    As I am late responding to the review and others’ comments, I’m sure that I’ll be repeating but I wanted to offer a few of my thoughts to the discussion. I have only watched once, so on a second viewing may find I was off base, but:
    1. I didn’t think that Cuddy had Lucas hidden away the entire weekend, I got the impression she called him after her dance with House. (Further explanation in a minute.)
    2. In Cuddy’s defense, all she really knew about House’s hallucination was that he said, “That’s not what happened. You stayed, you helped me.” She was a witness to the declaration from the balcony. I don’t feel it was a betrayal to tell Lucas that much. How he interpreted and embellished it is his callous/socially inept fault.
    3. I must respectfully disagree with your comment, Barbara, that House must surely have known that his chance with Cuddy was a “pipe dream”. I feel that his boldness and determination to make his feelings clear to her was his belief that now that his life was on the right track, he was sober and relatively pain free, it was the perfect time to approach Cuddy and finally see where their attraction could go.
    This leads me to what I feel was one of the most interesting parts of this episode. We all live our lives secure in what we “know” about ourselves. What if what you have thought all along wasn’t quite right? Cuddy has spent more than 20 years in love with House, but believing him to be shallow, incapable of caring for her beyond the physical, based on their one night stand and not calling her again. No matter her admiration for him, she has steeled her heart against him, fearing that his irresponsibilty and callous use of her was all that he could give. Now as a parent, how can she trust not only her heart, but that of her vulnerable child with a man who could not be counted on. At the dance, she finds out that perhaps, there could have been more, that he had been interested in her and not just for sex. That must have shaken her to the core. Has she underestimated and misunderstood him all these years? The look on her face, to me, is one of fear, regret and confusion. Had she started dating Lucas out of a desire to make a family and only now finds out that her “dream” could have come true? I thought she called him to protect herself from acting rashly and jumping into a relationship with House too soon.
    As others have stated, Lucas is House-lite. The things she likes about him are what she loves and why she tolerates House; his humor, his ability to make connections, his observations and most of all, he is attracted to her. However, Lucas doesn’t make Cuddy guess how he feels, he tells her he is interested. She must find that flattering and comforting after an emotionally rocky year with House. Again in Cuddy’s defense, she approached him in “Epic Fail” and asked, “What am I?” His ambiguous response, “Not the reason it happened.” If she had been wavering in starting a relationship with Lucas, that might have pushed her toward him.

    Now, about the good doctor. I thought the title was a bit of a poke at him. House prides himself on not missing a thing and yet he missed the whole adoption procedure early in season 5, as well as missing the reserve that Cuddy has shown him this year. House, contrary to what some have said, always took Cuddy for granted. IMO, he always felt she would be there for him; protecting, nurturing, loving and supporting him. I don’t think it entered his mind that she would move on with her life. I think he knows how much she loves him and he could count on her being available when HE was ready.

    I am trusting the writers to not drag this on for too long. I can see the point that for House/Cuddy to attempt a real relationship it has to come from a place of honesty, willingness to commit, and both have to admit their true feeling, not only to each other, but to themselves. Cuddy deserves a partner who will be that for her. Do I think/want it to be Lucas? Of course not! I want House/Cuddy to “grow and deepen their relationship” to quote DS.
    Whew, that was long winded! Thanks for reading. Can’t wait for Monday and the rest of the season.
    P.S. I am enjoying a more contemplative House.

  • Donna

    P and others-
    If you’re interested Doris Eagan, co-writer of this episode, has posted a clarification of the House/Cuddy backstory on her Live Journal blog.

  • simplethings

    PH-The guy holding the boom box was John Cusack’s character Lloyd Dobbler from Say Anything. He did hold it over his head!

    I enjoyed the episode and am choosing to trust the writers and in Cuddy. They respect her. I’m in wait and see mode.

  • P.

    I’m a little confused. I thought that House was expelled from Hopkins FIRST, then met Cuddy when he went to Michigan Med School, where she was an undergrad who audited a course he was in.

    Now they’re saying that Cuddy was in med school as a freshman, they had the one night stand, and then he was expelled by Michigan. I really don’t think that a 3rd school would give him another try.

    Confused in California

  • Puiz András

    “Looking like an extra from HBO’s John Adams miniseries”

    Nope, looking like the Prince Regent. How could a Laurie fan miss that?!

  • Those who think Cuddy told Lucas about House: hey, the guy’s a PI. Don’t you think he’s capable of finding out all this stuff on his own?

    I still think the look she gives him at the breakfast table is “How could you?”

  • Epiphany

    Grace, give House time. An episode or two. There was waaaaay too much going on in Known Unknowns for jealous!House too. Besides, look at it from his point of view – he’d planned a major seduction, a charm offensive, with a woman he thought was single.

    Instead, he finds out in the worst possible way that not only is she already in a relationship, she’s seeing someone he introduced her to! In addition, Lucas is well aware of his breakdown and the nature of his delusions. That’s enough for one breakfast session, don’t you think? 🙂

    Once House has processed everything that happened in that wretched weekend, I’m convinced the jealousy will emerge… until he decides that he loves Cuddy enough to leave her alone so that she can be happy – even if it isn’t with him (just my guess as to what may happen next).

