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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Brave Heart”

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Courage—a brave heart—necessary to take on the most difficult of tasks. Several  characters in this week’s House, M.D. episode “Brave Heart” need one. The patient of the week, Donny (Jon Seda), House (Hugh Laurie), Chase (Jesse Spencer), even Cameron (Jennifer Morrison)  and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) all have things to confront—difficult, if not impossible obstacles and demons.

The episode starts with another “blockbuster” teaser, which has become a series signature (fabulous directing, guys!). This time it’s a full-on police chase, complete with gymnastic, fleet-footed suspect. It ends as our patient of the week, a cop, tries to leap tall buildings with a single bound—and doesn’t quite make it.

The cop is reckless, not because of death wish, but because he knows he’s going to die. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather all died of a heart attack just after their 40th birthdays, we learn he is about to reach that age, and according to his partner, just doesn’t care. He’s been to several doctors, none of whom can find a thing wrong with his heart; Cameron refers him to Dr. Gregory House.

Donny faces his fate bravely, fatalistically. He pursues no relationships, and when confronted with a son of whom he knew nothing, Donny rejects contact with him because he can’t inflict the pain on his son, inflicted upon him when his father died. But House points out to him in a classic House-patient one-on-one scene that he’s copping out of relationships and life, using his fate as an excuse for recklessness and responsibility avoidance.

It’s advice House gives through a new prism, from the other side of his own nightmare, and it is a wise perspective. It works, as once they’ve figured out the 40th birthday mystery of his family, Donny begins to courageously step beyond himself to begin bonding with his son.

Chase needs his own brave heart as he wanders aimlessly through the aftermath of his own nightmare, having two weeks earlier assassinated a genocidal dictator. The weight of what he has done begins to crush him, and he cannot find the courage to talk to even (or especially) to his wife. It eats away at him little by little in a beautifully rendered performance by Jesse Spencer.

Foreman (Omar Epps) urges him to talk to Cameron, who is worried and suspicious. She obviously knows he’s hiding something. House, too, urges Chase to seek help. “I’m fine,” Chase tells him, using House’s favorite pat response to any personal inquiry. “You shouldn’t be,” House tells him, knowing Chase is lying. The weight of past actions is something House knows about intimately and it has nearly destroyed him—more than once.

Chase does go to confession, seeking absolution, but the priest refuses, saying that a few “Hail Marys” aren’t going to absolve the intentional taking of a life. He urges Chase to turn himself in to the police. Chase is shattered, believing he did the right thing in killing Dibala when he had the chance, but not wanting to live with the horror of it on his conscience. Chase is boxed in, unable to tell Cameron, unable to go to the police, unable to live with himself. The bravery he had in killing the dictator has fled as he is confronted with demons much more challenging than Dibala. Will Chase find the needed courage, before it destroys his marriage and his soul.

House, too, must muster his own “brave heart” as he tries to find his footing back in medicine. Getting back on the “zebra” himself, now fully in command of the department (albeit without medical license), House is certain the deaths of Donny’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather are all a coincidence. But when House gives him a placebo and discharges him, Donny dies four hours later.

And House is hearing voices, keeping him up at night, as he continues to sleep at Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) house. Considering he was suffering visual and auditory hallucinations only a few months earlier, this must be terrifying for him. But House keeps this to himself, worried and anxious, but afraid to tell anyone. After Donny collapses, House blames himself. Although Foreman reassures House he had good reason to discharge the patient, he wonders “what is wrong with me?”

Of course there is a logical explanation for the voices, but the still-fragile House, now bunking in a room surrounded by Wilson’s remembrances of Amber, is understandably unnerved. As we know, Amber, about whom House must still feel enormous guilt, haunted House last season in hallucination form. You can literally feel his building panic as he continues to hear voices, which now invade him even at the office.

House consults an audiologist, who tells him his hearing is fine, and if he’s hearing voices, then it’s probably psychosis. This is not really something House needs to hear just after discharge from a psych hospital. House must now confront the real possibility that he’s not healed, and he’s still suffering psychosis, even off Vicodin for months.

