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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Everybody Dies”

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Note: I will have a full commentary on House, M.D. “Everybody Dies” later in the week, when I have a chance to digest the series finale. I wanted to post an open thread now, just touching on my first impressions. Everybody lies. Everybody dies. Last night was the series finale of House M.D. It was full of surprises, twists, and turns. It was a fitting conclusion to this leg, as it were, of his journey.

Riding off into the sunset with his best friend, the dying Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), House (Hugh Laurie) is ready for whatever comes next. Although we will not see them, the next months for House will not be easy ones. He will have to learn to care for his friend, to be the adult in ways that he has never had to before. But he is willing, at least now, to confront living, no longer more willing to self-destruct, to hide, to run away, at least not for the last months of Wilson’s life.

“Everybody Dies” finds our hero in purgatory, the fires of his personal hell lapping at him; waiting to consume him. Facing jail, the death of his closest friend, and the refusal of his colleagues to further enable him, House is at a crossroads—again. So many times he has been here, in this place where dying is the easy way out. And every time, he has (often haltingly) chosen life.

But as the warehouse burns around him, we, as viewers are stunned when it appears that House—always so resilient—has finally decided to end the pain of his life permanently. I scratched my head as I watched that moment with a (virtual) roomful of fans whose “WTFs” and “OMGs” turned to stunned silence (as in no typing) and shock that House was dead.

I scratched my head because there were still more than 10 minutes to go, and it didn’t add up to me. What had David Shore cooked up for us in those last 12 minutes? A tribute? A farewell? A meeting in the afterlife for House and Wilson (and Amber and Kutner)?

Indeed, not. In true Housian fashion, once again, not only has House chosen life, but figured out how to game the system entirely! But this time, not to his benefit (not at all), but to Wilson’s. House has destroyed himself: his career is over; his name is eradicated from the list of the living (and in true Holmsian fashion ala “Reichenbach Falls”).

He will never practice medicine again as the world-renowned diagnostician. But he chooses this in a pure act of selflessness and self-sacrifice—just to “be there” for Wilson and help him live out the last few months of his life in happiness and peace. I adored the series finale. It was great seeing so many faces from the past put in appearances, from Dr. Nolan (Andre Braugher) to Cameron (Jennifer Morrison, who took a break from filming her own hit show Once Upon a Time), to Stacy (Sela Ward), Amber (Anne Dudek), Kutner (Kal Penn), and even Nurse Jeffrey.  I was disappointed not to see Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) drop by somewhere in House’s heroin-addled subconscious, but I’m glad David Shore at least inserted a small clip from a happier time. Placing House in purgatory to be visited by a series of guides to steer him through this last stretch was a brilliant way to structure the episode’s story.

For all his sarcasm, House has always been one of the most introspective characters to ever have graced the small screen. The best House episodes have been those that allow us access into his chaotic inner life, whether through dreams, hallucinations or honest revelations. House’s purgatory is to listen to his own voice channeled through those no longer in his life: Kutner, in whose suicidal shoes House now walks; Amber, whose voice has stalked him at other crisis points; Stacy, a woman with whom he shared a deep love, and Cameron, who had always believed in the best of him. And in the end, he has no choice, but to choose life as he so often has before. Remember: people don’t change! A question for you all: Did House leave clues for Chase, Foreman, and Cameron that he’s still alive and bikin’? Much more later this week! But for now, a poll:

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  • Pam

    I saw the clue he left for Foreman, and I’m pretty sure the picture on Cameron’s computer was a clue. But didn’t see a clue for Chase-hoping I just missed it?

    I didn’t get that he gave up his life for Wilson until after.

    Wish Cuddy could have appeared. That would have been the most interesting conversation I think. But glad everyone else went back-was hoping for Amber, and seeing Stacey again was a nice surprise.

    I loved the finale-thought it was perfect. The more I think about it the better I like it. Looking forward to your full review.

  • Tourmaline

    Were those ouvert clues to House’s continued existence, or reminders – a montage of what the show has been? Of where the original three fellows were when the show started and where they are now?

    I agree it would’ve been good to see Cuddy (and Rachel) again, but I would’ve been surprised if Lisa Edelstein had agreed to return. Would’ve also been good to see Lin-Manuel Miranda reprise Alvie too.

    After all the angsting over who might die in the finale, this was an excellent well-crafted story to tie everything up. Am now looking forward to the fanfic that will no doubt spring up in our various House fandom communities 🙂

  • housemaniac

    Hi Barbara! Thanks for the quick turn-around and throughtful commentary. I realize I’m known as something of a curmudgeon around here, but since “people don’t change,” why stop now? I wonder if you would respond to the following.

    This morning I checked the on-line reviews of the episode and they were pretty mediocre, some downright hostile. Why do you think the critics and the fans here have such different views of the finale?

    Here are just a few snippets: One reviewer pointed out that there was a dead body next to House when he was first shown in the warehouse. Did you notice that? I didn’t. But if that was the case, then the fact that the firemen only pulled one body out of the burning building would have been a HUGE CLUE that House was probably stil alive. The reviewer thought this was too obvious.

    Another complaint was that bringing back stars of yore is a common gimmick for series’ finales. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that while I liked seeing all of those characters, I agree with the reviewer that it did not feel especially organic to the plot. To see one or two, maybe. But a whole litany of conversations with characters from House’s past made for a kind of repetition that I did not particularly like and also served to highlight the absence of Cuddy, which made it harder (for me, at least) not to be distracted by her absence. Finally, the characters in the warehouse seemed more like ghosts than hallucinations, which was weird and a departure for the show–from the rational into the mystical.

    Then there is my own personal peeve: Shore essentially copied the structure of the Reichenbach Falls story. A great story, to be sure, but ideally I would have preferred more originality.

    Don’t get me wrong: I liked the finale. I just didn’t love it. I gave it four stars. I will treasure this show forever. But I don’t think this will make it on my top 5 favorite episodes. I preferred the penultimate one where one of television’s best if not the best male friendship was explored to the hilt. Endings are hard. Maybe they are impossible. I am left today with closure but not awe.

  • rjw

    Loved it!!! He definitely left that clue for Foreman,but didn’t notice any for Chase or Cameron.

  • Cyndi

    Thanks for the quick notes…
    I was very touched by House’s ultimate act of selflessness.
    I must say though, I was a little antsy during the first 45 minutes of the show. It was a little slow to get to the point. The ending made up for it. Thinking about the show overnight, I woke up smiling as House’s decision to do what he did let all those around him take a step forward in their lives. It was time for everyone to move on.
    Can’t wait to watch the last 15 minutes again.

  • Rewatched and obviously Foreman knows, and that picture popped up on Cameron’s laptop. She looked mildly surprised. It’s ambiguous. Nothing for Chase, who needs to know that he’s independent (better for him not to know that House is still around)

    The body was the patient. No one else knew that the man was in there with House, so one body had to be House. I don’t understand the confusion about that! The beams fell in front of House and there was a many second delay before the entire thing exploded. House could have escaped through the back or a side door.

  • Igor

    I guess it’s because Buddhism is so disregarded and misperceived in Anglo-American society that House’s story is not seen for what it is: the American telling of the story of Buddha.

  • dvbfan

    I liked this finale a lot. It was surprising,shocking,emotional and full of twists and turns. For me this episode was one the best episodes of this show.
    I mentioned to Barbara that maybe Wilson was hallucinating at the end and House has died,but now I think House has faked his death and has done something great for his best friend .It was the best self-sacrificing gesture that someone can do for his friend and House did it gracefully for Wilson.
    In my opinion at the end House has changed because he did something truly valuable and precious for Wilson and it was a true sign of “unconditional love”;in contrast, at first, he did not believe in “unconditional love” and he mentioned everything is conditional .
    And the last thing,Barbara I will miss your great articles about this magnificent show.
    Something is funny here, I have an exam tomorrow and I have studied nothing and I have decided to write about House because I spent my whole day watching House and following House fans opinions !

  • housemaniac

    But Barbara WE the viewers knew the body was in there. That is all I meant–Shore left us a pretty big clue that House may still have been alive. Have seen some more positive reviews now, by the way, though I just read one that said House has always been more about fantasy than most shows. Huh? Anyway, I share your smile, Cyndi.

  • Jacksam4eva

    Loved it. Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT. Plain and simple. I’ve only watched the episode once so far but it was just so satisfying as fan, a regular viewer, anything. I’d made a huge effort to stay spoiler free until I saw the episode this morning and I’m just so glad I did, because I really didn’t expect Sela Ward and Anne Dudeck to show up and Oh my God how great they were! But maybe this is just me remembering all the reasons why I loved Stacy so much. And everything else was just perfect. The dialogue, the acting, the end, everything. For some reason, I believe what I loved the most is the fact that as we’ll probably see in the discussions, anyone can see pretty much anything they want to see in this finale, which will inevitably lead to endless discussions but anyway. I mean, so far, just on the people-don’t-change topic, I’ve read in some reviews that it confirmed that people don’t change, in some others that it proved that House could change, and finally some who said the episode hadn’t really touched the subject at all. Sure, some opinions might be better argued than others but the point is, the episode just has so much depth that it made me proud to be fan and to have watched this show for so long. But yeah, I’m also sad it’s over.

    P.S.: I loved how the ceiling in the house collapsed in the exact same way it did with the MRI in Holding On but this time because of fire, not because of water, which could have extinguished that fire. I don’t know if that hapenned on purpose but hope it did.