    On a separate note – Cuddy *must* now know the depth of House’s feelings about her. He offered to babysit! If that’s not House in love, what is?

  • Grace

    Well, where to begin. How about in the beginning. House has names for Cuddy’s boobs? I doubt it. Cuddy REALLY needs to learn how to dress for work. This is NOT fun or funny, it is stupid and uncalled for and IMHO makes Cuddy look cheap. I didn’t even smile or laugh at the look on House’s face as it was SO childish. These people are NOT in their 20’s BUT the desired viewers are…ah so. Please decide who you are going to write for, writers.
    I LOVED every House/Wilson scene. Wilson on the phone: I don’t know what department I need….I need pants. LOL!! When these two are on the screen I am in a magical heaven unaware of things going on around me.
    House was a bit too docile for me in this episode. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but certainly he should have gotten riled up about something…at sometime within the episode. But no matter, I ADORE this man….just wish his hair was a tiny bit longer and his beard a tiny bit shorter. 🙂
    Please don’t let him hold too many things in just to make him come crashing down again.
    Lucas: HATE
    Cuddy: I don’t know what to say about Cuddy except, HOW COULD SHE??? There is NO excuse for what she told Lucas for ANY reason…NONE.
    Chase: Enjoying having him back.
    Cameron: Sad to know she is leaving.
    Foreman: A little goes a long way.
    Taub and 13: Do you really have to bring them back?? It was SO NICE without them…sigh.
    Thanks for letting me vent, Barbara, and thanks for your GREAT reviews. The best of the best. 🙂

  • Reba

    Hello all,
    Little late with my comments this time, but it does take time to get to watch House in Norway.:-)

    I believe that Cuddy must have been in quite a state when House was hospitalized. I just wondered how I would react myself. Even though I love House, I would definitely think “what on earth will happen now, can we ever be together (will he get well at all?) and how will this affect Rachel?”

    When you get desperate, you do stupid things, like burst out with intimate details to people who there and then might seem to be there for you. I think Cuddy did that to Lucas and that she regrets it. Especially now after the breakfast scene. However, House is not exactly known for pussyfooting around other people’s feelings, and I think Cuddy will play proud. But eventually and hopefully she will ask for his forgiveness. For as many of you point out, telling about the hallucination and what happened after was a betrayal. And she knows it.

  • Jane

    Sarah, I think House was not out of character when he didn’t challenge Lucas at the breakfast table. It reminded me of the episode when House found out about Cuddy adopting a child. “If you’re happy, I’m…”

    I can’t believe that Cuddy is in a relationship with Lucas. I have a feeling that Cuddy is still in love with House but very much afraid of getting into a relationship with House, so she’s used Lucas to ward off House’s courtship.

  • Sarah

    It didn’t occur to me that Lucas rambled on purpose, but now it makes perfect sense. I mean, it wasn’t be plausible for a grown man to be that socially inedpt to not know that House’s institutionalization is a taboo subject.

    And Cuddy had been acting strange towards House lately. Gone is their flirty banter. For example, I think it was two episodes, when Cuddy approached House, saying Thirteen had called because someone had hacked into her email. Cuddy approached House with a small, quiet smile, devoid of any playfullness. Rather, it had a bit of sympathy in it. I want to know when she started dating Lucas.

    Clearly, he is no match for House’s intellectual skills.

    And Cuddy’s face was priceless when she opened her hotel room door to House. First she was surprised, then you could see her face was filled with panic which she was trying to control. Then, when House offered to babysit, the look of guilt and remorse and utter sadness that crossed her face. Even though it was just for a split second, Lisa Edelstein was incredible here.

    House acted out of character by having breakfast with Cuddy and Lucas. It was a social thing to do. He’s obviously come a long way, trying not to be so miserable. Where is the jealousy? The old House would have pushed lamps over to get Cuddy’s attention, or listed all the reasons why Lucas is ill-suited for her. Instead, he quietly stood by and made polite small talk, asking how they hooked up. The part that made me the saddest was at the end, when he was watching Lucas play with Rachel, and he stated to Wilson, “He looks like the kind of guy who would stick around.” It was completely selfless of House, looking out for Cuddy and Rachel rather than his own desire for happiness with her.

  • PH

    Thank you BB for another great review. I look forward to reading them.

    I absolutely loved this episode! It showed House connecting with his softer side and opening up to Cuddy. It showed him (once again) being a protector and saving Wilson. It had our favorite doc scheming and dosing his best bud, then swiping all his pants!(HA) It had House forcing Chase to face his situation and deal with it. It revealed some of HL’s background… drumming and Blackadder. This episode even showed Hugh Laurie’s ability to deftly imitate a cell phones reception breaking up. (Seriously, who else can do that so perfectly?)