Wilson and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) try to be supportive, but House can’t muster the courage to talk to them. They have no idea what’s going on with him, but he’s willing to bow out of medicine, rather than discuss his fears with the two people closest to him at this point. The combination of the voices, the missed diagnosis, and his still unrecovered confidence, along with his fragility leads House to believe he’s not ready to come back to medicine. “I’m not ready to be a doctor again,” he admits honestly to Cuddy.

But House figures it out on his own and confronts Wilson the next morning. Wilson has been talking to the dead Amber as he goes to sleep each night. (My mother used to do this with my dad after he died, too.)

“Talking to her makes me feel better; you don’t,” he explains, when House wonders why he’s talking to him! Ouch. But House doesn’t mock him for his sentimentality as he might have in earlier seasons. And in a poignant final scene, House tries to “talk” to his father, realizing that it wasn’t all bad, and that maybe he’s been focusing on the wrong things. He’s self conscious about it, even completely alone, and tells Wilson “it’s stupid.” But it’s an incredibly brave step for House, someone who has carried this particular burden since childhood. Maybe he can begin to take a step forward. This is House’s “brave heart.”

What a great episode! It was great to see the original team once again working together a second week in a row. Long-time House scribe Lawrence Kaplow expertly wove together a delicate tapestry of “brave” and not-so-brave hearts. Lovely moments between Wilson and House, showing their mutual concern and mind games with each other: good times! The scenes between Chase and Cameron were fraught with tension: we know this cannot be going anywhere good for them.

I loved the small steps House is making towards Cuddy. As with his job, House is trying to find his footing—and his bravery—here too. He is trying to let her know how he feels, and his question about how they stand with each other mirrors hers in “Epic Fail” (6×02). Their banter, as the young medical student observes, is “foreplay.” And it will be interesting to see where this storyline is going as well.

A couple of random notes: Those who follow Twitter, may be aware that House executive producer/director Greg Yaitanes has been assembling a Twitter army of House followers, and has been gifting fans with little inside bits and pieces (none of which is really spoilery), so be sure to follow him. Also, I am putting together a compilation of House “10 Bests,” for a forthcoming series of articles. So please hop over to my personal site and participate if you wish!

No House for two weeks! I will try to pop in with a couple of fun things during the hiatus, so stay tuned.

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  • Epiphany

    I’m first! Wh-hoo! My favourite episode of this fab new season so far. And, in my personal opinion, the best to date.

    It wasn’t perfect: I could’ve done without the young medical students’ observations. Sledgehammer where art thou? Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

    Far better to have just focussed on one turning to the other and raising an eyebrow (or something like that) as House and Cuddy go at each other. I would’ve enjoyed that more. The foreplay line just made me want to cringe – and I adore Huddy.

    Also, the case was a bit of a head-scratcher at times, but I adore it for giving us Foreman screaming like a girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.

    Brave Heart is definitely a multi-layered episode and I’m enjoying peeling each bit away. It will stand up to repeated viewing, unlike some of the very average episodes in season five.

    I experienced a wide range of emotions: from laughter (House/Wilson lint – belly button – morning glory!) to near-tears (Wilson and Chase) to… well… the only way I can sum it up is ‘aaaaaawwwww!’ (House to Cuddy: “You do make me feel funny”).

    Lots to think about and mull over but one thing is definitely for sure: this show does NOT need Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen. I didn’t miss her at all. In fact, I threw a party for her absence. Long may it continue (although I know it won’t).

  • Orange450

    You never cease to amaze! After your Tivo problems last night, you still manage to get your review up in record time? Kudos to you! 🙂

    One of my favorite lines last night (in an episode chock-full of favorite lines – in fact, the whole script was just about perfect) was when House said to Chase – “I don’t care how afraid of that room you are – do your job!” And of course, his words applied to himself just as well.

    What an impressive display of his formidable skills of deductive reasoning as he first tries to eliminate any physical reasons that might cause him to hear voices (and now we know he had dental work done in the Phillipines :-)). And then the way he overcame his fear of the den, to go back in and figure out from where the whispering was coming! He certainly knows what it means to confront one’s fears and overcome them.

    I also absolutely loved the way House urged Chase to talk to someone – “they fixed me up in 7 weeks – 10 minutes tops, for you.” I think he’s slowly realizing the value of help – something he may have disdained, or felt weak about accepting before Mayfield.

