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TV Review: House, M.D. – “Bombshells”

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“Bombshells.” I can’t think of a more appropriately titled episode for tonight’s episode of House, M.D. Although the episode focuses on Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) and her health after she discovers blood in her urine, the series core has always been about the journey of Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie, in a fabulous performance). And while Cuddy’s kidney cancer scare provides for her a moment of clarity about what she wants and needs from her relationshiphugh laurie, lisa edelstein as Butch and Sundance in Bombshells on House, M.D. with House, it also provides an opportunity to see how far House has come in the past year socially and emotionally.

“Bombshells” asks whether love and happiness have removed enough of House’s barriers to allow him to deal with pain and grief. Is he strong and secure enough to deal with the serious illness a loved one?

Last season, House finds it nearly impossible to “be there” for Wilson when he undergoes a liver surgery. House can only see the potential loss of his best friend through the lens of his own grief. “If you die,” House confesses to Wilson, “I’m alone.” So, telling Wilson he can’t be there during the operation, House  can’t face the notion that he might lose his best and only friend. In the end, House does come through, gets over his own pain  to focus on Wilson’s troubles.

If Cuddy dies of cancer, however, it might be an even greater loss for House. He has finally opened up to someone again; he’s happy (enough); she is the love of his life; he needs her. Her loss would be a devastating blow to him. He cannot deal with that, so, in denial for the first part of the episode, he worries apart from Cuddy, in his own way. It’s almost as if by saying it—acknowledging it by facing her—her loss might be too real. If he stays away, it can’t be true that she will die. So he stays distant, but plagued by a nightmare: a horrific scenario in which he cannot get to Cuddy in time to save her as she’s being devoured by zombies. (It’s a great homage to horror movies.)

House is great at the grand romantic gestures. But here, Cuddy doesn’t need romance; she doesn’t need Mariachi bands or romantic breakfasts under the bed. She just needs House to be fully present and at her side, fighting her illness together. But,in his subconscious, House realizes, as his nightmare suggests, that he might not be able to be there when she needs him—no matter how much he may want it. And he does want it. No matter how hard he fights his demons (or zombies), they will win in the end. The zombie dream provides a neat foreshadowing of the episode’s end.

When Cuddy is finally diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer, House can no longer deny what’s now fact: written on scans and in lab reports. His rational mind won’t allow it. Game over.

House knows that he needs to be with her, and he will do what he needs to do to be strong and stay with her and be at her bedside—holding her hand and being the man she fervently hopes he is. “I knew you would come,” she says wistfully when he appears gravely at her bedside late at night. And by her side, he stays, appearing that he has Wilson hopes he has, “gotten over himself,” focusing on Cuddy’s illness and not on the grief and pain her death would cause him. (Knowing what we do about the character, and particularly if she died of kidney cancer, I can imagine it would send him reeling into the abyss.)

He stays strong for her, seeming never to be far out of her sight until after her surgery shows that the tumor is benign—and the lung problems observed on the scan are an allergic reaction. Even then he doesn’t leave until she shoos him away to go cure his patient. Everything, it would appear, goes back to normal. Until it’s not.

Over the course of Cuddy’s brush with death, she, like House processes her fears though dreams—and one big production number of an anesthetic-induced hallucination. The dreams allow us into her subconscious as she considers her life with House. She’s the Sundance Kid to his Butch Cassidy; he’s the idealized (Mr.) Mom from a 1950s sitcom. Cuddy also dreams of Rachel’s fate should she die—and is left to the care of House—and Wilson, conjuring up Two and a Half Men (in a bit of irony, given the news about its star Charlie Sheen).

But from the deepest recesses of Cuddy’s imagination, and under a surgical anesthetic, she is Ginger Rogers to House’s Fred Astaire. But it’s far from light comedy. This dream owes its origins as much to Clockwork Orange as Top Hat. It is a dark, surreal fantasy, with Hugh Laurie (and the Lisa Edelstein) chillingly singing “Get Happy.” In many ways, it’s more frightening than House’s earlier zombie-fest dream.

The recurrent theme in all of Cuddy’s dreams—something she finally puts together—is that in each, House has candy. From his favorite red sucker to a giant candy cane, that’s the thread—the piece of the puzzle niggling at Cuddy’s brain.

In the end, triggered by her sister’s mention of the sleeping pills she’d earlier had on her nightstand, Cuddy wonders if House’s ability to come out of himself and be with her was fueled by “candy.” “Rachel always calls pills ‘candy,’” Cuddy’s sister says, slightly amused. But Cuddy is not amused—not at all. She realizes that the “candy” in her dreams and hallucination were an avatar for House not being able to confront or handle her pain without chemical assistance.

All during her hospitalization, House could not bring himself to be there in the room with her; to hold her hand; to kiss her and tell her it would be alright; to flash her a conspiratorial smile that said they’d get through this. And when she realizes that House could only muster the resources to be at her bedside anesthetized against his anguish, it’s too much for her. Coming on top of the forgivable petty annoyances of “Two Stories” and the big disappointment “Recession Proof,” the bombshell that House needs to take Vicodin to steel himself was too much.

I believe House when he tells her that it was a one-time thing. I do think Rachel got the “candy” nickname for pills from House. We know he takes medicine: antidepressants, non-narcotic pain killers, etc. but I do believe him when he says that this is the first time. He had known he needed to be there for Cuddy, and this (with his limited emotional resources) is the only way he knows how.

Since “Help Me” at the end of last season, Cuddy has tried to tell herself that the drugs don’t matter; that change doesn’t matter. And when we’re in love, that’s what we do: we tell ourselves little lies. But her health crisis is a clarifying event for her (at least for now). And in her fragile state, she now believes that House cannot make her happy beyond the sex, the grand romance and the excitement of being involved with a broken genius.

Despite House’s pleas for her not to leave (Hugh Laurie broke my heart here), she does—but not without regret. And House is left much in the same position we find him at the end of “Help Me.” He’s at the end of his emotional rope, this time not from losing a patient, but from losing perhaps his last chance at happiness and love. What an incredibly sad, sad ending as we move into the last third of Season 7.

I really liked “Bombshells,” and I think that this turn of events had to happen at some point. No journey like House’s (with someone as damaged as he is) can be as linear as it’s been. (And for House, it’s been a road with only minor bumps this year). For every step forward, there needs to be a step (or six) back; House’s emotional turmoil and fragility are so intrinsic to the character they had to come back into high relief in a dramatic way. But nothing is forever (not even breakups)—and we are left with little doubt that Cuddy still very much loves House, so you never know what lies ahead. After all, there are still eight episodes remaining this season!

The series has often used dreamscapes to explore the characters’ subconscious. It’s an especially important storytelling device for a series that features such guarded characters. “Bombshells” had an extremely high mark to hit to come close to “Three Stories,” “No Reason,” “House’s Head,” “Wilson’s Heart,” and the hallucinatory conclusion to Season 5 (“House Divided”/”Under My Skin”/”Both Sides Now”).

The dreamscape sequences in those episodes seemed always to flow naturally from the narrative. Although the “Bombshell” sequences were beautifully done and a lot of fun, except for the “Get Happy” hallucination they seemed more like set pieces stuck into the narrative, instead of flowing out from it. And I think, as powerfully as the episode concluded, this is where the episode didn’t quite make it, in my opinion.

Next week’s episode “Out of the Chute” seems to address what will assuredly be a very messy aftermath of the “Bombshells” ending.

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  • Micael3

    Great review

  • Ben

    I personally think this episode of House was the worst one they have ever made. All of the hallucinations were just stupid and boring. This was as close as I have ever come to turning the episode off before it was over. The entire episode was pointless. A main character was dieing and the entire time failed to raise any sort of emotion besides this is stupid. The only decent thing about this episode was that House got back onto painkillers. The medicine in the episodes was what I always liked and ever since they started cleaning House up, the medicine has taken a backseat.

    Maybe finally that House is back to being who he is this series can become watchable again. The whole Cuddy/House relationship has been horribly dull to watch and I personally haven’t been able to wait until it was over.

  • Mona Warden

    If House and Cuddy break up, I will NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN. The writers need to be replaced because this is getting me sick

  • ruthinor


    Barbara’s reviews have moved to the above site.

  • Newbie


    Thanks for always articulating so perfectly what I’m thinking, but can’t quite put into words!

    I couldn’t even watch tonight’s show…

  • Sera G

    Sorry, RobF, with all due respect,
    If the Huddy story arc was tedious, (which I don’t agree) that is because THEY WROTE IT THAT WAY! TPTB wanted it to fail, so they put nothing into it.

    Of course this is ‘brilliant’, it give HL a chance to show his amazing talent at being miserable and misunderstood and depressed. I love the actor, I love the character, but I’ve seen it for 61/2 years! I was hoping we’d see more facets of that diamond.

  • RobF

    Watching “Out of the Chute” has just confirmed my opinion that “Bombshells” was brilliant, and that the breakup was both a logical and necessary step for the overall progress of the show.

    Not to disrespect the 400+ comments which have been mostly teary-eyed hand-wringing, but the new post-Huddy show is brilliant, whereas the Huddy story arc was somewhat tedious.

  • Susan

    #402 Lee – From your mouth to David Shore’s ears……….

    #395 – Sucklicki – Wow of a post

  • Lee

    Sorry to add some negativity to the thread and I hope that this won’t be seen by everyone as a personal attack, but I have to respond to Lantus @399.

    Lantus, imagine how stunned I was to read your post when I wrote the exact thing on another forum a few days ago. You might want to consider using your own thoughts and words instead of lifting it from someone else. As a teacher, I am even more offended by your plagiarism.

    But back to BS. The more I think about the episode and all the inconsistencies that everyone has pointed out, the more I have come to believe that everything is not as it seems. There are just too many things that are off and too much negating and confirming of long held character traits and House truisms. Something is up and for the first time since watching BS, I am hopeful that my investment in House’s journey has not been for naught and that DS is truly diabolical. Imagine if the intention all along has been to make OUR cynicism overtake us (much like it did to House throughout the season and certainly at the end of BS) and to then show us that we cannot and should not give up on hope and that House will do the same.

    I am fully aware that this is very wishful thinking on my part, but I just can’t seem to shake that there is a grand plan and it is not what we have been lead to believe. There are many clues, we just have to keep piecing them together.

  • Dago

    There is so much desperation in many post that I feel obliged to bring in a more positive outlook : Yes I hoped for a further exploration of the relationship and this is to my oppinion that what we might get.Even though the honeymoon is over and the break up is on the table ,handling that situation will show a lot more about the character House.And if she does not resign herself or gets House fired there will always be a kind of relationship.The question is : where will it lead to.I Think the next eps will be interesting.
    Anyway this show likes paralells.He was the one to leave without a note ,even thuoghb that was not intended from his side-he could have gotten her phone number easily given his wit.But maybe he couldn`t bring himself to confront himself and her with the fact that he got expelled.And now it was Cuddy`s turn.And it will be interesting what kinds of confrontation this will bring along.

  • Invictus

    I’m Post #400 on this thread! Do I win anything? 😀

    I am a House addict! This may just be demonstrated by the fact that I still felt the emotions of House and Cuddy in that final scene nearly two days after the episode aired!

    I do not have any intentions of quitting though, nor did I ever. I trust the writers in that they will take us somewhere new and amazing with this storyline. When you think about it we have never seen House in a true “relapse.” Sure we have seen him off and on drugs before, but those times he was off (pre-Mayfield) he never really had any intentions of remaining clean. I am enjoying the roller-coaster ride and can’t wait for the next twist or turn it will bring.

    I do understand that many people are upset about the breakup and/or how it was done, but I never really did. I was of course sad for the characters and sad that the relationship I loved was over, but I thought that final scene and the “candy” motif were brilliant, and I liked being shocked rather than simply viewing a string of storylines that made it so obvious the breakup was around the corner. This is just my opinion, though, as I am the type of person who hates watching something I can predict minutes or even entire episodes before it happens, and for me [H]ouse has never been that show. I expected a breakup and relapse eventually but never at the same time and not at the end of “Bombshells” so I thought it was well done even if it took me a few days to accept it.

    If it helps, perhaps people should just avoid the writers’ interviews, or at least don’t take them at face value. I always take their interviews with a grain of salt, because they all say different things and intentionally mislead us a lot of the time. I don’t really think their intention was to kick us while we’re down (except maybe GY who people should avoid by a rule if they don’t want to turn homicidal), I think they just wanted to make their intentions clear. Just like after House and Cuddy got together, they had to reassure us it was all real and not another hallucination, to make sure people wouldn’t let their minds take over and let the idea of the hallucination prevent them from tuning in again. This time they want to make sure there is no false hope. They don’t want people tuning in and waiting for something that is never going to happen, because in the end that will just make everybody so upset. I agree that the writers could have taken a better approach to their PR and certainly could have had better attitude, but in a way what they did was kind of “humane” (again, except for GY). They are warning people of what is to come rather than string them along on false hope. This is just my opinion of course!

  • Lantus

    I’m so torn. I wish Cuddy gave him a chance, but on the other hand, I understand why she had to do it. After seeing him with Hannah in “Help Me,” I think she really thought he had changed in the most important way–that he was finally capable of choosing someone besides himself when it was crunch time. I don’t think she cared about him being an ass, playing games, etc., it was about him still choosing himself and not talking to her about his struggles to fight that compulsion. She said she would never break up with him b/c they don’t have anything in common, but she would if he didn’t talk to her if something was bothering him. When you look back, his efforts at trying were very self-promoting and manipulative and she stuck with it. But when it was crunch time for her, he couldn’t do it and then tried to play her when he had to know he couldn’t.

    I guess I’m very angry at House today. Wasn’t like this yesterday and I don’t know what changed my mood. So while I was pissed at Wilson on Monday, I now totally understand his exasperation and disbelief that House would disappear after all that has happened b/w him and Cuddy and after telling him that it would be over if he screwed up. Now I’m defending Cuddy and tomorrow maybe I’ll join the other side. This thing has me schizo. I just feel like we needed more before the break-up, and what we did see was not deserving of both the characters.

  • Vandeville

    @Kusuki – I agree!

    I won’t say seeing Cuddy cry is necessarily a good thing, but she starts sobbing and then just loses it in front of her sister; it shows her final decision wasn’t easy for her. In fact, her stricken eyes filled with tears while confessing to House that she “thought [she] could do this” illustrated the same thing. She loves him, still can’t help it, but can’t be in his presence after ending things.

    I’ve read some posts today when I came home from work about the fact that Cuddy said to House she didn’t want him to change but then left him because he didn’t (or couldn’t). However, as others have said before me, I think her actions were somewhat normal. We all know or at least discover during a relationship that the ones we love have flaws, we all tell ourselves we don’t care much since we love them, but yes, deep down we often expect our partners to make some adjustments. Thus, I really can’t be 100% mad at Cuddy.

  • Kusuki

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this already (nearly 300 posts to read through!), but I was glad to see that scene of Cuddy sobbing with her sister. The break-up should be as devastating to her as it is to House. Maybe more so because she believed more than he did that it could work.

    I hope, going forward, that we continue to see her suffering because she loves him and misses him and is utterly heartbroken, not because she feels guilty. But I doubt we’ll see that. We tend not to see much of what’s going on with her outside of her connection with House, but I wish we would. I want to know that she’s hurting as much as he is.

    One question – when she showed up at House’s door, did she intend to break up with him? In my mind, she intended to confront him, as she did, but it was during their conversation that she decided she had to end it. Maybe she wasn’t quite sure beforehand. There was a change that came over her face (I think LE did a phenomenal job in this scene). You could see her almost losing hope as he said he wanted to be there, he could do better, etc. Until, all hope lost, she realized she had to end it.

  • Sera G

    Sucklicki, #395, that was amazing.
    Thank you for articulating so much that I felt and don’t think I conveyed nearly as well.

    I am a pathetic fan who did not want the end to be his death, unless as an old man looking back.
    As you said, why read the book when you know how it all ends?

  • Sucklicki

    At this point in the discussion, this is probably just going to be another drop in the ocean of utter frustration that’s been roaring lately among House fans, but I really need to get it off my chest.

    I’m a fan of House. I am (was? I’m not quite sure anymore) fond of the House and Cuddy pairing. I completely support the House and Wilson friendship. I’ve understood (at least I think) every step of the journey so far and accepted all the milestones which I viewed as necessary and extremely powerful: Vogler, Stacy, Tritter, Amber, Kutner, Mayfield, Lucas, etc. There is not one story arc that I despise, and I’m not even speaking in retrospect, because I was enjoying them (with different degrees of pleasure) while they were unraveling in front of me.

    I love House. I love his journey. I love the character and his flaws. I love his intrinsic qualities too, and I love the subtext it creates, and the perspectives it opens.

    But then, within this cleverly woven web, I’ve seen a path. In this mindful, creative labyrinth of feelings and suffering, I’ve never felt completely lost because House would eventually travel through the dark toward the next leg of his journey.

    And this is what has made this experience so unique from the start. And now it’s gone. Or seriously obscured at least. Why? Because I’d been given the impression I was going somewhere (“Everybody knows this is going somewhere”) and then just when I was about to complete a cycle and move on to another level, some irrational event threw me back to where I was coming from, without a significant or valid reason. Just like that. Gratuitously.

    I’m not denying the impact of “Bombshells” on the course of this show, neither am I trying to conceal the obvious correlation between my disappointment and this plot twist. But that’s not what it is about. The breakup, in the end, is only slightly contributing to my overall deception. If it were the most important part of it, there wouldn’t be – as I see it – so many people, coming from so many different horizons in the fan experience, expressing their dismay after Monday’s episode.

    What “Bombshells” did is not only about taking aback a part of the fandom with a heart-wrenching and cruel breakup. It’s also about betraying the essence of what defined several characters, clear and important clues rooted in nearly seven seasons.

    And the first consequence which sadly looks more and more irreparable, is that it significantly altered the past history of the show, but also certainly its future.

    “We don’t want to jerk the fans around” – David Shore.

    Why is it then that I specifically now feel jerked around the most? Isn’t it ironic? Don’t get me wrong though, I understand the reasons why Shore needed to say this. There is a sense of (raw) honesty delivered within this message and it’s indeed a way of not messing with us: “Hey look, we’re being bluntly sincere with you because then the deal is clear and nobody will get hurt.” Yes, that’s true (once the five stages of grief are completed). And that’s even almost thoughtful, somehow, from a very, very far objective and unconcerned perspective.

    The message delivered is: House will NEVER change. His relapse has sent him back to square one (however far that might be). Huddy is forever dead and buried. So suck it and “get ready for the judgment day.” Except, I have to add bafflement here, because I think I’ve been told on multiple occasions (and by Shore himself who recently reassured his audience about it) that there was some very strong chance there’d be an eighth (and probably last) season for the show; which means 30 more episodes to go till the end to depict House’s journey.

    And this is where the problem lies; because the thing is, by definition, a fandom is invested. And, while there are millions of regular viewers watching House around the globe, when anyone from the cast or the writing and creative team gives an interview (even more so an online one) they can’t pretend they don’t know they are addressing the hardcore fans, and NOT the casual viewers who will vaguely put one and one together when thinking about the course of seven seasons (should they have watched them all anyway) enough to remember that House is meant to be cranky and a pain in the ass, Wilson is the nice supportive friend, and Cuddy is the neurotic, narcissist boss who has a crush on the hero.

    And that’s why it doesn’t work.

    No. Mind you, Mister Shore, when delivering your radical, albeit praiseworthy, message to a portion of your most involved viewers, unveiling what’s next with blunt honesty, you have actually triggered the opposite: you have jerked us around. Nobody wants to read the last line of a tragic book before they’ve read the book. Maybe some do, but then I’m pretty sure they’re not real readers, because diving into a storytelling experience is about the journey as much as the destination, if not more.

    Otherwise, there would be no point in telling a story with so many highs and lows, hopes and wreckages, twists and turns during six long years of conscientious writing if the endgame were definitely delivered one year and a half prior to its actual release. If the deal is sealed, you know where you’re going and there is no surprise, no interest, and no awe anymore. This is, to me, the very definition of motivation and hope murder.

    Now, since I admitted in preamble that I was fond of the House and Cuddy pairing, it must seem hard to believe that I’m not just simply bitter because “my favorite couple” has been broken up. Yet, I’m not. I can go beyond this fact and still find reasons to be upset. As proof of that, let me explain what kind of House and Cuddy fan I am:

    I do not root for the couple to get married. In my opinion, this is completely out of character and unrealistic, given the background history of both characters.

    I, therefore, do not root for them to have a baby either. Let’s get real. Cuddy’s character is supposed to be 43. House is 51. They’re both living one hell of a complicated life so (no disrespect here) whoever envisions them gently rocking a baby into sleep sitting by a crackling fire is watching the wrong show.

    I should also add that, being a Huddy, does not necessarily mean being a fluffy, delusional fan incapable of picturing the real nature of a character’s fate. I perfectly know (even if a slight part of me still struggles to admit it) that the end has to be flamboyantly dramatic because it is deeply scarred into the history of the show as in the mind of its creators. I am aware that there is no “happy ever after” future for House because I am able to consider the pith of what makes him be who he is. We are not all just angry, mindless teens fuming their anger with no grounded arguments, except for pure hormonal frustration needing release.

    To be honest, I’ve long ago anticipated the end of the show would equal House’s death. Anything other than that would be a surprise for me; one that I would welcome with a smile though, but not one that I would beseech to receive like it was some kind of logical reward for my faith as a viewer. I’m not expecting a show which has “You can’t always get what you want” as its motto to give me some happy ending.

    I am not hoping for House to heal. To be frank, I don’t want him to. I love him the way he is, though only to a certain extent. I know he’s screwed up and not going to suddenly become a good, well-adjusted man! But, knowing, and accepting that House will most certainly end up alone, probably dead, doesn’t take away my wish of having him thinking over and over again that he can redeem himself in the process, and thus trying to. Yes, in spite of me anticipating the end, in the meantime, I am still having some hopeful expectations for the characters I’ve learned to love and understand throughout the years and that’s what I want to be able to see.

    The story being told which has been unraveling in front of our eyes for six and a half years is paved with enough meaningful steps, significant to ANY kind of fans, to not be so easily and conveniently dismissed when time has come to turn the table and shake the audience a bit.

    We are watching a drama. Hence, this is not a game. Planning some shocking twists along the process that, I can understand. Not wanting the storyline to be linear (ergo boring) I understand too. But sacrificing the continuity of several characters and slaughtering the intrinsic value of their entwined history to serve a timely point, thrown carelessly in the middle of an ongoing, intellectually valid progression is CHEATING. This is disrespectful too; not only to the fans who are not puppets on a string that can be manipulated with improbable plot twists shoved down their throats whenever the mood strikes, but also to the writing process itself and the attention that should be given to it.

    The reset button is a (convenient) safety device, but deciding to push it cannot be argued as a valid reason to supposedly go back to what is the reality of a creative project. Because reality IS where you are at when you press the reset button. Not six years before! Otherwise it negates the entire creation in itself and renders it completely useless.

    That’s also one of the many reasons why, while we’re supposed to not feel jerked around, we definitely are.

  • vicpei

    @393 : I was thinking around those lines. In Under my skin, when he said in Cuddy’s office “I’m hallucinating”, he started having his big hallucination. Here in Recession Proof, Cuddy tells him “Go to sleep” and in fact… he does. It goes with GY tweet speaking of dreams within dreams within dream. And he has been dreaming of his team, and treating imaginary patients before. That would have been cool. We woulf have got an even better view on House’s fears about Cuddy.
    But the whole interviews ans spoilers upcoming don’t go that way (not that they would tell us anyway) and ruin this theory. Damn!!

  • Dago

    Having read all your comments which was very interesting,moving and entertaining and furthermore an amazing demonstration of
    insight and emotion ,I want to add a positive note to this : As an addict right from the start I always felt the journey of
    Dr.House was quite a bumpy ride.I think it was intended from the beginning not only to be entertaining in a way not done before but to also make the audience invest emotionally.I can recall that I had often mixed feelings and was drawn into House`s
    emotional orbit.Very often I could not follow either intention not those of the creators or those of their fictional character.
    But anyway in the end the puzzle came to be a picture and even thought I thought some scene beeing overdone ,the whole storiy was more or less conclusive.
    So I think that however hurt and emotionally lost we are at the moment ,maybe the story takes an interesting turn and we say in the end :Hey that turn was worth the sacrifice.
    I at least hope for the future.
    As to the Wilson/Cuddy pairing: NIce try,but that wouldn`t work out as well.It would be as dysfuctional as the House/ Cuddy relationship.But if it come to be it can tell us a lot of House

  • Sera G

    Oh, Twecbad, #391-if only!
    I thought that might me the case, until I found out about the interviews and the tweets and whatever the *!% they realeased!
    No, they seem quite content that it happened, the relationship is done and what is all the fuss anyway? Still bitter!
    You know, I always thought that DS had to be one of the cleverest people in Hollywood to create and sell this unlikely hero. I thought the writers were amazing: the complexity of the man, the layers of the stories, the unusual characters. Handsome, charming Dr. Wilson is NOT the star. The limping, grizzled grouch is! The admistrator whose taste in clothes is, shall we say, questionable, it the equal of her manipulative, sneaky star doctor. The earnest young ex-seminarian, is a playboy and an opportunist, etc, etc.

    I guess that is why I believed that this creative team could and would take the risk of breaking ground with a middle aged couple, who have loved each other for many years, finally having the nerve to take a chance on love.
    We have traditinal stories of love all over the place. Surely there was room on Monday night, and in people’s hearts for this love story. Guess I misjudged all the way around.

  • The whole episode could be a dream!

    We can assume House fell asleep at Cuddy’s house at the end of Recession Proof. How do we know he didn’t just dream the entire Bombshells episode while sleeping?

    Think back to the ep where he got shot — he had an episode-long hallucination with nested hallucinations. This ep could be the same way with one main dream being the episode, and the little dreams within it being nested.

    When the team is talking about their violent thoughts, Masters says, “do you ever think about what you would do to House?” or something along those lines – this could represent House’s subconscious fear that no one likes him and he’ll be alone. Foreman actually says “someone shot House” right then, too.

    The ep would be House’s dream and not Cuddy’s so it would reflect House’s fears about the future of the relationship, along with his neediness. In a way, House was never sober… He went from a Vicodin addiction to a puzzle addiction. When the latter could no longer serve as his crutch (that is, when he lost a patient in Help Me), he almost went back to the first addiction. But Cuddy, his latest addiction, saved him. He goes from one crutch to another and now Cuddy’s entire character has become another crutch. Only now the crutch is a person. She can talk back to him, reject him, etc. which inanimate objects can’t do.

    The above probably falls apart when you look at recent comments by the writers/staff. It seems like they didn’t intend for the relationship to be long-term anyway. Probably means that the break up, and therefore this episode, really happened. Thoughts?

  • I have to confess that my favorite Rochester was Timothy Dalton in the BBC production from the mid (pre 007) 1980s

  • Sera G

    Susan, yes, that is the Jane Eyre I loved, too. Have you seen Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson? Also excellent. It fed my Alan Rickman addiction. Also a young man named Hugh Laurie was quite funny.
    What am I going to do without House? What am I going to do without this site?
    I am going to do laundry for awhile so I don’t start crying, again!!!!!

  • KHC22

    I’ll admit I’ve not watched House as religiously this season as previously, and have missed a few eps which is unheard of for me, but Bombshells was amazing! For the first time since “help me” it had me shouting at the screen (almost as much as I was in “Joy” for the first kiss), and I really went on the journey with them, begging House to turn up at Cuddy’s bedside, cheering when he did, shock at the ending, and Hugh broke my heart too 🙁

    I thought the dream sequences were good, but Cuddy’s were overdone – I could have done without the Two and a half men and the 1950s style one, and thought that the wild west summed up the feelings, juxtaposed against House’s zombie flashback, and then climax with the sublime “get happy” sequence. That would have done it for me! Hugh and Lisa in Get Happy were both awesome, reminiscent of the creepiness of Moulin Rouge, a song out of context but very much within it as well.

    Taub’s angst I could also have done without, although I appreciate what story it was telling, a straight POW would have been good I feel – much like the Meatloaf story in Simple explanation, a “life goes on” style story would have been better IMHO.

    But in all, fabulous episode, back to the very re-re-re-rewatchable episodes of yore, and guaranteed to make me not miss anymore this season!

  • Susan

    #382 – The PBS version with Maggie Smith’s son as Rochester? That was good. I watched it three times. But definitely rent P and P – #383 – Oklahoma Grandma approves (or is it El Exigente approves). The new Jane Eyre is out already. NY Times said it’s excellent.
    Sera – I also thought the scene where House gave Cuddy fertility shots was amazing – very sexy. (My husband loved it too!)
    How do the writers go from great stuff like that to the crap that they’re writing now. I don’t get it….

  • Adelaide K

    Glad Huddy is over! Yes, also agree – why not Wilson/Cuddy! He at least cares about her more than House and perhaps even loves her! House was just in it for the sex!

  • Tweeting_Lisa

    We think Wilson and Cuddy will make a better pair (both also drop dead Gorgeous and to die for!) and House must get someone else like Kate from Frozen!

  • fatOlady

    I should not have went and read Barbara’s new review. Now I am depressed again. On the bright side, this should really be good for “Chuck’s” ratings.

  • fatOlady

    There is a new Jane Eyre movie coming out soon. The book and the version with George C. Scott are the best (just my opinion). Sera G and Susan we seem to be “simpatico” when it comes to byronic heros. I love Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth, and the Thornbirds…..and of course HOUSE.

  • Sera G

    Last personal message, susan,
    loved your post on Barbara’s interview with Liz Friedman. Again, we are in sync.

    P.S. Can you believe, I have never seen that version. I will rent it.
    Did you see the PBS Jane Eyre from 2 or so years ago? Loved it!

  • susan

    SeraG – to complete this really weird connection we have – I have to ask if your favorite show/mini-series (besides House) is Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth?

    I had a crush on Chamberlain – it passed (maybe because, you know why).
    We could be the female version of House and Wilson. Anyway, enough personal messages. Barbara will kick me off this blog.

  • Sera G

    Susan, #379, as I was crying, again, over House and Cuddy I tried to think of the last time a TV show or movie made me sob. It was the Thorn Birds. The ending tore me apart. (I’ve had a crush on R. Chamberlain for many, many years. Yes, I know. Don’t care!)
    BTW, just watched the Hitler video on YouTube. Hilarious! I thought I was looking in a mirror.

  • susan

    Sera G – I didn’t know what I had written in #308 but now I see- you liked the Thorn Birds too? To prevent a repetition of my unhappiness over the unhappy ending of Father Ralph and Meggie, let us now pray for a Happy Ending for House and Cuddy.

  • Sera G

    Was GY really mocking superfans? Aren’t the superfans the ones who vote for People’s Choice, three years in a row?
    Aren’t they the ones who put HL/LE and House in all the polls?
    Aren’t they the ones who buy the DVDs?
    Aren’t they the ones who watch the reruns on Bravo and local affiliates?
    There better be one terrific pay off to make the misery and disrespect forgotten!

    I bet there are more superfans than they are willing to acknowledge.
    Now I’m depressed, again!

  • susan

    Eileen #375 – should I bring some sponge cake, or would you rather have deli?

  • Sera G

    eileen, #277. Hang on to that husband of yours. He sounds great. eileen, #375,oy vey, and I’m not Jewish!
    Heather, #281, some of my thoughts, too.
    Committed, #286. Amen!
    D_B, #291, I don’t want to know to what you refer…and yet, I want to know!
    #297, that’s what I’ve been saying since I first posted about “Joy,” two years ago!!!!!
    Susan, #308, you scare me. We are in tune.
    Amie, #317, too funny!
    fatOlady,#324, I may have to read this later, it sounds spoilery!

    Back to reading. Only 40 to go!

  • eileen

    This is the fourth day sitting shiva…it’s so exhausting.

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara,
    Hello, all.
    I was away a day and look at all the comments. If DS/KJ/GY don’t know about this site, clue them in!
    I have not read all of the new posts, but you know me, I have to chime in, so…

    Dude, #248, I hope you are right that this “strengthens their bond.

    fatOlady, I love you, but you did a 180 on me! Last I read you were pretty mad. I guess we all will cool off, although I am not there yet.
    DAgo, #257, I too, thought that the beach scenes would be used in the present, but there are scrapes on House from the accident in “Help Me”, and his hair is shorter. Unless, as you said, it is a memory or hallucination. I can see it now, they torment me with lovey-dovey walks on the beach and sweet kisses, while House and Cuddy are in emotional misery!

    Susan, Susan, Susan…gosh, we really are soul mates! I always watch a few of my favorite House episodes on DVD on the weekend. I can’t bring myself to even think about them.

    Michele1L,if they dare to put Cuddy and Lucas together I may have an infarction of my own! The only way I would accept a ‘wedding’ is if the last 15 episodes were a dream and House pulls a “Graduate” on her.
    fatOlady, I was with you on post #267, until the last line. I was worried if you had been replaced by a pod person. Later posts relieved my mind.
    eileen, #269, I agree House and Cuddy. No one else for either of them.

    I will now resume the reading of the rest of the posts. I only have 100 to go!
    BTW, I am still at the denial and massively angry stage of grief. (Seriously, Kubler-Ross’ book was excellent.)

  • susan

    “House” on Facebook seems to be at least a semi-official site connected to Fox. With 19+ million fans on the site the producers have to have people screening the comments and taking them into account. And as I wrote before, I’ve never seen so many negative comments as after “Bombshells”.
    Heather #369 – by your definition I must be a superfan. I introduced alot of friends to the show, we’re always talking about it, and a few weeks ago at 9:01 after the show I had two people call up simultaneously to say, “Did you just see House…..?). I don’t think they would be watching if I wasn’t saying how great the show is. So I agree, the importance of superfans who spread the word cannot be overemphasized. Producers – heed our call.

  • ruthinor

    I think what GY is saying to the “Huddies” who tweet him is that even if they stop watching, there are not enough of them to matter to the ratings. He may be right if the show only loses the most ardent Huddy fans like most of us. Heather may be right that even though the numbers may be small, it will resonate. Huddies and other “shippers” (I hate that term) do not help themselves when they tweet obscenities or other insults. This is immature and only leads to more GY BS.

  • Heather

    Also, just continuing my thought from my last post, the regular fans aren’t necessarily going to deluge GY or the House Facebook page with criticism if they don’t like the direction the show is going. They’re just going to stop watching.

    So I’m not quite sure where GY et al. get off saying that everything is fine and everyone likes the direction the show is going except for the Huddy superfans.

  • Just curious if any of you know how they arrive at the percentage of fans for or against any aspect of the show. How exactly do they arrive at these conclusions?

    For me, the House/Cuddy thing is about being true to what they’ve written in past seasons and being true to the characters.

    Wherever you guys decide to commiserate, count me in!

  • Heather

    “Susan, as much as I despise some of GY’s tweets, he points out that superfans like us and those on other fora are really in the minority. Most people who tune in are just like us with other TV shows. They watch because they enjoy, but they DON’T get emotionally involved. Millions watch House. Probably only a few thousand are like us. It seems like more to us, but…”

    I would just say in rebuttal to that that I think a “superfan” (for lack of a better word) is better for a show than a mere regular fan.

    “Superfans” are the ones who spread the word about the show…who tell others to continue watching when quality momentarily dips…who create the websites/twitter networks, etc that keep the show in the forefront of the popular culture.

    So no, I don’t think the “superfans” themselves represent a large % of folks who watch…but if these folks stop watching, how many regular folks might follow due to House losing the reams of free internet and word of mouth publicity they’re getting from the “superfans”?

    KWIM? That’s why I thought it quite tasteless and even downright wrong for GY to mock the “superfans”.

  • Susan

    It’s me again, I just watched the video. OMG – That was great. The neighbors must think I’m crazy – I think they heard me laughing through the walls.

    (But I wish they hadn’t used Nazis – I felt slightly guilty laughing).

  • ruthinor

    Susan, as much as I despise some of GY’s tweets, he points out that superfans like us and those on other fora are really in the minority. Most people who tune in are just like us with other TV shows. They watch because they enjoy, but they DON’T get emotionally involved. Millions watch House. Probably only a few thousand are like us. It seems like more to us, but…

    By the way, Portland OR is a terrific place as well. Some day soon the rainy season may even be over!! I love spring here.

  • Susan

    I give up, if you guys won’t come to Brooklyn I’ll magnanimously agree to go to Manhattan for the House cry-along.

  • Susan

    Just read from the House Facebook page- they shared the interview with the writers of Bombshell. Anyway, I would say that TPTB had better beware. The fans are angry. (And I have never seen that vibe before – usually there are a fair amount of anti-Cuddyites, and a large amount of people who just say how they love House no matter what). This is a sea change.
    D-B- #345 and 347. Don’t you get pessimistic on us now. You’re making me nervous.

  • Flo

    @ruthinor, thanks for the video. It was fun even if i don’t really agree with what’s been said. It was a too “black vs white” version of what happened for me. It was really funny nevetheless.

    @Eileen (#359) and others, if you want great food and foremost great wine you all have to come here in France. No offence to Chicago, but we all know where the best food and wine are.

  • em

    I agree ruthinor.
    I It is either the worst piece of writing in history or the best. The worst because if they have split up there is more holes in the story than a piece of swiss cheese , if it is his dream its the best there so many signs pointing to it being house’s dreams.

    1) Cuddy wakes up at 6:30 they did a whole episode on her 5 till

    2) If it is the next day directly after 14 then cuddy must have done a striptease in the night and house has no hangover.

    3) There’s no mention of ep 14 and his drunken declaration

    4) How many members of the cuddy family can get sick within a few episodes of each other?

    5) He keeps saying he can do better.

    6) Most of the dreams seem to be iconic things that house would be in to.

    7) The bathroom scene

    8) After her surgery and lie on the couch Cuddy is fit enough to whip off and dump her boyfriend.

    9) This is finale stuff if it would be true – they would have squeezed that relationship till the very end.

    10) All the writers saying its over the creator saying its over the director saying its over the star saying its over. Yawn normally they let people dangle so they tune in .
    I still think the next episode will be an extension of the dream and that Cuddy will quit as she can’t handle house .

  • The Other Barnett

    A few comments:

    Ruthinor #337 – Its bad writing, it would be nice if it was a dream, but its bad writing….

    #349 – “We still have Grey’s Anatomy”….funny! Lovely!

    Heather #344 – I agree that the pwtb have messed with the show a bit more than they needed to. In fact, I think it is Shore’s horrible view of life that has actually ripped the show up a bit. But, I cannot leave it. Maybe I am dysfunctional, but there is enough to look for in this show (especially in comparison to all other shows on) to keep watching – maybe TIVO-ing, instead.

    Debbie J. #361 – I find it not only saidstic that GY shared this, but I also find it maybe an inside view of the way the producers of this show think. I said before that I think the writers are not writing for the characters or the storyline…they are writing for an award. But I also think the producers and tptb are getting to be a bit crass and disrespectful of the viewers in that there is such a response. As some have said, we are the one’s they count on. I am not sure they care, though.

    Barbara, Any thoughts on where this could go (plot-wise) to re-acquire the House (TV show) most of the people on here fell in love with?

    I’ve got some ideas….maybe that would be an interesting blog posting – give everyone 250 words to map out the last 5 shows of house and maybe the beginning of the next season. The winner gets one dose of vicodin!

  • DebbieJ

    @bigHousefan #356 – no external stiches but I think they would have ripped had I had any!

    As Amie #355 states, GY didn’t create it, someone else (a fan) did, but he “tweeted” it. I guess that means he “forwarded” or “shared” it in Twitter-speak. Nevertheless he obviously got a kick out of it and that’s why he tweeted it. You’re right it stinks of DS & C. I’m sure even tho it was a fan and not TPTB who created it, it’s still hilarious and I don’t know why, but it makes me feel better to know that they enjoyed it, too. Sadistic, I know!