    The 80’s dance was my favorite part of the epi. HL played it to perfection. House ‘held his ground’ when another suitor asked Cuddy to dance, and did it without a verbal attack. Hugh’s comedic rendition of 80’s dancing to the song “Safety Dance” was superb, makes me laugh every time. [Although I felt it was a very rough cut from that to the slow scene. I think they should have shown a little bit more of it, in order to ease into the next slow song.]

    I felt the writing was perfect for the slow-dance conversation between House and Cuddy. House cast his line into the shallow waters first, by asking if she remembered the last time they had danced. Then bravely cast into deep water when he interjected that he had planned to meet with her the next day to see about a relationship. I think Cuddy’s response to his intimate admission was spot-on. This woman has carried a torch for him for 20 years. To finally hear this man state his feelings about a relationship, floored her and left her speechless. She’s been trying to move on with her life since becoming a mother. This revelation caught her off guard and screwed with her plans for her future. She probably was on the verge of tears, needing to retreat and reassess, after all she is Cuddy.

    [Was anyone else annoyed by the misrepresentation of the Boom Box? How old are the writers?! Come on, the guy should have had it ON HIS SHOULDER! And, it should have been twice that size.] HA.

    I loved RSL’s acting. His broken sentences after he drank the grape pop were funny, along with his slurred speech when he awoke. (HA) Although I do think we should all pitch in and get RSL some tanning time so his legs don’t look so pasty. (oops, sorry about that one)

    The breakfast scene was heart wrenching for me! I felt that Lucas purposefully spoke about House’s institutionalization. He started under a mask of innocence but as he rambled on, it changed. It was male vs. male, with Lucas actually being the dominant one, knowing House was competition. He revealed the secrets that Cuddy told him, showing House that he was close enough to Cuddy for her to confide in him. Lucas’ desire was to break him down.

    House intentionally stated during the breakfast scene, “And one thing leads to another..” in order to draw Cuddy back to their conversation the night before. He wanted to take a small jab at her. He wanted her to recollect what he said to her. It was his coded message to her, with undisguised pain in his eyes.

    After all the times he protected Cuddy and kept her secrets. Their sexual affair in college. Her fertility meds. Her IVF treatments. She betrayed him. She hit him in his soft spot, his ability to trust people.

    But.. I think that House will lick his wounds. I don’t think this fight is over by any stretch of the imagination. I’m guessing that House will set this fool up in a future episode. (I never did like Lucas the weasel.) House will somehow reveal Lucas’ character to Cuddy. Remember when he showed Dr. Sebastian Charles’ true character to Cameron in ‘TB or not TB’? This is going to be awesome. (HA) Show us your meddle House!

    Another great scene was when House said to Cameron, “Isn’t it annoying when everyone in the room knows something you don’t?”
    He forced Chase’s hand. He wanted him to deal with it instead of trying to sidestep the issue, letting it destroy his marriage and sanity. When Chase said to House, “You lit a fuse, you need to watch the bomb go off”, I think he was asking House for help. He wanted him to help him mend everything. After all, House already saved him by finding medical proof to help him bury his murder. Now Chase wanted to lean on him further. But House sobered him up, making him step up and be a man. He made him do it himself, harsh but necessary.

    Has anyone else caught the fact that Cameron has asked Foreman twice about why her husband is acting strangely, yet has not approached House on it?! House sees everything. (almost) House even stated that everyone in the room knew the reason.. except her. Why hasn’t she asked him? Why has she distanced herself so far from him? I don’t feel it’s due to the fact that he was institutionalized. I’m getting the feel that she still has feelings for him and has kept a distance since she’s married. What does everyone else feel on this?

    This season is setting itself up to be the best one yet…. bring it on! Please

  • nicole.o

    Delia Beatrice (#16 & 17)– PERFECT!
    I hadn’t thought about that but that makes perfect sense! Cuddy would have to tell Lucas that information so he would understand why she wanted to keep them a secret. There are lots of reason she doesn’t want House to know, but telling Lucas she loved House and didn’t want to hurt him wasn’t an option. Good catch! That makes a lot more sense now. I think Lucas sees through it though and that’s why he let it fly. It was calculated, had to be. Lucas really likes Cuddy probably but knows he can’t compete with House. Interesting dynamic….

  • Epiphany

    “I have to say that this is the first episode by Doris Egan that has made me cringe at some of the dialogue”

    Thank you Mena. You’ve saved me a sentence. A very uneven episode – far too much squeezed in, ergo, far too much written with a very heavy hand. The House/Wilson segments were flawless (St Doris strikes again!). However, the House/Cuddy parts lacked the subtlety that permeated the House/Wilson – a real shame.

    The POTW case was meh and I wasn’t captivated by the patient either (sorry Katie Jacobs!) but I liked the interaction between Foreman, Chase and Cameron – Jennifer Morrison’s absence is going to be a real killer in weeks to come, especially as it coincides with the return of Mary Sue, otherwise known as Thirteen.