  • MusicandHouse

    I thought maybe the ball was left as a clue for Chase, but I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t sure if that picture was sent to Cameron as a clue or if she was just reminicing, a visual juxtoposition of her old life and her new one. I guess its open for interpritation .Foreman was the only one who visibaly figured it out, as he should because he was the only one of those three who knew about Wilson AND House going back to jail.
    Was that negaitve review by EW’s Ken Tucker? I skimmed through it but didn’t read the whole thing because Ken is usually really negative about House, I honestly don’t know why he has the job of reviewing it for all these years.
    As for the other body, I don’t think that is strange at all. The building was abandoned and the firemen only knew about House being inside, so they wouldn’t look for more. As for the viewers knowing there were two, thats eliminated when Foreman comes out and says that they have confirmed the body it Houses (based on what we now know were false records).
    I thought this finale was brilliant. It was a perfect ending to the series and it was one of the most meaningful episodes of the series and the most meaningful series finales I have ever seen. It gave the perfect amount of colsure without devistating us over the death of House.

  • Koji Attwood

    I liked the Dead Poets Society mention as a nice nod in Robert Sean Leonard’s direction.

  • housemaniac

    I totally agree with you! Not strange at all. I guess I have not been communicating well today–still recovering from last night. All I mean about the second body is that it could have served as hope for all of us viewers as we freaked out when the ceiling collapsed on House. I had forgotten about the dead patient and so I did not know where to find hope that House was still alive, even though I sensed–especially with Barabara’s observation that there was so much time left–that something was afoot and House might still be alive. So, again, I’m just saying that the dead patient was a clue for us, the viewers, that all may not be as it seemed.

    I think the negative review might have been by Tucker, yes. I saw two.

  • housemaniac

    Sorry. To clarify: not when the ceiling collapsed but when the firemen brought out a body.

  • George

    Pretty good episode overall, and one of the better series finales going.

    Clues, I didn’t see any other than the card left on Foremans floor but in my opinion I agree with what others have said, they seemed more reminders than anything else.

    @ Housemaniac — I can certainly see the point but the fact it followed the Reichenbach Falls idea in my opinion is a good thing, throughout House he’s always been a Sherlock Holmes of Medicine the last episode wasn’t just a tribute to House’s character but his “role model”.

    Originality is a great thing, but I think if you are going to design the show around a preexisting idea, you should recognise it, House MDs writers chose to do this in a last episode (although it remained classic house style).

    Overall I’m glad they ended it the way they did, I didn’t think I’d be satisfied as a fan with anything other than House’s suicide/running away from the cops, but they ended the show and him much more gracefully, I wanted House to actually do something for Wilson and he did, a sacrifice I’m wondering he hadn’t planned all along. (The idea he left clues in the hospital a la Foreman, kinda suggests that he planned some of this out).

  • today

    I thought it was a fantastic ending and a great way to end the serie.
    We the fan, can now believe whatever we want about the future of House and at the same time, it left the serie wide open. Maybe for a future episode (I can dream)
    The conversation in the burning building with each guest was priceless, that is the reason why I wath House.
    As far as this episode is concerned I do have to questions:
    1.- When Wilson says to House you have only one person you can rely on, House answers I thought I have two? Who is he refering to?
    2.- When Stacy asks House to hold his child, is she saying this is Houses’s child?
    I have never seen an episode where they say Stacy is having a child with House.
    Also want to add, that I really enjoyed Swan Song, WELL DONE

  • Elisabeth

    The funny thing about House’s hospital name tag that he left under Foreman’s table is that House almost NEVER wore his name tag just as he almost never wore his lab coat. I’m amused that he could find it!

  • HLismyBabyDaddy

    I’ve seen it & agree that although bringing back so many past cast members…even the dead ones; it only amplified the BIG absence of Cuddy, which just HURT. Seriously, Dominica was @ his funeral but not Cuddy?! WTF!!! I hate FOX/NBCUniversal!!! I’m one of those that came back for the finale so I hope the ratings went up for HL’s sake.

    Anyhows, although I was able to watch w/out tuning out, I felt that this finale exemplified why many fans turned away from the show over the last few seasons. With the exception of the cast surprises/gifts, it seemed to drag on with the last 10 or so minutes being the best part, plot point, arc/story.

    IMHO, the last few seasons seemed to drag on as well being repetitive & just unnecessary fillers until the last few episodes @ the end of each season. Then, at the end, TPTB tried to cram in a bunch of open-ended things or “Kaboom” or shocking moments. I just don’t get why TPTB didn’t give us more of those INTROSPECTIVE House moments? It’s what HL did soooo awesomely, dammit! I think that there are still so many ?s regarding HL’s amazingly portrayed character. It’s like all they did was plan out episodes 1 + the last 2-3 of each season and the rest were fillers where they just filled films with nonsense.

    Again, I think DS did an ok job w/ the finale & it looks like he tried to make all the fans happy with the end (by not killing House…Thank you very much!). OTOH, DS or maybe it’s the whole gang of writers that just don’t impress me with the ‘Middles’ (B-M-E) in the stories. I don’t & didn’t expect to have all the answers but the cast was just so talented & I ache for the potential(s) lost.

  • Zayd

    At first I got the impression that Wilson was hallucinating the final scene with House, either way, a fitting ending for what has been a fantastic show. My only issue is that, as one reviewer said, the scene with Stacy may well have been originally planned for Cuddy. Otherwise loved it.

  • MusicandHouse

    1. I though that “I thought there were two” comment was a little strange at first but Wilson is basically telling House he can only count on himself (you can only count on one person) and House says he thought there were two meaning himself and Wilson. Thats what I thought it meant anyway.
    2. No that is not actually House’s baby. Stacey was showing him the life he could have with a wife and a family. The life he apparantly wants somewhere deep down or his subconsicence would not have mentioned it.

    I agree seeing all of these people come back made Cuddy’s absence more obvious but I can accept that only because we know the back story. She was offered the chance to come back and she, for whatever reason, did not take it. Had the writers decided that they just didn’t want her in the finale I would have been a little upset, but knowing she declined makes me significantly less sad. She did not want to be a part of this finale and that was her choice. I think seeing all of the old faces, especially Stacey and Nolan, who I was not expecting, more than made up for it for me.
    I really loved this finale. It was the perfect ending to this series.

  • Jacksam4eva

    I totally agree with you on Lisa Edelstein not coming back. I don’t really blame her for it since obviously, something terrible enough happened last year for her not to even want to come back for one second in the finale and I respect that choice, but I feel like this isn’t something that we can blame the writers for, especially David Shore who’s always made it extremely clear that he regretted her departure and would have wanted her to come back. The writers have been blamed for a lot of things lately but I feel blaming them for this without really knowing why Lisa left would be pretty unfair to everyone. As for Stacy replacing her, I want to think Stacy would have been there anyway because I love her so much but yeah people are probably right.

  • Josie123

    I really enjoyed yesterday’s finale. I know that I’m in the minority, but I couldn’t imagine Cuddy being in his subconscious as a positive force. Having Stacy tell him that it wasn’t too late for him to be loved and possibly have a family seemed appropriate. Stacy loved House for himself. (So did Dominica.) Cuddy did not. She was infatuated with House, but not in love.
    I didn’t record yesterday’s show so I only saw it once. In the end, did Wilson ever refer to him as Greg and not House? To me, House always had two personalities–House (the misanthrope) and Greg (the more compassionate soul). By leaving PPTH, he can now be “Greg” and not “House”.

  • HLismyBabyDaddy


    Where did LE say she declined/chose not return? I believe that all of the House cast/crew/PTB’s that were or had been asked repeatedly by the press (ha-ha) about LE returning for any of S8 or the finale stated that “they would’ve loved for her to return…but, it just wasn’t possible.” They’d been speaking like the above for quite some time, ever since she left.
    However, LE in an interview not so long ago responded to that same question with an “it’s hard to go back when I haven’t even been asked.” Also, while SW & JM were still up in the air RSL and others were already remarking “what for?” kind of hints that she wouldn’t be back.

    I truly believe that something ugly (beyond $) happened to LE that impeeded her return. I believe it was the higher-ups at FOX/NBCUniversal that made her return “NOT POSSIBLE.” Something was probably just too hurtful for her to return she just couldn’t come back due to other unknown-unknowns.

    TPTB have made it a point to state how great LE is & then turn around and make her sound like she’s all about the $ by mentioning the contract time. I think that anybody that has followed her career(a true fan)and charitable heart knows that’s not true or like her at all. She may have left on good terms with most/some cast members but I don’t truly believe that she wouldn’t want to have been a part of the finale; much less S8. It was quite apparent that she was forced out and not in a good way.

    I hope that someday the truth will come out. The Stacy lines were written to make it look like Cuddy could’ve said those things as well on purpose, IMO.

    Seriously, somebody send me the legit link/tweet w/ her declining their offer, please.

  • Igor

    @16-today: Buddha had a son with his wife, which he once tried to raise, but the boy denounced him.

    In every country with a Buddhist tradition there is a telling of the life of Buddha (Sidhartha Ghautama), who was a real person. The easiest for us westerners is the Herman Hesse recounting in “Sidhartha”, which the Indians made into an excellent film in the 70s.

    Please ignore the PBS documentary of a few years ago which is determinedly Silly and boring.

    Perhaps the writers of “House” intended this finale as an homage to Hesse’s Sidhartha (which was very popular when they were young hippie-wannabes; a friend of mine described his elation at reading Hesse while riding 3rd class buses throughout India in the 60’s) just as the writers of “Seinfeld” unmistakeably wrote the finale of Seinfeld as an Homage to “No Exit”.

  • MusicandHouse

    DS and others have said that they tried to “make it happen” and couldn’t. Whatever happened between her and TPTB that made her decide not to return is their business but there were several places where I have read that the offered her the chance to come back. I don’t remember exact places or quotes though. Either way, we can’t blame the writers. I’m not saying we should blame LE either, we should simply respect her choice.

  • today

    Apperently, LE had a serious crush on HL, and that was no good for HL; I think we should just let LE be
    What is the sense of speculating, it is, what it is.
    Even if we knew the trueth it woulddn’t change the way House was given to us.