  • Eileen 359

    We’ve got you covered! Chicago is a terrific city! Great food, an abundance of lovely spots to partake in an adult beverage (or 6 considering the pain I’m still feeling), and Barbara!

    God bless the people of Japan.

  • eileen

    Okay, bigHousefan, I’ve never been to Chicago. It’d be a great excuse to go! I know the pizza’s good there, how’s the wine?Ha!

  • byzantine 348

    I’d take the trip to CA, but would prefer my hometown of Chicago. It’s not the Napa Valley and the rest, but Barbara’s there!

  • eileen

    I LOVED that video!!! Ruthinor, thanks so much for telling us about it. My husband and I laughed VERY HARD because it did hit the nail on the head!

    Byzantine, I like the way you think. I have friends out your way and “if you build it, I may just come!”

    Yes, of course, the tragedy in Japan is far worse. Just terrible and sad. That goes without saying.

  • D_B, Byzantine,Ruthinor, Debbie J, Glenda, Heather and all!

    I had to first watch the video to see what you were talking about – WHAT A RIOT! I finally had a great laugh and will replay that again ‘as directed for relief’. Thanks so much for posting it here, I would have never seen it! LOVED IT!

    DebbieJ – I’ve had surgery and can’t imagine still recovering and seeing that video! Sorry, I hope you didn’t rip stitches! Where did you see GY did it, the impression I got was that he ‘tweeted’ it.

    It does, however, have the stink of DS and company all over it! Seriously, I can just see them coming up with this idea and LTAO putting it together. What timing. If they didn’t do it, I’m glad they got the message because my thoughts were beautifully stated and delivered. Still, the video so reeks of DS and company.

    Regarding all this sad news to come out about House and Cuddy (and the idea it will get much worse before it gets better), I believe they’re screwing with us. And I do believe it will get much worse, they delight in breaking my heart. This show is at times so profoundly sad.

    I will continue to watch because I love the character House. I will continue to be angry for what they did to the House/Cuddy relationship and how they will have to reinvent Cuddy to pull this off. None of what transpired or what is about to transpire sounds anything like the Cuddy I know.

    I will continue to look for my old friends and will be very sad if I don’t find your comments here. (I’ve always read, only recently began to post – you’re brilliance is so damn intimidating 🙂 I find you all so insightful, intelligent and entertaining – I would be very sad to see you go away!

  • Amie

    @Ruthinor 349 : Hilarious!

    @DebbieJ 354 : GY didn’t make the video. Someone whose screen name is huddytina did. GY just tweeted the youtube link.

    @Ruthinor 351 : yes, it does put things in perspective. My thoughts and prayers go to the people who have lost loved ones

  • DebbieJ

    @ruthinor #349 – Ouch! Just Ouch! I had abdominal surgery 8 days ago and man, oh man, does it hurt to laugh! I can’t say you didn’t warn me, but OMG Ouch!

    I have tears running down my face!

    “They should’ve called it Hallucinations, MD!” OMG LMAO

    And to know that GY made this video is just too much. Is he mocking us or empathizing with us? Who knows, but this is hilarious!

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Ruthinor, i couldn’t agree more. All of my sympathy to any of you who has dear ones over there. And all of my sympathy to that beautiful and unfortunate people, whom i’ve once shared a bond with (i studied Japanese for 5 years).

    But you are aware of how House would mock us for trying to put things in perspective?… LOL

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Byzantine: yes!!!! I want to go to Mayfield! It doesn’t even have to be in California (even though i’d love that). It only has to have a certain doctor as a patient, one who is in search of a soulmate or at least a one (hot) night stand with a fellow patient.

    @Ruthinor: i laughed my head off. And yes, it felt like the first time since Monday (also had to do with my son having a nasty flu, which i am gloriously sharing with him since last night…).

    It expresses everything we think and everything we feel. It’s brilliant!

    And you know what else is brilliant? That apparently (says so on communitylivejournal), GREG YAITANES twitted the video.

    Now at least we know for a fact that they have no doubts about how we feel about it.

  • ruthinor

    One other thing….most of us are very upset about the show, but let’s keep this in perspective. What’s happening in Japan is devastation. House is just a TV show.

  • fatOlady

    I agree but it needs to be in the hills outside LA so we can set by the hwy and HOPE to see Hugh pass on his motorcycle.

    Dang, this crazy odsession.

  • ruthinor

    Folks, some of you may find the video below in poor taste, but even though I’m Jewish, this is the first time in a while that I have actually laughed out loud. The video is titled Hitler finds out that House and Cuddy have broken up. Of course, if you understand German, you may wish to lower the sound. Sorry about copy and paste again, but someone I hope will correct it.

  • byzantine

    I say, let us have our own Mayfield to detox. It should be here in spectacularly beautiful California where the views of Napa valley, the Pacific Coast Highway and the Golden Gate, mixed with certain amount of California wine will cure us all of our obsession. Just a thought…

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Oh, Debbie, i only wish! No, no, i am far from acceptance. I oscillate back and forth through all the stages, day in, day out…

    Regarding my last post, it’s because Lisa’s interview really made me feel that this is all horribly real, and i had been delusional to hope otherwise. And when a thought like that hits, it’s so hard to bear, that all i could do was run away, threaten to quit watching, bargain quitting strategies with myself…

    Running away from pain seems to be something we all do quite a lot of… I usually think of myself as a very straightforward person, who is very honest with her emotions and very vertical in accepting all feelings. Except that when something like this happens, i find myself walking in House’s shoes, using all kind of tricks to avoid dealing with the pain.

    Perhaps that was part of the lesson to be learnt?… OK, TPTB, i’ve learnt it, now could you please give us Huddy back?

  • DebbieJ

    @Delia #345 – seems like you are at the acceptance stage of grieving. I am either in the bargaining or denial stage right now. Not sure which I’m really feeling!

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Heather (#344): i feel dangerously close to what you are saying. And that’s another thing that hurts, because me becoming emotionally detached from “House” would equal a bad breakup of my own. A bad breakup, following a relationship that had its ups and downs, but which most definitely changed and enriched my life – which is why i cherished it through good and bad times.

    The bad times that appear to be ahead might be too much for me, though…

    @Ruthinor, Debbie, BigHouseFan, HWL and all: i have read that Lisa interview and i, too, feel that it’s a pretty clear signal that things are, indeed, just as bad as they seem…

    Which is a thought i still cannot stomach. Knowing that those scenes from next week are, indeed, real, knowing that what we got this season is, “for reals”:(, the “exploration” of Huddy… Ay ay ay ay… I’d rather dwell on my delusional island for a while. I cannot face it fully, for the time being… Which is why i will first read the reviews of Monday’s episode before actually watching it, and also why i am considering to watch the remaining 7 episodes after that only after the season has ended (and hopefully, by then, i will have reached better terms with my addiction).

  • Heather

    The writers/producers, etc. aren’t going to crush ALL hope because they don’t want to alienate all the Huddys (although the Huddys make up a very small % of viewership–at least according to GY).

    So they’ll continue to string you along by putting oblique comments out here and there…that you will want to believe so badly, you’ll twist until you come up with a way that Huddy can be together.

    Meanwhile, if you look at what Shore, Friedman, LE, GY, etc, are saying directly, it is that Huddy is OVER.

    I guess I could still watch for the 5% chance it’s not…but I’m not going to, based on the 95% chance that it IS over and I’ll just be wasting my time.

    The decision to not watch House is like ending a bad relationship. For the past few years, I’ve suffered through the bad times (poor writing, numbers OOC moments, storylines picked up and then abruptly dropped, etc.) in hopes that things could and would improve.

    Huddy was TPTB’s last chance, in my mind, to salavage the relationship I had with the show. Instead they did an extremely poor job over 15 episodes and now say they’re done with it for the forseeable future. (Not to mention GY’s mocking of fan’s sadness was in extremely poor taste…call it the final straw, if you will)….

    I would just urge others who feel like me not to be strung along hoping TPTB “fix” this, because all signs point to the fact they won’t.

    (Sorry for anyone who thinks I am being rude…this show just has me so angry right now. I feel like I did at the end of the X-Files…TPTB took the show I initially loved and made it into a shadow of its former self, and expected me to continue watching while the writing got worse…and worse…and worse.)

  • xinyuActor

    Yes so… Us Hugh loving girls mad of Bombshells are just because we hope we’re Cuddy.. Ha, sick I am but true for me. What about you? 😉

  • DebbieJ

    Oh, and WOW! #341 comments!

    Barbara, is this a record?

  • DebbieJ

    #339 – FOL – Aha! There’s another one! Yes, that was strange for the entire team to be there for a differential during her procedure/test.

  • em

    Just a thought the promo shows him in a pool outside with a bikini glad women, unless he has taken a flight it can’t be jersey as its far too cold.

    And if Cuddy is so upset about his extreme actions whats she doing round his house the next week.

  • Flo

    Oklahoma Grandma, OOC stands for Out of Character.

  • fatOlady

    Sorry, I’m an idiot but I got to ask…what is OOC?

    Also, now looking back, how “strange did that seem or “feel” that the team was even “there” for her test?????

  • ruthinor

    SPOILERS about the next episode below, but not much more than we’ve already talked about:


    There’s quite obviously a rough road ahead for Lisa Cuddy and Co. at Princeton-Plainsbro now that House has fallen back into his addiction following the big Huddy breakup we saw last week. But just how grim are things going to get? (After all, we saw him on the ledge of a balcony in the preview for next week’s episode!) Well, Lisa Edelstein tells EW that things are going to get much worse for everyone before they get better.

    “She took a major risk this season, and it didn’t work, which is extremely disappointing, but it was something she had to do,” Edelstein tells EW. “But now she’s dealing with the fallout.”

    At least in next week’s episode, House deals with that fallout with a healthy diet of pills, prostitutes, other extremely risky behavior. (I can confirm that’s as fun to watch as it sounds. J) And while the ever-poised Cuddy doesn’t quite spiral out of control, her reaction might surprise us, Edelstein teases.

    “As mature as you think Cuddy might be, she’s still dealing with House and his reactions are so extreme, it puts her in a position of having deal with really extreme choices, which happens really quickly,” she says. The team also feels the ripples, she claims, as the out-of-control House threatens the quality of care they’re able to give their patients. Sum: It’s a rough road all around. (And we happily anticipate the train wreck…)

    Well, all of that leads one to believe that the break-up was real, not a dream. But still, there are too many things “off” about “Bombshells”, some of which have already been mentioned:

    1. When does the beginning of Bombshells take place? What Cuddy is wearing and House’s mood only make sense if it occurs days after the last episode. Cuddy was upset because House was “not there for her” at her 15 yr. award ceremony. Not only that, but he shows up drunk and tells her that he loves her, but at the expense of his career. No way that scene could occur immediately after the last episode. But if it’s House’s dream, then the theme would be “I’m not there for her”

    2. Throughout Bombshells, Cuddy calls out for House and he’s never there.

    3. Yes, House is terrified that Cuddy will dump him or he will lose her and he has trouble facing pain. But to totally avoid seeing her (w/o his team!) even before it’s discovered that there is anything seriously wrong with her? I just don’t buy it. He didn’t avoid her pain when he was treating her mother. In fact he confronted her about it.

    4. A worrier like Cuddy didn’t have a will? Especially after she adopted Rachel? I don’t buy that either.

    5. Everything we saw in Family Practice indicated to me that Cuddy and her sister get along, but are not close. They just have little in common. Suddenly her sister who lives 3 hours away is everywhere and House is not present? Furthermore, it is Joanna who gives Cuddy the aha moment about the vicodin?

    There are other niggling things..I don’t know it seems that everyone is OOC. Maybe it’s just really bad writing!

  • hwl40

    FOL-OKGrandma(yeah, I too laughed outloud), DB, BHF, Ruthinor, Debbiej, et al., thank you, thank you for all your comments. I don’t have much to add but it’s so great to have a community where we can explore this and then look at ourselves doing it. I am reminded of the look on the faces of some sports nuts when one of the unannitiated says “It’s just a game”! DB, love the archetypes. At least it gives me a reason for this incredible involvement with “just a TV show”. Misery – or perhaps I should say addiction – loves company. Barbara hit it on the nail a number of years ago when she said that House/Hugh Laurie connects with others on an elemental level and this is why they have us doing this.

    Hello, my name is Ami and I am a House addict.

  • DebbieJ

    #334 – lovedavidshore – Yeah, well the season still has 8 more episodes. We will find out eventually.

  • lovedavidshore

    #333 there is no way we find the answer in ep 16

  • DebbieJ

    I am just so thankful that this wasn’t a season-ending cliff hanger and we only have to wait 1 week to get (hopefully all of) our questions answered! If this had happened during a long mid-season hiatus, I think I could go insane!

  • fatOlady

    #330 – lovedavidshore

    You sound like GY here in disguise, taunting the fans and trying to lead us down the rabbit hole. If I am wrong leave me to live in denial, at least till Monday night. Time will tell.

    Dang, why can’t I leave this alone? Yes, I am an addict in the worst way.
    Okay….no more posts from me today.

    I have work to do. People NEED their food stamps and welfare checks.

  • DebbieJ

    Okay, now that it is being rumored that Bombshells was ALL in House’s head/dream things are starting to make sense.

    Such as I found it odd (but didn’t question it before) that House was in Foreman’s apartment playing video games. When did House EVER spend time with Foreman outside of PPTH. Not the fact that he got in his apartment because we all now how well they all are in getting into others’ homes. But the fact that he was there. Period.

    Also, per LE, BS is supposed to pick up immediately after RP, where House is drunk. How in the world did he wake up before 6:30, undoubtedly hungover, and is sober enough to crawl under her bed to be playful and to want sex?

    I wonder if the “under the bed” thing was a metaphor during his dream. You know, such as a monster living under the bed.

    Also, if Cuddy had a life threatening illness, she certainly would have symptoms previous to being surprised that she had blood in her urine. Her illness came on way too suddenly.

    This all must be in his subconscience, all of his fears colliding. Fear of Cuddy being ill. Fear of him relapsing. Fear of her leaving him.

    I think now I will be able to watch it again without my heart breaking, to see if I can pick up anymore clues.

    Another thing, I can’t begin to tell you how much it breaks my heart to see House popping Vicodin numerous times in the promo for next week. I really and truly hope that he has not relapsed. I really hope that is just part of his dream.

  • lovedavidshore

    #329 it’s simple math sweetie

  • fatOlady

    #327 – lovedavidshore
    No you don’t get it! There is already too much information “out there” concerning future episodes, for us (or me at least) to even entertain the idea of what you are saying. Please, let it go.

    I guess on Monday night, we will find out.

    Hello, my name is Glenda, and I’m a House Addict!

  • D_B 326 and FatoLady 324

    I just read both of your posts and had not heard any of this. My rational mind tells me not to bite. That said, I always refer back to Under My Skin and Both Sides Now. I was unconsolable for weeks! My poor husband… he’s a gem…

    It would not surprise me to learn that DS and gang would aim to one up themselves in this department. They were very pleased with themselves over the UMS/BSN episodes. I wouldn’t put it past them, but like D_B I see no evidence of that.

    Of course my sister sent me reeling at the end of last season’s finale when she felt strongly that his retreat into his bathroom and Cuddy’s rescue was a hallucination. She tortured me all summer with the idea that House was still trapped under the building when the adjacent beam slipped and debris rained down upon them and the following scenes were hallucinations as he lay unconscious with Hanah.

    Its a wonder we’re still on speaking terms… Just joking!

    Just goes to show you how the writers and creators torture us and how we willingly participate in said torture.

    Hello, my name is Lori, and I’m a House Addict!

  • lovedavidshore

    u still don’t get it do ya?there wasn’t real huddy there wasn’t gorgeous angel who saved the most incredible man she’d ever known

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @FatoLady: i had read that too, yesterday.

    Unfortunately, i am as conflicted as ever about it. Some of the arguments for this theory are clearly manipulated by our need for denial. There is no irrefutable proof towards the “it wasn’t real” approach, and the tidbits that fit the theory aren’t powerful enough to soothe my doubt that we are building our own private cocoon of pain-avoidance.

    I do want to believe, though. Badly.

    @BigHousefan: the problem i am confronted with right now is that i was very shocked with Bombshells and i have absolutely nothing to hang my vision of the future on. I usually managed to build a personal perception of the show, that was sometimes surprisingly accurate (i stunned a few friends by predicting the season 6 finale with spot on accuracy).

    The trouble is, i based that ability to prepare for the future on a few elements that were crystal clear to me, like what i perceived as the core of the characters, the Huddy relationship and my understanding of House’s individuation journey.

    I feel that a part of these has been seriously contradicted by some of season 7 and definitely Bombshells. Maybe it’s just my over-emotional perception at the time, but i definitely feel like i am confused like never before about the route this whole thing might take.

    Which makes me highly sensitive to speculation and highly permeable to a lot of ideas and theories that i cannot judge with a clear head. I find it impossibly hard to build any sort of “realistic” expectations and hopes for the remaining 8 episodes or season 8. I am literally swimming in cold and unknown waters, at a complete loss for direction.

  • eileen

    That would be amazing.

  • fatOlady

    This post came from the House Daily Dose website and to my mind answers all the questions. Now I am so excitedly waiting for Monday. I am buyin all of it and my “grief counseling is over”. Hope this comforts most of the rest of you

    Post # 1 Fan:
    So here it comes the ominous GY tweet:

    “i am going to tell JUST you. what we shot on the beach that day might change everyone’s mind.”
    The premise was this: „mocking the fans isn’t the best way to keep them watching”

    Another fan asked him: „Hey Mr Yaitanes, is Huddy really over?”
    GY’s answer:”it’s over. unless you can learn the hints from the beach scenes.”

    So someone had this idea that House may have hallucinated/dreamed everything.
    GY’s tweet to that: „who knows if the dreams were dreams in dreams. right? remember the beach?”

    And another tweet related to it:
    fan:”The fact that House was right back in his bathroom holding his Vicodin makes me think the whole thing was a dream.”
    GY: „getting warmer.”

    And I started thinking about the possibility. What if it was really just a dream?
    It could explain a lot of things. I found the epi a little odd because the characters were acting weird. And I don’t mean the fantasy sequences but the „real” ones.
    Like Wilson doesn’t care about House but Foreman does? Even if House went to him (which is OOC, too). Not speaking about that waking up before 6.30 am (whaaat?) and hiding under the bed (with a book!) thing – it was odd and kinda creepy.
    And Cuddy? I know that some of you wouldn’t agree but in my opinion she was OCC as well. Wasn’t she the one who said in last epi: „Shut up! You are too drunk to end this relationship.” Yeah, I know she almost died in Bombshells. Almost. I think it’s an important detail. As House once said: „Almost dying doesn’t change anything. Dying changes everything.” And when Cuddy decided she would break up with him, she was not dying anymore. And remember Cuddy agree with that theory too when she said to him at the end of Pox On Our House that she keeps being angry at him since he is not dying anymore. In my opinion „change” is the key word in this case, it’s very meaningful. Remember that odd sentence coming from Cuddy in Bombshells? When she talked to her sister saying „people change” The Cuddy whom we know wouldn’t say that. I mean we’ve been watching her and her attitude towards House for years. It’s hard to believe that she really meant what she said. Especially not after Help Me and Now What. After saying she was stuck and that she loved him and couldn’t change this even though she wanted to. So practically she admitted she couldn’t change either. And she also declared she didn’t want him to change. Only House thought she wanted him to but I’ll write about this „what he thinks” later.

    But first let’s go back to Recession Proof just for a split second. Speaking about that it’s also suspicious that Lisa underlined in an interview (link: http://blogcritics.org/video/article/house-mds-lisa-edelstein-and-greg1/#ixzz1Fg4lKRbH ) that „the story picks up immediately after the end of the last episode”. It’s like she is trying to give us hints. Otherwise why it is so important to use the word immediately? You may say that it could be the morning after. Maybe. But if you look at her clothes you can see that those are not the same at the end of RP and in the beginning of BS.

    So my guess is: the last episode and the upcoming one are just (drunken) House’s dream. Yeah, kinda that Inception like „dreams in a dream” thing as GY mentioned.
    Let me explain. So as we know this show is called House. It’s about him, about his life, his relationships, everything related to him.
    So WHAT IF this whole epi was about HIS dream with HIS fears and HIS demons and not about Cuddy’s. His biggest fear that he would loose Cuddy – because of a disease or because he screws up.

    In my opinion Cuddy’s dreams are not Cuddy’s dreams BUT House’s thoughts about what Cuddy thinks or what are her fears (in House’s opinion) related to him and their relationship.

    You know the same things we heard from him before.
    -not being able to be a good dad for Rachel (sitcom sequence + the scene when Cuddy asks her sister to be Rachel’s step mom in case she dies);
    -not being there for her when she needs him (a lot of examples in the epi + western sequence with Cuddy saying „Maybe you can’t [handle] because you’re still a child.” House saying „I can do better” Cuddy: „Might be too late.”);
    -so practically not being the one she deserves: all the above ones + 50’s sequence – a picture of a perfect House: he cured all his patients, he is not limping – „A girl can dream”);

    Short term Huddy is also suspicious. I mean every relationship lasted longer. Every single one and since it’s the most important, I think they would play it longer, going into it deeper and mostly wouldn’t end it this „randomly”. I mean the break up was not built enough – it almost came out of the blue. Until the 39th minute everything was fine, he was trying to be good for her and it seemed it was enough for Cuddy.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it because I thought they would be together forever. I thought it would end at some point but I also thought that once it comes there TPTB would do it better, smarter, not so randomly. IF that scene was for real, then it’s kinda poor writing for me. They have plenty of time to crush it, so why would be this hurry for?
    And speaking about hurry. It’s also weird that almost every Cuddy woman had some health issues during the 10 episodes. First Rachel (okay it was just a little thing but still), then Mama Cuddy and 4 episodes later it’s Cuddy herself. Which –in my opinion- just proves again that it’s House’s nightmare.

    In my opinion, Bombshells could work as a reference to Family Practice. After seeing Arlene is dying, the possibility of Cuddy being sick and dying came to his subconscious. Another thought about the FB-BS connection: Arlene’s possible drinking problems could bring his Vicodin addiction to the spotlight again –I mean for himself as a topic which makes him worry.

    I don’t know if you read the leaked teaser scripts but the fact that originally Family Practice would have come right before Recession Proof makes it even more interesting. The original order is: Family Practice (epi 13), Recession Proof (epi 14) and Bombshells (epi 15). For me it looks like House’s way to process.

    So my crazy speculation is that Bombshells and the next epi (or just a part of it) could be House’s nightmare, including House eating Vicodin like candy again and him standing on the balcony ready to jump (which is very OOC, isn’t it?). If he really wants commit suicide I would expect something different from him.

    Perhaps the jumping scene could be the end of the dream – it’s often used in movies and happens in reality too as a way to end a dream. And I think that the next scene after the fall, would be that premier plan of House from the beginning of the promo. He is waking up, then the frame goes wider and we see Cuddy sleeping next to him. It could be – just look at the promo video. The camera starts moving and we can see more and more but before we could see the other side of the bed the promo is cut.

    So IF we assume that my theory is not just a pointless speculation, some spoilers could make sense, too.

    Like one of the promo pictures from the 17th episode seem to indicate:
    It’s just kinda weird that they just break up but he invites Cuddy to that event (which is probably a funeral leaning on spoilers) and she is going there. I mean working together is one thing but spending your freetime with your ex right after the break up (even if it’s not just the two of you) is weird.

    There are some rumors about an engagement too.Which sounds odd but could fit. I mean we know Arlene Cuddy is coming back in epi 20. We also know that they were shooting scenes at her house (it was on the shooting location list) and that she may has a scene with House and Cuddy.
    This was tweeted yesterday: „House filming outside the Fox gym this morning…spotted Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein and Candice Bergen!”
    IF the engagement is true then Mama Cuddy’s apperance would make sense.

    I don’t want to go that far but the Ausiello blind item could fit too. Since Cuddy’s ultrasound happened only in a dream and since she is middle aged means her period would be late or missed, she couldn’t know about the pregnancy for a while. The father wouldn’t be a question (as said in the blind item) and it also would be a really huge surprise knowing Cuddy’s past and that there is not a big chance for her getting pregnant.

    And the last thing: back to the beach pictures. It could be possible that House takes Cuddy to a trip. So they could use the already shot beach scenes. Or they could use the idea from the Thunder Roadtrip script – you know the one that it’s House’s way to make it up for Cuddy, to „pay back” something for her sacrifices. I think that after he wakes up from that nightmare (which we know as epi 15 and 16 right now:) and looks at the sleeping Cuddy, he realizes that just telling he can do better is not enough. So he decides to try harder and that trip is part of his trying harder.
    OR GY meant not exactly the scenes themselves but the situation. We were misled back then because we believed everything at first sight. The Beach Pics proved that they can lead us with well selected and leaked photos, half-true sentences and with well edited promos.

    Just one more thing in the end – quote about the break-up from the DS interview:
    Tv Line: When you were outlining the story, did you leave yourself some wiggle room in case, you know, the romance proved successful beyond anyone’s imagination?
    DS: That’s always a possibility. You never know how things are going to unfold.

    Maybe it’s a crazy thought but what if the dream concept is their wiggle room?

    Anyway don’t take my speculation as a sure thing, I don’t want to mislead anybody or give you false hope. I was just wondering what if Huddy didn’t ended this week. However I know all those tweets could be misleading and I may have over analyzed it but knowing DS I wouldn’t be surprised if BS and the epi after turned out to be dreams.

  • eileen

    So comforting to come back here this morning and see so many of you are still reeling from Monday night’s shock. I, like so many of you, continue to have a heavy heart.

  • D_B 320

    I, too, afterwards thought it likely that the scene we saw in the Global promo was a Cuddy nightmare. I hope so and SPECULATE that House will likely act out in some childish way and am hoping Wilson can reign him in before he does too much damage.

    I don’t read spoilers and usually hate myself for giving into the occasional read through of a writer or creator’s interview. Something is telling me however that this isn’t a dream, but I cling to hope that there are still 7 episodes left and time to mend my broken heart. Writers, bring on the story behind the reasons for House’s emotionally crippled being!

  • Leodie

    #319 Amie i’ll second that no spoilers thing.
    PLEASE do not spoil. Or if you do (i do realize the fervor going on now makes it very difficult not to) warn beforehand. Yes to speculation, no to spoiling.

    I learned about the break up half an hour before watching the episode (i watched it on tuesday evening) while surfing on the internet. I didn’t need to click on anything, I had just typed “House season 7” and here it was on google’s first page, “H and C split up” with a spoilers warning underneath ! I was so mad i could have spit nails.

    Some of us like to be hit full force by the monstertruck. Don’t spoil our masochism 😉

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @BigHousefan: you are too nice to me, be careful, i might get used to it! Especially at a time when i can use any gratification i can possibly get my hands on…

    I was actually more hurt over UMS/BSN. I was a wreck for weeks, a complete mess with no self-control over my crying or depression. I think it’s because of the gigantic impact UMS had – the surprise factor, combined with that suprahuman act of Saving the Savior that Cuddy did, it simply erased all my rational defenses and doubt mechanisms…

    Of course, right now i am still in denial, to some extent, and since Bombshells was not a season finale, i cannot shake off my (irrational) hopes. We’ll talk again in a few weeks, if this is truly final, then i’ll probably have a different story to tell…

    I think that getting all worked up over that Global Promo is kinda silly of us – if i’ve learnt anything in my years of being a House fan, is that interviews and promos usually lie through their teeth.

    But Cookie Jar (#316) and Tanami (#317) are also right. Those are pretty much the versions, on the short term. I’m guessing House will do a mixture of all three, to some extent… Of course, for starters, he appears to be so hurt, he resorts to his most powerful weapons of self-defence and pain-numbing. Which are also the most immature and hurtful to those around him, so… yeah. It hurts to see him going back that way…

    @Amie (#319): you are also very nice to me:)

    The repetition of “i can do better” was definitely used as a theme. After Cyddy heard it from House in “Two Stories”, it would probably make sense that her subconscious brought it up in the dream. For House, it was probably THE reccurent theme of this relationship – overcoming his limitations, in order to make it work. He struggled very hard “to do better”. I wish she could have acknowledged that more clearly…

    Em (#304) and Ruthinor (#307): i want to believe that so badly, i am terrified of how i would feel if we get to episode 18 and it turns out that everything we saw is true and final…

    There are many rational reasons why i doubt they would have used that creative trick, and there are a trillion emotional reasons why i pray they actually did.

    From the look of episode 16, it would also be a part of the dream (all the scenes we got in the promos don’t look like scenes that would occur after House waking up to reality). Which would make it a two episodes dream sequence – a bit too much (oh, the Dallas curse…), but very good for the surprise factor.

    It would make for nice symmetry, right? That he hallucinated the beginning of this relationship, in UMS, and he dreams the end of it, in Bombshells, and both un-real representations of the relationship function as growth forces for him, eventually, pushing him forward, helping him find clarity?… And symmetry is a good thing, even Flo said so. Right?… Right?… Right?…

  • Amie

    288 D_B : Interesting… I really wondered why one can get “invested” in fiction… (I think it’s so stupid I hate myself for it. And I don’t have a crush on HL.)

    293 D_B : (about Flo) That made laugh so hard !!!

    random thought : Does anyone find it interesting that the sentence “I can to better” has been much said by House : in Two Stories first, then in the Butch Cassidy dream, then at the end?

    Other random thought : House is here for Cuddy when she needs him…in a House way (see “5 to 9”).

    I’ve been rationalising and have made resolutions :
    Hello, my name is Amie and I am a House Addict.
    1. I will get on with my life, this is just fiction (and, incidentaly, finish my presentation for work)
    2. I will stop trying to understand 2/3’s of a story.
    3. I will no longer read spoilers or whatever TPTB have to say : they’re just messing with us and spoilers are always meant to be misleading
    4. I will nevertheless continue to read everyone’s comment because you are all a riot (this is not an ironic statement) and I love the debates.
    Just, please, no spoilers!

  • jack sparrow

    way to go mr shore u mocked the huddys or rather the idea that stands behind it now u do the same to hilsons .chapeau mate.nicely done

  • Tanami

    I don’t know if anyone here has already mentioned this, but from a realistic perspective, House really has only 3 possible ways to react to the break-up:

    (1) He can stalk and pine, the way he did when Wilson left him.

    (2) He can go to pieces and lean on Wilson, the way he did when Stacy left him (both times!)

    (3) He can throw himself a pity party, then suck it up and commence to doing his job.

    If he does (1) Cuddy is going to see it as proof that he is selfish. With (2), It proves he’s a mess who cannot handle life. If he does (3), you just KNOW Wilson and Cuddy are both going to think he’s messing with them. And no matter WHAT he does, it’s going to be proof that he’s completely self-centered and needy and hasn’t changed at all and that she was right to leave him.

    I am so Team House it’s ridiculous, but I think there is more point now than ever to his continuing to try. He made a lot of progress and learned a lot about himself over the course of this mess with Cuddy. If House lets himself experience a broken heart and it doesn’t destroy him or send him into a total tailspin, that may convince him that he can afford to take the risk and apply those new relationship skills again (or not) if he ever chooses.

  • Cookie Jar

    I just saw that someone has posted the Global Promo for next week’s episode “Out of the Chute”, so here it is for those of you who have not seen it.

    It seems that House will fully embrace his inner hedonist in the wake of the break-up. In fact, most of his scenes away from PPTH involve general acts of debauchery, licentiousness, drunkenness, and revelry. Underneath his casual aloofness, however, he’s probably angry and hurt and getting it out of his system by returning with abandon to his old self-destrucive habits. Resorting to sex, drugs, and alcohol is a not a particularly mature or healthy reaction to getting dumped, but it is time-honored and understandible under the circumstances. Of course, House is going to be a mess; if he wasn’t, then he didn’t love Cuddy, doesn’t still love her.

    I do feel sorry for him, though. Those young debutantes are just meaningless flings for him, empty sex done out of anger, betrayal, self-pity, and self-loathing. The challenge for House, and this really is open ended at this point, is will he have the guts to endure those feelings and get through them, or will he try to numb them with distractions and controlled substances or deny them or re-direct them as anger? House has shown himself time and again to be a very resilient and strong man in many ways, but Cuddy was absolutely correct when she said that he fears emotional pain and has never been able to face it on his own.

    I really, really want to see him step up and deal honestly and independently with a major loss. And I want to see him get some long overdue credit and recognition for that from the people who love him.

  • jack sparrow

    the other q yet slightly less important is our lovely greg actually bites the dust in ep 17?

  • jack sparrow

    the major q of this season is who is cuddy gettin married with
    b) 13

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    me too!

    Goodnight John boy et al.

  • susan

    You mean we’re all going nuts for nothing?
    (I hope so).
    I’m going to bed.

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    I knew somethig didn’t fit. I agree 100% with you em #310. I have not seen the promo scene with House in bed. Where canI find it?

    You know what this mean???? (besides the obvious that they are still together). It means they are FINALLY going to really try this relationship.

    I bet the beach sceen is still to come because we never saw more than the stills.

  • em

    I didn’t post a link sorry.

    It’s defo a dream with in a dream so not an hallucination, House is thinking how she’d break up with him the face touching, the bathroom (he has a lovely sofa to sit on) there all ideas from his dreams. I bet you $100 that the promo scene with house in bed (and you can’t see who he is next to) will cut away to relieve his in bed with a rather pissed off Cuddy who was woken up at the end of ep 14 wearing a blanket and pj’s not like ep 15 where jersey has turned to summer and she wearing her boy shorts, unless Jersey had an overnight heat wave it ain’t real.

  • D_B, Flo, Ruthinor, fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma, Susan and all the kind people gathered here:

    Did we hurt this bad throughout ‘Under My Skin’ and ‘Both Sides Now’?

    Is it possible they’re doing it to us again?

  • susan

    #307 ruthinor – the only time I got upset from a TV show before this was when Father Ralph wouldn’t leave the Church for Meggie Cleary in “The Thorn Birds”.
    Sorry if this is off topic.

  • ruthinor

    D_B and others, I too saw the promo pics from 7-16 and thought the photo of Cuddy and Wilson in, presumably, House’s apt. seemed weird, especially given the expression on her face (bemused?) so soon after the “break-up”. Furthermore, much of the dialogue in especially the last two episodes seemed off to me. House hiding under the bed seemed strange, even for him. Much of what was happening seemed to me to be House testing the limits of the relationship. He’s so afraid of losing her that he needed to know how far he can push her.

    GY’s tweets are so confusing that it is impossible to decipher them, but he did mention the concept of a dream within a dream. So what Em is saying makes sense. Was House dreaming up Cuddy’s illness (remember he had just treated her mother for a life-threatening incident) and the aftermath of his behavior during such a crisis? He trusts himself so little to respond appropriately in such a situation. But being unable to just come in and see Cuddy? It seems too extreme to me, even for him.

    So I refuse to give up hope! But I must admit, I’ve NEVER been so upset by just a mere TV show. If it’s true that HL, LE and Candace Bergen were spotted together outside the Fox gym, presumably filming episode 20 or 21, maybe all is not lost. Of course, I could be totally full of crap!

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    em #304 where did the link go. It’s gone.

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    # 304,


    Now that is EPIC!

  • em

    As Lisa Edelstein stated about ep 15 “The story picks up immediately after the end of the last episode (‘Recession Proof’),” so unless cuddy changed her pjs and house managed to hide under a bed after waking up with a steaming hangover I think theres a problem.
    I have on good knowledge that the last episode was not in fact based around Cuddy’s dream’s instead they are based around House’s drunken dreams from ep 14.
    Episode 15 was in fact House dreaming of what could go wrong. This episode is an extension if that i.e how he’s be forced to go back to Wilson and re take up his drug habit.
    Clever Tv especially with Mr Ausiello publishing Mr Shore’s wrong turn article.

  • Flo

    @Oklahoma Grandma (#297), the only answer that I have for you is: there’s a very importance nuance and even difference between changing and evolving.

    In real life we might change (and even I think that it can be argued that maybe we really just evolve) and fictional characters evolve but don’t change deep down.

  • Flo

    @Susan (#294) I will have to watch those two episodes again but I wouldn’t be surprised by that symmetry. It would hardly be the first time that a scene mirrors another one from another episode. “House” writers tend to put references of old episodes all the time.

    Symmetry is actually a good script writing thing. It works well usually. In TV Show especially because hardcore fans like us automatically comes to see those symmetries but it also work in cinema. You can see in some movies when a scene near the end or even at the end, mirrors in some way a scene from the beginning of said movie.

    Nice catch!

  • Flo

    I’ve just realized that I didn’t answer hwl40 ‘s question (#238). First I have to specify that I have no professional experience of writing (or doing anything for that matter) for a TV show. I do write scripts and analysis of the show. I’m a compulsive analyst who studied cinema for years. I write. That’s what I do.

    Now, hwl40 asked: “Have you ever seen a show grab people like this?”
    Yes I did. The particularity of a TV Show (contrary to the movies) is that, when successful, it runs for years. We, as fans, have the time to get familiar with the characters and get to know them intimately. Characters evolve and grow in the years run but so do we. I think this is very fundamental. In a way, we all grow together or at least, we do it at the same time. There’s a strong familiarity here. I believe it really has something to do with the way a TV show can grab its fans. It does it in a way that only a TV show can do.

    Personally, I grew up watching “The X-Files”. I was young when it started but when I saw the Pilot I was hooked. I will always have a soft spot for it no matter what because I grew up with it. For me it was “THE show”. Of course I was young and in my home, we never really watch TV so it was all new for me. Especially that it wasn’t really for people of my age.
    Nevertheless, I was fascinated by every aspect of it, mainly the characters. It was Mulder’s quest but Scully’s story. I liked how all of their intelligence and flaws created smart debate about everything, how they could argue with such passion and sparks and how they rely on each other.
    At that time this show was huge. I mean HUGE!! It could gather at least 28 millions viewers in the US easily on its most successful time. There were a lot of fans and they were totally into it, in every way. Every aspect of the show was put under a microscope by the fans. The Mulder and Scully relationship was analyzed over and over. Actually did you guys know that it was the X-Philes (X-Files fans) that created the notions of “ship” and “shipper”? It didn’t really exist before. Shippers were the people who analyzed the M&S relationship. It wasn’t so much as a “when will they kiss or get together” thing. It was to an extent for some fans but it was just an analysis of the complex, deep friendship and partnership of those two complex characters. I think it’s too bad that this notion was quite overworked and completely turned over this romanticized idea of just two people getting together as a couple or not. (Thankfully not everyone is like that).
    But to answer this question, yes I’ve seen it. Delia (#288) actually wrote something interesting about fans being grabbed by a Show.

  • D_B 296

    I just read your explanation and ‘it fits’. I should by now to leave that stuff to the experts! 🙂

  • D_B 293 You have a wicked sense of humor

    Susan 294 The only symmetry I find is that Cuddy has hit a ‘soft spot’. When Cuddy kisses his scar, the scar is a painful reminder of the heartbreak and betrayal of Stacy. Now, Cuddy has broken his heart and House likely feels betrayed once more. (D_B As evident, I believe in the Global promo)

  • D_B 291

    Lesson or not, I very much enjoyed reading through your explanation! Thank you again -I always look forward to your posts!

    I also saw the photos you refer to and no, they do no fit with what we see in the Global promo.

    I take solice in remembering that USUALLY the conclusion of the episode’s story is not given away in a promo. I think we both know what House’s actions demonstrate and I doubt that’s what we’ll end up with at the end of Monday night’s show. Then again, I am so emotionally raw to the point of exhaustion that the thought of that promo makes me want to throw up all over myself. Sorry. It’s going to be a long and painful recovery…

    I never considered myself a ‘shipper’ and for the longest time didn’t even know what that meant. I just love these characters and react to the story being told as I interpret it.

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    People don’t change.

    David Shore and the writers of House use this as a montra.

    What does that mean exactly?

    Do we die the same basic person we were born?

    How can the things we exerience in life not have an affect on our personality, on our soul?