    I like the idea of House and Cuddy reminiscing over a dance, but I didn’t like the clunky dialogue. And the less said about the Michigan/Hopkins continuity error, the better.

    As for the Cuddy/Lucas thing, as long as his character isn’t needlessly trashed just for the sake of making House look like a knight in shining armour in comparison, I’m OK with it. However, judging by the conversation in the restaurant, the omens aren’t good.

    I liked Lucas in season 5. I thought him quirky and fun; very much House-lite. The writers have got to tread carefully here because I’m starting to have Moonlighting/Sam-the-astronaut and Sex and the City/Aleksandr Petrovsky flashbacks and believe me, that ain’t good! Also, it smells of over-familiar soap tropes/staples… or bad fan fic.

    In truth, Huddy fans were seriously short-changed by Doris Egan (who’s penned some lovely episodes) and Matt Lewis (who wrote the Huddy-tastic Insensitive). How the heck did that happen? I’m a big House/Cuddy fan, but only Hilsons have reason to adore Known Unknowns. By the end of that episode, I was in no doubt about the love House and Wilson have for each other… just as well I adore them. But considering what was revealed about House and Cuddy, Huddy fans should’ve had that too.

    I’m going to watch Brave Heart again and savour the glory that was House opening up to Cuddy about his feelings with dialogue that made me feel warm and toasty. House writers – come on! You can do better!

  • Cee

    Thank you Barbara for another wonderful review! Like many before me have said watching an episode of House feels incomplete until reading Barbara’s review. Everyone else’s comments on this site are also a joy to read: I’m so glad I found a site containing such an intelligent discourse.
    Like many others, I was also stunned that Cuddy would have disclosed the intimate details of House’s hallucinations to Lucas. Of course, we don’t know for sure that Cuddy told him but it seems the most likely explanation especially because Cuddy seemed to look so uncomfortable and guilty when Lucas was speaking.
    As to those who feel Lucas was purposefully trying to hurt House with those words, I must respectfully disagree. In the previous episodes Lucas has always had trouble keeping his mouth shut and knowing when to be quiet.
    I was wondering if anyone else caught House saying “and one thing leads to another” in response to Cuddy’s explanation of how her and Lucas met? It was a great thing for House to say right then because it probably drew Cuddy’s attention back to the dance with House the night before. 🙂
    I’d also be interested in knowing what people think about why Wilson was so quiet at the breakfast. It almost seems that House asked him not to say anything?? His facial expressions when Lucas was speaking were really expressive and seemed to be asking Cuddy “what were you thinking?” either in reference to being with Lucas or telling Lucas about House. RSL is such a wonderful actor!

  • DebbieJ

    After watching it a second time, I still think it played out an after
    school special. Especially their version of typical teenage behavior, with the
    POTW and, sad to say, with Cuddy as well. (“I need a “guy” in my life
    that is reliable”? Really? A guy, not a man?) And that is only the tip of
    the iceberg where Cuddy’s behavior this episode is concerned. A lot of
    people in the fandom are saying that with Lucas, being a great PI and all, it’d
    be easy for him to obtain the most delicate and discreet information of
    House’s breakdown. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Cuddy had to have revealed the
    most intimate of details to him. I’m still trying to figure out why.

    Although the 80’s dance party was very sophmoric as well, (especially while
    they danced and of course, boom, a slow song comes on), I loved how this
    scene showed House really, really trying to open up to her and love what we
    find out about their past. She was not an intentional one-night stand. He
    meant to pursue her further, but was expelled from school before he could
    do so. I also loved their respective costumes! Especially his.

    I am afraid for what will happen to House. He is learning and trying to
    deal with the issue of trust and Cuddy’s actions just ripped it to shreds.
    You can just feel him squirm internally at breakfast. And the scene where
    he knocks on the door to offer to babysit just killed me. Hugh’s
    expression of shock, anger, surprise and hurt, all at once, was just heartbreaking.

    Onto to House and Wilson. I love how their relationship is going. What
    House did for Wilson, by saving his ass/career was so selfless and really
    showed how much he loves and cares for him. And I believe the best scene of
    the night was not even shown, except for in my imagination. Just thinking
    about House removing Wilson’s pants while he was knocked out just kills me!

    I’m glad that Chase finally told Cameron what has been bothering him and
    loved her reaction. It’s a shame that Jennifer is leaving (whether it be
    permanently or not – the jury is still out on that), because their storyline
    is getting meaty (and Jennifer is finally, imo becoming a better actress
    than she was in S1). Although I know their storyline is going the way it is
    in order to set up her exit 🙁

    I’m not looking forward to the “old” team, as House put it, coming back.
    To me, the best “team” would comprise of Chase, Cameron and Taub. Foreman
    and 13 can go off into the sunset for all I care. Although Foreman is a
    much better and interesting character when not paired with 13.

    And for those who were playing along, did anyone catch anymore Simpson
    Easter Eggs? The only one I caught was the Patty and Selma remark made by
    House to Cuddy in the beginning, referring to her bosom and saying it’s a
    compliment because they’re always smokin’!