  • Agreed! What a great episode. There have been no losers so far in season 6!

  • Jackie

    I thought this was an excellent episode. I was happy that I was by the television at the conclusion of the Yankees-Angels’ game so as not to miss recording last night’s episode. The one scene that brought me back to earlier “House” days, was when House poked the couch with his cane and woke up the startled Chase. This was reminiscent of “Forever” when Chase was lost in his thoughts about the baby Michael. Chase is so preoccupied with the Dibala situation that House is prodding to him to act in the present.

    I loved the scene where House realizes the source of the whispering. Hugh Laurie’s expressions no matter how subtle never cease to amaze me. I also thought the “What about us?” comment to Cuddy was something that in prior years he would have never attempted without sarcasm or snarkiness. It will be interesting to see what November has to offer. The next scheduled episode is due to air on November 9th. Anna Attanasio (Katie Jacob’s daughter) is the patient of the week and the following week, the 16th, features Troy Garrity (Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden’s son and Henry Fonda’s grandson). I’m still hoping and waiting for a Stephen Fry or Emma Thompson appearance before the curtain comes down on the series. It would be great if Charlie, Bill or Rebecca Laurie made a cameo or would be cast in a larger role. Rebecca did appear as the younger version of the character portrayed as a adult by Emma Thompson a few years back in “Wit”, so you never can tell.

  • Perfect review of a near-perfect episode! (I admit to a continuing aversion to happy endings.) This was the best episode in Season 6 so far. I disliked “Broken”, but it seems that with each episode the show is finding its footing again. And so nice that House can be both snarky and sensitive!

    And I’m in agreement with Epiphany…the absence of 13 was an absolute pleasure. The old team work so well together, I wish it could be permanent.

    Jesse Spencer has evolved into an astonishingly good actor. The confessional scene was heartbreaking. (As it happens, “Law And Order: SVU” had a similar conversation with a priest, who had a very different take on repentance; although they were speaking of a third person.)

    The House/Wilson scenes were pure gold. Wilson in pajamas! 🙂 So rumpled and somehow vulnerable. I didn’t have a problem with his talking to Amber. My impression from Season 4 was that she was a true love, maybe his first (despite his marriages).

    And the House/Cuddy scenes have taken a very interesting turn. They are behaving like adults, and Cuddy is very much back in charge as an administrator.

    I look forward to future episodes with great anticipation. Not to mention your future reviews!

  • Jen

    My fav so far too! Love your reviews Barbara, and all of the comments! It was the Classic House that I got hooked on!

  • Oh having no 13 was like bliss. BLISS. Having the old team back makes me so happy, and knowing that’ll change again makes me sad.

    I loved the House interactions with everyone … honestly this small change in him is improving his relationship with everyone in believable and constructive ways. His lack of desire to destroy the people he cares about means we have some really genuine scenes. His advice to Chase was almost gentle, and him telling Wilson he could talk to him was a big step from the last few seasons of House. He’d never be interested in hearing “Wilson whine” or anything like that, but this House would. Plus like Madfashion said, Cuddy and House are acting like adults. It’s really great!

  • Nicholas Barletta

    Wow! I really did love this episode! It consisted of everything that each House M.D. episode had but even more.

    Suspense is building up in me about how Chase is going to get the African Dictator case off his chest.. I can’t wait for the rest of the House MD episodes and its future in TV shows! Rock on!

  • The best part of the episode was the absence of Thirteen. Thankfully the writers didn’t try to insert her in randomly like last week. House hearing whispers which turn out to be Wilson talking to Amber was a great story. The medical stuff in the episode was a step up, but after 5 seasons, there isn’t that much that can be done. Full review of the episode.

  • nicole.o

    At work and only have two secons, but have to add the end scene with Cuddy was unbelievably good and made me very happy, and I also LOVED Chase in this episode. The current arc he has is intriguing and powerful. Excellent!

  • Donna

    Just wanted to say…you’re right Barbara. What a great House season. And classic House does wear well. I am one very happy, satisfied viewer. Every episode has been well written (what a wealth of talent from the show’s writers). Lawrence Kaplow packed so much into his wonderful BH script complimented w/great acting and directing. HL, RSL and especially JS (again this week) gave memorable and moving performances. WOW! Lastly, kudos to Matt Shakman and Greg Yaitanes for their direction of BH (I believe GY directed the opening…so cool btw).