  • emmy4hugh

    I loved the finale but I couldn’t help but feel Cuddy’s absence. Josie123 raises an interesting point about whether Cuddy would have been a positive force in his subconscious. I’m curious about the role of each of the guides and what role Cuddy might have played. Personally, I don’t think that it would have been the same role as Stacy (hope for the future?) as others have suggested. I think House harbored feelings of shame & guilt re the end of his relationship with Cuddy (as well as issues that went beyond Cuddy) and that she might have been able to fulfill a subconscious wish for forgiveness for the past. They each would have moved House closer to choosing to live, while also giving us fans some great closure, too, for the Huddy relationship.

  • HLismyBabyDaddy


    “…Apperently, LE had a serious crush on HL, and that was no good for HL.”

    1st of all…HILARIOUS!
    2ndly…can you blame her?
    3rd…u & your comment is one of the reasons why I will miss this community.

  • housemaniac

    George #15: Thank you so much for your comment on the Holmes tribute. Beautifully put and spot on. As a Holmes fan, I should have seen it that way from the start, rather than as a lack of originality. In fact, one of the things I LOVED about “Swan Song,” was that it was a tribute rather than a retrospective. So much better than simply reviewing the past and a nice surprise–at least for me.

    Funny, HLismyBabyDaddy, one of the things I do not like is when fans here–or anywhere–speculate about the private lives of the actors. I am sure there were many reasons why LE did not come back and we will never know all of them, or perhaps any of them. Let’s concentrate on the show!

  • Jane E

    Great time last night watching the show and talking on line with Barbara and all the other. I really liked the finale and the ending. But was disappointed that Cuddy was not on. I want to wait for Barbara’s final review before I comment on the contents of the episode.

  • housemaniac

    Interesting interview by Ausiello on TVLine with David Shore about the last episode. I won’t say more, so people can read it for themselves, but it might be nice to talk about it here.

  • bigHousefan


    I loved the use of past characters so that House could bounce ideas for and against his giving up! Even when contemplating suicide HOUSE NEEDS A TEAM! LOVED IT!

    He leaves his name tag for Foreman to find as Foreman had always tried and failed to be House’s equal intellectually.(Foreman eventually accepts he can always learn from House) House one-ups him again!

    I loved the use of “Enjoy Yourself” at the end. The last time this was used Amber, the hallucination, was taunting an emotionally frail House.

    I loved the use of water symbolizing death as inevitable, you cannot stop it. And fire, as all consuming, nipping at our heels – beautiful.

    Barbara, many sincere thanks for this place for friends of House! ~ Lori

  • tipitinatoo

    Yes, House purposely left those clues for Foreman & Cameron. Not sure about Chase. However, he did leave his phone and I think he knew the hookers (and his creditors) would call when he didn’t show, so that may have been the biggest clue to everyone that he wasn’t coming back. Finally, I was not surprised to see Chase’s name on the door as head of diagnostics. I’ve always thought that somewhere in the recesses of House’s mind
    he visualized Chase as his potential successor and perhaps as the surrogate son he never had. He knew Chase was a damn fine Doc and thrice refused to bring charges against him: 1)when Chase slugged him; 2)when he killed Dibala, and 3)when he caused the death of a woman patient because he neglected to ask her a basic question due to being distraught over learning of his father’s death. I also remember an episode when House said of Chase, “I wouldn’t have hired him if he wasn’t good.” In his
    Housian way, I think he actually took pride in seeing Chase mature professionally, and he seemed more concerned over Chase’s leaving PPTH than over Cameron’s departure. Your assessment of House as one of the most introspective characters on the small screen is spot-on! In fact, I think that’s what caused him such searing pain and what I think the Vicodin helped him cope with,
    especially when followed with several slugs of single-malt Scotch. Most people who spend that much time on their interior lives tend to be tortured and hard on themselves, and lash out at others. So in a wierd twist of fate, his good deed for Wilson turns out to be his own salvation and the key to his freedom. Now he’s free to BE — whoever and whatever– forever.

  • Adelaide

    Okay, first off, I’m seeing that a healthy amount of the annoyance at this episode was directly caused by Cuddy’s not being there. I skip right over anything mentioning her, because I always liked the character of Stacy more. No beef with LE, but I just didn’t like Cuddy. So, with that…

    Oh my goodness, I adored this episode. I was maybe a little confused by the crossover between Sherlock Holmes and Scrooge, but I honestly think it worked; if only because I selfishly LOVED seeing Anne Dudek again. Her character always made me smile! And that the final song was one she sang while being a figment of his imagination before was particularly awesome. That segment just made me smile like an idiot, because I always did think they were some sort of sadistic soulmates. Haha! Not romantically, they woulda killed each other, but. 😉

    I’ll admit that the last few minutes did make me mist up. The fact that House left his team better with his ‘death’ than they were when he came into their lives was seriously touching, and the final images of them with mementos of the past will always stay with me. That the good won out in the end, and that the crazy-and-not-in-a-good-way, curmudgeonly, selfish asshole gave up his life, almost all of what made him content, to spend the rest of Wilson’s with him was — uplifting.

    I’ve watched House through some truly awful points in my life, and while I feel a little like I’ve lost a friend (hey, I only have two or three friends that I’ve known as long as I’ve known House and Co.), I feel…good. I wasn’t expecting to come away from this episode of House feeling like I had learned something, had gained something valuable, but I did. I’m not sure what it is (Except maybe, as the final song says, “You’re always so afraid you may bite off more than you can chew / Don’t be afraid; you won’t have teeth when you reach ninety-two!”, surprisingly wise!), but I feel like a better person.

    So thanks, cast, crew, and all involved, and not just for the comfort of seeing two of my most sentimentally favorite characters riding off into the sunset. But for improving my life over the last near-decade, and for leaving me with an entirely, strangely, House-ish moral to the story: Enjoy yourself; don’t be a fool! I know I won’t forget it.

  • bigHousefan

    Also loved House’s tee-shirt, A LILLY! The Christian symbol of death and resurrection! What a clue to his return!

  • Adelaide

    …and can I also mention that my moment at the end of the episode was KILLED by that OBNOXIOUS dancing show promo? I could have killed the bigwigs! They couldn’t have just let folks have a moment to process? Rrrrrr.

  • Action Kate

    It was very satisfying. I was expecting it to be much more tearjerking, but that was apparently for the previous eps, so this was just as well.

    Random thoughts:

    My heart was in my throat from the moment the burning beam came down, and I was yelling through most of the funeral, “This CANNOT be real. This has to be a hallucination. Shore is NOT going to do this.” And I’m glad he didn’t.

    House’s solution was very Holmesian, and both selfish and selfless. He gets Wilson all to himself, he gets to be there for Wilson to support him, he doesn’t have to go to jail, he gets Wilson for those last five months — technically he even gets five months to convince Wilson to try chemo! — and yet when Wilson is gone, he will not have any part of his previous life. He has erased himself.

    I have to assume he left Wilson everything, and they figured out what to sell or store so they could afford this grand adventure.

    I did have a moment when House was sitting on the steps where House was incredibly crisp and in focus and the steps were not, to the point where they looked fake or greenscreen, and hubby and I looked at each other and said, “Is Wilson hallucinating House?” (Then I said, “Is Wilson going to punch him or faint?”)

    While I was intially really happy to see Sela Ward, did she have serious botox? It was kind of painful to look at her.

    Anyone else think House will find a way to honor his promise to Thirteen?

    He did stay atheist to the end — no Pascal’s wager, indeed. Figuring out a way to be happy, to make Wilson happy, is purpose enough.

    Barbara, thank you for many years of excellent reviews, and I look forward to more of them over at Once Upon a Time.

  • housefriend

    This finale left it very clear that all House ever needed and the person he loved most was Wilson. The people in his past popping up to remind him of that Amber saying again that she is House,Amber was always a proxy for House. So much to review but bottom line is well done ,ouse gave up his life(“Im dead Wilson”) for the one person he loved more than anyone,
    On a side note Cuddy was not needed to tell this story.Loved Stacy back and it worked well with all the others,Not a big fan of everyone coming back just because its finale like all series seem to do but this was done very well.

  • hwl40

    Barbara, might you be inspired to return to your fanfiction? Really loved it and the sky’s the limit now! Will miss you and your wise commentary. Many thanks!

  • Igor

    Cuddy always was bad for House, that was clear. A continuing relationship would have been sad, and perhaps ending bitterly. Interesting that LE and HL perhaps had some offscreen situation.

    Was that Louie Prima singing “Enjoy yourself!”?

  • MusicandHouse

    I agree, I have loved a lot of other shows and finales, but none have had as much of an impact on me as House. It is the only show that I felt truely taught me something and was the first character who I actually related to rather than just enjoying.
    @Action Kate
    Yes Sela Ward’s face was distracting! I loved seeing her back but she definately had some work done and it didn’t exactly look great. What’f funny though is she is on CSI now and I have seen her on the commercials for that show and she didn’t look strange in them. I also though it was funny that Kutner (Kal Penn really) gained a little weight. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it was funny seeing a “ghost” fatter than when he died!

  • MusicandHouse

    Yes it was! I got it off youtube last night. All of the comments on the song were about House lol

  • Igor

    There are several videos of Prima’s “Enjoy Yourself” on Youtube, but none are as sprightly and clear as the one in House, which leads me to believe that either they found a very good cut from a master tape, or a version was electronically cleaned, or they used a standin singer. I’m guessing the latter.

  • Igor

    House was never really suicidal, not really self-destructive, just deeply iconoclastic, to the extent that he even demolished the icons of himself that he had created. As if to remind people: everybody lies.