  • IronCelt

    Dee #19 wrote that “the POTW was awful, and the medicine was highly inaccurate.” I hope no one who watches medical dramas ever thinks for one second that there is any reality in the medical situations dramatized. The TV dramas that have featured patients with hemochromatosis have been so far from reality that I’ve quit telling people I have the disease for fear they’ll think I have the symptoms House’s patients have (remember the Katrina survivor?!)

  • Meena

    Thank you for your review, Barbara. Though I liked, and did not love this episode, I did love the title of it (from Rumsfeld nothwithstanding, I agree with you Barbara!), as well as the way that this show gets me to think about all the levels of connections that can happen over a given episode.

    For instance, as soon as the diagnosis was hemachromatosis (which my non-medical mind summarizes as too much iron), I loved that a song by Metallica (heavy metal) was used as a diagnostic tool; I wonder if that is a happy accident or something the writers planned.

    But otherwise there were too many subplots and stories going on in this story to coherently follow everything that was and wasn’t happening. I think it made the writers a bit sloppy – come on, an open glass with grape soda? House would have injected a closed can or something, to give the illusion that he was not up to something devious. The way that Wilson took the grape soda, I felt like he must have known House was going to drug him, and he wanted House to do so (without admiting to it). And Chase with the oysters? I was convinced that that was a red herring. But unfortunately, it was oysters. lame.

    And I prefered my own known unknown regarding House and Cuddy’s backstory, because I don’t think this revelation tells us anything truly new about their relationship and feelings or what they mean to each other (we already know they are attracted in a special way towards one another).

    I have to say that this is the first episode by Doris Egan that has made me cringe at some of the dialogue. I still think she’s one of the absolute best writers they have.

    With all that said, I really have to commend RSL, LE, and HL on their sublime acting – amazing stuff. This episode was not about shifty eyes, but staring straight.

    Especially LE, she has played Cuddy more somber and quiet this season, and yet somehow more vulnerable with House. Even though she’s not with House at this moment, and is truly conflicted by the idea of a relationship with him (and rightfully so), their honesty about what happened (both last season and in med school) and their feelings being out in the open is new territory for both.

  • CJD

    Rewriter: good catch of the unknown made known.As I wrote before, I totally agree with your thoughts on Lucas’ motivation in his babbling-which was actually well thought out and planned.You bring up an excellent point about how House will handle this next. I’m not sure he is far enough in his recovery to be able to use the coping skills he is just now learning.I really hope this is not something that will cause him to backslide.

  • Rewriter

    Thanks, Barbara, for your usual insightful commentary. I agree with many of the comments made here, but I think that the breakfast babbling that Lucas did was totally intentional and wickedly aimed right at House’s heart. Lucas (who is a very smart PI) acknowledged an interest in Cuddy last year and he knew then that House had a similar interest; remember “we’ll see who gets there first”? That Lucas got there was undoubtedly painful as well as “awkward” for House, but discovering the betrayal of his secrets (the unknown made known) by Cuddy had to be the pivotal point of the script. House’s reaction is indeed classy, and he ironically accepts Lucas’ offer of ginger ale “with lemon” just as sour and acid as Lucas’ revelations. It will be interesting to see if House’s new coping skills are enough to get him past the betrayal, just as he is learning to trust.

  • simchasd

    Just some interesting trivia for those insomniacs. Hugh Laurie’s costume that he wore to the party was very reminiscent of him in Annie Lennox’s music video, Walking on Broken Glass, where he sports a more elaborate version of it. For a kick watch it on You Tube.

  • It was great to come home this evening to so much debate. Thanks.

    Interesting thing that may have gotten lost was after House hinted to Cameron that there may be a secret, Foreman tells Chase that maybe that’s House’s way of telling him to “talk to her.” YES!

    Is he finally getting House? House is never straightforward, he teaches by challenge and metaphor. He wants people to figure it out for themselves. Is Foreman finally beginning to understand HouseSpeak?

  • Dee

    This episode was subpar on so many levels. The House/Wilson scenes were wonderful (thank you, Doris), but the entire episode was choppy and disjointed. It seemed as if a lot of individual scenes were just strung together randomly. The POTW was awful, and the medicine was highly inaccurate.

    The worst thing, though, is what the writers have done to Cuddy. The gratuitous and unnecessary boob and butt show at the beginning of the episode made me want to scream. (No, Greg Yaitanes, it is NOT amusing at all.) What are we supposed to think about an administrator that dresses and acts this way with her employees?

    Cuddy led House on during the dance, only to dump him when he finally opens up to her. Lucas? Really? This is who she chooses to be “there for her every day”?

    And the absolute worst scene in the entire episode was the restaurant scene. I have NO DOUBT that Cuddy told Lucas everything about House’s hallucination, breakdown and subsequent instutionalization. Not only is she cruelly and callously betraying her “friend”, she is also his EMPLOYER and has A LEGAL OBLIGATION to PROTECT House’s private information and not share it with ANYONE.