  • KC

    I loved this episode. First of all there was no 13, which was great because I think everybody needed a break from her. I loved the house/wilson scenes. The “I was picking lint from my stomach” scene was gold. I agree with Epiphany that the scene with the medical students was heavy handed but it was still funny. RSL is amazing it breaks my heart to see Wilson still dealing with Amber’s death. JS acting was so good this episode espically his scene with house and the church scene. The old team still has chemistry.

  • KC

    I miss the white board they should go back to using it.

  • pawpaw

    Why no House for two weeks?

  • blacktop

    I really enjoyed this episode, but I am looking forward to the reconstitution of the new team with prodigals Taub and Thirteen joining Chase, Foreman back in the fold. The charmless old Chase-Cameron-Forman combo seems cold and stilted to me now.

    Foreman’s epic double-take upon the resurrection of the “dead” patient was terrific, as was the preceding quiet moment he shared in consoling the mystified and worried House.

    All of the House/Cuddy scenes were golden, as they continue to build upon their halting and disjointed dance of last season. The contrast between their interactions pre-Mayfield and after is striking, moving, and deliberate. Now at last, we can see clearly why it was necessary that House and Cuddy suffer through the ocassionally unhappy and childish interactions of season five. Now we have the emotional payoff. This show is superb at carrying through carefully constructed long-range arcs of this kind and it is great to see yet another one playing out in this grand fashion.

    (House’s father issues, Cuddy’s baby quest, Wilson’s lost brother, and Chase’s dead father are other examples of something this show does exceedingly well. The deployment of this kind of long-range arc shows respect for and confidence in the intelligence of the audience and I love them for it.)

    I may have not clearly understood this point, but I was stunned to find out that Wilson’s apartment had not one but two bedrooms. I had assumed all these weeks that House was sleeping on the couch because there was only one bedroom and Wilson used that one. Now we find out that there is a second room that used to be the Wilson/Amber bedroom but that Wilson now keeps as a study and shrine to her. Are we to understand that Wilson did not want House disturbing this second room so he made House — his physically crippled, emotionally fragile friend — sleep on the couch like an unwelcome in-law? And House knew about the existence of this second room but never questioned Wilson’s decision to relegate him to the sofa? As soon as he realized that House was wracked with new fears about auditory hallucinations, Wilson should have overcome his embarassment and explained that his nightly conversations with dead Amber were the source of the whispering.

    Maybe I missed something but this element of an otherwise excellent episode truly creeped me out.

    I really admire the carefully calibrated progression of emotional developments for the main characters in the show: Cuddy had her rolling breakdown in the middle of season five due to the loss of the planned adoption and the stress of adjustment to motherhood; House had his spectacular breakdown at the end of the season with the accumulated pressures of the loss of his father, Amber, and Kutner; Chase is having his breakdown right now over the Dibala case; and on the basis of this episode it looks as though Wilson’s long-delayed breakdown could be next.

  • Jane

    Blacktop, I think the next breakdown might be Cameron’s because of Chase’s troubles at the moment. Wilson had his turn when Amber died (although I’m looking forward to more development on his mourning).

    I think Wilson has his own devils to fight. His conversation-with-dead-girlfriend clearly shows that he’s still mourning over Amber, so I think it’s understandable that he kept the ‘shrine’ despite House. Even I wouldn’t convert a normal study for a friend who is only lodging at my place temporarily. I think House would be sensitive enough not to demand a bedroom too.

    Before the morning House confronted Wilson, House resigned with Cuddy and I assume Cuddy must have told Wilson that House is worried. When House confessed about hearing voices, he didn’t sound convincing at all. At first, I thought it was really bad acting on Hugh Laurie’s part, but on second thoughts, I think Hugh Laurie/House deliberately didn’t try to be convincing because House wasn’t trying to worry Wilson with his possibility of having hallucination but wanted Wilson to admit to his conversations-with-dead-girlfriends. And I think Wilson got House’s hint, which explains why Wilson responded so tersely instead of reassuring House that it wasn’t his hallucinations.