  • Borealis Babe

    @today #26: Actually, I read it was the other way around: HL had a huuuuuuge crush on LE, to the point where he seriously wanted to get something going with her. However, she politely declined (silly girl). And don’t ask me to give you a link; go back and check out Ausiello or one of those other gossip mongers from way back when. It was a year or two ago, however.

    My point is that gossip is only conjecture and speculation is never wise. Especially since HL is very likely heading home to the ample bosom of his REAL baby mama as we speak.

  • sara

    I loved the last episode. I’m hameron fan so I’m so happy for their scenes (*I love you!* AWWWW) and I really apprecciate and enjoyed Hugh and Jennifer embrace, they have really the best chemistry ever.

  • Lucy

    @ #3 – Housemaniac

    “This morning I checked the on-line reviews of the episode and they were pretty mediocre, some downright hostile. Why do you think the critics and the fans here have such different views of the finale?”

    I think most fans loved the finale because they got the “happy ending” they wanted. House doesn’t die, Wilson doesn’t die (even if he will soon), they run off into the sunset together, House for once does something (at least partially) selfless…
    Then when you think about it, you know things will be difficult for House in a few months but for now, it’s all good.
    This ending really put a smile on my face.

    But, honestly, I don’t think the episode as a whole was so good, sorry. I agree with the reviewer (Matt Roush I think) who said that it was boring. I watched ep. 21 and 22 back to back and Holding on was much more moving and effective for me. Also the whole scenario of House hallucinating, contemplating suicide, thinking about his life, has been done so many times (and better to be honest) that it felt a bit recycled.

    Again, I think it was s satisfactory and fitting finale, but IMO they’ve produced much better episodes through the years.

    Finally, an observation… IMO House’s final gesture was selfless, sure, but I’m not sure it was a big sacrifice to him. Somehow I think the idea of leaving everything and everyone behind (including his own identity and reputation) and starting over completely is appealing to him at this point. A brand new life after Wilson’s death. Too bad we won’t know what he’ll do then.

  • Jake

    Personally, I thought this was the best episode since Season 6 Broken. This show has always been a highlight when its been introspective towards House. I loved the plot use of Kutner, Amber, Stacy and Cameron has not only different portions of his conscience, but also as someone in another review mentioned, as media in “A Christmas Carol”. Kutner acts as Marley, Amber as ghost of past, Stacy as present and Cameron as future/death. Also combining Cameron as House’s angel of death was a great move. The opening line of “who says I’m here to stop you” I thought was great.

    I was a tad miffed at the idea that House, standing at the edge of the door, sees Wilson before the beam gives way and then seconds (not minutes) later the building explodes seems to escape unscathed. House is crippled and can’t move fast and yet somehow he darts out the back in 3-5 seconds? I didn’t buy it but if that is all I have to expand my mind to, so be it.

    I rarely get emotionally involved in shows but House has had me hooked. I felt myself nearly tearing up when they had the funeral and Wilson lets go and explodes calling House an ass. I was equally as moved by the text.

    I thought it was a great end to the show. Gregory House, MD is dead. Greg House, friend is alive and well and going to be there for Wilson for his remaining months.

    Well done David Shore, I applaud you.

  • Phoebe

    I see guys keep mentioning that ‘ultimate selfless act’ done by House, and I can’t help but wonder am I the only one to remember House’s first SIGNIFICANT ‘selfless ac’t during ‘Wilson’s Heart’?

    Yes, the man practically risked his life ( having to go through that DBS)for Wilson back in season 4 finale. Of course it was for Amber’s sake but the main ‘idea’ remains the same. I’ve always thought House was a better friend to Wilson and NOT the other way around (and I love Wilson though will NEVER forgive him for that, what can I say?). At any rate, I loved the finale, especially those last few minutes. I found it somewhat hopeful and that’s all I ever wanted for House.

  • Paulac54

    The finale was just fantastic, and such a relief. Ihad spent the week worrying that they were going to kill off House and/or Wilson and didn’t know how I was going to cope with that, on top of feeling so sad anyway at losing the best TV show and character – ever, IMO. So loved the ending – we can all imagine in our own way how House and Wilson are going to spend those five months – and didn’t RSL look good in biker gear, with a House-like scruff on his face, and the sunglasses (though he was obviously not as confident on the bike as HL). Was so surprised at the appearances of AD, AB and SW, as their appearances had been kept well under wraps. The whole thing was done so well. I was screaming silently at the TV through the funeral – then was in tears of joy from the text onwards. On second viewing and further thinking, convinced this was planned out by House and the patient from the point at which the patient offered to take the fall for the water prank – although they obviously went a different way about it – hence the two day gap where F and W couldn’t find him. Did think allowing his own mother to think he is dead a bit cruel but just have to imagine he will let her know, as am convinced he or possibly W planted that Id tag under the wobbly desk for F to find and know he is alive. Thought the picture C looked at was another indication, but on second viewing decided it was just a sentimental picture she had on her laptop/screensaver – would be something cameron would do. In some ways plausible no Cuddy in his thoughts, as all season House has avoided all mention of her, I.e. not letting her seep into his subconscious thoughts. What was good was that Amber this time wasn’t creepy as she wasn’t actually an hallucination – hated her appearance in S5. So pleased DS didn’t disappoint and give us a finale which would have made it so hard to keep on watching my DVDs, knowing how House ended up, if he had been killed off. HL did his magnificent best as ever – there has never been an episode where he hasn’t been terrific. These last four episodes, he again gave his alll, as did RSL – and would like to think that either one of them will be rewarded with an Emmy, but as those people have been blind in the past won’t hold my breath! finally – thought Swan Somg was absolutely terrific too and very enjoyable to watch, HL’s wry humour and his emotional attachment to the character, cast and crew shone throughout.

  • Bad Hat Harry

    I absolutely LOVED this series closer-episode. Heart-felt, yet with a touch of ‘surreal’. What was especially cool about it was that is finally showed House ‘expressing love’ for someone other than himself, while at the same time ‘still-being-House’ by diabolically staging his own death, in order to properly serve his purpose (or need).

    I can’t believe that nobody here saw Chase looking at the ball on his desk, that obviously House left there for him (symbolic of ‘House-handing-Chase-the-ball’ to carry on, and lead the team in House’s ‘absence’.

    Lastly, let me add that using Warren Zevon’s “Keep Me in Your Heart”, in the background, while each of House’s team members ‘reflect’ and move on with their lives, left an emotional lump-in-my-throat, the size of an avocado!

  • Lucas

    I think I just loved the finale. I loved the fact that some people (who I thought they would never return) actually did it, like I was surprised that Amber and Stacy came back. Of course, I’d like to watch Cuddy again. It was the only thing I didn’t like. I loved the way House sacrified himself, only to be with Wilson. And I wonder, What will happen to House when Wilson die? I don’t know. Chase, doing House’s work, isn’t the thing I expected. It just weird. But I loved it too. I love it. It’s so sad that we won’t see House again.

  • Reality Check

    @Lucy #47: Bravo. However, I know EXACTLY how House will end up following Wilson’s death: face down in the gutter, OD-ing on Mexican Tar, because that’s all he’ll be able to afford. He’s had a taste and he found out that, while under its influence, his mind can conjure up anyone, any time, anywhere. Can life possibly get any better than that? He’ll die chasing that cherry high and the elusive dream.

  • MusicandHouse

    Just rewatched the finale again and I honestly got more emotional the second time around, especially during the funeral scene which is strange because this time I knew House was alive! I noticed another small (possibly unintentional) homage to Sherlock Holmes: The patient is sick because he swallowed a branch. In the original SHerlock, Holmes stayed alive and faked his death by holding onto a branch.
    One of the other thing I loved so much was that, from the begining, viewers loved House because he said and did the things we have all wanted to and couldn’t or didn’t. Not as though we all have faced the final circumstances House has, but I am sure that at one point or another we have all wished that we could just leave everything behind and start over and House did. To the very ene, he showed us that sometimes taking riskes and doing what makes you happy is most important of all.

  • Fran

    Barbara, thank you for your reviews and insights throughout the seasons. I appreciate this forum which has been (mostly) respectful of other opinions. David Shore gave a great gift to long-time House fans with this finale. IMO, it was not the greatest end to a long-running series, but it gave us all hope that House can still change, can be a better man, can escape his misery, and that’s all I could ask for.

    I hope you will consider doing your own “post mortem” of the series — I would love to know your perspective of the entire 8 years: what did you like/love/hate, what characters or storylines meant the most to you, what were the keys to its success and what were the factors that led to its decline (both creatively and in viewership) in recent years. You are in the perfect position to provide insight on all this, and I do hope you will do so. I don’t think we are quite ready to let go of this amazing character and series quite yet, so I would love to keep the discussion among fans going – at least for a while longer.

  • Houseaddictindenial

    Thought it was a fab you lous episode I love all the cast members coming back to go through houses in mind It made it to end like this because that would be not in houses character 1 thing I’m disappointed in his we never found out who is father really was

  • housemaniac

    What’s weird is that David Shore is now saying that the idea for the finale (of House faking his own death) did not start out as a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s take on Holmes’s death but when he realized the parallels he was “tickled.”

  • AreKay

    Trying to decide if House’s Mom knows the truth…if not, that’s an extremely cruel hoax, even for House.

  • Houseaddictindenial

    Thought it was a fab you lous episode I love all the cast members coming back to go through houses in mind It made it to end like this because that would be not in houses character 1 thing I’m disappointed in his we never found out who is father really was

  • Action Kate

    @51: I did see Chase with House’s ball at the end, but his picture of Stephen Colbert is also still on the shelf, so I saw that as more of “these are the tchotchkes which Chase chose to keep as mementoes” rather than “House left him clues.”