    There is a lot of Cuddy bashing going on, and it’s going to continue if the writers insist on writing the character this way. It is a shame what they have done to destroy this once strong, confident, and independent woman. And enough is enough with the suggestive wardrobe and deliberately suggestive behavior.

    I honestly don’t know what TPTB are thinking lately.

  • simchasd

    Barbara, you must be up to all hours of the night getting these reviews out the very next day. Hats off to you, as your commentaries thresh out the episodes for us & give us a better understanding of the inter-dynamics at play.

    I tremendously enjoyed this episode but as others have mentioned, I found Cuddy’s actions & responses to be out of character with the role of the intelligent, caring & discerning medical director. Leaving House in the middle of the dance floor at that party, after they both were very sweetly going down memory lane together, while House was confessing his long standing interest in her is nonsensical. What was she running away from?

    Talking to Wilson, the next day and using “baby Rachel” as a pretext for House not being the right one was extremely lame. As Sarah #6 pointed out, she wants House to be a “reliable mother.” As a professional herself, how often is she there for Rachel? Days after adopting Rachel didn’t she bring her to House to hold and play with, resembling a little nuclear family? Using Rachel as a wedge between them, at this point,(Rachel appears to be a toddler already) isn’t consistent with the reality of the situation. Besides House offering his services to babysit Rachel,a grandiose gesture if you ask me, should have registered with Cuddy.

    IronCelt is also correct in stating that there is nothing believable in the Cuddy-Lucas link. The appearance of Lucas was like that of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. The two had no chemistry before and certainly do not now. And the fact that Lucas was told all the grisly details which he decided to use as filler conversation at breakfast and neither the protective & caring Wilson nor Cuddy did anything to stop him, also lacks credibility.

    This hooking up of Cuddy with Lucas is a BIG mistake. He has no gravitas to compete with House. Since Lucas must have so much time on his hands, having him as the babysitter is about all he is good for. This cha-cha like dance that they have House and Cuddy playing, needs to be more in-step with their characters.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    I am so sorry:). That was my 2 years old son, pressing buttons over my hand… I do apologize for the multiple posting and the interrupted phrase.
    One other thing i attempted to say was this: picture a new couple in love – Lucas and Cuddy. How can a woman convince her boyfriend that he should help her take care of her child, but that he needed to stay locked up in a room for fear a friend of hers finds out they are dating – a friend that Lucas suspected had feelings for Cuddy even last year?! My guess is, she tells him why she thinks House is vulnerable – yes, it is a form of betrayal of House’s trust, but it is also the proof that she understood exactly the meaning of his hallucination AND that she cares about not hurting House more than about not humiliating Lucas.
    Also, i would really want to know when exactly did she start dating Lucas. Because the question pre-or-post House’s return from Mayfield is essential! If she began seeing Lucas after House returned from Mayfield, then i think it was because he showed her clearly that “hings were not going anywhere anylonger in Epic Fail. So she was hurt and disappointed (“House, i am going to miss you”, remember?) and she tried hard to move on with her life, even if it meant settling for this pairing with Lucas, who is clearly beneath her and a very improbable match.
    I find it very hard to understand how this whole Lucas game can continue for so many episodes – they said he is going to be “a presence” (in Cuddy’s life, even if not on screen) even after episode 12. I feel that is far too much…

  • Delia_Beatrice

    I agree to most of the opinions stated above, but i do have one little comment: what i think happened to Lucas was that he burst out with the enormous frustration and anger of what he experienced – Cuddy used him as a babysitter, but forced him to be her “dirty little secret” for fear his presence might hurt House. It shows her great concern for House as well as her lack of concern for Lucas… I mean, suppose Lucas and CuddI also think it’s a possibility that Cuddy gave all that information to Lucas in her attempt to explain to him why she thinks House must not find out about them… If she hadn’t told all that to him, why would Lucas accept that humiliating role, the babysitter locked in the room?

  • Endocrin74

    Loved this episode, i love all episodes with House Wilson and Cuddy being at the fore front of it.

    In my opinion though i have slowly begun to realize that Cuddy is the master manipulater & will do anything just to make House do his job, whether it be by flirtation (often the way he seems to respond better to since season two)or by assertiveness when he is that engrossed in a puzzle that the flirtation doesn’t work.

    I see season 5 with regard to their kiss as shared pain and the flirtation afterwards of her trying to establish their ground and figure out what best approach to take with him and when Kutner committed suicide she tried to be there for him but flirtation couldn’t work and she knew her just being there for him would’t work.

    I have no doubts that she admires House and they have trust for each other and she tries to support him and always tries to treat him as an equal but (in my opinion)she does pity him (she knows House hates pity) and with this revelation about Lucas knowing his private matter from her?

  • Is euthanasia the theme of the season? First Chase, and now Wilson. I realize the patient more or less committed suicide in RSL case. Cameron also did a patient assisted suicide too. Seems to me they all forgot Hippocratic oath. Chase I can understand, but Wilson’s patient would have died on his own without any help had he just been left alone. House was right, Wilson might be the only oncologist who feels guilty his patients get sick.