    How could anyone ever hope to overcome, drug addicton, PTSD, child abuse, rape, war, natural disasters, mental illness… if… people… don’t….change. I promiss you, living through each of those things….WILL…. change….you.

    Is counseling pointless? Should damaged people just crawl into a hole and wait to die?

    If someone can never hope to escape their demons and change their values….then why do we have values?

    Are only the lucky few who are raised with a loving family the only ones expected to feel love? To give love? To accept and enjoy love?

    I think someone may have some screwed up thinking, but I don’t think it’s us, and I don’t think it’s Greg House.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Susan: you are very nice to say that, thank you, and you are most welcome – for nothing, really:)

    I had noticed that symmetry. I had noticed it with my heart, which sank a bit deeper because of it… I cannot think of a very layered symbolism right now, except for the pretty obvious connecting line between beginning and end…

    In the beginning, he was asking her to stop, because he felt threatened by her approaching his most guarded, most hated, most vulnerable part. She didn’t, and their union became deeper because of it. Now, he asked her not to break that union, with the same words. She didn’t (can’t you ever listen, Lisa?!), and the acceptance and love and wholeness he had achieved through their union are gone (incontrollable sobs).

    @Flo: it was simply too obvious a joke not to use LOL.

    Making fun in the midst of despair – which stage of grieving is that?…

  • Flo

    Delia (#293) I’m laughing so hard!!!!
    But I’m not running away from anything.

  • susan

    Delia_Beatrice – thank you for the quick response – which is definitely a proper analysis despite your being tired. I keep reading it over to see if I can apply it to how I feel (I majored in psych in college but boy, do you surpass me in knowledge!)
    Question to the field – In the beginning of “Now What” when Cuddy bends down to kiss Houses’s scar, he murmurs no,no or don’t. At the end of “Bombshells” when Cuddy leaves him he also says no or don’t (I have to watch it again). Any symbolism or symmetry to that?

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Flo: you do realize that your statement can be easily interpreted as your own running away from emotions and hiding behind cold rationality, blocking away the experience of truly FEELING, in order to avoid pain?… LOL

    That is not a good thing – Cuddy will dump you. You have been warned!

  • Flo

    After reading all these posts the only conclusion that I can make is: I’m glad I’m not a shipper and I’m glad to be a total intellectual with as much empathy that could hold a coffee spoon if empathy could be quantified.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @bigHousefan: it wasn’t meant as a “lesson”, just sharing a bit of this, a bit of that. You are most welcome, thank YOU!

    Now, since you saw the global promo, let me ask you something (’cause i am losing it here): i had no intention in buying Mr. Yaitanes’ teasers, and i tried hard not to succumb to my inherent need for denial and false hope.

    BUT this struck me as weird enough to mention. Here are two promotional photos from episode 17, “Fall from Grace”. They seem to be located in House’s appartment, and i think it’s safe to assume that Wilson and Cuddy are with House at that moment.

    Now, is that expression on Cuddy’s face something we can expect to see, just two episodes after the breakup and after the mess House appears to be making of himself, in episode 16?… I find it weird. All i’m saying, i just find it weird…

  • susan

    I just got this post on Facebook from my friend – who just started watching House very recently. Thought you’d enjoy it.

    “You got me hooked on House, and now I’m depressed, too. So this is all your fault 🙂 But you had to see it coming, he’s sooo screwed up. What woman in her right mind would want to put up with him?”

  • D_B 288

    Thanks for the lesson, I enjoyed it very much.

    Also, saw the Global promo and am left speechless. Wimper, snif, sob… Totally agree with your last paragraph.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Susan: i am too tired and messed up to give a proper analysis, but i can say this:
    there are countless smart theories about how the impact that any artistic creation has on its receptors is enhanced when that creation uses archetypes, in the jungian sense. Archetypes “touch” the sub- and un-conscious of all human beings, regardless of historic time, age, sex, education or geographical coordinates, and raise an emotional response that is incredibly powerful.

    It’s archetypes at play that are responsible for people believing in a fictional construct with such intensity, truly being absorbed in the “reality” of it, claiming that “it feels so real to me and those characters have become part of my life”.

    Case in point, i believe that House and Cuddy are both constructed on clear archetypal patterns. If we look at the mythology of various cultures, as well as the most famously culturally-exploited archetypes, we can identify several archetypal figures that can be found at play within House and Cuddy, as characters. The Suprahuman hero, the savior and the trickster, the maverick – in House. His Anima, his Lover (Aphrodites), Mother, and Wise Woman (Athens) – in Cuddy. Also, very powerful, Cuddy as the suprahuman savior of the savior – all her “larger than life” acts of salvation and protection of House have a very, very powerful archetypal core.

    Which is a possible explanation to the huge impact their relationship has on us, emotionally. The union of archetypal figures symbolizes our own, personal journey of individuation, of making our Self whole and complete. By wanting them united so badly, it’s our Selves that we want to make whole. It’s a longing greater than anything else we can possibly feel, it’s the deepest, most powerful instinct and quest of a human being.

    That being said, i have watched the global promo for the next episode, and BOY!, is House back not to square 1, but to square minus infinity… I won’t say more, for those who are spoiler-phobes, but it left me with a horrible feeling. Horrible, horrible feeling. I should know better than to allow promos to get to me, but at this point, EVERYTHING gets to me. Goddamn it.

  • fatOlady / Oklahoma Grandma

    Does this mean I get to post in this forum under 2 different avatars. One could be nice and one cold be mean. Kind of a ying/yang thing.

  • Committed

    I have to say I have never been so wrapped up in a television show as I am with this one. Nice to see others battling with this past episode as much as I am. I am without a doubt grief stricken and I can’t really figure it out. It’s a TV show right?

    I don’t know whether to believe that things will work out or not for House. Maybe I am just protecting myself from being hurt again like I was Monday night. I still can’t rewatch that episode.

    Just a note to DS and GY as well as the writers, game or not – don’t mess with your fans. You want us to invest in this show. If you didn’t you wouldn’t write the best scripts, deliver the content with the finest actors in the business led by a man who is stunning everytime he portrays this damaged character. Don’t mock or taunt us for making that investment. It’s really low class no matter what the intent. For that I have to question your committment to us.

    Anyway, thanks to all for your posts. They have been great comfort over the last few days. Thanks Barbara for allowing us all the outlet we needed.

  • Bertram Potts

    Someone should point out to the writers that in a way, House had a better handle on relationships than Cuddy did. Any time they had a problem, he wanted to talk it out but she refused to talk to him. Communication is the most important aspect of a relationship. In Now What, he wanted to talk things out and make sure she realized what she was getting into, but she wanted him to “just let it be nice”. During the three episode arc where he lied to her in Office Politics… he wanted to talk things out but she refused to talk to him until he apologized. He ended up having to apologize for something that he felt was the right thing to do just to save the relationship. She should have at least listened to his point of view. Then in Two Stories, he tried to find out why she was so angry but she kept on kicking him out of her office saying “I’m busy” the minute he walked in.
    She is just as screwed up as he is when it comes to relationships. They’re perfect for each other.

  • susan

    Oklahoma Grandma #271 and 272 – I also just laughed, a big one, when I saw those 2 posts. Actually, I guffawed.

    You know, in thinking about how we’d like to change places with Cuddy, I think that is part of my problem. In my mind, I am Cuddy. I’m so wrapped up in this relationship that I’m taking it personally – as if I lost House.
    I’m thinking this through as I write it, but I’ve watched this so long and had a crush on Hugh Laurie so long that I’ve become or wished to become Cuddy. Maybe that’s what a good show is supposed to do – wrap you up in the characters. How’s that for psychobabble? I think I may need Delia_Beatrice here for some insight.

    Joan #275 – agree with you.

    To the rest of you, I’m glad you’re here.
    Oops, said that in a previous post.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Heather (#281): I second that.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    I agree with all the posters who have said that, indeed, Cuddy has become part of House’s pain-avoidance problem, which is a very unhealthy situation.

    I also agree, once more, with everybody who feels betrayed by the trivialities and superficial plot-lines with which they filled their “exploration” of House and Cuddy together. I cannot say it enough, this is the absolutely worst part of it, for me.

    I also agree with everybody who has said that they cannot watch old “House” episodes anylonger. I feel the same way, i have rewatched “Bombshells” once, because i felt i had to try and understand, but rewatching any single hope-filled episode of these 7 seasons, now, when what i loved most in the show seems to have been lost, is simply too much.

    On a brighter note, i only cried once today (but don’t envy me, it was only because my son has the flu and i was simply too busy and never alone all day).

    I DREAD the next episodes. I simply dread the sight of desperate House and miserable Cuddy, running into each other at work and filling the screen with oceans of pain. It feels unbearably unfair. How can this be?!?!?!

  • Heather

    Whoever interviewed Friedman lobbed her softball questions.

    Bottom line, it’s total BS that the writers claim they “explored” the Huddy relationship through 15 episodes of mostly fluff episodes…babysitting hijinx, sausage jokes, and OMG!!! HOW ARE WE GOING TO DEAL WITH THIS AT WORK??? questions.

    I want someone to ask WTF happened because I believe there’s an explanation here that’s not being given. Otherwise, I’m leading to the conclusion that the writers are morons to think that this constitutes “exploring” the Huddy relationship…and I really don’t believe a bunch of otherwise intelligent people are morons.

    Did the producers cave to pressure to introduce the relationship, but they were never fully committed to it and wanted to end it? Did they dislike it, but just throw it out there as a sop to Huddy lovers so they could say, “See, we did it, but it just didn’t work out!!” Is the whole “breakup” just a gigantic red herring and something else will get the two back together?

    Could someone please ask the writers THAT question; namely, on what planet do they believe these 15 episodes actually thoroughly explored the relationship?

  • josie

    I’d like to see the point of this show, is the journey to self-fulfillment for Gregory House. Since the show has affiliated itself with NAMI, something has to be positive when this show finally ends. I’d like to think that the producers want to give some hope to people who suffer from mental illness, as Gregory House does. I understand why they broke up Huddy, but I would have preferred as a couple, House and Cuddy overcoming each of their shortcomings together. I think it would have been refreshing to see on television people working TOGETHER to solve their problems. Instead, the producers gave us stupid scenarios to show how immature House is–babysitting Rachel, go-carts, insane lecture at school. Do you now realize that every character on the show is alone? It’s just too depressing! Although things have to eventually get better for all the doctors at Princeton-Plainsboro, it’s becoming a chore to watch so much sadness. Lastly, how can any hospital administrator keep on board a drug addict?

  • fatOlady

    A rebutal to HESS&FRIEDMAN – O Lordy, I feel another LONG post coming on, but not now.

    How many of us here have talked about how we have enjoyed watching House change and grow as a human being? We want to look at why he is the way he is (his mother, his father, his bio-father). It may not have started out that way but the show we have now is about a man named Gregory House and his eveloution as a person. If it’s true and people don’t change, then what is the point.

  • Joan 275

    I understand fully what you are saying.

    But, if you remember back to the end of ‘Help Me’ House drops the Vicodin from his hand and with same hand grasps Cuddy’s instead.

    I think we’re supposed to take from that imagery that his love of Cuddy cannot be reduced to a ‘crutch’. He cannot effectively be there for her and help her face her fears if his own demons continue to get in the way as reflected in House’s demon ream sequence in Bombshells.

    As I posted before, if Cuddy is a band-aid covering up his wounds I wish the writers would have chosen to soak the bandage in warm water rather than rip it off the way they did.

  • eileen

    Yes, fatOlady, I would gladly change places with Cuddy at a moment’s notice. Even my beloved husband of nearly 23 years and my nearly grown sons tease me about that! Speaking of my husband, he was a faithful House MD viewer until shortly after season 6 started because of the whole Cuddy/Lucas thing. Once that ended, he decided to give it another try and has been a faithful watcher since the beginning of season 7. He has enjoyed the Huddy storyline and was really PISSED at the end of Monday’s episode. I honestly don’t know if he is going to continue to watch it or not. He is someone who is secure in his masculinity and loves to watch war movies, biographies, and historical shows, but he really enjoyed seeing House with “a little hitch in his giddyup” as he aptly called it! Seeing House with a little happiness in his life mixed in with the sarcasm etc. was refreshing for him (and for me). He likes the interaction/chemistry between House and Cuddy and feels that the show is going in the wrong direction now. If only we had some hope that this breakup was just a bump in the road.

  • ruthinor

    Here is the writers’ version re episode 7-15:

    The “Bombshells” episode of “House” this past Monday shocked (and dismayed Huddy shippers) a lot of viewers. It was written by Liz Friedman and Sara Hess. They’ve taken a little time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions about this critical and unusual episode.

    “Bombshells” had two major, major plot points: The breakup of Huddy and the re-addiction of House. What was the rationale behind tackling both of these game-changers in 44 minutes?
    Sara: Well, for us the two things went hand-in-hand. A major theme on the show is that people don’t change. House has been clean for a year and a half now, but addiction isn’t something that just goes away. When Cuddy started dating him, she told him she could accept him just the way he was … but remember, he was sober at the time. And while she’s a doctor and knows the reality of his situation, I think she was able to convince herself for a long time that things would turn out OK. But when someone with House’s drug history starts using again, it’s a seismic event.

    That said, Cuddy doesn’t break up with him because he took one pill. We used House’s addiction as a symbol of his inability to deal with pain. He’s spent so much time and energy trying to insulate himself, but being in a relationship basically means making yourself twice as vulnerable. And he can’t accept that. He won’t let himself really experience what Cuddy’s going through; selfishly, he uses the drug to protect himself, and that leaves her–in any real emotional sense — alone. Maybe Cuddy thinks she doesn’t need him to change, but she does at the very least need him to be present. And in the end he can’t do it.

  • Joan

    I think in the grief cycle I am still circling around anger and depression, I can’t believe I am still trying to get over feeling so bad about this.

    Eileen, Susan, FatOlady — I agree Cuddy is the one! Knowing how they have characterized both of them I don’t see either finding someone new that would work.

    What I still can’t accept or understand is why they had to break them up to deal with House’s addiction and underlying issues. I agree with the writers it would be pretty normal for House to have a relapse and certainly with the stress of Cuddy’s illness using the pills as a crutch seems plausible. We all see that he used the pills because he loves/cares about Cuddy and could not overcome his fears to be with her without them. OK, clearly he has issues to deal with, but here is my problem: Cuddy says the reason why she is ending the relationship is that he was not really with her because of the pills, not sharing her pain fully so he was’nt fully there for her and she can’t accept this. Yet when he held her hand, stayed by her side and stood in the window at surgery, she felt better having him there and it was clearly a comfort for her. That she later realized he was ‘high’ while he was there does not seem to me to negate that he did provide comfort at the time. She did’nt feel it was less than what she needed at the time.

    This brings me to the bigger issue about the breakup — I think Barbara or someone has said that the near-death scare has Cuddy reevaluate her life and whether having House as a boyfriend enhances it or not. Given her history, dumping House pretty much means that (like most of the past 6years) she is going to be alone, lonely and however proud of her accomplishments, not really happy. House was a difficult crazy pain in the ass to her as an employee and ‘friend’ all these years she had to deal with him and his issues (and was always there for him) without the obvious benefits of having him as a boyfriend. And I’m not only talking about the sex (!) He made her happier than she ever was, he was a companion at her home after work and was ‘there’ for her on a number of occasions (dinner with mom, going to the wedding, babysitting Rachel), helped her relax and not be so alone, so he did enhance her life as far as I can see even with his difficulties. Frankly I was a bit amazed over the course of the eps that things went so smoothly overall, I thought there might be major hospital repurcussions but there really were’nt, and as everyone has noted, House did make changes and tried for her. For her part, I think Cuddy did give up things to be with House and certainly it was not all easy or smooth sailing, but was it really better when she was alone but still had to deal with his insanity?? I don’t think she should have had to give and give if she was not getting anything in return but even if House could not fully be in the relationship with her as she wanted, it still seems better for both of them not to give up on the relationship but to demand and help him work on his issues and support and love him as he does it. Now they are both miserable, heartbroken and will still have to deal with his insanity at work…how is that a net gain for her?

  • fatOlady

    #273 – eileen
    EXCUSE me…..!(pretending to be outraged) And just what is so funny?

    Am I the only one in this forum who would not change places with Cuddy in a heartbeat? I think not.

    Am I the only one in this forum who would not stand in line for 5 days, 17 hours, 54 minutes and 27 seconds to get one kiss from House (or HL)?

    Hey, a girl (or a fatOlady) can dream can’t she????

  • eileen

    fatOlady #271 —
    “I meant a woman other than myself”

    I laughed out loud when I read this. You are too funny!

  • fatOlady

    Susan – your priceless. I hope to meet you some day. If you want to call me Oklahoma Grandma then go ahead (it will be our little secret, ours and about 200 close friends) LOL.

    You are sweet, but I am just being honest. I am fat, I am old, and once in a great while, I am a lady.


  • fatOlady

    What I meant when I said “We all LOVE “him” (Greg House), so dearly that all we want is for him to be happy, even if it is with another woman.” I meant Cuddy. I meant a woman other than myself.

  • Susan

    FatOLady #267 – (can I call you Oklahoma Grandma instead?) – wait a minute – He is the “greatest man I have ever known” and I want him happy as much as you do – But With Cuddy. (Ditto Eileen #269)

  • eileen

    I DO NOT WANT HOUSE WITH ANY OTHER WOMAN BESIDES CUDDY! I do love House (the character) but the writers have taken us on this incredible journey of love between House and Cuddy. Their story together is so far from over it’s ridiculous! Oy vey!

  • Jessica

    Cuddy actually loves House and even though she can’t be with him in this state, she’s not going to call Lucas and ask if he wants to get married. Lucas obviously wasn’t for her in so many ways, I don’t think she’s going to go back and settle for second-best to what she really wanted.Rather I see her focusing on her career and Rachel.

    That said, I think this breakup shows us an interesting side of Cuddy. She’s not a mean person and she did not intend to hurt House, but she has her own issues deep down and she just sucks at relationships as much as House and even Wilson.

    Not saying she wasn’t justified in the breakup but I think she is just as screwed up as House is. She may not take painkillers to mask her emotional pain but I wonder if she doesn’t want to sabotage her own happiness because she’s never been happy. Cuddy has always seemed a little unhappy herself and a bit of a loner.

    Frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing Cuddy going through her own journey into her inner turmoil just as House goes through his…

  • fatOlady

    Susan #265, Sera G, bigHousefan, Barbara Barnett, and so many others – I guess when you get to the real meat of it, what we have for House is close to unconditional LOVE.

    We know he’s messed up, but he is the greatest man we have ever known, and he will – ALWAYS – be – the – greatest – man – we – have – ever – known.

    We all LOVE “him” (Greg House), so dearly that all we want is for him to be happy, even if it is with another woman.

  • Ilsur

    Susan #259 “there was the expectation that House/Cuddy would get together, and now that hope is taken away” – This!
    All my hopes have been taken away

  • Susan

    FatOLady #259 – I’m trying to figure out where I fit in on your grief cycle. There is alot of denial – I can’t believe the writers did this and am hoping that, as many said, it could be a dream . And I’m angry at them. Depression is definitely in there too. (But mild, I’m still going about my daily duties.). And the part about functioning in a life “without your loved one” (House and Cuddy).

    But ironically, Stage 2. PAIN & GUILT says -“As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs.”
    Isn’t that what Cuddy was saying to House as the excuse to break up with him?
    This is one amazing blog and I’m so glad I have “fellow grievers” to seek comfort from. – bigHousefan #262
    Does everyone realize that we have “mourners” from Oklahoma, L.A., Fiji, China, Europe, etc. House has a very long reach.

  • Michele1L

    Someone commented about how House was dressed at the beginning of the musical sequence. He was dressed like the Malcolm McDowall character in “A Clockwork Orange” and then later as Fred Astaire.

    There have also been comments about the ratings. The ratings have actually gone up by two million viewers over the last few weeks (over 11 million viewers) I think largely due to the show’s promotions during “American Idol”.Prior to “Idol”‘s return, the show was pulling in less viewers (between nine and ten million — which I think has nothing to do with House and Cuddy being together.) So the viewership is up, people. — I’m not sure why folks are under the impression that these numbers are bad. They are actually very good when you consider how long the show has been on the air and how much competition there is on the airwaves. It’s not realistic to compare these numbers to the viewership when the show aired at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesdays following “American Idol” the first few seasons. “Idol” with its 20 million plus viewership is a huge lead-in for a show, not to mention, “House” is a 9:00 p.m. show that was moved by the network to an 8:00 p.m. slot. It actually does better at 9:00 p.m., proven by the fact that the second hour of “Broken” had two million more viewers than the first hour. — Enuff said about that …

    Lisa E. mentioned that a “wedding” is coming up, but of course, would not say whose. — If it’s Cuddy and Lucas, I swear my head will spin COMPLETELY around!

    Also, I’m beginning to suspect the people at “House” are toying with us. — I do agree that “Bombshells” felt like a season finale, as I said in an earlier post, and that it almost seems they are planning to end the show this year rather than having an 8th season — but if they’re toying with us, that may be exactly how they want us to feel … we’ll just have to wait and see.

    The trailer for next week’s episode is interesting to me on a few levels.

    1. House is feeling that pain in his leg more than he has recently …

    2. Cuddy says to Wilson that she can’t fix House’s problems because she “is” his problem.
    I perfectly understand why she would feel that way. Seeing as he told her he was worse of a doctor because of his love for her; In “Help Me”, he basically didn’t scarf down the vicodin because Cuddy professed her love for him(enabling him to lean on her as a replacement for the drug); he took vicodin in order to be with her when he thought she might die, (causing him to relapse after a year of being clean) and now she’s left him (although I don’t believe she will EVER abandon him, whether they are a couple or not) which has sent him back to popping the chicklets again. Seems as though she has most definitely been a crutch/enabler for him, which I think was symbolized by his having left his cane at the distaster site in “Help Me” and then needing Cuddy to assist him in getting off of his bathroom floor. (I don’t always agree with every creative choice they make, but these writers are oh so clever.)

  • If Cuddy is the band-aid that covers up a wound but does not heal it, then I would have rathered the writers soaked the band-aid in warm water rather than ripping it off!

  • Dear Fellow Grievers,

    Its now Thursday and still we gather to seek comfort. We all share an addiction of sorts, do we not? I also watch House reruns before sleep and ironically, like many have mentioned, have not been able since Monday.

    byzantine 255 says, ‘
    I could not help here, but try to lighten up the mood by paraphrasing Miss Bates from Jane Austen’s “Emma”: they (the powers to be) “left us speechless, so speechless, in fact, that we still cannot stop talking about it.”

    We have invested ourselves completely into this lovely drama and TPTB continue to deliver. Thanks to Barbara, and all of you for this place of comfort! 🙂

  • Susan

    #175 Barbara,
    If this is David Shore’s novel, why 7 years of House/Cuddy tension and then only 8 episodes of exploring them being together. Why didn’t he dispose of the relationship years ago?

    By the way, is he a happily married man?

  • fatOlady

    Susan # 259 – it’s important to interpret the stages of grief loosely. You can expect everyone to progress through them differently. Also, expect you may cycle through those stages more than once, or more than one stage can hit you at the same time, or they can occur out of order.
    Actually it sounds like you are in stage # 4 (Depression). Generally, a long period of “depression”, isolation, and loneliness happens late in the grief process, months after the tragedy strikes……but depression can strike you much sooner. I have included a copy of the grief model called “The 7 Stages of Grief” below.
    I understand how you feel and I am feeling this way to. I usually re-watch the last episode 2 or 3 times on the DVR, but not this time. Also, I record all the episodes on BRAVO, USA, and SLUTH and watch them in the evenings after my grandson is in bed. I haven’t WANTED to watch ANY episode of House since Monday night.

    Here is the grief model called “The 7 Stages of Grief”:

    1. SHOCK & DENIAL-
    You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks.

    2. PAIN & GUILT-
    As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs.
    You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn’t do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase.

    Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion.
    You may rail against fate, questioning “Why me?” You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair (“I will never drink again if you just bring him back”)

    Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be “talked out of it” by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving.
    During this time, you finally realize the true magnitude of your loss, and it depresses you. You may isolate yourself on purpose, reflect on things you did with your lost one, and focus on memories of the past. You may sense feelings of emptiness or despair.

    7 Stages of Grief…

    As you start to adjust to life without your dear one, your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your “depression” begins to lift slightly.

    As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life without your loved one. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life without him or her.

    During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the exact world that existed before the tragedy. But you will find a way forward.
    You will start to look forward and actually plan things for the future. Eventually, you will be able to think about your lost loved one without pain; sadness, yes, but the wrenching pain will be gone. You will once again anticipate some good times to come, and yes, even find joy again in the experience of living.

  • Susan

    FatOLady (I feel funny using that name) – I agreed with your stages of grief theory until I realized that I’m still in Stage 1 (and yesterday I thought I was getting better). House is on its usual Bravo/USA channel reruns and I just watched one of my favorites “Fetal Position”. I couldn’t even enjoy it, was hesitant about even turning it on. I can’t enjoy even reruns now. Before, there was the expectation that House/Cuddy would get together, and now that hope is taken away. I feel empty. The end of this episode has House sitting on his couch, alone, after not using a ticket to Vancouver that Cuddy had given him. A beautiful song plays in the background about, Are you all right?……someone to hug and kiss you, etc. It’s a very poignant moment. But in the past I knew everything would be all right. There was hope for their future. Now I feel that the past 7 seasons were a joke, leading up to nothing. It doesn’t make sense – why would the writers say they knew they would break them up after all these years of their obvious attraction/love/
    I have to read all the new posts now – but glancing through them – people were pointing out how Cuddy was not herself this season. Agreed – she was petty and obnoxious. So did the writers paint her that way to ease the breakup? Well it wasn’t the Cuddy that should have been, the Cuddy I thought I knew would not have dumped House.
    So are the writers stringing us along and things will work out in the end? I hope so. And to Sera and Delia Beatrice etc., when will I feel better?

    Michele1L – I stand corrected. I mixed up the episodes because both scenes took place in House’s office at night (The Choice and Braveheart).

  • Heather

    “Something just does not feel right about the complete lack of compassion that the writers, DS, and GY have for the pain the fans are suffering. It is almost like they KNOW SOMETHING we don’t (YES, that was a joke).

    I think they plainly are not concerned about the pain they have caused because in reality it either (1)never happened (it’s all been just a bad dream) or (2)it will all be FIXED in a week or 2.

    What do you think?”

    I think you’re selectively parsing the evidence to believe what you want to believe….despite the fact that many of the producer’s/director’s comments do not support it.

  • DAgo

    Sera G.246 – A wild speculation from my side:Since we didn`t see these shots on TV it could de quite possible they`re still to come.Even though I recall having read somewhere that they took out thode scenes. but it would fit perfectly to the theory of the last 15 eps being an hallucination.

  • Leodie

    I don’t even want to consider the last fifteen episodes or so were just a dream, i think it would be too cheap doing the hallucination thing allover again and on such a long period and good luck to the writers digging their way out of this one if it were to be the case. Glad i am not on twitter, i’ll just ignore the chain yanking.
    The break up is painful and i think the writing of Huddy could have been dealt with a bit better but now that it’s over let’s not agonise over it and explore the potentials of House having no choice but to face his demons. There are a lot of interesting avenues to explore. Let’s trust TPTB (and not their interviews or twitters, i am with House here, facts, episodes, are more important than all the talking).
    I am in favour of exploring this through the rest of this season and onto the next with maybe the end of the show next year with House at least partialy at peace with himself and why not a Huddy revival. But i’ll take anything well written. Anything really, but please well written.

    Now i am just afraid it will go all X-fily with the will they, won’t they stop the show at the end of the season. When the writers think it’s all over, write an ending then to find out they have one more season to go and try to reopen what they have just closed, and it ends up feeling uneven and forced.

  • byzantine

    Dear very smart people who read Barbara’s column,

    I could not help here, but try to lighten up the mood by paraphrasing Miss Bates from Jane Austen’s “Emma”: they (the powers to be) “left us speechless, so speechless, in fact, that we still cannot stop talking about it.” Here I am posting here for a third time…I loved what fatOlady said–these writers are some clever cats, who knows what sort of tricks they have up their sleeves.

  • Rant

    Who gets to benefit from this week’s fallout?

    First and foremost, Wilson. He has been lonely ever since Sam left and has exhibited some bitterness at House’s happiness. With the House/Cuddy split-up, he gets House back and gets to show everyone that he’s the only one who can cope with him. (“See, even Cuddy abandoned him, but I can handle House.”) Not to mention that an abandoned House is a needy House. That may sound cynical, but this is a cynical show.

    Secondly, House himself. House has been using Cuddy as therapy ersatz. In “Baggage” he quit therapy because the process was too long and painful; in the following episode he got together with Cuddy and never went to therapy since. Now I can’t imagine that the writers simply forgot about therapy – I’m pretty sure that thousands of former addicts all over the world who have systematically worked at their problems over the years are flooding David Shore and Co with emails to the effect that getting into a relationship is no alternative to dealing with one’s issues the hard way, and would the writers please get House back into therapy. The longer the season continued without dealing with the matter the more uneasy I got – this was beyond a bit of political incorrectness, this was sheer, stupid, senseless lack of responsibility. Then, finally, the cracks showed in the last episode, “Recession Proof.” House admits to relying utterly on Cuddy, to the point that even Cuddy is spooked. And in this episode Cuddy accuses House of not having his fear of pain under control – a clear signal that although House is ostensibly coping, the underlying cause of his addiction is by no means abated. Cuddy leaving him means that she can no longer serve as a buffer to his misery, and his relapse means that he’ll be dealing with his issues sooner rather than later.

    Who doesn’t get to benefit? Well, Cuddy. As her sister points out, she’s been ranting about House these past ten years, to the extent that it isn’t clear to her sister since when they’ve been dating. Relationships aren’t Cuddy’s strong point; add to that a pretty exclusive taste in men and it doesn’t take a genius to see that she’s going to be one lonely woman. (May I point out that House’s taste is far less exclusive and that he hasn’t been ranting about Cuddy half as long? Once he’s ship-shape again he should not have a problem finding an alternative to Cuddy.) Perhaps Wilson will take pity on her and marry her; she certainly fulfills all the necessary neediness criteria.

    By the way, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that’s been watching this show how Cuddy has always been someone who looks out for herself. One of my key Cuddy moments is her behavior in the Tritter arc. First she cuts House off from his vicodin supply, then she realizes she can’t deal with a detoxing House, so she puts him back on it again, doling it out pill by pill. When she makes decisions she often doesn’t oversee their long-term implications for herself, and when she finally realizes that something is backfiring on her, she’ll rescind her original decision. IMO that’s what happened between “Now What” and “Bombshells.” She thought she can deal with an addict, but now that she’s seen that she can’t depend on him in a real crisis, she figures that she isn’t up to it. So I’m not sure her motives are noble here at all. I’m okay with that, but I much prefer House’s clear-cut, “I take the consequences for the decisions I make, with all the backlashes that entails” approach

    What I’m not okay with is that she didn’t see this coming. She’s an intelligent woman who has known House for a large part of her life and certainly all through his addictive phase. I’m supposed to believe that she went into the relationship thinking he’d be able to cope with stress? As far as ridiculous behavior goes, it still can’t compete with the idiocy of Wilson donating his liver, but it’s definitely second on my list of “Plot Devices That Make My Eyebrows Recede Into My Hairline.” Okay, third, after House thinking he can help a man with delusions by supporting those delusions.

  • Redeemer

    “I’m upset Cuddy just gave up on him, she worked so hard over the years to help him. She lied for him in court, plagerised herself, humiliated herself, on multiple occassions could have lost her job for him and then IN THE LAST THREE MINUTES of the episode she just leaves him? She just completely gave up. She didn’t even have that need to stay with him and comfort him and love him. She just left. I don’t understand how she could just give up. You do not give up on the people you love. No matter what. You do anything for them.

    (…)House has been bending over backward and I feel she hasn’t done anything. Love is a two way street and I feel as though she has been holding back the entire time. I mean, it’s obvious that everything she said in Now What means absolutely nothing. I can’t stand that. My biggest pet peeve is someone saying something, promising something, that means absolutely nothing in the end.”

    I haven’t read every post yet, but I just couldn’t agree more with this one. Cuddy has always given her all to support House, but this time she just walked out on him. I know that one could argue that she might have changed, just like House might have, but come on, this is just not right. I mean, it bothers me so much that she said he should be open to her problems and her fears, when she did the exact opposite. It’s like what she was complaining about to him, the reason why she ended the relationship, was exactly what SHE was also doing. And it just doesn’t make any sense. It would be so much better, and real, and believable if she was disappointed, yet still willing to help House go through this, while also trying to show him where he was wrong: “I’m going to help you, I’m going to give you this chance, but you have to know that this isn’t the way to deal with a problem.”

    I’ve always expected a break at some point – a break, not a breakup – because I really do think it would be very interesting to see how these two would react to that. And then realize that being together may be painful at times, but it’s also worth it and better than being apart. If TPTB really wanted a real breakup, I thought it would happen after they tried their very best and really saw that they just couldn’t work it out, after many, many tries. I don’t think this was the case in “Bombshells.” I don’t think they’ve been put through enough trouble and REAL obstacles (not toothbrushes and toilet seats!) for her to call it quits and give up on this. Especially a character like Cuddy, who doesn’t give up on things easily and went through other emotionally trying experiences.

    About what she said in “Now What,” I totally agree with what other posters have mentioned. I mean, she said she didn’t want him to change, but that’s what she’s been requiring of him this season. I know that she was probably high on endorphins when she said that, but I think that execution is everything on a TV show and the way that scene was filmed, the way she said it, made it seem like that was her serious opinion, the one that she would stick to. So either the writers just forgot that she said that, or they did this on purpose – they know Cuddy is being hypocritical, and if that’s the case, it would be nice to see House calling her out on her lies, but I don’t think we can expect something like that from the writers anytime soon.

  • Old Buster

    I may be in the minority (or majority) here, but I really get why Cuddy decided to call it quits with House. Cuddy has been in love with him for a long time, but there’s a reason (or reasons) she’s steered clear of any romantic entanglement with House all these years. Cuddy can be as manipulative and calculating as House (she’d have to be to become the first female Dean of Medicine and to run PPTH for 15 years), and these traits have served to counter-balance her attraction to him. I believe she’s known all along that House’s main damage is not his addiction per se, but his inability to make himself vulnerable to the vagaries of life. In a sense, this is also Cuddy’s main weakness. In “Help Me,” Cuddy was only able to open herself up to House and risk potential pain because House, for the first time, openly acknowledged his responsibility for his own misery. Right or wrong, Cuddy took this as a sign that he was finally willing to allow himself to love and be loved. While I agree with Cuddy’s “bombshell” assessment concerning his compulsion to keep others at an emotional distance, I think that the House we saw in “Help Me” may be in distress right now but hasn’t flat-lined yet.

    It is right that Cuddy took a step back from House. She’s deeply hurt, but more than this she knows she can’t truly save him. In fact, I believe she believes that she is making a rational decision. However, as other posters here and across other message boards have succinctly pointed out, Cuddy does have a tendency to not see the long-term implications of her decisions for herself. I agree that this is one of main Cuddy’s flaws, though I think this is mainly true when she’s dealing with House. I think she has done the math so to speak with this latest crisis. Her calculation is quite simple: House’s problem is that he’s insulated himself from feeling pain of all sorts, first through vicodin and then through his relationship with her. She can’t help him because she has become part of the problem. Ergo, she needs to take herself out of the equation. This isn’t necessarily heroic or courageous, or even sound mathematics. And it may yet prove disastrous in the long run for both House and herself.

    Howver, I’ve always liked Cuddy because at the onset she’s struck me as someone who, if I may paraphrase House from “Humpty Dumpty,” insists on seeing the possible in the impossible. Cuddy is not a damsel in distress, she is not a dolorous matriarch, and she may like the bad boys, but she is not a fixer of broken men in the same fashion as Cameron. Cuddy is a middle-age woman which means she’s lived a life, has gone through many ups and downs, and has acquired good as well as bad habits. It also means that she still has many more years ahead of her, and may or may not still be holding out hope that House can heal himself. This turn of events between them may eventually prove transient, but at the moment, Cuddy is just as devastated as House is. The last shot of her crying for all her worth, I know how that feels and I’m glad the writers decided to put Cuddy’s sister in that scene.

  • dvbfan

    I read David Shore interview and it seems the House and Cuddy relationship is finished !!!!
    so sad.

  • Olderbutwiser

    Dazed and Confused,

    I appreciate that you’re doing this. I think discussion is good, and it helps me clarify my thoughts, too. It also doesn’t hurt that I basically agree with you. 😉

    I don’t see how Cuddy could seemingly not understand the place of sheer unadulterated panic that he was coming from. She was trying to hold it together and not freak out – okay, fine. So was he.

    And while I haven’t experienced near-death, or addiction – I have experienced being treated by my partner in a way that many, probably most women would consider to be unforgivable, and yet I didn’t throw him out. Instead, I helped him dig into why what happened, happened – and why he was treating me that way. I didn’t let go. And we’re rock-solid now. Did it hurt like hell? You bet it did, for both of us. But I knew that he, and we, were worth it.

    So because of my own experiences, I find it hard to understand giving up, giving in, kicking out – any of that. You find something valuable, you hold on with both hands, and you fight from there, if necessary.

  • fatOlady

    These are not all the stuff on Twitter. I did not see the point in repeating the negative, disrespectful stuff.

    Moving on to GY’s comment “unless you can learn the hints from the beach scenes”,…..what? Huddy will be forever lost?

    It’s ridicuous, my thoughts are that GY was just trying to get us chasing our tails and out of his hair for awhile. I mean even IF we found something what could we do about it. It sounds like something out of a Harry Potter novel “find the clues on the beach to lead you to the Golden Cain or Princess Cuddy will be lost forever.” It dosen’t make sense.

    I don’t know all the answers but I can tell you what I believe. There is to much conflicting information coming from people who are important to the show for this to be over.

    In my shock, then hurt, then anger I rushed to judgement on TPTB on House. I let my anger cloud my thinking and I forgot what intellegent, talented people are running this show. What we believe right now would be too simple.

    These people (the writers) are more than capable of taking us on the thrill ride of our lives. Thrill rides involve what? They involve fear, suspense, deception, illiusion…and quite often things are not exactly what they seem to be. I think this high drama was intended to scare the be-ge-bees out of us. And it did.

    My logic: To reach a conclusion about a situation you have to be given a certain amount of knowledge or a specific set of facts. I think we were given “flawed” knowledge. I don’t think we have all the facts. And…I think that is part of the thrill ride the House writers are taking us on. Believe it or not this is actully for OUR entertainment.

    Now on to why I feel that way.

    Although there are somethings that have been said and “leaked” to the fans, my theory is more tied to what hasn’t been said.

    Something just does not feel right about the complete lack of compassion that the writers, DS, and GY have for the pain the fans are suffering. It is almost like they KNOW SOMETHING we don’t (YES, that was a joke).

    I think they plainly are not concerned about the pain they have caused because in reality it either (1)never happened (it’s all been just a bad dream) or (2)it will all be FIXED in a week or 2.

    What do you think?

  • The Dude

    @Dazed and Confused

    Nothing against you personally, but I’m rather tired of all the Cuddy backlash as of late. First she was character assassinated when she chose to be with House (“Isn’t she a responsible woman? She should have more sense than to get involved with her drug-addled, misanthropic employee! And he doesn’t even like her daughter!”) and now she’s character assassinated because she left House (“That [w]itch! How could she leave that beautiful, complicated man just sitting, crying over her? House will never trust another woman again for the rest of his life!”). So, which one is it?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Cuddy was entitled to her decision, and can decide how she wants to be loved or not. “I thought I could do this,” she said, but if she truly couldn’t, then at least she was honest enough with herself to finally recognize that House was still not fully equipped emotionally to properly sustain their relationship at this point in his recovery. It all boils down to what is really quite realistic in many adult relationships: These two still aren’t on the same page yet, although this time away from each other will probably only strengthen their bond in the end.