    On second viewing, I also noticed the bevy of hookers in the background at the funeral, which was both funny and touching. House has the front row of his coworkers, his green-card wife, his mom… and then filling out the back are the hookers. Unless he left money to pay them to attend (which I actually would not put past him), this means he made enough of a positive impression on women who have sex for money that they attended his funeral. Sad because these are his “dwindling friends” (women he has to pay for sex) and funny because even though he paid them for sex, he actually did make a connection with them.

  • Nickel

    Sorry, David Shore completely crapped out with this finale. We should have seen Arthur Conan Doyle’s name in the credits. I have been questioning my idea of friendship for the past 8 years because everyone says what a great friendship House and Wilson have…well I don’t see it. What I see is Wilson (always the manipulator, liar and much more selfish than House ever dreamed), once again forcing House to give up EVERYTHING that he is for Wilson. This “legacy” that Wilson talked about of himself, apparently being a brilliant, world renown diagnostician who has saved thousands of lives THAT LEGACY means nothing to Wilson.
    The level of hypocrisy that Wilson can display is amazing. First he makes House perform a potentially lethal dose of Chemo (IN HIS HOME NO LESS), then blackmails him into leaving the state on some ridicules “misspent youth” crap…BOTH PAROLE VIOLATIONS, but this last one is what bothered Wilson (since it wasn’t FOR him). All I can say is, House is the most forgiving person I have ever seen. He is a much bigger person than I could be…if my “friend” had told me that I deserved CANCER SINCE I AM SUCH A HORRIBLE PERSON, I don’t think I could have accepted that. How does Wilson rationalize the things he says and does to House? House has never intentionally hurt Wilson, yet Wilson does it all the time, not caring what damage it causes.
    Ugh, I am actually glad this series is over, I honestly couldn’t take one more lecture from Wilson.

  • Igor

    Well, Nickel, that’s often the price of real love: to be abused by the other. Which is an honor: that the other feels safe enough in your intimacy to let down his social guard.

  • House11

    Nickel, Besides being there for wilson in his last final months, he also decided he wanted a fresh start of life. Since he made this sacrifice, he can let go of the burden of being the BEST and most intelligent diagonostician. He had been looking to wilson for his conscience, he now has a chance to start a life, and maybe find love. He can work on himself as a person and not a doctor anymore. House made this choice because he knew he could NEVER go back to being a doctor.

  • BrokenLeg

    I’ve not read all posters before this mine,but I only want to say two things by now: the end of the finale leave me with inner peace, that was the best.And second, as a biker myself, what sooooo GREAT to watch my hero riding his new bike with his (now bike rider too) friend to the sun togheter: pure biker spirit!!

  • HouseLoverandGleek

    It has been said that house is a moden take on shurlock holmes, with house being holmes and Wilson being Watson, it was only fitting that they would end it exacully like the books and uk tv series. It was a roller coster and has me on the eadge of my seat

  • Erica

    I’ve watched the finale twice, and it’s been a few days, and now I have decided: I loved it. I had been rooting for a Wilson misdiagnosis and miracle cure, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that “Everybody Dies” was the perfect end to the show. My two favorite parts:

    – The look on Foreman’s face when he realizes the truth about House at the end. It made me think of House’s line to Foreman (I think in Season 4’s Living the Dream): “It’s sweet that I still have the ability to surprise you.”

    – House sitting on the steps when Wilson gets out of his car at the end. Through that whole scene, House just exudes this new sense of well-being, of rebirth if you will, similar to but even stronger than the healthy aura he had when he left Mayfield at the end of Broken. Is House finally *shudder* happy? I don’t know but as I look back on the series, I’ve never seen him look so at peace and comfortable in his own skin, and I will cherish the memory. Thank you, Hugh Laurie.

  • lobentti

    ‘Chasing Zebras’ just arrived,it was kind of the ressurection of our beloved hero! I think I´ll have a great weekend ! No comments about last episode, we´re here in ‘Body and soul’, which I didn´t like very much; but I´m here, ‘holding’ our terminal patient´s hand till the very end; and. of course, reading the post comments.
    See you …

  • Jackie

    I watched the retrospective “Swan Song” that preceded the final episode and couldn’t help but remember all the times that Hugh acknowledged the “wonderful crew” during his acceptance speeches at the Globes and SAG award ceremonies. He is truly a gentleman and a gentle man. It was wonderful to turn back the clock to see where the series began and how it closed with the final script and the paint ball shoot out between Mr. Laurie and Mr. Leonard. Priceless.

    I’ve now watched the “Everybody Dies” episode three times since its airing on Monday night. It was interesting to see how House, his demons, his loyalty and friendship to Wilson and his character would come full circle and provide a fitting ending to a wonderful series. The ending was just ‘the heck with everything, I’m here for you’ type of thing. Interestingly enough I did watch season 3’s “Half-Wit” this afternoon in which House faked cancer in order to get implanted with a drug from Mass General only to be ‘rediagnosed’ by Cameron, Foreman and Chase at the end. The scene that he has with Wilson in the office (near the end of the episode) discussing terminally ill patients with Wilson doing most of the talking was most appropriate given what was filmed and decided on this week.

    I do commend the production staff and the actors for not sending out spoilers or leaking the content of the finale in any way. It was great to see the former cast members in the finale. I will miss this show and applaud Hugh Laurie for his outstanding embodiment of one of the most memorable characters ever to grace the television screen. The camraderie and acting of the others in the cast throughout the years and the guest stars who appeared are to be applauded as well.

    Thank you Barbara for your contributions that added to the enjoyment of this show. Your weekly commentaries and the “Chasing Zebras” book were excellent and I wish you well in all your future endeavors.

  • RobF

    I found the first two thirds of the episode to be pretty flat, the dialogue very ham-fisted and not subtle.

    But the final third was very good. A perfect conclusion to the show. House is no longer a doctor, but he’s out there doing something. And he did change, as did Cameron and Chase.

    For me, one of the saddest moments was seeing Omar Epps sitting in the scene at the end. He was there through the entire run of the show, but they never managed to develop a satisfying story arc for his character.

  • D

    House and Wilson WERE THE LOVE STORY,Shame we dont get another season,

  • Serious reply

    @45 @26 and other: Stop your delusional fantasy about Hugh’s private life. It’s just stupid, totally false and soooo fangirl dreams style.

  • lobentti

    @71 Serious Replay
    I´m with you, it´s not our business … unless, maybe …if it affets the show. Did it affect? Anyway, it´s all over, now.

  • Borealis Babe

    @#71 Serious Reply: What is so delusional about Hugh Laurie going home to his wife?

  • housefriend

    After listening to sugar coated tributes to House Wilson himself starts that way,But unlike the others wilson has a real chance of breaking down-With a look upward and trying to control his emotions Wilson switches gear and gives a tribute that House would have loved. House loved Wilson more than anyone in the world and the ending showed that and was perfect.
    Wilsons love and need for House was summed up well in the last two episodes,This was the love story in the series-and welldone!!

  • DubiousOne

    @45 Borealis Babe: I don’t believe a single word of this conjecture about HL and LE. However, out of curiosity I did go searching through Ausiello’s blind items for the past 2 years and found nothing pertaining to any actors being “into” his/her co-star in real life and causing problems on set, etc. If you truly believe your assertion, it would be helpful to your own sense of credibility to find the link and post it here as back-up.

  • Serious Reply

    @72 @73 @75 Thanks. Hugh is in love with his wife and Lisa Edestein is in love with his boyfriend. The end. Other conjectures are just absurd.

  • MarcO

    One of the things that struck me was that the ONLY person who went to the morgue was Foreman, which leads me to think that his finding House’s hospital pass under that once-wobbly end table and smiling may have been a hint that Foreman was “in on the secret” that House had staged his death. Did Foreman help House by confirming the body in the morgue was House’s? To me that seems likely. After all, of all the people at the hospital, only Foreman -who has worked with House for years- could have had the level of discretionary access to the hospital files to help stage House’s death; so this would have made Foreman an accomplice to House’s ploy.

  • Housegoob

    From “Everybody Lies” to “Everybody Dies,” perfect bookend episodes for an amazing TV series. The finale was great, but “Holding On” drew a much stronger emotional reaction from me. I have to watch the finale again, as was the norm with most House episodes, but my first feeling was similar to many fans here — LE was missing from the lineup of previous characters. That’s not to say it bothered me that she was missing b/c I never liked Cuddy.

    HL’s Swan Song was thoroughly enjoyable and such a wonderful tribute to the team behind House. There were definitely disappointments over the last few seasons, but as a whole, House should serve as an icon in TV entertainment as to what happens when extraordinary elements, i.e., actors, writers, directors, production specialists, come together in a perfect combo.

    Thank you, Barbara for your astute reviews. I’ve been reading your blog for over a year and your reviews always fleshed out what I missed in the nuances. I’m into Once Upon a Time now, and someone posted that you are blogging on that show. Outstanding.

  • lobentti

    Well, now that it ended, and reading Barbara´s ‘Casing Zebras”, I made a list of things I´ll NOT MISS about House MD: -lupus; -MRI; -hookers; Dr Adams ( the caracter, not the actress); – Wilson lecturing House; -Cuddy´s “House!What ´re you doing ?!?!”; -Thaub´s personal life(boring, boring,boring…) 🙂 If you want to add something, be my guest!

  • The Other Barnett

    Just saw the final episode last night, returned from a vacation that kept me from House finale last monday.

    The show was very good. It was difficult to love, though. SO, it was true to Shore and House the character 🙂

    The analysis of his life in the midst of a burning building was a good use of the final episode, and the use of each character as a part of House’s self…very smart story-telling move. Good choices of each, too – was especially happy with Stacy returning and Cameron as the “die and embrace peace/nothingness” side of House. And Nolan’s brief presence was very well-received in my house.