  • Celia

    I loved the episode with two exceptions, one small and one larger. The small one was the POTW. I just didn’t buy the medical mystery, nor find it particularly compelling.
    The large exception was the Confessional scene. Chase is suppose to have spent one year in a Seminary. He specifcally should know that without actual rependance there is no possible Absolution. You just don’t pop in I say ” I did it; now forgive me “. The storyline didn’t indicate that Chase repended his deed in any way, even though he now felt haunted by it.
    A Priest would not have withheld the Scarement of Absolution if he beleived a penitent was ….well….. truly penitent. Turning himself into the cops was totally beside the point.
    If counselling was what Chase required, so that he could accept what he had done, then he should have sought out a psychotherapist.
    Just feeling badly and not truly belieiving you have committed a moral wrong isn’t enough for the Confessional. It isn’t the ‘telling of the sin’ that grants you Absolution it is the admission & rependance that you have committed a moral wrong and would not repeat the wrong if given the opportunity again. Chase belonged on a couch, not in pew in the Confessional. Absolution takes more than saying you’re sorry because now you feel rotten; it means you yourself believe what you did was wrong. Chase doesn’t. Not yet anyway.

  • Just feeling badly and not truly belieiving you have committed a moral wrong isn’t enough for the Confessional. It isn’t the ‘telling of the sin’ that grants you Absolution it is the admission & rependance that you have committed a moral wrong and would not repeat the wrong if given the opportunity again. Chase belonged on a couch, not in pew in the Confessional. Absolution takes more than saying you’re sorry because now you feel rotten; it means you yourself believe what you did was wrong. Chase doesn’t. Not yet anyway.

    I have to respectfully disagree. Chase has turned to faith in other troubled times (such as the baby autopsy and the beautiful prayer he did over the body). It only makes sense that with his overwhelming guilt he would seek absolution from a priest before he even considered a psychotherapist. He is not repentant per se, but he is wracked with guilt and self-hatred. Chase was speaking from his heart; otherwise he would have mouthed the necessary words to get absolution, but it would not have been the real absolution and forgiveness he craves.

  • I’m jumping in for a second to agree with Madfashionista on this. First season Chase (well, first season Chase wouldn’t have cared enough to kill Dibala) would not have had this tearing him apart from the inside.

    He would have done the easy part–mouthing words. His morality has brought him to murdering a genocidal murderer. He should not have taken this into hands, but he did for selfless reasons, sacrificing himself.

    I understand absolution is not possible, but Chase is turning back to his roots in this time of crisis. The priest was extremely harsh with him–and judgmental (IMHO)

  • DebbieJ.

    Here are some of my rambling thoughts of this episode.

    I have a love/hate relationship with it. This one definitely needs a second and perhaps third viewing. I found myself hating it in one scene, then absolutely loving it in the next. Even thinking I hated a scene, then BAM, they finish the scene with me cracking up.

    The only constant for me was Chase. He was fantastic from beginning to end and I am worried about what is to come for him.

    I thought the opening scene was unnecessarily long. They could’ve made their point in half the time. I found the POTW and his medical issue to be boring. I didn’t understand why, after he was hospitalized, the baby-momma now suddenly appears with her child. She knew about her ex’s family history long ago. She didn’t want him to know about his son, just to get his son tested, too. (But of course, Cameron had to step in!) She could’ve done that ages ago. To me, it was just shoddy writing.

    House having to do 120 hours of rounds was hilarious (like, *that* was gonna happen!) and my favorite line of the episode was when Cuddy said, “wow, you finished 120 hours in a day, amazing” (paraphrasing). But I could have done without the med students spoon feeding us that the House/Cuddy exchange was foreplay.

    I loved House’s conversation with Chase, telling him to talk with someone. Season 1 House would *never* have suggested such a thing. I do love how House is really trying and love the pace that he is going. (“It took me 7 weeks. You? 10 minutes, tops! LOL)

    House “picking lint out of his belly button” was hilarious and am
    surprised it was allowed for a 8PM slot show.

    Although the House/Foreman morgue scene was great (their reaction when the “corpse” screamed) I found the Taub/Kutner morgue season of last year to be better.