  • Cuddy looked appalled and embarrassed at Lucas’s logorrhea. The dance was priceless. Even the music (Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”) upheld the themes of the episode. And House’s costume not only made a cane a logical part of his apparel; it echoed some of Hugh Laurie’s other roles.

    I somewhat understand Cuddy having some fun with Lucas, as the childish/childlike traits he evinces probably would be less grating in a one-on-one setting, and his boyishness might be a refreshing change from the life-and-death stresses of running a hospital. But the look on her face after his mouth keeps running says she’s questioning his place in her life. I think the POW acted more mature than he did. But this is pretty much who I’ve always seen in him: a kid who says whatever comes in his head, with no governor on his tongue.

    Bottom line, IMHO: she can run rings around him in the brains and maturity departments, and that means he’s not going to last long. Not to mention the fact that his immaturity highlights how much House has progressed in so many ways.

  • Narenika

    “the moral courage required by Chase to assassinate Dibala”

    I stopped at this moment and asked myself “what?!”. Chase is a hero now? Maybe we all should have this “moral courage” and walk around killing every criminal we see, or every person we suspect being criminal, or just every person we dislike.

  • Flo

    great episode. I really liked the interactions between all the characters. Even Foreman was good! I liked his talk with Cameron. “You should trust him”, Foreman at his best!

    House is really trying, like Wilson says and this episode is the first one, he succeeded completly. He was great from beginning to end. Mature, nice, considerate, class as everyone puts it.
    The dance scene was very good, and it’s nice to learn more about House and Cuddy’s shared past.
    It’s interesting to see that he fantasized about Cuddy telling him she always had feelings for him, all these years, in “Under My Skin” to see him revealing, for real, that he always had.
    The realization that he wanted more than a one night stand is, understably, a shock for her.

    That scene is obviously pivotal in their relationship and it will be interesting to see the fallout. It gave the tone of the other scenes, especially the coffee shop one.
    Everyone was very uncomfortable and I think Cuddy felt really bad after what House admitted to her. She doesn’t know what to do with that statement. Lucas attempt to break the awkward silence was stupid and fun. He really made a fool of himself. The others faces while he rambled were priceless. At least he realized that he should shut up….a little too late. It’s like Cuddy has two kids now. We’ll see how it works. Anyway the looks, especially between House and Cuddy, were fantastic.

    The Wilson storyline was great. I like the fact that House admitted to not have been always a good friend during the speech. he is one now. Honestly I think Wilson wasn’t always a good friend either but they seem to come to a new phase now that Wilson is acknowledging House’s change.
    It is not easy to face with dying people all day, every day and the story was well put.
    The change of scenery was good, it’s great to see the characters outside PPTH once in a while and I think the trips are conducive to confessions or/and bold actions. It’s an adventure. It’s like, there are some things we can’t do in our regular place.

    Back to PPTH, the PotW wasn’t exciting but it was okay. Seing the old team on their own was nice.
    I’m glad Chase finally told Cameron about Dibala. Nice scene. Good filming. We’ll see the fallout for that too.

    Anyway, very good episode and good review as always Barbara!

  • IronCelt

    I just can’t find anything believable in the Cuddy-Lucas link–any more than I could ever see anything believable in the Foreman-13 link. But watching the “clean” House is weird; seeing him react rationally and appropriately is jarringly bizarre.

  • Jen

    Barbara, House was a class act last night! I just loved that ep, as I think the “road trip” ones are some of my most favorite re-watches! Funny thing, each one is on my iPod! I too think House has not given up entirely, that is not his way. I love how he is always protective of his friends and caring, with Wilson and Chase last night. Great review as always BB and I love reading everyone’s comments. Mondays with House are an excellent way to spend one-seventh of your life!

  • nicole.o

    I agree Barbara, House won’t give up so easily. Not his style.

    Sarah- Probably a bit of Edelstein peeking through. I think Cuddy’s reaction at the dance to quickly leave was probably b/c she had Lucas waiting for her and it freaked her out a bit. She loves House, always has. Hearing he has had feelings for her all this time, probably a shock. Plus, she is not very experienced in relationships either. She’s immature in a sense and doesn’t know what she wants/needs so being excited to be dancing with him then freaking out and leaving is probably a correct dipiction. It was (fun isn’t the right word) but interesting to see House be the stable one for once.

    Greg Y has said ep 14 will be a big one…maybe that’s when these two come together for something??? Hope so…

  • IronCelt

    As for the “uninteresting patient story,” here’s some trivia: it was the third time the writers have employed the disease hemochromatosis on this show. Is that some sort of record? Okay, so maybe only I and my fellow HH patients noticed! Great episode and review of the character dynamics, as usual. Thanks!