    The negatives in this story were the lack of use of Wilson, Foreman, and the team in as complete a way as they could have been, but I assume that would have required a 2- hour finale. The POTW (a very good choice)was not as utilized as he could have been – but I assume that Shore had to cut something to get the show in on time. I also had a small problem with the way House escapes the burning building – seemed too tidy. In fact, that kinda annoyed me. And the funeral was a bit too staged, bland. 13 could have been (and has been) more eloquent. The Stacy statement backed up what I’ve always believed…..she is the only one for House.

    The notion of House leaving his reputation, his identity, and his obligations to just enjoy time with his friend…..a brilliant way to end it! I was wondering if Foreman discovering the name badge as a sign of a life…same with Cameron (though I doubt that it was meant for her in that way). I would assume Chase is better off not knowing for now so that he will not feel he is in the “living shadow” of anyone. It was proper to end with Chase in charge of diagnostics. It was good to see Cameron happy with someone (surprised she’d pop out a baby so soon).

    Barb, to your question….who would House inform of his unreal demise? Foreman is a surprise to me….Cameron would be a surprise, too. I’d imagine he would let Chase know a year later…after Wilson has passed away (probably in Key West or the Dry Tortugas, sleeping by his motorcycle). I could imagine him letting 13 and maybe Stacy know at that time, too. He may eventually let Taub, Adams, Park, Cameron, and Foreman know shortly before he chooses to re-emerge to life.

    I’d assume that government would keep tabs on House’ financials after he passes away, since he was due to return to a “federal establishment”. So House might as well be ready to re-emerge. Although I doubt Laurie or the rest fo the cast (or Shore) would ever want to return, I seriously would love to see a House mini-series come around a few years from now with House (five years after his death) being discovered by Adams while she is doing some doctors without borders activity. I imagine House going to some place like Africa or Latin America to practice medicine (imagine a medical mcgyver).

  • The Other Barnett

    MarcO77 –

    Great call, it would be cool if Foreman helped on this. Great call!

  • Borealis Babe

    @75 Dubious One: I never said I believed it; I only said that I read it somewhere and used it as an example of some of the ridiculous rumors that are part of Hollywood lore (and I made it clear that it may not have been an Ausiello story). A couple years ago, the rumors were about HL and LE. Now they are about God knows who – whomever is popular on TV now.

    One of the problems with this site is people like you who are extraordinarily reactionary. You don’t read other’s posts thoroughly and, when you do, you tend to substitute your meaning for our intent. Most of us are only imparting information, not making an assertion. So please make an effort to keep your Drama Queen neuroses under control. Thanks.

  • The Other Barnett

    A few thoughts from reading posts –

    Adelaide#34: Thanks for the comment about Stacy vs. Cuddy. Stacy always accepted the mischeviousness and the roguish nature of House. She could truly accept the ass that House could be as a simple side-effect of the brilliant and loving man that House could be to her. Lisa could be a real partner. Cuddy always came off as someone who was a friend to House in the way a pretty teen high school princess could be a “good friend” to the moody class president – always providing some kind of hope, but never being a real option. I also liked your reference to the welding of Holmes and Scrooge in the finale. I would have to disagree with you on the notion that House gave up all that he loves for Wilson. I think House saw all the burden that his reputation and professional abilities represented to his life as a whole. House died to himself and embraced a new life without killing off who he could be.

    Action Kate#37:
    I agree with the reaction to the potential death of House. When that building exploded, I felt a huge rumbling in my stomach, and though “I want to find David Shore and slap him right now!”

    I agree that House has been a better friend to Wilson than vice versa. However, I think the show made me think about friendship in a more well-rounded way. There is not one template for friendship, and the best relationships understand that. If the friendship I provide to someone is expected to be the same in return, it is not friendship, its emotional masturbation. Wilson and Cuddy both had the same notion of relationships – cooperative and almost Mister Roger’s-like. House sees friendship as you give when you see it needed and you take when you need it and that keeping any ledger is childish. Where House often stumbled was not saying thank you a bit more. Otherwise, I agree House has given up more in his life than Wilson has – Wilson’s failed marriages and his professional flaws have been based as much upon his personal flaws.

    Bad Hat Harry#51 –

    Thanks for mentioning Warren Zevon’s song. I heard it years ago and thought it was pretty interesting, then I saw him perform it in his last Letterman gig – just months before he died, and I’ve loved this song ever since. The song just fit for for the aftermath.

    I have to go into some of the comments made about Cuddy from Igor and housefriend (and others). Lisa Cuddy was (at once) the most important part of the show and the least needed part of the show. She was the most important person in House’ professional life, and also the most destructive person to House’ personal life. And the way she was written was either a feat of mastery of the team to make someone who could be the hero and villain; or it was the product of people who were severely inconsistent at developing certain characters (if that is the case, the next most under-developed waqs Foreman). In the end, we all have people in our lives who we think we love and can depend upon, but those people are (either consciously or subconsciously) messing with us in order to keep happy or respected themselves. Cuddy was that person for House. In order for Superman to be Superman, he needs a Lex Luthor – House was Cuddy’s Lex when she needed him to be, in order for her to don the cape and stand proudly astride PPTH in her moral certitude.

    Above all else, Cuddy needed to be respected and revered more than she needed House’s love and affection. For some people, that may be OK – I just doubt those people ever really end up happy with themselves of their life. I imagine Cuddy in D.C. working as an HMO/PPO consultant with the Obama administration as it ramps up the Health Care plan. She is out almost every weeknight for D.C. fundraisers or dinner parties – all the while complaining to her sister over the phone or her personal assistant about how she is missing Rachel’s life. She goes out with different lobbysists (handsome), single congressman (charming), and administration wonks (interesting and fun) every Saturday night; but goes to bed alone thinking of House (how he hurt her and the sex they had). Sundays are spent with Rachel at different sites around D.C. and at home. There are people who want to be great and those who want to do great things. Cuddy always came off as the former.

    Barb, I do look forward to your final thoughts on House finale….but I do hope you could maybe extend this blog a bit longer by throwing out interesting discussions subjects (imagine Linda Richman from Cawfee Tawk) about House (maybe using subjects from Chasing Zebras as jumpiong off points). It would be nice to have one last long summer (leading up to a Houseless TV season) to linger on my favorite TV character and show.

  • Action Kate

    The Other Barnett: Wow, I can totally see Cuddy doing exactly what you describe: working constantly, complaining that she’s always alone and never happy, and never making the connection.

  • lobentti

    Woww, Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy came to be present in the end, interesting all these comments about her role along the show. I always saw Stacy in love with the ‘healthy, sexy, funny,surprising’ guy; but after the infarction, she left, ‘there was no space’ in his life for her …As for Cuddy, I saw her suffering a ‘boss-ite’ disease from the beginning, but their connection was strong and complicated: they met when he was with Stacy; then, he was limp, she was the boss – but when they worked together, even when he tried to ‘humiliate’ her as a doctor, he seemed pleased, there was a place for her in his life; but …that shoud be another story, from the middle of 7th season ahead, everything was different, and it was what it was.Reading “Chasing Zebras”, loving it! Some questions, by the time Barbara wrote it are now explained, others are not, quite nice experience.

  • lobentti

    I´ve been wondering … who did Dr. Watson’s job here? Who should be the story-teller? Of course I´m not talking about Mr.Shore. Any guess? Any clue? Shoud it be Chase? or Foreman? Who preserved the legend?

  • DubiousOne

    @82 – Borealis Babe
    Your post #45 did not “impart information”; your post only imparted more trash for the rumor-mongers. You basically stated no, it’s not that Person A had the hots for Person B; it’s that Person B had the hots for Person A! And I’m repeating it here because one of the entertainment reporters said so! I don’t think it’s true, but I’m going to say it here anyway just to prove a point about rumors!

    This is disingenuous at best. You are pretending to condemn rumor-mongering while simultaneously participating in the rumor-mongering. (Which is precisely why I called you out and asked for a link to back up your assertion.)

    None of the entertainment reporters have said any such thing about HL and LE. This is all just a bunch of baseless rumors started and maintained by so-called fans.

    I read posts quite thoroughly before responding, and I have no “drama queen neuroses.” Heal thyself.

  • Erin

    I also adored the finale. I found it a little odd no mention of the acting in the finale. Again Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard were incredible, to me, coupled with the whole final arc. They both gave nuanced and masterful performances. TV Line also had a best actor category, not just a best supporting actor one. It’s a little sad to me how some have kind of abandoned what made House great to begin with, the portrayal of the main character. I have enjoyed your reviews very much, and learned much from reading them. Thank you.

  • The Other Barnett


    There were some mentions in the posts about the acting, but I’m assuming there wasn’t much comment on acting because just about everyone on this blogs knows that every actor on House (with very few exceptions) has not brought to the series top-level performances. In some ways, its taken for granted that Laurie and Leonard are going to hit the acting target every time. What higher praise than that!

    I would be curious to see who people think were the worst actors among those who were House regulars this last eight years. My vote would be a bit of a cop-out, in that I’d vote for Jennifer Morrison during the first year of the show…and probably Olivia Wilde during her first season, too.

  • tipitinatoo

    Question for Barbara Barnett: Have you decided not to write final comments on “Everybody Dies?” Have been watching for it. Still hoping you will. Thanks again for everything.

  • LogicRules


    Thank you for this site and for enhancing my enjoyment of my favorite TV show ever. Are you going to write one last post?

  • Borealis Babe

    #87 Dubious One: Its a fine line, but I manage to walk it quite well. Thanks for playing along.

  • sasa86

    i just finished watching the final episode but i cannot help but wonder – how did the last patient ended up dead next to him? i’m pretty sure that house saved him by telling him the truth so…unless i’m missing the obvious can someone please help me solve this?

    also, would like to take this chance to say this is an awesome series…enough said.