    I enjoyed the few House/Cuddy moments. They were sweet and flirtatious. (“You make me feel funny inside”)

    Another scene that didn’t sit right with me was when the POTW was having such severe jaw/tooth pain, he got out of bed – with multiple broken bones, including broken legs AND an autopsy incision! – to reach for an instrument to pull his own tooth. Right. [rolls eyes] Again, shoddy writing, imo.

    I did enjoy the Wilson-whispering-to-Amber thing and found it poignant and sad. I just wanted to give him a hug. I liked how House did not ridicule him as he would have a few seasons ago. (Baby steps, House. Baby steps.) But I found it totally lame that House tried this “therapy”, talking with his dad. Then the end of the scene totally redeemed itself when he shouts to Wilson that this is stupid! LOL

    And although I’ve never been a 13 or Foreteen basher (don’t love her/them, but don’t hate ’em, either), I have to say, I didn’t miss her – at all! I do miss Taub, tho.

  • Celia

    Barbara: I think folks are missing my point here. Chase went to seek absolution knowing full well he didn’t merit it as he wasn”t rependant.
    That wasn’t clear in the scene.
    Why the Priest was portrayed as not understanding his role in the Sacrament is beyond me. It could have been a GREAT scene rather than just a good scene. The portrayal of the Sacrament of Penance was inaccurate and incorrect and that bothers me.
    It’s as equally important to get the religion correctly portrayed as it is the medicine.It felt disrespectful to dumb it down so.

  • marie

    Thanks once again Barbara great review …. Oh yeah , awesome episode , the old team back again ,terrific writing and acting as ever …House back in charge , kicking A… in his own extremely unique way , wonderfully funny , but serious in parts , he was very sexy when he was with Cuddy ,its a true magnetism between those two , some very very funny dialogue in this episode , great funny scenes and some very poignant and moving scenes with RSL again, it was so much more like seasons 1 , 2 and 3 , simply wonderful , and the biggest bonus …no 13… its strange but Foreman too was much more acceptable this week without the boring 13 making him miserable , keep up this format please… ,brilliant, poignant, funny and flirtacious House , RSL ,Cuddy , old team including Cam , …NO 13 …. all we would need for absolute perfection would be a few clinic scenes …and hey presto ….THE HOUSE WE FELL IN LOVE WITH !!!!!!

    just a few things extra to add..

    1. awwww why oh why would they leave the extra scene out , it was so moving and in context with what he was doing at the time , speaking to his dad …and what he said made so much more sense with that scene left in , …such a pity … I just love this guy, …. this weeks episode was just incredible for me .

    2.,JS was terrific in his scenes and growing immensly as an actor , could be the Hugh Laurie influence . well done JS .

    3. in agreement with madfashionista here … quote .. “It only makes sense that with his overwhelming guilt he would seek absolution from a priest before he even considered a psychotherapist. He is not repentant per se, but he is wracked with guilt and self-hatred. Chase was speaking from his heart; otherwise he would have mouthed the necessary words to get absolution, but it would not have been the real absolution and forgiveness he craves.”unquote…as a catholic I can feel for Chase , he KNEW he couldnt get absolution but he still felt that a confessional was the next step for him , who knows where it will end , but I did think that it was so in keeping with his character , well done to the writers I think they got it just right . xxx

  • Meg Legal

    this epi is my fav so far this season.

    excellent review Barbara, as always!

    I absolutely loved the personal interactions.
    Chase/Jessie is brilliant. Cameron’s concern is genuine. Foreman was back to when I liked him 13-less.
    House-Wilson-Cuddy made me feel so many thing with ever so subtle lines and body language & face expression.
    Wilson’s grieving, House’s baby steps, Cuddy being a pro made me cheer.
    I cannot wait to see their journey in November. I am a contempt fan and will remain so for 3 weeks -which is very nice, wether or not it’ll last (let’s not forget it is HOUSE and you dont stay happy too long) but at least I am feeling warm and hopefull during the short hiatus.
    I “feel funny inside” as well.
    well written epi about Chase’s struggling, about House & Wilson talking then ending up with the “it’s stupid” comment (again, so very HOUSE-like), about House & Cuddy adult sincere conversation, about caring & grown Cameron and so many other things.
    other comments stated very well my thoughts & feeling about this epi so I wont say more.
    except gimme more HOUSE! is it November yet?