  • Sarah

    CJD and Nicole — I was amazed and delighted at House’s taking the chances he took both with Cuddy and for Wilson. It is inspring to see his small steps getting bolder and bolder, and Hugh looks to be enjoying doing more than sitting at the DDX table. I was also surprised and dismayed at Cuddy. I agree that she must have been the one to tell Lucas the details of the hallucination — on the one hand, it lets me know how freaked out she must’ve been seeing House lose it in front of her that she needed to tell someone so badly. However, Wilson would’ve seemed the more obvious choice.

    Lucas’ behavior in the restaurant was not terribly surprising to me; he seemed like a man-boy in the episodes last year, and if I remember right, several mentions were made of his inability to lie well and to know when to shut up. The other thing that bothered me about Cuddy was the way she acted at the beginning of her and House’s dance. I don’t know if it was Edelstein peeking through Cuddy, but she seemed so happy to be dancing with him and tucked right into his shoulder, etc. Why do that when you know Lucas is waiting for you upstairs (OK, I know why I’d do that, but you get my point?)? It seems like she wants House as a woman and someone “reliable” as a mother — if Lucas continues to be written as he was in this episode, he will be quickly showing her that she’s made the wrong compromise. I will be very interested to see what Wilson, as a witness to all this, will have to say/do in the weeks to come.

    On other fronts, I could’ve cared less about the POTW, something that I find disturbing as the show works best for me when there’s both an interesting case as well as interpersonal dynamics. Also, thank God, Chase finally told Cameron — the two of them being cold and distant with each other is not something I need to keep seeing to get the point. Thank you, Barbara, for another interesting review!

  • House was a class act last night–from that expensive costume for the party to the way he reacted 3x regarding Lucas and Cuddy. He was mature although I’m sure his heart was broken. House is not a “ok the other guy won, I’ll just go on to the next babe” sort of guy. Although Wilson can be. But not House.

  • switchkosterice

    For some reason I thought he went to Hopkins first and THEN Michigan. Then we got that “clarification” on Twitter this morning. Now I’m confused.

  • nicole.o

    CJD- I completely agree. It seems immature and out of character for Cuddy to divulge such personal information with a new boyfriend, especially when she has always protected House. I think Lucas’s out of line divulging of those private details showed how uncomfortable and threatened he is by House. Cuddy has always been someone House could trust and right in that scene I think she lost some of that. It just shows that even though she is a powerhouse in her job, she’s just as awckward in relationships as House. Although this time, I think he showed more maturity than her, and a hell of a lot more class than him.

  • nicole.o

    I must say I was floored at House’s 180 degree turn in putting himself out there and so agressively seeking out Cuddy for an actual relationship. Floored and elated about every part of it. But when I saw Lucas in the room with Cuddy and House’s reaction, after he’d gone to offer to babysit of all things showing he would do ANYTHING for her, just crushed me!!I kept saying “no!no!no!” to which my husband reminded me it was a tv show… lol But you get so personally attached to these characters I couldn’t help my reaction. Anyhow, you could tell Cuddy was torn a bit, but it seemed like she was almost giving up on what she really wanted because of the baby…settling if you will. Lucas doesn’t seem like enough man for her either, it’s an odd fit. He’s good with Rachel, but not intellecutally on the right level for her. I also think she was careless on inviting Lucas up there if she didn’t want House to find out. My heart went out to House, for all his efforts and putting himself out there rejection like this from the woman who even Lucas acknowledged was his savior of sorts in his delusion, might just drive him back inside or even back to drugs. I love seeing House put himself out there so much, I just wish Cuddy would follow suit and let her guard down too.
    Loved House and Wilson as well. But the actual case actress (daughter of Katie Jacobs I believe)wasn’t all that inspiring. It would be hard to compete with everything else so big going on personally with the characters we adore, but they have had some amazingly brilliant guest stars on there and she kinda fell short for me.
    One more adder, I wasn’t super excited at the promo for next week where House goes back for his “old” team. I love the dynamic so much more with the originals. I could do without Taub and 13. WIsh they would keep it that way, alas…not gonna happen.

    Thank you Barbara! 🙂

  • CJD

    I need more help in understanding the Lucas scene. I cannot think of a single reason for Cuddy to have told Lucas about House. I am positive that she did, Lucas could not have discovered this no matter how good a PI he is. There is no way, while investigating a accounting problem, that he could have learned these intimate details. Even if he knew some things, like the shouting off the balcony incident, which he may have questioned Cuddy about, he could only have found out the rest if she told him. She could have said something to satisfy Lucas without betraying House. I believe it was a betrayal. The details of his delusion are something that is so private, that I find it unbelievable that Cuddy could have told Lucas. He is not exactly a friend of House’s, certainly not a close one. Even if Cuddy felt she had to talk to someone, Lucas is a new boyfriend, and at this point in their relationship, he doesn’t deserve the position of recipiant of this knowledge. Look what he did with it. He was not being ingenious, or talkative, he purposely taunted House with his personal and private information, treating him as a rival, not a friend.Cuddy did not tell him to shut up either. I don’t get any of this at all. Hopefully someone can tell me something to make it understandable.