    That being said, though, I do wish we had more build up to the final scene. The small hiccups in “Two Stories” and “Recession Proof” foreshadowed this conflict, but their efficacy remains debatable. However, Cuddy very much has been there for him repeatedly throughout the entire show, perjury and all. I think it would be unfair for anyone to forget that.

  • Dazed and Confused

    It’s been nearly 4 days since I’ve seen “Bombshells, and yet, I have so many conflicting feelings about that episode. I’m upset that House took the Vicodin, but I also know that him taking it was still kind of him choosing Cuddy over his mental and physical well-being. He was willing to sacrifice all of his progress so he could be with her. He didn’t care that it could’ve been horrible for him, he knew he needed the Vicodin to be there with her and took it, regardless of how it would eventually affect him. I’m not necessarily pleased with him for doing it, but I can understand that underlining aspect of his decision. However, I don’t want him to end up completely relapsing, I want him to recover and pick himself up.

    Moreover, I’m not happy with him relapsing because it means two things:

    1) He’s back to square one just as Shore mentioned in his post-episode interview. Since I very much doubt that neither Cuddy nor Wilson will allow House to remain drugged to the gills due to both personal as well as professional concerns, that means that he’s going to suffer through another intense round of detox and/or hand in a letter of resignation before the end of the season.

    2) He could very possibly end up back in Mayfield. I’m sorry to anyone who might be displeased with me for saying the following, but I didn’t really like “Broken.” I know it was a very well written episode, but I never got into it. First, I cried my heart out watching him suffer through the detox scenes, and, second, having first hand experience witnessing one of my oldest friends going in and out of various psychiatric wards for several years, it was very hard for me to watch House endure a similar situation. It makes me relive those dark times all over again. I have nothing against the episode, it’s just my own issues. Which is why I don’t want House to go back to that same well of suffering since I’m not sure he’d handle it very well.

    I would like to note that I do understand to an extent Cuddy’s decision to end the relationship. Loving an addict (whether it be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.) is really hard to endure. It’s emotionally draining, it’s painful, and it takes a lot of care and support. But it also includes acknowledging the fact that said person is an addict. You cannot ignore it because it will come back to bite you when you least expect it. It takes sitting down and talking with the person about their addiction, about possible therapy, and about how you will handle a possible relapse. Cuddy did none of those things, which is why I’m very disappointed that she just gave up on him after working so hard over the years to help him. I mean, she once perjured herself in court to protect both his life and his career, and yet, IN THE LAST THREE MINUTES of the episode she just leaves him? She just completely gave up. She didn’t even have the courage to acknowledge the demons that this man has endured over the years or the efforts that he’s made to preserve their relationship. She just left. You do not give up on the people you love. No matter what. You do anything for them.

    I would also like to state that I do realize that Cuddy’s near death experience made her reflect intensely on her life trajectory and personal plans. I’m not making an excuse for her, I’m only saying that I do know that such situations do make people rethink just about everything in their lives which often screws with their way of thinking for a while. However, it’s obvious that everything Cuddy said in “Now What” meant absolutely nothing. I can’t stand that. My biggest pet peeve is someone saying something, promising something, that eventually means absolutely nothing in the end. Love is a two way street, and I feel as though she has been holding back the entire time. The whole relationship she’s been a Queen Bee making House bend over backwards to please her, but what has the audience witnessed her doing for him? She hasn’t opened herself to him like she wanted him to do for her. She might think she’s more emotionally mature than him, but she’s not. Cuddy may have claimed that she left Lucas because she knew she couldn’t be with him, but the truth of the matter is, based on the black-and-white dream sequence, she never gave up on the “perfect” family with the picket fence, 2.5 kids, living in the suburbs. She purposely chose to ignore that House is who he is, that his way of showing he cares is unconventional, out of the box, and sometimes down right stupid. But that’s who he is, and Cuddy above all should’ve remembered that. I just hope that she’ll realize sooner than later that she needs House just as much as he needs her and that it was incredibly cruel to break up with him in such an insensitive way.

  • Sera G

    Now I’m going to puzzle over this all night. Well, at least I’m not crying.
    The beach scenes were the next day after “Help Me.” Or so we thought at the time. House’s hair is shorter, he has the large gash across his nose and there is a something on his head. (I am doing this from memory, so correct me if I’m wrong.) Cuddy is wearing a jacket in some shots and has on a sweater in others. In some, there is a dog. (Not sure if that is her real dog that she brought to the shoot.)
    This adds up to…nothing!
    Come on all you smart people. What are your thoughts. I need a diversion to keep from getting mad all over again.

  • Sera G

    Bless, you dear fatOlady!
    (Why does that seem disrespectful?)
    It appears on the surface to be a good thing, but do you have trust? Mine is shaken.
    The beach scenes show them embracing, talking, Cuddy leaning over House to kiss him.
    How can it be over, “unless you can learn the hints from the beach scenes.” That doesn’t make sense. Even if we COULD interpret the clues, that doesn’t change what they have already written and filmed.

  • fatOlady

    Sera G – I assume you want me to “translate” Twitter because it is to cryptic a puzzle for me to cypher out without a great deal of research and much thought. However, I think this is a GOOD thing.

    LucyFaith (this is someones screen name like yours is Sera G)is speakin to Greg Yaitanes. LucyFaith says t him “mocking the fans isn’t the best way to keep them watching”

    Greg Yaitanes says back to LucyFaith “I am going to tell JUST you. What we shot on the beach that day might change everyone’s mind.”

    JoGby (screen name) says to Greg Yaitanes “Hey Mr Yaitanes, is HUddy really over? b/c it seems to me there is a lot to explore… Nice one btw, you really fool us.”

    Greg Yaitanes says back to JoGby, “It’s over. Unless you can learn the hints from the beach scenes.”

    Huddyfan2010 says to Greg Yaitanes and JoGby “what does that mean? how can we learn the secrets of them if all we saw are stills?”

    Greg Yaitanes says to Huddyfan2010, “you’re answering your own question.”

    Jerseyborn says to Greg Yaitanes, “The fact that House was right back in his bathroom holding his Vicodin makes me think that whole thing was just a dream.”

    Greg Yaitanes says to Jerseyborn, “getting warmer.”

    I don’t know what it all means….but there may be hope.

  • Sera G

    That is too confusing for my tired, sad brain. Can you translate or at least make some guesses?
    They don’t mean that there was never a relationship and he hallucinated the entire 15 episodes? Calling Bobby Ewing!

  • Sera G

    Hello to Barbara,
    Hello to all,
    Amazing, 239 posts, that’s over 100 since I left last night.
    I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I agree with so many, too many to mention individually, but just a couple come to mind:
    Jessica, #167, beautiful. I too am still sad and mad.
    Michele1L, #159, I hope you are right.
    Joan, #212, Yes!
    ruthinor, #222, and D-B, #228, I agree with you both.
    Susan, and fatOlady, my heart is so broken that I need all the soul mates I can get!

    Just a few comments:
    People continue to blame the ratings slide on House/Cuddy. No on really knows if that
    is true, I think it is disingenuous to cite it as fact. If that were the case, why did it score #16, with 11.1 viewers for “Recession Proof”? That was not a special episode, according to previews. As Barbara exhaustively wrote in her column, there are many factors for a 7 year old series to slide. It still remained within the top 25 for most of season 7.
    There is also no way to ‘prove’ that more people didn’t like Huddy than did. If you read this site, many people enjoyed their relationship, quibbles aside and were looking forward to what lie ahead. However, if you read comments on Fox’s site, more often than not they were critical. Different demographics, different level of commitment to commentary. The level of debate over there tended to the more superficial, imo.

    Some of you have written beautifully about House’s need to heal for himself. I agree totally. I think where I still feel bitter is the callous way that Cuddy was written. She could have insisted that before they resumed their relationship he had to seek help. He probably would have at that point. We see her crying at home, House does not. He is trapped in shock, fear and despair. I think that is feeding the audience that doesn’t like her anyway. She is now the ‘bad one.’ My friends, who love Cuddy were extremely disappointed in her. I think it was deliberate. This was not the same woman who forgave him immediately for yelling from the balcony when she realized he was in trouble. This is not the woman who broke her engagement and rushed to his side and was the one to say, “I love you”, first. Now they can justify keeping them apart.

    I might even be able to accept the unfinished business theory if not for two things; DS states that the storyline was written to fail. If you are going in with that motive, there is no room to improve what needs it in the writing or propel it forward if it is successful. I might have accepted the breakup, in whatever form if they had truly tried to make it work. Knowing it was planned to fail, you get the sense that it was half hearted. Of course, I am not as perceptive as I think I am, so I was busy enjoying it all and not over analyzing. I thought they were both so insecure and trying not to mess things up that they over compensated. Little did I know.

    I might even cling to hope that all is not over, (we have 8 more episodes and it is hoped one more season before we bid adieu to PPTH), except for the tweets. Granted, I only heard about, “RIP, Huddy”. That to me is cruel. Yes, DS, KJ, and GY are the creative force, but you have to have respect for your audience. There is no respect when they come right out and say it was planned to fail. Then almost mock us for believing it.
    Flo, #231,correctly said that the entire season becomes clear when it is over. That was certainly true for both seasons 5 and 6. Still, it will take a lot to convince me that this breakup was necessary, done the way that it was.
    House Convention Planning Committee, I would love to be invited. Could we make it next summer? (Budget cuts, you know.)

  • DebbieJ

    I’m watching American Idol and just saw the promo for next week’s episode. Guh! He is rubbing his thigh in every scene!

    On another note, I meant to ask, was there any significance to House’s costume in the haunting dream sequence? I’m referring to his cut off gloves and all those crude rings on this fingers and thumbs. Or is it taken from a movie that I am not familiar with?

  • fatOlady

    For those of you who don’t follow GY on Twitter here is (what may or may not be)a juicy new spoiler from the HOUSE DAILY DOSE website that originated on Twitter.

    LucyFaith: @GregYaitanes mocking the fans isn’t the best way to keep them watching 😉

    GregYaitanes: @LucyFaith i am going to tell JUST you. what we shot on the beach that day might change everyone’s mind.

    JoGby: @GregYaitanes Hey Mr Yaitanes, is HUddy really over? b/c it seems to me there is a lot to explore… Nice one btw, you really fool us. 😉

    GregYaitanes: @JoGby it’s over. unless you can learn the hints from the beach scenes.

    Huddyfan2010: @GregYaitanes @JoGby what does that mean? how can we learn the secrets of them if all we saw are stills?

    GregYaitanes: @Huddyfan2010 you’re answering your own question.

    Jerseyborn: @GregYaitanes @JoGby The fact that House was right back in his bathroom holding his Vicodin makes me think that whole thing was just a dream.

    GregYaitanes: @Jerseyborn getting warmer.

    Anyone good at puzzels? Figure this one out.
    HELP, where is [H]ouse?

  • Boeke

    Freed of the frail Cuddy, House should be able to find a more suitable partner.

  • hwl40

    Wow. Barbara, your review was amazing. And the comments, DB, Flo, Ruthinor and so many others, thank you, thank you for the ongoing and thoughtful analysis of a traumatic episode. Like others, I am still in recovery but, thanks to all of you, see the problem the show is addressing which is House’s need to drown his pain in a Vicodon bottle. I recall that Dr. Nolan only let him out of Mayfield when he was able to cope with the loss of Lydia without resorting to the pills. And how much more devastating the fear of the loss of Cuddy. I think he did the only thing he could do to face the pain, but as Cuddy said, it’s not good enough. Living with an addict is a losing proposition because they can’t really see anything else but the drug of choice. Like many, I have some experience of this and it does ring true.

    However, I think DB was spot on when she said, Cuddy’s reaction was too abrupt, all or nothing, not quite fitting with what we have learned of her over the years. That said, they do have a show to run and David Shore seems to know how to keep us coming. Thank god I don’t follow GY and twitter and have you all to process with. Flo, you seem to have some professional experience. Have you ever seen a show grab people like this? Barbara and everyone, do you think that they are leading us to the end of the series this year? Kinda feels like it.

  • Elisabeth

    @Simona 165 Cuddy looking for the perfect man – right on, I agree. It is unrealistic – that is not the way the world works. And I agree with you that I am not pessimistic – these are smart people and they will eventually figure it out.

  • Angie

    Hi everyone. I’ve never posted before but I’ve been coming here for a while. Barbara, I’ve really been enjoying all of your reviews as well as your book “Chasing Zebras”. My daughter bought it for me for Christmas (it was at the top of my list)

  • Flo 231

    You’re right! This episode did feel like a season finale and there is still so much story to tell before this season is over.

    I think I almost smiled for the first time since Monday evening!

  • fatOLady 223 and D_B 228

    Yep, grief is the right word. I have never watched a tv show that provoked so much emotion. Where this season’s House/Cuddy relationship is concerned, I feel that it was written with an attitude of, ‘Ok, lets get this over with and move on.’

    I hope I’m wrong. Otherwise, my view of these two great characters experiences together since Season 1 has been that of uncompromised delusion.

    Now that I think of it, maybe Cuddy refers to ‘IT’ in this episode when she says to Chase, “You don’t actually believe that, but I do. All these years he’s never stopped trying to annoy me for more than 15 minutes, now he can’t even walk into the room.”

    My biggest complaint is that sometimes the writer’s comments often in no way reflect what I experience watching the show.

    Where the writers delight in celebrating House as a hateful, manipulating, selfish ass – I cheer for the tortured man who hurts deeply because of his tremendous capacity to love and care for his friends and patients (while hiding his emotions behind his battle-armor).

    I will continue to have faith in the creators and writers that House and Cuddy’s continued journey together will eventually prove that I have not been long suffering with delusions.

  • Michele1L

    Susan170, the episode where House says, in response to Cuddy saying she just wants them to be friends, “Funny. That’s the last thing I want us to be” is actually the episode called, “The Choice”. I know this because I have it saved and have watched it at least five times (so far). — Also, I’m from Brooklyn originally and am now in California, but if I were there, I’d be happy to join your “House” party. (Smile)

    Jessica202 – Yes, you are so right. — I was curious about that comment House made about his mother in “Birthmarks” as well. Let’s hope like heck that House’s family dynamic is explored before the end of the series.

  • ruthinor

    No one doubts that House has issues with his parents, particularly his father. However, how would you like your mother to tell you that, even though she loves you and your sibling the same, she likes your sibling more, confides in her when she does not do that with you. That little tidbit seemed to get lost along the way. How could that not hurt? But Cuddy just went on and did the best she could to help her mother. How much of this did she feel growing up? Yet she and her sister seem to be OK with each other. Interesting that I don’t think she considered anyone else when it came to the guardianship of Rachel. She needed someone she could count on.

  • Flo

    After all these great posts I’ve just realized that something important is missing. Something that none of us talked about.

    Every season must be taken and dealt with completely as an entity. As much as this episode felt like a Season Finale it was not a Season Finale.
    We all know that every season really make sense only as a whole. Therefore I’m pretty sure we will see all this and “Bombshells” differently once the all season will be over.

    Every season always made more sense once they were finished. This show always had to be viewed and taken as a whole. That’s why I can’t wait for the 8 last episodes.
    We will talk about this episode and what it meant again. It’ll be interesting to see how we will view it then.

  • Dmckoy

    @Jessica 167, thanks so much for elaborating there…great job, and that’s precisely the point..House is a double-edged sword..he’s very needy, and he’s very selfish at the same time, so he spends his existence taking, instead of giving…and when he attempts to give, he doesn’t show up 100%, he needs some sort of assistance, enter vidicon or alcohol..these are things he absolutely must work on, or he is destined to a life alone..

    And for Cuddy, well I know she also has her fears and issues, but i doubt she will completely turn her back on him…she’s way too much of ‘protector’ for that

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Flo (#228): i agree with you too, just like i agree with Amie, just like i agree with Ruthinor.
    There is a nuance to it all, a nuance in the way her character was portrayed this season, which makes the delicate difference and the reason i agree with both “parties”, that is to say, with a bit of what you are all saying.

    But i cannot put my finger on it right now, forgive me.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    First smile on my face since Monday, when thinking about “House”, was brought on by fatOlady’s comment (#223).

    Yes, i identified the stages of grief in myself too. And right now, i am at the “crying my eyes out every chance i get” stage. I’m a mess, and i pretty much hate myself for allowing it to get to me on such a scale.

    I fully agree with Amie’s post (#218), just as i fully agree with Ruthinor’s (#222). So… that’s about how clearly i see it all right now…

    I agree that i might have had too high and unrealistic expectations of Cuddy. I guess i just expected her to simply swallow her human side and her own needs and always, always be the Larger Than Life lover, mother, protector, enabler, counselor and anything else House might need from her.

    But I also think that the writers exaggerated her needy, fragile, demanding womanhood, with all those badly written episodes in which she clearly blew things out of proportion, IMO.

    @Leodie: i know what you mean. I blamed it on me being in denial, but hearing and reading the latest interviews felt incredibly weird for me, too. I actually had to fight hard against the “conspiracy theory” feeling, like they are all being so weird about it because, somehow, it’s not true, it’s not final…
    You are right, i feel the same, it’s like they are brushing off the very concept of the Huddy relationship, like it was an insignifiant side-story, a secondary arc that they superficially “had it done with” and moved on. After devoting so many years to building it up and at least two full seasons (5 and 6) to drawing its premises in tiny detail, it feels like they are betraying themselves too, not just us…

    Only thing i feel with overwhelming clarity and intensity right now is grief – the worst type of grief, the one you feel over wasted potential. It’s one thing to lose an 80 year old loved one, and quite another to lose a 15 year old – please pardon the abrupt comparison. All losses hurt, but differently. The fact that it wasn’t even explored properly, for as long as it lasted, the waste of all that tremendous potential, that simply hurts like hell.

  • #203-Jessica. When House say that “she hated him too” to Wilson, she’s referring to the fact that his mother wasn’t faithful to his dad…if she didn’t “hate” him, then she wouldn’t have cheated on in House’s idiosyncratic frame of reference.

  • Flo

    Ruthinor (#222) I didn’t see your message before I posted, I’m sorry, but YES, YES, YES!! I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Flo

    Great posts everyone!
    @Amie and @Delia, I must admit that I don’t agree with your vision of Cuddy. I feel like you totally romantacized her when she got with House. That’s just me.

    I don’t like the double standard here. So it was all Cuddy’s fault? Because she was supposedly OOC?
    Again, House was selfish and he hurt Cuddy in this relationship. I agree with @Dmcky about this. All the things House did supposedly for cuddy, he did them for himself. I mean, he loved her and did them partly for her, but you can’t deny that all those gestures had conveniently a personal purpose for him.

    I don’t believe Cuddy’s character was destoyed. She was really understanding and patient in this relationship IMO. House saw it doomed from the start. She was the one who reassured him that he was worth of being happy.
    In the end, it wasn’t enough. Not because of Cuddy but because House is not healed yet.

    @Amie you wrote (#218) “the pills gave him the ability to cope with her illness” I don’t see the problem, people do it every day, take pills when they are depressed, have pain etc… A least he came, which was the important part.”
    I couldn’t disagree more. House taking Vicodin again is NOTHING????? He couldn’t came to her without numbimg his pain before, which means that he couldn’t face this crisis without “help”. He couldn’t be with her when she most needed him without being on drugs and it’s nothing????

    I agree that they both acted out of fear. I agree that her breakup came from her fears of not being able to deal with this relationship anymore. Fears that was brought up by her vulnerable position. Plus we don’t know if she made the good decision after all.

    However saying she wasn’t here for him and that she was the only one at fault here is wrong IMO.
    Think about it: the board couldn’t be happy about this situation but she kept protecting him (it’s not because we didn’t see it that it didn’t happened; We never see this things. She just does it off camera). When Wilson took a cat and House was thinking deep down that he wasn’t worthy of being happy, she was the one who told him he was.
    She forgave numerous of his not so great behaviours (the B&E in the third epi comes to mind), she was with him despite their disagreement in “A Pox upon Our House”.

    And yes, Cuddy has her own issues. Especially with relationships. She’s not good at it and she always been written as screwed up as House.

    I guess it is easy to blame one or the other. It is easy to say it’s just one of them’s fault. Personally, I see it as both of them acting out out fear. It wasn’t nobody’s fault, it was just the particular moment and both characters insecurities coming back to the surface.

    That being said I agree that there is way more to explore in the House/Cuddy relationship.

    Anyway, I’m curious about those last 8 episodes

  • Oo

    right on ruthinor #222..i actually cried when i watched Cuddy crying with her sister..I can imagine what it costed her to break it up with House

  • fatOlady

    Reading through the posts, I’ve noticed we seem to be going through a catharssis (spelling sorry). Except for the few who have just recently joined the disscussion there has been a steady progression through the stages of grief. Interesting from a socialogical perspective.

  • ruthinor

    I guess we have a real split here. D_B, I do agree with you that they rushed the whole relationship w/o seriously exploring it and Cuddy’s character has taken a hit. Remember that in “Two Stories” all we saw was Cuddy “complaining”. BUT, that was all seen through Houses’s eyes. He was telling the story. We don’t know what Cuddy actually said or how annoyed she was. In fact, at the end of the episode, when House has screwed everything up royally, she is more bemused by him than upset, and then she invites him to dinner. When people say House has come so far and Cuddy is asking so much of him, I’m thinking..the woman broke her engagement and went to him to profess her love. What has she asked of him?
    1. That even when he lies about procedures at the hospital, he NOT lie to her afterward about what he’s done.
    2. Come to her birthday party where he will also see her mother.
    3. Take out the garbage and not use her toothbrush. Not only can’t he do that, but he can’t put the toilet seat down or not slam the damn door and wake up Rachel.
    4. Don’t get massages from women you have slept with.
    5. Be with her in her time of need.
    6. Don’t use vicodin for emotional pain because you are incapable of facing life w/o it.

    For Pete’s sake I don’t think that’s asking a lot, especially since she’s had his back for the entire series. Remember, Cuddy has her own problems. They always get shoved into the background while everyone ponders why she can’t see how far he’s come. House did this to himself. It’s up to him to solve his own problems. If he asks for her help I’m sure she’ll give it. But don’t expect her to be a doormat while he “needs” her to death. She’s supposed to be his love, not his crutch. Telling her that his love for her diminishes him as a doctor is unfathomable to me. How can people excuse this? It’s just House is not enough. Soapbox over!

  • Leodie

    “Perhaps that is the message – that no matter how deep the connection, adults cannot base their relationships on unconditional love. That unconditional love might have been able to heal House, but since it’s impossible to achieve, then him saving and healing himself is the only possible answer… ”

    I like this Delia_B.
    And I too am a bit disapointed with how Cuddy was written this season.

    I also keep having an awkward feeling when i listen to writers talk about their episodes lately. They tend to oversimplify or darken House. It feels as if they were afraid they’d gone too far on the bright side of the show, maybe losing some audience in the process, so now they backpedal “It could never have worked, House is too much of this and not enough of that. We will make him just as mean and miserable as you like him again. See ? all better now”. It somehow gives the impression of Huddy being some kind of Frankestein its creators had to put to death because it was becoming cumbersome. House is a complex character. That’s what we’ve been told until now, let’s not forget it, or cheapen aspects of his journey.

  • Derdriui

    Could you please ask Liz Friedman if we could get some more episodes like Forever (season 2, episode 22) when House really engaged, understood (to some extent) and empathized with the patients?

    Foreman’s conversations with House and House’s interactions with the patient and her husband, they were really golden. If we could get some more of that?

  • Amie

    D_B (#217) : I answered without reading your post.
    Your “TPTB had decided that the House-Cuddy relationship was doomed, so i suppose it makes sense that they had to alter the essence of her character, in order to build up the failure.” is exactly my point #5!!

  • Amie

    Count me on team “I feel cheated”.
    It took me 3 days to read this review and all your comments and it’s helped me get my thoughts clear. I’m starting to get what’s bothering me :

    #1 – they ended this relationship when I’m still waiting for it to start being explored.

    We only got 3 or 4 episodes with exploration of “real” issues IMHO : Selfish with how to work together, Massage therapy with both their fears of commiting to the relationship, Larger than life with the “evening out the pain”, and bombshells. I could add “family practice”. The issues in the other episodes felt ridiculous, and not “deep”, not thought-provoking and didn’t have any point : not having he same hobbies as your girlfriend, the 3 episode-arc of “don’t lie to me” didn’t bring anything to the relationship and was forgotten as soon as the next eps, with Cuddy and House lying to each other. What was the point? Baby-sitting Rachel? come on! They could have made him more fearful of dealing/taking care of a child. Fighting over toilet seats and toothbrushes, yes it’s true, day-to-day little annoyances can get on one’s nerves but it felt off because there were more important issues to be explored that weren’t :

    They could have explored more of their relationship at the workplace (how would it be at home, when they got into one of those heavy work-fights (finding judas), they could have explored more the fears of committing completely and holding back (“massage therapy” style. Come on, I held back 2 years for fear of being hurt again with my now-husband,and they dealt with it in one episode?!), they could have explored what is love (versus need, how do I know i’m in love), and trust, a bit like they did in “Love hurts” (with the guy who likes to be strangled and feels complete when he lets himself completely in someone else’s hands), what it’s like to be lonely in a relationship (with the dealing od wilson’s loneliness in “you must remember this” and what Stacy said about being in a relationship with House), they could have explored more the consequences of the end of Recession Proof and how what House said affects Cuddy in a negative way and, last but not least: dealing with his addiction. That was the one big obstacle it would have been nice to see them tacle. And eventualy, when they see that they can’t manage/handle the addiction, or that one of them can’t trust the other, then, and only then, give us a heartwrenching breakup.

    So yeah, I feal like they didn’t explore this relationship.

    #2 – (this one is maybe the cause of #1) : the characters became one-dimensionnal. Cuddy saying somethings wrong, and House fixing it and giving in.
    I understand non-Huddies didn’t like it. I didn’t like it but kept watching because i was “my ship” and I was hoping it would get better.

    #3 – the way it ended felt like a cheap trick
    “Lesson 101 of script writing : kill off the best friend” (they say something to that effect in “Sunset Boulevard”)
    Unlike the end of season 4 and season 5 where, at first, the writers did something I didn’t want, each time, I thought it was shocking and brilliant! This time it was shocking, and …that’s it. They just wanted to shock us. A bit like Kutner’s death.

    #4 – I’m still not buying Cuddy’s quitting, even with all your great arguments.
    And saying Cuddy is screwed is too easy an explanation.
    House has shown her again and again that he’s compromising for their relationship, what has Cuddy done? The one time House needs her, she bails out. I suppose addicts manage to stay clean more easily with the help of someone to support them rather than by themselves, rejected. She knew he was like this. I don’t get why she had such high expectations of House knowing the guy! She knows he has trouble opening up and if he needs a litlle something, so be it. She should help him open up instead of running away!
    Joan says everything better (#212).
    TPTB said that they’re both trying to make this work but I never saw Cuddy trying.
    Maybe the only answer is that she screws up relationship. So she’s not consistant : she says she loves him the way he is, but in fact, she DID want him to change.

    #5 – The relationship was doomed from the start
    I feel cheated that they decided if was going to end for the sake of it. They didn’t unfold the relationship, true to each character’s reaction and see where it got eventually. A bit like they decided to develop H &C’s relationship because there was chemistry between the 2. I’m really bothered by the fact that from the start they knew they would end it. Maybe that’s why the character’s felt OOC, because no matter what they did or tried, or learnt, they would breakup episode 15.

    I’ll conclude with what Heather (#193) said : “TPTB butchered the Huddy storyline to the point where I wish they hadn’t even attempted it (14 episodes with a bunch of juvenile bickering and a bunch of sausage jokes).”

    My only hope is that the story stays interesting but – like Cuddy – “I don’t think they can” anymore : see #2

    And this is from someone who has always accepted the choices and the directions the show had taken! Never complained… until now.

    But I’ll still stay tuned – a girl can hope!

    #165 Simona : I agree! Cuddy’s the one bailing out!
    #189 Ruthinor : I’m with you! I don’t care for the medecine except when it parallels the “soap opera”, Loved season 4 with the hiring the new team and the Amber come-back, love house,cuddy, wilson story’s, not so much the ducklings (especially foreman and 13), loved stacy arc, vogler arc, and even tritter arc even if House made me cringe during that arc.
    #198 Jessica : “They love each other but they also need honesty, openness, communication, and unconditional acceptance.” Yes. It’s true. And they actually showed that they were resolving these issues, if not completely, at least steps toward it! House let’s go of his massage therapist, he apologizes to cuddy, he’s comes to the dinner with mama cuddy, he buys his toothbrush, he takes care of rachel…
    “the pills gave him the ability to cope with her illness” I don’t see the problem, people do it every day, take pills when they are depressed, have pain etc… A least he came, which was the important part.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Oh, God… I am feeling very close to the points of view expressed by Joan (#212) and Heather (#193), about the way Huddy and Cuddy have been “explored” this season.

    Even if i understand part of the reasons why this breakup was written, i still feel completely conflicted (that is not to say fully disappointed) about the way (i feel) they butchered Cuddy’s well built character in order to fit their plans for the failure of the relationhip.

    IMO, starting with the completely cheap Lucas arc, the character of Cuddy has been sacrificed in order to fit into the feeble, superficial storylines they put too little effort in. She was magnificently redeemed in “Help Me” and “What Now”, only to be chipped away at, all throughout season 7, with the petty arguments she initiated, the withdrawal of love that she practiced, which felt oh-so-terribly out of character to me…

    TPTB had decided that the House-Cuddy relationship was doomed, so i suppose it makes sense that they had to alter the essence of her character, in order to build up the failure. After all, had they stayed true to the nature of Cuddy’s character, as developed during seasons 1 to 5, she would have been so perfect for House on all levels (the star-crossed lovers, as Barbara calls them, the cosmic pair of archetypal characters, as i liked to think of them), that the relationship would have been destined to succeed – and that just cannot be, right?…

    Enough about my sorrows and anger.

    I was thinking about the two soulmates in House’s life, Wilson and Cuddy. However grand the connection and union they both share with House, in their different ways (Cuddy understands him better, as Wilson rarely GETS House’s true emotions and motivations, and without the romantic involvement), these two relationships are the closest House has ever come to receiving unconditional love and acceptance – and never quite got there with either of them…

    Simple example, when they lived together last year, Wilson’s supposedly unconditional acceptance of House was just as shaky as Cuddy’s has been this year. Think of how he wanted to throw House out of the house for upsetting that supposed war-hero neighbor… Wilson threw similarly petty tantrums, just like Cuddy did, and neither of them confirmed that House can receive unconditional love and acceptance.

    Perhaps that is the message – that no matter how deep the connection, adults cannot base their relationships on unconditional love. That unconditional love might have been able to heal House, but since it’s impossible to achieve, then him saving and healing himself is the only possible answer…

  • Ilsur

    Joan #212 – thank you. I totally agree.
    I think a rational explanation for Cuddy’s behavior and brekup does not exist. It was not about Why, it was about What for. There was the aim, and writers just tried to do their usual “how”. IMHO, it was’t good because they didn’t feel it was necessary to elaborate Cuddy’s charakter.
    Maybe TTPB just doesn’t need Huddy anymore. Maybe they want to do something new whith someone who, as they think, bring more viewers.
    Sorry for my English

  • Susan

    Joan #212 – I agree with everything you just said. Exactly.

  • Jessica

    ruthinor 213: I absolutely agree with you. To add to it, as much as he loves and respects her I also don’t think he intends to be selfish as a way of disrespecting her or being cruel, rather I think it’s just he’s gotten so used to being that way as a way to deflect that it is just second nature anymore. People can change. House changed in Mayfield, there’s no reason he can’t continue to change. He just must want to do it for himself, not for her. If and when the time comes and he’s ready to give it his all, I think she will be there because frankly I don’t see her wanting to be with anyone else because given her track record with men and the fact she really loves House, I think she’ll opt to focusing on work and Rachel for now.

  • ruthinor

    We don’t really know what the future is for these two characters. We know quite a bit about House’s background, but knew very little about Cuddy until this year. Personally, I think Cuddy has given more than her share to this relationship. Professing your great love for someone while at the same time telling them that they are responsible for making you a crappier doctor is not my idea of House making a great effort. This is House at his self-centered worse. Nothing he has done during the relationship was done w/o his self-interest in mind. In fact, one could almost say that he was continually testing the limits of the relationship by some of his behavior. He doesn’t feel deserving of her love, is continually scared of losing her, but nevertheless, treats her carelessly at every turn. Her needs are always second to his. In this episode she’s always calling him, and he’s never there. Cuddy’s not upset that he’s taking drugs. She’s upset that he needs them, not for physical pain, but in order to face any problems they might have now or in the future. I don’t blame her a bit for opting out right now. He has to want to help himself, not lean on her for everything.

  • Joan

    I am still processing this episode which I found really devastating and your review does help in thinking about it. I think the biggest betrayal to me about this breakup is that we have seen the House and Cuddy history and how she has loved him and stood by him, protected him, kicked his ass, perjured herself for him, done whatever she had to do to help him/protect him and not just as a ‘hospital asset’ and yet now that she (and he) have admitted their love, have a relationship that is of course flawed, but makes them both happy and gives both of them some important fulfillment, and after she gave up the so-called ‘stable’ guy who would be there for Rachel and wanted to marry her and give her that traditional family in order to be with ‘the most incredible man’ in the world that she’s loved for years, it drives me crazy that they portray her as unwilling to fight to keep their relationship and help House deal with his demons, not just drop him after one small relapse in a moment of extreme emotional pressure. And while she may be right he took the drug to deal wiht his pain, he was feeling pain because he cares about her so much. Why not kick his ass back to rehab or therapy or be there for him while he addresses these issues, but to drop him seems so cruel and out of character. Where is fighter Cuddy?

    I don’t buy that its because she’s a mother now, he has been clean til this and even with a relapse there is no danger to Rachel, which might be grounds to break up. I don’t buy any of the issues that have arisen between them being a real ground for her to say she thought she could do this but can’t. In Now What House said I have and will do horrible things to you and at some point you will have enough and she said no, I love you as you are. That does’nt mean she should’nt demand respect, ie. close the lid and take out the trash, or be there for me, but what has he done in their relationship that was other than the House she’s known and accepted for years…why would she throw out the baby with the bathwater? I feel like she’s condemned both of them to loneliness and pining for the other when they could have continued to address his issues together.

    Also — Hess/Friedman and DS saying well House is terrible boyfriend material and so it would never work and the way they’ve portrayed the difficulties in their relationship all seem like a cheap excuse for TPTB to move on, not respecting the characters that have been created. To start, House is without question an insane genius that can be difficult to deal with; its also clear that he has really been trying with Cuddy…I don’t think he had attempted any big internal changes but he was trying to be there for her and Rachel, he babysat, he ‘dealt’ with her mother and finally got the little toothbrush and toilet seat issues. Knowing him as she did, it was nice to see that Cuddy did often let House be House — to tolerate or be amused by his brand of crazy (thats part of the loving him without wanting to change him) – so she called him a sweet man for drugging her mom, was only mildly pissed when he hacked her computer and put it in the trash and this last ep had no problem with him hiding under the bed and tryinig to scare her (I’d have killed!)so we see she knows what she got into with him. That he was not going to be ‘perfect’ as a boyfriend or even always there for her would seem to be something she should have known and frankly accepted before she got involved. Given her track record and loneliness over the years, it seems very fatuous for Hess to say she deserves much more than what House can give her. That may be, but is this workaholic 40 something single mom likely to find that Mr. Perfect knocking on her door now even with her killer bod? House brought out some of her fun side, helped her relax, took away her loneliness and I’m sure they could relate on many levels. There is a lot of comfort in knowing someone so well over years (my husband and I met in HS and are together over 30 years, not all sunshine and unicorns). To expect House to fulfuill all her needs/wants seems unrealistic and again a dumb reason to end it all. Its not enough for him to love you, want to be there for you and really be trying to be a better person for you?? An empty bed and house is better? There are many successful relationships where one person gives more, loves more, etc. but it can still be fulfilling in enough ways to be worth it. I thought when she took House on in Now What that Cuddy was in for the long haul, not just a few months before gives up. I definitely get that House still has a lot of real issues to deal with and some of them have to do with being clean and happy by/for himself not depending on Cuddy, yet it just seems awful to confirm his view that happiness does’nt last/people leave him when the writers could have found drama and interest in him doing it with Cuddy’s support.

    Sorry I’m so long-winded, I guess I am still feeling very passionate about this ep!

  • Hugh Laurie is such a great actor, I’m pretty easy to please. I just love to watch whatever he can do. I like the others too. And Olivia Wilde will return, maybe with some new interesting stuff.
    Yeah, I’d like to see House confront his mother and biological father, or at least, introduce them to Cuddy– I’m pretty sure he and she will be together again, I hope in this very season.

  • I wouldn’t give up on David Shore, Katie Jacobs, House, or Cuddy yet. I have all the hope in the world that they will find a very different conclusion and that House and Cuddy will be together again. I’d like to see Cameron and Chase together again, too. “A girl can dream.”
    (as House says in one of Cuddy’s dreams in “Bombshells). I do not think this is the end and I believe these very creative people are capable of something new till the very end.

  • orderly

    I was a bit thrown by the sudden dreams as well, but they made more sense as the episode went on. The ‘Get Happy’ sequence to me seemed very much a nod to All That Jazz and the characters dream sequences as he prepares to accept his inevitable death.

  • Jessica

    When his parents came to town, he did not want to see them for a reason. He couldn’t stand his father. Seems his father always harped on him, never liked his choices, etc. He made it clear to Cuddy with “I don’t hate her, I hate him”. I can see why the way he seemed to harp on his son’s disability and all that. Seemed to me that John House never approved of his son.

    I can see where it his father’s abusiveness hurt him emotionally to this day even though the guy wasn’t his biological father, he still raised him, so he was his father. If John knew House wasn’t his son, was he treating him that way because of that? If so, that’s horrible, and no wonder House hated him. But maybe John House was just an asshole period and didn’t care much for his son. That’s horrible too and no wonder his son hated him.

    No wonder he didn’t want to give the eulogy.

  • Heather

    “Thoughts anyone?”

    The entire storyline didn’t logically follow for me based on R L Ermey’s appearance in Season 1 (I think it was Season 1…maybe 2). That ep presented House’s dad as a reasonable enough guy, except one with a conflict with his son because they had different strengths and different interests. Fair enough, and interesting.

    Then, all of a sudden we find out his “dad” was an abusive asshole who wasn’t his real dad after all.

    I’m not going to say it was a 180, maybe more of a 110, but to me it didn’t “fit” with the first ep we saw House’s dad in.

    I’m glad they never explored that any further because IMHO the whole thing was bizarre.

  • Jessica

    ruthinor 204:

    It’s there! Watch the ending, when Wilson is in House’s office, looks at the DNA results and seems shocked that House knew at that age that John was not his bio father. I was surprised when he said that about his mother, I always wondered what it meant.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Flo

    @Jessica (#198) “They love each other but they also need honesty, openness, communication, and unconditional acceptance. House can’t quite do that yet and Cuddy can do that, for the most part, even willing to accept House’s need for Vicodin IF it had been in an effort to help his physical pain. But as she said it’s what the pills represent and in House’s case, and even he admitted it in so many words, the pills gave him the ability to cope with her illness. That is now way to live in a relationship. He can’t turn to pills every time there’s a crisis.”

    Yes!! It’s not that he took Vicodin that she can’t handle. I think she could. But the reason why he did it was the last straw for her.
    Your first sentence made me think of the five stages people go through when told they’re gonna die: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Let’s just say that House and Cuddy didn’t go through all the stages yet. 🙂

    Oh and yes, it is all about the journey!

  • ruthinor

    I’d have to rewatch Birthmarks, but I don’t remember House saying those words about his mother. ANyone else recall this?