  • swell

    Hi Barbara – I’ve been waiting for final thoughts from you on Everybody Dies! Will you add anything further? I’ve now watched the episode about 8 times. I truly loved it. It was a perfect wrap to 8 years of a very intelligent television series. I will deeply miss the show.

  • Action Kate

    @93: the patient was a heroin addict. He took House to purchase some, and they both took it in the abandoned house. The patient overdosed and died. House took some heroin but not enough to kill himself (intentionally or not).

  • sasa86

    thank you kate. now it makes sense. i suppose that was shown on swan song which i had missed.

  • Jules

    @-86 Lobnetti

    The show was apparently always only “loosely” based on Sherlock but there are more similarities than DS claims there are.

    House has Sherlock’s brain and he has his Watson in the shape of Wilson but Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never really delved into SH’s emotions whereas House the show did, I much prefer the earlier seasons where they didn’t delve so much but I am happy with how they redeemed themselves in season 8 and especially the last couple of episodes leading to the very “Holmesian” end.

    Watson was the storyteller of the SH’s story’s and interpreted and romanticized his own perception of what he thought SH was up to. House had a team to show the audience his thought process beforehand which was mostly always selfish and cut through the BS and then when need be Wilson stepped in to interpret his humanity.

    There were two stories in the Sherlock Holmes stories where he interpreted them himself so who knows if DS didn’t have House be the storyteller in his perception?

  • lobentti

    @97 Jules,
    Yes, this is a possibility; but as Dr. Watson preserved SH´cases and his methods, I wondered, once House ‘left the world’ behing, someone else ( I thought Foreman) should have preserved his incredible character, and method too;
    but it’s just a guess! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Bad Hat Harry

    @95 Action Kate: I had wondered the same thing as 93 Sasa86. I watched the same episode as everyone else, yet like 93, I too seemed to miss how House ‘woke up’ there, how the other guy died, etc. My question is….Where did you get your information about House and this guy scoring some Heroin and shooting up ‘together’..??? Did you somehow watch a different version of this episode than the rest of us??

  • Angela

    @Bad Hat Harry: The opening scene of the episode establishes all this. The first shot is a close-up of House’s face when he wakes up. Then he turns his head, and we see what he sees, which includes a syringe and other drug paraphernalia.

    He notices the guy lying near him. He tries to rouse him but soon realizes the guy is dead. (Hallucination Kutner says so, and Hallucination Amber repeats it later.)

    We soon learn that this is House’s patient. (I knew immediately because I knew James LeGros would be playing the patient, and I recognized him in the scene. But also, we see [this guy lying near House] in the hospital when House starts telling the story to his Hallucinations.)

    Later in the story, House has a one-on-one conversation with the patient about why he screwed up his life. (He had a family and career, and he gave them up for heroin.)

    Patient: I was miserable.

    House: Well, you say you were miserable, because you need to rationalize screwing it up.

    Patient: Except I didn’t. I mean, I did. But I’m not miserable. Not anymore. I had a ski injury, and painkillers weren’t enough. And a friend of mine gave me some heroin. The second it entered my veins, it was like God had taken over my body. It was like there was no more pain or unhappiness in my life or anybody else’s.

    House: [House is totally fascinated and transfixed by the patient’s description of this… of feeling no pain and unhappiness.] But then you lost everything.

    Oliver: Everything wasn’t enough. Because it’s reality that sucks.

    It’s this moment that gives us the clue why House will later go to that abandoned building and shoot up with the patient. He wants to feel no pain, no misery. The prospect of losing Wilson is probably the worst pain he’s ever felt in his adult life.

    In addition, upon learning he’s going to die a painful death from ASL, the patient offers to take the fall for House on the issue of the blocked plumbing. Clearly the two of them had bonded and talked about what was going on in House’s life. Soon after, House realizes the patient may have some other (treatable) illness, although it’s somewhat ambiguous.

    It’s not spelled out explicitly what happens after that, but the implication is that after treatment, the patient and House go out and find the patient’s dealer and shoot up heroin together. Remember, Foreman and Wilson hadn’t heard from House in two days. This is because he hung out with the patient most (or all) of that time, getting wasted.

    The patient died of an overdose. The fire started when he passed out with a lit cigarette. (This is implied from House’s early comment to the patient at PPTH: “The two old burns on your fingers mean you tend to nod off with a cigarette in your hand.”)

  • The Other Barnett


    Very masterful filling in the blanks for us. Thanks!


  • smk46

    dear barbara,
    some of us are still awaiting your full review. do we hope in vain?
    if it weren’t such a pleasure to read your critiques, it wouldn’t matter, but it is and it does. please rsvp.
    all best to you,

  • Alex DelRio

    Honestly, I watched the finale and did NOT know that House series was over. The last episode felt like a good season ending but far from what the entire show deserved. They sould have made a grand finale with a style, class, wierdness, drama, almost physical pain and bang! Like the season finale when Wilson’s girlfriend died. That was epic! This one wasn’t. I also tried to convince myself that House actually died in the building (no cane on the stairs, no limping, saying “I’m dead” etc) but that would exclude the ultimate secrifice he finally made for somebody else, so it couldn’t have been that! In a way it was too lame – escaping thru a back door? Come on! Writers shouldn’t have run out of creativity for the last goodbye. So long, House, it was a privilege, honer and pleasure riding with you!

  • c

    from 102

    “dear barbara,
    some of us are still awaiting your full review. do we hope in vain?
    if it weren’t such a pleasure to read your critiques, it wouldn’t matter, but it is and it does. please rsvp.
    all best to you,

    yeah! waitin for the finale!!!

  • BrokenLeg

    yeah!I add myself asking Barbara a full review of the greatest series ever.

    But if we didn’t get it, it doesn’t matter. Maybe “we get what we need”.

    Anycase, thank you Barbara for this incredible journey together, and for letting us this space to comment, know other worldwide fans and share, or not,our points of view about [H]ouse MD.

    Waiting for your “Chasing Zebras II”

  • Matthew Fail

    I was wondering if there was going to be a full review???

    I was also wondering what your thoughts were on Hugh Laurie being the vilian on the Robocop Remake

  • Ladybelle

    I agree with Igor about House and Buddha, though I don’t think House had as happy an upbringing as Buddha. He is Holmes, too. So could he return from the Reichenbach Falls in a film? Probably it will be left to SHERLOCK to. Continue that tradition.
    I thought Cameron was just remembering and had that photo on her laptop anyway… Not a clue. Would it help House for too many people to know he lived thru it? Even Cameron?
    But Foreman… He helped House and was his assistant. I am glad Chase got to continue the diagnostics dept.
    Sure people have thought a lot about this since May 21, but this is really the first time I have had to comment on this thread, yes, Buddha…

  • The Other Barnett

    I’m almost inclined to keep this whole final blog entry going by asking all those who check in to give their opinion of where each of the characters in House (House, Wilson, Chase, Foreman, Cuddy, Cameron, Taub, 13, Adams, Park, Stacy, Masters) would be 5 years from now?

    Anyone want to join in?

  • lobentti

    I can think about some: Chase, as head of Diag. Dep., with Master in the team; Cameron, with her job and family; Wilson, probably dead ( or not?) House … well, I have to think more about these.

  • BrokenLeg

    House?wait,biking myself yesterday, wasn’t he the guy I gave the V-hand biker salute when we crossed our routes?The one accompanied by another more unsteady biker?Or …was just a dream?

  • Reality Check

    @The Other Barnett #108: In five years (probably less), House will be dead from a drug overdose. After Wilson dies, he’ll be chasing the dragon for sure, especially now that he’s had a taste.

  • lobentti

    Well, I hope we don´t have to check this reality …

  • Action Kate

    @108: I’ll play…

    Chase: Running diagnostics, with Taub but not the other two. Six months into the first serious, considered relationship he’s had since Cameron, and she’s not a medical professional at all.

    Taub: Still in diagnostics working for Chase, because it’s just enough excitement to keep him interested but stable enough that he doesn’t want to look for something else. Still juggling the two girls. He’s had two short relationships but between his job and his daughters nothing has stuck. He’s okay with that.

    Foreman: Running the asylum, which is easier with the chief inmate gone. Hangs out with Taub on Friday nights. Occasionally consults with this crazy guy he found on the Internet (see below).

    Cuddy: In D.C.; this was addressed earlier upthread. I can’t possibly improve on that. 🙂

    Cameron: Happily married with munchkin, as we saw. Thinking about moving into a practice; she’s had enough of the ER but not enough of solving puzzles.

    13: Her girlfriend gave her coup de grâce on a beach in Mykonos two years ago, at 13’s request.

    Adams and Park: Didn’t care about them during the series; why start now?

    Stacy: Not enough evidence to speculate. Although lord, I hope the botox has worn off by that point.

    Masters: Found an incredible opportunity in Europe somewhere and pursued it specifically because it scared the hell out of her. She’s still a stammering geek, but she’s found colleagues who like and appreciate her.

    House and Wilson: Wilson’s tumor spontaneously regressed enough that when he found himself alive on Christmas, four months past his “expiration date,” he had it checked again and found it could be operated on. Surgery was successful, and he and House set up a clinic/cantina in Baja California treating anyone who walks in, whether they pay in cash, chickens, or tequila. House keeps himself from going insane by setting up a website for people to send their weird problems for his diagnosis. (like Kutner did, but for real, and under an assumed name). Foreman knows it’s him, and House knows it’s Foreman writing to him, but Foreman is never going to expose him and House is never coming back to New Jersey, so it’s all good.

  • Jane

    House will kill Thirteen when the time comes, then he will turn himself in and spend the rest of his life in jail.

  • BrokenLeg

    @113 Action Kate

    I add myself to your view!!!

  • lobentti

    @ 113 Action Kate,
    a pitty you´re not one of the writers!!! You did this so well !!