  • Nikki

    “I think folks are missing my point here. Chase went to seek absolution knowing full well he didn’t merit it as he wasn”t rependant.”

    Celia; your point does make sense to me, as I was thinking exactely the same thing. It actually supports my theory about Chase not having killed Dibala. I guess I’m totally weird here but I still believe that he didn’t do it.

    Anyway, I became a fan of House again. I love the new House and the old team. Too bad it probably won’t last.

  • action kate

    I am struck by how many people, at this blog and elsewhere, are saying that one of the highlights of the episode was the lack of Thirteen. (For me too.) Barb, can you suggest a name and address to which the fans could write to express that sentiment directly to the appropriate Powers That Be? It seems clear to me that Olivia Wilde was hired to bring ratings, but if the fans don’t LIKE her character — if in fact we are cheering her absence — that’s not a ratings draw. We should really let TPTB know that, shouldn’t we?

    I was really choked up over Wilson whispering about his day to Amber; that was devastating. She was so good for him, and it’s so sad that it couldn’t work out.

    I love the old team back together. They have a chemistry the “new” cottages just never did. Kutner was a complete blank slate who sadly only held my interest in his death, 13 is boring (particularly her Huntingdon’s), Taub is acceptably snarky, and Amber was fantastic but too much competition for House, dramatically speaking.

    I’m really enjoying House figuring out how to pull back on some of his more annoying mannerisms without becoming “not-House.” He and Cuddy are still fencing, but more like adults than frustrated 8th graders. It’s refreshing. And does NOT need to be lampshaded by the extras, for pity’s sake.

  • Unfortunately, I believe it is too late to express the widespread dislike of 13 to TPTB. She is probably already filming new episodes. However, you can probably communicate through the Fox House home. Just a guess. Or the respective production companies. Or start an online petition.

  • Epiphany

    Marie, I think TPTB made the right decision regarding the deleted Brave Heart scene. When House said: “Hi dad”, I actually gasped out loud.

    Had the deleted scene remained, it would’ve lessened the impact – we’d have guessed what was coming when the camera focussed back on House.

    I don’t always agree with decisions over deleted scenes, but in this case I think they got it spot on.

    With reference to Olivia Wilde’s 13 – I cannot figure out why the producers are so obsessed with her. They obviously don’t see what we all see. The thing that amazes me is that the character is universally disliked, not just by fans but by TV critics too.

    If TPTB won’t admit defeat and get rid of her altogether (it’s not gonna happen this season), the least they can do is split her and Foreman up, pair him with Chase post-Cameron departure and pair 13 with Taub. That way, 13 and Foreman become a little more bearable and I don’t have to grind my teeth down with frustration any further.

  • I liked this episode, but I really missed Thirteen. Honestly, I think the show needs her. Cuddy is great, as she stands up to House, but she’s also in love with him. Thirteen was a woman who stood up to House without being in love with him. And I like her a lot better than Cameron!

  • It’s interesting how many people like 13 a lot. You do not get that impression from the online fan community, but that’s not the whole story. A colleague came up to me the other day and asked if I knew when 13 was coming back. He was in shock that she would be gone, perhaps for good. I told him she wasn’t gone for good. He’s been a fan since season one.

  • Epiphany

    Barbara, I’m in shock that your colleague is in shock – 13’s only been absent for one episode! Said person needs to either get a grip or get a pair of glasses. 🙂 But I’m joking – I’ll be serious.

    With the exception of VerySpecialEpisode Broken, 13 has barely been off screen since season 5 began – unlike vastly superior characters Chase and Cameron.

    Is there a difference of perception between the online and offline community? Hmmmmm. Let me put it this way, my dislike of the character drove me ONLINE to see if my view was shared. Lo and behold! Kindred spirits in the likes of NJ.com’s Alan Sepinwall, TWOP’s Sara Morrison and Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan. Not to mention posters all over various forums. It’s running at around 70% with a vehement dislike of her online.

    Just look at the abominable 13-writing in Instant Karma: a ‘drama’ over her cancelled plane ticket; a ‘drama’ over her worsening relationship with Foreman; a pointless heart-to-heart with House; an equally pointless scene with Wilson and then a painful conversation between House and Wilson with the latter stressing that House “needs” 13. Puhleeeeeez!