  • Jessica

    Michelle 200: I totally agree about Cuddy being the love of House’s life. They share a connection, a past, and she is his equal in every way. She also complements him in every way. I don’t think any other woman could put up with him, challenge him or spar with him like she can. And he loves that she can keep up with him. He keeps her in line, she keeps him in line.

    I totally LOVE the idea of House confronting his mother and biological father. There’s a major story there. Remember the ep in S6 where House thought he was hearing voices but it was Wilson talking to Amber? The scene where House was in bed and talking to his dad telling him it wasn’t all bad…they edited out a poignant scene, a flashback of House as a child with his dad. I don’t know why they did it but I think including the scene would have been a good idea.

    Seems to me House has always been a very curious and intelligent person, all the way back to childhood. His senses and perceptions were always sharper than others. That and his intelligence probably didn’t go over well with his tough as nails Marine Corps father. I suppose in some respects maybe he envied his son? Or maybe he didn’t like that his son was one step ahead of him? If John knew Greg wasn’t his son that just made things worse. Did he or didn’t he know?

    Recall in “Birthmarks” at the end, when House shows Wilson the DNA results, he said, “She hated him too” referring to his mother. I always wanted to know what he meant by that. Did he mean that she hated him so much that she wouldn’t have a child with him? She married him but was in love with someone else?

    So many unanswered questions about House….

  • ruthinor

    This might be a spoiler…but it might also not be true, so use your imaginations. According to a twitter acct., 3 actors were spotted today outside the Fox gym filming House episodes 20 or 21. They were HL, LE and Candace Bergen.

  • Jessica

    Flo 199: EXCELLENT. It’s all about the journey!

    I love the show itself and all the characters so for me it’s about the journey though I will admit I got spoiled seeing House & Cuddy in love and enjoying it, however we all sensed that there was so much he was still hiding. I hated seeing him afraid to open himself up and I hated seeing Cuddy showing some doubts as to where they were headed because of his inability to be open.

    I don’t know why I’m so worried about House and Cuddy, their relationship spans two decades, they’re never going to be far apart.

    So we can only have hope that our favorite characters are moving into an exciting adventurous and interesting direction.

  • Michele1L

    I forgot to add that I too agree that the change in Foreman’s behavior towards House is both welcomed by me and I believe, a natural transition which began back with the 2007 episode, “Mirror Mirror”. Foreman had been trying to claw his way away from working with House, but could not get hired anywhere else. Cuddy re-hired him and House was hell-bent on getting him to quit. The patient, who was ‘mirroring’ everyone’s personality brought it home to Foreman that he actually enjoyed working with House. House appreciated Foreman’s honest resolve and there was a nice moment between them as they left the hospital together. Seems their relationship has been on a gradual upswing eversince.

    I also wanted to comment on a few of us saying House should go find Lydia in Arizona. I’d rather see Kate Milton from “Frozen” return to work at the hospital. She would be better for him in that she is a psychiatrist (which he definitely needs) AND can match wits with him. Lydia, in my view, basically used House and easily cut him loose, despite not really being in love with her husband. Ultimately though, I do believe that Cuddy is truly the love of House’s life (even over Stacey.) He has known Cuddy for much longer and confessed to her in “Known Unknowns” that he actually had wanted to pursue something with her back when she was a graduate student.)

    DebbieJ (127) I totally agree. The last chapter in House’s story should be confronting his mother about his biological father and meeting him. I’ve been waiting for that because I believe he needs that so desperately if he ever hopes heal his emotional wounds.

  • Flo

    @BigHousefan and @Jessica, great discussion, you made good points.

    As I said in a previous post, House’s issues go way back to season one. “DNR” and “Detox” particularly. But as much as it goes back to the first season, I don’t think we are back to square one. The goal now is not to deny House’s evolution and all the huge steps he took but to see how much he still has to go through via this relapse. We may even see how much he grew through this backslide, who knows?

    I would love to see Cuddy & Wilson fight their own demons. We finally got to see Cuddy’s family and it sure helped us to understand her more. Now it’s time to bring Danny, the long lost brother of Wilson.

    “House” the show is about a journey. I don’t think that we will see a totally recovered House until the end of the show. This breakup is just part of this journey just like this try at the relationship was. Doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Like I said, there definitely is unfinished business here. However, the show never revolved around House and Cuddy together. This is just an aspect of his journey. An important one, don’t get me wrong, but also just an aspect.

    It would be interesting to see how all these character trajectories would evolve should they try to fight their demons on their own and for themsleves sake. Would some of these trajectories met again? If so, how diffently than before?

    As for fans and GY, well… some fans are simply immature. You can’t help it. As Barbara said it is David Shore’s show, this his his novel. Not ours. Calling the writers and directors stupid is childish and plainly wrong. However GY shouldn’t provoke this immature comments.
    Someone said that it was a shame to insult people under avatars and unsernames and I agree. Being a fan & hiding behind names may give some people the feeling they have the right to do so but it is really shameful and not constructive at all.

    Fortunately, I really believe that those fans are not in the majority. It is also great to see that, even in times of controversy over plot like this, there are still places like this one to talk about the show in the smart way.

    For the record, I use my real name here and on Facebook. I have a username on Twitter (wellwellwelles) but you can also see my real name on my profile. And even if all my House analysis on my blog are written under the name wellwellwelles, I have nothing to hide.

    Nice comments people.

  • Jessica

    fatOlady 192: Thanks! It needed to be said. GY is jerking chains, it’s annoying as hell.

    Heather 193: It’s not a matter of forgiving. I hated seeing them breakup but…maybe them breaking up actually saved them both.

    It’s been evident all season that House has been holding back as he still has issues with letting himself just be happy in a relationship. His selfishness (putting himself first allows him to deflect and avoid pain and hurt) and his neediness (she is his substitute for Vicodin) for her cloud his judgment about how he really needs to be in the relationship. Even with Cuddy’s own issues, at least she can be honest with him without the need for pills to mask her pain. At times I think she held back some because I think maybe she was afraid because he might break. All season they’ve had little things going on, they compromised and got over it, but you could feel they both were waiting for that one big thing that would end it.

    I seriously worried that at some point in the relationship House might break because he doesn’t know how to handle himself in a relationship. He seemed worried he would be the one to screw it up.

    They love each other but they also need honesty, openness, communication, and unconditional acceptance. House can’t quite do that yet and Cuddy can do that, for the most part, even willing to accept House’s need for Vicodin IF it had been in an effort to help his physical pain. But as she said it’s what the pills represent and in House’s case, and even he admitted it in so many words, the pills gave him the ability to cope with her illness. That is now way to live in a relationship. He can’t turn to pills every time there’s a crisis.

    Is it possible that she could have confronted him and not broken up with him but rather helped him through it? Yeah maybe. Though as long as he had her he would feel he was ok. As long as he has her to fall back on maybe he doesn’t have to truly confront his issues. Although maybe she could have suggested therapy, for them both? But again maybe she didn’t want him to use her as a crutch. Maybe she knows he needs to WANT to do this and by that it means he has to initiate it himself on his own.

    He told her he could do better but she said she doesn’t think he can change. I don’t think she believed that entirely, I think she is hoping he will try. You know House, since when does he want anyone else to be right?

    Now granted Cuddy has her own issues but she’s at least been able to be honest with House about most things in their relationship. House’s issues are way more serious because it causes him to hide things from her and not really invest himself 100% into the relationship because he’s scared to open up.

    I’ve wanted them to be together for a long time now and I think there’s still time for that. Perhaps by them going through this now, it allows House time to delve into his inner self and find a way to heal so that he can have the love he wants and deserves later on….hopefully with Cuddy. But what matters first is House fixes himself so he can realize he’s worthy and deserving of it.

  • Jessica 191

    That would be awesome!

  • Heather 193

    Many of your points are well-founded. I feel strongly that they dropped the ball in Season 6. There were so many possible avenues – I had higher expectations.

    But, I respectfully disagree that they have explored Houses’s demons. They’ve only eluded to them. We are to understand that House has seen and experienced much, but other than “Three Stories”, “Son of a Coma Guy” and “Birthmarks” (maybe a few more) have the writers directly dealt with House’s past. I think (and hope) they’ve deliberately left us with many unanswered questions still to be explored.

    TPTB, writers, producers, and the beautiful execution of HL, LE, RSL et al have created a unique character and critically acclaimed, ground-breaking television show.

    I have faith that they are as passionate (or more so if that’s possible) as the fans, and that their intent is to treat the whole with the respect it’s come to deserve.

  • Michele1L

    Jane160 – I wasn’t saying vicodin was the reason Cuddy broke up with House, I was saying the writers did not need to have him backslide into the vicodin addiction because that was the catalyst that they (the writers) used in order to start the conversation between Cuddy and House where she ended it. I understand perfectly why she called it off with him. My beef was with the whole descension back into vicodin addiction. I was saying with all that had transpired before that, the writers didn’t need to use that.

  • Jessica 190

    Yes to everything! Exploring House’s pain, fears and the reasons for them would give the writers endless fertile ground.

    Watching House battle back and liberate himself with the help of Wilson and Cuddy would make for an even more compelling story! Here’s hoping!

  • Heather

    “His demons are the monsters under the bed. I hope the series now focuses and explores House’s inner battle. The exploration of the complex House is the best part of the show. If this is the plan, then I forgive them for breaking my heart”

    TPTB butchered the Huddy storyline to the point where I wish they hadn’t even attempted it (14 episodes with a bunch of juvenile bickering and a bunch of sausage jokes).

    Now your plan is to forgive them for that if they thoughtfully and tastefully explore House’s demons? (For about the fiftieth time.)

    What has happened in the last year and a half of this show that you believe I should trust the writers/directors/producers, etc? The wonderful way in which they handled House’s recovery from Vicodin (2 eps + the occassional mention)? The complete butchering of the Cuddy character, which shows her unprofessional at work, introducing new men as a father figure to her daughter and then abruptly dropping them, and using her daughter as more of a dramatic plot device to be conveniently remembered and forgotten almost at will?

    I could go on, but I realize I’m kind of ranting now. I’ll stop.

    At any rate, I’ve been disappointed, but hung on this long because I’ve been waiting for Huddy since the show started. I wanted to give TPTB a second chance. Now that this storyline has let me down by not being treated thoughtfully, tastefully, and maturely, I’m not giving them the chance to jerk me around again.

    I will be checking this website and others periodically, and if House suddenly has a creative renaissance I’ll pick up the rest of the season on DVD.

    In the meantime, I guess I now have my Monday nights back.

  • fatOlady

    Jessica – That was very well said about GY. Thank you.

  • Jessica

    Oh and BigHouse 188, I think you are right on about Cuddy having issues. I think Cuddy has her own inner demons to deal with that relate to her family as well. We already know Wilson does…I mean why has he had so many failed relationships? For these three, it’s all about “relationships”–none of them is any good at it…not really.

    It would be interesting if Cuddy and Wilson began delving into their own personal issues. Cuddy and Wilson are as dysfunctional as House. Wow! add all this up and it could be a great season 8!

  • Jessica


    In response to your EXCELLENT comment:

    “His demons are the monsters under the bed. I hope the series now focuses and explores House’s inner battle. The exploration of the complex House is the best part of the show. If this is the plan, then I forgive them for breaking my heart.”

    YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Exactly! I hope they are headed in this direction, it would be awesome. House has made great strides towards being a better person but this area–his inner demons– has still never been explored and it seems to be the root of his problem. I do not believe he was born this way, I think he became like this for reasons still unknown to us.

    I think most of us who have watched this show from the beginning have wondered when this side of House would be addressed and I think now, heading into Season 8, is the time. He’s tried everything…Vicodin, detox, Mayfield, and a relationship with Cuddy and none of those things has been able to heal him emotionally. Of course detox and Mayfield were what he needed at that time, and of course his relationship with Cuddy made him somewhat happy but none of this healed him. It just put a band-aid on the real problem.

    House can’t truly open his heart and love unconditionally, completely, or freely until he loves himself first. He can’t like others and be a friend to others if he can’t like himself first. He never felt deserving of Cuddy’s love or Wilson’s friendship or their loyalty to him over the years. Even when Cuddy showed her love to him, he never felt he deserved to be happy with her. House is an ass but he’s as deserving of happiness as anyone else but getting where he realizes that won’t be easy. When House goes through this journey (which I hope is where we are headed) it is going to be painful and it will affect his job, his friendships, and his state of mind. But it would be an awesome journey–to watch him go through this hell and come out on the other side.

    However, he has to go through this hell without Vicodin otherwise it makes no sense to even attempt it. He’ll need Cuddy and Wilson to help him go through this and all the other challenges he faces but I have no doubt they will be there for him all the way. They’ve seen him go through a lot over the years, I think they will come to see he has the strength to do this.

    Thinking about it, this breakup probably had to happen, it would make more sense and fit into this storyline better if done for the reason you stated.

    I’m not asking for a brand new, unrealistic fairytale House, no way. I love his sarcasm, wit and diagnostic genius, it’s part of who he is. House is and will always be “unique” and there’s nothing wrong with that. What would be nice is just see our favorite unique pain in the ass House finally conquer the crap that has made him miserable for so much of his life so finally he can love and be loved like everyone else. What an incredible thing it would be for us to witness it!

    As to GY and Twitter: I think the people who are talking crap to GY on Twitter are idiots. There’s no need for behavior like that. Cursing? Ridiculous! At the same time I would like to see Shore reign in GY somewhat because he’s not being a very good representative of the show in the way he yanks the chains of the fans. The people who read GY’s tweets aren’t all morons and Huddy fanatics…they are normal people like me and you who just enjoy a good television drama and want to see what the Director has to say about it. But what we don’t need is him misleading all of the fans just because he wants to provoke a few idiots.

  • ruthinor

    Derdriui: I had to google “the Watchmen”, so I’m obviously not familiar with the movie or it’s derivation! I’m not even sure what the genre is (sci fi? mystery? comic book heroes?). If you want to take the time to explain it, I’d be interested in knowing more and how it relates to the discussion of House.

    You tend to make these statements such as:

    1. Reviewers don’t like the show now.
    2. The ratings are slipping
    3. The writing was better and the shows were better in seasons 1-3 and you don’t know anyone who has disagreed with that.

    I’ve read reviews in TV Guide that were pretty good. You need to be more specific. Show us some reviews. I don’t see a show as old as this getting newspaper reviews. The ratings over the last 2 weeks have been in the 11-12 million range, and have been the highest of the night. I think that’s pretty good for a show this old which is more intelligent and not the usual crap one sees on TV.

    Yes, I like Cuddy. And I like Wilson and I like House. I like the 3 of them and how they interact. I find the actual medical mysteries beside the point. I go to Polite Dissent for those reviews. I’m more interested in how the characters interact with each other. If this is just “soap opera” so be it. Hey, House loves soap opera too! I find the subplots among the team members less interesting, although I think that the writers have done a better job with Chase than with the rest.

    My point is not that seasons 1-3 were not as good. I just feel that, with the exception of most of season 6, which I found to be boring, each season has had good and not so good episodes. I found the episodes in the Tritter arc to be annoying after a while. I also found the Cameron ( I want to heal you) and House encounters to be an embarrassment. I’m sure others will disagree. It’s a matter of taste. Those were early episodes. I enjoyed the Vogler arc. It was interesting and not prolonged like Tritter. I enjoyed the House-Stacy interactions. To me it indicated that House could be in a relationship (they were together for 5 years) and who knows, if he hadn’t had the infarction, they might still be together. So this notion that we have to keep House an isolated, drug addicted maniac in order to make the show interesting just doesn’t appeal to me.

    I really enjoyed the episodes in which House was hiring the new team. I think that was season 4. What it comes down to is why do you watch the show? I like to see House interact with his friends, his team and the patient. The medical part of the show is the least interesting to me, and also the most unbelievable part of the series. In each episode House comes up with 3 or 4 different diagnoses that are wrong and then has an AHA moment. I love it, but it’s not the real world. That doesn’t bother me.

    Why can’t you just accept that people differ in what they believe to be good or bad episodes, good or bad writing. How often does a book, a TV show, a movie, get reviews that are unanimous? Well, I’ve blathered on too long. Sorry!

  • fatOlady – I’m in!

    Boeke – Or perhaps the frail Cuddy takes a lesson from House and addresses her inner demons. He’s not the only one with issues!

    Wasn’t it you who referred to Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 in one of your posts? I loved it!

  • lovedavidshore

    D_B it wouldn’t make sense if s7 is final one but if there is another one to run the gate is open and clear for either way they take

  • Boeke

    My interest in House is returning. Perhaps he’ll find someone better than the frail Cuddy.

  • fatOlady

    Hey, why not. They have a StarTrek convention and a Star Wars convention. We should have a Chasing Zebras Convention (just to get miss Barbara on board).

  • Ruthinor, Flo, D_B, Byzantine, Jessica, fatOlady, Blacktop, Sera G, Michele1L, 54 and so many others…

    Reading through your comments and rewatching the episode convinces me that the lesson here is House needs to face and deal with his pain (and I hope we finally learn where this insecurity and unworthiness comes from). He cannot be there for Cuddy while still fighting his demons as brilliantly executed in this episode.

    His demons are the monsters under the bed. I hope the series now focuses and explores House’s inner battle. The exploration of the complex House is the best part of the show. If this is the plan, then I forgive them for breaking my heart. (And no one can break my heart like Hugh Laurie. The pain and sadness he can emote rips my heart out! He’s owed so many Emmy’s…)

    I’m not as much hurt that his relationship had to end if the purpose is to explore House’s inner demons and we see House finally liberate himself!

    I have to say though, that the writers, GY et al yanking our chains must stop. I don’t see the good in that if its done with ‘snarkiness’! Sparking curiousity, expectation, excitement can be acheived without insult.

    And, if invited, I’d love to come to the House convention… 🙂

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @lovedavidshore: Jessica, and other people on other websites, are talking about a two episodes dream sequence (eps 15 and 16, or at least the second part of Bombshells). That is the theory i was referring to.

    In regard to a 17 episodes dream sequence, i’m not saying it’s impossible, since almost nothing on “House” ever is. But i am saying that to pull off something like that and not send at least half of your viewers screaming for another show to watch, would require almost magically powered writing genius.

  • lovedavidshore

    D_B it is not 2 eps dream it’s almost 15 now counting to 17.just for the record

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Jessica: yes, GY’s tweets seem to be hinting towards something along those lines.

    If that is the case, i would most certainly love the second shot for a healthier Huddy, but on the other hand, i cannot wrap my head around how it could be done, without it being incredibly cheap and unrealistic. For “House” to pull off a two episodes-dream, very much “Dallas”-like, especially after having already used the hallucination creative trick in “Under My Skin/Both Sides Now”… It would be a huge risk, quality-wise.

  • lovedavidshore

    u still don’t get it right? house relapsed not now but at the end o s6 finale

  • fatOlady

    Susan – Actually I live in Oklahoma. Maybe we could all just meet for a convention of sorts in Barbara’s back yard in Chicago. (just kidding Barbara)

  • Jessica

    I’d like to think that after his drunken stupor and admission to Cuddy the night he showed up at her house drunk, he dreamed her illness, vicodin, breakup and stepping onto the balcony at the hotel ready to jump and end it all. But then he wakes up and realizes it was a dream but the dream was telling him something–much like Cuddy’s dream (within his dream) was telling her, he still hasn’t faced his real emotional turmoils and is using her as a crutch, instead of dealing with his fears. Within his dream, Cuddy’s dreams tell him that she has been worried all this time about the future of their relationship because of his inability to let himself feel and open up. At that point, he realizes he and Cuddy can only have a real relationship if he faces his deepest fears and fixes himself. His first step in that process would be holding a memorial service at his apartment in an effort to say goodbye and bury the “old House”. Yeah he’d still be an ass but I’d enjoy the journey of House trying to take charge of his life and getting help, moving forward, not backward, all while intertwining his journey with those around him and his relationships and experiences at work. He’s still messed up, I’d love to find out WHY. We’ve seen House take backward steps before, it would be refreshing and exciting to see how he deals with facing his worst fears (the inner turmoil) and trying to change.

    Of course if this wasn’t a dream, we know addicts have relapses, but this is House, he’s no quitter and he’s been through too much to go down. For seven years he’s managed to avoid facing his inner turmoils, the real reasons he feels he has to medicate to hide his pain. Ok time to explore that and attempt to heal him. Not saying it will happen overnight. But it needs to happen. Cuddy and Wilson will be there with him throughout. I’d also like to see Cuddy and House have a real shot at a real relationship when House begins really healing. He can still be a sarcastic ass and a great doctor, he just needs to face his fears head on.

  • fatOlady

    Barbara – It’s not so much that House should be with Cuddy. I don’t care who he is in love with Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, anyone who will care about him. I am just broken hearted that he has to be alone.

  • Vicky

    instead of HOUSE MD, this show should be called HOUSE THE ADDICT. If the creators think they’re telling a good story by putting him back on drugs, they’re NOT. Even my sister who is not a house fan watched with me on Monday night, and after it ended she told me the break up was horrible. she said how can the show go on after this and she is right, i don’t think i can watch again.

  • Susan–

    I know a couple of the writers sometimes read my blog, but I don’t know how often. One thing I do know for certain is that if I were one of the writers, I’d stop reading if I was constantly attacked. Criticism goes with the territory. Assertive, yes. Mean-sprited and unargued bashing–not so much.

    This series is David Shore’s story. It’s his “novel” in a manner of speaking–his voice and vision. So, I don’t think one group of fans has any more pull than another. Nor should they.

    A lot of House-Cameron fans were very ticked off after Cuddy came more into the picture, the House-Wilson folks felt abandoned and ignored when their relationship took a back seat. Which vision should Shore et al follow? He can’ follow them all, so he has to do what he feels serves the needs of the narrative and the character.

    I’m interviewing Liz Friedman later today for some of her thoughts. Before you jump all over this, everyone, remember she wrote Merry Little Christmas, Frozen and House Divided among other iconic episodes… If anyone has any questions, I’ll try to get them in!

  • eileen

    @Susan #170 — I’d love to be a part of your group. Care to come to Atlanta?

  • lovedavidshore

    we will soon be back to the bathroom of s6 finale as far i’m correct reading between lines

  • Susan

    Barbara, Do you think David Shore and GY etc. read your blog? Can we be a force for changing their minds?

  • gary

    The only reason I’ve stuck with the show so far was watching the character arc House has slowly made by overcoming drug dependancy and finally ending up with Cuddy. We were actually moving forward in a different direction for the show, but now that he’s status quo and back on the pills, I assume we’re back to the exact same methodic formula of seasons 1-4, and I finally have a reason to drop this show and watch something else instead.

  • Susan

    Jessica #168 – “It will be interesting to see how the friendship continues”.. In “Braveheart”, House tells Cuddy – “Funny, that’s the last thing I want us to be”. (Another gut wrenching scene)
    FatOLady #147 – Hope you’re right and that the writers are toying with us and will get our lovers back sooner rather than later. (And you’ll have to share SeraG as your soulmate!)
    Statistics from today’s New York Times – “For the first time this season Fox attracted the most viewers on Monday….with Fox’s House drawing the night’s largest audience”…..11.1 million viewers.
    SeraG #141- as usual you said everything I want to say but can’t express (didn’t Cuddy’s weird sperm donor say that in “Who’s Your Daddy”? Maybe it’s time for me to break from my House addiction too. I shouldn’t feel this empty because of events on a TV show. My 12 year old was consoling me yesterday…..
    Simona #165 – like your comment on both of them needing to walk alone for a while. ( As long as they’re together at the end.)
    Michele1L #159 – that love scene under the bed at the beginning seemed like such a good sign of their relationship that it was a jarring contrast to the breakup.
    Oo #130 from Fiji – House finding Lucas babysitting for Rachel at the convention. Why don’t the writers just set him up as a punching bag already?
    Does anybody here live in Brooklyn? We could have “House” parties and sit around and cry or laugh..SeraG, FatOLady,Simona, anyone?!!
    This blog is great – I feel a LITTLE better.

  • Heather

    I’ve read some comments from GY that say the relationship is over for good, they’ve gotten all they can out of it, and RIP Huddy.

    As a fan that’s waited 7 years for this, I feel cheated, disappointed, and betrayed.

    Maybe breaking up Huddy will please certain fans and I wish them the best for the direction the show is taking.

    For myself, I will stop watching.

  • Jessica

    One more thing I want to add. It was suggested House and Cuddy may start a war between them now. I don’t see that. He’s hurt, she’s hurt, but the breakup wasn’t about being cruel to House, rather she is trying to help him. She loves him, he loves her, I think she’s going to want to be in his life and vice versa just not romantically. And Cuddy is going to have to work not to enable him. I don’t think he’s going to be in denial about why she broke up with him like he’s been in denial about things in the past. He knows she’s right, he even admitted it when they were talking. His statement about having wanted to be there is key. He knows he needs the Vicodin to get through moments like her health scare. I don’t think he’s going to be cruel to her over this, not at all. It will be interesting to see how the friendship continues. I would like to see them talk, I mean really talking eventually, about his problems, that is once he begins the process of fixing himself and feels more open. They’ve been friends for so long and lovers and they were intimate, he should no longer feel like he has to hide things from her. Hopefully he will feel that way at some point.

  • Jessica

    blacktop #118 LOVED YOUR POST!

    DMCKY #114: YOU NAILED IT when you said “She doesn’t want House to need her, she wants him to WANT her, and there’s a difference!”

    Everything you said about his needs relating to Cuddy, Rachel, etc were right on. It was perfectly stated especially about Rachel.

    A “need” is something you have to have, that you feel you can’t live without. In House’s case “I need you” means that he cannot live without Cuddy. Sure, he loves her, no doubt, but he needs her in order to feel alive. The need is more a selfish nature. I’m sure he didn’t mean it that way but with his emotional issues, all he can do is need. House’s needs are his obsessions and that is not healthy for him or his friendships/relationships.

    A want is something you can walk away from, something you can live without. To say you want someone means that you want them for themselves, not for our own selfish needs, and indicates it’s all about the other person. Cuddy wants House, she doesn’t need him. But remember Cuddy herself was obsessed at one time with a need–to have a baby. There was a time when Cuddy felt she needed a baby to feel complete. She was even obsessed with it. I think that in that sense she can understand House’s need for her in order to feel “whole” as she once felt the same way about having a child.

    I recall “Two Stories” when House asked the principal at the school “do you know what it’s like to need someone?” she had that kind of sad look of reservation on her face but answered “yes”. And then he told her “I need her in my life” he had this terrible look of desperation. It makes sense that the word “need” would conjure up a feeling of desperation.

    Think about his needs:

    The need to solve diagnostic cases borders on obsessive. He will do anything to solve the puzzle. That’s good and bad. Yes it makes him a good doctor because he solves the case but the obsession also alienates him from being able to care for his patients and causes him to snoop into their personal lives and expose things that may hurt them (remember the reason the guy shot him in No Reason was because his wife killed herself upon the revelation that the husband had an affair which was not relevant to the case). Recall too that when he got out of Mayfield and hadn’t gone back to work yet, his leg was bothering him until he went back to work. He couldn’t have the Vicodin so he needed his puzzles.

    House’s need for painkillers to ease his own emotional pain and help him better accept the pain of others. He can’t stand to see someone in pain, it hurts him. He can’t stand to watch someone cry or react in fear, it makes him uncomfortable. I recall when House took Vicodin like candy. His leg may not even have been hurting, but it was a habit for him to take it because the constant high removed him from having to feel anything. House has physical pain from the infarction, that’s undeniable. But if we look back, every time he’s had rough emotional issues to deal with he rubs his right leg, even when he was off Vicodin.

    House’s need for Wilson is also obsessive. He needs to know that Wilson will always be there for him.He has to know every little detail about what Wilson is doing and who he is with. He was so afraid that Wilson’s relationships would tear them apart as is evident with Amber and then Sam. And when Wilson left after Amber died, House had to know where he was and what he was doing to the point that he hired Lucas to spy on him. House needs Wilson in his life, but not as an enabler. What House needs from Wilson is friendship, encouragement and support but not enabling. Wilson never really knew where to draw the line which just fed House’s obsessions.

    And I might add here that House’s need for control and his obsession with puzzle solving also extends to all of his team members too. He’s delved into the personal private lives of all his team members in an effort to discover their deepest darkest secrets.

    Finally, his need for Cuddy. He has always cared about Cuddy and vice versa. He was obsessed over Cuddy since the early days, almost in a sense of being protective of her shown when he barged in on her dates and ruined any chance she had at a relationship with anyone. Obviously he loved her and wanted her, but he didn’t believe he ever had a chance of having her, he never thought he was worthy. At that time it wasn’t so he could have her as a substitute for Vicodin, he just didn’t want anyone else to have her because he wanted her. So all that time he barged in on her dates, played the little boy pulling the girl’s pigtails and playing jokes on her and then backed away, he figured he was safe because never actually thought he’d finally win her. He spent all of S6 mourning his inability to win her because she chose Lucas and when he finally got her, he didn’t want to let her go. That time after Mayfield was hard on him when he couldn’t be with her. In their new relationship, he didn’t mean to do it, but he made her his crutch. She was suddenly responsible for his happiness (whereas HE should have been responsible for it). I think from the beginning both had fears about this new relationship for different reasons. House feared a breakup because he felt she is what he needed to stay off Vicodin, to be happy, to feel whole. Cuddy feared a breakup because she wasn’t sure what would happen to House. So really they both had clues, but they wanted to be together so much they figured they could work it out. In “Now What” it was that evident. The doubt was already planted in their minds. And rightly so, they jumped into that thing too fast.

    All of this does not mean House doesn’t love Cuddy, he does, he always has. And Cuddy loves him too, always has. And so that’s what makes this so heartbreaking is that here are two people in love who have wanted each other for so long but one of them still has serious serious emotional issues.

    House needs to find a way to get over his obsessiveness, his neediness. The “healed” House will still be a great diagnostician with a great wit and sarcasm but he will be able to freely choose what he wants and distinguish between wants and needs. He will also be able to not fear showing emotion and he won’t think of showing emotion as a sign of weakness. He will be able to feel the pain of other people and care about their pain. He won’t be obsessive about his relationships, he won’t need the people in his life, he will want them. And when he professes his wants, it will be evident that he’s no longer being selfish and putting himself first.

    Looking back, I really think that one of the things hurting Cuddy the most is that she just selflessly sacrificed her own happiness to help the man she loves by setting him free. She could have just accepted everything as is but she knew deep down inside it would come back to hurt them later, especially him. He said “I can do better” and she said she didn’t think he could but you know secretly she has to be hoping he will have the strength do it because it’s now or never. Now, she is no longer enabling him, she is no longer his saviour, though she is his friend. In a sense she’s saying “if you want this you’ve got to do it.” If he wants to be a better man he has to WANT it. What she just did is an act of selflessness which is something House needs to learn in order to be able to be the kind of man we know he wants to be.

    I have to admit, initially my reaction to the episode was shock. Of course I love the House-Cuddy dynamic and want it to continue in some form, even if it’s just as friends. But I want them to have an opportunity for a real relationship later on which is why I’m glad that Shore is leaving that option open. I don’t think Cuddy is going to get into a relationship with anyone else and if House really and truly fixes himself, they’ll have their chance, finally.

    Shore says that House is basically back at Square One. If that meant back to his original “House” self that might mean he’s back to Season 1 being the hopeless miserable Vicodin addicted diagnostician who has made no strides at all in his life. It would essentially nullify anything and everything he has learned and experienced in the last 6 1/2 years. I doubt Shore means that House is essentially back to where we first met him.

    Rather I think that square one means he’s back to feeling he needs Vicodin to cure his emotional pain and that he’s back to feeling alone and doesn’t know what to do about his life. Ok so now what? Either House goes on a continued downward spiral and dies or he falls down and finds the strength to pick himself up and get better which will be no easy task but it’s the only choice that makes any sense here.

    The House WE have come to know and appreciate is not a quitter, not after all he’s been through in the past seven years. He might have some serious emotional baggage but he’s been through so much and he’s learned a great deal. It would be too easy to just let him spiral out of control and off himself. We’ve been there. It’s not what we want.

    The House we know has become a stronger person in many ways, even with his emotional baggage. He’s learned so much from his experiences over the years and he has not forgotten them. Right now he is hurting badly over Cuddy and it’s going to hurt for a while but he needs to face the reason for it. He needs to find the strength within himself to dig himself out of this hole and address all the pain he keeps inside and that isn’t going to be easy by any means. It’s going to hurt, it’s going to make him angry, it’s going to be emotional. He will falter at times but he needs do to this. It’s about time that House takes on the biggest challenge of his life—himself. This can be done while successfully weaving the journey in with his diagnostic cases, his friendships with Cuddy and Wilson, and all the other stuff he deals with.

    I really hope TPTB have plans to explore this because it would make for a fascinating journey for House and it would bring to light so many things we’ve all had questions about for the past seven years. There are so many things about House we still do not know, in fact even his two best friends don’t know. I don’t know that he’s ever told House and Cuddy about his relationship with his father (except for what he told Wilson at the funeral) and those experiences have made House who he is.

  • elena_ua

    142, rita chaves – i totally agree with you.:)))

  • simona

    Bombshell? No. They should have titled this episode “The Gods’ Fall”, which is what it was. Cuddy, despite her statements to House at the end of Help Me, is looking for the perfect man, the man who does not exist, and for years she was deluded that the man was House and put him on a pedestal. The woman who we thought knew better than any other House, do not really know him at all. Or rather, she sees only what she wants to see. Cuddy has so far lived a lie in a psychological sense, she has lied to herself, she has never confronted with her own frailty, she has never sunk the knife in her soul. And the surgery in Bombshell, in my view, is just a metaphor: for the first time she has faced the knife.
    The final desperate cry of her was a cry of defeat. I believe that she is aware, perhaps for the first time in her life, to be unable to maintain a stable loving relationship and the writers had already sent us small signals: her marriage lasted a few days, Lucas, the lack in her story of a relationship that lasted longer than a flutter.
    In light of what has happened in Bombshell I imagine that the emotional resistance of Cuddy to establish a loving relationship with House was due to the fact she didn’t want to measure her fantasies with reality, for fear of yet another defeat. If we look at the season so far we see that, paradoxically and despite appearances, Cuddy is the person in the couple who was not willing to get involved. She chose House because “House is perfect in his imperfection” but she has not been open and willing to come to terms with the reality of House. She is afraid and the Vicodin thing was enough just to make her collapse.
    I know, I love unconditionally House and maybe I can seem strange but I do not think that the House’s return to Vicodin is a devastating and irreversible choice. If I stand in the shoes of Cuddy (the Cuddy in Help me and Now What) I would put it into account and I would not have used it as an excuse to abandon him. Because this it was: an excuse. If I really love a man unconditionally, a man I waited for twenty years, I don’t give up at the first hurdle. That for sure. And I think that’s what Cuddy can not forgive herself and she will be forced to face.
    I naturally compare this episode to the old “Wilson” of last season. House initially reacted the same way in the face of fear of losing Wilson (I will be not on your side because if you die I am alone) but in the end he remains near his friend, during and after the surgery. Because the words do not count, actions speak louder. Eventually House does not betray and abandon his friend AND does not betray and abandon his woman.
    And if being able to endure the anguish, the terror of losing the love of his life and to find the strength to stand beside her he had to help himself with the Vicodin … is that bad? “I can do better” he declares and I totally trust him. But Cuddy doesn’t.

    The episode broke my heart but I am somewhat aware that I was waiting for this moment for so long.
    House and Cuddy are back with their heavy burdens. They are not together anymore but I don’t feel pessimistic about the future developments.
    Probably each of them still need walking alone for a while.

  • Derdriui

    To give you an example from The Watchmen: Who is more compelling, Rorshach or The Night Owl?

    Characters represent IDEAS. They are not supposed to be treated like people. There’s no guy called House out there doing things.

    What is the IDEA that House conveys when he finds love and settles down in the suburbs?

    Conversely, what is being said about nature of addiction when he relapses?

    Rorshach wears a sandwich board proclaiming the end of the world, is a murderer and a fierce conservative whackjob, but he also lives according to HIS version of morality. He also has a very strong deathwish.

    Night Owl does the right thing, has nice sex, but he shows simpler ideas that we know already.

    Characters are symbolic, and House’s struggle with mortality and pain, his desire and (lack of) understanding of pleasure, his views on human relationships and ultimately trying to find meaning in his life (the only grounding he has is problem solving, which is why people got so pissed off last week about him putting someone above that).

    He is in flux and it would be cheap for him as a character to just be given an insta-family and have him settle down happily ever after, as if all he was before was flawed. It’s just a cheap way out.

  • jack sparrow

    am i the only one who seeeing that our lovely cuddy is getting married with this “charming” slueth named lucas on ep 20 or sth?

  • Derdriui

    Ruthinor, you like Cuddy, I get it. But liking a character despite bad writing is just for some people.

    For example, the episodes with Cameron were good before… they weren’t. It wasn’t Cameron, it was the writing. Same with Chase. And with Cuddy. And with HOUSE.

    It’s just what it is. If you really think the writing earlier this season was good, then that’s okay! Some people love soap operas, they have a huge following.

    But that’s not what House is about. Cuddy didn’t make sense, House wasn’t as interesting, it was generally panned by critics (except this one) and that was… well, ya’ll loved it and good for you! But now stop whining and enjoy those episodes and let us have a good show back.

    if the writing doesn’t improve, then maybe nobody wins. I hope it will improve because it’s only the Huddies who enjoyed this and now they’re pissed off. If the show doesn’t get back to the good writing, nobody’s going to like it.

    Seriously though, Huddies. you’re not going to make friends by sending death threats and acting as if your lives have been ruined. If you want Huddy to come back, CALM YOURSELVES. The other parts of the fandom don’t have much sympathy for ya’ll after weeks of ‘IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN DON’T EVEN WATCH IT’ from you guys. And now ya’ll are going ‘JUMPED THE SHARK’.

    It’s just. Undignified. If you liked the first fourteen episodes then just enjoy them, it’s more than most ‘ships got.

    Also, ruthinor, you’re the only person I’ve ever heard say that seasons 1 – 3 aren’t the better ones. Nothing against that assessment, it’s just that it’s an interesting thing to say!

    I personally reckon they were better because the writing was tighter and House was more nuanced, less of a goofy asshole the sake of assholery.

    Some of the best episodes were in that batch.

    And FYI, there are VERY few people who think that LE is responsible, and they usually get yelled at pretty fast. She seems like a nice and intelligent lady. The Huddy mess was the producers and the writers.

    The simplest what to explain this is to say that a character IS NOT REAL. House finding love and not committing to his ideas and ideals, his flaws and his glories, doesn’t make for an interesting character. He becomes just some guy.

    Look at the great archetypical heroes. Sherlock Holmes, V. They had their flaws and they had their glories and their work was their vocation and their meaning in life came from what they did.

    A nice, healthy and well-balanced person is good. A complicated, nuanced and yet ultimately ideological CHARACTER works.

  • Dante

    Creativity is finite…eventually everything jumps the shark.

  • Jane

    @Michele1L: I disagree that Cuddy broke up with House because he’s backslided into his Vicodin addiction. Like I said in my previous post, House didn’t mess up this relationship with Cuddy because he’s taking. He’s messing up his relationship because he still doesn’t believe that he and Cuddy can be together. Recall his conversation with Wilson: House said he “hates the smell of death”, which refers to his fear of his relationship coming to an end because of his inability to comfort and be supportive. House’s guardedness which has stemmed from his insecurity have alienated Cuddy; this was the thorn in their relationship, not vicodin. When House took Vicodin, he was trying to brace himself from pain should he mess up when he turned up at Cuddy’s hospital room.