  • lobentti

    regarding to ‘Chasing Zebras’- castanasdupara, as it is written there, actually means nothing! These nuts from Brasil are ‘Castanhas do Pará’, nuts from Para, a big state in north Brasil, the main producer of theses nuts, which are extremely good, by the way.Just in case …

  • lobentti

    well, it´s done, it´s gone. I liked the ‘Swan song’ much more.Hope we still meet for some last words.

  • The Other Barnett

    I guess I should join in with Action Kate #113 , who did an incredible job – not sure that I could outdo the House/Wilson status or the Foreman status….but I’ll try not to double-up.

    Park – Still on diagnostics at PPTH, making money on the side with a website that puts out a monthly story about a sexy, genius asian female doctor who heads up a diagnostics team in Trenton, NJ.

    Adams – Still on diagnostics at PPTH. Dating a member of the Hospital Board that is old enough to be her father. She has taken over for Chase as the local TV station’s “doc in residence” named “Doctor Feelgood”. She gets postcards from Hawaii for no reason.

    Dr. Nolan – PPTH Dean of Medicine, brought along Dr. Beasley to serve in Psychiatric Medicine. He is also getting postcards from Hawaii with historical themes.

    Cuddy – After leaving D.C., she is now the medical correspondent for the CBS morning show (imagine Sanjay Gupta with cleavage). She is dating a certain unnamed former PPTH doctor who has moved to NYC. Annually for the last couple years, she has received a CD of Hawaiian music in the mail.

    Masters – Is a member of the PPTH faculty. In order to be eligible to teach, she is a member (in name only) of the diagnostics team. This forces her to return periodically to diagnostics to help on a case.

    Taub – Has joined his wife and her new husband (and brought along the other baby-momma with him) in Israel to run a clinic at a kibbutz. He keeps an online diary that is regularly followed by Park, 13, and Foreman.

    13 – At the end stages of Huntingtons in the middle of South Sudan, alone, mostly bed-ridden and providing insight on diagnositic challenges at a doctors without borders refugee clinic, but unable to physically practice. She receives a CD annually from Hawaii showing footage from burleque shows accompanied by wry jokes and commetnary of the performances.

    Cameron – Married, with two kids and back at PPTH running the ER. Comes back to diagnostics regularly to assist with cases that originate in the ER. Is still trying to determine who signed her up for a “Hawaiian Lei of the Month” club.

    Foreman – Two years after being fired from PPTH, now heading up Diagnostics at a New York City teaching hospital. Rumors abound of him being seen in intimate meetings with a well-known TV news medical correspondent. Annually he receives a pineapple in the mail – shipped straight from a Hawaiian plantation.

    Stacy – Is divorced from Mark. She has returned to PPTH as the Legal Advisor. She is planning a trip to Hawaii after receiving a mysteriously detailed letter inviting her to join someone at a Leper Colony.

    Chase – Head of Diagnostics at PPTH. In a relationship with Dr. Beasley – but not serious. Meeting with Nolan on a regular basis after hours for counseling. Has developed a slight limp from his injury from five years ago and even uses a cane of House’ during the winter. On the first anniversary of House’ death, he discovers a letter that was “never mailed” to him from House that pours out about how proud he is of Chase and a ten commandments of how to deal with diagnostics. Chase reads the letter on a monthly basis.

    Wilson – Dead for the last four years. He outlasted his diagnosis and was found by House on the northern California beach next to his motorcycle – having died in his sleep. His ashes are half-spilled in the Pacific Ocean and half contained in a Mason Jar with House.

    House – Serving as a bartender/doctor at a Hawaiian Leper Colony. Having taken on the name of James W(ilson) Holmes, he is on the cusp of discovering a treatment to reverse the affects of leprosy. On a semi-regular basis he sends an anonymous crank letter to CBS complaining about the size of the medical correspondent’s (he calls her “Lester Cooty”) butt. On each anniversary of Wilson’s death, he takes five times his “normal” dose of vicodin and chases it down with a bottle of Jack Daniels and sleeps away the next few days. He is uncertain about the arrival of Stacy, as he is also booking a flight to South Sudan.

  • noa

    when r u posting the long version of what you think about the episde ????

  • Action Kate

    @119: I am very amused by your calls for Adams and Taub. Particularly Taub — I find the “let’s join a village to raise our children all together” scenario hilarious and rather touching. 🙂

  • The Other Barnett

    Action Kate –
    I just think Taub is growing up, even as he seems to fight his self-loathing. I could see him being so affected by House’ death that he genuinely kicks himself into changing. I see him trying the Mr. mom route, at first – then trying something with plastics again – then going drastic and going to Israel.

    As for Adams, I think she needs to have fun. She entered her job from a broken relationship, a lost government job and trying to be her own person. I could picture her hearing about Chase’ behavior from Masters shorly after she is hired and choosing to make a bit of extra change on the news. Unlike Cameron, she does not see her beauty as a negative thing.

    My favorite story turn is the possibility of Foreman and Cuddy hooking up. They just seem to have the kind of personalities that would fit.

  • Action Kate

    The Other Barnett:

    Actually, I found the Foreman/Cuddy line to be somewhat bewildering. Two strong dominating personalities, except when it comes to House — is he all they’d talk about in bed? I would think it would be a constant battle (not bantering) for each of them to be on top, emotionally speaking. They are both constantly trying to prove themselves. I’d be exhausted just having dinner with them.

    What about the pairing do you find appealing? Now you have me curious about your thinking. 🙂

  • swell

    I love, love the idea of these mysterical things that arrive from Hawaii. Clever and fun!

  • The Other Barnett

    Action -# 123

    Foreman is maturing to some extent. I’d think that with House not around (but not dead to haunt him) Eric would be more able to acknowledge that he does not have to be in charge or professionally respected to be happy. I always thought he was slightly better at relationships than Cuddy, especially if work did not play in the equation.

    As for Cuddy, I really don’t think she has grown much romantically. She still needs to be respected professionally as much as she needs to be loved (Rachel loves her, thats all she needs of that). However, I think she always appreciated Foreman more than she did the other team members (especially with Cameron gone), and I think she always seemed able to relate to him as far as responsibility is concerned. Of course House will bond them, but she wants someone she feels slightly superior to, yet also feels that she will be valued and appreciated. Foreman (I think) respected Cuddy, and maybe will see a different Lisa since they have no professional obligations or connections to each other.

    But House may be in Cuddy’s mind some mornings as she wakes up to Foreman’s strong arms enfolding her. I never said this would be a romance for the ages.

  • lobentti

    “Everybody dies”, and everything dies too … is this blog dead?

  • Ladybelle Fiske

    I loved people coming back and thought Sela Ward looked fine. She has always been something very special and important to House… after all, he and she made a relationship work for FIVE YEARS which is a long time in the world of House, M.D.
    Was sorry not to see LE but we all knew we would not. Doubt we will ever know why she didn’t or wasn’t able to return. It probably wasn’t due to personal reasons, but financial ones, and then she was miffed or they were miffed that she wouldn’t accept their terms?
    But I know absolutely 0 about Hollywood doings, so ???
    I have not heard that HL and LE were interested in one another… though I do wonder how a male actor gets into bed with a beautiful female one and doesn’t have some rather embarrassing moments regarding erection. Or maybe it’s just expected. And when people have sex in the movies, do they really? Ever? Or is it always choreographed?~
    I think the Sherlock Holmes hommage was intentional. We should only be so lucky that House would return, as did Holmes, and then go on to live out his old age as a bee-keeper upon the South Downs.

  • BrokenLeg

    127 @Ladybelle Fiske

    About sex scenes in front of cameres:Do you imagine what must be do them in front of 25-30 indifferent people:electricians, cameras,director,director of photography,assistants,etc.. and even a security man?I’m sure that no male actor must be able to get an erection under so many eyes watching you,people saying “Cut”,”another take”,etc.. Even porno movies are filmed with less people and probably with some Viagra.

    About “Now what” [H] episode, I remember some HL-LE interview that told how embarrassing was it for both of them, with HL joking that the laptop was a 17′ one!

  • The Other Barnett

    126# Lobenti

    The blog is not dead until Barb pulls the plug and we choose to stop talking abut House and ideas and subjects related to it.

    Hey, there are people still blogging over X-Files, Star Trek (all versions), and even Andy Griffith Show, why can’t we continue….if only for the summer.

  • lobentti

    Thanks,129 The other Barnett, I´m moving on – to the BBC Sherlok! Sooo goood!
    But I will love House for ever, so I´ll be here now and then. See you…

  • Scott MD

    My hypothesis is correct I believe.
    Both Chase and Cameron Who learned a lot and respected house kept keep sake to remember him by.
    Cameron who has a picture of their friendship when all 4 of them was a team. How she couldn’t hold a relationship and now she has a husband and a child.
    Chase had Houses little ball on his desk to help remind him how just by kicking back and tossing the ball in the air you can clear your mind and help come up with the correct solution to a problem..
    But Forman is the only one who had something left for him by house as their friendship and bonding could understand it was for the good of things to come and spend time with his dyeing friend.
    House was in the room when Forman was putting items under the leg of the table to level it. So Forman would have to believe he was still alive.

  • The Other Barnett

    Now I know I’m not watching the Emmy’s for anything House got completely shut out of the nominations.

  • lobentti

    He deserved it! this Emmy… but ‘you get what you get’ …

  • Action Kate

    Yeah, the total shutout was a bit shocking. I really think it’s time to split cable Emmys and broadcast Emmys. Broadcast is just too creatively hobbled by Standards & Practices which cable doesn’t have (or their S&P are much more flexible). You can’t tell the same kinds of stories on broadcast TV, so they shouldn’t be held to the same standard.

    On the other hand, 13 noms for Sherlock! 😀