    Brave Heart is the first regular House episode with nary a sniff of her – not even a mention – for over a season. And the show was all the better for it. Little wonder it’s my favourite of the season so far.

  • Epiphany

    Please excuse me if double posts are not allowed. Just had to post the intro for the New York Times’ review of Brave Heart:

    “House Watch: Mutual Attractions
    By Ginia Bellafante

    It was good to see House returning to the dynamics between the principals on Monday night and shelving, however temporarily,the dull non-drama drama between Foreman and Thirteen, who have become too easy to simply disregard…”

  • KHC

    I was a latecomer to this episode (which does make the wait to the next one a lot easier :)). And I loved it!! Wilson talking to Amber choked me up, as did Chase’s confession, and I loved the last scene between House and Wilson – these actors are fabulous!!

    Quick question though – deleted scene?? Where/how do I find that? I nearly fell off the bed when House said “hi dad”, so interested to see what might have preceded this.

  • Flo

    Really like this episode too. Interesting story with Wilson. So far, the show did a lot with the fallout of Amber’s death and a little less with Wilson. Nice they catch up with that.

    I didn’t miss 13 either but just because she naturally didn’t fit in this story. I don’t hate her. I think she fits into the show well. The 13 haters may be louder and on the majority on the internet but who can say if it’s the majority of the viewers?

    All in all, I think we can be confident inthe fact that the writers actually know what they’re doing.

  • DebbieJ

    @KHC – #32: The deleted scene was a flash back of him as a child interacting with his father.

  • KHC

    @DebbieJ – #34. Thank you very much!

    I agree with others who have posted on it – I liked it, but I think I prefer the episode without it 🙂

  • PH

    First and foremost.. Superb acting by HL, RSL and JS. The scene where House finds Wilson talking to Amber almost made me cry.

    The pup tent scene between House and Wilson had me ROFL !! What a set-up! House pushed the boundaries to get Wilson to re-think his ‘shrine’. House didn’t voice his concerns over it, instead he used the round-about method that he is so adept at. And during that conversation, when Wilson had just brushed off the event, House brought it back into the forefront once again, by admitting his ‘morning glory’. LMAO.
    He owns Wilson in that scene !

    I think Wilson should have at least moved the photos out of the shrine when he had the mattress delivered. What kind of friend keeps the photos in place, when he knows of the destructive effect the Amber hallucinations (albeit via Vicodin) had on him ?!
    Alas.. I must air my opinion on the whole Boreteen issue. I actually liked 13 during the ‘new cottages’ competition. She was brilliant, thought outside of the box, and stood on her own. But when they paired her with Foreman, I think the writing changed for her. I also think that she doesn’t have the acting chops to pull it off. In the Epic Failure epi, look at the scene where 13 was back on the date with Foreman and trying to patch things up. Hadley says “You know how you make me feel…” OMG!! I laughed when that aired. That was the best take she did for that scene ?!? SERIOUSLY ? It sounded like she was talking to a Twinkies box for godsakes.
    The House PTB have always excelled in hiring fantastic actors. But, sorry, if the crap is rolling downhill, getting larger and picking up speed.. you gotta think about getting out of its way. Please help us fans stop our teeth-grinding and let that crap ball roll past us (I’ll keep my boots on and hold my breath..’til it’s well past).
    I am eagerly awaiting “Known Unknowns” but I think I may have to have the Kleenex ready. I don’t want to see House shot down by Cuddy. Come on, he deserves a treat for being such a good boy… well, sort of. 🙂

  • Grace

    I think it’s time for Wilson to take the *shrine* down. He should have given House that bed to sleep in…..the man has a very painful leg…what was Wilson thinking??? Don’t bother to argue the point, I won’t change my mind.(I DO love Wilson though.)
    I also don’t want to see any more about House’s *father*. I HATE him…end of story.
    No 13!!! Oh how I wish that would last, but I know it won’t. I don’t understand why TPTB
    keep shoving her down our throats when they KNOW we don’t care for her. I assume she knows someone.
    And yes, I am quite bitter about JM leaving. I hope Jesse isn’t next!
    P.S. KJ’s daughter’s name is Annabelle, not Anna.

  • okolo

    “I’d hate to be the duty nurse … get it doody nurse” LOL LOL, House, just the way I love him