  • Michele1L

    I suspected that after “Recession Proof” this “high concept” episode would end Huddy and, boy, did it. The last scene, as many have described, was heart-wrenching. I have to say that while I enjoyed the episode and that it was for the most part cleverly written I too felt that sending House back to vicodin was a bit cheap and groan-inspiring. I have seen all I need to see of House’s vicodin dependency. If the writers wanted to end the relationship between House and Cuddy, they could’ve ended it over what has transpired over the last several episodes rather than going back to the vicodin addiction as a crutch. While I realize that most addicts fall off the wagon, thus it was realistic, this is a fictional television program that has often been unrealistic in its portrayal of “real life”. I personally am not interested, as many others have commented, in seeing House slide down that slippery slope of drug addiction yet again for any length of time — whether realistic or not. The breakup could have transpired just as easily without the vicodin backslide, in that last week he put Cuddy in a position to be resented by him in telling her that she makes him a ‘crappy doctor’ and because of his love for her, more of his patients will die. — Who the hell wants to hear that? Who would want to bear THAT burden? And then, of course, his inability to be with her in her time of need. The whole vicodin slide was not needed. I think it was a cheap way for the writers to book-end this episode with “Help Me”. Sure, it wrapped everything up in a neat little depressing schematic package, but for me, it was utterly predictable and a copout. It suggests to me that they are not planning on having an eighth season because a blow like this has come too early in the season. One would expect an episode like this to occur closer to the end of the season (but perhaps that’s TOO predictable.)
    Frankly, if they intend to reset House to pre-Mayfield mode, I would prefer for them to end the show this Spring.

    Despite my skepticism over some of the creative decision-making in “Bombshells”, I very much enjoyed the “love” shown between House and Cuddy in the teaser. Cuddy’s kissing of House while on the floor was more affectionate and sensual than anything shown in “Now What”, making their scene in the end all the more sobering and ironic. I also loved all of the strange dream sequences, although I agree that all but the musical sequence (in which I thought HL was brilliant) were jarring.

    I thought Cuddy’s reasoning for calling it off was nicely written, but I agree with others that she should have realized that in taking the pills House was doing what he felt he needed to do (better than not being there at all) to be with her. She simply swept that under the rug. I thought both actors were excellent in that scene. You could see the anguish in Cuddy when she reached out to touch House’s face. Still, if it were me, it would’ve been hard for me, knowing how fragile he is, to walk away from him in that way. I would’ve feared his addiction might snowball as a result –but, true, as some have said, to stay at that time would have been enabling, and true — perhaps this time he should save himself.

    I have a difficult time believing the relationship between House and Cuddy is over. It’s clear their love for each other is intense and they have to work together …

    I’m hoping the backslide is short-lived and House gets back on his horse so that an 8th season makes sense. There is so much unanswered and unexplored about this amazing character. I’d actually like to see him meet his biological father, etc …

  • Jane

    I was thinking… Cuddy might have extra reasons to be afraid of not being fully present with her most beloved ones. Remember how her mother kept big chunks of her life from her?

  • jack sparrow

    do not worry or worry if u like mates these all eps 17 included are only house’s imaginations we’ll left the mid sweeps with carte blanche to either direction these slimy scallywags choose………..

  • Jane

    Cuddy said that House always choose himself over anyone else. That is true, but isn’t it also true of Cuddy? She expected House to be there with her when her mother visited on her birthday. She expected House to care for her in little ways like taking out the trash. She expected House to be at her charity dinner. She expected House to be with her when she was dying. Ultimately, when she broke up with House, she also chose her own need for companionship over hope for House doing better. I don’t recall her ever being anywhere for House since they got together?

    When she said she knew that House would eventually turn up, I don’t believe that was what she really thought. Her insecurities over House bailing out repleted in Recession Proof.

    I’m not trying to bash Cuddy, but merely pointing out that Cuddy was acting on her insecurities and stress when breaking up with House. Like in Massage Therapy, Cuddy is just as guilty as House.

    I don’t blame Cuddy for being upset with House not being there for her. She may have expected too much, but it’s also true that her needs are not met by House.
    When House came home drunk and declared his devotion to her, he was drunk. When House’s declaration of love should have put her at ease, his drunken state corroded the reliability of his words as well as put on Cuddy’s shoulders a burden of taking care of a messed-up man. He drunken stupor alienated Cuddy from responding to him too. Would he hear anything she was to say while in that state? That’s the problem when one is using substance–they can’t be fully present with each other. Don’t get me wrong, House is not messing up his relationship with Cuddy because of his dependence on drugs. House is messing up his relationship with Cuddy because he’s still guarding himself from her and drugs is only the way he’s doing it.

    I only wished Cuddy hadn’t given up him so early. House might not have been with her the way she wanted, but at least he was trying! When House pleaded that he could do better, why didn’t Cuddy have more faith in him?

  • fatOlady

    I was just thinking about how nice it was to have Barbara here as more or less the forum moderator. It seems to keep out the crazy’s and the riff raff.

  • ruthinor

    Sorry Derdriui, but there’s no proof that:

    1. most of the fan base did not like House and Cuddy. Most folks are not the die-hard fans that make all the noise so there’s no way to judge those numbers. Polls on websites are notoriously misleading since people can vote more than once.

    2. They have lost in the ratings this year, compared to last year for example when their was no relationship. Most shows lose viewers over time. Present the numbers and you’d have a stronger argument.

    And I’m totally pissed at this notion subscribed to by so many that the show was so much better in seasons 1-3. I suppose it’s a matter of taste and what you want in a TV show, but to me, each season, 1-7, has had it’s good and not so good episodes. You are as prejudiced as the rest of us! You never liked House + Cuddy and so none of those episodes appeal to you. I never liked Cameron, so episodes in which she was prominent washed right over me. Whether you like or dislike certain characters or actors colors what you like in a TV show. House is the constant in all this. I prefer to see him on a journey, not stuck in a chemically induced stupor for the rest of the series. I don’t think I’m the only one who thought the Tritter arc was overdone and took up too much time. Watching House crawl around in his own vomit, no matter how interesting the cases, is not my idea of fun.

    One thing we do agree on (there’s hope!!): threatening GY or others on the production end is nauseating. On the other hand GY would be wise to cut out his bullshit. He loves to stir the pot and antagonize the fan base. It’s stupid and I don’t know what he’s trying to prove. The fact that some of the rabid fans out there seem to think that LE is personally responsible for House’s fall also tells you that there are a lot of crazies out there. I don’t think this forum lends itself to that (thank heavens!).

  • Wow. I go away to teach for a couple hours and there are 20 more comments to go through! I’ll be doing an interview tomorrow with Liz Friedman to talk about the episode.

  • Jane

    Sorry, not Broken. Should be Help Me. Was referring to House amputating the women in the rubble but she still died.

  • Jane

    I wonder how House and Cuddy will work together now. Start a war? I think so. House must be very confused and angry now. Before Huddy, House used to think that “truth” and “rightness” were his guiding principles. But Broken showed him that doing right didn’t matter. Then with Huddy, House decided that he would choose being happy and be ok with being a crappier doctor who decides that his patients’ lives are worth less than his personal happiness. Yet, choosing happiness/wrongness turned out wrong too. How would House live life now?

  • Celia

    I was originally distressed by the deep sadness of the show. Now I’m more distressed by how rude and impolite people are being to one another here, while hiding behind Avatars. People can hold different opinions, without the need to jeer at one another. No wonder I prefer the fantasy of [H]ouse ,( any[H]ouse episode) to the spitefulness displayed on many of these posts. Shame on you..

  • Derdriui

    Their ratings took a huge hit this seasons. Some fans really like and get House and Cuddy, but most don’t get the ‘chemistry’ or the logic behind it. Cuddy compromised herself a lot. Her kid calling prescription pain meds ‘candy’ was the last straw. I don’t think they’ve written her very well this season, but at least that decision was motivated as a mother.

    As for GY taunting fans, I don’t think he should.

    Then again, people who want the House and Cuddy relationship should stop sending him death threats. It’s insane.

    A lot of people didn’t like the first fourteen episodes of this season, but there weren’t (many, at least) threats of physical harm against GY or his genitals.

    They tried H/C. They wrote it badly. They couldn’t sell it to a large number of their fanbase. They’re rebooting (shamelessly) to try to and keep the viewers they have now, people usually wait (roughly) a season before their loyalty alone is insufficient to keep making them watch bad TV.

    Just… appreciate the fanfic you guys have, just like any other group of ‘shippers. Do you really want more of whiny inconsistent and bizzaro Cuddy with a weirdly neutered House?

    In a way, those Hameron ‘shippers are the lucky ones. They may whine and all, but they got the show while it was still good and that’s their canon.

    The slash pairings aren’t ever going to be explored on this show (this show goes from heteronormative to just plain old homophobic) and the best thing is for all of us to… try to encourage good stories.

    The first half of this season was simply not good. Maybe they can’t write House in a relationship. Remember, it’s a producer that’s been giving out these story ideas and the writers have been padding them badly.

    With David Shore back, hopefully edgy and insightful House will be encouraged.

    I know it’s hard to get over the show dismissing your favourite relationship, but try to focus on the stories themselves… romance is nice and all, but it was ruining House as an archetype (in a way that, for example, Stacy didn’t).

  • fatOlady

    Duh…they are in the drama business people! What better what better way to get us all primed up for the ratings sweeps.

  • fatOlady

    Sera G, you are my soulmate. You….complete me. You said what I have tried to say in the 8 or so posts I have made in this forum since 11:00 last night. Thank you ….we seem to be on the same page.

    DebbieJ – I wasn’t offended (okay maybe just a little…but in a humorus way). I am a fat old grandma with no real life. Why else would I fall in love with a fictional character who (maybe a drug addict…jury is still out on that one) is sarcastic, and emotionally and socially retarded? Who would ever think of me as being a radical?
    Your right the idea of a boycott was a kneejerk reacton (they gave me a knee to the gut and I jerked back to retaliate in the place it hurts the most (i.e. ratings).

    I feel like the only power we as fans have to POSSIBLY effect any change is while there is a show. Your right, to boycott the show once the season has ended or the show is dead, would be pointless. Also, to wait several weeks or months to log a protest, would likely loose a lot of it’s credibility if it’s been so long that we have to explain what we are protesting.

    Okay, watch out….I’ve had a monumental thought (I can’t spell Ephiney).

    Changing course in mid-stride here.

    Evenso, there is a new thought in my head I can’t quite get hold of. You know, like when House knows something but doesn’t know what it is or why it’s important, but yet he knows it is important. It’s something naggaling away at the back of my mind saying “DS & Company are not done making fools of us yet.”

    When I read post #139 from Elizabeth, it tickeled my spidey sense. Ithink she is RIGHT! It makes sense. Maybe what I am reading as being cold and calouse is actually just to intensify the ciffhanger. I could see them setting back (laughing but I don’t mind so much now) saying “if you only new how stupid your being and it is all going to be so worth it in a couple of weeks.”

    I think this thought first hit me when I looked at stills of episode 17. House is with the team in the outer office. He standing on one of those 2 wheel things. He does not look unhappy or upset. This is just 2 episodes from last night and only a week away from next weeks devistation. I think they will get back together and I think it will be (sooner rather than later). After all, what is Houses #1 rule (Everybody Lies). What do you all think?

  • Andrea

    This was pretty much what I thought they would do, with some variation, and it ticked me off and made me feel like not watching the show.

    I’m not interested in seeing House return to being a miserable drug addict. I want House to grow as a character. I saw him working his heart out to be what Cuddy needs and to keep that relationship going and they just pulled the rug out from under me. Not sure I’m going to stay on the train if it keeps going in the direction I think it’s going in.

  • Sdemar

    Great review, Barbara. This episode has left me drained the same way that their finales do. What an emotional and heart wrenching finish.

    I love the House and Cuddy relationship and I was convinced while watching them in this that they truly love each it her.

    Cuddy and Wilson have always been enablers to House and I think she finally has broken the link.

    I loved her line “I knew you would come”. She forgave him for not being there until the final moment. It was only when she realized that he had to be medicated in order to be there that she realized he could never really be there in the full and present.

    I think Cuddy saying goodbye to House is a tough love approach and is probably the biggest gift she could ever give to him no matter how cruel it was.

    House still has a lot of work to do on himself and hopefully this will allow him to continue down that road to recovery. Should he make it, and I believe he will because I will always have faith in him, he will thank

    I expect to see a short term backslide to House but I think he will pick himself up and do it on his own and because he wanted to do it for himself.

    BTW, Hugh was amazing in this episode. He oozes with endless talent. But I want to also give kudos to Lisa. I thought her performance was amazing throughout this episode.

    For those that take issue with Cuddy, make no mistake, she was as broken up about this as he was. There is no doubt in my mind that Cuddy is in love with House.

  • Boeke

    It all makes sense to me. It appears that we will experience everything that House can possibly experience.

  • DebbieJ

    #137 FOL – Sorry if I offended you; that wasn’t my intention. I just feel that a boycott would be a kneejerk reaction.

    My approach is to wait and see til the end of the season (and perhaps series) to make a final judgment. Of course waiting til the end of the series would negate a boycott, but I think you get my drift! LOL

    And no, I don’t follow anyone’s tweets. IMO, I feel having too close a contact with TPTB or celebrities of any kind, is sort of a be-careful-what-you-wish-for phenomenon. And from what I’ve been reading here, I’m glad I don’t!

  • rita chaves

    There is only one logical option now: House will need a liver transplant because of his drug addiction and Cuddy will have the final answer : be a lover or the Dean of Medicine ,in the logical option,she will have to say “no”.

  • Sera G

    Sorry, back again.
    fatOlady, #137, I like your style. We ARE being laughed at by DS, Gy and whoever.
    I read the interview with Ausiello. DS said that this ending was plotted from the very beginning. So while I was watching, loving, worrying and enjoying the give and take of this couple, (who I felt was destined to be together), work out the kinks in their relationship, it was planned to fail. I get madder every time I think about it. To make matters worse, DS said (paraphrasing) that although he won’t say they will never be together, it is done. So I am betrayed, miserable and there is not even a glimmer of hope. Thanks for the loyalty, love and respect for all these years. DS has said in interviews that they have a very intelligent audience and how much they respect us. That’s obvious now, isn’t it!
    I guess what makes me the maddest is that this great love was not imagined or hoped for by me. It was evident in the looks, chemistry and dialogue from the beginning. Many have said that they wrote the sexual tension later after the audience picked up on them. That has to be wrong, as the line about the “great wall of China,” was in epi 3 or 4, written and filmed long before it was seen by an audience. I won’t go on about all of the evidence and substantiation there is that Cuddy is the woman House loves now (trying to avoid the whole Stacy argument). Barbara wrote a beautiful and evidence filled column about it.

    I know that Hugh Laurie and Lisa E are actors, performing the material that they are given, but I wonder if it crosses their minds how the audience reacts to this kind of manipulation. I think back to the interview over the summer where LE is told that millions and millions of votes were cast for her/Hugh as most loved couple. She had tears in her eyes saying how grateful and humbled that made her feel.
    People’s Choice awards, TV Guide most popular couple polls, etc. Fans are invested and involved. Perhaps to TPTB it is only a show and the character chess pieces to move around the board, but the fans care about them and it is because we are involved that shows have the popularity and recognition.

    Maybe this was a blessing in disguise. I anticipate Mondays at 8:00 all week, I look so forward to this column and all of the insightful and even differing opinions. Maybe this is the time to start breaking away from my House addiction. I am not saying I will never watch again, but perhaps I will tape and watch later. To be honest, if we are back to square one, as DS said, I can’t go through it again. The man I love and care for has been through so much I don’t want to watch that torment. If I did, I’d watch poor Charlie Sheen.

  • kitkat

    @housefan (#49) Cuddy is definitely not the love of his life. My bet is on Stacy. His love for her was intense but he seems blinded by anger and resentment. Like so many people commented on here, Cuddy and House had boring chemistry. I love Lisa E. but she didn’t mesh with House on a romantic level at all.

  • Elisabeth

    I am hopeful. Maybe it seems convoluted, but I don’t think GY would tweet “RIP Huddy” if it was over for good. Think about it …the tweet was provacative – to entice us to really debate the issue; if it was REALLY over he would have been so much more vague.

    It’s hard to keep the emotions at bay, but if it was really over I think we would have heard very different rhetoric.

    I am going to go out on a limb here, but I think TPTB are setting us up for an eventual reconciliation at the end of the season… just sayin”…

  • 1231

    I was already having a bad week and wish I hadn’t watched last nights episode till later as it made me more depressed.
    Anyhow, I felt like the whole House and Cuddy relationship was inconsistent. It almost feels to me like the writers had no idea how to really write the relationship into the show. After waiting so long for them to get together, I was hoping the show would give this relationship the time and respect it’s earned.
    I do not like the feeling of being back at square one. Although I do not think its unreasonable for him to have relapsed after the relationship ended.
    I actually had stopped watching house for awhile in the past, but the season 6 finale really drew me back in and I have when waiting anxiously every monday for a new episode, however now I find myself not really looking forward to watching as I did for the first half of the season. Partly because I loved the huddy relationship, but also partly for some of the comments made by the writers.

  • fatOlady

    Hey DebbieJ, the site says no personal attacks. (smiley) 🙂

    However, since you’re speaking of being childish, have you read any of the tweets on Twitter from GY? He is really a very nasty little man and he is very much enjoying the pain this has caused. He is also having fun reminding the fans there is nothing they can do about it.

    I apoligize if it seems childish, but being told I am powerless in a bad stuation tends to bring out the worst in me.

  • Sera G

    As if I didn’t say enough above.
    Barbara, I worry about their working relationship. It was tense and smouldering due to their love, attraction and affection. What is left of that now? I think they do still love each other, but it will not be an easy time in the halls of PPTH.
    When Cuddy dated Lucas, House was miserable, but tried to handle it maturely. What will he and she do now that they have laughed, shared meals, taken care of a child together, squabbled and patched it up and made love? This is worse than a divorce, because the relationship never had a chance to bloom, grow and then wither, if that was its destiny. I still feel cheated!

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara. Wow 133 posts!
    I was writing a very long rant that just got ‘lost’. Maybe that is for the best. I want to thank Jessica, #105, as she wrote probably the only thing that gave me some comfort.
    The posts are all very insightful and psychological and deep. I guess I am still too sad and MAD at this point to process them completely.
    I feel foolish and betrayed. I bought into the House/Cuddy story from episode 1 and have been waiting for them to find a way to be together a long time. I know not everyone liked the pairing or felt the writing was off this season, whatever. I have been enjoying it very much. I wanted to see my friend happy. I wanted to see the woman who has loved, protected and nourished him finally find a future with him. I wanted him clean, sober and willing to take a chance on love and on himself.
    There are many valid points made: an addict is always an addict, they are just fighting against it. I think Cuddy, we AND House forgot that. Happiness was his new drug. It makes sense that he has to want to be sober for himself. That will be an interesting exploration. I felt however that the ending was a sucker punch to my gut was horrible. I wasn’t prepared for the pain from both House and Cuddy.

    But worse than that blow was the tweets that in essence mock the loyalty and faith
    audience has put in this show and these characters. I find that the cruelest of all events from Monday night. I have always respected and admired GY. Yet, he posts “RIP, Huddy.” That is cruel.
    The writers made us believe House and Cuddy were right for each other, from the beginning, imo, The banter, the looks, the inuendo. We were teased that their time was coming, be patient. Now it is revealed that the beautiful ending of “Help Me” that gave hope to House/Cuddy and their fans was planned to string us along. That is just mean!
    I love this show. I talk it up to everyone. I give DVDs as gifts to get friends started their own ‘addiction.’ I was just sad and mad before. Now I am really disappointed in TPTB, who I felt were so brilliant, creative, yes, twisted and a bit manipulative. I won’t say that I’ll stop watching, because I truly care about these people and their world. Now, I will watch with a bit more jaded view.
    Susan, my Huddy soulmate, what will we do?
    I had hope that perhaps before we all say goodbye they might find a way to come back together. What do you think?

    If this is a short rant, can you imagine what the other looked like?
    Off topic, continue to think about the reviews that came out when season 7 began; specifically from TV Guide and EW. They both thought the pairing of House and Cuddy was a wonderful idea, it gave new energy to the show and it was time to end the ‘dance.’ I love the quote from EW, “Still the same old curmudgeon, just with a soulmate.” It breaks my heart now. I thought and still believe they are soul mates.

  • A couple of things before I go off to teach an evening class…

    I’m trying to get an interview set up with one of the House exec producers (maybe either Lerner or Friend)…I’ll know more tomorrow.

    Also, whatever has happened to House and Cuddy’s relationship, they will still be together at work interacting, and I’m extremely interested as to how that will work out for both of them. They’re still in love with each other–and they work together (closely). How will House deal with it (I’m guessing not well), but also how will Cuddy? What will be Wilson’s role in this?

    I agree with Blacktop’s great insight about Wilson and Foreman pushing House to beyond his limits. I’m sure House knew they were right all along, but also knew how hard it would be for him. He worked hard to be there, but at what cost?

    More tomorrow. What a wonderful thread. Lots of (mostly) civil discussion and disagreement/agreement. 134 comment and counting!s

  • Leodie

    Well i need a hug too. Badly.

    Jenny#84, i am with you here. House is the first tv character i am this involved with and what happens to him can influence my mood on the day after I watch him going through too much angst.

    I loved this episode though. I think the story was carefully constructed like the almost weekly fabergé egg scenarios we’re now familiar with. I don’t really get the fascination which has gotten into House (the show) lately over reenacting popular movies but it was done well enough especially the musical. And it fit with the high quality drama.

    Just like Cuddy saw this coming but not on a conscious level, i believe there has been hints these last weeks that the relationship was going to end but we (shippers, dare i include Barbara ?) didn’t want to notice them. And yet it makes sense (as usual in retrospect). There is still a momentous journey that House needs to travel. It is the one towards being able to stand up on his own, without the help of a drug or a relationship. Relationships don’t make people happy; they bring another dimension to the lives of people who can already be happy on their own. House is not there yet. I haven’t cared much about Cuddy since the beginning of this season, but I won’t participate in the Cuddy bashing. She had a “House moment” about how their relationship was unhealthily based on fear and need (although we know that’s not all there is to it) and did what she thought was the right thing to do. House needs to find another way to cope and be whole on his own before he can be with her. She doesn’t think that he can. Let’s see how it goes.

    If this is the end of Huddy forever, I believe it was a little premature. If we’re back to square one, I will stop watching the show, but I am pretty sure we’re not and I am going to trust the writers with the story. It is theirs to tell and so far they have done a pretty good job with it. I don’t believe however that 8 episodes is enough to finish telling that story, we need another season guys.

  • Dmckoy

    @Flo 126, my pleasure, I think it’s important to consider all sides here

    @bighousefan 131, I’m glad ur coming to appreciate the ep more. Trust me, I still feel the sting of the breakup (as House & Cuddy will feel for awhile), but the closer I look, and really harkin back to past seasons, I see that it’s necessary, and an important step for these characters (again, as I’m hoping House will soon realize that things has to be this way, if only for now)

  • Ruthinor, Flo, Backtop, Dmcky

    Still crushed, but appreciating the episode more because of your insight!

  • Oo

    Still haven’t watched the episode but am enjoying all the comments above.. and feeling so so sad for House…i can still remember feeling his pain when he went to offer to babysit and found Lucas there..and from what i gathered from all the comments, this is more heart wrenching..
    Anyways, thanks for a great review Barbara all the way from Fiji

  • xinyuActor

    I’m still believe when House was sitting on the bathroom floor, with his pills in his hand, he’s expecting Cuddy’s show up. Before he popped those pills, he gave a look towards the door where Cuddy has showed up at this very similar point in season 6 finale. And I’m pretty sure if Cuddy do come back (and sure with tears), House will embrace her and kiss her deeply to show his fear of losing her. But sadly, as you know.

    Hope you can get my idea above, since my mother language’s not English (it’s Chinese.).

    And my dear (real) House fan fellows, you’re just being too nice to deal with some particular people in these comments. here’s a thing: Since we are watching a story currently talking about House and Cuddy, why the heck are you anti-huddy guys are still stick arround? Dont like, dont watch.

    Sorry of my words but they really make me angry when I was reading all those beautiful comments.

    Barbara, thank you for your great great review yet again.

  • Marisol

    Blacktop made an excellent point about this being a classic tragedy. People since the ancient Greeks and before have always loved a good tragedy. House is even better because it mixes the great tragedy with the comedy and the mystery.
    It is interesting that so many fans want House to fix himself and heal himself. It is just like Wilson, Cuddy, and everyone else around House wanting him to be different than he is. I think that House is a tragic character. The gut-wrenching episodes of House are the best. If this show were a fairy tale in which everyone lives happily ever after, I would have stopped watching long ago.

  • DebbieJ

    #83 OFL – Please, let’s not talk about a boycott. IMO, that is childish.

    #84 Jessica – House is not an addict “again”. House is an addict. And that will never change. An addict has to make a conscience choice everyday to not give in to what they are addicted to. Just because an alcoholic is sober, doesn’t mean he is no longer an alcoholic.

    Which brings me to my disappointment in how Season 7 has been progessing so far. Not once since Now What has anyone – House, Cuddy or anyone else, acknowledge that he is an addict. This is a huge deal for anyone attempting a relationship with a newly recovered(ing) addict. (And let’s not even mention the virtual non mention of his leg pain!) Not once did we see him struggle with his choice to stay sober. Then all of a sudden, just to move the narrative along, boom. Suddenly everyone (read writers) remembered that House is an addict. Not that it should have been the prime focus of the relationship, but it should have been explored before he relapsed.

    I feel the relationship was poorly explored and both were very OOC much of the season.

    My hope for the remainder of the series is that they will FINALLY explore House’s relationship with his parents. I think and hope that should be the final leg of his journey. Because that is the only way he will truly find self-worth and in turn, happiness. Only then, can he share that happiness with another person, regardless of whom that would be.

  • Flo

    @Ruthinor (#120), you’re welcome! I can’t believe all this Cuddy bashing either. I think there is a huge double standard in the way house and Cuddy are judge here.

    @Dmcky (#114) and @Blacktop (#118) both have really great points. Really interesting. It totally make sense.
    Thanks for that.

    It is sad to think that he has to lose the woman he loves because his self-loathing and selfishness prevent him to treating her well.
    He really will have to come around and he will have to actually want to heal.

    I remember the end of the episode “Detox”. He told Wilson that his addiction behavior wasn’t a problem because he was able to function. One day he will have to want to do better than just “function”. That’s what John Henry Giles tried to told him already in a way in “DNR”.
    All this goes way back to season 1.

  • 54

    I am still so devastated by this episode that I feel the need to post again. I am devastated by the heartbreak House has a character and the whole “going back to square one” spoken by Shore is just cruel. I sincerely hope that he doesn’t literally mean House is back to square one. If he is, what was the point of the past 6 years?

    Is Shore saying that the natural human condition is misery and lonliness, and progress is just an illusion?

    House’s dialogue from “Now What” haunts me. He told Cuddy, “This isn’t going to work…You’re going to realize…that I am an insane choice for someone who has a kid…” “I’ve done horrible things to you…I’ll do horrible things, again, to you…do you think that I can change?”

    In some ways, I feel that “Bombshells” was the bookend to “Now What”,and the episodes in between were planned with that in mind. (note: If that is true, then I do feel that the producers and writers were not gracious in their off-the-show antics of jerking us around.) If House is, as he always is, right, then that is heartbreaking. Because, yes, he is right, but, why does being courageous and deciding to risk being wrong to be happy have to end in misery? Why does knowing the truth and being right *always* have to be painful? There are some truths that do not hurt.

    I agree with a review that I read that said that, while certain aspects of Season 7 were debatable, the character development of House was creatively satisfying. I sincerely hope that hitting the “reset” button does not show us a House that erases the understated, powerful glimpses of character development of the past few years. If hitting the “reset” button is Shore’s intention of showing us that misery is the human condition, then, that seems too cruel because, how much misery can a person bear? And if Shore is hitting that button to stir things up for ratings, then, that feels cruel, too.

    I hope that the rest of Season 7 gives some glimmer of hope because I love House precisely because it looks unflinchingly at cruel truths, but I also love the show because it offers insight into the painful, slow, but beautiful process of inching towards what it means to find meaning as a human being.

  • susan

    Can someone get David Shore on the line? I want to talk to him.

  • susan

    This is a blog for serious analysis and discussion. I read all the posts and end up agreeing with much of what everybody says. But, enough analysis. Could I have some glimmers of hope for their eventual return to the “uncommon” and compelling relationship that I’ve spent hours and hours (too many hours!) getting into. The writers had their fun – they broke them up again and again in this torturous roller coaster of a relationship, House is now miserable and back to square one, I blame Cuddy for this and can we now get back to where this show was heading for 7 years – with House and Cuddy a couple again. Otherwise, I can’t watch it. I feel depressed from last night’s episode. Someone posted “I need a hug”. Well, I’m with her. SeraG – you are my House soulmate. Could you write some more comments on a positive note.
    P.S. My husband just came in and said he wants to watch the breakup from last night. Then he said, don’t worry they may get back together.
    (Barbara, how could you write about House’s going off to look for Lydia or 13 or a new love??? Cuddy is the only one).

  • Amanda

    I actually was a little bit irritated at Cuddy. House used the best tool he had to overcome his reluctance and fear. She’s the one who said she didn’t want him to change, and now she does. Change the rules much? I understand she had a shock and may be recovering, but I don’t think she’s in the right, here.

  • ruthinor

    Blacktop, thanks for that great post.

  • ruthinor

    #95 Flo: Thanks so much for your thoughts here. I agree with you totally. Also, kudos to #114 Dmcky. I can’t believe the crap that’s being hurled at Cuddy (and if you view other sites, apparently some folks think that LE is personally responsible for House’s addiction because there’s a lot of hatred being thrown her way! Hey, she doesn’t write the show!)). EVERYTHING House has done has been in his own self-interest. What he said to Cuddy in the episode before this one was summed up beautifully by a poster whose name I’ve forgotten: essentially he said “I love you. You diminish me”. This is NOT something you say to someone you love and care about. Sorry, there’s no defense for it. To not be there when someone you love thinks she’s dying?Through the years, both Cuddy and Wilson have certainly made their mistakes, but they always had House’s best interests at heart, not their own. When has House put anyone else’s interest before his own when it counted? I don’t think Wilson’s liver surgery counts since it was not a life-threatening moment and furthermore, he put Wilson through the ringer before he decided to show up. Even then, he only thought about himself. HE might lose his best friend. I love House. I just don’t like him very much.

  • Dmcky 114

    You are right, when you put it that way it makes sense.

    It reminds me of House’s question to Cuddy at the end of last season’s finale “Do you think I can fix myself?”

    DR. Nolan has tried, Wilson has tried, and Cuddy has tried. House has
    to want to fix himself and find himself worthy.

  • blacktop

    I found that a gut-wrenching, but strangely satisfying episode last night. I was so sad, but not really surprised by the final scene when they broke up. Hugh and Lisa were just magnificent in that scene, making it heart-breaking to watch. House begging Cuddy not to break with him was just beyond horrendous. This has to be his lowest point in the entire series, even further down than when he sorta, mighta tried suicide over Christmas Eve of the Tritter torture.

    The tragic irony of it is that House was urged on by Wilson and Foreman to go against his natural instinct for self-preservation and offer comfort to Cuddy during her medical crisis. In order to ease his overwhelming pain at the prospect of losing her and do her right by standing with her, House decided to take the Vicodin. This was the one thing that could cause her to actually leave him. So what he feared most came about, not through a random quirk of biology , but by his own act. In trying for the best, he commited the worst sin. House was brought down by his own weakness.

    This is the definition of classic tragedy, originating with the Greeks who found the fall of a noble soul doomed by his own inherent flaw to be the greatest drama of all.

    Shore has recreated these classic dimensions for his modern story and it is at once terrifying and cathartic to behold I find.

    But here is the difference. I am not sure that the addiction to Vicodin can truly be classified as an inherent character flaw, beyond House’s ability to redress. I think that House is addicted, but that is not at the core of who he is as a man. Cuddy, who has known him for more than two decades, is clear that House is not his addiction and that his addiction is not entirely him.

    I think that is why she had faith that he could overcome the Vicodin without changing his essential nature. I believed her when she said in “What Now?” that she did not want House to change. I still believe her. Cuddy entered into the relationship with an unspoken contract: “I love you unconditionally because I know who you are, but I cannot stay in the relationship if you exhibit the addictive behaviors that have so damaged you and all of us around you.”

    Cuddy could tolerate and work with House on all other aspects of their relationship: the lying over a patient, the halting rapport with Rachel, the pressures from her mother, the chewed up tooth brush, the abandoned awards banquet. None of these challenged that core contract that I believe underlies their relationship. But House’s selfish act of taking Vicodin to avoid pain crossed the line for her. I consider her incredibly brave to throw away what she wants most for her life in order to not facilitate House’s addictive behaviors.

    By refusing to be an enabler now, Cuddy is giving House a chance at true recovery. This is a strong parallel to Stacy’s sacrifice: giving up her relationship with House in order to save his life. But, to quote Stacy, House won’t see it that way.

    I actually don’t think House will backslide all the way to season 1 levels, that just seems ridiculous to me after all he has been through. I think we will get a few episodes of suffering with the Vicodin and then House is off it for real, this time without the aid of Cuddy or anybody else, but just because he wants to be free of it.

    This breakup made complete sense to me and I think it was properly foreshadowed by lots of House’s behaviors in previous episodes which indicated that he was not through with his addictive behaviors, but just shifting them to Cuddy. I think this is very realistic and it is an important stage that he has to overcome.

    I don’t know if House and Cuddy will get back together, but I would not be surprised if they try again before this season ends. They truly love each other and want to make a go of a relationship. But until House determines that he is a man WITH an addiction, but not a hopeless addict, then they can’t be together, IMO.

    So actually, I don’t think the House/Cuddy relationship is over by a long shot. But I do believe they are in a new phase now and will never go back to the exhuberant springtime of “Now What.”

    So many amazing touches in this episode to contemplate:

    — Wilson and Foreman caring so much about House’s welfare, but pushing him so hard to do what a boyfriend should do that he stumbled. They were right to say that this crisis was not about House and that it was Cuddy at risk, but by pushing so hard and not recognizing House’s own traumatized nature, they brought him to the brink, perhaps unnecessarily.

    — The POTW, whose story I barely followed, did seem to have some significant parallels with House. Especially Taub’s early recognition that the boy was treating his own depression with drugs (marijuana) and violence. The final diagnosis was particularly symbolic, I thought. The patient had struck out in explosive acts of anger and contempt aimed at others, but the result had been life-threatening damage to himself. This is House to a T, isn’t it?

    — Cuddy’s dreams were not all induced by the surgical anethesia, as I had orginally assumed. Instead, she was dreaming before she went under the knife. Her three dreams were evocative of three different possible outcomes for her relationship with House. She could find herself in an artifical domesticity that was untrue to House’s basic rebel nature and inconsistent with what she loves most about him. Or she could be absent through death, but remembered in his devotion to her daughter. Or she could be abandoned by House at her time of greatest need.

    I agree with Barbara’s observation that in each of these dreams House is occupied with food and oral consumption: fixing dinner/sucking a lollipop/receiving a cake in the first scene; then blowing bubble gum as a grown-up adolescent; or satisfying a sudden craving for a burrito in the midst of a showdown with the law. Cuddy’s mind was turning over the issue of House’s Vicodin addiction in this oral imagery. Her sister’s casual remark equating medicine with candy gave Cuddy the epiphany she needed to realize what House had done.

    — the opening scene was a perfect micro-presentation of all the issues of the entire episode. Cuddy awoke to find herself abandoned. House seriously startled her with his below-the-bed game which emphasized his immaturity as well as his affectionate nature. In her fright at finding the blood in her urine, Cuddy called out for House repeatedly. I assume he got up eventually, but we never saw him emerge from under the bed to help her. Their separation at this initial moment was repeated as House struggled to come to terms with facing Cuddy’s potentially fatal illness.

    — How many times did Cuddy call out House’s name in this episode? It seemed to me that it was more times than she has ever called him before in all seven seasons. She called him multiple times in the bedroom opener scene. She called for him in his zombie nightmare. She was always plaintively calling him to come to her, tearing at his heart each time and underlining his inability to be there with her when she needed him.

    — Great scene between Cuddy and Chase. He offered a partial version of Paul’s famous quote from 1 Corinthians 13:7 : “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” This was truly the motto of the episode.

    — Love the parallel scenes when first Cuddy and then House received from Wilson the terrible news of her diagnosis. Both Lisa and Hugh were amazing in telling the story of the impact of this news with their facial expressions and stillness.

    This show is as complex, courageous, and enthralling as its lead character. I am excited to see where the relationship of House and Cuddy go next.

  • fatOlady

    Barbara – actually all this happened in an 18 hour period. WoW!

  • Christina

    I think what Andrea said in post #25 best puts into words what I am feeling. I loved the episode but have felt that the writers have written Cuddy as pretty not-understanding (I cannot think of the right word there sorry!) of House and his troubles as of late. Of course, I totally agree that Cuddy needs to feel she is in a healthy relationship and that House will be there for her when times are tough but it just seems so abrupt for her to walk away from House because he still needs to numb himself because he fears emotional pain. (I don’t know how she had the willpower to walk away from him as he was basically begging her to stay. Great job by HL). I feel like she should let him know his taking vicodin is not acceptable but help him through it. After all, that’s what she wanted him to do during her medical crisis, be there and help her deal with it. Seems hypocritical for her to walk away from House and the relationship instead of sticking by him. I think maybe she’s afraid of the success of the relationship, that she is taking a preemptive step before she becomes more involved. Of course in my humble opinion of course!

    I think that if this is a bump in the road, then it’s great television and a great and daring way to mix things up. But if this is the end of the relationship (which seems to be the case according to some interviews), I feel the writers did not give it their all and did not really explore it fully. There was so much more we could learn about House through this relationship and isn’t that really what this show is about – a character study of House?

    I also wanted to say this is my first post and have really enjoyed reading this board. Thanks Barbara and all those who participate!

  • rjw

    This episode was brilliant,albeit extremely heartbreaking at the end.This may have been Liz Friedman/Sara Hess’ best co-written script.Hugh Laurie was absolutely amazing, showing the gamut of emotions House experienced: playful to concerned to terrified to devestated.I am very much looking forward to next week’s episode.The actors/writers/director did a fantastic job by creating a show that receives this much response.I think they did their jobs very well!

  • Dmcky

    Wow! I never posted 3 posts in one review before but you cant help but commentate after such an episode. Everyone continues to make excellent points.. To those that’s all over Cuddy’s case, as much as the pain came oozing out of House during those moments, it was no picnic for Cuddy either..in fact, she did what House is not yet capable of doing, she selflessly set him free so that he could work on his demons. She is a crutch for him, and she finally opened her eyes to see that. She doesn’t want House to need her, she wants him to WANT her, and there’s a difference!

    It killed her to do it, but I think she actually was putting his well being before hers in a way. he needs to get better because he wants to, and for no other reason. People keep talking about all the hoops House has jumped thru this season for Cuddy, etc , etc..but think about it, everything he has done “for” Cuddy this season, has ultimately been for him..He tutored Rachel not because he cares about the kid and wants her to succeed, or wants to help Cuddy, but because he didn’t want to console Cuddy if Rachel didn’t make it. He went to Career day and tried to get Rachel in that school only because Cuddy was mad at him and thought he was losing her, and in his own admission he NEEDS her. He apologized to her early in the season only to get off the proverbial couch and back into her bed, not necessarily because he meant it.. Even Wilson said last night she was the one dying but once again House was making it about him..

    These are selfish actions…House needs to learn that he cannot function in a relationship if he insists on only considering himself..

    But again, none of this means he does not love her, because he truly does. But like Cuddy told him, that’s just who is, and right now she isn’t convinced that he could do better..its up to House to prove her wrong

  • Everest

    PATHETIC. in order for me to tune in next week or even to start watching this show AGAIN after last night episode, they need to KILL OF LISA CUDDY’S CHARACTER…she’s a DISGRACE to women and a HYPOCRITE.

  • Jessica

    Excellent comment Barbara on your post (#110).

    Remember when Cuddy told House way back that she doesn’t want him to change, that he has always been the most incredible man she’s ever known and he will always be the most incredible man she’s ever known?

    I think she meant every word of it and still does. Except for the change part. In my opinion, she didn’t want to change him, I think she had hoped he would want to change. And actually he did, he just didn’t know how…because he was afraid.

    He’s got to stop being afraid.


  • Jessica

    Barbara, I don’t think he would subject himself to yet another woman who hurt him. I think he was done with Lydia the moment she said she was moving to Arizona.

    I think Cameron could be a good friend to him. She doesn’t have any feelings for him anymore and her desire to make him better is gone. I think she could use some toughlove on him. I just don’t see them bringing her back.

    The look on Cuddy’s face when she told him goodbye. I can’t rewatch the scene of them anymore because I cry every time. It’s hurting her as much as it’s hurting him. There’s no way she wanted to do that. But suddenly all the fears she’s had since they got together came to be real. But…fear not, House may fall down for a little while but he’ll find his way. I can’t believe TPTB would take us down the same old miserable road. It’s time that House does look within himself, face the inner turmoils, deal with them, and move on. It’s TIME.

  • So much to digest. FatOlady–This is the highest number of hits I’ve had to a post-ep article (20,000+ I think). This is the longest thread w/in 24 hours ever for a column I’ve done. Whew!

    Whoever said that everyone’s missing the boat, I don’t think I am. I know why Cuddy broke it off. And it’s been brewing for weeks. It’s not that he took drugs–its that he couldn’t be there with her without them to make it through the anguish. She said in Help Me that it was his choice about the drugs. But I think her expectations and trust in herself to be able to handle his emotional baggage was elevated to the extreme in those Honeymoon moments.

    Like House, who thought he could stay present and off drugs, Cuddy felt she could tolerate House through it all. Neither of them were right. And it’s incredibly sad.

    But neither one of them is going anywhere–and it’s established that they are in love with each other. This puts each character in a very different place than they were three months ago–and three years ago.

    From a storytelling POV, there are lots of possibilities. Lots of them.

    I’m trying to arrange an interview with a couple of the EP/writers on the show to discuss Bombshells and the rest of the season…

  • Jessica

    I just want the House-Cuddy dynamic that they’ve had since day one. Without it, the show suffers. It should be an interesting journey….

  • Kate

    I respect non-Huddy fans, but the problem with this season’s writing is way beyond the repercussions of House/Cuddy relationship. There is a weakness in all storylines.
    On the other hand, about the Huddy pairing, David Shore and other people from the production kept saying: “House and Cuddy will give this relationship a chance. We’ll see if it works out.” And for some reason, they kept talking about how doomed this relationship from the start. So as a fan, who is interested in House and Cuddy exploring their relationship, it is not the break up that disturbs me. It is the entire course of the relationship and how it ends. Besides, I didn’t get to see them exploring anything at all. Maybe David Shore and Co. tried to minimize the non-Huddy fans’ reactions but downplaying the course of the relationship. That I don’t know. What I know is Cuddy’s actions are written in an illogical way. She tells House that their relationship cannot affect their work and then she gets angry with him for lying about a procedure. She, then, blames him for not caring about her when he doesn’t bring the trash out. Finally, he breaks up with him by saying he can’t deal with pain. Not to mention, she calls him selfish. Well, not being able to face the fear of losing a loved one doesn’t sound that selfish to me. He took Vicodin because he wanted to be there for her and he just couldn’t do it without the pill. He risked his sobriety for her. On top of that, she talked about how he doesn’t open up to people since he is afraid of the pain of losing them. After what she does to him, I clearly see why he doesn’t open up to anyone.
    That same Cuddy dated and got engaged to Lucas, who was introduced as a creepy private eye. Remember the scene where he stares at the women passing by and ends up getting called pervert? That guy became the trustworthy man, who Cuddy felt comfortable enough to raise her child with. It never made sense back then. Cuddy’s actions in the seventh season doesn’t make any sense at all again.
    David Shore keeps saying House is miserable and the show will not have a happy end. I seriously don’t get his insistence on this. I mean House will never be happy-go-lucky guy. That doesn’t mean the only other option has to be him boozing up or committing suice at the end of the series.
    While talking about suicide, House once said he still goes on living despite his misery. So, what should I expect? That he will be miserable at the end? Or that he will be so miserable that he will kill himself? Or he will die anyways?
    I really wonder how things will turn out in this post-Huddy era and I wonder whether non-Huddy fans will be happy about it. For some reason, I don’t think the writing will please them either.
    Despite my curiosity, I am totally done with the show. I can’t bear watching a character spiralling into misery to get drown in it.

  • Susie

    I do not appreciate all the crap from TPTB (GY with the “RIP Huddy”, what a ***!!). I felt really bad all day because I love the character and care about him, and I’m tired of DS saying “this is not a show about happy people”… Oh my god dude, sometimes there IS happiness in life, and your show had 6 years of all types of crap for House, can’t he be happy for once ?
    The show is about the journey of House through life, as everyone does it (maybe more difficult for him), and it’s like TPTB decided that happiness doesn’t fit with House because he is cursed and it’s his fate… Fate does not exist! NOBODY is destined to be miserable. House had done a lot of work, neither Cuddy nor TPTB understand that!
    And thank you for the great message the show provides : you can do everything, you are always gonna be an addict and you are always gonna be miserable……..

  • PH

    bigHousefan(#85) IMO The fish-out-of-water costumes represented House’s feelings of inadequacy in helping to comfort Cuddy in her time of need. He feels he was not equipped with the proper physical attributes to breathe and survive in this foreign environment. He did not have the legs to stand on in order to rise up and mature (evolve) into the supporting role that he should have taken.

  • Jessica

    Just following up to some of the comments since I made mine (#90).

    My sentiments exactly to Barbara and all those who said House is going to have to want to get better and do what he can to fix himself. I’m sure Cuddy and Wilson will be there for him but at some point he’ll realize that nobody can help him as much as he can help himself.

    I guess I was blind not to see this coming even though Shore & Co. kept telling us it would. Their plan makes sense now because the House we know is still messed up. He’s not healed yet. House and Cuddy thought they were on the same page (finally!) at the end of S6 but it just wasn’t the right place and right time for them. She ended her relationship with Lucas who was obviously wrong for her. House of course was only a year off Vicodin and had just quit therapy with Nolan (bad bad idea!) and he never did address his internal conflicts. He got off the Vicodin and kept busy cooking and working and whatever else he could think of (remember everything was pretty extreme to keep his mind off the Vicodin). Without ever really addressing his emotional issues, he jumped into a relationship with Cuddy and she became his substitute. Neither of them meant for this to happen, it’s just that they needed each other and had waited so long to be together. No wonder they were doomed and no wonder Cuddy and House always felt in the back of their minds, that they were just a few moments from one of them screwing up. They both had a feeling, but they wanted their chance to be together and so they just figured they could make it work. I can’t say I fault them for that. They waited long enough.

    House as he is now is not relationship material but that doesn’t mean he has to be unhappy and alone forever–a healed House would do fine because at that time he would finally do what he has been afraid to do for so long–allow himself to be honest and open and FEEL and EXPRESS his emotions and just his pain and grief but the pain and grief of others, especially those closest to him, even his patients, and to deal with it in a manner that doesn’t involve masking it with painkillers. That is the House that Cuddy wants to be with her for the rest of her life.

    I expect when House is able to begin the process of healing himself emotionally and delving into all his longstanding inner turmoils he can become a better person while still remaining a great doctor with a great sense of humor, wit and wisdom. For House to become this man though he’s going to have to go through an exhaustive search of who he is. He is going to have to seek help and then begin opening up about his emotional scars, admit his weaknesses, and allows himself to get emotionally invested in others and vice versa. This is going to be a painful road for him. In the end, he can look at himself in the mirror and be proud of his accomplishment. Oh he’d still be witty, sarcastic and genius House he would have finally conquered that inner turmoil that has pained him over the years.

    That is the House I want to see and yes, I think they can make that House a reality while making the journey fascinating for him and for us.

    As for Cuddy, while Shore says they’re split up they apparently won’t use the term “forever” and it makes sense because it leaves options open for House and Cuddy to begin again in the future. For now, Cuddy is in love with House, always has been and she doesn’t want to settle for someone that isn’t him. I see her focusing more on work and raising Rachel right now. She doesn’t have room in her life for a man, especially if it’s not House. She loves him, she just can’t be with him right now. I don’t doubt that if he changed and became that man HE wants to be, she would take him back. This inability to express himself and open his heart and make himself vulnerable is the only thing keeping them apart. I think she’s going to go through a journey too. It’s got to be so heartbreaking for her to have let him go but not only did she do it for her and Rachel, I think she did it mostly for him. I think she realized that he was codependent on her and that as long as they were together he would not be forced to address his emotional baggage.

    I’m looking forward to House’s journey as well as Cuddy and Wilson being there with him through it, though not enabling him but talking to him and supporting and encouraging him. These two will have to change their behavior too as House goes through this. This will be hard on them too watching him go through it. I believe TPTB will have House falling down but they will have him pick himself up and taking control of his life and doing what he has to in order to heal himself.

    Ultimately I want to see House and Cuddy together because I think that they are right for each other, but it can’t be this House, it has to be the House who is making real strides to heal and who is doing it for the right reasons–himself.

    I’d like to add that this would be an excellent opportunity to bring back Dr. Nolan for therapy sessions. Ok if NOT Nolan, another therapist. It would also be a great time to bring House’s mother back and introduce…his biological father. Knowing more about his bio father could do wonders for House. It might help House to understand why his mother had an affair with this man, why the father who raised him treated him so badly, and what made him the way he is.

    Oh and one more thing. House has always believed that being alone and miserable helps him be a better diagnostician. Actually what I’m hoping he’ll learn (among other things) is that the only effect it has on the ability is it makes him obsessive which is not a good trait and that he can be a great diagnostician without being obsessive. And he’ll learn that being in love and feeling happiness has no negative effect on his abilities either. If anything, being in love and being happy should ENHANCE his diagnostic abilities because he would be feeling good.

    This is where I hope the metamorphosis is headed. Don’t need a repeat of Seasons 1-5, what I want as a viewer and devoted fan of this show and the characters is growth and development, moving forward, not backward. In my opinion moving House backward for the long-term is an easy move, it’s been done before. Moving House forward and addressing his inner turmoil, now that’s challenging and entertaining especially when we get to see how this fits into his work and home life. There is now an excellent opportunity to challenge House as he’s never been challenged before and move his character forward in a new but better direction. If they have to take a few steps back temporarily so be it.

    I love the show. I’m sad about the breakup but I am understanding it more now and how it made sense and what great things could come of it. That final scene with them broke my heart, looking back the performances of Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein were Emmy-worthy. If you can evoke the kind of emotion they did, it’s a win!

  • A Person!

    I don’t think Cuddy was cruel at all in this episode. I think she deserves a little more credit here, honestly. She’s had the most faith in House this season, despite the troubles in recent episodes. Especially in THIS episode, while just about everyone was convinced he wouldn’t show, she calmly remained faithful and insisted he would. She only lost faith in him when faced with the fact that he didn’t seem capable of truly being there for her, and I’m sorry, if there’s one thing you should expect your boyfriend to do is for him to be there for you in a time of need.

    Could she have given him yet another chance? Sure, and maybe then he’d learn but she did think she was dying and that’s kind of a giant moment of need, so it’s not unreasonable at all to decide that was too much.

    As for the episode, looove it. It was excellent and the ending made me happily sad, very well written and executed. I’ll agree that the dream sequences were a little weird, just because of how random they were. There was no real leading up to any of them, and like BB said, with the exception of “get Happy”, it just looked like: LETS HAVE A BUNCH OF RANDOM INSIGHTFUL DREAMS. I was actually a little worried for Cuddy, even though I figured that things would probably be alright, as things usually go in TV land.

    I strongly disagree with comments about how the show stopped being “about House” thanks to this storyline. I don’t care if Cuddy has been getting more screen time lately, it will always. Be. About. House. She’s getting so much screen time because right now she is a big deal to House. And then there’s the “the show is about medical mysteries!” argument that also bothers me. The show has never been about medical mysteries, it is, again, about House. Sure, they are a big part of the show, but if House suddenly became a janitor the show would remain true to itself because the show would still be about House. Only now he’s a janitor, how fun! There can be mysteries on what-the-heck is that stain?! And why is there a nickel in the sliding door?

  • Chels D

    As sad as I was to see the demise of House and Cuddy’s relationship and as much as the ending of this episode was shocking, it reminds us that House is an addict so naturally the fight to stay clean would still be there and still be a great challenge for him. Barbarah: the candy throughout the dream sequences and hallucinations didn’t even register with me or seem significant– thanks for making that important connection and as always thank you for your insight. A splended article! I can’t wait to see how House handles the breakup.

  • fatOlady


    Just curious, what is the highest number of responses you have had to an episode review? What episode?

  • Sheryl

    @NattyLight: “the entire way the relationship has been structured, is that at no point was there pressure on Cuddy (or Wilson for that matter in the Hilson-verse) to change her life for House and help to make/keep him a better person. He was supposed to clue into everything she needed, but as I think last night showed, she had no clue as to what he needed. A former addict with abandonment and self-worth issues who thinks that he doesn’t deserve this relationship on a good day”

    Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes I feel we haven’t seen Cuddy or Wilson (maybe a little) grow much themselves. Granted, the character study is of House, but even the minor characters (Taub, Chase) have changed over time. I would’ve liked seeing Cuddy, who hasn’t had many successful relationships herself, be a little more self-critical . . . just my 2cents.

  • Flo

    @BigHousefan (#98) Glad you feel a bit better. Of course it is natural to be really invested in those characters after all these years. It was a sad ending.
    I really hope the writers understand that comments can hurt.
    Also I didn’t appreciate the RIP HUDDY from Yaitanes last nite on twitter. I’m not a shipper so not that worked up about it but I found it unecessary and way too soon after the episode. Just mean.

  • Pyrite


    Out of curiosity, do you think there’s still a glimmer of hope for a possible romantic reconciliation between House and Cuddy at some point next season? If neither House nor Stacy could get over each other despite 5 long years of total separation, I honestly doubt that Cuddy and he could simply return to being just “friends” without killing off the charged innuendo and banter that eventually led them into a relationship in the first place. I’d hate to think that the malaise these two are going to experience for the rest of Season 7 will continue to dominate a large chunk of Season 8.

  • Flo,

    You have made me feel a small bit better, which is quite the task. I am today heartbroken for a fictional character we have come to love so much. I hope the writers always appreciate that and understand that their sometimes flippant comments insult and hurt.

  • Great call on the candy/Vicodin motif. Gives me something to respect about this episode. The dream sequences were a little much for me, honestly.

  • Flo

    Sorry, the exact Mulder quote is: “dreams are answers to questions we don’t know how to ask.”

  • Flo

    It’s official: Cuddy is the most underappreciated and misunderstood character of the history of the show. This Cuddy bashing is crazy!

    1st of all, yes, Cuddy knew what she was getting herself into but I don’t think that the whole “I don’t want you to change” of “Now What” have anything to do with what happened here. Cuddy also tried to make this relationship work. This episode showed that she knew and accepted House. She was okay that he didn’t come to her bedside right away and in the end she told him to go do “what he does” after his epiphany. That has nothing to do with the breakup. She knows him, she has no problem with all that.
    2nd of all, I agree with @Barbara that she was perhaps in denial about what she could handle in this relationship. Especially (and that’s really my second point) that that she has relationship issues herself. It surprises me that most people seem to have forgotten that point. CUDDY IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN AS SCREWED UP AS HOUSE!!

    House chose to take Vicodin again on his own. He was a conscious choice he made. He did it because he wasn’t able to face the emotional situation he was in with Cuddy’s medical issue. He was worried and scared and he couldn’t face that without “help”. As much as it has something to do with her condition at that time, this has nothing to do with Cuddy herself. She’s not responsible for this. It is a very big deal as it is very telling about House’s level of “cure”. He was maybe sober (before) but he never was totally out of the woods. Ant addicts are. They are constantly recovering. House was probably kidding himself when he said that it was only a one-time thing. It is never a one-time thing. An alcoholic can’t say: “it was just a drink”. It never is. He really should have not said that because basically he told Cuddy that it wasn’t serious. That was a huge mistake as she took it (and rightly so) seriously. I wonder if and how this statement impacted her decision to end the relationship. She was in a very vulnerable state when she did it. I think they both acted on fear. House’s fear of pain and to lose Cuddy (he took the Vicodin after he was told she may be dying) made him relapse. Cuddy’s vulnerability brought up all her insecurities and she broke up by fear of not being able to handle this relationship anymore.

    If this episode proves something, is that House has still a very long way to go to be really “cured”. Despite all the huge steps he took so far, it wasn’t enough for him to be strong enough for this type of crisis. He can’t handle being in such a position of worrying & suffering in a very personal, emotional crisis like this one. He’s not ready yet. And it is not Cuddy’s fault IMO.
    So I agree with @Barbara and @Delia (#58). It is his demons, his issue and his battle to fight. Even if I agree with @BigHouseFan (# 85) that the breakup was abrupt, I don’t condemn what Cuddy did. All in all he’s gonna have to face his problem, take it seriously and fight the good fight. I believe it is something he has to do for his own sake. He has to do it for himself.

    What does that mean for the future of House and Cuddy? I don’t know but I think it’s gonna be interesting to see. Is there a chance for them down the road? Will they ever be able to overcome their own fears? Or are they both fatally flawed? I guess it’s wait and see but by then end of the episode, it is clear to me that there is unfinished business here. After all there are still eight episodes this season, which is half of what was devoted to the House/Cuddy thing. Interesting.

    As for the episode in itself, I really liked it. @Barbara, I wasn’t out of my mind with “The X-Files” quotation!! The episode really made me think of that quote. Mulder saying that he heard that dreams are answers to questions we didn’t ask ourselves yet. In a way, that’s exactly what happened to Cuddy here. The dream was really her subconscious speaking to her and it made her realize that House was still pretty screwed up. I like that. I agree with you that the dreams came abruptly and it was weird. At the same time I think that it was an interesting way to show how our subconscious manifest itself to us. It has no warning and we have no control over this. It just comes to us randomly and as it weird as it looked in the episode, I really felt this. The dreams were fun and very telling. The musical one was a totally ‘meh’ but real scary.

    @Delia (#58), yes the last scene really mirrored the last two seasons finales. It was really interesting. Both actors were at their best. Kudos to Laurie and Edelstein. I also thought about the kiss scene in “Joy”. In this episode, House and Cuddy, just before the kiss, looked at each other and recognized each other’s pain and fears. Here we got the same thing. Just before she ended up things they looked at each other and they saw things clearly. All the pain and the fears. I think these looks are partly what made those scenes powerful. Yesterday it was why it was so painful to watch.
    Interestingly, both scenes took place in entrance halls. It’s a passage place.

    I loved the directing. Yaitanes did an amazing job. The lighting also was good. Kudos to Tattersall. I like how they used the shadows. When House finally comes to Cuddy’s bedside, the first time we see him he is totally in the dark, at the door. Really cool shot.

    All in all, it was a great episode IMO. Intense and thought-provoking. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

  • The Other Barnett

    Observer, we need to do the Taub/Foreman thing and commiserate over a video game and chips…..we are on the same wavelength, my friend! House is not the House I grew to love…and I can accept that because he is trying to be functional…..but this relationship with Cuddy has totally nuetered him. I agree, also, that the writers are not concerned with the characters or the story arcs. They are trying to win Emmy’s.

  • The Other Barnett

    Does anyone else agree that Wilson is going to be a very busy friend to House after this? It is as if he will be back to the Wilson who was nagging and prodding both sides (House and Cuddy) during the first couple years of the show.

  • The Other Barnett

    I was angry at the end of the episode. I actually screamed “bitch” at Cuddy as she was crying with her sister. I was actually pleading with House to step away from the vicodin…..and its good I did all this, while my wife was working late in her office. I was angry at the show. Then it occurred to me….that is what can make a show that good. If you care about the characters and the way things turn out, the writers have done a good job.

    The only good dream sequence was the zombie horror skit. It truly showed how House views himself….the action hero who destroys the obvious monsters, but cannot save whom he really loves. The other scenarios were hackneyed and navel-meditation…..but maybe that what it was supposed to be to show how Cuddy was thinking. And the musical number……sucked. I’m sorry, I have never seen something that I was more ready to end than that. The notion of candy and the vicodin….a good string throughout the show.

    Cuddy’s decision may make sense, but how does she not take the full view here and see how much change has been made in that man she thought she loved? How does she not instead tell him that he has to be suspended for a couple months, take a month away from her and Rachel and maybe go into some kind of rehab, along with a continuing weekly appointment with a therapist/drug rehab counselor?

    I was disappointed with House having taken the vicodin, but everyone needs to understand that House is still evolving…and the fact Cuddy does not (or does not care) may be a sign that he is better off without her. Bring 13 in and let them shack up…..maybe they could cross medicate.

    House is going to either go into the rabbit hole and come out worse than he was before rehab….or he will go on a bender and get right and rely heavily on Wilson. This is the opportunity for Wilson (and maybe Foreman) to man up and help House through this.

    Before posting, I wanted to read the other thoughts of the peeps. I truly hope next year is not the end of the show. If, however, it is the end next year, then this episode was the slit of the wrist as the show lays down in a hot tub. If this is the end of House and Cuddy, it should take more than eight episodes for recovery. Therefore, it will leave next season as some kind of encore at a concert, where we can only hope the band plays those two favorites we had not heard throughout the show. It will be a sad ending. No show should reward its fans by answering the question “How does it all end?” during its final season. It should be able to proceeed as if nothing is changing until the final 7-8 episodes……..which leaves one wondering….is this the end?

  • ruthinor

    Looking back on the last few episodes, it seems clear to me that the little irritations that Cuddy was facing with House were just outward signs of things in her subconscious that she was unwilling to face. Has she always taken sleeping pills?? As she said in last night’s episode, her head was in the sand with regard to his addictions because she loved him and really wanted their relationship to work. She was in fact blaming herself for not seeing this from the start. So how could she be vigilant with him if she didn’t even allow herself to see the truth? Remember, she’s somewhat screwed up herself with regard to relationships. I think it’s futile to blame her for walking away at this point because in the current state she’s in, she’s as needy as he is. I don’t think either of them is equipped to help the other at this point.

    At the end of the prior episode, we were all trying to explain the emotions on her face when a drunken House put his head in her lap. I think now that one interpretation is that her subconscious thoughts were beginning to surface. Here was House, unable to handle pain w/o chemical help.

  • Jessica

    Good job Barbara. I was upset last night and felt cheated but after my lengthy post on the Fox forum this morning I felt better…after re-evaluating the dreams and the scenes. The ending scene was so dramatic, so sad. I cried again watching it.

    This is just part of House’s journey. Cuddy loves him and he loves her, that will never change. It’s not about the pills but what they represent. I hope TPTB finally explore the real reasons House is this way and his challenges to get through it to the other side.

    I believe Cuddy and Wilson will both be there for him in this too.

    Sometimes you have to get worse to get better!

  • Jessica

    Good job Barbara. I was upset last night and felt cheated but after my lengthy post on the Fox forum this morning I felt better…after re-evaluating the dreams and the scenes. The ending scene was so dramatic, so sad. I cried again watching it.

    This is just part of House’s journey. Cuddy loves him and he loves her, that will never change. It’s not about the pills but what they represent. I hope TPTB finally explore the real reasons House is this way and his challenges to get through it to the other side.

    I believe Cuddy and Wilson will both be there for him in this too.
    Sometimes you have to get better.

  • Boeke

    Cuddy failed.

    ” Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration finds,”

  • huddycat

    I think the dream sequences do not fit well into the narrative framework, they appear such of the clowns of one limp.
    And Huddy! such a shame to end it like that! I’m really angry and bitter, it doesn’t make sense to break them up like this!
    And no “turn back together” too sad, too heartbreaking… don’t know if I’ll keep watching the show, I don’t understand any more the sense of this Housian journey

  • Dmcky #80

    Yes! I full agree with your Foreman comments and loved it!

    On another note, GY made the comment prior to the episode airing that in the dream sequences, equally important was what they didn’t say (or something to that effect). Has anyone figured that comment out now that we’ve seen the episode?

  • PH #50 What do you mean here? I love your points, just confused over this one:

    ‘The fish-out-of-water costumes/action reflecting House’s feelings of ineptitude. oooh.. that’s deep.’

    Barbara #64
    I agree! And the Hess/Freidman InHouse video remarks seem to come from a point of view of the character House I cannot recognize from their comments. The writer’s comments always seem callous.

    He has demons, yes, but also a tremendous capacity to care and love deeply.

    So many great points, thank you for this place to chat, Barbara.

    I loved this episode, although the last scene made me cry and still today I’m sad for House.

    It has bothered me that House, who has the least tools at his disposal has been the one made to feel less than adequate with the assumption always that he will fail.

    I think Cuddy loves House very much, but instead of dealing with his issues she’s jumped ship. I understand her responsibility as a mother, but she also has proven that she has a great capacity to love and care for House and this ending of their relationship seemed very abrupt. I hope she’ll come to regret it and take it upon herself to put in the effort equal to the measures House has taken given his fragile emotional state.

  • Jenny

    I don’t think I can take this anymore. Seven years, and they’re back to square one? Not something to brag about. I started watching again because House struggling to deal with responsibility and adult life was interesting. Even if it’s not with Cuddy, I want them to go there. I liked watching him grow and change. And I don’t expect him to be perfect or magically cured, and I don’t think Cuddy should either. I was disappointed that he took the Vicodin, but I was also disappointed that Cuddy didn’t anticipate that at some point, and her first instinct is to dump him. She said she didn’t want him to change, and I’m not sure she was completely honest with herself. And the bit about him being a bad boyfriend? In this episode, okay, yeah. But what about when he worked really hard to get Rachel admitted to school? There’s worse boyfriends out there. Oh, well. Back to square one. I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time on this show. House is an addict again, probably with at least 4 or 5 episodes of emo brooding involved? Ugh.

  • fatOlady

    Okay, I don’t want to be a rebel rouser (well, okay maybe I do, but it’s cause I am hurt and angry). Too many of us know TPTB are just thumbing their collective nose’s at us and giggling behind our backs about the fallout.

    This ain’t right.

    To this point DS & company have had all the power but there are millions of us fans. Collectively we have a voice. If they see the ratings go in the toilet in the next week or 2 they might get the idea, they screwed up.

    We can always watch it later on video when the numbers don’t count. Do we care enough to make this sacrifice to save House?

  • Laura Saxon

    Man, what a wrenching episode. I felt bad for House when he started taking the Vicodin again. He has been doing so well up to now.

  • observer

    I believe that writers don’t watch the episodes of House, because then they wouldn’t fucked up this relationship so royally. Come on, they just wouldn’t let them BE in that relationship….I feel so sorry for House now that the only person who is supposed to love him unconditionally gave up on him so easily…the writers managed to turn the character I love into a whining schizophrenic bitch, who doesn’t live what she is saying and House into a scared whim, who is always on his knees in order to please her…and she leaves him anyway.
    This relationship had a great potential, which was lost in petty arguments…instead of portraying the challenges of living with and addict and a real commitment to their thing…( and some passionate, happyish and quiet moments throughout), all we got was a cheap drama ( although not a cheap acting btw..}..
    I have never been so emotionally invested in any tv characters ( played by my most favorite cast ever ), too bad I can’t say the same about people who write ( and edit )the stories for them….There is nothing in it for me anymore really as much as I love Hugh….

    Sorry for being bitchy and sorry for my English a well….

    Thanks for the review, Barbara.

    All of you live long and prosper! 🙂

  • Dmcky

    I know everyone is still reeling from heartbreak (well some of us are anyway, except for those among us that are jumping for joy over the dismemberment of our beloved Huddy), I would like to discuss the lighter, priceless moments of the episode, the ones that weren’t apart of any dream sequence..

    1. I adored the teaser..i love (or loved, tear) cute and playful Huddy. The way he playfully set her up for a scare, and the way she feigned annoyance but really found it endearing which almost lead to a little morning nookie (until all hell broke loose that is)

    2. I love House’s line to 3M when she expresses admiration regarding Cuddy’s plot to keep her results secret from House.. “back off, she’s mine” he warns…OMG! Gold…its little things like this that shows how much he truly loves and admires her.

    3. Although he felt he couldn’t handle it (which isn’t a good thing), he did make sure that she always had someone by her side during all the procedures (which is a good thing, in his own House way)

    4. There’s more but I’ll wrap with this one, anyone else notice how much Foreman cares about House?? and vice versa? The 2 will never admit it, but there is a deep relationship there, a respect. Maybe House is like a big brother, or dare I say, a father figure? to Foreman..Foreman showed real concern and comfort toward House, and House turned to Foreman when he needed someone that wouldn’t be all judgy (I love Wilson but sometimes he gets on his pedestal and overstays his welcome). The way House lets himself into Foreman ‘s place then only says “can we order pizza” like a whiny preteen (hysterical btw) when he arrives, was heartwarming in a way..

    Just my thoughts..what do u guys think?

  • Jill

    Great well produced episode. However, it has left me emotionally drained and angry I really feel they killed House last night, they killed his soul! It makes me also feel that this is the end of the road for the show, there will be no season eight, they just have not told us yet. We have been through many ups and downs over the years with him, and we came through it all with some kind of hope, but now he is back on the drugs, back to his lonely life, it just looks hopeless, what is left for the man now but a sad end to his pathetic life! I also really hate Cuddy right now. She just dumps him, she knew what she was taking on with him, but now she just walks away, knowing that this really will put him back into a dark place. She said she loves him, I dont think she ever really did, she only loved the thought of changing him. I have stuck with the journey for seven years, but after last night, I feel the journey is at an end. David Shore and the writers killed my hope that House would find some peace in his life. If that was their intention, they did it well.

  • Debbie

    No, House would never have referred to drugs as candy to a child…that is just something children think of on their own. Rachel’s reference to it as candy was what caused it to be candy in Cuddy’s dreams.

    One thing I think everyone is missing is that House didn’t take the vicodin until he was convinced Cuddy was dying. He didn’t do it to preserve his relationship, he did it for her, because he couldn’t be there for her without it.

    She would have handled a relapse on his part for any other reason but not because he couldn’t be there for her without it. She needs him to be emotionally stable enough to do it with out drugs and he isn’t. That’s why he didn’t put up more of a fight, because he understood that. What he did say was heart wrenching.

    My hope is the relapse is short–I am not really interested in returning to House as a full blown addict…

  • NattieLIght–I don’t think you are in the minority. I think most people who’ve weighed in here have been positive–but disappointed with where Cuddy left it. Like some of you I see this turn as a classic House “Left-turn.” I don’t think they’re back to square one–but I can see House completely retreating into himself and into the one thing he’s been able to trust: Vicodin.

    But I can also see him trying to recapture what he’s just lost–not necessarily Cuddy, but the euphoria of being in love, so there’s another possibility. But I also see him (short term) binging on the drugs (and paying the price for it–he can’t handle the amounts of Vicodin he was on before). Back in MLC (S3), House got his hands on Oxycodone and consumed the entire bottle before the impact hit him–physically and mentally.

    The repercussions of House’s backslide can take so many different avenues, it boggles the mind. My seat belt is buckled and I’m ready for this ride.

    I wonder if he’s gone to Arizona to look for Lydia, the last woman to feel tenderness for him…

    …or does he actually know where 13 is and has gone to find her?

    …what about Cameron?

    I think House will look to possibly make connections to put back the pieces (friendship, tenderness or in 13’s case, understanding) he BELIEVES are now missing.

  • Marisol

    Brilliant episode. In Cuddy’s first dream House is teaching Rachel to lie and cheat and have fun doing it. Still closer to reality. In the second dream House is so ridiculously perfect that he does not even have a limp and even Cuddy realizes that it is impossible. In the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid dream House lets Cuddy run out to be shot and killed all by herself in the last minute, which is how she feels because House is not with her now that she needs her. The musical dream has House singing “Get happy” and “worries away” which is another way of saying that he needs drugs to deal with her illness. House’s horror movie dream is plain horror.
    This episode is awesome because it shows one major truth about people. We always tend to expect too much of the ones we love. Cuddy still wants House to be able to take pain, knowing that he feels pain more than other people and that he cannot do it. We always want people to change, when in reality they usually will not. The fans that are disappointed or angry with this episode probably want a less realistic House and Cuddy and are missing the point. The episode is way beyond wishing two people who love each other were together. House is too good for that.

  • josie

    What I don’t understand is why Cuddy did not insist that he continue his counseling while they were dating? Did he lie that he was still seeing Dr. Nolan? She, too, should have sought counseling in dealing with a child abuse survivor.

  • Natty Light

    I might be in the minority, but I thought that was a great episode. Aside from the outcome, the fact that a show can inspire such deep commentary and reaction from people is very impressive.

    I land in the camp of being very sorry to see Huddy go, but the Powers that Be have done a fairly good job of late in keeping the key aspects of the Huddy storyline rather underwraps, so I could see a return to them, despite the statements to the contrary.

    That, however, is neither here nor there. The issue I had with the episode, and the entire way the relationship has been structured, is that at no point was there pressure on Cuddy (or Wilson for that matter in the Hilson-verse) to change her life for House and help to make/keep him a better person. He was supposed to clue into everything she needed, but as I think last night showed, she had no clue as to what he needed. A former addict with abandonment and self-worth issues who thinks that he doesn’t deserve this relationship on a good day – maybe someone would have thought hmm, perhaps we should keep an eye on him.

    I guess my comment comes down to this: in “Larger Than Life,” Cuddy tells House that a relationship is averaging each others pain. House did all he could to keep taking on her grievances and move ahead. I can’t believe that Cuddy’s end of it was just dealing with him being a pain – if that’s the case then I am afraid that the more we look into Cuddy, the less we are all going to like her.

    And don’t get me started on how it went COMPLETELY against character for Cuddy not to have her will, legal issues and guardianship for her previously orphaned daughter well taken care of.

  • MusicandHouse

    I really don’t get why people are so upset. I am sad for the character of House going back on drugs, but it would have been totally unrealistic for him to never relapse. The average addict will relapse 6 times in their life. I agree it was a bit harsh for Cuddy to leave as she did, but you must keep in mind that she was upset as well. IF she stayed around with him after that speech, shw probably would have broken down. I don’t think she is out of his life forever, she just needed some time to greive over the loss the the relatioship. I know there is a scene in next weeks episode promo where Wilson goes to Cuddy so I think we will see more of this next week. I REALLY don’t want the writers to go back to square one with this, where House is just an addict again and into his puzzles, but I am interested in where this development will go. Will he try to get sober again in new ways? WIll he start seeing NOlan again (or some equivilant because Andre Braugher is still on another show)? How will him and Cuddy react to each other now? How will they work together? This really has some great story potential and I in no way think the show is over or doomed.

  • Ashes

    We loved this episode. And we’ve been with the show since day-one. It is refreshing for such a long-running show to not be calcified in it’s “formula” groove. Although we agree that some of the “dream” bits felt awkward, once we were in them we loved them all. This show is consistently great,(not always, but generally) and though it has a “tragic-protagonist”, it is not a romance. It is a character-study. As such, well done DS, KJ, HL and the team. Keep up the good work. We hope for Hse’s recovery/growth—independent of ANYONE else (which would be a tough trick to nail —because part of his recovery would be to show him connecting to others/caring). Our only plea, writers/producers, is…if the series end is in sight, please….end it well. We trust you to know how (even if we can’t quite fathom what it would be).

  • stella


  • Huddyfan

    I’m done with the show ! DS you screwed up and sabotage your show .

  • fatOlady

    I should have seen it coming. REMEMBER the sarcastic and insincer way they accepted the Peoples Choice awards in the video they made. Daivd Shore plainly shows his disdain for the fans.

  • Sheryl

    @ j.i.m.: “It’s as if everything that has happened since then, all of season 6 and through to 7.15, has been erased, once again leaving House a hollow man, unable to function without mind-altering chemicals to fill him up.”

    This is really depressing to me. I feel like House had grown so much since Mayfield, but to me, what hadn’t changed was his two friends’ view of him. Remember in “Recession Proof,” how both Cuddy and Wilson thought the worst of him, as always, and here, in “Bombshells,” Cuddy’s interpretation of House’s pill-taking seems consistent with her assumptions about him: that he took the pills so he could hide from his pain. It’s often the case that he’s interpreted negatively; he’s often deserved that viewing, I’ll grant you. But I wonder about the pills he takes here. He was clearly so terrified, and faced with this pressure to be the supportive, perfect boyfriend, which we’ve seen all season. Part of me thinks he couldn’t pull off being calm in front of her–which is what he knew she needed. I don’t think his true motives are selfish here; but I think Cuddy’s and Wilson’s interpretations are presented as “the truth” about House time and again . . . I wish he could call them out on that for once. But instead, he takes it.

    But I do feel like a big reset button has been pressed–at least as far as “reckless” House goes. But I don’t see the show going back to “normal” in any way, either, where he somehow just moves on and starts investing himself in cases again? That seems ridiculous somehow. I feel like he should just skip town and head out to Arizona . . . or wherever Lydia ended up. At least she didn’t constantly judge him against some “perfect man” standard that Cuddy seems to have. I really like Cuddy, mind you–they’re both messy people and are always fascinating to watch!

  • fatOlady

    This is my point. I feel like the fans were set-up for a hard fall. I guess it’s easier to see House as just make beieve, if you get to see the cameras, lights, makeup, and all the people working on it every day.

    I am sure TPTB are laughing and saying “what’s the big deal, it ain’t real”. But they work really hard to make it seem real. They work hard to make this part of OUR reality, to become part of our lives.

    DS & company take a bow, this outcry is a testament to how well you do your job. But I think it is cheap and shallow to inflict this pain on your fans “just because you can”.

    It’s even more heartless for them to enjoy the pain they have inflicted. I really believe they are looking at all this like a practical joke.

  • Mimi

    After last nights epsiode, I am no longer a fan, the show is back to square one, if i wanted to watch a real addict in denial, i will watch charlie sheen. i can’t sit through another episode with cuddy, what an awful character. Thank God my addiction to this show is broken.

  • Hugh Laurie is an acting god but the latest turn in House’s story has left me saddened for House and for me as a faithful viewer. I’ve so enjoyed his clear-eyed presence in these episodes since his time at Mayfield. I loved his cake-in-the-face moment as he opened himself up to life and its possibilities as he left Mayfield.
    Now, House high on Vicodin can only hope to be half a man. Now he’ll be back to hardly making eye contact with friend or colleagues, shutting himself off in his pain and self-loathing. So sad.

    I thought it telling that Wilson was portrayed as an enabler in Cuddy’s dreams/hallucinations. And Cuddy stroking House’s face after she broke up with him was a replay of her doing the same after his complete breakdown in the season 5 finale, “Both Sides Now”. It’s as if everything that has happened since then, all of season 6 and through to 7.15, has been erased, once again leaving House a hollow man, unable to function without mind-altering chemicals to fill him up. I’m going to miss Huddy but mostly I’m saddened over the loss of a drug-free House. I really really liked him!

  • fatolady: This is the one thing I’m fairly upset with. I’m completely fine with the direction David Shore and the creative team have gone with this.
    But I think the comments of some House-staff after pressing the viewers’ emotional buttons strikes me as a bit callous. Greg Yaitanes’ Twitter last night of “RIP Huddy” seemed a pretty cynical message while viewers were still processing, not the loss of “Huddy,” necessarily, but House’s emotional state at the end of the episode.

  • Delia_B: The final scene mirrored the past two season finales. Cuddy is stroking House’s face, like in Both Sides Now, and House on the bathroom floor, like in Help Me. Except that in BSN, Wilson was there to protect and help House. In Help Me, Cuddy saved him on the verge of destruction. This time, he is alone. Nobody will come to his rescue. He needs to save himself, which is, indeed, the only way he can ever learn to truly reach wholeness – on his own or in a relationship.

    This is really I think where they are going–and need to go. The lessons learned at Mayfield have taken hold to a degree only. He can open himself to love and can cope (to a degree) without drugs. Particularly if he’s stopped seeing Nolan (“Baggage” at the end of last season), his coping skills can’t be where they’d been.

    He will need to find himself–save himself. Whether he can or not remains to be seen. House is so resilient for all he’s suffered over the years, maybe he can help himself.

    I think we need Nolan to reappear (or his proxy).

    As far as Cuddy this season, I think she’s been conflicted all along. She loves House, but she knows him (and all his flaws). How much denial has she been in all season that “it will be ok” and that she can cope with his more ignoble qualities.

    Last night she says to him “I thought I could…” but she can’t. But. I think it was immeasurably cruel the way she walked out of the relationship.

    It wasn’t about the drugs; it was about him not being present fully in the relationship. I keep hearing Stacy saying “With you I’m alone.” I have no doubt of House’s love for Cuddy, nor hers for him. They’ve written this story as very messy (how could it have been otherwise?)

    It’s interesting that Cuddy’s acting as the self-interested mother (who can blame her with a child?) who wants more. House made himself be there for her (sacrificing sobriety–I have no doubt how hard he thought about it before taking those first two pills). And probably wondering if his hallucinations will return.

    But now House is left without emotional support at a moment he needs it most. “There might not be a next time,” was Wilson’s warning to Cameron, asking her to be pretty damn sure that she wanted to go down the road with House. Those words I think will haunt us over the next couple of months.

  • byzantine

    Dear Barbara and readers of Barbara’s blog,

    which part of 1 Corinthians do you think Chase wanted to quote to Cuddy? I will go for 1 Corinthians 13 which is about the saving grace of love. I thought that this was such a beautiful interaction and it remained subsumed in the anxiety that the final scene produced.

    Also D_B’s comment (#58) made me realize that the two characters acted on their fears rather than on the reality of their situation, the whole thing of self fulfilling prophecy. And this is what I find tragic. How many times in our lives do we affect the course of events by externalizing out insecurities? These two did just that, which doesn’t make it any better, only true to life.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Ruthinor: i think Cuddy herself gave an excellent interpretation to her dreams, when she tells him that such a critical situation forced her to open all the doors behind which she usually manages to hide her fears.
    It is incredibly significant how he cut her off at that moment – he had an epiphany about his patient, so he couldn’t be bothered to stop and ask her what she’d meant, try to understand her emotions, her inner life.

    Brilliantly enough, at that point, Cuddy reacts from the top of her archetypal self. She is the perfect match of House, as an archetypal character (the maverick, the trickster, the suprahuman hero). She is his Lover, Mother, Wise Woman, and from her position as his equal, perfect pair and triple goddess, Cuddy tells him: “Go. Do what you do”.
    All her admiration, understanding and acceptance of who he is are in that scene. Also, all of the reasons why she felt misunderstood and un-cared for this whole season are there too… It reminds me of how Stacy tells House that there was never room for her in the relationship with this sensational and impossible man.

    On House’s behalf, i think it was his belief in his own unworthiness and inaptitude that dominated his subconscious. He does not think he deserves to be loved. He does not think he can truly do good to his loved ones. Nothing healthy and valid can be built upon his feelings of unworthiness, i think we got a harsh lesson on that…

  • fatOlady

    I really feel like DS and TPTB are reading all this and laughing at us for being so upset. I feel used and I’done. “I’m just done.”

  • hazel eyes

    Thanks for the Candy clarification. I just hope that now House is back on Vicodin that we get physical symptoms as well as physiological one too.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    I am very, very sad and angry. I feel betrayed, betrayed by the way in which the relationship was explored this year. The writers of Bombshells and Shore say that the breakup had been planned all along. That is a believable explanation to why Cuddy was so out of character this season. It’s a good explanation for all the moments in which the Cuddy we’ve known and loved for 6 years simply behaved like a hysterical, common woman who throws tantrums and withdraws love.

    However, even if the breakup was planned from the start, it could have been written better. The exploration of Huddy could have been true to the essence of House and Cuddy, and yet break them up, because House cannot be happy and is inherently damaged.

    Allowing Cuddy to be her full archetypal self and House to try his best to become whole, and then have House decide the breakup, because he still cannot be happy, without having learnt to love and value himself – that is what i would have chosen. It would have given the full measure of the greatness of their union, and also the full tragedy of House’s limitations.

    What they did is a compromise, and i feel betrayed by it. Season 7 was written badly and that is the biggest betrayal of all. If they decided to go with Huddy, they should have had the balls to do it right, even if they were planning on a breakup.

    However, i don’t think that this is the end. I think that there is a master plan, and i also think they will write the remainder of his story without repeating themselves and without denying his evolution and growth.

    The final scene mirrored the past two season finales. Cuddy is stroking House’s face, like in Both Sides Now, and House on the bathroom floor, like in Help Me. Except that in BSN, Wilson was there to protect and help House. In Help Me, Cuddy saved him on the verge of destruction. This time, he is alone. Nobody will come to his rescue. He needs to save himself, which is, indeed, the only way he can ever learn to truly reach wholeness – on his own or in a relationship.

    House reaching bottom and then struggling to find the strength to go on in himself is the only way this story can still have meaning and consistency. He needs to save himself this time and learn to love himself and value himself, because otherwise, anything else would simply not be valid.

    But in regard to Huddy, i’d rather not have too high hopes. You all know that i believe that they are meant to be together forever, and i think they can be together again, but the essence of Huddy has been damaged, IMO, by the crappy way in which the relationship was explored this year. I find it cheap and cowardly and heartbreaking. And i also believe that House’s journey from now on cannot be undertaken in the pursuit of a reunion with Cuddy (like in season 6). He needs to do it for himself, not for her. His motivation has to be intrinsic, even though i am sure that they will always, always love each other. If eventually this will lead to them finding each other again, then it can happen. But it will not be the focus of the journey, that much i know.

    I think that this was a plot twist, designed to boost up ratings and interest. After all, damaged and destroyed House has always managed to draw people in front of the TV, breathlessly waiting for his fate to be revealed (think of the ratings of “Broken”). But i have a problem with the writing of season 7 Huddy, and that ruins the remainder of the journey for me, to some extent.

  • staardux

    @Barbara Thank you very much, but I still don’t understand what does he mean whit that “watch”!

  • Wow! So many comments already!

    I think we are all (well, Huddy fans) where Cuddy is: we love House, we love them together, but we see why it didn’t work. The story was painfully true to both characters, and as much as I wanted to fight back against the breakup, it made too much sense. Brilliantly written.

    I agree, the dream sequences, while fun, did not fit in nice and neatly. Without them, just the House / Cuddy relationship could have made for one of the best episodes of the series. Instead, not quite. However, I fully expect at least a couple top episodes in these last eight, and next week might just be one of them.

  • Barbara barnett

    Star–Cuddy is about to get an internal exam. It was a bit a sarcasm.

  • staardux

    Guys, sorry to bother you, but at minute 2:17 in the today episode House says “Hey, I’m, uh,
    I’m missing a watch. So can you keep your eyes open while…?” I didn’t get the meaning of that “I’m missin a watch”. Could you please help me?

  • dvbfan

    It was a very intersting and surprising episode . I really like it. To be honest, I did not expect that House started to use vicodine again but it is understandable that House is an addict and for addicted person it is not easy and simple to forget drugs and have a normal life.
    For House who is so broken and has very deep interior problems, it is not easy to deal with a reality and handle a pain and grief.he can not change in just few months cause he started a new inlove relationship.his problems are deeper than we think and they can not disappear so easily.

    House afraid of dealing with any pain – physical and emotional – and because of this reality he used vicodine.Cuddys illness which rise this thought that she is going to die , made House feels teribble – House told Wilson “I hate the smell of death” – and shows he is not changed and he can not handle any pain because House is House and no one can change him apart from him .
    But back to vicodine again is a new phase in his life. it is a new thing for him because he should make a decesion that how he should deal with his relationship with Cuddy and it is a last chance for him. if he loose Cuddy, he can not find any happiness and love in his life again .

    I think this is not an end for House and Cuddy and it would be so many ups and downs in this strange relationship .

  • sjoes

    Nice review. I needed a bit of perspective.

  • PH

    oops… wrong episode.. meant *both sides now*

    Also…I’m betting Cuddy and House remain friends .. with benefits.

  • PH

    FelixPrime (#22), I agree with you. I, too, felt like this epi was good enough to be a season finale. Even with the slow, choppy start, it progressed, right up to the point where it slammed me in the face with a pop can laden sock.

    HL delivered yet another outstanding performance with just the simple line, “No, no no no, don’t, don’t, don’t, please don’t.” Perfection. *choke, choke, sniffle*
    I, for one, love this twist. I am salivating over the drama options now available for the season.

    I am a fan of Huddy..Hameron..well… House in a liplock with just about anyone. But, House, please, if Cuddy ever tries to use her infamous palm-to-stubble consolation with you again (see also Help Me), just tell her to stab you with the heel of her do-me pumps instead. Far less painful.
    And her “I don’t think you can” response was B.R.U.T.A.L. Hope you were wearing a cup, ’cause that was definitely a knee to the nards.

    The phenomenal 2:40 dance sequence was the best work Yaitanes has ever done. His masterful ‘splicing’ deserves credit. The wardrobe department also deserves kudos. I thought my family’s tradition of shopping at Goodwill for Halloween costumes was a well protected secret. But alas, no, the secret is out. Seriously though, that sequence rivaled Broadway.
    Some of the intricate nuances I appreciated in the scene:
    *House leaning on his right leg when he offered the ‘candy’ cane to Cuddy.
    *His flamboyant bow-tie with its strings, mimicking the caduceus pin (or more accurately, the rod of Asclepius-thanks HL).
    *The symbolism of House using a megaphone and speaking in Cuddy’s ear to try to get her to hear (see) what is happening to him.
    *The fish-out-of-water costumes/action reflecting House’s feelings of ineptitude. oooh.. that’s deep.
    *And, I must say, the tails and spats added that sexy vibe.

    For the zombie scene I liked what they did with rudderless womanizing Chase. His zombified self, headless and lacking direction, walked smack dab into the wall. Nice.


    Did anyone else recognize the audio snippet when Cuddy ‘awoke’ on the gurney near the end of the dance segment? I know I’ve heard it during another episodes climax, but can’t place which one. Help.

  • housefan

    I realized after a couple of visits that this is a Huddy fansite but as House would say assumptions are wrong,You assume Cuddy is the love of his life?? That can and has been argued elsewhere as not the truth, IMO Wilson holds that title, But that aside Rachels comments prove that House has been taking”candy” for some time now, And when Wilson was sick as scared as he was he went without any theatrics to be with him and never left his side during recovery. Any real obective analysis of House and Wilson and House and Cuddy relationship would show a real difference, House loves Wilson unconditionally and the reverse is true No point in rehashing old arguments here .

  • Liz

    It was time to end Huddy, it’s been a mistake at the beginning and bummed out lots of fan, and repeating it would be a mistake too. I don’t want him to be with a woman who can’t accept him like he is. And Cuddy constantly wanted to change him, everyone who can’t see that is BLIND. I liked Cuddy in the first seasons, but Huddy ruined her character beyond repair. I’m not sure if I ever find sympathy for her again. And recently there was way too much focus on her, this is not the Cuddy show, dammit.
    As DS recently said “once they’ll break up, it will be done.”, I hope he’ll stick with his statement for once.
    I’m not even feeling sorry for the Huddy fangirls, they have been so mean to the rest of the fandom, so if that’s what takes to get rid of them, then good. Bye Huddy, bye Huddy fangirls and welcome back House.

  • dejune117

    The “candy” in the ‘Two and a Half Men’ sequence – House was chewing bubble gum.

  • Denny S

    Hope the House/Cuddy relationship is over – bored to tears!

  • ruthinor

    So you think that House going back on drugs is not a soap opera?

  • Amanda G

    Perhaps also the prospect of more RSL before House MD lose him for good to Broadway!!

  • Housefans4ever

    Yes, agree with Nola. Att last we can get a new storyline and get this show back on track and off the soap opera drama.

  • Jane 2

    I’m finding it hard to separate my feelings about this episode from the press that followed it courtesy of David Shore as well as Liz Friedman & Sara Hess confirming that House/Cuddy is done for good.

    I’m so disappointed. I honestly don’t feel like I have the energy to go another round with House the loner drug addict again.

  • Nola

    Oh thank you David Shore.

    Yes, I do believe this can get the show back on track and off the soap opera drama I feel it has become. And this is why I stuck by the show and didnt tune out.

    Well now we are off into another new direction, who knows where it will lead. But this is what I have been hoping and waiting for, another new direction.

    House has always said all along, people dont change. He tried to change, he tried to be what Cuddy wanted.
    But if you know anything about recovering addicts one of the biggies is that if you are not already involved in a serious relationship you dont start one until after you have been in recovery for one year.
    The reason behind that is that first you have to deal with your own issues. You have to find yourself and what makes you happy before you get involved and try to use another person to make you happy. In fact in any relationship you first have to love yourself before you can love another or you end up using that persons love to fill a void. And many recovering addicts already in relationships find that relationship no longer works once they are in recovery because they are no longer the same person they were as addicts.
    Only when House truly believes he is worthy of a healthy relationship will he then be able to be in one.

    House doesnt need a relationship to be happy. That is something that needs to come from within. And instead of finding what makes him happy, he used Cuddy, she became his new addiction. And hopefully now the writers can explore House dealing with his own issues, past issues, present issues, and finding his own true self.

    I was always surprised that Dr.Nolan didnt warn House about getting involved too soon while in recovery.

    My favorite tonite was the zombie dream.
    Axe-Cane. LOL

  • KIm

    I honestly believe this is the last season and yeah… as a’huddy’ as you people put it… it sucks that they’re not together, but their relationship/arc this season was disappointing, it fell short and their relationship should’ve been explored more in depth instead of petty… its over, you can’t change or be who I am. It looks like House tried his best to be what Cuddy wanted him to be and he fell short. Now who’s fault is that? It reminded me of a quote from ‘Humpty Dumpty’ :
    You see the world as it is and you see the world as it could be. What you don’t see is what everybody else sees: the giant, gaping chasm in-between.”
    Cuddy: “House, I’m not naive. I realize—”
    House: “If you did, you never would have hired me. You’re not happy unless things are just right. Which means two things: you’re a good boss and you’ll never be happy.”

    Maybe it was the writer’s intention to have Cuddy be all ‘wishy washy’ and not know what she wants, but in the end I think not only did she end up making things worse for her, but for House as well. Its weird to say that she messed up his sobriety, but she didn’t help much either. She wanted to change House and House knew that… if House would’ve had a mass in his kidney and hallucinated, I bet we would’ve caught a glimpse into his subconscious. I think its depressing and humanistic that House would do anything for Cuddy with the whole zombie sequence while Cuddy felt disbelief and didn’t trust in House. That to me sent parallels and was the ‘foreshadowing’ towards the out come of the episode. Maybe this is a good thing and the show’s dynamic will get back on track. I do hope that if H/C get together that the dynamic stays there and their relationship is written ten times better than what it was.

    My .2 cents were actually a quarter, sorry. Once again, great post BB!

  • JingleBug

    So I guess the message that Foreman gave to Thirteen in “Now What” was the right one after all: “We took the long way around to being friends.” That is the best that one can hope for during the rest of this season. Maybe someday once House gets his act together and deals with the issues that haunt him, he can try again with Cuddy, but it is too late for now as Shored stated. And that was the message in House’s zombie dream. He had the tools at his disposal but was ultimately just too late to protect Cuddy from the monsters. In fact, the monster under the bed really did turn out to be House’s demons laying in wait the whole time. But as far as the overall journey goes, let’s take heart in knowing that there is a demon slayer deep inside him. Maybe next time he will not be too late to save the one he loves.

    So, how do they adjust to each other? I’m concerned about Cuddy’s role in the series. Going back to just being House’s boss will be boring without any banter to make it interesting. And where is House going to acquire Vicodin now that both Wilson and Cuddy stopped enabling his drug addiction? If he is going to forge scripts, Cuddy will have to fire him. Will she still protect her best asset at all costs? This is all so worrisome because I just don’t want to watch House repeat past mistakes ad nauseam. But at least he will hopefully have to learn to save himself this time around.

  • Addicts of House

    Honestly, we truely can’t care about H/C or Huddy AT ALL (We were all so getting tired of it!). House is about House.

    This show continues to surprise and entertain and hopefully will do so still in time to come.

    Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard always top of their game!

  • byzantine

    Dear Barbara,

    It is very generous of you to post the review so quickly and give us all this space to vent our emotions.

    I personally thought that this was a fantastic episode; the dancing and singing sequence at the end perhaps the most powerful. House appeared there so sinister, he was actually scary. Do you remember that in the opening of “Now What” Cuddy washed only half of his face, the other half remained covered with dust. The metaphor definitely played out tonight, as Cuddy’s dreams revealed the side of him that she didn’t clean, which she ‘refused’ to see, and for which she kept the doors closed.

    There were also beautiful references to the finales of seasons 5 and 6. The one of House sitting on his bathroom floor with the pills in his hand and looking toward the door waiting for her to appear. But what I found more interesting was the reference to “Both Sides Now” (oh, and it was indeed about two sides) where Cuddy was caressing his face at his realization that he had hallucinated his love affair with her. In the case of “Bombshells” though it was her realization that we got to see–she woke up, literally, to realize that his darker, dusty side, has remained this, dark and sinister. The close ups of House’s face, the distinct dark blue shirt he wore at the end of season 5 were all very ominous, cuing us into the awful truth that he cannot handle the pain of loving someone without drugs. I wept, but I have to admit it was for Cuddy, not for him. I think this will end up being one of the episodes I will not want to see a second time nevermind how good it was.I also would not want to see House on a path of destruction the powers to be might set him on. I am slightly astonished when people claim that this will get House back to what the show was five years ago. Ah, but this is water under the bridge, this cannot be.

  • anon ymous

    The zombie sequence was House’s dream so it didn’t have any candy in it. Only Cuddy’s dream sequences had House eating some type of candy. Did he have candy in the Two and a Half Men sequence?

  • Carla Marie

    Wow! What a show! I have been anxiously anticipating this episode since the first promo aired, just after last episode. I was truly impressed with the production of the promo. Hugh Laurie singing in costume with that dark look in his eyes–the music was haunting for a “happy” song–great editing and sound mixing. Do they have awards for promos? I loved the fantasy sequences, except for the zombie bit–don’t care for the genre. It was well done for what it was,though, and quite appropriate as a mirror to House’s pyche and to story. The 50’s vinette was precious–and Wilson as “Speedy Delivery,” fabulous. The Fred and Ginger segment was very dark and a great interpretation by its choreograper, Mia___. I did not feel these vinettes were choppy, rather, just right. I was so not expecting the episodes ending! Hats off to the writers, Greg Yaitanes and production crew. I hope Katie Jacobs, David Shore, Hugh Laurie and the other producers keep following their collective gut. I can’t understand how some folks hear the death knell for this show. I count the days until the next episode, and could watch it forever. It has always rocked and continues to surprise. Sure, some shows are better than others–this episode is one of the best! I am a big huddy fan, and I am looking forward to seeing how post break up will play out in the hospital. Although, it looks like House may be taking a great fall. Will Nolan come back into the picture? How is House going to keep his head on with Cuddy ending their relationship? And he was just getting used to being happy. No one expected it to be easy. Cuddy knew what she was getting into. I trust that David Shore, Katie Jacobs, and Hugh Laurie will continue to deliver with this great character study and compelling story. I know, it takes a village, so thank you, House world village!

  • OMG Barbara what a great review. I’ve just seen the episode now because of the jetlag and I was like ‘meh’ during the whole episode up until the end and just like somebody else said earlier, ‘it all made sense’. Everything I have been reproaching to the writers was linked to them forgetting House was an addict. Gosh it’s so obvious now. They were ignoring it because Cuddy was putting her head in the sand. And that break up… so heartbreaking. With her hand on his face; she broke up with him without a fight. The writers can’t stop surprising me!

  • 54

    The show broke my heart tonight with Hugh Laurie’s performance. While I have to give props to the writers for addressing the addiction issue, House in that last scene with Cuddy just clenched at my heart.

    I have had my share of criticisms about the way the House-Cuddy relationship has been handled on the show. However, the way House was in that scene, in love, scared, tender, confused, hopeful, terrified, in shock, broken, was so heartbreaking.

    Also, when House sees Cuddy leaving, the way he takes a breath and kind of hunches over made me visualize how perhaps House couldn’t breathe properly after such a shock.

    And the very last scene, when he looks towards his bathroom door, it reminded me of “Help Me”. In “Help Me”, Cuddy came in through the door when he had the pills in his hand, and it was like he was looking at that door tonight, looking where she had been that night but knowing she was not there. It was heartbreaking to see him on that floor again, with a different result.

    I don’t know the motivation behind putting House back to “square one” which I think I read somewhere, but, I am not sure that I am happy about it. He has worked so hard to try to improve, to be less miserable. Suddenly all the “I can do betters” House must have uttered to himself in silence in Season 6 to the literal “I can do betters” he uttered in Season 7 sound so sad, and the whole “Come on, get happy” in tonight’s episode seems like a sinister smile from David Shore.

    Producers and writers of House, I know you like House to be House, but I hope that you remember the journey you have taken the viewers in watching House’s self development for nearly seven years. I hope that all of House’s efforts do not get erased because, frankly, that would be too cynical and sad a view to bear.

  • Samatha J

    BIG thank you! Finally, finally Huddy is over!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Thank you Barbara for your wonderful article! I always enjoy reading your perspective and look forward to it. Tonights episode was absolutely heartwrenching. We have waited so long for House to be able to open up to another human being, trust them, and experience love again. We have been patient, faithful fans through the long process. I cannot believe it was all taken away in tonights episode. I really thought that the writers have been doing a great job with House and Cuddys relationship. They have, for the most part, kept them true to character. They still pushed each others buttons, argued with each other,etc. They were a couple but they didn’t make them lovey dovey and unreslistic just because they became a couple. It seems to me that there is so much more story to tell with them as a couple. So many things could be addressed and worked through. House is damaged and has many issues that would be hard to deal with, but everyone deserves someone to love and to be loved by to support and help them through the hard times. He had been trying and it’s sad that they made Cuddy give up on him. I’m really mad at David Shore. Can’t he ever let any of his characters be happy? I was hoping for a Huddy marriage and baby for the series finale. I think that if House had a REAL family and child of his very own, he would finally experience the stability and love that he so very much craves and certainly deserves. The man has been through hell in 7 years. Isn’t it time for some happiness?

  • Wuddyfans

    We are all REALLY happy with the amount of Wilson (RSL for that matter) in this episode. Why can it not be Cuddy/Wilson – he cares about Cuddy deeply (maybe even loves her).

  • ruthinor

    Just one more thought about the dream sequences. To me they did not seem to appear out of nowhere, but rather were pictorial evidence of what was going on deep in the subconscious minds of both House and Cuddy. They were evidence of thoughts neither wished to bring to the surface because they were just too painful. I’d be interested to hear the interpretations of others. (D_B where are you??!!)

  • ruthinor

    Cuddy has always been there for House when he needed her. She has saved his ass numerous times. The fact that some here are blaming Cuddy for the break-up is beyond belief to me. She herself said she thought she could do it, but when faced with the reality of living with an addict who is incapable of facing pain (physical or emotional) w/o “help”, she knew it was an impossible situation. And she also realized that she was only fooling herself, from the start. She has a child to take care of and the situation would be untenable. Having House go back to drugs was a realistic (but heartbreaking) outcome. Her staying to “help him” would just be enabling him. He has to do this on his own, if he really wants to…and that is not clear. I don’t know what the numbers are with regard to how many addicts are able to permanently break their habits. We’ll see how much House really wants to be cured by what he does in the next several episodes.
    I thought this episode was terrific and wonderfully acted by HL and LE. It had me bawling at the end. I wonder why the writers of House, many of whom appear to have stable personal lives, feel that they must keep House unhappy at all costs. And from what they have said, this is a permanent break-up…of course, they have been known to lie!

  • NotYourTypical

    I am seriously surprised that anyone thinks House has never been or is not an addict. He went to Mayfield! It wasn’t just for his psychological problems. He went there to get clean, too. The Vicodin was making him lose touch with reality and hallucinate.
    There have been numerous direct references to him being an addict, too, from Wilson telling him in Season 5’s ‘The Itch’: “House, you’re a drug addict. You’re always hallucinating things..to House himself, as DebbieJ said, who said “I’m an addict. I turn everything up to 11” in Season 6. In Season 4, ‘Wilson’s Head’, House tells Amber, that he’s a “lonely misanthropic drug addict” and that it should’ve been him and not her. From Season 1, from the very beginning, I think it was clear that he was an addict from the way they portrayed House–or, if in Season 1 he wasn’t a full-blown addict, he certainly became one.

    One of the basic premises of the show was that House is an addict. He used to be hooked on drugs, he was and hooked on solving his puzzles. It was the unexpected scared, wounded side that the show revealed sometimes that led to the show’s most understated, powerful, heartbreaking moments (that bus scene with Amber in Wilson’s Heart is just played to perfection by Hugh Laurie!).
    I think the writers were right to address his addiction again because I don’t think many addicts recover in one go. I do wish House could be happy, though. It was too sad tonight.

  • I thought it was a great episode. I really do agree with you Barbara that I thought most of the dreams (besides the musical) were so out of place- no transitions into them or anything. That was all that I felt was off with this episode. And while I was devastated by the ending, I wasn’t surprised with her ending it, and I think it was right of her to end it. I think they definitely (or she really does) need a break for a while.
    I don’t get or at least agree with two things here:
    1) This can’t be over. It can’t be. Not forever anyway. It just seems like such a cop out if that was it. “Oh we’re done exploring this relationship, let’s go through another season 6!” Oh jeez, please NO.
    2) Before I go into this, I do want to say, I think Cuddy dumping House was not just because he actually went back on the drug. It was more than that- the situation. Like what she said, he couldn’t be there for her without getting high. And that’s gotta hurt. Anyway, going along with 1, I partially feel this way because I think Cuddy will get over this. I know the past two episodes (13, 14) showed clues that Cuddy was needing space and I think that’s exactly what should happen. But I thought about this: what if she hadn’t gotten sick? She did, I know, but what if she hadn’t? Would House have gone on vicodin? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. I get that relapse can happen, and if a different situation had occurred when House relapsed I think Cuddy would’ve been there for him, but he relapsed because of her. Because I think deep town he was terrified she would die. And then he was terrified as he watched her break up with him. Sure he didn’t want to feel the pain but that’s because he was scared. I think once Cuddy gets over what happened here and takes some space she’ll want him back. Because they both so clearly still love each other.
    *Heart broken*
    Next week looks so sad! Ugh. It’s a rough one.

  • Andrea

    Very insightful review, Barbara.

    I also thought this episode was very well done, even if some of the transitions between reality and hallucination seemed jarring. As for House and Cuddy… my problem with this episode wasn’t the breakup and it wasn’t the vicodin, it was a bit of both. It seemed to me that House knew how important it was to be by her side and couldn’t without relapsing, and he did that anyway, knowing full well what it would mean, because he wanted to be with her. He wanted to get over that fear *for her*, and she just threw it back in his face. And then for her to see that in him and break it off with him when it seems like the WORST thing you can do to your partner, who just fell off the wagon, is abandon them? That seemed completely unfair and unrealistic. If Shore and Co. really wanted to explore this relationship, I’d have loved to see them work *together* to get House back on the wagon, and have her support him through it, rather than turn her back on him.

    And then to hear that (at present) there are no plans to get them back together? That’s much more heartbreaking, to me, than any relapse.

    (Not to mention, I found the writing to be extremely lackadaisical when it came to the House/Cuddy relationship overall. House spends 14 episodes correcting his various wrongs and pleasing Cuddy – without her making any concessions at all – and worrying that she’ll break up with him only to have her… break up with him? Ooh, how original! How compelling! Can you tell I’m bitter? :\)

  • DebbieJ

    I find the last few posts that are apparently from collective posters (“we all”) to be rather cute and adorable.

  • DebbieJ

    House is clearly an addict. He has addictive behaviors in everything. Even when he took cooking classes, he had to “turn everything up to an 11”.

    Which I never understood why he still drank. When someone rehabs for drug addiction, it is (or should be) for all types of drugs. From pills, to pot, to alcohol. If they don’t, they would substitute one type of drug for another

  • FelixPrime

    The episode tonight was like a Season finale/cliffhanger. They’ve surely got something up their sleeves, where House and Cuddy is concerned. Come on!

    Honestly, if they were really going to end this, and never revisit, they would have milked it for at least 22+ episodes, wring every drop out of it knowing they weren’t going back – and then move on to House’s spectacular and drugged-out emotional demise during the season finale. In fact, they pretty much did the exact same thing last season by prolonging the “Lucas/Cuddy/House” arc until literally the last possible minute. Well, we’ve just passed the half-way point in the season; there’s still more to this.

    So, let’s see, for the rest of the season, House is back on drugs, psychically wounded, and probably unable to function properly at PPTH. Moreover, House can’t have a relationship, nor be truly happy in any significant fashion. Then, if there’s an 8th season (and it looks likely to be the last), what happens? House is on drugs, and both Cuddy and he remain miserable while experiencing the worst freeze in their personal (and professional) relationship? I’m not buying it.

    Something doesn’t add up. And if it the the show creator(s) truly are going for something akin to the paragraph above, well, then…they might as well label the rest of this season Hotshot!Part Deux. (Charlie Sheen pun intended!)

  • House_tweets

    Sarah Hess and Liz Friedman (the writers of this episode) confirmed that the couple is over for good. Shore’s said the same thing. We are all so happy about it!!!!!! (God, we got tired of all this Huddy-crap). Now both can go on with their lives and be normal again!

  • Housewatchers

    We all are in no mood for the Cuddy sick melodrama – the story is about House not her!!!!

  • Barbara barnett

    I do think during broken, there was at least a tacit admission, but the series has never been completely clear

  • Cuddypolegirls

    We all couldnt really care less about weather House and Cuddy are together or not – now perhaps the storyline will get back on track as it was during Season 2 and 3.

  • fatOlady

    RobF #9 – Has it ever been established that House is an addict? Using the meds for pain and becoming physically dependent on them is not addiction.

  • fatOlady

    Frustrated #8 I feel your pain and I agree with you that the show is doomed now.

  • fatOlady

    Thank you Barbara.

    I was very sad and angry before I read your review, but it made me feel better to read your thoughts on the story.

    I had such strong feelings about this episode. I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to sleep tonight. I was hurt and angry at the writers and TPTB for being so crule to House. My disappointment wasn’t really even about the death of Huddy.

    Cuddy is not the important character to me. I would have been thrilled for House to have found love and (his version) of happiness with anyone whether it be Cameron or even one of his hooker friends.

    The writers have constantly beat him up since the beginning of season one. I just felt he deserved some peace and tranquility, and someone who cared enough about him to nurture that broken hearted and abused child inside.

    I thinkthis hurt worse because I have to admitt “I am a fixer”, and it causes me real pain when someone is treated unfairly (the social worker in me I guess). Like Cameron I want to heal the wounded. House has been beaten down his whole life and he finally has a chance at happiness and then HIS GOD (David Shore) jerked it away from him.

    Intentional or not it mirrors what Hugh Laurie has said about his being afraid of happiness because if GOD saw him taking it for granted, he would reach down and take it away. House is the way he is because real (unconditional) love has always been denied him.

    We in the [H]ousian community talk a lot about what is realistic in the show. Is it really realistic to believe that one person could have been this cursed since birth. No one is always happy but on the same token no one is always miserable.

    I also have to admitt that I have stopped watching the show during most of the negative archs in the show. Vogler was a selfish bully and Tritter (although more justified) wasn’t much better. Why does no one ever see House as the victim, he copes the only way he can.

    He wanted to be there for Cuddy. He knew he should be there for Cuddy. But he was terrified of losing the most important person in his life (a realization he had only accepted a few days earlier and after losing a patient). Maybe he isn’t functioning at his emotional best.

    I think in a misguided way it was knoble that he found a way to do the right thing and be there.

    As the writers are fond of pointing out, House is emotionally retarded, he isn’t going to learn this stuff overnight. But once he finally gets it, he gets it (like the toothbrush). As he said….. I believe he can do better….if he gets a chance.

  • andree c

    Barbara, as usual, your reviews are so enlightening. Very insightful. I totally didn’t notice the whole candy theme as subtle as it was until the giant candy cane was used to make the point. One thing I found missing from your analysis was Cuddy’s last two dreams (western, dance) of being left all alone because House wasn’t really 100% in as she was. She realized as did Stacy that being House is about being lonely because he never gives himself fully. I think the clown-face promo pics for this season were foreshadowing of House’s need to mask his true self, mostly from himself. Would love to get your thoughts on the clown-face and any info about House getting off Vicodin being that this is just a one-time slip. Indulge us and clue us in on what you may have learned about Candice Bergen’s return in ep. 20. The location shoot info says its to be at “Arlene’s home.”

  • DebbieJ–sucker, giant candy cane, in the butch cassidy, he had taffy or a candy bar. Not sure what he had in the Zombie thing. I’ll have to look again for the specifics. but it’s something I also noticed and wondered about the connection.

  • Sera G

    Great, Barbara, thank you.
    I posted on your earlier review, so I won’t repeat myself.
    I was crying, again, while reading this. I don’t want this to be the end of Huddy. I don’t want to see House go back to his path of darkness.
    Frustrated, #8, you said it a bit more frankly than I would, but I agree with much of what you stated. It feels like a “Told you so!” There was so much potential for House’s growth and ‘renewal.’ I truly hope this is not the end of that positive journey.
    Barbara, I take some small comfort in your words, “Nothing is forever (not even breakups).”
    I guess it is true as Dmckoy, #5 stated, Cuddy can’t continue to enable House. Perhaps that is the rest of this season’s journey. Does he want to get stronger for himself, as ultimately, that is the only way it will be successful.
    DS, KJ, if you are reading this…please do not end this ‘un-common’ couple. There is too much love and understanding between them. You have spent seven years bringing them and us to this point. Please don’t destroy it.

  • DebbieJ

    Having just had abdominal surgery on Thursday, physically I feel like my guts have been ripped out. Tonight, I feel like my heart was just ripped out! Bombshell indeed! While I’m not surprised there would be a bump in the road in their relationship (and man, what a bump!) I never even considered House relapsed and took Vicodin! My heart broke because of that fact. And his plea for her not to go. Ugh! (Are you watching, Emmy?!)

    I always thought that he would go back on Vicodin after their breakup – if it was to happen – not the reason for it. I know it’s not the pills, but what they represent, but still!

    And Barbara, thank you for explaining how Cuddy put the puzzle together (“candy”)! Eureka! But I don’t recall seeing candy in her other dreams/hallucinations except for the two that you mention. What were the others?

    I’m hoping Cuddy, being in a vulnerable state, had a knee jerk reaction. She knew going in that he is an addict. Both as a doctor and the loved one of an addict, she should show a little more compassion and understanding the reason he relapsed. I know making excuses for him would be enabling him, and while I believe it was the first time he relapsed, he probably will do it again at the next major crisis, but like I said, she knew what she signed up for and this could be a teachable moment for them.

    Calling Dr. Nolan!

  • I think it’s realistic for House to backslide–especially at such a devastating blow. This is a new road: Can House ultimately deal with being apart from Cuddy, working for her and dealing with his obvious grief? How will he deal with his new situation? We’ve never seen him in it before.

    I think it could be pretty compelling.

  • RobF

    @Frustrated(#8) — it would be just a little too pat for someone who had been a confirmed drug addict for years to suddenly be “cured”.

    That’s not how addiction recovery usually works in real life, and it would be dishonest of the writers to have House become suddenly free of addiction just so the show can take a new direction.

    I definitely don’t want the show to keep going over the same ground, but where it’s going now seems like an honest development of the character.

  • Frustated

    I say this with all due respect, but David Shore is a world class pessimist who has never acknowledged that anyone can rise up, overcome limitations, and achieve some resemblance of stability in their lives. It makes me sad to think that the only ultimate destination he can see for this character is misery, addiction, and pain. I think House has grown, and to take him back to square one does feel like a huge “Screw you!” to the people who have followed him through this journey. I will never understand why writers think that they have to reset everything to tell the same stories all over again. So now we are back to essentially the pre-Mayfield days. Now we get to spend 2 years recycling old storylines instead of developing new directions for this amazing character.

    For me, although I am a Huddy fan, it isn’t just about the end of the relationship. Shore basically pulled a Dallas – House just woke up in the shower and the last 2 1/2 seasons were a dream? What an unbelievable cop-out. Was this episode beautifully produced? Yes it was, and it was a riveting hour of television. But I believe this was the death knell for the show. There is nowhere to go but right back along the same path of self-destruction and recovery or straight towards his death by overdose or some other horrific means. I expected better, but like so many showrunners before him, David Shore looked at the uncharted path ahead, and ran back to the comfort of the familiar. It would have been nice to see the road less traveled, but I shouldn’t be surprised that House will never walk it. This show was once so groundbreaking.

  • House’s interior wounds were never healed, so no matter how much he would like to have thought that he could be in a relationship and an partner, he has a very long way to go.

    As Cuddy says, “I thought I could…” She knew in Help Me that she wanted the relationship, and she’s tried. But House is high maintenance. Can’t wait to see where they’re going…

  • Dmckoy

    Well said RobF…

  • Dmckoy

    Thx Barbara, excellent as always..

    I’ll start by saying…OMG! Was sooo was not expecting that. However, after I came down off of the mind-numbing shock, I started to see things clearly. I believe Cuddy did the right thing. I agree with u when u say that her experience in this ep really caused to her to open her eyes. The honeymoon has been over for awhile now and she seriously has to consider who House really is and make some tough decisions.

    Think about, it took a drunk House to really profess his deep feelings to Cuddy in recession proof. Granted he said the words in Now What, but in recession proof I felt that he dug a little deeper. I mean is this a relationship? Can’t he deal with raw, deep emotion without substance? Obviously he has an issue there, and as much as I’m rooting for Huddy, Cuddy had to make this choice, for House’s sake. She cannot keep enabling him, and staying with him altho she knows this truth about him, will be enabling….

    That being said, don’t think its truly over..there is a deep love between these two that won’t go away that easily..

    I thought this ep was pretty good, and next week looks like it will also be heart wrenching…HL is made of awesome!

  • RobF

    Ay yi yi.

    I liked the dream sequences, but was “meh” about both the patient/Taub and House/Cuddy parallel stories. I liked the dark tone of the episode, which (combined with the title) let you know they were going to hit us with something big. Even with all that, I wasn’t feeling invested in how it was playing out.

    …until the ending. Then it all made sense. That ending turned a pretty-good episode into an excellent one.

    A big part of the reason not everybody has bought into the House/Cuddy relationship is that (as Wilson has been straight-out saying for a while) House is not relationship material. He’s not going to change. He’s not even close to being a good choice for husband and father.

    Sometimes, no matter how much you think somebody “has a good heart”, no matter how you connect with them and want to help them fight off their demons, it’s not going to be enough. Sometimes you can’t make them better, and you eventually have to make the decision not to be part of the train wreck.

    Taub figured this out in one episode. Cuddy has taken years, but she got there in the end.

  • MusicandHouse


  • MusicandHouse–it really had to slingshot back to be true to itself and the character. I love House and Cuddy–and I adore the idea of their being in love, but starcrossed. The dramatic possibilities are endless–lots of angst…

  • MusicandHouse

    I agree about the flow of the episode. The hallucinations all just came out of nowhere. It would have made mroe sense if they all just happened one into the other while Cuddy was under, perhaps with little breaks to House and the team or something. The whole episode just felt choppy, but the ending definately is what mattered here.
    I am sad that House and Cuddy are over (and Shore says that while he won’t say they will be apart forever, the breakup will stick for the time being) but I am excited to see where this is going to go. This season had been so light and fun but now it has just taken a turn in another direction.